‘Big Brother 19’ BB Comics Revealed [PICS]

BB Comics on Big Brother 19

The Big Brother 19 “BB Comics” gallery has arrived ahead of Wednesday night’s busy episode featuring not only the annual comic crazed competition, but also the next eviction, likely taking place later today. Here’s our first look at the images plus a link to see much of the rest of the designs.

EW.com shared the evicted Houseguests images for everyone so far this season on Big Brother so we’ll be waiting to see what’s going on with for Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Josh, and Alex.

We did hear from a very grumpy Paul that he didn’t like being the “toxic toilet” or something similar and how it referred to him as a potty mouth. I thought it would have been more of his toxic game that had sullied so much of the season, but we’ll have to see what it turns out to be.

Here are a few of the BB Comics covers and you can find the rest at EW. Most of these themes are meh and could have been drawn based off their preseason bio releases rather than the actual game. “It’s funny because it’s true” doesn’t always work.

Gallery: Big Brother 19’s ‘BB Comics’

Source: EW.com
Credit: Andy Smith, Brad Vancata, Robb Miller, Steven Gordon, Tom Nguyen, Michael Borkowski


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  1. The little raven with Raven’s pig tails (in Matt’s comic) was so cute lol.

    I’m surprised they didn’t make him the Cereal Killer

    • Since Josh’s isn’t about crying, I’m guessing it’s about meatballs or pots and pans. :) (Josh and the rest of the HGs will still get one, we just won’t see them til tomorrow.)

  2. Jessica could’ve been “The HOker” , lol … instead of “Joker” …get it ?! For a sec , I thought Mark’s superhero was actually Josh .

  3. “Hellena”

    Good Lord … they have her vaporizing people.

    Can she go back into the BB house for a few minutes?

    • I love Elena’s. Raven doesn’t even have red hair and they were too kind with hers. It should have been the diseaseanator or something related to her lies or bedroom activities.

  4. I hope they made Paul “Unwashed Toilet Brush Man” … he’s just shiitty.

    Xmas … Psycho Barbell Woman

    Josh … A giant garlic infused meatball with pot and pans for appendages.

    Alex … Empty Cranium Girl

    Kevin … The Godfather

  5. Do they really use their game play for their comics? I don’t remember. They used their personalities which is cool. I like the nutty whistle nut. Is that Kanye West with Ramses? Raven and Jessica should have been the porn stars comics.

    • I think it all depends. Like with Nicole’s Germitard from Season 16, they used that (and used it again for the “Revengers” nonsense). They used “Captain Camo” in Season 17 for James, can’t remember what last year was (some variation on the same theme, I guess), and this year he’d been promoted to “Colonel Camo.” They used that STOOPID “Dominator” tag for Dominique and seeing as she dominated nothing, I wonder if it wasn’t meant VERY sarcastically! Hahaha

      • I don’t get Nicole’s. She was also a safety girl. That’s all their personalities though. It had nothing to do with their gameplay.

      • The Germitard was a punishment Nicole had in Season 16. I’m guessing Grod liked it better than the Safety Suit. Jessica’s is about the Hex, which was game-related but no, none of them really touched on gameplay.

      • James was Captain Camo his first season and Colonel Camo his second season. They were re-using that one for The Revengers.

      • I don’t remember her much , was she a big baby as well .. I kinna but not really, was she a big girl ? Would that make her mad if they’ve portrayed her as a big fat baby? Hmmm

      • โ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ€โ„ฑั—แธ“แธ“โ„“ฮตรฮตฮตรฮตe๐Ÿ€โ˜˜๏ธ says:

        Meech was a self admitted bulimic who spend a lot of time in the bathroom throwing up her food and she was a pain in the ass to production, so yes, she was a big baby. She cried all the damn time. She was a pretty good sport about all of it, surprisingly.

      • Her most famous moment was when Paul dropped the C-bomb on her during BB18. Also, she stole Pablo and tossed him to the crowd when she was evicted.

      • โ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ€โ„ฑั—แธ“แธ“โ„“ฮตรฮตฮตรฮตe๐Ÿ€โ˜˜๏ธ says:

        Thanks, appreciate it! :)

  6. so this is a game Kevin will loose he said he was color blind so also they are having comps Christmas and Paul the snake can play

    • Xmas should go !!!! I don’t think it is fair to the other players that can play and for those that were evicted, they should have had a battle back for them and toss her azz out !

      • I so agree she must have ties to someone because I think anyone else would have been sent home she did say her and Kelly Ripa were best friends

      • I dunno, I just don’t see how she was allowed to stay , why would they change the comps and try and accompany her when she should have been asked to go . Paul and Raven met outside the BB house , did they say that her and Paul were also friends outside the house ? No reason for her to stay , over Alex and kevin … At least they played , well kevin tried … but def think she should have not been able to stay!

      • I agree I also wonder why they let her choose what she can play if her foot was so bad how did she run and jump in that lime game?

      • That one and how was she cleared for the running comp ???? That she was thrown , but still , producers had to have known they were gonna throw it or how else could she have been cleared for that ?? She would have lost instead of being thrown to her . I hope no one takes her to f2, I did want Alex to stay over her and kevin . It’s one big chit show.

      • She didn’t get cleared for the zip line one right ? Where she would have been strapped up.. I don’t remember if it was running up and down stairs or just sliding along on a wire , but she was cleared for the race one ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ 

      • Christmas said she went against her dr by competing in the stair one. She was icing her foot and said it hurt after. I wonder if she could have competed in comics whether it was her choice or her dr, but choose not to because why not rest her foot? She has no reason to play, let Paul and alex battle it out. I feel like she is resting and going to go full force at f3 part 1.

      • I agree the way Christmas and Paul brag about winning neither one has one a darn thing they were all handed to them bet the same thing happens until the end easy for Christmas and Paul with nothing physical

      • They always have some sort of physical comp, some pretty tough ones . I wouldn’t imagine her being cleared for any , unless her foot is much better and she just using it to her advantage.

      • that why I think they will not have those comps at the end they have to make it easy for her to get and Paul to get lol

      • Someone should have put them OTB and voted them out. I would have gotten Christmas out when she was up against Cameron and Jillian. You knew Jillian was a waste just by looking at her and they knew Christmas was a comp beast. Instead Cameron was voted out. Jess won both the HOH and POV and Ramses went home. Lost opportunity week after week. Now the end is here and people are complaining Paul and Christmas are still there.

      • Plus she is a mean girl !!! I liked her and still liked her even after broke foot which she seems to be milking it a bit , but then she just got mean and said vile crap about kevin . I did think it was nice of her to help him last night , even though it was so he wouldn’t study ( aholes)

      • U saw Xmas approving Paul’s use of the “C” word towards women???
        Paul’s uses that word all the time, hopefully if she gets cleared, never mind:)

      • Xmas used the “C” word herself last night when Paul said Alex was helping Kevin study. She called Alex that.

    • Right , so if they changed comps to appease Xmas then why can’t they do the same w him . She should not be there !!!!! Arg ! So mad that she may go to finals !!!!

      • I agree her and Paul now they are in a showmance makes me sick. Kevin said he could have won at least 2 comps but Paul bullied him

      • Here it is again bully, bully, bully. Paul asked him to throw the comp. I never heard Kevin say he was bullied into it. He’s a grown flippen man. Don’t throw it if you don’t want to. There are more “bullies” on this site alone than there has been in the hx of BB.

      • When you think you only have one friend in the house no matter how they treat you you put up with it. Paul was not kind to Kevin and talked to him like a child. Bully may not be the right word but I wouldnt call it “Friendship” either.

      • Paul said he was taking Kevin to the end and he just might. If it wasn’t for Paul, both Josh and Kevin would be long gone.

  7. I am voting for Kevin for Americas fav He is the under dog here the way they all abused him and didn’t want to talk to him was so unfair and cruel I would love to see their faces and jaws drop to the floor if he wins it would be a way of saying we hate bullies

  8. I can’t wait to see Kevin’s and josh. Josh will probably be dressed like a meatball or raining meatballs and Kevin some kind of mobster with his dapper suits.

  9. I think Paul is afraid Josh will beat him in a real comp watch Paul and Josh work out Paul was breathing hard and Josh made it all look easy be nice for Kevin and Josh final 2

    • Have any of them talked about who they are taking ? I still sooooo want to believe that Paul has been protecting Kevin and if he gets to pick he picks Kevin . I know is far fetched . Or if kevin wins who would he take, and noooooooo not Xmas !!! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

      • People don’t respect josh at all. He’s been nothing but a whining crybaby who doesn’t have the balls to do what he really wants. Him and Paul are only a few months apart age wise yet Josh is still being coddled by Mama.

      • โ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ€โ„ฑั—แธ“แธ“โ„“ฮตรฮตฮตรฮตe๐Ÿ€โ˜˜๏ธ says:

        I want that outcome as well, Paul takes Kevin to F2, but I think Josh is his F2? At this point it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is subterfuge between 12/25, Josh and Paul.

      • Paul has kept his word and kept Kevin safe, and kevin has been loyal to Paul, that is one redeeming thing Paul has on his side, even though Kevin is a back up , But Paul has been a bit loyal to Kevin, I do not see Paul taking a strong person like Josh, If by sheer luck KEvin wins the next HOH , I see him protecting Paul,
        He may be talking trash about how to set Kevin up with insults , but I think generally he respects him. as a very loyal sidekick, Kevin is expendable Paul sees a greater good in taking Kevin at least to final three, For game play. as derrick took his lovely loyal lady sidekick ,

      • Loyal is not leading someone to a dead game at the end to ensure YOU win if you HAVE to take him to F2. Paul made Kevin throw everything so he looked like a floater and that was all to protect Paul’s end game.

      • Comic depicted the ‘wrath of Elena’. Seems more fitting for Xmas after seeing what she said she would say to Kevin and how she treats Josh and what she might do to Paul if he crosses her. Better yet, a Jekyl and Hyde might depict her better. Massaging them one sec and hissing the next.

    • I think Josh may feel the same way , they should take one another , but they both think the other would win , so will end up taking Xmas who doesn’t deserve anything or kevin .. who should win in an alternate universe:p

      • I think they would all take Christmas because they think she is brave and strong winning with a broke foot and in pain that makes me ill she sat they played she won lol

      • I agree with you this season has been proven to be all fixed. well I gotta go fix something to eat see you all later take care

    • The only reason josh won his comps was because Paul threw them to him. I seriously don’t think josh could beat him at a mental one either.

  10. Christmas’ comic should be a white page with black letters: “I’m sorry Christmas, you have not been medically cleared to appear on this comic.” :)

  11. Damn, these comics suck this season. The only funny one is Mark’s.
    Even tho Matt didn’t do much this season, they still had a lot to work with: it could’ve been based off of his cereal eating habits, or that funky orange shirt, maybe Raven could’ve been called pimple popper, booger eater, the woman of a thousand diseases.
    All in all, pretty lame.

    PS: Cody could’ve been called wannabe alpha dog…

    • They couldn’t do anything associated with her diseases. That would cause a huge backlash. Surprised they didn’t include Matt’s orange shirt tho.

  12. Has anyone else read Jason’s interview with US? I know this is a game! I also know that I would be livid with the other HG’s tend to actually think that they have a right to win. When they get voted out they totally rant and rave,. Grow up

    • Paul is my favorite! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I understand why he’s been so upset about it, lol

  13. Kevin doesn’t need the money, folks. Also, don’t forget, he won’t go home empty-handed, he pocketed $25K. Not bad, for doing absolutely nothing all summer. I like Kevin, don’t get me wrong, he just doesn’t need the money and I don’t feel he deserves it either.

    I would rather see someone receive the $50K who really needs it, such as Jason or Cody. Jason played a good game, most of the time. Cody played well in the beginning, and he was the only houseguest to ever attempt to get Paul evicted. Do I need to repeat that last sentence?

    I would never vote for Alex or Christmas or Paul. They did not play nice, in fact, disgusting. They all are potty mouths, especially Christmas and Paul.

    So, I will vote for Cody or Jason. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

    • How do you know if he needs the money or not? Are you paying his bills for him? I have no idea what his financial status is, but with 7 kids, I bet the money would help.

  14. These covers are awful. Artists clearly never watched the show and just made up whatever production told them to do. And Josh was right when on the feeds he said that his and Mark’s covers should have been reversed.

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