‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 11

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

For the fourth week in a row your votes have sent Cody Nickson to the top of our poll and again this week he’s way above Paul Abrahamian with 41.7% of the vote to Paul’s 19%. Right behind Paul is Kevin Schlehuber in third place with 14.5%.

Now I’ve heard a lot of people are going to want to push for Kevin to be AFP, but if I had to place my bet today I’d say Cody has the best shot at winning that prize. Of course if Paul is in the F2 like we expect then splitting votes between Cody and Kevin probably won’t be enough to push anyone else up and in to that spot.

Dropping down to the single digits for percentages we’ve got Jason Dent (8.5%) in fourth after falling a spot this past week. Behind him is Christmas Abbott in sixth with 4.0% of the vote and then Josh Martinez in seventh and 3.3%. Josh broke out of that midway point and went up two spots this past week, his highest spot all season after starting out in dead last here week one.

Next we’ve got Jessica Graf (2.5%) in seventh and Mark Jansen (2.2%) in eighth. They both sank a spot or two but managed to stay ahead of Alex Ow again this week who came in ninth with 1.5% of the vote.

Now we’re really getting down to the bottom of the ranks with all percentages below a whole point. Cameron Heard leads the pack here in tenth place with 0.64%, followed by Raven Walton (0.43%) in eleventh, Matthew Clines (0.33%) in twelfth, Ramses Soto (0.28%) for thirteenth, and Elena Davies (0.24%) in fourteenth.

That brings us to our bottom three for the week. Megan Lowder manages 0.23% of the vote to outperform Dominique Cooper (0.2%) in second to last and finally Jillian Parker (0.1%) coming in at the very bottom.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
Popularity Poll results from Week 10 of Big Brother 19

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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    • Like I said in the previous thread, my AFP vote is going to Cody simply because we share the same contempt for the other house guests.

      • Thats the funny thing about this. Nobody liked Cody when he was in the house. Now that he’s in jury and we can’t watch him he’s America’s favorite? Ew

      • I just hope Cody don’t hand it to paul … I can’t STAND the way paul played the game this year. This whole year turned into “who do we bully next” … This ended up being the grosses thing I’ve seen on tv ..

      • I’ve never wanted Paul to win the game. But there’s no denying that he’s played the best (most strategic) game in BB19 by far. Too bad he was the only good player in the house. Alex was pretty sharp, but she underestimated Paul’s will to simply win. I hate seeing the trend of America not caring who actually dug in and played the game. Paul not winning wouldn’t be as bad as Morgan winning BBOTT over Jason…but close.

      • I didn’t like him in the beginning but when he came back in I liked him a little more. He walked away from Josh and his bullying.

      • He’s been in the top 6 since week 2, pretty obvious a fair number of people liked him. He might have been a bit of a dick but he was one of only 3 competitive people in the house. He was right about needing to get Paul out first, but the idiots in the house painted him as a villain for it, oh well.

      • No. On the poll I was looking at Jessica and him were at the bottom. However nobody had a good percentage. Paul was ranked 1 for a long time. I understand if he’s not your favorite but, Cody? Nobody liked him. He had negative feedback.

      • Good point to an extent, Austin. But it all depends on how you define “competitive.” Sure, Cody went all out to win competitions. But that’s a very small part of being competitive in Big Brother. For the most part, Cody just coasted through the house lazing around in the bedroom with Jess and avoiding everyone else in the house. Perhaps it’s just livefeeders who know that, but it’s hard for me to respect that in a player.

      • Cody was the only one smart enough to figure Paul and puppets out. I just wish he would of told Jessica to go for it instead of thinking safe was the way to think.

      • I believe it was Dominique. Remember she said there was a snake in the house…she was verry observant

      • Yes, but she was putting 2+2 together, which is why paul orchestrated her leaving. She was a huge threat to his game had she exposed his game.

      • In my opinion there is no excuse for the way Cody acted in the house.It made me wonder if he ever watched Big Brother. He certainly did not know how to play the game. He focused way too much on hating Paul. It ruined his game. He should have used Paul and then made the hit. I believe Jessica should be careful getting into a long time relationship with him as his temper could become a real problem for her. I do agree the house guests should have banded together to get Paul out before going after Cody. Wishing Cody all the best and with Jessica, but he has to work on his social skills and temper.Just my 2 cents.

      • when your with a bunch of dummies who cant think for themself it hard to stay sane they all ran back to paul

      • Whut? What did you even just say? You just called a bunch of people dummies while barely being able put together a broken English sentence.

      • He never figured too much out. He went after Paul 1st week because he didn’t like him. Never had the chance. Jessica decided not to

      • He didn’t figure anything out!!!! He was just against Paul from the start b/c he didn’t like Paul. And so now you’re going to give him credit for something he didn’t even do. LOL Genius.
        He did nothing all season, but give people, including his friends/allies cold shoulder and snub everyone down his nose, both his allies and the “losers”. This is great. I love seeing people flock to support someone for every made-up reason they can conjure.

      • What’s funny is that everyone loves Cody because he’s the anti-Paul. And they have so much contempt for the other house guests, much like Cody does. Yet Cody is going to hand Paul his vote. Hilarious!

      • Nagazino
        I am voting for Cody because if CBS had not protected Paul for 3 full weeks he would have been long gone by now. Instead the entire season has been nothing but the Paul show. A spineless person who got mindless minions to do his dirty work which including excessive bullying, belittling of others, etc. Kevin never participated in those activities but also blindly followed Paul’s orders. If anyone has ever watched Survivor the jury actually votes for the person who takes ownership of the major moves that they made and not hide behind others. Not sure if Paul could do that even in a speach at a F2 after his bold face lying in his DR edition speeches. Would love to see Paul on Survivor as they would eat him alive. He definitely would not be running around with his little rubber ducky swimmers on around his waist. Thought about Jason when he started to put things together about Paul but his vile remarks should eliminate him. Mark and Elena seem like decent people but again no independent thinking or backbone to stop the horrific treatment of some of the houseguests. Paul is not about Friendship, just bitter that he lost to Nicole. Alex and Xmas are also 2 very mean spirited women who trash talked about everyone. Just about the worse seasin ever and could have been so different if Cody got Paul out. Cannot end without mentioning Raven and Matt. Wow..what can I say about those 2 clueless HG. She has about 50 diseases most of which do not exist and him….another who only talked trash about others and did nothing except for Raven. Sorry but this is just my opinion.

      • I really mean no offense when I say this, but CBS did something to piss us all off, Cody didn’t do anything great to make him our favorite houseguest. I’ve been saying, right from the point Paul got that medallion, that production stepped in and meddled to protect Paul, which directly resulted in Cody’s game being ruined b/c of their meddling. That being said, Cody had no game other than winning competitions. I imagine the house without Paul, and see a pompous Cody running the house just like Paulie did last year. An iron fisted tyrant treating everyone else on the show like they’re filth, only without Paulie’s social ability to disguise the contempt.
        Voting for Cody b/c you’re pissed at BB is like voting for Hilary or Trump just b/c you don’t like the other candidate, except on BB, there are other people you can vote for, it’s not just Paul vs Cody.
        If you are contemptuous of Paul b/c of production’s meddling, vote for Alex, she was the second best overall player and probably would have won if Paul wasn’t there (which, you are right, he would have been gone on Cody’s watch if it were not for production knowing he would be voted for, and giving the first votee 3 weeks immunity), or vote for Jason or Kevin b/c of their extreme (hah) likeability, or vote for Matt for being so sweet and innocent and having the wool pulled over his eyes by the lying psycho Raven, or vote for Jessica or Christmas for being the best evil conniving bitches of the season.

      • Sucks compared to who? There isn’t a one of the HGs that are playing a better game than Cody was attempting to play, except for Paul and he has it made because of how these minions are doing his bidding.

        Don’t forget how BB gave Paul a HUGE advantage right out of the gate. Yeah, Cody made a dumb move by going after Paul and not informing his alliance but had BB not given Paul a big leg up, things may have worked out a lot different.

      • Big brother didn’t give Paul an advantage. America did. It was a temptation that America voted on who they wanted to give it to. Paul didn’t tell Kevin to hit the button (along with about 7 other players), that put him back in the house.

      • Oh please, lol. You don’t think BB knew who America would vote for? Of course they knew it’d be Paul. America liked Paul at the beginning, especially since he failed to win last season. It was the very first twist of the season (well, 2nd behind Paul’s coming back in). Of course BB knew Paul would get the votes.

        Regardless, giving ANY HG 3 weeks of safety was ridiculous even if it wasn’t Paul that got it.

      • Absolutely there were very few good physical comps this year. So they must have changed them to accommodate Xmas. But then again did it really matter because no one really played. They all were throwing comps which is RIDICULOUS.

      • And you, on the other side of the argument, lol you’re just as upside down as the guy to which you responded. Do you REALLY believe production didn’t know what they were doing when they wanted the only veteran player in the house, – who had a sharp wit and loud mouth, and would bring them ratings – to STAY in the house more than one or two weeks so they could hook people in to watching the season to see if he would win? The show is all about ratings FIRST. Remember how tv shows work. They’re not in it for fairness or goodness of heart, they want ratings. So they invite big mouth Paul back, and they do a “America votes” thing, and they try to figure a way to protect Paul during his most vulnerable point of the game; right at the beginning. So they only have one vet in the show, and America is voting for their favorite player, who do you think the majority of the votes are going to go to? Unknowns? Think again. So now production, who’s done “America votes” multiple times now and knows how people are going to vote in this situation, make the first voting award 3 weeks immunity, knowing Paul will be the first person voted for.

        Your inability to have figured this out for yourself is shocking. I feel dumber for having HAD to explain that to someone. It doesn’t give me much pride in being a human being when I’m reminded of how low human’s intelligence CAN get.

      • Cody played a pretty bad game. Voted out twice, and tanked the game of anyone associated with him.

        By contract, Paul has helped the game of everyone close to him, until he has decided to strategically let them go.

        Even mediocre players from prior seasons had better strategy than Cody. At this point, even Josh has outplayed him lol

      • The problem with Paul is that he will not own his moves but puts the blame on others. Survivor jury members usually respect when someone takes ownership of their backstabbing. This should be interesting.

      • I would say that everyone still in the game obviously played a better game than Cody…they are still in the house!! Other than Cody being a great physical competitor, he sucked at every other aspect of the game. I don’t see your argument???

      • It is America’s FAVORITE player. Not the best or most strategic. Cody is a nasty loner, IMO. No way he wins when America (and not us sad troll commenters) votes.

      • And do you think Paul Josh Xmas Alex Raven and others are not mean? Do you read the comments from feeds about the vile things they have all said about almost everyone in the house? Not normal badmouthing but horrible vicious meanspirited things about so called friends.

      • Paul is playing best game whether you like it or not. Bb didn’t give Paul anything. Kevin taking 25k brought him in. America voting for him to get temptation as everyone else. Jessica got too.

      • A more aggressive game is not the same as better. He acted too soon and showed everyone he couldn’t be trusted and then made it worse by showing unbridled hatred for everyone that wasn’t sleeping with him. He didn’t even try to make good relationships. He specifically said he would rather have to fight every single week than cruise to the end, which is not smart game. It basically just declares that he expected to piss off every single person there, again not smart.

        I get liking that he tried to target Paul. He may have played a more interesting game, but definitely not a better one.

      • I agree given paul that advantage was a disadvantage for the house, Cody was right by going after Paul he watched him last year and knew he would be a threat. This year he is just a snake that still lives in his mommy basement. This year suck. There were all bullys.

      • Cody didn’t play a good game to begin with. He went after Paul b/c he didn’t like Paul. He had utter contempt for everyone on the show other than Jessica and Alex and he just hated Paul the most. Wow, brilliant game move! If hating someone is the qualification for playing a “better game” than everyone else, then we’ve all been voting for the wrong people for a long time. Stop the game! We have to change the name of the award to “Biggest hater in the house” award! Everyone vote for who you think hated the other players the most this season!

      • At least vote for someone who has been in the house most of the season not someone sitting on their azz in the jury house for a month or someone trying desperately to become a 3rd rate celebrity for longer. SMH

      • The last I heard this was America and you have the freedom to vote as you desire you sound like Hollywood vote as I say.

      • The entire house sucked. Hated every person in the house. The reason I am voting for Cody is because he tried to get out Paul…..the only one. And if CBS didn’t rig it for Paul to win the game, he would have been out of the door and the season would have been a better one. Paul ruined the season big time. He is historical alright as the reason for the worst season in 19 Summers. Quite an honor I suppose.

      • I can’t believe the reasons people are voting for Cody! Cody needs help , anti-social behavior and hate of people he barely knows , along with his quick and violent reaction to situations is not someone I could vote for. That being said, I hope he uses this to make himself better. I had a love-hate tv relationship with him I really wanted him to do better.

    • As I said elsewhere, people are trying to stick it to BB for what they perceived as a bad season. Very childish from my point of view. If they really to stick it to BB, vote for Cameron.

      • People also vote for Cody, as a revenge vote. The look on Paul and his minions faces would b priceless if he won over any of them. IMO

      • Paul would care. Cody has been a thorn in Paul’s side. Paul and the other hgs keep talking about him. They just keep talking about him because they are worried that he will get AFP.

      • how has cody been a thorn in his side? he is not even in the house and really was not there very long when he was there- he isolated himself from everyone so I don’t think they really even noticed him as a game player at that point

      • You are right! Obviously he was a thorn as Paul and the others couldn’t get Cody’s name out of their mouths for the longest time.

      • Oh yes it would! Paul thinks all of America loves him wait until the next veto competition he is so upset at how BB has portrayed his comic character as an ass! You’ll see on Wednesday.

      • Victim?? Or plan ‘Ol not taking responsibility for his actions! Not listening to stink face Jessica, the one who bleaches her anus.

      • Remember Cody making fun of Josh for making (in his own words) “Victim Noises”? lol….That was the only thing I enjoyed about Cody this season, the unintentionally funny lingo and facial expressions.

      • Exactly. And Jessica is pushing most of this, that is why she wanted out before jury, to do damage control, etc. before the season ended.

      • So she gave up more money, more time with Cody, etc…just to do damage control for the end of the game? That seems a bit far-fetched, IMO.

      • these people are being babies!!! Pls spare me, Jess would have loved to stay, why can’t she get votes for Cody?

      • also, keep in mind Cody was a marine – – I’m pretty certain that’s where a lot of his votes are coming from – war hero and all

      • She didn’t give up the 500k, she knew she was going to be leaving one way or another. So she ‘chose’ before jury. I Watched it on the feeds. That’s why she wanted out, to set stuff up regarding social media, etc.

      • Jessica couldn’t have left a $500k competition or a jury where she could have wrecked damage just to campaign for a boyfriend to win AFP which is not guaranteed.

      • She didn’t give up the 500k, she knew she was going one way or another. So she ‘chose’ before jury. I Watched it on the feeds. That’s why she wanted out, to set stuff up regarding social media, etc.

      • I agree ! And I would think that Jessica could’ve done more damage to Paul if she had made it to jury . Just my opinion tho…

      • Remember that time when Jessica “really” had the chance to put up Paul…really could have…and didn’t?!?!? What an idiot!!! But wayyy too many people forget that. Not that he would have gotten voted out, but she really should have out him up, no??? I think then some may have compared notes and may have put 2+2 together…well, maybe not….

      • Actually that would be pretty funny

        Cameron: “I can’t say I lost every BB competition….I came in 2nd once!” (actual quote from earlier)

      • That’s what I said don’t vote for code vot for Cameron that would be a real slap in the face to all HG! But even though Josh has been a minion this whole time he has made the show funny with his big personality I do feel bad that he see what is happening with Paul bit he really doesn’t have any choices to change it now.. and Christmas is so far up Paul”s ass she would never vote Paul out! She would tab Josh in the back for paul.. but josh”s DR sessions are hilarious the face he made when he realized Paul is the devil had me laughing hard! Not sure if he will make it to F2 doubt it would happen but he should get AFP Kevin already won money! Anyone but code please he is a miserable person and had terrible game even if he was good at comps you need more than that to win.. him and jess just played house and we’re bullies too! Just can’t wait for some to get out and see how awful they are!

      • I would love to see Cameron win Favorite Houseguest. He is my favorite houseguest because anyone in the house has become a despicable person. I don’t mind Kevin, but he was useless as a player. I don’t care for anyone else. Cody and Jessica were awful people until the tables turned and they were on the block and then people seemed to like them because they were underdogs. They were doing exactly what the rest of the people in the house were doing until they lost any power.

      • Jess and Cody were the ones who displayed the awful behavior first! Why does everyone forget this????? People seemed to think this behavior was okay, they never were told to stop bullying Josh which started Josh’s waterworks because, to me, he has never been around those types of hicks before!

      • Immature and crazy, huh? So saying you wish people were dead, or getting horribly disfigured, or inciting people to bully and gang up on others is just immaturity? I’d say maybe in Josh’s situation because he has the mentality of a 3rd grader but the others have no excuse for their behavior other than the fact that they’ve got wires touching in their brains that shouldn’t be.

      • I don’t excuse their behavior or tactics, but THIS…IS…A…GAME…TO…WIN…$500K… You know these people don’t think or talk like this outside of the house. They are doing whatever they think they need to do to win a GAME, right??? If they do then shame on them, but I hardly think that they do. Again, I dont agree with or condone it, but it is a game at the end of all of this. People don’t need to take things so seriously…

      • “You know these people don’t think or talk like this outside of the house.”??? How do you know? You don’t.

      • Are you talking about Jessica? Like her saying she wants to drown Alex in the pool, poison the HGs with cyanide, drop-kick Paul in the face, stuff a bandana down Raven’s throat and choke her to death, and the list goes on. Then Cody telling Josh he’s going to “ruin” him outside of the house.

        They got what they deserved for their antics and terrible game play.

      • They are ALL horrible people. Paul, Xmas and Alex are FOR SURE. Paul incited all of the bullying and mistreatment, Xmas and Alex have said terrible, awful, horrible things about other HGs. Josh is included because he carried out Paul’s despicable decrees.

        Paul, Xmas and Alex are equally horrible. Xmas and Alex are just rotten people altogether. I understand part of what Paul did was gameplay but it was too extreme but I think Xmas and Alex are displaying exactly how they are in real life.

      • They are all horrible people? really? – do you ever read Facebook comments?? pick any one post and read the shi*ty things almost everyone says to each other anymore- they are no more horrible than anyone else- they are just front and center for all to see and hear… civility is gone in the world

      • Not saying that. He was a bigger bully(to Josh at least-him and Jessica) than the rest of them. Cody and Jessica were the first to go down that road…If you want to give it to anyone, that made it to jury or longer, it should be Kevin. Yeah, he hasn’t won any comps, but at least he hasn’t stooped to that level.

      • Uh, yeah they are horrible people. They are bullies. Have you not seen or heard the things Alex has said about Kevin?

      • They are mean spirited heartless and nasty people but CBS edited out all of the vicious things they said about everyone else!

      • They don’t check the IP. You could have 2 peoples in the same house that want to vote. They go by email address. You have to sign up and be logon when you vote. You can then logout and sign up with another email address and you will be able to vote again. I tried it and it works.

      • Yeah, but I honestly don’t think people care that much about a reality show that they would go to all that trouble, like Matt said.

    • Because everyone loves him, and he clearly was the best player despite his Bros and “Babes” 9 person alliance dumping him for Paul, and despite getting voted out twice, and poisoning the game of anyone associated with him.

      Isn’t it OBVIOUS? lol

      • “Everyone loves him”?? I hardly think so. He was voted out twice for a reason. The fact that he appears to be borderline sociopathic shouldn’t be winning him any friends, but it apparently is.

        No, it is NOT obvious.

      • Jeebus, you’re right! SORRY, JOLIMA07!! I read your response so fast I actually thougbt you were serious. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

      • LMAO – I didn’t go hard enough on the sarcasm…I couldn’t stand him and thoroughly enjoy re-watching him getting blindsided repeatedly throughout his time on the show.

        I completely agree with you, and don’t get the support at all. Other than MAYBE the fact that he was a marine.

      • Lol – Actually, because of my STRONG dislike of Cody, I appreciated your swift rebuttal (assuming that I was being serious).

        Thanks Rex :)

        The only thing I enjoyed about Cody was how unintentionally hilarious he was, with his psycho eyes lighting up whenever he thought he stood a chance at beating Paul. That and the Robot noises BB gave him.

    • Cody came to play this game, and he wasn’t going to let Paul stop him. I assume everyone else came to play as well, but as soon as they saw Paul they bowed down to him and traded the $500,000 for a shot at $50,000. This is why Cody is at #1. No one else even tried to take out the biggest threat in the house. If Josh tried this week, he would have been my vote.

      • Did you forget Dominique? She probably put in more work than Hody combined in trying to flip the house against Paul but nobody took her seriously. Cody took one shot at Paul, failed miserably, took a shot at Christmas, failed again, got Jessica to take a shot at Josh and failed even worse. He is a knuckle-dragging brute and doesn’t deserve to win sh!t. One of the worst players ever.

      • Cody tried to get Paul up on the block. That’s more than any of these sheep have done.

        Also, Cody did NOT control Jessica’s HOH. SHE wanted to get rid of Josh. He just gave her really bad advice about what to do with the Veto.

      • Josh is just now thinking about it. But it’s too late now!!! He won HOH and can’t compete in the next one…duh…that’s why Paul so desperately wanted him(Josh) to win this one. Now, Alex goes this week, and even if Kevin does win this HOH, Paul has control because Christmas will not put up Paul. Kevin would put up Josh and Christmas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paul try to throw it to Kevin this week.

      • That’s kind of the problem. Josh had the perfect opportunity to get Paul on the block, but he wasted it on Kevin – a non-threat. He’s still a sheep, in the end. And now, as you said, it’s too late. The only chance to get Paul out now is at the F2 cut, and Josh has to win 2 comps for that to happen.

      • Like Paul’s not just gonna tell them to throw him the Veto at F4. Heck, I’m pretty sure he’s planning on winning this next HOH.

      • I’m really hoping Josh knows what’s going on and knows better. If not, then so be it. Paul wins.

      • That’s a lot of comps that Paul would have to lose and he’s too good at the comps to let Josh win one of those.

      • I really don’t think Josh can beat Paul in a head-to-head comp. That’s why I don’t think that will happen.

      • Oh, sweetie. Keep living on that Egyptian river you built your house on. Your pathetic attempts to insult me are just making me laugh.

      • Yes I did forget about Dominique. You make a good point – to bad she didn’t have more time in the house.

    • WHY? He gets my vote because like me CODY didn’t like Paul’s game last season and when he walked into the BB19 house Cody said, “I can’t stand the guy”. He knew Paul had to go early from the get go and then he got blindsided by Production’s gift to Paul of 3 weeks of safety.

    • Cody was the only one to finger Paul and Xmas in the very first week. Those were the main threats, and he nailed them. Plus, voting for Cody will rip at Paul’s arrogant soul. That’s reason enough.

    • Duh, 1 reason is because Jessica has fixed the polls by telling all her sleazy friends to vote for her babydaddy Cody.

  1. They should have a show with the house guests reading these comments and polls. That would be an epic show!

    • Meanwhile Alex is still there, and Paul acts like he’s on a honeymoon of three, lol. He’s not even hiding alliance anymore.

  2. I’m glad that these polls don’t mean anything lol.

    Unless they do – in that case congratulations for winning America’s Favorite Player, Cody!!

  3. As annoying and perhaps hateful as Josh was from the beginning, he is becoming more of entertainment for TV and making himself more liked like a mind of reasoning and excusing himself of what he knows he ought to have done regarding game move and game play.

  4. Cody was not the smartest egg in the basket in beginning but he did not deserve the torture that most of these houseguests put him through. I am not willing to give people that bully, use pots and pans for torment, use vulgar insults on contestants and/or their families a chance at AFP. Bottom line, voting for the best of all the evil this house has shown this summer.

    • Oooo…by that logic you can’t vote for Cody then. After the vulgar insults that he hurled at Josh :)

      • Absolutely!! Jody are the ones that started the whole bullying part of this game play against Josh…just sayin’…

  5. I`m still voting for Jessica. But at this point I hope Cody wins AFP. I can`t believe there`s people that want Kevin to win, he`s been Paul`s puppet all season long, he`s done NOTHING….he`s useless.

    • The only reason I say Kevin is that he hasn’t entertained ANY of the bullying tactics being used. Almost every other HG this season, at some point, including the beloved Jody(still don’t get how they are so beloved???) have used the bullying as a form of game play. Kevin has completely stayed away from that. I really commend him for that.

      • If Kevin is able to get ride of Paul I would be Ok with him winning…otherwise I want JODY. But I doubt Kevin will do it. Final 3 if Kevin wins HOH Paul will tell him to take him to the final 2 and KEVIN will do it.

      • I am not basing my AFP vote on game play. It is strictly a personal choice based on the way he handled himself in the house based on behavior. If I based it on game play, and take out the winner and assuming Paul wins, I would have to say, Jason. But only if you take out his lapse in judgement when he spoke of Kevin’s wife and that whole situation, and his obliviousness to Paul’s game(which everyone is). This because he was a strong competitor and basically won whichever comp he wanted to win. My opinion…

      • He also didn’t stop it. He was the experienced parent, meaning he’s probably had to break up quite a few cat fights among his kids in his day, but he didn’t stop them.

    • Well Lanza I hope that somehow Jess finds out about you being her #1 fan. You’ve been true blue to her. She’s not anywhere near my fave, but you have certainly stuck by her.

      • I don’t think so, either. I’ve seen people who say they won’t be voting for Kevin because everything he did was to Paul’s advantage, not his own. So I think Kevin will be in the top 3, but I doubt that he’ll be the winner.

  6. Cameron is in 6th place on Jokers. Was hoping to see him higher here. I wish to God he’d make the top 3. We need to organize a campaign to push him for America’s Favorite. Can you imagine the stunned looks on the houseguests’ faces if Julie announced Cameron was America’s Fave?

  7. “Cameron leads the pack here in tenth place with 0.64%”

    Near the bottom in the polls but first in our hearts. I really hope he gets another chance.

    • I was glad to see Cameron get evicted the way he did, after he had the nerve to say that he was gonna have a better social game than Steve and Ian combined.

    • Followed closely by Ramses, back when the HGs still laughed and didn’t snicker, oh the Snickers commercials, Alex turns into Kevin after a Snickers bar, let’s keep going, Paul into Cameron, Christmas into Jessica, Josh into Ramses, the commercial with Liza Minelli was priceless .

  8. I’m voting Josh. He is on to Paul but too bad it is too late to do anything about it. Christmas isn’t a good teammate for not listening to him. Together they could have done something about it. He did so much of the dirty work for Paul and has been loyal to his team. He genuinely had remorse for those he sent packing.

  9. I’m guessing that Kevin might get it…or Jason. I just don’t know!

    Can’t decide who I’d vote for. Maybe Josh because he’s been funnier lately? But he’s also been equally annoying.

  10. Cody or Jason will get my vote. I like Kevin, but he did absolutely nothing for his game. Nothing! He won zero HOH or Vetos. Jason was a very good competitor and so was Cody, but at least Cody tried to rid of Paul, almost immediately. He also was true to his word. I know Jason screwed up with his “poor taste” of jokes, but I still believe he is a good guy. They all are. Then there’s Josh, but he is so wishy washy. Although he has won HOH and Vetos, he makes decisions based on others (Paul and Christmas), and not what he wants or ideally should be doing — so I can’t vote for him. My two cents…

  11. I love Kevin he has taken more abuse than any of them and the comps he could have won Paul threatened him . they all shunned him lied about him still don’t know why they decided to hate and pick on him maybe because he’s older. but they will be old someday too and Karma is a bite lol

  12. What on Earth why would anyone vote for Cody¿??????Cody makes all the other HGs. rolled into one look like angels! I know some people like Cody because
    he isn’t ugly on the outside. But he can’t get any uglier on the inside.

  13. People are so stupid on reddit. Toxic site anyway. But Jeff says “Would you rather be loved by America and lose, or gated and win?” And everyone hates it when they say lose and loved. And all this hypocrisy makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Winning half a million and not caring what people you don’t know think about you is way better.

      • Somebody gets it. All those people who get mad at the players who say they would be lose and be loved have no right to say anything bad about Paul. He’s doing exactly what you wanted to see. And they’re using every excuse in the book to try to discredit his amazing game.

      • To be respected for his game play he needs to own it instead of using others and hiding behind them. Some of the best Survivor winners were those that told the jurors of the moves they made and admitted to the backstabbing too. I just don’t know if Paul can do that after lying and placing blame on others during the DR eviction speeches. I welcome others opinions on this pojnt of view.

  14. Jessica is out there rallying votes for cody.. thats why hes on top.. Kevin needs to win this…just for putting up with all their garbage

  15. My vote is for Cody, and it is not because Jessica is rallying for him. I think that is a cop out you don’t think that the families of everyone else are rallying for their family or loved one. I am voting for Cody because even though he didn’t play strategically he is my favorite house guest.

    • I guess that’s what makes them feel better about Cody being in the lead. I saw Jessica answering some fan questions, and she was definitely campaigning for herself.

      • Jessica said on Twitter almost instantly not to split the Jody vote, and for their fans to vote for only for Cody. That was weeks ago.

      • I saw her video answering questions from fans when she first got home, and she was campaigning for herself then. Maybe she saw she wasn’t as popular as Cody, and wanted to try for one of them to have a better shot at winning by telling people not to split the votes.

  16. I don’t usually go by those. You have to think of all the people that don’t do practice votes and wait until the real voting starts. I don’t click on these polls.

  17. How is Cody ranked 1? He’s not even playing. He was a jerk and was at like 2% a couple month ago. This can’t be right.

    • Spite, I’m guessing :)

      That’s my rationalization anyways. I can’t wrap my head around wanting that guy to win.

    • Maybe because he was the only person willing to take a shot at Paul? Not a smart move doing it by yourself, but he tried.

    • By the end, only the top two will be playing and neither will be eligible to win the 25k.

      Cody is popular for several reasons, agree or not.

      – Cody came to play the game.

      – Cody quickly understood the need to get Paul out of the game.

      – Cody became a sympathetic figure once the house decided to psychologically terrorize him and his 10 year military service, almost his entire adult life, with two tours of war duty by a mob directed by a 23 year old who still lives at home with his parents and who brags on the live feeds about how cool his bedroom is.

      – Cody kept his cool while the mob tried to psychologically destroy him.

      – Cody and Jess became very popular youtube stars with their own separate story line once they were shunned and bullied by the mob. Everyone loves a good love story.

      – Cody had an epic exit and exit interview.

      – Cody is a good looking guy who probably gets a good portion of the heart throb vote.

      And of course we can’t forget…..

      – Cody represents the anti-Paul, ant-minion protest vote better than anyone else.

      • @BillW, very very well said. My favorite comment, “by a 23 year old who still lives at home with his parents and who brags on the live feeds about how cool his bedroom is.”

        You are probably also talking about at least 50% of the people typing on this feed.

      • Yep. The comment about Paul isn’t even really necessarily meant to be negative. By many measures, Paul seems to be quite an impressive young man. It is mainly about where he is in his young sheltered life. Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply effected/wounded that many in the country were by the treatment that Cody received by the mob are missing the bigger picture of this season. America has been at war for the last fifteen years. Anybody who volunteered for service during that time knew they would probably be going to war at some point. They, along with their family members, knew that they would be separated from their spouses or sons or daughters or children or parents for long periods of time. They knew that there was a realistic chance that they might never see their loved one alive again. You can only shake your head when you see the same house guests who are crying because they haven’t seen their families for weeks purposely banging pots and pans in the ears of a war veteran, trying to elicit PTSD so the person will either self evict or blow up and be removed from the game. I don’t hate them for it but i do absolutely love that Cody kept his cool throughout the weeks of torture that he endured. I also love Jessica for standing up for her man rather than bowing to the mob. Mostly, I just hope that greater understanding comes at some point of the sacrifices that are being made for the offending house guests and a recognition of the silent scars that so many of our military members carry. There is little doubt that understanding of those issues is a major reason for the Cody vote. God bless him and others who have sacrificed so much for us and our country.

      • “love story”….”heart throb”…LMAO!!!!!

        I wanted to like Cody, but his raging insecurity toward Paul was a huge turn off. That and I don’t trust someone with Psycho eyes.

      • The exact same thing could be said about Paul.and his raging insecurity about Cody. He still feels the need to talk about him every day.

      • The remaining HGs have nothing else to do but talk about all of the former HGs. Cody went after Paul first, Paul responded and was taken aback by Cody’s level of pre-existing hate for him. Paul has nothing be insecure about in regards to Cody. Paul proved he was the superior player, competitor, and strategist.

      • Paul is afraid of Cody, they all are, and the fact that he’s in the Jury. Cody is still playing the game and he can still stick it to Paul which I hope he does. Paul can’t win the game on his own, the bitter jury has to give it to him. So much for his winning strategy.

      • Lmao…Cody is in jury. Cody already lost and is a loser for the rest of his life to Paul. TWICE. And Cody said he would vote for Paul in final 2.

      • Lmao…Paul can’t win if the jury doesn’t give it to him….Lmao…Cody still holds Paul’s fate in his hands…Lmao….Paul will lose BB TWICE and will be known as that for the rest of his life…Lmao…Cody said that weeks ago….Lmao.

      • And let’s not forget that the remaining HG have talked about him every day since he walked on that glass table.

      • Disagree. He was hateful. Not saying others always played well. As far as love story….no story there about those two. Two miserable people there. Not like other bb past couples.

  18. Well, it’s official. Cody is now at the top of every single BB19 popularity poll, and he’s been there for a while. Like Matt, if I had to call AFP right now, Cody is the winner.

    And for the record, Paul is only near the top of BBN’s popularity poll. The top spots elsewhere have been taken by Jessica, Kevin, Mark (usually in that order as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place). But Cody’s been pulling in large numbers to stay well ahead of the competition.

    • He could use the money. It won’t be much after taxes, but with the few thousands he has already made, it could pay a year’s worth of bills.

      • I think the more responsible thing to do would be to put it away for his kid’s college tuition.

      • That’s great when you don’t need the money, but he has mentioned that he needs it so I doubt that will happen.

  19. Cody seems like the runaway favorite. Has there ever been a polarizing AFP before? Jeff, Frank, Elissa, Donny, James, Victor? I loved Britney but I could see people not liking her. But even then, there has never been disdain for potential AFP like this season’s.

  20. I voted for Kevin as I do almost every week, and I see he climbed up a bit. Thank goodness. I so hope that AFP is between Kevin, and Jason and not Paul. Even Cody winning will be better than any of the other HGs.

  21. This is b.s. I don’t trust this poll unless I was next to everyone that voted. If that’s all it takes to be favorite and get 25g, I need audition for the show and give it a go! Ridiculous!

  22. I don’t get the Kevin vote at all. How can someone vote for someone that is completely controlled by Paul? Kevin doesn’t even know who will be nominated, let alone participate in the planning.

    “I did like you said, Paul. I didn’t talk to nobody, just like you said. What do you want me to do next, Paul?”

    “Don’t do anything. Just keep your mouth shut. Stay in your own room.”

    “Ok, Paul. I know you have my back, Paul. I’ll stay in my room and not talk to anyone, Paul. You’re my man, Paul.”

    Seriously. That isn’t even an exaggeration of what is happening! How can anyone love Kevin being the biggest butt kisser of all in this season of butt kissers?????? By far!!!!!!

    • It’s hilarious that I would have thought you were exaggerating if I hadn’t heard Kevin say these things with my own ears

      • There are a few things that you can say about Kevin. He is loyal to a fault, he did not participate in the horrible behavior displayed by most of the other HGs, and he has played a really great social game. Other than that, what a flop. He hasn’t won anything other than the $25,000 that got Paul into the game, and ruined almost every other HGs shot at winning the $500k.

      • Haha. I’ll give you that one! He has been the most loyal butt kisser in the game.

        I don’t even get the point about having the best social game, either. Several of the players disliked him. Some, like Alex, come close to hating him. That may say more about them than it does about Kevin but it isn’t as though Kevin won everyone over with his great social game. There are weeks when he barely even socializes by order of Paul. If anything, it might come down to being more likable than some of the other fakers who talk nicely to people’s faces, then mock them and speak badly about them as soon as they leave the room but that is an awfully low bar to overcome.

  23. Maybe they could change the rule to “if too low of a percentage of America votes by XX date, then the AFP is now open to all BB players from seasons past.” Or something like that.

    Dan would have my vote. Or ED (yes, I say he played brutally, but I really liked him and wanted him to win).

    • I’m on ep1 of his season now, I hope he’s worth all the praise he gets. I better not see an ounce of anything close to Paul’s game or I’m going to terrorize this site when I’m done! Lol I’m combing through week by week, play by play!

      • Enjoy ED. You won’t believe the stuff that he got away with!!! He is one of my favorites. Not because of his behavior, but because of how he survived week-by-week. Amazing!!!

      • Which one? Dan’s or ED’s?

        ETA: Dan’s 1st season (10) was a little slow from what I remember, kind of like Derrick’s season. His 2nd season (14) was REALLY good. And he was playing against other good vets and good new players.

        ED’s season I’ve watched 3 times, and it’s always entertaining. The funniest part is that they play rock ‘n roll music when he’s in his element of going off on someone.

      • Oh ok – if you didn’t already see, I also noted my take on which seasons are more exciting between ED and Dan’s 2 seasons

      • Season 14 is way more exciting, and basically has big power shifts back and forth pretty much every week (you have Boogie, Janelle, and Britney in there with Dan). And Frank is a beast.

        And that season has Dan’s “Funeral” which is considered among the greatest moves in BB history :)

        ETA: I like the outcome of season 10 more though…not spoiling it!

      • Boogie is a fucking jerk in this season. He’s always a jerk but this one, he’s even worse. He also slept the majority of the time.

      • He looked so much older, I didn’t know that was him. He used to be cuter. He’s unrecognisable to me.

      • Well I aint say all that lol he aint do nothing for me either, he just was a lil more boyishly attractive in the Will season. Lol

      • Haha, never got the love Boogie received. He always came across like a major douchelord and he basically sealed the deal with me when he showmanced that girl (can’t remember her name, the season he won) and she thought he was being sincere in his feelings and he basically called her a whore and laughed in her face for believing he ever liked her.

      • It’s a pretty dramatic season lol – but on a game play level (not season 15 dramatic…BB14 and BB15 are night and day different)

      • 15 is what I came back to after my 7yr break. I was like, oh my goodness! What happened to this show?? Lol

      • omg – me TOO!! Actually, I hadn’t watched since season 2 (Dr. Will). I just got really busy with college, etc. Then I thought I’d start watching when 15 came out. I almost didn’t watch again, except for the satisfaction of knowing how many of the nasty personalities in 15 lost their jobs.

      • I was shocked and mesmerized at the same time. Wanted to turn it off but couldn’t. I was frozen with disbelief. Lol

      • Which one? His 2nd season he played very shady imo, I enjoyed it but for anyone saying Dan played with integrity, it’s a flat out lie.

      • Huh, he certainly acted like a total ass to Danielle. Not that I cared, couldn’t stand her but he had his moments of being an ass.

      • Did you notice how much she resemble Shelly 17. I kept saying I know Shelly from somewhere. Come to find out, it was Danielle she looked like. I stumbled across a split photo someone posted and I said that’s why I thought I had seen Shelly before. Striking resemblance. If Shelly got a bottle peroxide, they could be twins. Lol

      • Well Honey that’s what they act like. I’m going to rewatch Will’s seasons too. I forgot them, I was about 20 years old then. Lol

      • Hahahaha, I know, which Dan season is what I meant. Looks like you are going with 14 first. He plays differently in each season.

      • Yes, that’s Ian. I absolutely loved him, still do. I follow him on twitter. He played a “nerd” game, much of it was acting. BB was pressing him to be a certain character for the show. They also insisted he wear glasses, which he doesn’t need.

      • Yes, they insisted on him doing certain things. He’s talked about it on RHAP. A lot of people didn’t like him but I found him very endearing.

      • That’s crazy! TBH, he really reallllly did seem like a nerd in his season. Do you remember him farting in the kitchen and getting under tables when he thought no one was looking (he was being watched by the vets in the HoH)

      • Haha, I do remember that. He was fun to watch, such an innocent.

      • Was watching Ians date night episode the other day. Everything about Ian was solid television. Look forward to seeing him return someday..If He is not so busy with his career.

      • I don’t think he will ever come back, not by the way he speaks about it, but you never know. I would love it if he came back for an All Stars season.

      • No, I think he had a ball. He was a life long fan of BB and getting onto BB was a dream come true for him. But…Ian wasn’t the typical BB “fan”. He wasn’t a wannabe actor or looking for his 15 minutes, he was there to play the game and not parlay it into a career of some sort. He had a real life outside of the house. He went back to school and now teaches at Tulane, very very smart guy. If I was anywhere near his age, I would have seriously thought about moving to New Orleans and stalking him, maybe. LOL

      • Honey get your groove back, Stella did lol. I waswas just telling K the other day that nerds are my type. I love a hot nerd that has no clue how appealing they are. I met my boyfriend literally at a library, in a corner reading to some kids. Lol he looks like Colan Firth with pop bottle glasses and a manbun lol. He has abs and all and could care less. He’s oblivious to anything vain and I love it! Lol I don’t tell him how attractive he is often because I like him not knowing or caring. Lol been together since this time 2012.

      • You’ll have to watch awhile.
        Personally, I hated Paul last year at first.
        Then when he got in the hot seat, he figured out how to pivot and really turned it around. He got my respect for being able to do that because he was on his way out the door, playing too hard, too fast.

      • Mirrored experience! I felt the same way. When he flipped on Pauli because Pauli thought Paul was stupid and about to sit and wait to be clipped next was my climax, and he had me from that point on even more! I got mad respect for him for that move!

      • I thought it was hilarious when Paul started following Paulie around out of strategy early on (I think after Victor left the 1st time)…I have to go back and re-watch.

      • So funny….I thought Vic was a dick and Paul was an obnoxious tool when I first started watching last season. By mid way through, I loved them both.

      • Me too! I love when that happens. It ALMOST happened this year with Jason but it just couldn’t quite get there totally. Something kept throwing me off with him. But I def liked him more towards the end and hated him in the beginning.

      • Well that’s how satan got on earth from heaven according to the Bible! Lol. He fits that description more! Lol

      • Oh – also, in regards to Dan being like Paul in his own (D’s) 2nd season….I’d say the one similarity is that Dan is playing more back-stabby as well. But he, like Paul, is coming into the game with a huge reputation, even among the other vets (one of whom won his prior season, one vet placed 3rd twice, and the other made it to F5).

    • I’m not even convinced CBS gives it to the person with the highest votes. Paul has made the claim that he had the highest votes, but didn’t get it because he took 2nd place and got the $50K.

  24. Paul is only doing what anyone would do if they was in game and was able to play like he can! He was cheated out of winning last season so he is doing what he thinks it will take to win this season! He looks on this as a game as should all players but some take it personally, at some point you have to get rid of your friends and it hurts But it IS a game! The hole point of the game is to get to the end and be the winner and be judged fairly on your play on getting there! Put yourself in that spot, in his shoes, how would you feel after all the work, the thought process of trying to figure out the best moves to do each week, cover your back so you can make sure your there each week to play, making friends with your housemates knowing at some point you will have to vote and get them out, then lose because at end your not judged fairly on your play!

    • I liked Paul last season, but who says he got cheated out of winning? Paul? You? other people on this board? The jury voted on who they wanted to see get the money. This season is no different. If Paul wins, then he wins. Some people on this board feel that at times, he may have crossed a line. That’s all.

    • Julie says the people in Jury are still playing the game, so it is well within their power to deny the win to Paul. Paul has stopped at nothing trampling over the other HG, attacking and humiliating and harassing them just for the fun of it and he really seems to enjoy it. Just because Paul has suffocated the game this season doesn’t mean the Jury has to be a rubber stamp and give it to him. If Paul is afraid of a ‘bitter jury’ perhaps there is a really good reason they are bitter, and the one way they can continue to play the game, as they are supposed to, is to deny him the win. Don’t reward his behavior or this is exactly what you will get from here on out. If lying, cheating, backstabbing , humiliating, bullying, threatening, shunning, chasing people around with pots and pans is all acceptable gameplay, then it is incumbent on the jury to use the one power they have left, spite, to put the dwarf king in his place.

      • It sounded very criminal to me. Can’t believe production didn’t pull him aside by allowing him to threaten bodily harm!!#

      • He didn’t threaten bodily harm. He said he would badmouth Josh every chance he got. Pay attention.

      • I’m right, and nobody knows what ‘coiled’ means (are you a snake?), but nobody cares, either.

      • Ok, dingbat dingus, you asked for it:

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    • For Cody to be ahead by that much of a percentage, I would agree…Again, this is not an official poll by any means. The majority of the public only see what airs on CBS. So their opinion is most likely be vastly different from the one’s on BBN.

  25. I’m voting for Cody because he was the ONLY player that didn’t fall for Paul’s cult. This is my way of saying F**k you to Paul, and shocking Raven who thinks she’s America’s sweetheart, and Alex who thinks she’s AFP.

  26. I vote Cody. !!! He and Jessica were the only ones who were not Paul’s puppets. I am a super fan and have watched every season …the was the worst season ever with Paul and his puppets. Please do not bring back a vet again unless you bring several likebthe one year!!!

    • U r totally right. Will be priceless to see everyone`s face when Julie announce Cody`s name as AFP. Hoepefully Paul get`s 3rd place and will be pissed cuz he wont him AFP

  27. I sincerely do not understand how on Earth Cody can be considered by anyone to be America’s favorite. All he did was scowl, stare and lay around with Jessica. He was horrible.

  28. Remember that time when Jessica “really” had the chance to put up Paul…really could have…and didn’t?!?!? If she was really playing the game with/for Cody, and wanted to get Paul out, that would have been their(well her-Cody was already out) only opportunity to do so, but she whiffed!!! What an idiot!!! But wayyy too many people forget that. Not that he would have gotten voted out, but she really should have out him up, no??? I think then some may have compared notes and may have put 2+2 together…well, maybe not….

      • When Jess had the chance to put up Paul, I believe he was. I could be wrong though. Either way, she was able to put up Paul, but didn’t. So, I don’t see your point other than to grade my grammar.

      • Actually, what’s funny is that Cody had just gotten back in the game that week. And they basically traded off dumb advice.

        Jessica tells Cody she doesn’t want to make a big move that week (target Paul) so they should go after their nuisance Josh. Cody doesn’t like it but says “fine.”

        Then right before Jessica was deciding to use the veto and BD Paul, Cody told her there was nothing to worry about 100% (she shouldn’t have listened). Cody accidentally helped Paul’s game

      • You’re right, I remember that now. Even worse that Cody, the guy who was “on to Paul” and wanted him out, told his ride or die to not put him on the block. That makes her an even bigger idiot!! And people still want to give Cody a vote for AFP?!?!? I don’t get it???

      • For me, it’s funny when people say “Cody was ‘onto Paul'”…I only saw Cody as being a guy who hated Paul from his 1st season, had some kind of alpha male jealousy, and was out for him from the get go.

        No only that, how can you be “onto” someone who barely lost in their first season? Cody’s the equivalent of a high school basketball team being “onto” LeBron as a potential threat as a player if he was on the opposing basketball team for a fun pick-up game. Dude is great, everyone knows it, it’s no secret lol.

    • Get over yourself 12/25, you aren’t all that. You are the one saying you want to rape his soul, doesn’t look too good for you either.

  29. Let’s get this season over with, Cody being voted AFP is a reaction towards Paul’s dirty game

  30. For all of you that can’t understand how Cody can be voted #1, do a search on “BillW” below, he has a great post that explains it.

    • You can talk until you are blue in the face, but I will NEVER vote for Cody, paramount among those reasons is he didn’t play the game. He sat in a room with his new girlfriend and made victim noises. AFP material he isn’t!

      • I am not trying to convince anyone. The same question is asked about 5 times, people don’t read before posting.

      • Agreed…I read Bill’s post…didn’t resonate with me at all. Especially about Cody being a heartthrob and having a beautiful love story…

        The ONLY thing I maybe understand is the fact that Cody was a marine, and the fact that he made himself into the underdog. But neither of these makes up anything for me as far as his psycho, aggressive, and demeaning personality and game play.

      • LOL, beautiful love story? Banging someone you just met on a game show and having sex with them is NOT a beautiful love story. What the hell is wrong with people?

      • Haha. Like I said, agree or disagree. Different people vote for different reasons. Different people find different people physically attractive.

        As far as the love story, there must be a thousand different vignettes on youtube of the ‘jody’ love affair. Jessica has developed a very large fan base, much of it based on Jessica and Cody as a couple.

        I generally agree with the foolishness of going on a show and spending that time going off to some quiet corner, canoodling with a person you just met. But let’s face it. Millions upon millions of swooning women looking for a great love story can’t seem to talk about anything else during the entire season the Bachelor is on and the eventual ‘winners’ never had more than a few dates with the person at the same time their partner was dating 25 other people. That doesn’t seem to stop them from getting engaged at the end of almost every season and even have a few successful marriages.

        The ‘love story’ angle is also a little bit different than with Matt and Raven. Cody and Jess went off on their own because they were terrorized and shunned. That has been Paul’s MO right from the beginning. Cody made the mistake of going against Paul. Paul didn’t want him talking to anybody. If you recall, Mark and Elena and Kevin paid a huge price for the sin of even talking to Cody. Shunning and bullying and the intimidation that resulted has been Paul’s formula for winning from the beginning of the game. They are still doing it to this day. Just yesterday, Paul sent Christmas to talk to Kevin so he couldn’t spend time with Alex, even though Christmas said she hates talking to him. Both Josh and Christmas are going to purposely intimidate Kevin before the next HOH (on Paul’s orders) to upset Kevin so he won’t be able to focus during the HOH competition. It is exactly why nobody tried talking to anyone without Paul’s knowledge once they saw what happened to Cody and Jess. Since that time, they have all run to Paul as soon as they hear anything so they don’t get the same treatment. Viewers were turned off to what Paul and his minions did to Cody. they didn’t see it as Cody and Jess running off on their own. Nor did they see it as them just spending time in bed. Again, there are a thousand videos on youtube of them talking about anything and everything, actually getting to know each other very well. Not only did the shunning make Cody a much more sympathetic person but it also gave credence to the love story angle, Two attractive and dynamic people forced together against the world, sacrificing for each other, remaining loyal to the end, not much different really than the tragic tale of the Gift of the Magi or the story of Romeo and Juliet (btw, Romeo slept with Juliet on their second encounter).

  31. Americas Favorite Player winner will be the hardcore fan. Julie will say
    “give yourself a hand for watching the entire season. Alison Grodnar thanks you, I thank You, CBS thanks you…Self high five.”

  32. I am not gonna depend on the popularity poles to tell me who is gonna win AFP…I am gonna let the votes be cast on CBS and find out finale nite…

  33. The ONLY way I’m coping with the feeds being down right now is (a) this forum, (b) binge-listening to prior seasons at my desk, and (c) knowing 99.99% the outcome for F4 (Alex leaving)

  34. At this point are any of us really fans of any of these people? I kind of dislike all of them. I think the people voting for Cody are just really anti Paul. We haven’t even seen much of the jury house, so how could you like him more than you did 4 or 5 weeks ago? SMH. This is one of the worse casts ever! I’m barely hanging in there to see who wins.

    • “We haven’t even seen much of the jury house,”

      I would ignore the regular game in order to just watch the jury house. Would love the chance to hear Alex and Jason discuss what happened. Production is really missing out.

      • Just read a recent interview with Jason and he has not had a change of heart on voting against Paul. Said he is toast. With Alex joining jury and seemingly getting angrier with Paul the more she reflects, I’m thinking Paul actually won’t win if he makes it to end. Agree, am more interested in conversations in jury house.

      • If that’s the case, then I won’t be voting for Jason for AFP. He is taking it too personally, and shouldn’t have spent that $50k before coming into the show, banking on his shot of winning the game (he said this in the feeds)

      • Something to do with a business venture…I can’t remember exactly what it was, but he was talking about how if he doesn’t win at least 2nd place he’s going to be pissed because he would need to do at least 10 auctions, and get paid at $5k each in order to make up the amount of money that he spent on (whatever it was) before coming into the house.

      • I know lol – I’m just making the assumption that he is permanently bitter, and going to stick to his word

  35. So what if the votes for Cody are anti Paul? It’s the only way America can get in the game and topple Paul seeing it is idiots that are in the house. If not Paul or Cody, then who else? *crickets*. The only ones to come close is Dominique then Mark, tho both washed that away by cracking under pressure or moving too slow. There is no one else to choose. So by default the top two are a true reflection of the best players. Also one need not be in the entire game to get AFP. Even the house can’t get over Cody and he left ages ago. Clearly he left an impact! And the walk out…epic! Like Josh eyes on Paul! While Paul was massaging alliances and jury votes…he forgot to massage thr fans…and because the evil architect of bullying.

    • I meant *became. America is sending a message, that level of bullying is not ok, by simply not choosing Paul. Or the minions. It is not always ok to reward poor behavior and call it game play.

  36. How anyone would vote Cody as AFP is not voting for me. The guy is disgusting. AFP should be abandoned for this year. This group is disgusting. Why would you reward bad behavior? ??? What are we teaching our children? ???

      • Now this is the $50,000 question! LOL, it is very difficult to answer. Although Josh, whom I believe to be immature, when the numbers dwindled and he started putting two and two together, he missed his opportunities to evict Paul. He is the most compassionate out of all and he does have a heart.

        Kevin has no game to vote for him. Backstabber.

        The rest, may they R.I.P.

    • I guess then you are not allowing your children on any social media or blogs – have you read comments people leave on almost every post and topic everyday?- they are low, no empathy or compassion- the HG’s are exactly every person in the world today exemplified

  37. Cody was the only one who figured out Paul’s game. Paul is a bully and the rest are his puppets. Worst season ever. Stopped watching, Paul will win, because no one deserves to win, and he controlled all of them.

  38. So Jason’s not voting for Paul – but Alex has said she will (who knows)

    The saving grace is if Paul goes to F2 with Josh. I don’t see Cody, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven (thinking Josh voted her out), Alex, Xmas, or Kevin voting for Josh over Paul.

    Kevin would probably stand the best chance.

  39. I love Cody. He saw Paul & house guests for how they were. He withstood withering attacks and he was protective of Jess. Cody & Jess very sweet together :0)

  40. People will have to remember to still vote on CBS for AFP. I honestly don’t understand why Cody is leading. To me he doesn’t fit in with the Jeffs, or Dicks, or Dan’s. What game play did he have? He wasn’t liked for 7 straight weeks now he’s leading. How is he different from Josh? I honestly think Josh deserves it more. Cody walked into the big brother house with a bad attitude.

    • People are only voting for Cody because they hate Paul. I guess absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, because people seem to forget that Cody was as much of an a$$hole as everyone else in that house. IMO, there was absolutely no one to cheer for this season

      • Yes so true!! What about those horrible comments about all the good looking people being on his team? And the sexist girl comments and the fact everyone hated him in the beginning.

      • Are you talking about “The Babes”? LMAO

        Cody (in DR talking about his alliance): “….and then we have the babes”

    • I don’t like Cody at all, but the rest have shown they are just as bad as he is behind their facades. At least Cody let you know up front he was a jerk. He didn’t pretend to be anyone’s friend. They have all proven how low they will go for the money. Turns out, really low.

      • I agree I just feel like a favorite player should have more than just that quality. A lot of players have played this game with pursuading others they were in their corner and they weren’t. Cody didn’t even try. But at the same time his character revealed a lot about who he is. That shouldn’t be praised as a favorite. But I do agree, many of them did not play the game

  41. Wow, I’ve written either six or seven comments in the last few days. All at least had some thought behind them. Of those, three have now been rejected. Ok, I give up. Jess is a doo doo head and Paul smells bad. Is that what this site is looking for? You can have it back all to yourself, moderator.

      • Each one says that they are waiting to be approved by Big Brother Network moderator but two of those three that are awaiting approval have been waiting for days. I’m new to this so not sure but maybe anyone can flag a comment. Maybe there are just no moderators to correct the situation. If it was all comments, I’d think it was a technical issue but apparently someone just doesn’t like some of the comments.

      • Sometimes it will say waiting to be approved for no reason. Could be just random. I’ve been on this site for years and it’s happened to me randomly for just a normal comment. Sometimes it just stays in limbo. Lol. Try deleting and commenting again and I’ll bet it goes thru. Just a suggestion. But don’t give up coming here.

      • Don’t know, but if flagging was criteria to have a comment put on hold I would think there would be a lot less comments than we see! Curious tho how it works. Maybe somebody that knows will respond.

  42. Cracks me up that this is the only poll (at least that I can find) that has Paul and Xmas ranked so high. Every other poll on social media, twitter and BB fan sites have Paul, Xmas and Raven in bottom 3 every week.

    • I thought it was weird too. I think a couple of Paul fans are voting over and over for him on this poll cause though everyone recognizes his gameplay is great they don’t like the way he played being the dictator and bully he is.

  43. Raven I understand being at the bottom of things. People can hate on Christmas for whatever, but sorry she still managed to stay in the house and get off the radar for a while. Not her fault if people wanted to throw her comps or thought she really was only going to help them until jury. Teaming with Paul was the best and only option for her to get anywhere.
    She has said things, but I also think we don’t fully know the story. Kevin says things as well like how he would do things to Josh outside the house!

  44. Raven: pathological liar
    Matt: ultimate floater
    Alex: mean, vile, hateful, cruel
    Jason: sore loser, jokes about rape
    Josh: bully one moment, crybaby the next
    Jessica: mean, giver of unwanted “prostate exams”
    Cody: bully, possible mental issues
    Mark: flip-flopper, crybaby
    Elena: flip-flopper
    Dominique: no real gameplay
    Kevin: Paul’s punching bag
    Christmas: mean, 2 undeserved comp wins, entitled
    Ramses: no real gameplay
    Jillian: might as well have been a ghost
    Cameron: less than 12 hours in the game
    Paul: King of all the A$$holes
    Megan: self evict

    None of them deserve AFP; can I cast my vote for Bobby Moynihan?

    • I don’t think Kevin is Paul’s punching bag. Paul has been nice to his face. Kevin likes him.

      The rest I agree with but Kevin is ok. He isn’t the best game player but he’s a decent guy and doesn’t deserve to be stuck with these bunch of loons

  45. Broken record here I know but I still don’t like any of them lol. It is hard to choose a favorite since none of them will ever be considered a favorite in my mind.So now I am at a loss as who I will vote for.

  46. I love Kevin. He is being himself. He is failing as he is unable to take a leading position in planning his own game to include competition, and has mainly relied on his social game of being a likeable guy. However if the remaining house guests are smart, I would say bring him to the end. I love his personality, the way he talks about his family, and his loyalty. Of course I realize it hurts his game because its a bit over the top. Love his stories. I vote him as viewers choice for the popular choice

  47. Do people really think revenge on Paul is a reason someone should be voted Americas Favorite Player? And wouldn’t anybody other then Paul winning Americas Favorite player annoy him? Who are these people voting for beauty obsessed Cody? Didn’t he only like attractive people and didn’t he bully Meaghan too?? And who are these people voting for Paul?? Americas Favorite player should be based on someone likeable right?

  48. ‘I vote for Cody because he had everyone’s number week one. Also, of all of them I think he really needs the money. He served his country honorably, but was maligned by Paul & group, would love to see their reaction. He was also the best looking guy, dry sense of humor but often funny. He’s honest & sincere, detriment in the game, but nice for the sweet relationship with Jess.

  49. If people want to protest vote why vote for Cody? He’s a “bully” too. If people really want to protest vote they need to vote for Cameron. What would be more humiliating then to be beaten by someone who was in the house less than 24 hours?

  50. as a fellow new englander kevin deserves it for having to put up with worst cast of bb in 19 seasons so sad it has gone this bad i hope it comes back with better next year

  51. Too bad house guests couldn’t see threw Paul he is a huge back stabbed and does not deserve to win anything.

  52. I’m appalled and sick to my stomach at the things I have witnessed Cody doing and saying. He was part of Megan self evicting and laughed at her for hours with Jessica while she cried and he even boasted in the diary room about getting her out. She says Cody attacked her in the DR and in an interview says it was the guys that triggered her PTSD not just Josh. His comments about transgenders and the Ferguson riots never got aired but they aired similar things in previous seasons that would have been taken seriously by fans yet he is a favorite. He said he would tell people Josh is a sexual predator and destroy him on the outside. Josh should sue him. He bullied Josh so severely week one he turned the house against him. His only claim to fame is putting Paul up as a 4th nominee and I seriously doubt he would have even went, wow this is an all new low for Big Brother fan favorite. Very disappointed in them if he actually wins. These people have no conscious.

  53. Did anybody notice how Paul slapped Josh in the face last night & Josh just walked away. He really has no meatballs to do whatever Paul says. He could have ended Pauls’ reign last week but was too chicken. He is a wuss; all talk and no action.

  54. This season was unfair from the start. To give Paul 4 weeks of safety was wrong. They could have given him one week to get acclimated, and that is all he needed. He came in from almost the very start. No other player was given safety for that long. It would have been fair if he came in like on past seasons and just played. Nicole won without safety. He needed 4 weeks to win and that does not make him a winner. He was handed this on a silver platter. There were other people in that house that needed the money more than he did but they chose the one that needed it the least.

  55. It seems like such an insult to the game of Big Brother that Cody might win AFP. He was one of the worst players in memory. He sulked in a room with Jessica almost all the time he was in the house. He despised the game. He had zero social game and couldn’t come up with a strategic move to save his life. His big claim to fame was that he didn’t like Paul. Whatever. Oh well…

  56. If Cody wins this season’s popularity, this contest must be rigged. He had very little interactions with all of the houseguests and was a total JERK throughout the entire time he was in the game. Even as a member of the jury he is still being himself as being a jerk.

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