‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 ‘Temptation Competition’ Results

The latest Big Brother spoilers are here and we’ve got the results revealing which HG will be safe from nominations and eviction along with which one of them has earned a special spot on the Block this week for coming in last place.

Temptation Competition on Big Brother 19

Again this week everyone was lined up to play though that didn’t include the HoH, Alex, or Christmas since she’s still unable to participate in physical events. And just like last week the target is on Cody so HGs were fearful that he’d either win the battle or come in last and secure a spot in the Veto comp. Did he pull it off again this week?

On to the latest results to help us prepare for Friday night’s nominations ceremony. Find out who is safe and who is in danger now:

Spoilers: Temptation Competition – Week 7

  • Mark won the competition!
  • Matthew came in last. Matthew will be the 3rd Nom.

Mark ends up being safe this week, so the majority’s Plan B is shot now. They were going to go after Mark if Cody won this comp, but since he didn’t they can keep working on Plan A, but Cody does still have an out there too.

Cody will still need to be drawn for the Veto to avoid a Backdoor scenario and with only 2 players being picked that isn’t easy. Then again, he pulled it off last week, and this time there is no Ring of Replacement to stop him.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

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  1. Ok well I think u ought to check with production it’s a disgrace the way u let josh n paul n the rest of the house with the meanness n bullying u allowed simply because they wanted them out Cody n jess n also Paul ought to be thrown out with josh for the bullying n Christmas is just getting a free ride with a vote n nothing else this year stinks ur losing it

    • Apparently, you don’t watch the live feeds. Cody and Jessica bullied Josh first weeks ago. They spent all their time talking nasty about everyone else or having sex.

    • I agree! I like Christmas, but she should have been sent home when she got hurt. She was allowed to leave the house which is against the #1 rule of BB and the real kicker is that she was allowed to use the ring and take a player (Cody) out and she couldn’t even play. I believe BB is twisting and manipulating the game. They have lost a lot of fans! The bullying is the worse, I can’t even watch anymore. They are all Paul’s puppets to sickening to watch! Just checking spoilers for updates!

      • well lady cody was evicted and allowed ro come back, so what is your point ,christmas has just as much rigt to come back as cody does,they were both in sequester and were not informed about anything to do with the game,seems like you just need something to gripe about

  2. I love it when the best laid plans go to pot. Alex can’t nominate Mark and Elena, she won’t nominate Cody so now she has to pick someone else. LOL

  3. YES! Way to go, Mark. That’s the end of Paul’s plan for Alex’s first round of noms, lol.

    Cody still has a chance at the Veto, and he has been very lucky to be picked for the Veto on multiple occasions (except for one week, maybe). And with Christmas’ temptation flushed out, the only way to stop him from securing safety at that point is to prevent him from winning. Will it be that easy, though? Maybe, maybe not. The numbers may be with the Paul Patrol, but let’s face it – it’s all going to come down to what kind of comp production throws at them tomorrow.

    • I hope Cody gets to play and wins. Not that I’m a big fan of his, it’s just that they can’t go after Mark and Paul wants Elana in the game. They’ll have to eat one of their own. Maybe Raven?

      • PREACH! If we can’t get Paul out at least we have to get Paul to turn on one of his own people

      • They are talking right now on feeds that it will be
        Elena and Jason. Jason being the pawn. Elena might be the target after Cody. They have to break showmances up.

      • Let’s see if Paul’s as smart as he’s cracked up to be… Kevin’s pretty much outlived his usefulness and is started to teeter toward the edge of getting downright whiny – unattractive in a man of his years if I do say so myself, might just be a good time to unload the biggest obstacle standing in the way of his march to the victory podium. I think I might go after Kevin if it was my game to lose…

      • It’s the whining. I would much rather deal with a Cody staring morosely at the walls of the have not room then spend one more minute listening to the whine of a man who has enough grease in his hair to butter a thousand cookie sheets and STILL manages to look like a deflated Pilsbury Dough Boy despite saran wrapping his abdomen before bed every night. Cripes! Just do crunches and squats like all the rest of us mere mortals.

  4. Cody for veto? Anyone here support that? Potentially save Elena so Marlena and Cody are all safe? No?


    • Nah, I’m with ya. Get Matt, Jason (because he so deserves to be up on the block if he’s going to suggest that HE be the pawn over PAUL – jeez!), and Raven all up on the block together, and then watch either Raven or Matt walk out the door – hopefully Raven.

  5. The most interesting part about this is now Alex needs someone else to nominate, and it’ll probably be Raven, or maybe she’ll nominate Paul to ensure a strong player plays for Veto

  6. Mad props for Mark. He knows how to win in the clutch. I’m really starting to root for him now. I mean, who else is there?

  7. I am still hoping they get rid of elena or even better Raven. Cody is alone so leave him for later. The girls are more dangerous at this point

  8. Cody needs to step up his game if he wants to make it up to Jessica. He is a strong physical competitor and I get he’s depressed with her departure but she at least played the game when he was gone. He just needs to wake the eff up and play the game. Yes, his social game sucks but at least he’s trying in comps.

    • “But this is NOT a game: it’s personal”, as Cody snarled this about 5 times last night. I suppose his “game” is to win comps, be HOH, survive and take everyone out based on his hatred priority for each HG? In the meantime, he’ll just hang out in the HN room.

  9. Very interesting news, now if we see Cody winning the veto, we could see everything starting to crack

  10. Just so Cody or Paul goes home. I don’t care which. We won’t have Cody crammed down our throats anymore with Jessica gone. Hmmm… Maybe I would like to see Paul gone first. I am tired of Paul running everything!

  11. Kev is creeping me out running his hands over Christmas bare back and stomach, hes married and 20 plus years older then her.

  12. If I were Alex (going on the assumption that she’s not gonna turn on Paul this week), with Matt on the block, I’d do Elena and maybe Raven. If either of the girls are taken off, go for Cody. If they’re not, then no matter what, a showmance is taken out.

  13. Just heard mark and elena talking that if she has her name drawn to choose cody so that he can win veto and they are all safe. It sounds like jason or paul will be the pawn

      • Don’t think they see him as a threat, more that they don’t think he’s contributed anything — no comp wins

      • And they still think that raven is terminal and that jury might vote for her in the end since she need the money.

      • Rightfully so but id rather raven go. Matt just wants to go to jury & hasnt come close to winning anything.

      • I would too, but this is how Alex thinks. She knows she could take on Raven and win but not so much Matthew in the coming weeks.

      • I wasn’t too sure of that…Alex was whispering. Who hasn’t contributed a whole lot lately that’s a guy?

      • Kevin is adamant that they get out a guy because it looks like they are bullying the women. Seriously.

      • Doesnt matter who alex wants gone. Jess wanted josh gone josh wanted elena gone. Like i stated in a previous thread they only need to flip one person if mark elana and cody are off the block

      • Alex said paul as a pawn and he is offering lip service saying if you have to i understand . jason is voluntarily offering. It comes to who is alex more likely to see as expendable. My opinion is she needs to protect jason because he is more loyal to her than paul and she knows that

      • Im just doubtful that she understands that. I think she’ll stick with the get matt out plan.

      • I get that but matt is on the block as third nom she still needs 2 which will be elena and she is discussing paul so that he can play in veto. With mark safe if cody is drawn and wins veto and save elena than paul will be on the block at the end of the week and may very likely go home as he already has 3 votes against him

      • Alex needs to seriously think who she can count on to vote the way she wants and the put anyone else on the block. To me that would mean not nominate Jason Paul, Josh and maybe Kevin

      • Alex needs to decide what she wants on her resume and who she wants to be in the end. Paul or someone else.

      • Yes but she has to keep the right people to get to the end. This is jury point everything matters. They need to start thinking how best to win who to win against amd who to use to help her get to the end to win

      • It’s all talk mostly because they just don’t do anything without Paul’s permission. Just weird.

  14. CBS you can bring 50 seasons Paul, show me how he carries water to the poor and helps the elders and I still find nothing to admire or get inspired by him in any positive way! I hope Mark and Kevin can pull it off, everyone else is not impressing me one bit …

  15. I have sat patiently waiting for someone to see a light bulb, it to catch on fire and burn threw the house. Kevin talks to Jason about Paul negatively, Christmas put a bug in Josh’s ear last week & yet this week he falls right back in line with Paul, We’re sick of Paul, I can not imagine the HG’s aren’t as sick? Cody to me, though I don’t like him in the game is the one to save and pull the trigger on Paul….No ones gonna do it? I see it this way if Paul isn’t challenged soon, he’s the BB 19 winner.

    • Kevin talks negatively about Paul to throw off suspicion he and Paul are working together. Christmas is doing the same thing to Josh. Paul is using Josh as a number. The plan this week is to BD Cody but if Cody wins Veto, then they have to plan who is going to go in his stead.

    • I`m so over of everyone that I`m getting myself starting to root for Paul, I want him to screw everyone really bad, and I want him to screw Jason and Alex first. Final 2 Paul vs Cody

      • Problem is paul would win that hands down. Nobody in the jury will vote cody..except mark.

    • I think they should nominate Paul and Cody and let the best competeter win that would be nice to see no one would throw it a good compatition

  16. I think Alex needs to think for herself and put up Paul and Cody and let them battle it out…. Now that would be a good week

    • Don’t get me wrong I like Paul but it’s time to go after him it’s been to easy for him

  17. Really don’t get why plan A is to backdoor Cody when he has respect for Alex’s game and I assume she knows this. Alex would be wise to let the Paul vs Cody war keep going another week … but alas, I will keep dreaming …

    • But she didn’t have respect for his game while paired up with the witch that hated her.

  18. Worst BB ever. Alex, Elena, Christmas are disgusting slaves of Paul. All men except Cody are followers, and at the begining Paul was given unfair advantages.

  19. When I have lost all hope in this season I try to remind myself of everyone who was running the show but eventually got cut. Heck, Paulie was still in control on BB18’s day 52. Now we just have to wait for the BBGods to give us a Bridgette, Natalie or Michelle.
    Then again, all of this is false hope if Paul is not forced to turn on one of his minions, quick

  20. Question from Reddit:
    “If Elena picks Cody do we raise her to Queen status?”

  21. If Cody isn’t picked to play Veto the week is done and to think otherwise is just plain foolish,.

  22. So…Kevin just sunk his game a few notches (along with Alex and Jason)…Cody just confirmed with Elena that Kevin tried to make a deal with him, Alex, Jason, and Paul…And that Kevin SAID he would target Mark & Elena….I thought this guy was supposed to be able to read people/ be street smart??

    Now Elena looks like she’s going back to Cody (choosing him if she gets houseguest choice)…KEVIN YOU IDIOT!!

    Also, sounds like Alex is getting annoyed with Kevin having to “carry him along” and saying he’s becoming “dead weight.” So true. I like Kevin – but less and less with bad moves he doesn’t need to make.

    • This is exactly what Cody did last time he was out the door – blew up several other HGs game and took Dom down with him.

  23. Jason needs to talk Alex into putting Paul up and Cody due to all their bullying

  24. I’m also so over Paul running everything. I had hope for Christmas last week, when she told Josh not to let Paul run his HoH. But then she turned around and did Paul’s wishes anyway. I think that Alex is the one that’s the highest up Paul’s behind, so whatever he wants this week, will be how it goes.

  25. So when Cody wins PoV and takes Elena off the block, who is Alex putting up to sit next to Jason and Matt??

      • I mean, I want her to go…but not before Cody and Mark. Ugghhh. Cody is a psychotic ego-maniac and Mark is too desperately flip-floppy. At least Maven aren’t jumping sides. Then again they are kind of in their own world lol

      • But of the choices she’ll have left I think Raven is the person she’d need the least.

      • Good point – I wonder how Matt will react…Would he then team up with Cody, Mark, and Elena?

      • The thing is Cody thinks Marlena and Maven betrayed him so they really can’t trust him in the long run.

      • Well…you can at least see which of the showmances are staying close to Cody (Marlena) and which aren’t (Maven). Flip floppers are annoying

    • How about Christmas? She is expendable or Josh. I imagine Paul will protect Josh for now. Who cares about Christmas? All talk and lip service about making moves! She needs to get evicted to the jury house!

      • Josh is like a toothless pitbull (all bark, no bite, but really loyal). Side note: I’m actually starting to like him more. Christmas is a little more unpredictable – And Jason really wants her out (worried she’ll come after him for breaking her foot). I could maybe see Christmas…

    • At this point I am grasping on to all last straws of hope. Plan D is better than not a plan at all

  26. If Cody wins POV and takes Elena off the block, that would be an amazing scenario because then the house majority has to eat each other alive. We will get some stellar feeds then!!!
    I really hope this happens!

    • I am with you. Hope Cody can compete for VETO and wins it! That would really put the minions on the chopping block as it should be! Watch the recriminations and finger pointing when that happens! It would save this week and keep Cody alive for another week atleast!

  27. Christmas is calling Mark onto the floor in front of an audience as to why Mark was talking game to Cody. Mark is holding himself pretty well!

    • Mark deserves to be burned at the stake for talking to Cody, apparently… smh. idgi. They were going to gun for Mark if they couldn’t go for Cody, but yet of course Christmas’s side is the victim …. ok.

    • How long has thing been going on Joni, do you have a timestamp?

      • I honestly had a hard time following the logic of it all but I guess Christmas was essentially calling out Mark on playing both sides but she was all over the place and being such a bitch about it, way out of line imo and then Josh got in on the act and started clapping his hands and doing his schtick, which was totally unnecessary. It ended about 5 minutes ago. I actually feel bad for Mark. There wasn’t any reason for that showdown or it could have been dealt with a calmer way.

      • I didn’t see the first part of it and I”m not going back, what I saw was more than enough. She was such a bitch to Mark, she was acting like she took too many pills.

      • Lol that’s what the lady commented up there. I thought she was joking. But if she caught him in the act, oh well. He’s done. He HAS to win hoh or he’s getting backdoored for sure! This is a HUGE development! I can’t wait until they post it on YouTube!

      • He won safety, he’s not going anywhere, that’s why I’m so flabbergasted that she felt the need to take him on, it really was pointless imo.

      • I’m still shaking my head at how unnecessarily vicious she was to him. It really was uncalled for.

      • For sure. I would never compare the 2 nor would I EVER call it bullying. It just seemed so unnecessary.

      • Definitely unnecessary. She just put a big target on her back with not just Mark, but Cody as well. She better win something soon or she’s toast.

      • After that little display in the kitchen, you can best be sure Elena is not a fan of Christmas, if she ever was.

      • I know in this case they were talking game but I am sooo over the “don’t talk to the enemy”, which is anyone that isn’t following Paul like a lost puppy. The guy (Cody) has nobody. How would they do if they lived in a house and not have a single person to talk to? It is just cruel imo.

      • I got to see it. But that’s serious! That’s the worse that can happen to a player in the game.

      • He is done either way. It has been a witch hunt against Mark for weeks now. They just are looking for a justification to get him out-he keeps winning comps which probably doesn’t help the target on his back either. I congratulate him for not being a completely compliant minion! He is playing to win not to just get to jury.

      • Yes and I’m a Paul fan. I like that he is making moves separate from the others.

      • And now Josh doesn’t respect Mark anymore again. Not that that is a big deal anyway! LOL

      • I’ve been a fan of Josh but I’m starting to really dislike him and his antics.

      • After that display I’m starting to really hate him. I can see what a little bitch he is.

      • That’s what he is. Bbad must love him because he gets a lot of camera time on it. Honey I done wore my fast forward button down! He irritates the S out of me. Honey he be talking like some mastermind. Smh. I’m like SHUT UP you sound stupid as fck!

      • He’s a moron. Hate to admit it, I loved all the pots and pans banging but now I’ve had my fill, time to put the baby to bed, permanently.

      • It was a bit of an ambush on Mark, which should have been avoided had Mark not lied straight to her face. Oooops. Mark was found out as a flip flopper. What she doesn’t know is Elena is playing both sides again! LOLOL

      • I mean, who doesn’t know Mark is a flip flopper? That’s a well known fact, Christmas wasn’t calling out anything that everyone doesn’t know already. Total waste of time if you ask me.

      • Everybody now, thanks to Xmas. Xmas was looking for clarification which Mark was struggling to convey!

      • But he got busted. That’s much different than speculation. Being caught playing both sides is SERIOUS biz! I cant help Mark on this one! Smh

      • But most of them know he is playing both sides. He also has safety so the point is moot this week.

      • I wonder why she didn’t expose elana too. That’s weird. But I bet elana is scared $hi+less huh?

      • Elena talks game with everyone…and Christmas doesn’t see her as a threat like she does Mark now because he could talk game with the enemy but not her. Okay…moving on now! :-)

      • I don’t think Christmas is aware of what has transpired between Kevin and Cody.

      • Nope! But she does know Kev usually votes how Paul wants him to in spite of what Kev tells Cody.

      • Wonder if she will rip her little kevvy if she ever finds out, I highly doubt she would at least not to the degree she ripped Mark a new one.

  28. Can we all please go to California and boo Paul or any one of his minions when they get evicted? I will pay for all of y’all’s flights and bribe CBS the right amount of money to do it…

    • typical Josh, involving himself fights and then crying about them later! The boy needs to chill out, if he wasn’t such a trainwreck (should I say, meatball?) he could actually be pretty good at the game.

      • Exactly. If you wipe away the outer veneer of meatball/trainwreck there is a likeable personality and a pretty good head for the game underneath it. I think he’s been doing a bit of play acting and unfortunately he’s overplayed his hand.

        Pity. He’s been starting to grow on me.

      • Josh is that typical person who just tries way too hard. It’s not funny anymore, it’s just annoying! Janelle was amazing at riling up the house, i don’t know, I guess you just have to have a certain charm/personality, but for me, Josh doesn’t have any of those things.

      • Janelle was the master. I swear if you looked at her close enough you’d see the ghost of Machiavelli in her eyes. If I live to be a thousand years old I’ll never forget how she engineered Willie Hantz getting thrown out of the house for taking a swing at I think it was Adam. All the world was her stage and she was the one holding the puppet’s strings. I have never seen her equal in that regard.

      • He was supporting Christmas. Josh held his own too pretty well. No personal attacks..they were just calling Mark on his lies he can’t remember. LOL

      • tbh I’m not on the feeds at the moment so i didnt see it, but I still don’t get why Josh has to be involved in every fight, he’s the perfect goat for 2nd place now

      • Because Mark was starting to be condescending towards Christmas over a lie he told. She just wanted basically to know why Mark talks game with others but has never once talked game with her….especially when she was there for him when he was going through a rough time.

      • Do you have the feeds? Go back around 40 minutes or so if you do. If you don’t, then Christmas caught Mark and Elena talking game with Cody. Christmas ran that info back to Alex and wasn’t exactly subtle enough about it and Mark figured it out right away. Cue fight between Mark and Christmas that Josh interjected himself into.

      • Mark goes back and forth. Him and Cody were whispering in the kitchen a couple day ago. I don’t trust Mark at all.

      • I’ve never trusted Mark from the get go…but trust is irrelevant sometimes in BB. Mark is a flip flopper and won’t be a reliable ally period!

    • He was just supporting Christmas when Mark was denying stuff that Josh remembered having happened as well.

  29. If you wanted Cody gone this week, which 2 would you put on the block with Matt?
    If I knew Cody and Elena are now allies, I’d put them up together
    If I didn’t (they don’t) I’d put up Elena and Jason (strong player for PoV).

    (Yes I’m a Paul fan, but I’ve already played devil’s advocate and said if I were Cody I’d put up Kevin and Paul. So be fair lol!!)

      • Who would be your 3rd nominee? (well, 2nd – Matt is the 3rd nominee after putting himself on the block)

    • I’d do it how you said, if I thought Elena was expendable I’d put her and Cody up, but if I was just simply gunning for Cody I’d do a weak player (Raven/Elena) and then someone like Paul or Jason who is a strong competitor and just hope that Cody doesn’t get picked.

      • You know there’s going to be like 2 chips in the bag lol…”Cody” and “House guest choice” ;-)

        I’m exaggerating, but Alex did say at some point that the name chips in the bag don’t feel like they add up to the total number of house guests. Wouldn’t be surprised

      • They complain about that every year. Someone even dumped all the chips out to check for their name because they were never called (don’t remember which season that was, but it was recent).

      • Did you catch Jason saying that he didn’t want Paul going up as a pawn in case the votes flipped – and then Jason offered to be a pawn in his place?? #PaulsMist (Dan reference lol)

    • Raven and now I want Christmas to go up after that nonsense of a fight that just happened.

      • I’m probably in the minority on this one, I described it down thread in a reply to mg. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll cut and paste it. :)

      • I can’t read her AT ALL…and it’s not just the meds. The good thing about keeping Christmas in is that she has made herself a bigger target. Jason already wants her out, and now for sure Mark (and Elena by default). Oh, and Cody lol.

      • Oh also, on a personal level I really want Jason out – can’t stand how loud and crass he is. It sucks listening on the feeds because either he talks in a *whisper* or a YELL. Good god man, my ears!

      • LOL, I like Jason, didn’t at first, he really bothered me but I like that he is catching onto the game and making some low key moves.

      • I kind of tune him out when he gets loud, move to another room or do something else.

      • Me too, especially when he repeats it over and over again, like we didn’t get it the first time.

      • Good things the numbers are decreasing cos there were too many convos I didn’t want to hear — anything with Elena/Jess, Jess/Cody, Elena/Mark, Matt/RAven.

      • I know, it’s nice when it dwindles down and you can keep up with the convo’s when it really get’s hopping on feeds.

      • Ha! I remember hating Paul at the beginning of last season because he was so loud and talking about getting out the Vets (past BB house guests lol) right away…By the end he was one of my favorite players in any season (Dan #1 for me).

      • *Bleaching that image from my brain* How about him laughingly talk about the 4+ times he got Chlamydia?

        Aside from being obnoxious to me, he does seem like a good guy and I like his dynamic with Alex.

  30. Paul is playing a great game and it’s been kind of annoying. Do to how many floaters and sheep are in the big group. Wow these people are so stupid, Paul almost won last season and by the way things are playing out it’s likely to happen again. This season has been filled with drama but what makes it boring to me is the big picture. If you like predictable it’s your season. Paul is playing a great game or are the people in the house dumb.
    Paul has everyone in some kind of friendship bubble and it’s crazy how no one wants to target him.
    Elena and Mark will never make a big move they would do what Paul tells them. Matt and Raven floaters= boring.
    Alex Jason and Josh are part of Paul alliance and have done something.
    Kevin and Christmas have great social games and that can take you far, Christmas it would of been interesting to see her fully healthy because she would be comp beast and great social game.
    Cody I know is going this week unless something crazy happens.

    So we have Five floaters and one meat ball all by himself.

    • I love predictable (I’m a Taurus) LOL. I see your point…it would be exciting to see him play against all stars.

      Think about it this way: It is inevitable that he is going to be evicted. Watching him manage all of these groups without being a target is pretty impressive. And Mark is already talking about going after Paul. He spoke with Jason about it, and he’s aligned with Cody again. And now Elena knows Paul has an alliance with Alex, Jason, and Kevin.

      • Oh yea it’s beyond impressive. Paul is playing a great game. I think to much and to far ahead and over analyze things. That’s my problem with it.

      • I’m the same way (overly analytical) – I think that’s why I suck at relationships lol

    • “Paul is playing a great game or are the people in the house dumb …” No and yes. He’s not playing a great game; he doesn’t have to play any better than a bullying mediocre game. Yes, his followers are dumb by conscious choice. They see what he’s doing to them and choose to be his lemmings anyway.

  31. Anybody with feeds see any reason to believe there might be any chance of not backdooring/voting out Cody this week? Anything at all?

    It’s not even about who I like or dislike anymore, it’s down to Cody leaving the week after Jessica is so much lesser quality viewing than if he stays a few weeks to mix it up.

    • There’s a Double Eviction this coming Thursday, and that can throw a kink into the best of plans. I’ve seen DEs work wonders, and DEs that have been complete wastes of energy. So we’ll see which this will be.

      • I’m sure that is exactly what she is going to say when she leaves the game! When everyone calls her out for her bad behaviour she’s going to blame it on the drugs!

    • She went off the rails, like I’m on crack off the rails!

  32. Funny how Paul is all worried about the editing and his image! Yup, you look like an ass! But it’s just not for TV, you look like an ass on the live feeds as well! It has nothing to do with editing.
    Just to clarify, I mean ass as in no one says “no” to Paul or he has a temper tantrum! & that he is the one encouraging the negative behaviour and he is dictating everything to his mindless morons, not letting them think for themselves! if they speak to Cody they are in trouble and he wants to know every last detail of their conversation!
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Paul is playing a good game but that’s just because he’s the only one playing it!

  33. So, the nominees should be Elena and Raven, with a BD Cody waiting in the wings. However, with the DE coming up, that could cause all kinds of havoc in the house. Hopefully, some of that havoc will include evicting Paul.

  34. I really disgusted with the behaviour of the some of the players this year..in my world the behaviour of josh is unmittigated bullying and a terrible reflection on what is acceptable in society. I am so dissapointed that CBS has not addressed this issue.

  35. Confirmed again! (about there being fewer name chips in the bag than the number of house guests). Alex just said that when she was an HoH the 1st time, there should have been 17 chips in the bag but there were only ~11

      • That would be difficult to do but not impossible. For example, people like Kevin (Professional poker player) from BB Canada would be able to tell because they are always playing with their chips and can count them without looking. But I agree with you, I call BS
        My husband who also plays professional poker said yes, he would be able to tell. But he doubts Alex could unless she was practising & learns to count it fast

      • Hear me out, Joni!! ;-) Alex said something along the lines of taking longer to pick out a chip

    • Did Alex think by feeling around for a few seconds she could accurately confirm there weren’t 17 chips? She needs to shut up. That’s far from a confirmation.

      • I’m not 100% certain on how she said she determined there were a third of the chips missing…she talks so fast and quietly on the feeds!! It sounded like she said that for a second she also looked in or did something involving the bag that definitely took more than a few seconds. She made it sound like she spent more than a few seconds feeling around the bag.

        Also, isn’t the veto pick fished/ closed off from live feeds? Worst case, she could have done something that was against the rules like take longer to count chips and production said “hand out, re-pick”

  36. We need a speech therapist for Alex, she’s eating words, hard to understand 😨🤤😨🤤😨

  37. So did anyone figure out how those magicians pulled their stunts? I thought they were pretty good.

  38. I missed the beginning of the xmas/mark thing, but she was so unreasonable and harsh. whose side do you think the hg’s will take? of course, paul takes his own side.

    • Agreed!! That’s what I’ve been saying but the majority will side with Christmas because Mark is fraternizing with the enemy, but I agree she went above and beyond.

      • But no one knows that Kevin is being a double dealer. That’s what the blow out was all about, Christmas caught them in the act.

      • late nite after the eviction, Jason ratted kev out to the group and they called him to the big bed to make him fess up, that’s why he’s as jumpy as a bed bug today,

  39. I hope the noms lock in as Matt, Raven, and Elena with one of the remaining 2 heading right out the door in the subsequent DE.

    This will leave Cody in the house with Paul and some remaining hgs who have actually demonstrated at least a modicum of game play.

    Time for these do-nothings to exit – esp Matt and Raven.

  40. 5:32pm- Josh says people in the house can’t separate game and personable but that he can!!

    Umm 😐 okay! What are durp!

  41. this xmas outburst makes me want to flip from the pauls to the codys and watch them squirm.

  42. Mark is a comp beast, but never win argument. Feel bad for him. It’s a game, He has to keep winning. I wanna shove a piece of meatball to Josh mouth today, but he’s my baby..ha!

  43. Why would Cody want to stay, knowing he will not win in the end. He could never get the jury votes or most popular player ever

  44. xmas had a cruel streak with mark that was uncalled for and it showed that mark is a gentleman

  45. a cody coup will be difficult because no one is allowed to talk to him, but they could make the #’s work

    • No one’s allowed to talk to him per Mr. Boss Man Paul. Which answers the question hanging out there … Who should go next?

      • xmas, the enforcer for the family will b’slap you.
        I honestly don’t know. I need a day

      • Alex and noms: Alex wants to put up Paul and Elena. She asks Paul who should go up with Elena and Paul says Josh. Heh.
        Oh, Josh, you even let Paul spend your [his] HOH in your bed and look where it’s gotten you.

  46. More repetitive bs everyone wants Cody out but the one that really needs to go is Paul

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