Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Thursday Night Highlights

It’s the beginning of a new game week in the Big Brother 19 house and right now everything feels a lot like last week as the HGs discuss pawns and throwing the safety competition to keep Cody out of the veto competition.

Cody Nickson sits alone on BB19

There is a lot of the same, but read on for who is shaping up to be the next targets after Cody leaves the house. Everyone seems to be leaning in the same direction.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 10, 2017:

7:04 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the live show.

7:07 PM BBT – Paul asks Josh if he’d be willing to be a HN this week. Cody has moved in to the HN room so Paul is looking to up the pressure.

7:10 PM BBT – All HGs but Cody are celebrating in the kitchen. Cody is in the HN room alone.

7:21 PM BBT – Alex thinks Raven asked her to throw it to her (R), but Alex pretended like she didn’t hear it.

7:23 PM BBT – Paul wants someone to agree to throw the Temptation Comp so they can make sure Cody can’t get a way around the BD plans.

7:27 PM BBT – Alex says she’s thinking about putting up Matt and Elena. Cody is the BD target. Paul is good with that plan.

7:30 PM BBT – Kevin asks and Paul confirms that everyone is going to try for the Temptation Comp. Paul says he’s worried about Cody getting the last play nomination spot.

7:48 PM BBT – Jessica’s interview takes over all four cams on the Feeds. Jessica says she wants to punch Alex in the face for her goodbye message.

7:57 PM BBT – Jessica says she respected Paul’s game play, but she wanted to play her own game, and still hopes someone takes him out.

8:10 PM BBT – Sound effects return and start again with drums.

8:17 PM BBT – Jason tells Raven that Cody tried to get him and Kevin to vote her out with him. Raven gets upset over that.

8:22 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew if Cody says anything to her she’ll give him the middle finger.

8:50 PM BBT – HGs hanging out, telling stories and relaxing.

9:01 PM BBT – Cody tells Kevin he’s definitely competing in the safety competition. Talk turns to Jessica and Cody tells Kevin he and Jessica are going to be together outside the game and he thinks it will go very well.

9:05 PM BBT – Cody says it’s crazy for Alex to come after him because he’d never go after her. He says he’s maintaining his respect for Alex and wants her to do well in the game.

9:08 PM BBT – Kevin tells Cody that he’ll end up a have-not and will be in the room with Josh. Cody says he doesn’t care.

9:24 PM BBT – Paul and Kevin have been discussing Cody and Jessica and show edits. Paul says he’s probably being portrayed as the villain this season for trying to take out the showmance America loves. Kevin says he bets Paul is getting good response from fans but Paul says he doesn’t think so. Paul says he’s playing too aggressively and that could come off negatively.

9:40 PM BBT – Alex and Jason discuss nominations. They think nominating Matthew and Elena is a good idea with a Cody backdoor plan. If Cody wins safety, Jason and Alex think they should just get rid of Matthew.

9:45 PM BBT – Paul wonders if Cody and Jessica are getting a better edit than they deserve and that’s making him look worse.

9:58 PM BBT – Christmas talks about competition in the temptation competition even if she can’t really do it. She says she can just come in last and not let Cody have that spot.

10:01 PM BBT – Kevin is upset that Raven is telling people Cody tried to get him to vote her out (Jason told Raven this earlier). Kevin says that didn’t happen and he’s tired of Raven. Christmas tells Kevin not to worry about it because everyone is over Raven. Kevin says he wants Matthew and Raven out after Cody.

10:05 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas are talking about Paul’s worries about how he is being portrayed. Josh wonders if they’re all being too aggressive and look bad. Christmas says they’ve just been standing their ground and haven’t done anything wrong.

10:10 PM BBT – Josh wonders what’s going on with Jason and Mark. He tells Christmas he thinks they have something.

10:27 PM BBT – Jason is still on Raven. He’s really upset she didn’t include him in her top 5 scenario. He wants her out. Elsewhere Kevin is still upset about Raven’s Top 5 plans as well.

10:35 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that he doesn’t want to throw but will do it if necessary.

10:50 PM BBT – Kevin is annoyed with Raven and Matthew. He points out to Jason that they laugh at everything Paul says, even when it’s not funny.

11:00 PM BBT – Paul questions Alex’s plan to put up Mark and Matthew, one member of two showmances. Alex asks if Elena and Matt would be better. Paul again points out that’s two members of two different showmances. Paul says Cody could use that as a wedge with two showmances and get the numbers they need. Paul wants Alex to put up Mark and Elena again. He says they were already up so what’s it to them and this way they don’t upset another couple, Matthew and Raven.

11:05 PM BBT – Jason counters that they could put up Matthew and Raven then pull back in Mark and Elena. Paul stops pushing his plan. Christmas warns that Elena will be upset, but Paul doesn’t care.

11:40 PM BBT – Alex gets her HoH room so the HGs head upstairs. Alex’s letter is from her ex-boyfriend.

12:25 AM BBT – Christmas wants to join the Temptation comp, but Alex warns her she could end up dead weight in the battle.

12:30 AM BBT – Matthew and Raven tell Alex they’re willing to throw the Temptation comp and get last place to take the 3rd nom spot.

12:45 AM BBT – Paul and Matthew agree to throw the comp, but will wait to see what the challenge is to decide. Josh encourages Paul to try and win instead since he knows the sounds. Paul agrees.

1:00 AM BBT – Raven warns Matthew that if he’d go up on the Block with Mark and Elena and starts throwing the Temptation comp then it’s going to be very suspicious to the rest of the house as to what’s going on.

1:10 AM BBT – Raven wants Alex to nominate Matthew and Mark then have Josh throw the Temptation comp. Josh points out they’d have too many of their own voting numbers on the Block.

1:25 AM BBT – Paul and Josh are questioning Raven’s motives. Josh points out that they can’t turn on Matthew and Raven right now though since they need their numbers.

1:30 AM BBT – Paul suggests Mark is a good alternative to getting out Cody since it’s unlikely for Elena and Cody to team up.

1:50 AM BBT – Paul wants the HGs to stop listening to Cody because he was telling them to get Paul out soon. Kevin promises he’s not paying attention to what Cody is saying.

1:55 AM BBT – Kevin suggests going after Matthew because he thinks Mark is a weak player, but Paul worries that Raven could split off to join Cody, Mark, and Elena. Christmas thinks it’s unlikely that Raven would align with Cody, but Paul still disagrees.

2:05 AM BBT – Paul asks Mark and Jason if Cody has been plotting against him. Mark says Cody hasn’t said anything to him. Jason counters that Cody has been telling him to get Paul.

Cody remains the top target, but if he can win the Temptation Competition we can hopefully see some shifting of plans and maybe even a surprise target for the next eviction. The Temptation challenge is coming up midday Friday then we’ll have Nominations tonight and the Veto comp on Saturday. Busy few days ahead!

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  1. Oye Vay I hope this week goes by fast, I am a Cody fan but I want to see the house turn on each other.

    • Yeah I’m ready for Cody to go. It’s time we start getting some action soon instead of a united house against Jody like it has been all season!

    • You are or are not a Cody fan (sorry wasn’t sure)? I’m not, but would love to see him safe just so the others have to scramble knowing they’ll lose someone. HOPEFULLY they lose Raven – fingers, toes and eyes crossed for luck.

    • I want Cody to win safety! House starts to crack and Cody builds a bond with Mark and Elena, and start picking them off! Mark and Cody can be the muscle and Elena can be brains…I know I’m reaching but it could happen lol

  2. Say what you want about Josh but that kid is observant. He has already caught on to Jason and Mark plotting, that just happened a few days ago and no one else has picked up on it.

  3. These guys don’t realize that they should keep Cody. He’d be the perfect person to take to F2. Almost anyone would beat Cody in the final vote. These people seem like they would vote personally, rather than strategically, and no one likes Cody. Perfect person to take with you if you want to win the $$.

    • But Cody can win comps, so he gets HoH, who’s to say he’s not putting you up and then you’re out? The sooner he’s out, the better for them

      • Cody’s anti-social behavior causes the other players to view him with suspicion, thinking that he is unpredictable.

        Even Kevin has backed off the idea of using him as an extraction tool.

        Cody seem unable or unwilling to understand the nuances of social interaction, which is a key component to success in the Big Brother house.

      • Not to defend Cody’s antisocial behavior in a game where your HOUSEMATES vote for a winner (because I wouldn’t!), but he’s said that he blindsided them in an attempt to take all the heat and not get them into trouble. I honestly believe that’s what he MEANT to do. But because he’s SO lacking in social awareness, he couldn’t have anticipated that his actions would be perceived as betrayal by his closest allies.

    • $50k is nothing to sneeze at. I’m sure most would rather take one of their allies to see the win some money, flash back to Cody/Derrick, than someone they despise. Probably not the smartest thing to do but look at who you’re talking about. Most of these people were playing to get to jury not to win the game

    • Agree completely. Paul’s not playing for 2nd anymore. He wants the $500K and who better to bring than Cody.

      • Not sure Paul wants Cody next to him, more in fear they’d give it to Cody like they gave it to Nicole last season. Paul’s gunning to have Cody BDed if he doesn’t win safety this week.

    • Something bothers me about Kevin and always has. Then when he goes into cast his vote he doesn’t look us in the eye. He’s a sly fox, that Kevin James. But I’d definitely prefer him winning the over some of the others. He’s just not my fav. At this point, I couldn’t tell you who is, though.

  4. On Jokers I just read thru an interview that Jessica gave last night after eviction. I think she’s delusional, and one mental trigger away from murder. That little skankoid needs to be evaluated by a headshrinker.

      • Didn’t she though? I loved what Alex said! Some feel it was petty on Alex’s part, but they wouldn’t if they’d been watching the live feeds or BBAD. I think it was like justice served cold to Jessica just like Jessica is!

      • I loved what Alex said to because she gave it to Jessica! Karma bit Jessica straight on the butt!

      • Okay, I mean no disrespect at all – Alex is a cute girl. But really, if she thinks she has a chance in hell against a looker like Jessica, she’s delusional. A guy like Cody who, yeah, was impressed with Alex’s strength in comps, but went straight for a serious beauty (yes I know she wears a ton of makeup, but she wears it well {unlike Raggedy Ann Raven}). Especially after Jess and Cody established themselves as a “serious” couple (those would be air quotes in real life)…and his speeches about loyalty, plus the fact he told Jess they’re forever as long as she doesn’t gain weight (someone posted he actually said that). My opinion…

      • Early in the dame, it seemed that Jessica was jealous of Cody’s relationship with Alex. I think that is the only reason Alex said what she did. I really don’t think she has any interest in Cody.

      • Alex was not interested in forming a showmance with Cody at all, so Jess’ obsession with her was unfounded. Cody helped put that in Jess’ head first when he called her “Alex” and second when he told her he respected Alex’s game, something he still does. Does Alex feel the same about Cody? No, she does not.

    • Was there a written version somewhere? I can only find the video and can’t watch at work. Thanks!

    • She did not once admit any wrongdoing as to why she ended up getting evicted before jury. Most mean girls don’t.

      • Exactly. Everything she does is perfect, everything anybody else (except Cody) does is full of fault. If things don’t go her way, somebody else is at fault. She can SUCK IT. Actually, no. It would shrivel up and fall off if that happened.

      • Exactly. She takes no ownership.
        And she had told Julie that Josh had not indicated that she was not his target… Really? He tried to talk to you more than once but you had guns blazing. Not smart play on your part.

        And the whining, victim noises about how she’d been lied to so much that she gave up… It’s BB. That’s part of the game: lying, backstabbing, betrayal… Manipulation.

        Some winners may have tried to play a “clean game”, but most had to employ some/all of these strategies.

      • I’m still trying to figure out why Josh even needed to talk to Jessica in order to get Elena out? She couldn’t cast a vote. If anything, he should’ve been trying to provoke Elena instead and cast doubts in people’s minds about her staying. He kinda poked the wrong person into self-destructing.

      • He was trying to be nice to her and let her know that she wasn’t his target. She wouldn’t listen and called him nasty names.

      • I get that. Telling her that had no value unless he potentially had votes to back it up.

        In the event Jessica hadn’t been a douche, and sat and listened calmly, would Josh have been able to shore up enough votes to get Elena out? I don’t believe so. In the end, his intentions might have been sincere but it would’ve appeared as another lie.

        If anything, Jessica going off on him, has probably saved Josh’s game. Getting votes for Elena might have been perceived as going against the grain in terms of what Paul wanted. As well, he would’ve had Elena and likely Mark gunning for him later on.

      • I agree that words are one thing and votes are another. However, if both Jessica and Cody understood and had listened to Josh, maybe she would have had a chance by helping him getting Elena evicted. Jessica and/or Cody could have poked Elena just as easy.

      • I like how you phrased it without finding the need to call her down. Absolutely she is responsible for her own actions. It was maddening to know that she could’ve potentially saved her own game. Please don’t think of me as having been Pro-Jessica. I’m actually much more Anti-Paul, and see her eviction as a set back. She saw the game much the same way that we’ve seen it.

      • You’re right…I made the comment before, Josh having Elena as his target, and Elena actually being voted out are two wildly different situations. Paul wanted Jessica gone, and everyone would follow Paul (although…it might have been fun to watch Paul go against the HOH’s wishes and see what his followers thought about that).

      • He didn’t want Elena to be suspicious at first. Had Jess allowed him to explain that when Elena wasn’t around, she may very well not be where she is now.

      • True. He didn’t mean to provoke Jessica at first but I agree he could have also worked on Elena.

      • I watched the exit interview with Julie. She doesn’t get it. The only showmances that worked out are those where they each recognized that one of them really to play the game. , i.e. Brendan and Rachel

  5. I still don’t get why the urgency to get Matt and Raven out. They may be weird but they are with the house right now. Mark is the bigger target. He is clearly with Cody and he has won two comps.

    • I feel like Raven must be IMPOSSIBLE to live with. She’s SO LOUD (you can hear her talking in other rooms on the feeds), she’s constantly complaining, she’s EXTREMELY messy…. that’s gotta be grating.

      I know at the end of the day, BB is a game, but sometimes the quality of life has to be taken into consideration.

    • I feel like Mark is someone who will get himself out on his own doing in a few weeks time. His temperament hasn’t always been the greatest, and he’s noticeably floated side to side. He’s also someone that a few in the group could use to their dirty work of landing the first punch on a major player, while they still remain without blood on their hands.

      Matt and Raven aren’t players that are going to make any big moves in the house. They’re followers who have the potential to slip through the cracks while the actual players are going at each other. Their long-term value is what’s being called into question.

  6. Cody has no soul, no social skills, and is dead inside, except for loving Jessica. He started this ball rolling by winning the first HOH and treating everyone like they were wall paper. You get what you give and he gave hard stares, one word answers, no emotion. Jessica should watch the show back before he gets out of the house, maybe she will see it all a little clearer and run far and fast from him.

    • Jessica has a big mouth but she is not much better than him. They probably deserve each other.

      • No probably to it and if one is worse than the other, I would think Jezebel is the satan of the two. Cody is her militarized evil zombie warrior .

      • theres no ‘”probably” to it..they do deserve each other and all the misery that will come with it…

    • “I am making an alliance with Mark, Matthew and myself. And also the babes: Jessica, Raven and Elena. Everyone else I consider to be ‘outsiders.'” Just a classic high school bully.

  7. Its an unpopular opinion but i think Josh is a darkhorse if cody goes this week then theres not many hg’s targeting josh besides maybe mark. Its not likely but if everyone just takes everybody else out and josh lays low to f2 then he can possibly win due to juror bitterness or just sitting next to somebody outside of paul’s core group of 6.

    • I can’t stand Josh, but I completely agree. I think Josh has a great chance of winning and could possibly beat Paul in F2.

    • I bet Josh is going to beg whoever is listening that he not be evicted to the jury house alongside Cody there right away. He took Cody’s threats seriously.

    • I’m looking forward to this. Ashame the hgs aren’t aware of it..they think it may happen next week.

      • Of course, Paul saw that coming. That is why he threw the lat HOH comp. One more reason to get him out. I hate him, but love him at the same time!!! He really is the one to beat. If the house doesn’t realize that soon, it will be too late.

      • I love to hate him. He is obnoxious, but funny. Whenever someone decides to take a shot at him, they better be sure to not miss though. It needs to be at the right time.

      • It would be the perfect time. But, still too soon IMO. Keep in mind that Paul threw this past week’s HOH comp with the expectation of a DE coming soon. WOW, great intuition and knowledge of the game!!! If he doesn’t win HOH, he “should” be put up only in a blindside scenario, and sent out. I sincerely don’t think that the other HGs are thinking that way or that far ahead, so I don’t think that will happen. But, we’ll see. I expect to see Cody go out this week as the first evictee, if he doesn’t win the Temp or veto comp. If Cody does win safety, then I would expect to see either Mark or Elena go out. The second eviction I would expect to see either Cody, Mark or Elena(in that order) depending on who survived the first eviction.

      • Yes, but there will be a second DE later! Was just pointing out that if they plan to get Paul out, it’d be best done via a DE, no other way, which Paul also knows but won’t be willing to explain to any of them the steps in which to accomplish it. Alex is the only one that would know how and she would clue in whoever is in the house if she chose to implement it.

  8. I don’t like Cody but I really hopes he wins the temptation comp. Otherwise the week is going to be very boring and predictable in the house. Alex needs to stop playing for second, it’s pathetic.

    • Agree, otherwise I don’t think I can stomach watching, all about Cody and it’s all his fault lol.

      • What should she do, or what “will” she do? She should put up Paul and Cody, the two strongest competitors in the game and let them battle it out. If one comes down, the other one goes home. If neither come down, then Paul should go as he is playing the game like a BOSS right now. Then get Cody out with the DE this week, if possible. Then the rest of the house can start playing BB. What do I think will happen is she will put up Elena and Mark. If one of them comes down, and Cody is not safe with either the Temp safety or veto, he goes up as the BD scenario and goes to jury. If Cody is safe, then Mark should probably go as he has won a couple of comps now, and Paul has Elena in his pocket.

      • Alex’s plan might be similar to Paul’s but Alex has wanted to get rid of the showmances anyway. So I’m thinking depending on how the temptation competition shakes out, Cody/Mark/Elena will be up on the block.

      • At this point, why would Alex want to eliminate one of her closest allies?

        Even if she put Paul on the block at this time, I’m fairly certain he would not be voted out.

      • Probably not. That is what they should do though as Paul will run the table if they keep letting him.

      • There’s no “they” here. This is Alex’s HOH. If she puts Paul up and misses, she’s done.

        There are still soft targets in the game for Alex. Cody, Elena, Matt, Raven, I’ll get to Mark in a minute.

        Paul’s not going to be easy to take out at this point. Right now he’s in with too many people. And all of those people are most certainly not, nor will they ever be, on the same page.

        If I were Alex, I would no doubt target Cody. But my secondary play would be to keep Mark safe. Target one Cody, target two Elena. Eliminate Elena (she will move closer to Paul if Mark is evicted), pull Mark in as a number.

        If Elena is OTB, watch Paul. He will subtly at first, more agressively if necessary, fight to keep her this week

        Alex will have had a successful HOH this week as long as Mark is not evicted..

      • Only reason Paul doesn’t want Elena out yet is because he’s enjoying her head rubs, pimple popping, etc. Mark wouldn’t be able to provide that, would he? hahaha Too soon?

    • Has he yet slept in any of the regular rooms except when Cody or Jess have been in there? Has paul slept in the HN room? Has paul even been a have not yet?

      • Cody tried to nom him but the Pendant of protection prevented that from happening. Paul would have been gone if so.

      • Absolutely. But by that time he already had more than half of the house playing his game. Brilliant!!!

      • Exactly! Paul works at keeping himself safe when he knows he’s a threat right out of the gate. None of the others do. I now feel it’s time for the others who’ve been safe so far should have to fight for their safety and do likewise.

      • cody should not be allowed to sleep in the hn room unless he’s a hn. he should be thrown into the general population.

      • Mark did last week with Elena. I agree, though, that it shouldn’t be allowed, but since Frankie Grande(maggot) took over the HOH room every week, I’ve always thought that no one else should be allowed to sleep in the HOH room, too. That little rule could make it interesting to see if some showmances thought twice about gunning for HOH.

      • yup it used to be if you wanted to talk to the HOH you knocked on the damn door like they would be required to do in their own home,now they just pop in any damn time they please,rule should be unless invited in KEEP YOUR ASS OUT,along with the rest of your body.

      • And that is the only reason he should be allowed to be there ,he was INVITED,other than that stay out.

    • Most likely,he has slept in the HOH room almost every freaking day since he has been in the house,he thinks that room belongs to him regardless of who is HOH,except when Cody and miss goody 2 shoes were HOH.

  9. Dude I wish Alex would put Paul and Cody up. Let the house decide. Do you want to get out Cody, who is a douche but would NEVER get enough votes in Jury to win, or Paul, who is clearly running the whole house and would easily beat any of them if he made it to final two. I guess it would expose Alex a bit too much, but a man can dream can’t he?

      • They have like 8 votes to get Cody out. Only thing that can save Cody now is the Temptation competition if he wins it or if on the block to win the VETO!
        All the votes would be against him! It is already overkill at this point but, keep it going!

  10. All I have to say is…you never want to keep a wild card(Cody) in the game that has no allegiance to anyone, and to top that, is a very strong, physical competitor. He is not playing the game to win it now, he hasn’t done that since week one. Now all he is focused on is going to be payback for those that;
    a. Got him evicted and
    b. Got his Jessica evicted, before jury I might add
    He is only in the game now to get out all of those who were not “loyal” to him and is playing completely with his emotions(anger and revenge). He can’t be trusted and doesn’t trust anyone. How can you even consider either working with him or even using him as a weapon. The ONLY people I could see that would be even “reasonably safe” would be Kevin and maybe Alex. Way too risky to keep Cody even one more week, IMO. The quicker he is out of the house the better. Then the other HGs can really start playing BB and not the get Jody out of the game-game.
    Paul has been playing the game since day one(very well I might add). Kevin is starting to try to play now(albeit questionable with thinking he could use Cody as a weapon). Josh is starting to get some insight(which, I must say, surprised me-the BIG Meatball). Raven(bless her heart”s”) is trying a little bit. Jason(who has been on to Paul for a while now) is starting to do some scheming of his own with Kevin and Mark(since Alex is under Paul’s spell). Elena, eh…Matt, another eh… Even Mark is trying to play. Christmas is doing ok I guess considering she can’t compete in any physical comps, she is still there and flying under the radar. Most of the HGs are following Paul’s plan. After Cody is out though, I think things will catch up to him over the next few weeks depending on who wins HOH.

    • The one not even showing on radar is Matt…He is standing back and while he might seem to floating he is playing…He is privy to all that happens in the house and a lot of it he keeps to himself.. Raven is not his “love” interest..Shes his bed mate for the time being and partner/ally..but he knows shes a wild card so he will have to eventually cut her loose…Don’t be surprised if Matt is sitting in a final 2 chair…

      • That is true. Not playing is a strategy used in BB often. To most playing detriment. It has worked for a few though Andy and Ian immeditely come to my mind. Both played exremely well behind the scenes.

    • What I find so funny right now is re-watching Cody’s pre-game interview and compare it to now. Everything he did is opposite of what he told Jeff Schroeder he would do. Hilarious. Cody needs to go. All he’s doing now is moping and isolating himself from everyone.

      • Thanks. My wife hates the fact that I can’t stand Jody. So now I watch the show in silence and was cheering on the inside when I saw Jody’s faces when Christmas played the ROR, A classic BB blindside!!! And doing flips in my mind when Jessica walked out the door..FOR GOOD!!!

      • Oh, I feel bad for you having to stifle that, I erupt anytime Jody gets bind sided. I’ll yell extra loud next time for you

      • My husband respects that I like BB, but he has no use for the details even though he sits there and takes my talks over it! hahaha What a guy, huh? He’s just not that into BB at all…but I’m glad he puts up with me who is! :-)

      • Any good husband would do that for his wife if he respected her at all,sounds like you got a very good husband,i respect women thats the way i was brought up,for without women there would be no men.

      • One of the many reasons I’ve kept him around this long. Just celebrated our 33rd year of marriage, but have known him 36!

      • congrats, my parents were married for over 65 yrs,mom was 17 dad was 22 and they were never without each other,except when they were at work,we have no photos of them seperately ,always together holding hands.

    • You forgot Christmas. She thinks she is safe! Afraid to displease Paul when her head is about to be put on the chopping block! Josh is next too! LOL

  11. After that doozy of a goodbye message that Alex gave to Jezebel, I’m not sure if it would bother Jezebel more for her man to be evicted on Alex’s HOH or stay longer in the house with Alex.

  12. Jezebel said, in her(delusional) mind, Josh didn’t really take her out. Well, yes he did. He might not have nominated you, but you knew he was going to and you choose to max out your time in the comp. Josh being HOH forced you to do that. I know you want to think otherwise, but, he took you out. (I’m hoping she is reading this. lol)

  13. Paul is a douche…he thinks cbs is portraying him as a villains lol no bro live feeds are showing what you really are. Encouraging people to fight with each and sitting back and trying to play hero. Paul is a disgusting player this year. There is no one playing this game now except Paul. Everyone else is just his minion. Jessica and Cody will make B.B. history the rest of them will be forgotten. #jodyfan

      • I agree, all the fights between Jessica Cody and josh were egged on by Paul….banging the pots and pans to even the “spelling bee” all paul encouraged. I wish Paul was never brought back he ruined this season. I hope cody makes it to the final two I know he won’t win but I hope jury gets to watch everything that plays back and look at how stupid they all were wasting their game playing Paul’s game the whole summer.

      • Tell us how you really feel…Josh was instigated weeks ago in one of the bedrooms by your favs Jess and Cody. They demeaned and humiliated him, for no apparent reason. but many seem to forget that. They took it to a personal level long before any of this. they are wayyy worse people than Josh. He is not a great person either, but your favs are wayyy worse, IMO. Jessica got EXACTLY what she deserved, and soon, so will Cody. Don’t hate on Paul because he is playing a phenomenal game. Cody and Jess did not.

      • Every fight was instigated by jessica /cody first then they played victims. There was bad behavior on all sides. I would suggest rewatching without jody goggles on.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Josh. Yes he did lose his mind right off the bat with Megan, for no apparent reason. He is very immature for stooping to Jody’s level, for sure. The HGs were wrong for ganging up on Jody in the backyard that day, and I definitely do not condone bullying AT ALL. Josh is guilty of that, for sure. Buuut, you must admit, that so are your favs in Jessica and Cody. They did it time and time again, and even took it to 10 levels higher than Josh ever did. So there are really no wrong and rights here. But to say that Jody got the wrong end of the stick…NO FREAKING WAY dude!!! Sorry!!! Even when Josh tried to hint to Jessica that Elena was his target, not her, she was smug and a straight up female dog. I have absolutely NO respect for them.

      • Philip wasn’t talking about Josh, Jess or Cody. The dude was saying that with having Paul in the house things may not have gotten that far.
        I agree. I think by having Paul in the house push things that escalated far too high for beginner BB players. Paul provoked the level that josh taunted Jess & Cody. Paul used Josh to do things that were for the benefit of Paul. How did any of that benefit josh, Jess or Cody?
        Paul’s an ass! A dumb-ass!

      • To an extent, maybe. Jessica and Cody were relentless in their insults to Josh though. They dished more out than they could take. When Josh gave it back to them, it was game over after that. But, the other HGs that did partake in the bullying session in the backyard would still be there. Who knows what direction the game could have went.

      • seeing that kitchen fight again last night really reminded me of just how mean and cruel jess is.

      • When single someone out over and over and over and then back them into a corner anyone would bite naturally. Did you all forget how josh played his game starting week 1 being a bully. Stirring problems. Idk how this conversation turned to josh I am talking only about Paul. This game would not be this ugly if Paul’s wasn’t in the House.

      • And who backed Josh into a corner??? That’s a rhetorical question that everyone knows the answer to…

      • Wasn’t talking about josh one, and you are telling me josh smashing pots and pans was being backed into the corner? Give me a break. I swear do any of you watch the same show. I feel like I am talking to Paul minions. Blinded by “friendship”

      • Let’s agree to disagree. You are too blinded by the whole Jody “thing” and frankly they both disgust me. I don’t feel much better about Josh either. I can’t understand how anyone can defend any of them. I am not a Paul minion(have you read any of my other posts?), and I have seen the show, not blinded by “friendship” or the Jody show-mance. Jody had the biggest part of getting Josh to the mentality of where he is now because of their actions against/towards him in the game. Ok, I will step off of my soapbox now as I can see that you will not take off your rose colored Jody glasses. Again, let’s agree to disagree.

      • I love how people always pull the agree to disagree Card when they open a topic of discussion. My main topic was discussing Paul as a player and I mentioned I was jessica and Cody fan and how they will be remebered. My original point had nothing to do with their game play and everyone immediately jump on that ending point instead of talking about why I posted what I posted. You state that you don’t care too much about josh but interjected with a josh comment. My statement was a blanket statement because yet again my post was originally about Paul and everyone felt the need to come only after my jessica and Cody statement. Hence why I said minions because no one is paying attention to how paul is playing the game and getting caught up in all the sideshow events. Just like you did when you originally made your josh comment. Agree to disagree yes, but next time if you open a door for discussion don’t try and close it when a reply is made.

      • Okay, you want to talk about Paul as a player, and how Jessica and Cody will be remembered.
        Let’s talk about Paul, as a player first. In my opinion, calling him a “douche” first off wasn’t the best way to start a conversation complaining about how much of a horrible person “he” is, but you have every right to your opinion and the words you choose to express that opinion. Paul has used many questionable, unethical and manipulative tactics this season, yes. So have countless other HGs over the history of BB. Do I think any less of him by doing so, maybe a little, but he is playing a “GAME” where you have to survive week to week over your competition. He is doing what he feels is best for his “GAME” to get him further. There are no rules or stipulations of what you are allowed to say and do to win the “GAME” other than there cannot be any physical violence. Paul, and all of the other houseguests are playing a “GAME” to win $500,000. Like him and his strategy or not, that is what he is trying to do. He is manipulating everyone he can to get to the end and hopefully win. He will ride out his “minions” as you call them for as long as he can. At least he is playing a well thought out social and physical game, I don”t think that Jody can say the same. You even admitted that “There is no one playing this game now except Paul. Everyone else is just his minion.” I don’t get your point or argument??? Jody stopped playing the “GAME” weeks ago by secluding themselves in the HN room and barking back at almost every other HG in the house. This “GAME” is for our entertainment purposes and to garner ratings. I, for one, am entertained. You must be too as you keep watching. Mission accomplished, good job CBS.

        As far as Jessica and Cody going down is BB history and everyone else will be forgotten, maybe. If you say that Jessica played the second worst game of BB, right behind Cody, who played the worst. On second thought, I may even put Jessica down as the worst in history because she is out for good before Cody. I will give you that one. Yes Jody will go down in BB history as the worst showmance to ever play BB.

        I. as you put it, “played” the agree to disagree card because I could see that you were not open to anyone else’s opinion, except your own, and I wasn’t going to change your mind. So, yes I tried to close the door because I saw that I was getting nowhere. So, comment if you like, or don’t, I am not opposed to any discussion when the person is open to seeing things from other perspectives.

      • then you should go back and watch when paul told josh to grab the pots and pans and go all out and then made everyone go in the backyard and taunt them. Everyone laughing and telling josh whatelse mean things to say.

      • Yep, Cody and Jess bullied him long before Paul intervened. Paul just helped build Josh up encouragingly!

      • Watch week one and two and see how josh played. He bullied people from the beginning and then tried crying his way out of it.

      • I’m not saying Josh is perfect by any means. But Jess and Cody were meaner more often than Josh was to Megan.

      • But Josh came back with now spell “evicted” Jessica in his goodbye speech. E V I C T E D I loved that he finally got a word in edgewise with Jessica for a change! It was just as epic as Alex’s goodbye speech was! :-)

      • Both were the best!!! I used to enjoy watching Dr. Will and Boogie in the DR. They were hilarious!!!

      • I’ve been trying to catch up this AM and hurriedly watched the show that I DVR’d and read Jokers. I knew he asked her to spell evicted after she asked him to spell drought, but I missed Josh saying it in his goodbye message. Thanks, Joni!

      • That wasnt because he thought meg was weak. It was because he was paranoid thinking they were trying to get him out. Not sure why he felt that way(it was weird) but its what happened.

      • As a sort of explanation to that, she was talking about putting together a girls alliance while sitting right next to Josh during that comp. Not directed right at him specifically, and he went way overboard, but in his immature mind, he didn’t want to be evicted as one of the first, so he went off the deep end and outed her in front of everyone. That is how he was trying to justify his actions. Did not do a good job of that at all, did bully her(I never said that he was not a bully), and caused her to decide to self evict. A sad day for BB for anyone to be that distraught to do that. I am not defending Josh, all I am saying is that you can’t call Josh a bully, then turn around and say that your favs Jessica and Cody are not. They so completely are.

      • Never said they didn’t bully…my main focus is paul. This whole bullying subject would not be a discussion or topic if Paul didn’t egg it on. This all came to be cause cody targeted Paul. Paul being the vet and everyone else being a fan follower Paul stemmed roll all the dramatics in the house by whisper do this and do that and targeted Cody and Jessica. Are cody and Jessica innocent no. But this would be a way different game if Paul wasn’t in the house. Bullying would not be a topic of discussion

      • Yes, it absolutely would be a different game. The only difference is that Cody would be steamrolling over everyone and then everyone would be complaining about how Cody is controlling everything in the house, everything is predictable, yadda, yadda, yadda… you could say a hundred things would have been different. I believe that there still would have been bullying as Cody and Jessica and Josh and the rest of them would still be in the house too. so, to speculate that this is Paul’s fault, and there would be no bullying if he wan’t there is complete nonsense, IMO…

      • It is overkill at this point. The very large alliance has all 8 votes against Cody. All they need is him on the block. His only chance to survive eviction for another week is to win the Temptation competition or VETO. Next week, we have minion eviction week as the stragglers get picked off one each week! Boring, useless! They might as well send the rest of them to jury and leave just Alex, Jason, Paul and Kevin to duke it out! End the season earlier! Another season wasted again! Just like Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother has turned into nothing but, boring!

    • Paul was making a huge deal about jody calling him fat when he called him a blob when referring to him “yeah i’m sleeping next to the blob” Does he not notice his contradictions? How can he get angry for jody taking shots at him when the guy talks behind his back? That part would of been golden to air on the tv show to build up the villain edit but they didn’t

      • yeah but he calls the guy a blob then 3 days later gets angry that other ppl are calling him that. That’s probably why he didn’t say anything. If he wanted to be a hero THAT moment would of been his cue.

      • Just because he didn’t grow up in London doesn’t mean he didn’t unconsciously adopt some of the speech patterns & local customs. I lived in South Carolina for about 2 years over 24 years ago and I STILL say, “Y’all,” because I got accustomed to saying it when I lived in the south. And, quite frankly, Michelle WAS a c-u-next-Tuesday. Josh reminds me of her – provoke someone into fighting & then run and cry when they come back at you.

      • I say ya’ll and I’ve never lived in the south! hahahaha I was a city girl gone country though! :-) I love telling my southern belle joke to southerners though. They crack up over it! :-)

      • My wife was born in Massachusetts and only lived there until she was 1 or so. She has some of the slight Boston accents on certain words because her parents were from there. So she picked those up unconsciously from them.

      • That’s Paul playing the game. Something that the rest of the HGs need to start thinking about.

  14. Alex…. “U Da Man” hahahaha
    Double Eviction, and Paul can play for HOH…. Gonna be one heck of a week, im stoked!

  15. 7:48 PM BBT – Jessica’s interview takes over all four cams on the Feeds.
    Jessica says she wants to punch Alex in the face for her goodbye

  16. Julie, last week I said your dress was ugly, (that print looked like bugs) but you radiated beauty in that yellow with the beautiful necklaces.

  17. Mark tells Paul a lie..Jason tells Paul the truth about Cody wanted to get him out. Mark is probably thinking..thanks alot, dumbass!

  18. I think Paul has a problem with relationships in general. Whenever he sees someone happy with someone his strategy is to always keep them apart. Has anyone picked up on that? He also refereed to himself as the “showmance killer”

    • Showmances are dangerous in the game. The goal should always be to split them up if you want to win.

      • yes but i’m talking about on a personal level. I’ve caught him saying he is tried of seeing people kiss. I think it’s making him think of an ex gf that is occupying his mind. Out of sight out of mind.

      • Because they’re always going at it like a bunch of 12 year olds in the grip of their hormones after finding their father’s secret stash of Penthouse and Playboy magazines.

      • the best thing to do is not get in a showmance to begin with…Its hard enough to protect ur self in the house much less a ‘bed” mate…Per Jeff Schroder (no quote) when he and Jordan played together…

      • I remember the good ole days when they used to immediately evict showmances. I think production or casting tells them don’t mess with the showmances.

      • I remember the good ole days when women relied on the strength of their own strategy, game play and character to take them to the end and the win rather than coming in to the game with the sole strategy of finding some guy’s d!ck to ride them home to victory…

        Shoot! Did I say that out loud? **looks around furtively, puts hands in pockets and nonchalantly sidles away while whistling a nameless tune.

      • Ha Ha! Those days were so long ago I forgot women used to actually play the game! That was great to see them be competitive at challenges and have strategies. I wish we could get back to that.

    • Paul doesn’t trust women, I think he’s been crushed by them too many times. I believe that came up in BB18. Paul is a really good looking guy but he hides it with that stupid beard because he’s been crushed.
      He keeps saying he’s never been bullied but I suspect he has which is another reason he’s so cruel. He has issues

  19. Christmas warns that Elena will be upset, but Paul doesn’t care.

    Minions at the bottom still have no clue they are at the bottom? This is so funny. Christmas talking about sabotaging Cody so that, he does not end up last and on the block to compete for VETO! Doesn’t she see she is on the bottom with Mark and Elaina and Josh? See, Paul does not want Matthew and Raven on the block. They are part of the solid 6. The rest are just expendable trash! Christmas, all talk of making big moves but, never really even making the small moves like not using her power on Cody. If Cody gets evicted this coming week, Christmas could be on the chopping block with Mark or Elaina as soon as next week! LOL

    • Nope, she thinks she’s going to F4 with Paul/Josh/Kevin. Absolutely no reason in her mind to really take a swing at Paul yet.

  20. 8:17 PM BBT – Jason tells Raven that Cody tried to get him and Kevin to vote her out with him. Raven gets upset over that.

    Really, that upset her?? Grow a pair and realize that in BB anyone’s showmance partner would’ve done the same.

    That didn’t take long before the cracks appeared in the rest of the house. Matthew and Raven are finally being viewed as sheep with no real gameplan of their own or value in terms of comps. Interesting that their names were brought up just as much, if not more then Mark and Elena.

    Also found it funny that suddenly a few of them are worried as to how they’re being portrayed. Paul’s portrayal is his own doing, none to do with how production is handling it. The fact that he comes up a plan each week as to who to target, and everyone follows along, is not something that can be edited or purposely done. Josh is portrayed pretty negatively because his antics generally result in a fight, and it would look really strange for them not to omit fights from the shows.

  21. Jason seems to be building game, he ratted out the rat kev, kev was called up to the big bed and made to squirm by the others.

  22. First of all I want to say how happy I was to see Jessica go yay. I never really watched the show until this season. But when she first walked in there was something about her I didn’t like.
    And for her to say off camera that she wanted to punch Alex in the face for her goodbye comments. Alex was joking about Cody grow up Jessica it’s just the game.

  23. “Paul wants the HGs to stop listening to Cody because he was telling them to get Paul out soon.” Well, duh, yep. Cody has a good idea there. Now if he can only link up with Mark and Jason (and mega mouth can keep it zipped), they might start getting somewhere. Please … somebody … get rid of Paul. Soon.

  24. Stupid question, is there a difference between a F2 pact and Ride or Die? Seems Alex has F2 with Paul and RoD with Jason. Not to believe anything these people say.

      • I think alex will stay with Jason for a long time, she really cares for him in her own nutty way.

      • ride or die is where they protect each other whereas Final 2 is when they’ve decided to drop everyone else and up front give them their word that when the time comes and they have to decide who they will take it will be their f2 deal.

    • Alex with Jason probably is legit. Her agreement with Paul is more of convenience. I think she may try and take out Paul when it is down to 4! Paul is too powerful now with the other clueless minions just following him like puppies!

  25. I just watched last night’s episode and Jessica annoyed me saying ” it took the entire house and half the season to get her out” as if she was some brilliant big brother player. Bi+ch you and your neanderthal boyfriend was still there because of production’s twist and she still couldn’t make a pie out of the mud they GAVE HER! Honey that was a reach but her arms are too short. She’s home now, maybe she’ll check out some of these comments.

  26. “7:07 PM BBT – Paul asks Josh if he’d be willing to be a HN this week. Cody has moved in to the HN room so Paul is looking to up the pressure.”

    This is why sometimes it is difficult to feel sorry for Josh, following Paul’s orders. Why doesn’t Paul volunteer to be a HN since he has the biggest issue with Cody?

  27. I get the feeling unless Cody makes a big move or wins a comp he’s a goner.
    Jason and Mark better get to Alex before Paul does.
    Now we’re in jury mode, what’s next?

    • It is over for the lower level minions like Mark, Elaina, Christmas and Josh. When Cody goes, they are next on the chopping block. How can they even miss that fact? Alex and Jason are tight with Paul. They are just waiting for last 4. Then, maybe, they will target Paul.

  28. “9:24 PM BBT – Paul and Kevin have been discussing Cody and Jessica and show edits. Paul says he’s probably being portrayed as the villain this season for trying to take out the showmance America loves. Kevin says he bets Paul is getting good response from fans but Paul says he doesn’t think so. Paul says he’s playing too aggressively and that could come off negatively.”

    Well atleast Paul is self aware…. kinda. I mean I’ll give him props that he’s catching onto his own aggressiveness but a showmance that America loves? Eh debatable

  29. When did Raven injure her wrist breaking up the fight? All I see is Alex between them. Was there two fights?

  30. Jessica is being portrayed as a heroine – but, she was not Cody’s first choice. So chew on that when you go back and watch it. Also – it makes me laugh that her and cody started off as mean before anyone in the house ever joined in – guess they forget that? Oh – and between being partially bald and all the fake things on her body- I am not certain why CBS seems to be somewhat intrigued by her. She’s is plastic on the outside and inside.

  31. So NOW Paul is concerned how he’s being portrayed on the shows? Paranoia’s good. He’s rarely uttered the word friendship this whole season. Why doesn’t HE (p) be a have not and mess with Cody? Josh would be an idiot to do his bidding. I believe Paul threw the HOH so he could protect himself during the Double elimination night. With so many people plotting to throw the temptation competition, why NOT let Christmas in on it if it’s a physical comp? Big Brother is already bending the rules this year anyway, like telling Paul in the DR the extent of Jessica’s temptation, and letting Christmas use her’s when she couldn’t actually REPLACE Cody. And by all means let’s have Kevin begin the lying, denying what he was going to use his vote on Raven, which caused him to actually lie twice about the whole situation, him telling Jessica he wouldn’t vote for her. The house should turn up the radar on Kevin SOON.

    • I think Paul did tell someone he was going to throw the next couple HOH’s so he will be eligible during the double eviction night. I also that it was BS that he could just ask DR to explain Jessica’s temptation. They should have just said “she can’t lie and we can’t tell you”

  32. Is it bad that sometimes I would rather read about BB here then actually watch the show.

  33. Why don’t they get Copy to join up with Alex and Paul and tell them the backdoor target is Josh to reduce the tension with cody. final 3 of alex, paul and cody

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