‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 10

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

Retaining his lead at the top of the charts this week is Cody Nickson with his third week in first place as he drew 37.4% of the vote. Wow! The next closest Houseguest is Paul Abrahamian who pulled in less than half of those votes with 18.8% to get second place.

The next two spots go to Jason Dent in third with 14.2% and then Kevin Schlehuber at 13.2% of the vote for fourth place. These are the last two players to get in to the double digits of vote percentages.

Coming up in fifth place is Jessica Graf, who climbed a spot after dropping two the week before. She pulled in 3.5% of the vote, just ahead of Christmas Abbott in sixth place with her 3.4% cut of the votes. Hot on her heels was Mark Jansen who drew 3.39% of the vote. Very close between that group of three HGs.

Dropping down in to the next bracket of votes we find Alex Ow in eighth place (1.9%) after managing to stop her free fall in the rankings over the past several weeks. She’s definitely come a long way from her “eat s**t, Cody” days atop our polling. Joining Alex in this level is Josh Martinez at ninth with 1.6% of this past week’s votes.

Cameron Heard climbs again to tenth place despite having been the very first eliminated HG of the season. He drew 0.46% of the vote which tied him with Raven Walton. That puts Elena Davies down to twelfth place at 0.33% of the vote and one spot ahead of Matthew Clines who also got 0.33% of the vote, but in the hard count comparison he was behind Elena by one vote.

Bringing up the rear we’ve got Ramses Soto (0.27%) in fourteenth, Dominique Cooper (0.18%) for fifteenth, Megan Lowder (0.16%) with sixteenth, and Jillian Parker coming in last with 0.12% of the vote this past week.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
BB19 Popularity Poll - Week 9 results

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Cody is probably both the most popular and the most unpopular house guest this season. You either love him (e.g., me) or hate him.

      • Me too. He stated that he hates when Vets get to come back into the game. Let’s hope if they ever ask him back he remembers his hatred of returning Vets and turns them down.

      • How funny would that be! Ya know I don’t HATE any of these players, I dislike most of them because I know it is a game and they are busting there butts to get that $500,000, I doubt that they are anything like this out of the house, well no, I take that back, Raven is probably the same outside the house. Oh boy, that girl is in for one hell of a rude awakening when she gets out of the house.

      • I knew she was full of crap the minute she said Cody had come on to her and she turned him down. She told it too many times to be real, and if that had EVER happened, Raven never would have turned him down. Simple. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Matt call Cody out on Raven’s lies. Matt’s a schmuck.

      • She said that to make Matt jealous. She originally wanted to hook up with Cody and even slept in bed with him when he first one the HOH. Cody had his eye on Jessica and once they started talking Raven moved onto Matt. Could you even imagine Cody’s eyes if he had to listen to all Ravens bull shiit?

      • This is very true. Although, coming from a medical enigma herself, some people do have extremely odd ailments. I have no ovaries but I have three spleens if you need an extra one.

      • Some of her medical issues were false. You cant have salmonella in your finger and endometriosis is not a rash all over your innards. Hey, I will take a spleen as long as you take half my lumps of cellulitis!

      • I agree with You 110%, even the sound of His voice I hate!! Like I said, He is a prime example of Retroactive Birth Control and if He does marry Jessica, She better get a pre-nup before hand, She better protect Herself and Good Luck!!!! To Bad He made it to Jury and gets to Vote, plus enjoy that Nice Jury House??

    • the thing is that Cody was the only player who played his own game with his own agenda and his own brain…I didn’t like him at all, but I respect his game. the rest of them are playing Paul’s game and it’s the game of the bully – doesn’t surprise me at all. the only time any of them went against it was when Jason didn’t use the Veto last week and still, none of them have opened their eyes…it’s not even a fun season to watch…if this is the way the show is going to continue, I’ll be giving up on it…what a shame. They need to leave the veterans for all-star seasons – they are ruining the show coming back…

      • Its the way Paul is presenting himself…Fans (true fans) don’t like it….I think Paul is in for a surprise as to how his “popularity” status has dropped…

      • It’s one thing to not like Paul, it’s other complete thing to make Cody your favorite. Like my grand-fathered use to say, there are kick in the butt that were forgotten.

      • JHole encouraged everyone to vote Cody during her Hollywood Reporter interview. (It’s on YouTube.) She said she and all her friends will be using social media to get him the votes. Hey, when you have candidate campaigners – and the other side does very little to promote their candidate – then he with the most exposure gets the win. Again, the TV-only viewers have no idea what’s really going on in the house; and I don’t think they know what a real stand-up guy Kevin is. Truthfully, I feel like I hardly know Ramses or Cameron, so Kev will be my vote.

      • Yes, I heard she had a lot of friends helping her on social media, her hooker fan club.
        I’m not crazy about any of these HGs, but I want my vote to count for someone that might have a chance so I’ll probably vote for Paul.

      • I’d vote for Paul, but I think he’ll walk away with one of the two $ prizes; so, I think a little AFP $ for Kev will help soothe some of the crap that he’s tolerated. js – not arguing. 😊

      • Oh no, Margaret. I love opposing opinions. We all think differently and one opinion bears no more weight than the other. You know, I can’t get an official statement about F1 and F2 being ineligible for the AFP. It definitely doesn’t say that in the BB Wiki description and history of AFP. I don’t know if it is just what people think is true or what. I wish someone would cite some place that specifically states that because I can not find it anywhere.

      • I heard Paul say they can’t win AFP, if they won 1st, or 2nd pl. He said he won it last yr. Only having it handed down too the next person in line. You all knew that right?

      • I did hear him say that and I don’t know why he would make that up. I just wish we could find an official rule about it because it is not stated that way on the Wiki site.

      • I just found this, which is interesting: “No winner has also won fan favorite, but when they used to give that award on Survivor at least 3 winners also got the fan favorite prize. I’m assuming they kept it.” So if it was okay on Survivor…okay on BB?

      • Paul said that he won the AFP last year but that they gave it to Victor who was the next in line because Paul was in the finals. I don’t know if that’s true, but he said it. Sorry I see I just repeated the previous comment. lol

      • I’m voting for Cody. The way he was treated in that VETO competition was atrocious. And did you see Cody during his interview with Julie….excellent and at the Jury house he is jovial and nice. I think that is the real him. He hated those creeps in the house and who could blame him.

      • We can see something good in almost anyone if we so desire. I wish him well but voting for him, in essence, would be voting for Jezebel. I haven’t found any redeeming qualities in her. I also think, if Cody won, she would take the credit for it(probably rightfully so because of her use of social media). I could see them going together to pick out her 25K ring. Ugh! That is not wishing him well, imo.

      • However, I thought Cody’s critics said he is not sociable. The (his) so called hookers including veterans mentioned so far are sociable cliques

      • Can you imagine him walking on that stage to get his 25K? You know why Jezebel is pushing this so hard don’t you? That’s for the big ring she is insisting on, I guarantee it.

      • lmdao….please…”.trashier” as u call it has been posted and said about Jessica….If u don’t like the post collapse it…

      • That is my Littlefly, taking a quote from me and letting people know how you feel LOL. I guess you seen me say the same thing a few times as well.

      • Are you even old enough to have an All Access account? I’m sure you’ll have some strange childish rhetoric to respond with but every time you comment I’m wondering where your parents are.

      • well look at his poll popularity before she was evicted- then afterwards- not hard to figure this one out-
        she needs him to stay relevant so she can ride this one out further

      • And she’ll be waiting in the audience to get all the attention and publicity she can get…and she’ll also be praying for that 25K for her engagement ring. She’ll tell him it was all because she worked the social network and he owes her that big ring he can’t afford.

      • I was wondering what the hell was going on. Cody was an idiotic player who did nothing. I couldn’t figure out how he became SO popular after being evicted.

        If he wins AFP, I’ll be livid. And I’m Canadian, heh.

      • From Canada too and I don’t get why people are crucifying all the other rotten apples in the house and glorifying two other obvious rotten apples (Cody & Jessica). Must be an American hypocrisy thing. Lol

      • Umm… Cody won the 1st HOH and was the one that created the 1st alliance in the game. He then went on to attempt to backdoor Paul during his HOH (this is the biggest move of the season) and he would have been able to carry away his plan if it weren’t for that temptation, or if the temptation had not been secret.

      • He was the ONLY one who was playing……Everyone else is playing Paul’s game. Cody made big moves and don’t forget he had to nominate 5 HGs which was a historic situation for the show.

      • More likely it is dumb comments like yours who see Paul as some kind of moral character above the others. Kind of ironic you fault vets for being the heel and overlook Paul…

      • Cody is blunt, but Paul, Josh and Chrustmas are bullies. The votes for Cody reflect fan frustration with all of mob rule and bullying orchestrated by Paul. Paul has played a masterful game by using some of the dummest contrstants ever assembled, so he deserves to win, but as a fan, I never want to see him again. His actions are reprehensible. Give Cody the $25K as a message to the house that they played the worst season in the history of the game and a signal to future players that this style of play will not be rewarded.

      • Absolutely. And they think they’ve played the best game. Rather disillusion to be sure. I would love to see their faces when they find out what America and Canada really thinks of them. They definitely need a message to be sent giving them a smack in the face. Giving it to Cody would do it. They’re STILL chirping about him all these weeks later, so ya know he’s still getting under their skin.

      • I am a Cody fan, but if someone else say Dominique, or Mark had been as hated by the house and subject to the bullying and questioned as to why they were even in the house if he didn’t want to play the game, all the while those same people are handing over their game to Paul, i too would vote for them as and up yours to the rest of the house.

  2. Why Cody? he played a bad game! Even gave Jessica Bad advice for her game.
    Only thing I respect about him is his service to our country. Other than that he had no game or social play(except to hook up with Jessica who will drop him now that she found her 15 min of fame on the soap !)

    • If this is true, was he a protester or part of the riots? So what, he hates feminism, I hate some aspects of it myself (and I am a professional female). To each his own, I don’t like to see women as police, I think it is unhealthy and will eventually kill them. Women are built physically/physiologically different than men, and women who choose to work in male-dominated occupations eventually pay the price with their health. There is a lot of data to back this up. My two cents…

      • The riot thing wasn’t like he went there to laugh or mock the protesters. He just went for the chaos and the adrenaline, which he learned to enjoy during his service.

      • He said he drove up to the riots to see what was really happening vs tv news. He watched to see what was happening in America. I bit odd to me, one thing if it is in your own city to go see what happens but drive out of state especially if you have a kid. Different if you are dingle, but once you have a kid, get to be smarter with decisions. I have to travel to major cities for medical care, last year there was a protest/riot in the city and I cancelled my appointment because call me crazy I don’t want to be near a riot or protest if I don’t have to be.

  3. I can’t believe Cody is at the top. What has this game come to?? He was the worst player of the summer with a fcked up attitude! As time goes pass, its seems everything is losing quality. People are so easily impressed these days. Wouldn’t know quality if it slapped ’em in the face! Singers can’t sing anymore, movies aint good anymore etc, but everybody seems to love it. Smh What is this world coming to? I blame social media.

    • Cody actually made big moves in the house… he nominated Paul that 1st week and knew that it was the best thing for the house to get him out ASAP, if Paul hadn’t been granted safety Paul wouldn’t be in the house, and Cody was able to go out and create his own alliance, and he didn’t have an alliance handed to him like Paul did with the frienship bracelets.

      • Cody didn’t nominate Paul the first week, he nominated Jillian and Megan. Only after Megan self evicted did he nominate Paul. So I guess I wouldn’t say his initial move was all that big a move. Aside from that he didn’t share any of his intentions with his own alliance, probably not the best game move either.

      • Well you go right ahead and vote for Cody. I won’t because I know a good player and tv personality when I see one and he’s neither. G’luck.

      • He put Alex up after he put Megan up and said she was the target, he wanted her to join his alliance and she refused and said she was a threat to his alliance. People must have amnesia if they think Cody wanted Paul out first.

  4. To all the Paul haters out there, who else has played a better game this season? This isn’t a friendly vacation. This is a game to win a half million dollars and that’s how Paul has played it. He has calculated, manipulated, executed better than anyone. That’s why he is in the position he’s enjoying right now. This game is harsh. Anyone who wants to win BB has to lie, align, back stab and work to keep ahead of the eviction votes. I don’t understand all the hate Paul gets for playing so well. Getting other people to do his “dirty work” is a credit to his ability. That’s smart game play. If anything, blame the rest of the house for being so stupid this year. Either they were horrible socially (Cody, Jessica, Elena), did something to make themselves big targets (Dominique, Mark) or they were fooled by Paul’s genius plans (everyone else).

    • THANK YOU!!! Bout time somebody came on here saying something that makes sense! I ain’t ever read a comment that good on this site! PREACH!

    • Everyone doesn’t have to lie, cheat and backstab to win the game. Maany people have won this game being a decent, loyal person and competitive person. Can’t relate, I guess.

      • Actually you do, if you want to win the game, you do have to lie. It’s all part of BB.

      • Lisa didn’t lie in season 3, Derrick didn’t lie in his season, Nicole didn’t lie in her season, there are tons who never lied.

      • LOL, yes they did. You need to go back and watch those seasons again. Nicole lied her ass off and she admitted to it.

      • You may be right…..you know time tends to distort memory. Mine especially. lol. I am going to watch the seasons again….it has been awhile for sure.

      • Oh, it was AWFUL. Could they have at least PRETENDED to throw the comp?
        Btw, When I capitalize words, it’s for emphasis. I’m not yelling. Someone thought I was earlier today. I figured you knew LG, but I wanted to make sure.

      • Again, he’s playing the game to win 500k. Never said it makes for exciting television. But you can’t fault him for playing to win. It took everyone else to foolishly lay down. All I’m saying is he deserves the money. He’s the only one that’s played smart and worked each week to make sure the votes go his way. Hate the game, not the player.

    • The reason i can’t respect Paul as a player is because of all the advantages that he was given. So in my view all that he has accomplished has an asterisk by it. He wouldn’t even be in the house if it wasn’t for the weeks of safety that he was given. People wouldn’t have trusted him as much if it wasn’t for the frienship bracelets.

  5. Cody and Jessica are the only two that played Big Brother the way it should be played, especially Cody. Paul is just manipulating a bunch of idiots to throw competitions and follow his lead. Cody came right in ready to play BB.

    • How? Cody blindside his own alliance in week one. Then hooked up with Jessica and we we’re subject to watching them grope at each other and have intercourse every night. Cody and Jess taunted Josh long before josh banged the pots and pans. They also said they were going to make an anonymous phone call that he was also a pedophile. When Jess did become HOH she nominated Ramses and Josh. Brilliant gameplay right?? Then she won the POV and kept the nominations the same. (IQ of an empty shell). Somehow production manipulated the game so she would win the halting hex. She told the entire house about it and it really did her no good. Like Matt, she was willing to forfeit half a million dollars for a three month relationship. Crazy eyed Cody had the social game of a slug and viewers actually say he was a brilliant player? They were so wonderful that one was the first to the jury house and the other didn’t even make it. Favorite player….only if you hate Paul so much that you’d rater give it to someone undeserving.

    • How’s that? Let’s break it down….
      1. Cody isn’t a team player and didn’t talk to his own alliance but made sweeping decisions that would eventually affect the members in his alliance. Not what a great player does
      2. Cody and Jess isolate from the others, right out of the gate, never try to make friends, never try to make alliances or mend fences. Not what a great player does
      3. Cody and Jess lay in bed 80% of the day with the rest being out in the hammock, again, never talking or mingling with anyone except with the odd person here or there. Not what a great player does
      4. Cody nominates Megan and says the reason he does it is because “he doesn’t like her”. Great game play moron. That’s all he could come up with? Not what a great player does.
      5. Cody get’s evicted, tells Julie if he had to do it all over again he would change everything. Surprise, surprise, he get’s back in the house and what does he do, isolates himself up in HOH with Jess, again. Not what a great player does

  6. I just don’t think Cody did anything except have public sex and lay in bed with that girl. How can he be popular? Maybe because he is a vet? But Big brother has nothing to do with the military. So I just don’t get it. I don’t hate him but I can’t see him deserving to win anything. But oh well no biggie in my life.

  7. some things Cody said I did not agree with…but at least he tried to get out Paul….the house guests left in the house now must have negative IQs…paul is chump

    • I’m curious where all the Paul fans are? I read through most of the comments on every post and maybe 1out if 10-15 says Paul has good gameplay or is some way favorable to Paul. I guess most people voting aren’t posting?

  8. Cody don’t deserve the 25k he was a bully from day one and told Megan he did not like you then calling josh names with his baldy girl friend so u all think he deserve it then this world is billy’s and support what he did that’s so wrong paul deserve wining the game and Kevin shood get the 25k cuz he been good at what he dose stay out of there way Cody is a no good loser he dont no how to treet people with respect and his nasy girl friend is asking you people to vote for him cuz he so calls he played the game he did not u all fill sorry for him what a shame how you all think he shood have it he dont .

    • HUH? There need to be all sides before not liking someone. Megan stated she did not like Marines, in Cody’s eyes, that is the same as saying she didn’t like him. He is a Marine.

      • Megan was also in the Armed Forces and I believe she had an encounter with the Marines, not a pleasant encounter. I’m piecing this info together after the fact (self eviction). This is what was making the rounds on the internet at the time.
        * Anyone have better info feel free to correct me. :)

      • There was a self eviction?! Oh man…I’ve got to go to On Demand and check out the shows…even though the edits won’t be reliable. Thanks for the info.

      • Yes, Megan self evicted. No one is really sure why but the scuttlebutt is she had PTSD, from serving in the Armed Forces and she was triggered and took herself out of the game.

      • I know there was reasons why she left circling the Internet but do not completely remember and if it an encounter with a Marine was mentioned. I do remember it was said that Paul may have been the start of her wanting to leave the game.

    • There are two reasons that Cody is the favorite to get AFP, 1st is because we want to see the reaction of the house guests when they see that the person who they bullied as a group, whose military record they question, who they questioned whether he even had a daughter, and whom they attempted to provoke to the point that he did something that got him expelled from the game, ended up wining AFP.
      Second while Kevin is a nice guy and is getting crap from the rest of the house at the moment. He already won money at the beginning of the season; additionally, there are some that can’t forgive that Kevin went and told the rest of the house that Cody had a daughter and then later questioned whether it was true or not. I mean i get that it might come off as suspicious if someone like cody all of a sudden comes out and tells him that he also has children. But i my opinion the best thing would have been to have kept his mouth shut on the off chance that it was true.

  9. I vote for Kevin after what he’s been thru in the house all the bulling they done to him he is still nice and respectful so he deserves Americas favorite

  10. The thing is… this poll is just percentage points of the roughly 1000-1500 votes they get each week, so does it really represent who America’s favorites really are?

    • What are you basing your estimate on for the number of votes we’re getting? (You’re way, way under.)

      And no, it doesn’t necessarily represent America’s favs, it represents who our readers’ favorites are.

      • Embarrassed to say I was thinking of JokersUpdates numbers and you are right I was way out of the ballpark on BBN numbers. My apologies!

  11. Sorry you don’t see Cody as many. He is honest, smart, didnt treat everyone in so negative/mean way. Yes, he stood up to the attacks on him. I really miss him too bad Productions kept the little man in with extra veto protection.

    • He was attacking Josh right from the get go. Jessica too. I seem to remember Jessica getting an advantage and I guess production also set things up so Cody won the battle back.

      • He initially told Josh he didn’t like his victim noises… and that’s is exactly what Josh does, cry and worries after his dirty deeds; tries to convince himself and the cameras he is a nice person, a good person, played an honest game, after all the yelling, tormenting, “calling people out”, and victim noises.

        I remember Cody calling him a coward for taking the safety rather than competing in the beginning. Also don’t forget Josh’s attack on Megan (that no one understood). Cody explained to Josh he didn’t want him speaking to him. Cody was one to one with Josh. Josh needed an audience and tools to attack Cody. And Josh’s “attack” of whoever was next…

        Jessica more so than anyone yelled at Josh. Cody was more even tempered, especially in the beginning.

      • That’s not all they said. Josh was crying because they were brow beating him. Calling him a moron etc. But the Cody and Jess lovers only saw thru rose colored glasses as they did no wrong. Megan, I’m putting you up because I just don’t lime you…this was week one. He did t even try to get to know her.

      • Apparently he did and she basically responded to him that she didn’t like Marines. Idk this was pre-feeds though so we just have to evaluate the words of the HGs.

    • You realize that Cody was only about an inch taller than Paul, right?

      • It cracks me up when people say little man for Paul when Cody was barely an inch taller. Peoples hatred for a man they don’t even know borders on obsessive and bizarre. To claim they will NEVER watch the show again if Paul wins is as pathetic as Raven and her attention seeking delusions.

      • Good, let them all quit watching. Paul is winning. Sounds like a lot of wasted energy on someone they don’t even know. LOL :)

    • You are talking about the same man, and I use that term loosely, that was part of the reason Megan self evicted. he attacked her saying he put her up because he didn’t like her. In actuality it was because she wasn’t pretty. She was crying for hours while him and Jessica laughed at her for it and she finally self evicted. He then went into the diary room and boasted about it saying he loved that he was able to get her out. He also made plans with Jessica to accuse Josh of being a sexual predator when they get out of the house and destroy him. He bullied him week one so severely the whole house turned against him. You need to go back and watch the first few episodes and do some research on YouTube Betsy!!

  12. This poll and future polls will not determine the AFP…Yall do know that right???
    The winner of the AFP will be voted on by America and announced 9/20/2017 during the finale…Popularity polls do not determine the AFP…

  13. Can someone tell me why (or why not) Cody should win AFP? I don’t know him. All opinions are appreciated.

    • I gave a short synopsis down thread. I will be presenting all of it as we get closer to the real AFP vote.

    • I said earlier in this thread, to po the hgs. Alex and Raven think they are loved by America. Would love 2 see the expressions if Cody won. I am splitting my vote between Cody and Kevin. :-)

      • You really didn’t miss anything. People followed Paul’s instructions all season, except 2 people. The house ganged up on those 2 and then the “showmances” were targeted. Now u are caught up. The evictions b4 Cody were just casualties (floaters) of the game. C not much happened.

      • You should be. First time in BB history I purposely do not watch all episodes. I only watch Thursday’s episodes (and only some of that) and thank goodness for Matthew’s highlights. Their voices grate my nerves and reading Alex’s treatment of Kevin, I can’t watch that.

    • I think most people are voting out of spite (like others have already stated). Me personally, I’m voting for Kevin. He’s the only non jerk in the house at this point and made it this far without winning any comps or being anyone’s target until now. It’s slim pickins this year lol

      • After watching the way Alex and Raven have treated him (on BBAD) he gets my vote. I realize he hasn’t been a saint, but shoot–this IS BiiiiiG Brither, after all, right? :)

      • Its Americas Favorite Player, not the best player, you vote for your favorite it may not be what your fav is…get over it….

    • All the Paul haters are voting for Cody out of spite. Instead of voting for someone who actually deserves the money. Cody laid in bed with Jessica and did nothing until Jessica was evicted. When he really knew he was getting evicted the following week he tried getting people to keep him. It didnt work.

      • Its Americas Favorite Player, not the best player, you vote for your favorite it may not be what your fav is…get over it…

      • I’m not voting for either Cody or Paul. I’m just saying that a lot of people are voting for Cody because they hate Paul. If Paul had been voted out already and Cody was still in the house the votes would probably be reversed. None of these little polls mean any thing.I’m waiting to vote when a real poll comes out for fan favorite.

  14. I keep looking for ‘Jamesy’ Huling’s name. I’ll finally vote for him. There have been so many comps thrown, he’s got to be in that house somewhere.

  15. Other than Megan, did Paul evit all the house guest? I can’t remember? This season is just crazy! Smh…

    • Jessica got Ramses out lol..she had the veto and could have backdoored Paul but Cody told her not to use it. In Cody’s exit interview with Jeff after his 1st eviction Cody admits to him that when he gets back in his target is his ally Mark and he wants to team up with Paul because his game play is awesome so he might as well jump on the Paul train too. It’s on the CBS site. People don’t even realize Cody was just a Paul sheep too.

  16. So many rules of BB have been broken! If you can’t compete you shouldn’t be in that house. If you’re full of hate and discuss for the fellow man/woman again you shouldn’t be there. Paul or Kevin hands down. Better yet give it to Megan for having to take all their ugliness.

  17. “According to an interview with The Desert Sun, Megan Lowder left the Big Brother house early due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She said, ‘When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it.’ That PTSD is what eventually would lead her to exit the house prematurely and seek necessary help. Upon leaving, the newspaper reports that she spent a couple of days in the hospital before returning to her family in California.

    Megan tells the paper that her short experience in the house triggered the feelings of her PTSD, ‘I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill.’ “

    • Cody was a part of that, and he laughed at her for hours with Jessica while she cried. Then boasted in the diary room about how he loved being a part of getting her out. It’s all in the episode. He is truly a horrible person.

  18. Cody doesn’t deserve the 25k!!!! He wasn’t even in the house that many days!!! He came in the game hating everyone and left both times hating and never wanting to see anyone again!!! My feeling is Jessica is behind all the votes since he left.

    • They played so stupid like they never met.. (they did)… or didnt talk game. That’s bs. Look at the #. Production gave Paul an outline. Idk what was in the wrks for Raven…But Im sure she talked game. Even if at that point it was hypothetical.

  19. Vote for Cameron! Let’s make Cameron a protest vote against this whole batch of people. I couldn’t stand Cody and Jessica from the beginning. Was into Paul for a while, until the ridiculous herd mentality/mob rules/pitchforks thing got out of hand. Several of these houseguests are somewhat entertaining, but Paul really is the only person playing a good game. Christmas and Josh are playing the game, but not very well. Alex and Jason are playing even worse. Raven is trying to play, but it’s like watching a newborn try to crawl. Kevin is so passive that, even though he’s entertaining, it’s pathetic. Paul is the only person to root for, but I can’t get behind his tactics. Matthew, Mark, Ramses, Jillian…they were non-entities. Dominique? Clueless. Megan? Whatever. Cameron had heart, he had spirit, he had spunk, he wanted to play….he got royally screwed over. So he’s my protest vote in this popularity contest.

    • I think Cameron was a good guy, but how you can you possibly say he was all that when he was in the BB house for a mere few hours? We don’t have a clue what he was really like.

  20. Cody gets my vote! I don’t like him but I’d rather see the minions sh*t themselves on live TV lol

  21. How anyone can vote for Cody as favorite is so far beyond me, I just don’t get it. What did he do besides lay in bed staring angrily at Jessica for all the days and nights he was there?

  22. I get that Cody played his own game and that people may like him for that, but look where it got him, evicted twice… You can’t come out guns blazing in Big Brother like cody did and not put a huge target on your back. He should have played a smarter game.

    • You’re not wrong, but I doubt people are voting for him because of his gameplay. I think it’s most likely to send a message to the Paul Patrol. I know many people on Twitter who are saying they’ll give Cody AFP because they want to see their faces during the live show when they realize they weren’t even close to being liked.

  23. I think paul. Like him or not hes playing the best game. How can cody win? Really hevisnt even playing. Come on America. I dont think it should be your fav or whether you like them or not it is who is playing the best all around game. No one can say that isnt paul! He hascearned this one!

  24. I am shocked that Cody is this season most liked houseguest. Personally, I am serious when I say, he’s one the few houseguests of any season that worried me that he really is in need of a psych evaluation. He claims not to have many friends, doesn’t get along well with his own family members and seems to be filled with rage and negativity. Was so proud of Jessica, when she talked to him about ” she and her family have expectations of each other to uphold respectable presentation of themselves to outsiders. But was disappointed, when her emotions cost her the game. Without Cody, she had a heck of a good chance walking away with $500,000. I can’t imagine how her Mother may be feeling, that her daughter got involved with a very unstable individual. Cody isn’t confident enough in his own inner being to share Jessica with the family she loves and respect. This romance will be short lived if Jessica soon sees the writing on the wall.

    • I think any marine who has spent time overseas and then returns to “normal life,” is always going to have difficulty. Jessica is good for him, and vice versa. He may have issues, but he is (and displayed) that he is indeed capable of deep, caring feelings, and being vulnerable enough to allow someone to get close to love him. This is healthy. Losing a sibling at a young age also changes you, and the dynamic of the immediate family. Cody is one of those men who rarely say the “L” or “M” word, unless they mean it. I saw great things in Cody, I guess it all depends on your perspective…

      • My son was (is) a marine who spent time in iraq. He also lost a brother & his dad &i divorced right before he enlisted. I dont see ANY of cody’s traits in him. In fact he adjusted to “normal life” just fine.

  25. I’m personally voting for Paul, mostly because he’s the only one who can catch up to Cody. Also, despite how much some people dislike him, he’s actually playing a good game. It’s not okay that Jessica and her Jess-ebel squad are recruiting heavily on social media for people (many of whom I’m sure have never even watched the show) to vote for Cody. There’s no way Cody is honestly everyone’s favorite player. No. Freakin’. Way.

    • It also makes no sense to have only one poll with HG who have long since been evicted. Living in the past. And yes, I agree that Cody set the negative, nasty tone early.

  26. Ugh why are people voting for cody! He is the rudest, disrespectful psycho! Couldn’t stand him the moment he opened his mouth! He set the game for people to be rude.. him and jess be little Josh and made it personal..when Josh kept trying to be the bigger person and and they were rude to him every time! So finally Josh started defending his self and calling people out.. only if he call out Paul but Paul has done everything to make sure no one turns on him which is playing the game! He can’t help everyone one of them are idiots.. I wanted Kevin or Jason to win but Jason dug his own grave and Alex is a hypocritical disgusting bully and raven is a psychological liar! Can’t wait for them to get out of the house and see how wrong they were and everyone will be on their case for their actions! For AFP I’ll vote Kevin! But if people really wanted to slap the HG’s in the face people should vote for Cameron not cody! That would show that they ruin the season and America would rather vote for a guy that got 30 min’s of TV time than a bunch of idiots that rode the Paul train! Paul is the only one that deserves to win but we will see if it happens it’s big brother you never know until the fat lady sings! Plus I voted for Victor to win last year I think Paul is F.O.S. I know people for victor because he came in the house 3 times and fought hard so he deserved to win something! Hope next year will be All stars!! Bring all the best back and watch them actually play the game and know how to play the game..

    • He served our country & I think he may have PTSD. I am voting for Cody cuz I feel the HG”s did him wrong plus I like him & Jess. Plus I can Not Wait to See the other HG’s Faces when he does Win, LMAO

    • Why are people voting for Paul he got a free ride and if they had not given him 3 freebies Cody would have gotten him out weeks ago and it would have been a much better Big Brother. Paul had everything handed to him on a gold platter. So get over people liking Cody

  27. Oh, God, if Cody gets AFP, the HGs will die!

    And I’ll be sitting there with my popcorn, laughing at them!

    • I think that may be why people are voting for him, not because they like him, but because they hate the rest of them (with exception to Kevin). I am voting because I like him, don’t hate me but I really do like him.

  28. Why? Why? Why is Cody popular? He did nothing in game!! He didn’t want to play with others just expected them to do as he wanted no questions asked or threatened them to vote his way! Yes that did happen!! He was so bad at the game he got EVICTED 3 TIMES!! He was NEVER entertaining well except maybe to Jessica In bed!! So AGAIN I ask WHY?? These are ppl on a GAMESHOW so how can anyone LOVE or HATE any of them!! My vote will go to Jason cuz he was the most entertaining to watch whether it was just joking around or inserting big foot in mouth during game talk. So yes JASON deserves to win AFP!!!!!

  29. The houseguests left in the house are all disgusting, from scab eating scammers to mob mentality, to people who don’t play the game, hate them all

  30. Cody is NOT a good player AT ALL, Jessica even called him the worse player in BB history to his face and he acknowledged that himself in post interview.

    Sure he won a few comps, but he didn’t dominate, he lost more than he won. And winning getting back into the house, it was a battle of the losers. He got evicted i.e. he lost, he was a defeated, so a loser got back into the house to lose again. He was terrible for Jessica’s game and his presence helped seal her fate even faster the 2nd time around. When Jess was HoH and she figured out the scheming that was going on behind her back, he convinced her that she was being paranoid and activity persuaded her not to use the veto to change the noms.

    Not to mention all the hate fueled personality traits that he has exhibited along with the venom he has spewed forth in the live feeds.

    I’m voting for Jess, I feel she deserves a 2nd chance minus Cody.

    P.S. Jess, you can do a heck of a lot better, I don’t foresee this relationship going well for you.

  31. I really wish people would stop giving useless votes to people like Cameron and Ramses that have no chance at winning it. Kevin definitely needs to be at the top of this list. He is the funniest nicest guy there and has made it far. Not that psycho Cody that made Megan his 1st target then Alex his 2nd target then decided to put Paul up when he ran out of options…he came back just to tell Jessica to put Josh up because his ego was hurt. Kevin deserves it for being the most genuine, social, hilarious player.. just like the past winners. Don’t make a mockery of the vote.

    • I just can’t get on the Kevin bandwagon. I know it is a popularity vote but I have a hard time voting for anyone who chose not to play the game at all. Kevin isn’t even included in knowing who is going on the block, let alone being involved in making any decisions. Even if it did come strictly down to likability, he talks behind several of the players backs, although he is much better than most others in this group.

      • I understand but Kevin has been in the house the longest, he is the most deserving on a social fun loving level and has been downright bullied recently. They ALL talk behind each others backs that is Big Brother. He gave us good feeds and has been alone in this game, never bullied anyone and will probably go next unfortunately. He actually did play the game because he was always talking game and tried to know what was going on. The guy has just earned it way more than a Cameron or any of those types or crazy Cody. Past winners like Donny and James weren’t the best either but we vote for likability so let’s not lose sight of that :)

  32. How can hateful Cody be winning the most popular player when he isn’t even playing? Sounds like the Democrats are counting these polls too….

    • Why would you only give votes to only the players left in the game? This is a popularity poll, not a best player poll.

      Cody’s early support in the game probably resulted from a few things. He probably got a certain amount of the ‘hunk’ vote. He got some support for being a competition threat. He probably brought some support with his story as a decorated ten year military veteran with two tours of war duty who has given the biggest part of his adult life to that service.

      He probably lost some of that support when he came into the game so tightly wound, although anyone who is around enough Marines understands that part of that is military training and discipline and part is the silent scars that many war veterans carry.

      He really started to make a jump in the polls when it became obvious that Paul was completely running the show and every other player was running back to him with the slightest bit of information they had in order to stay on Paul’s side. Except for Jessica and Cody. As the game has gone on and the pawns continue to beg their puppet master Paul for attention, it only solidifies the support that Cody receives for recognizing the need to get the popular, experienced player out of the game.

      On top of that, something interesting happened on the way to Paul’s coronation. He decided to get the entire house to bully and shun Jessica and Cody and anyone else who even wanted to talk to them. They not only tried to get Cody to self evict by questioning his military service and by mocking Cody’s brother’s death, they spent many hours of every day doing nothing but trying to make Jessica’s and Cody’s lives miserable. Even after both were evicted, the bullying continued for others on their way out the door. Paul’s arrogance has gotten out of hand. He bullies anyone who gets close to saying anything that might be the least bit hurtful to him. he consistently mocks Josh and even slapped him yesterday. All the players seem to be afraid to do anything about it, assuming that they will be the next one that Paul will get the house to bully and shun. This should be known as the season of mob intimidation.

      As a result, the bullying created a huge backlash. Jessica and Cody became the recipients of most of those voters. Once shunned, they retreated to their own reality side show, a Jessica and Cody love story that played out on the feeds and internet every day as good as any soap opera around. Two attractive and dynamic players, loyal to each other and madly in LUUVVV, in a battle against the world, a world of evil minions controlled by Dr Evil. While some complained that they stopped playing the game and just laid around, others became enthralled in the private conversations and the playful teasing and the loving looks and the warm embraces and deep discussions on religion and life and other subjects even as the mob around them was planning their next attack. if you look on youtube and other internet sources, there is an entire industry of videos dedicated to the “Jody” story line. Jessica’s social media exploded once out of the house, far beyond the average house guest, especially one who left the game so early.

      A soap opera in one way, but real life in another that many took to heart. Who can be so evil to conspire to try to elicit PTSD from a decorated war veteran by banging pots and pans next to their ears for hours on end? Who suggests mocking a person’s child or mocking the death of their brother? Who tries to get that person to physically explode so they will be expelled from the game by trying to psychologically destroying them, as the feeds showed the mob planning before putting their plan into action. When the mob is operating on this level, it is not play acting any more. Big Brother always has it’s ugly side. In many ways, that real life ‘stuff’ can be a nice escape from the politically correct prison we sometimes seem trapped in. But the line was crossed so far for so long by so many that I wouldn’t doubt there are some who are still traumatized just from viewing the abuse.

      You can agree or disagree as to whether any of this merits votes but there is an obvious reason why the votes have shifted in the direction that they have. If it came down to just dedicated viewers who know the whole story, these votes would probably hold up when it comes to America’s Favorite Player at the BB finale. It will be interesting to see how it actually plays out when the casual viewers who only watch the edit of the network broadcast are added to the mix.

      Oh, and another point, Jessica requested several weeks ago that her votes go to Cody, which also adds to his total.

  33. I think this poll is rigged….no one I know likes Cody and those commenting don’t like him either…..I think the fix is in for that obnoxious egotistical idiot!

  34. Have not liked the game since Cody left I loved Cody that is the onlry person Paul was afraid of because he knew he was smart enough to figure him out

  35. Love Cody, the only one with balls that was in the house this year, boring, predictable piece of crap game this year.

  36. Hope Cody WINS the 20k he so deserves it!! he was the only one who was playing hard, rest of them are Paul following sheep.

  37. Thanks a lot to the people that voted for that reject Cody for nothing. You made a total mockery of the vote so he could hole up with his half wit credit card stealing g/f and totally forgot that he even has a kid. He is the most boring winner ever. Paul could care less that he won and look at all the torment Kevin dealt with from him and Alex and those butchers before he left while being a true class act! Kevin is meeting and greeting with kids and spending time with family and already spent what little money he had on his kids. He is a complete joy on Twitter and hilarious in his K&A’s (Kevin and Answers) while Cody and Jessica just sit and talk about what they had for dinner and the ring she wants. Next time you vote use your brain not your bitterness and give it to the right person because Kevin deserved it.

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