Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Last night on Big Brother 19 we saw Alex Ow take over again as Head of Household and that means she’s got to make a couple of picks to head to the Block later today. But with the last week of the Temptation Competition at hand there’s still some uncertainty over just how that will come together.

Alex Ow talks nomination plans on Big Brother 19

It didn’t long before we saw Alex on the Feeds planning her next move as she looked to send Matthew and Elena to the Block, but that didn’t last the night. The main target this whole time remains Cody, but there’s been some back and forth on how to get to that point.

A few hours after Paul had agreed to Alex’s initial suggestion he circled back and warned her that might not be the best idea, or rather he wants her to do what he wants her to do instead. Flashback to 11:00 PM BBT 8/10 to watch.

Paul warns Alex that by putting up a complete showmance couple she could avoid upsetting two different groups. If she’s already going to upset one pair by nominating one of them then why do it to two pairs. It’s not the most unreasonable idea, but still. Either way, Alex comes around to the idea and agrees to go with Paul’s suggestion of Mark and Elena. There’s worry that neither will be happy, but it’s noted that they’re probably already unhappy about having gone up last week anyway so why not.

Later in the night Raven suggests going with an all-guys Block and having Matthew and Mark nominated with Josh designated to throw the Temptation. They don’t like that idea though because they’re down two votes in that situation. Back to the Paul’s plan for Alex instead.

As long as neither Mark nor Elena wins the Temptation battle then watch for them to go up on the Block with Cody set as the target for a Backdoor. If Cody finds his way to safety at some point this week then Mark could be in trouble as Paul has been pushing for him to go. I’m thinking Paul wants his minion Elena all to himself in the game.

Last week the Temptation Competition took nearly ten hours and that was with just one more player than it sounds like we’ll have this week since they’re all planning to play except Christmas and Alex. We could be in for a heck of a wait if they’re doing individual performances. What a disaster. Hopefully production adapts their plan this week and we’re back on track with a faster challenge.

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  1. I hope Alex goes with Mark and Elena and if Cody wins safety or veto, I hope Elena is evicted, but I bet it would be Mark. Let’s give Baby Meatball what he wanted last week, Elena’s boobs on a platter.

    • I think Mark would be the one to go if it gets to that point. He is working with Cody…Paul can’t have that! I think Paul has gotten wind of the convo at the chess table the other day between Mark and Jason…Mark talking about turning on Paul soon.

      • Well that’s going to get him no where! He is a very anti social individual. Mr. Personality!

      • More like anger management issues than PTSD. I could be wrong on the degree he might have, but if he had, I don’t think Production would have cast him like they had Megan who evidently does have it.

      • but seriously how could they have interviewed him and not seen that guy has something seriously wrong!

      • So sad! The FemiNazi’s (both male & female) have EMASCULATED most of the MEN in this country, that when thye see an ACTUAL MAN……acting like A MAN, they call it ‘anger management issues’!! Cody is the only MAN in that house. And Cody is quite SANE; shown great RESTRAINT with all of those lil boys in the house acting like PUNKS! Understandably so…..those lil boys feel threatened by a real MAN!

      • no, he’s just an ahole
        shout out to jess, wish all the houseguests would say hi to her every hour on the hour for being the smartest player – at home!!!!

      • Take Alex out of that equation, since she’s in Paul’s back pocket, and I’m down with those three guys (Jason and Mark more than Cody, but still).

      • Said it before so I’ll reiterate who ever pulls thine head out of thine collective ass and figures out the best game move would be to take Cody all the way to F2 as a snowball in hell has better chance of getting a vote in jury than Cody does.

      • what do you make of xmas? i thought she was just using josh since he was hoh, and didn’t really like him before that. however, she is still pretty chummy with him. i wouldn’t hitch my wagon to one, he is too volatile, he hates almost everybody during the course of one day.

    • I just don’t get all the hate on Elena, she actually seems to be one of the most decent in the house (not saying much for this group, but still). She’s had a breast reduction already, I can’t imagine what they were like before that.

      • Elena is not the most decent at all, she is one of the holes in the house. I will say Christmas who only fault is flirting with married Kevin and Alex who likes flirting with Jason like a school girl, but don’t go further than that.

      • yep…I enjoy watching women raise their shirt and constantly play with or adjust their boobs or walk into a room full of men wearing a thong swimsuit and offer to let them play grab ass…Yeah ELENA really leaves a memorable impression to those of us that have watched her…But to call her “decent” is a stretch….far from it…

      • Evidently you must not have the live feeds. CBS has done some good editing on her, than what she’s exhibited in the house 24/7.

      • What the hell??? HOlena is the most disgusting HG, next to Jessica in the house. You must not have feeds. I can’t even stand watching or listening to her. It’s all about sex and her body parts, getting her asshole bleached, her vag tightened, it’s beyond annoying and she is constantly fondling her own boobs and having other HG’s fondle her boobs and she loves to flash them. It’s clear HOlena isn’t there to play the game, she is there to flaunt her body. She thinks this is a platform for her to move on to other opportunities in the entertainment industry, If she’s looking to get into Porn, she’s hired, otherwise, people are not going to be amused with her antics this season.

      • Not really sure why she would need to do that, she worked on the Kidd Kraddick show here in Dallas so she already had a good job.

      • She said she quit her job to do BB as a platform to move up and onward. Not going to happen.

      • it seems odd that she thinks her behavior will lead her to bigger and better things…not a smart strategy!

      • I had hopes for her in the beginning. She actually seems quite intelligent. I’m very disappointed.

      • Yes !!!! Completely right , all she talks about is herself and thinks she is the most beautiful person ever !!! Ugh … she’s just as annoying as raven !

      • Elena is doing whatever she can to survive at this point and so she’s trying to get with the guy in power (Paul). Paul is starting to favor her I think and so I guess it’s working? I don’t really like Elena but she’s doing what she has to do, I guess. No way she wins the game though. I wish we could see her start playing and making some moves.

      • say what? reduction? who does that these days—LOL
        in Alex’s audition interview she admitted to having boob job to increase size; pretty sure Jessica had one too. maybe “prerequisit” to get into the house?

      • i don’t think the girl would know the truth if it smacked her in the face. she might think they are real because in her mind she sees things the way she dreams them up, not actually what they are. shout out to jess, who is at home, along with the hex that was used – stupid stupid stupid…hope you are enjoying your time at home Jess!

    • You are too much, I love reading your replies. Paul’s idea makes the most sense, hope she goes with it. Does anyone know if Jessica posted anything on social media yet?

      • TY, anita. I read where someone said she will be in a hotel for a week or so before she can leave, but I have no idea if that is accurate or not and I haven’t heard of her putting anything out on social media. I guarantee you if she does, our famous poster named Captain555 will be one of the first to know and is great about informing us.

      • Ok, thanks, I will look out for Cap’s posts. I thought you went straight home IF you weren’t going to jury

      • She’s busy doing press junkets first. I’d give her a week or two before she posts anything, if she even does.

    • Hot-head Cody needs to go; he has NO social game and only good at Comps.
      Alex and Paul kind of cute together…why no showmance there??
      I don’t want Mark to go..he’s a tender-hearted muscle man. Hearing his “story” was heartwarming. Is it true Alex gets a letter in the HOH room from her X-boyfriend…why?

      • Not a serious one. He told her not to wait for him before he went back into the BB house.

      • Really? He said that in the feeds? Huh…It’s weird that he was telling Kevin that he hopes everything is good with him and her when he gets back. Or “we left in a really good spot”…something along those lines. It’s hard to tell who is thinking what with these crazy kids lol

      • He still gives her shout outs, although I forget his pet name for her. But I read on Jokers where he said he told her not to wait. The way he acts, though, I think he is hoping she does.

      • I think Mark is probably one of the good guys, too. I don’t think Alex or Paul are either one interested in each other in that way….laws of attraction I guess. :)

    • Mark has safety, so raven up as pawn, lets hope someone other then Cody wins veto or bye bye elana

  2. Cody has to be the target for all of them now. At this point, who can trust him not to put them on the block? Mark and Kevin, but that’s about it. Having said that, they should wait and see who wins safety first. There are too many possibilities at this point.

    But I don;t see why the house is so against Matt, other than he is weird. They are making too much out of him. His targets are Cody, Mark and Elena so what’s the problem?

    • The problem is that after Cody, Mark, and Elena are gone, they need to evict another person.

    • Now is the time to get rid of the biggest threat in the house, and that is Paul. But Alex won’t do it. Cody is an easy target and no threat to her game.

    • Matt is kinda funny when you actually get to see the cameras on him. He doesn’t cause any drama so they tend to avoid him. Last night on BBAD when Paul was doing his whole monologue on Jess Matt was laughing so hard that it was making me laugh. In case you missed it, I know a lot of people don’t like Paul, but his analysis of Jess and her idiot speech and stupid gameplay and showmance was off the hook! When he said he’d send his own mother home before he’d use the hex on anybody but himself I think I cracked a rib laughing! He can be entertaining.

      • he sounded like a hyena…but honestly didn’t it make you laugh a little? after all the nastiness and name calling it was a moment of normalcy.

  3. In my boredom (and obsession with BB) last night, I made a diagram of who I think would get who’s votes at this point in the game. I think that the only person Paul could go against right now and get voted out is Kevin.

      • I tried that scenario too lol…I am thinking that Paul would have Maven (2 votes) + Elena + Josh + Kevin (maybe) + Christmas (who resents Jason now, and knows Paul will get her further).

        If Cody is here next week, then Mark will vote for Jason along with Alex.

        Ed: Oh, and if Cody leaves this week and Mark is the HoH who puts up Jason vs Paul, then that will be 1 less vote to keep Jason.

  4. I need a house flip and I need it right now. With the double eviction coming up this could’ve been a chance to get rid of two of Paul’s minions, if not Paul himself.
    The only way a house flip can happen now would be if two of Marlena/Cody can win safety right now, one thru temptation and one thru veto (prefarably, Mark and Cody, I don’t trust Elena). And even at that point things are not a guarantee and Elena can be voted out. I wanna cry at the amazing scenario that I’ve come up with that’ll never happen…

    • This is what i hope happens this week. Elena wins safety comp mark is put on block with matt and paul who loses the safety comp cody is drawn for pov and wins it than removes mark forcing the minions to go after eachother. This would leave matt paul alex and my guess raven ineligable to vote. Kevin josh christmas jason mark elena and cody would be remaining votes. If mark elena and cody vote together they only need to flip one person to get paul out and after mark jason convo that person may be jason. I know wishful thinking but you never know

      • I don’t want to see Elena get safety. I want Cody to! If he don’t well, then may the cards fall where they land!

      • My thinking was codys best chance at an alliance moving forward its rhe only way to keep all three safe

  5. Alex is my favorite. really hoping she would be the one to go after Paul but not looking likely. Maybe a backdoor scenario? Paul feels safe and then is put on the block as a replace emtn for the pov winner. Alex could win the game with that move.

  6. If they were smart they could of used cody to get out crazy raven now because she’s about a few days from exploding. Put up cody and elena cody wins pov then replace him with raven telling everyone to vote out elena but blindside and get her out! There’s no other way. She’s not going to go down easy.

    • Yeah, she is cra cra, but is easily controlled, Same with Josh. Smart players always eliminate the wild cards who think for themselves, which is why Raven and Josh will be around a while.

      • agreed however mark and elena can’t think for themselves..if they did they wouldn’t be holding pauls hand. i think it’s important for your mental health to get out the crazy ones so they don’t blow up peoples games and work up josh. One more time he does the pots n pans he’s out of the show.

      • Elena is the one holding Paul’s hand..Mark is trying to play both sides and Paul knows it. He’s also more of a comp threat so will go soon. I think Raven will go soon because others are sick of her, but she isn’t as big of a threat to win anything. If Josh gets himself evicted, that’s his problem, but in the meantime, he’s a great meatball shield lol

    • I agree, get out Rervin and then concentrate on Cody.

  7. Nothing against Paul, but him running the game again another week? I`m fine with him being safe, but she should at least sit back relax and let everyone play their game… It is beyond boring what`s happening

  8. I am so disappointed this year with Big Brother from the cheering because Jessica was evicted. I do not know where you found these people to play, but,
    I am so glad I do not know any of them. What a cruel and nasty bunch. They think Cody is bad how about looking in the mirror.

    • I thought it was in poor taste and extremely childish of what josh did when she was evicted. He seriously acts like a 10 year old

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Josh started on them weeks ago, Jody gave as good as they’ve been getting this week. Frankly, it never should have gotten that far. They should have ALL been able to control themselves.

      • I don’t know how much of the grammar stuff was edited for TV, but it seemed like Josh was hanging out in the kitchen and Jessica questioned his intelligence by asking him to spell drought. Then when Josh got started, Jessica goes “not today” even though, based on what I saw on TV, Jessica started the whole thing. It just seems like Jody gets a huge pass for their actions. If we’re being honest here, Cody started this trainwreck Week 1.

        Edit: BTW, I do agree all of them are acting childish and obnoxious but Jody probably start half the arguments anyway.

      • How did Cody start anything? All he did was play the game of Big Brother. It’s not his fault Paul couldn’t be nominated because of the Temptation.

        Remember, every season that features them, the HGs say they’re gonna get the vet(s) out first, and it never happens. Ever. Cody was the first newbie to try and pull that Week 1. That is something he will always be remembered for.

      • Yep, she started it, as she did with the majority of the fights. I watched it on feeds.

      • Cody started the trainwreck by trying to evict Paul? He (and Jessica) is the only one with balls. The rest of them are cowardly idiots who will do whatever King Paul tells them to do!

      • You mean after Cody and Tits McGee went on about how Josh was a stupid, terrible, horrible person who only makes victim noises and doesn’t deserve to be in the game because he’s a pathetic loser…Please try and tell me again how Josh is the one who started it when Cody and Tits McGee are the ones who instantly went personal with every single person in that house…..Funny for someone who cries about victim noises Cody seems to make more victim noises than everyone he cries about…..

      • … Did you read it right? Here, let me post it again and emphasize the key words for you.

        “Two wrongs don’t make a right. Josh started on them WEEKS AGO, Jody gave as good as they’ve been getting this week. Frankly, it never should have gotten that far. They should have ALL been able to control themselves.”

      • Go back to the first week. Cody attacked josh for no reason. That how the feud started. That’s what everyone here try to explain to you.

      • Because Josh started on Megan (who Cody didn’t like himself, but still said that Josh was out of line).

        Seriously, Megan was the smart one this season.

      • …..Funny for someone who cries about victim noises Cody seems to make more victim noises than everyone he cries about…..


        It’s not just for movie theaters!

      • Watch his pre-game interview and compare it to what took place in the house! You will be shocked. Shocked I tell ya! NOT! hahaha

      • I read the transcript (couldn’t bring myself to listen to him).

        My eyes almost fell out of my head when Cody said,

        “I have never been offended… not once”

        Basically he must be making up for lost time in the BB House, he’s been offended almost the entire time he’s been in the house!

      • How about this quote from Jessica.

        What types of people in the house will you not get along with?

        I’m going to get along with everybody in the house! I’m going to be Miss Congeniality this season. I’m going to let people self-destruct on their own. Hopefully I’m so loveable that no one wants to fight with me. (Laughs.)

        I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that!

      • I refused to look back on her since she’s now gone! But thank you…just goes to show, even BB fans can’t predict how they’ll act once they enter the house and their competition! hahaha

      • Reading some of these interviews (I have some time on my hands today, it helps to be the boss, lol)

        The two most delusional house guests really do appear to be Jessica and Cody.

        Just an old, old thought.

        An unexamined life is not worth living.

      • I’m with you there. And yes, it’s good to be queen (king, boss…I am an independent contractor…work when I want). LOL

      • They started on Josh right away. They thought it was funny that they could make him cry.

      • I get it. Josh is a huge-ass man baby. But Cody was just mean to him for no reason. And Tits McGee (I borrowed from BEWW above) jumped on the bandwagon.

      • That’s how it goes here, It’s okay for Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort to do and say whatever they please but how dare anyone come back at them, they’re being bullied!!!! Give me a break.

  9. I think Christmas should not have been aloud to use her power, she could not go up so I think that was really unfair of Big Brother.;;;

  10. So, Alex is going with Paul’s idea of putting both halves of a showmance up on the block rather than a Matthew/Mark split. Does that mean she’s playing Paul’s game? What it shows me is that she listened to the better plan.

    • Truly the worst cast since BB15. Here’s hoping BB20 has a cast similar to BB16 (minus HGs like Devin and, for the sake of the fandom, Frankie).

      • It’s sadly the fact. The majority of these newbies do not have a single brain among them. At least Jody tried to play the game for themselves, not Paul.

      • yep..they did and that’s why one is gone and hopefully the other follows…They played the wrong game..a spitefull hate filled game that hurt both of em…

      • yes, I agree with you 100%. They all have brains and can think for themselves , but what did paul do to any of them ? Nothing !!! (First week of game )Cody took the first shot against his own alliance and lead to this . Paul has protected them, changed votes to save Josh and poor Ramses got evicted because of jessica and her not using her own brain!! If I remember it was Cody that was always making her change her mind , she had gut intuition and still did what Cody wanted . That’s what turned the house , if that didn’t take place then maybe all of them wouldn’t be so called “puppets”. The only reason jess had to start chit was because of her stupid showmance and had no allies after that, she would be in the house still and probably working w paul. At least he says what he does and does what he says and is trying to play the best he can knowing that vets usually don’t last . So as far as jess and Cody being the only ones that tried to think for themselves , they really didn’t , they HAD to because of codys dumb azz.

      • Agreed! I’m still a little shocked, let me get my bearings! LOL :)

    • It’s so frustrating to see how horrible everyone besides Paul is playing. Good grief y’all suck!! Lol!!

  11. Really get tired of the pity party to justify Cody and Jessica behavior this summer,sure some of the house guests have gone a bit too far for sure but the above showmance has not exactly been innocent bystanders either and lord quit blaming Paul and the others for Cody and Jess problems,they are responsible for their game decisions,no one else..these two people were not able to shed or suspend their personal petty demons they both brought in from the outside and that alone proved fatal to their chances this season.

    • I didn’t like Jody at all, I just wanted to see something different than the Paul + minions show. I am especially excited now though for Paul to start taking his minions out and for them to realize how stupid they’ve played this season!! Lol!

  12. I am so sad I look so forward to Big Brothers every summer and can’t wait for each show but after Jessica leaving and knowing Cody is next I am so let down in this season and dropping out Christmas should have never been able to stay because now most of the comps are mental not physical which is not Big Brothers and Paul should have never been able to come back he is experienced in the proceeds and that to is unfair to other contestians

  13. I honestly don’t get how ANYONE can tolerate watching the “Paul Abrahamian Friendship Show”! It’s Pathetic! Cody and Jess made mistakes, but at least THEY Played THEIR Own game!! This is a complete JOKE of a Season, and I’ve never missed a single one. If or When Cody leaves, I will stop watching…. Done. Over Returning HGs Completely!!

  14. Personally, I want Rervin nom’d and voted out the door this week. Cody can wait. I can’t stand this chick and her never ending quest for attention.

    • So then in other words what your saying is you wouldn’t last long in an actual game of Big Brother…..I just love it when people go on about who they hate and who they hope goes and how its always the most worthless people who haven’t really done or won anything but keep those actual competitors around because they aren’t annoying like floaters….Good strategy you would probably be gone week 1 with that logic

      • I’m not of the mind that this cast is “bad”. We’ve had much worse imo. 15, 16 and 17 were much worse and boring as hell. Matt and Rervin really get on my nerves and Jess and Cody might be one of my least favorite non-players, next to Frankie but all and all there has been good drama and while I was disappointed that they brought a vet back, I’m glad Paul is there, he’s playing the game and playing it well. :)

      • I heard Frankie and Paul were a couple that is why they were on candy crush together so if you like one you need to like both

      • Yeah, I figured as much but I want them to make themselves look like an even bigger ass with whatever answer they come up with, if you know what I mean. :)

      • I love it when people show themselves for who they really are. :)

  15. Again, Alex is HOH not Paul. Let her make her own decisions!! Everyone needs to stop doing what Paul tells them. Play the game people for crying out loud

    • Did you miss the part where Paul and Alex have a secret side alliance? Unlike Cody, people in an alliance work together and want the same thing. That is how it works.

  16. paul wants to kill two birds with one stone he wants mark away from both elena and Jason.

  17. I don’t know why nobody puts up Christmas…she’s a floater and I don’t think its fair that she can’t compete and still gets a free ride…she should have been offer to come back next season and sent home to heal.

  18. They should just hand Paul the 500k and turn the show into a foul-mouthed pr0n fest. Oh wait, they did that already. 😋😎

  19. This week is going to be a double eviction night. I see either Mark or Cody going home on first eviction if they both don’t get safety. On second eviction, I see house could target Paul if he doesn’t win HOH.

  20. I’m finding this season a real chore to get through. The only HoH’s we’ve had all season have been Jody and Paul. With Jessica gone, the only time Paul isn’t HoH is when it’s Cody and Cody lost. Is the back and forward not bothering anyone else?

      • Yes others have won the title of HoH but no one other than Jessica or Cody has done anything with the power of HoH that wasn’t what Paul wanted so it feels like week after week its Paul vs Jody.

      • no, it doesn’t matter who won, besides Cody and Jess’s HOH it has always been Paul’s….these people in this house are real idiots, it’s such a disappointment

      • I think Mark is our only saviour to get Paul out in a timely fashion. Of course if Cody wins safety this week then Mark’s gone so oops.

    • At first I did not like what Paul was doing in a personal level, but the game was being played and everything was fine, and would not take much long until they turn on Paul. But NOW things got out of hand, nobody is playing the game and nobody will turn on him. And it is just boring

  21. If Alex is smart, she’ll put up Cody as a nom and try to back door Paul. He’s more of a threat to her game than Cody is.

    • Cody is a threat to them all. He’s a lone wolf and intends to stay that way. He’s also a loose cannon. That’s a dangerous combination to all the other players. Take him out ASAP and let him reunite with his happy hooker.

  22. Every year this show just gets worse. I am sure plastic surgeons look at this show and use it as an example of how not to do breast implants. It seems that BB is getting their participants from trailer parks. I personally don’t care who they nominate because I don’t like any of these people.

  23. Alex and Paul are working together so why wouldn’t they talk about who to put up. Paul suggesting to Alex just put up one couple is a smart choice and she realizes that. It’s called “working together”. They discuss ideas. Doesn’t anyone remember Danielle and Jason and nobody knew about their alliance? They always discussed what to do. This is the same thing only Alex will cut Paul in the end instead of how Jason cut Danielle. Just watch.

    • Jason didn’t cut Danielle lol, Lisa cut Jason and took Danielle to the end.
      The thing about Jason and Danielle is that both had each other’s best interests in mind. Alex has hers and Paul’s, Paul has his and his only.
      I’m not attacking Paul because he’s playing the game right now, but Alex is in for a rude awakening. Alex won’t cut Paul at the final three, but he will most definitely cut her!!

      • My bad. It’s been a long time since season 3. You just refreshed my memory. I think I was thinking of maybe when Jason was the single vote to evict Amy. Anyway I do think Alex will cut Paul. Jason is her ride or die and they’ve already discussed cutting Paul when the numbers are right.

      • I don’t think Paul will make it in a final 2 ending…But if I am wrong and he does Paul will want to go up against a competitor not a floater…Hence James & Nicole last season..

  24. hey, here’s an idea, why not put Mark and Elena on the block and then backdoor PAUL? At least that would be entertaining. Jessica told them last night but do these brain dead twits listen? Nope

      • That’s the plan as of right now, but of course everyone will say they are being led around by Paul, how could any of them come up with such a plan, how dare they do such a thing like backdoor the biggest asshole in the house and BB history, outrageous!!!! LOL

      • Paul is not the biggest ahole in BB .. what makes ppl think he is? He’s playing a good game and all of the house are backing him, a few may and to take a shot , but there will be reprocusions! So who ever it is will have to have the votes and they have to talk to them all , and i known that one of them will spill the beans !!!

  25. These HGs need to wake up and get Paul out or they might as well hand him the win right now! They all let him influence their choices and end up doing what he wants. They aren’t playing their own game they are playing Paul’s game.

    • Isn’t that the point of the game? To win?? Not showmance and talk about all your medical friggin lies or ur boobs and how awesome u are .. ugh . The only true player that Deserves the win is …….
      Paul and or Alex.

  26. Looks like Mark won safety and Matt came in last…what are they going to do now???

    • “his babe” LOL. I feel like his negative energy oozes out of the TV…I would love if after the show is over he’s like “Just kidding, I’m a total goofball in real life! It was all an act!”

  27. I think Paul could be in his first real pinch in the DE if Cody is the one voted out, his hold will falter quite quickly and I believe he’ll be playing for his BB life in the DE.
    My fear is he and it and takes a shot at Alex and he’s home free……

  28. So, the house is worried about getting Cody out? Cody, who is all alone, has no allies, is targeted by the whole house? Oh sure, HE is the one you need to worry about. THIS is the STUPIDEST cast in HISTORY. Vote out threats….not toothless loners.

    • He does though! Mark and Elena (more and more)….although Paul/ the majority of the house doesn’t know Elena is getting clued in by Cody as to where the real alliances are (Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin).

      • So should target Elena and get her out , then mark ! Double evict next week and hope they find a way to get Cody out if he doesn’t have that safety 😤

      • I agree…although it kind of sucks for Paul to openly have any hand in getting Elena out since Elena was always in his corner and could be a vote for him in Jury. I also think she deserves to stay (IMO) over Mark the professional Flip Flopper.

        Hopefully when Elena goes to jury she’ll be rational with her vote (she seems like a smart rational chick – just really insecure from a younger age which is why I think she over-sexualizes herself (yes I know that’s not a word!!))

        I’m re-watching Dan’s season #2 (season 14 – soooo entertaining) to see any similarities to Paul’s game. Dan played a harder game the 2nd time around – which led to a bitter jury, and it seems like Paul is playing a more exposed/ aggressive game this time too. Before any panties get in a wad, I am not saying Paul is as good as Dan (Dan is my absolute #1). But Paul is really good.

      • Yes , that’s true , she hasn’t really ruffled any feathers , and I don’t get why josh hates her !!! I hope they backdoor Cody , he is still the target unless he wins veto and if so I’m so done. 😤 I mean it. Kinna .. no.. maybe watch for Alex , but I think I think they are gonna try and get Cody first and then mark

      • Brooklyn, I’m right there with you – I was iffy on Alex when she came in, now I really like her. I don’t know that I could put up with Crude Loud f-ing Jason, but I know I would never get into a showmance, and I would be an outsider in the game from the get go because I’m introverted. Josh is being a little silly/ short-sided/ maybe over-confident that “the house” will always have the power to get Jody out. And Elena has been a number for the non-Cody-side of the house

      • Mark probably knows that already and if not winning comp he may have been evicted . I like him but they are flip flooers . Every hoh she goes up to kiss their azz , like Jody , josh and now elana

    • Its all about Paul’s ego now…The Minions “Must” get Cody out, for Paul to have peace of mind. Smdh.

      • Is more then just Paul now , Kevin won’t vote for him to stay and said He won’t even talk to him anymore . Jason Is his hardcore fan and loves him in the house. Alex has a deal w him just like the other 2 .. and josh . Mark Elena and Cody can try but if they do that now they aren’t going to get the votes. Just not enough ppl to vote him out and longer they keep him it can further their game

    • Paul, Mr. Friendship will have a Rude Awakening when he gets out of the BB House this time?! Paul has gone from “Beloved” to “Don’t Like” in one Season?!

      I Loved Paul & Victor last year…But Allison Grodner should have “Waited” at least 2 to 3 years before putting Paul on as a Vet for a Season of Big Brother.

      • Yeah, and one that got second! I like paul and I want him to win, the others have to get the courage to put him up !!! Cody is the only one that would do that and Mark , but he still has final2 with Alex and Jason ??? So they won’t vote for him , Matt and raven absolutely follow paul . Kevin tried , I think should wait Til a few more go then try .. may be easier, but still team paul 😝

    • No, I watched that season and was rooting for him then, I don’t get why Nicole won , she was good tho w comps and social , but can’t remember how paul was .. is it bad ?

    • I love vets…but most are full of sh*t. Evel Dick, Rachel, past whatevers…I really liked most of their seasons but they often seem butt hurt about new players they never knew doing exceptionally well.

  29. Hmmm … looks like they may be doing a backdor. Plllllzzzzz don’t let Cody get pov!!. Just don’t draw him 👍Even if he did , Elena could go . Mark won it again! So he’s safe 😁

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