Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 6

Week 6 was Horror Week in the Big Brother 19 house, and it was quite fitting, as there were so many victim noises and altercations that somewhere Big Brother 9 is side-eyeing this season.

Jessica and Cody share a cry on BB19

That means there are plenty of Ewws and Ahhs to get through this week, so let’s get to it!

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 6

Ahh. Jessica and Cody’s Strategy/Cody Wins Safety: Jessica and Cody were very aware that one of them had a good chance of going home this week, so they came up with the only plan that could’ve worked this week. Unless, you know, the HOH decides on another target … but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Anyway, Jessica and Cody came up with an obvious, but great plan. Jessica would throw the temptation competition so she is automatically in the veto competition. And Cody would try to win. And he did win it. So he was safe for the week and Jessica was automatically on the block and secured her chances at winning the veto.

Ahh. Drama: Some people watch Big Brother for gameplay. Some watch it for drama. I’m a little in the middle. So I love when the Live Feeds are entertaining and that they were this week. We had plenty of drama to keep up with, even though some of it was below the belt and unnecessarily personal.

Eww. Christmas Uses Her Ring of Replacement: Just when you think Christmas and Josh getting a mind of her own, they go and do what Paul wants them to do. Neither Josh nor Christmas wanted to ring spent this week because they wanted to see Elena go. But Paul insisted if Cody is drawn for veto, the ring needed to be used. And she used it. She used it to block Cody from competing for a chance to save Jessica. I would have saved that for myself If it were me. But oh well.

Ahh. OTEV: I think this was my favorite version of OTEV yet. I mean who doesn’t love a foul-mouthed possessed pig?

Eww. Jessica Loses The Veto: I’m almost tired of this narrative so I think Jessica going home this week is fine, but I would have preferred to see a non-player go this week. Jessica was a playing the game and to see her get defeated when so many others get to stick around and do nothing is a bit of a bummer. But hey, it’s Big Brother.

Ahh. Raven is Nominated: Mark used the veto on himself and it was fun to see Raven take a seat on the block. Even though we knew she was safe this week, it was a fun fantasy to imagine her getting evicted.

Eww. Jessica Sealed Her Fate: As you saw, all week long Josh and Christmas, who appear to sometimes be growing tired of Paul running the show, focused a lot of energy and talk on targeting Elena. This was a week when a lot of people, including production, were encouraging a vote flip, so it could have happened. But Jessica picked the worst possible week to be the hotheaded one between she and Cody. She and Cody called Josh fat multiple times and just ruined any chances Jessica had of staying. There was an opening. And it could have happened. But she sealed her own fate. Bottom line.

Ahh. Jessica Is Evicted: I know this is going to be an unpopular thing to celebrate, but I’m just tied of this narrative. Let’s see what happens next. Will it be as entertaining as the Jody vs. the house saga? Who knows. But I look at Big Brother as a TV show and I like for stories to progress. This was going no where. Think what you will, but to me Big Brother is just a weekly saga I watch for entertainment purposes.

Eww. Alex Wins HOH: I wanted Cody to win HOH just so we could get actually get that new storyline going. Just because I think Jessica going home advances the season, doesn’t mean I want Cody to be out next. I think this upcoming week could be far more entertaining if Cody was HOH and made the rest of the house sweat and fight for their lives like he and Jessica have.

Ahh. No Jury Battle Back: I was so thrilled by this. I’m not convinced an eviction won’t be voiced or something weird won’t happen, but Julie was very matter-of-fact about the lack of a jury competition.

What did you find to be the highs and lows of Big Brother 19 week 6?



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  1. I think other people have been awful as well, but I just cannot understand people who stick up for Jessica. She is just awful. Anyone care to enlighten me?

    • Eh, I was more into her staying because I can’t stand pretty much any of them. I can at least respect that she’s actually playing. I really wanted the house to flip, but then she had to go and ruin any chance of that. Oh well, now I can just hope that Alex will think for herself instead of doing whatever Paul wants.

      Oops, not much chance of that.

      • Her gameplay was atrocious. Her game was Cody Cody Cody. I think people are confusing her sassyness with her playing the game.

      • She made some good moves and then would shoot herself in the foot. I kept hoping she’d turn it around, because I loved having someone who wasn’t treating Paul like a god.

        Some of these other people are going to have to step it up, otherwise the rest of the show will just be boring and predictable. What a good season this could have been…

      • I know how everyone treating Paul like a god is annoying but as soon as she found out he had safety she should have played that up a little bit. She could have established more that one ally besides Cody. She’s a woman that can’t live without a mans attention. And I’m sure she will be filing a restraining order on Cody in a years time just like Natalie did to James sorry, not sorry.

      • Yeah I was really hoping she’d turn it around, get a better sense of the rest of the house because I’m finding it hard to find anyone to root for.

        Just give Paul the money now and start a new season.

      • I’m still annoyed she didn’t use the veto on Ramses. She was starting to get so much better when Cody wasn’t in the house and I really thought he was going to start listening to her once he was back. I’m so bored/annoyed with the rest of the house guests I just really wanted them to pull it out.

        Now it’s just going to be more of the Paul show. I really hope someone gets some power and takes him out and then the game can truly begin.

      • I disagree, it doesn’t seem to matter at this point if anyone other than Cody wins the next HOH (hoping he wins veto if nominated). It’ll still be Paul’s game.

        I mean, if someone can get in there and take the hit on Paul (double eviction hopefully??) then we’ll see some actual game play.

      • What good moves? Like laying all over her dumbass boyfriend or, let’s see, like laying all over her dumbass boyfriend? She even managed to phuck up her advantage in the game with her hex. She had all of the power the week she was HOH and even then she couldn’t pull it off. Jess sucked in every single way.

      • You mean Raven? ;)

        But seriously, my fave? Refusing to be a sheep. Yeah, she REALLY should have done better her HOH week. As someone who has been team-ABP (anyone but Paul) from the beginning I loved that her and Cody actually thought for themselves. If she had taken the time to get a better feel of the house I think she would have done a lot better.

        Now I’m just mad because Cody didn’t do what he said he was going to once he got back into the house. LISTEN TO HER. Her guts were right on, I just wish she had trusted them.

        Now I guess I’m rooting for…the houseplant? Because everyone else so far has been a big snore. Can’t wait to see them turn on each other soon.

      • Just wondering what good moves you think she had? All she did was seclude herself in the bedroom with Cody. Then when she had a 50% chance of staying she picks a fight with the HOH. Yep good moves. Lol.

      • As compared to all of the floaters? At least she was playing the game, haha.

        But I’ve answered in other comments, so I won’t bother repeating myself. I can’t wait until Paul gets out of there and we can see if ANYONE left will actually start making some moves instead of laying around.

      • I want Paul gone too. But there are a few people playing the game. I would love to see Alex/Jason F2.

      • Yeah out of the other possibilities that’s definitely one of the best scenarios. I also don’t mind Kevin making it a lot further. But I hope Paul leaves soon so that maybe Elena, Raven and Matthew would actually do something other than take up space.

      • She came into the house looking for a showmance with a strong player. She got a good competitor but not a good player. Bad strategy

      • BINGO!

        Jessica barely played the game at all. No strategy. Simply whining and “victim noises”.

      • HOw was Jess playing the game? Her and her surly consort were attached at the hip and isolated themselves the whole game and if someone did talk game with them, they were very caustic, accusatory and never listened and then proceeded to blame everything that everyone did and say on the others. They are the epitome of victim noises. Nice of Cody to bring his own little nickname into the game. LOL

      • She definitely had a better place when he was gone, but what’s done is done. At this point I have to realize that while in the minority, I feel the way I feel. Just like Paul’s sheep can’t seem to think for themselves.

        (The house guests I mean. I know he has a lot of fans on here, but I don’t begrudge anyone their favorite even if I don’t understand it.)

      • At least they weren’t followers. They still sucked at the game big time but at least they’ve contributed something to this season as opposed to everyone else just kinda being there

    • It was because she seemed like a game player for a while there, unfortunately she couldn’t seem to play for contingencies and weirdly seemed to trust a lot more than she should as if that would engender her allies. Then, there were weird things I don’t know if she could have changed, like her, Elena and Raven were very mean girl at the very beginning and sort of treated Alex like the dorky outsider. Alex would have been better served to let it go and I suspect that would have made her more aware of the Paul of it all and she and Jason might be planning an epic blindside this week, but, Jessica could have easily flipped her game around. I don’t know that Alex and Christmas especially like each other, but they are allies, Jessica could have approached Alex with a big swallowing of her pride, and suggested that she and Alex might be a more formidable duo than Alex and Paul seem to be. But they could never get out of their cycle and that was Jessica’s big problem to me.

  2. So, because Paul wanted the ring used, that’s the only possible explanation on why Xmas used it?

    I think you forget that it was Josh who gave the signal to use it.

    • Some people think that everything is Paul’s fault. If he is able to control everybody’s thoughts and actions the way people say he does then doesn’t he deserve to win?

  3. I’m not quite sure why the author is calling Josh the bully, while I don’t approve of his actions, Cody has been a bully from day one. Jessica played a poor game letting her showmance get in the way of her game. Yes the house is following Paul, but I think that’s more of a credit to his game than anything else.

  4. Ewww, watching the robot and his nasty ‘babe’ together. Pity party, victim noises!
    Ahhhhh watching the ‘babe’ go out the door on Joshies’ HoH. Karma

  5. I would give Christmas using the ring of a replacemant an “Ahh!” Just because it made Cody cry. After a half-season of him mocking all the other players over “victim noises”, it was so satisfying to see him making some of his own. Cody is that worst kind of right-wing hypocrite, the kind that calls everyone else a victim or a “snowflake”, but then constanly whines and complains about how unfairly he’s being treated. True, it was a bad strategy move on Christmas’s part, but I also truly enjoyed the schadenfreude of seeing Cody cry…

    • Could we please leave politics at the door? I completely agree with your enjoyment of Cody making his own victim noises after he made such a stink about them in his pregame interviews, but none of the Houseguests have brought politics into things, so I don’t think we should either.

    • I wish someone would hide Cody’s hat. That would really be some drama right there…Too bad James isn’t in the house. I loved his antics.

      • I think that if Josh hides his hat we’d see the first ever toss out due to physical violence. Ha!

      • I don’t want that. But it would be great to see him lose his mind. He may just walk out of the house right then and there.

      • No, I don’t want that either but I bet it’d happen if Josh were to do something goofy like that. I half expect Cody just to give up and not even try for any comp wins. I mean, no one seems willing to work with him anyway.

      • I don’t think production would allow that anyway. They already told Josh that he can’t bang the pots and pans anymore. He should have just carried Jessica right out the door last night. That is what I was expecting him to do.

      • Google Season 2, Justin Sebik. That guy was ridiculous. He was the first to bite the dust.

      • Did you see the video yesterday of Alex jumping out of the trash can to scare Jason? It was hilarious.

      • No, I missed that one. I’ll have to check it out. James was one of my favorites.

      • I hope someone steals the red bandana & alex starts wearing it. Jess will go off the rails!

    • Codys the worst but liberals do that stuff too. Maybe he needs to go to a safe spot & play with playdoh & have hot chocolate….hmm

    • Grody has been making victim noises all season long, not just after Christmas played her ring of replacement.

    • I love how she struck right at the heart of Jessica’s Jealousy with the comment about taking care of Cody…

    • It was amazing lol… if you have twitter you should go look at what Julie Chen posted about it last night.. it’s hilarious!

    • Loved it and people are now saying she was bullying in her message. *serious eyeroll

      • Yes, really. It’s reaching to say the least. I can see why people may not like it if they are fans of those 2 but bullying, NFW!!

      • Yeah, definitely Alex was in full be-otch mode for that one, but the HGs have given similarly brutal goodbye messages before. The fault for how much of it is shown, however, lies squarely on production.

      • I’m of the opinion that no one should treat anyone poorly. There’s a way to play the game without turning nasty – something EVERYONE in that house is guilty of – Jody included.

      • I prefer the nastiness. The meaner the better. Really be ruthless. Just make sure you admit you are being an evil terrible person instead of lying about how nice you are.

      • You know what, I can respect that. Seemed to work for Evel Dick.

        What I don’t like is the hypocrisy this season. Every single person is guilty, but thinking they are the only ones in the right. I don’t think that excuses more nastiness, but that’s clearly the name of this season. Just be as awful as possible, but then cry when you get it back.

        At least Evel Dick was up front about it from the start. At least from what I remember he wasn’t ever fake nice to anyone. Like Raven wanting to be all sweet, but then turning bat- $h!t crazy. But the more I read about her, the more I’m not surprised…

      • That’s the issue when you can’t take being attacked after attacking someone. Josh is the worst at this. Attack Cody and Jessica then go cry after Jessica calls you fat (which was hilarious to me as Josh doesn’t look fat at all. Looks like a normal guy.) I don’t care how you attack someone even go season 6 Howie attacking April’s fat hubby and her ugly dog, just make sure when someone attacks you back you are able to take it.

      • There has to be a little bit of nasty otherwise there’d be no drama therefore boring feeds.

  6. I was glad to see Jessica go. I respected her more when Cody was gone because she became more likeable, but with Cody, they were nasty and doomed their own game isolating themselves. Cody’s behavior during his HOH week is what initially turned everyone against him. I understand with Megan going, the Veto and the Protection Paul had made him, nominate a third of the house, but there’s better ways to go about nominating people. Cody picked probably the worst was possible with his statements and his lack of emotion. It turned everyone against him, Jessica became a target because of being associated with him. They could have done a better job trying to be more social and be less of a target, but every week, their behavior made them a bigger target. Cody’s return and the Hex only made things much worse.

    2 things Jessica said yesterday bugged me though. First she tried to say his comments to her during the HOH she won is what made them antagonistic towards each other. IIRC, she was treating him like crap long before that. That and she was like “It took you guys half the season to take out one of us” Did she sleep through the second week? Cody was gone. if it wasn’t for the whole Battle Back crap, he would have never came back. And if it wasn’t for Dominique, she would have been gone right after him…unless she used the hex. The 2 of them being there had nothing to do with their game play and more to do with advantages Production gave them

  7. So, Paul who has everyone following him and pretty much doing as he says is a bad thing? I think that Paul has done an exceptional job just by the fact they didn’t get him evicted within the first 3 weeks. He is playing close to a flawless game whether you like him or not. He came in with a target on his back and has done everything just about right to keep himself safe.

    As far as Jessica and Cody go, everyone needs to remember it was them who went rogue and made all the attacks personal. Yes, Josh is not anyone’s favorite player. But everything he or any other houseguest has done to Jessica or Cody has been in response to something they did first. Who does Cody or Jessica think they are that they can tell people to shut up, that they don’t want to, “hear their voice.” Like they decide who can and can’t talk when they are around them.

    And if Cody is a Marine, he has done nothing but tarnish both the Marine Core as well as himself by the way he acts towards both women and men. He’s an embarrassment to the uniform and those men who serve with the highest honor and greatest fighting force this world has ever seen….

    • You said, “I think that Paul has done an exceptional job just by the fact they didn’t get him evicted within the first 3 weeks”

      Correction: Big Brother didn’t get him evicted the first 3 weeks. He would’ve possibly been gone week 1 (when Cody was HoH) had BB not thrown a curve ball and ridiculously given Paul 3 weeks of safety.

      • Right, If “AMERICA” hadn’t give Paul the three week safety net, he would have been gone right away. But then we would have had the Jessica and Cody show. And I don’t think any of us wanted that. Well, most of us anyway…

      • All I know is, early on (week 1), he had Matt, Mark and Jessica to work with, and possibly he could’ve brought in a few more people, like Raven and Elena had he not gone rogue. But I think that if he’d have told his alliance about getting rid of the snake, that early they likely would’ve done it.

      • He probably would have. Cody had his original alliance before the wheels fell off. In fairness to Cody’s HOH, he really got reamed that week due to Paul’s safety and all of the other fun things that were thrown at him that week. I didn’t like him back then either. Just saying that it would have been tough on anyone.

      • I don’t think it would’ve been that way. There would be the underdogs of Alex/Ramses/Kevin and more as they take on the showmances. It could’ve been awesome

      • But remember the showmances were all aligned at the beginning and they were six strong with just the showmance couples. And they had Christmas too. That makes 7 strong. assuming they stuck together, still the majority. It would have at least made it somewhat competitive.

      • I mean we would have a better chance of them flipping and making big moves and making the game entertaining. People go to Paul for knowledge about the game so everyone feels like they need him because he’s a veteran and he’s played before. I think Paul is going to win this season honestly because if they take a shot at him, they’ll likely evict Alex first which gives him time to scramble

      • Right and those friendship bracelets were made for Paul to get easy allies too. Paul is playing a great game, but production has definitely had a hand in getting him to this point. Although production tries to control everything and it’s pretty annoying

    • It’s not a bad thing for Paul. But it is really boring tbh
      Paul’s playing a great game. I’m annoyed with the ones who mindlessly follow him

  8. Their is 10 HG left in the house. People left in the house now made the jury. I am thinking F3 instead of F2. I could be wrong!

  9. The people this season are the biggest bunch of sheep I’ve seen on BB.If Paul told them to kiss his ass they would put up more of a fight than they have up to now.I keep hearing about big moves but haven’t seen any yet.

    • No, the biggest sheep were definitely on BB16. At least a few of these guys are on to Paul, somewhat.

  10. glad Jessica is gone- tired of the self-entitled princess who feels all should bow down to her… Cody is just a really weird guy- who knows about him but sure he will behave just as caustic as he has been- boring….. it would have been interesting to see how these two players would have been without eachother… but they were not playing any game to my view, other than Love Boat. I think there is something wrong with Cody, he goes bananas pretty easily- I would not want to be in Big Brother with him.

  11. Uhmmmm, yeah. disagree with every single ewww and ahhh.

  12. Great article, Branden. I especially like your take on Jessica’s eviction. What’s done is done. Time to see what happens next. Hopefully, it involves Mark convincing Jason and Kevin to flip the script on Paul.

  13. Happy Jessica left. I want Cody to leave this week. The Jessica and Cody vs the house story line became boring weeks ago. After Cody leaves the game will really start to be played as new targets will have to come up.

    • I feel like it’ll be Mark and Elena. Unless Mark and Jason do try to flip the house or gain numbers, they could get Christmas on their side

      • Whatever it is it will be a lot more interesting than everyone work together to get Cody out. I mean groups have already formed, but no lines have really been drawn yet because with Cody there hasn’t been a need to.

  14. These are my thoughts exactly, Branden!! Paul has won every HOH thus far except for Cody and Jessica’s reigns, Paul has officially broken a record!!! LOL!

  15. I was glad to see Alex win HOH. Paul can pull most of the HG’s strings, but Alex is wise to his antics. And since she and Paul have their secret alliance (at least for now), she has knowledge on what Paul is thinking and will use that to her advantage. Things will change many times over the next few days, but Paul’s days are numbered.

    • I think Alex is the most glued to him of them all honestly. I think Mark/Jason/Kevin or Christmas is going to be the ones to pull the trigger, but honestly I think everyone’s too scared to do it.

  16. Don’t say Xmas and Josh are following Paul blindly…they are playing WITH him as are Alex, Kevin, Cowboy. It’s called an alliance…game playing strategy. Very smart. Very strong.

  17. Being obnoxious, self-absorbed and a mean girl isn’t playing the game…it’s being obnoxious, self-absorbed, mean. Jessica needed to get in the game by playing and strategizing with others, not isolating herself.

  18. I think Jessica could have had such a good social game, but ruined it by sticking with Cody. She was starting to do alot better when Cody got voted out. When he came back in the house, her game bottomed out. Wish she could have stayed away from him. Jessica started acting like a spoiled brat who had a hot head “boyfriend” adding to the drama. Just a side there anyone who can tell Cody to keep a shirt on? I know Paul often doesn’t wear a shirt, but not as noticeable since his chest is covered with that huge tattoo. But the no shirt thing with Cody is super gross

    • I used to agree with this, but honestly, while I think she would have done better without Cody, I think her spoiled little brat attitude would have caught up with her quick.
      Moot point now I guess.

  19. Now that princess butt plug and psycho robot are broken up, I’d love to see the house turn on their pied piper Paul.
    That story line is stale as well. I don’t like or dislike Paul, I just get bored with the same person having all of the control. (one exception was Derrick the season he won because, well, dude was friggin awesome)
    Knock Paul out and shuffle the deck!!

    • Only thing I am concerned is that nobody is going to even think about touching Paul when Cody is still in the house

    • I think one person running the show with practically only two people opposing them is really boring honestly. I mean at least season 17 Vanessa had to fight to keep her side’s numbers in tact.
      I don’t particularly enjoy predictable seasons lol

  20. I think the network should have intervened when they all ganged up on Cody and Jessica (except Mark) that was plain bullying. I know it is a game but that was carried to far and should have been stopped! It has gotten way to personal this season. Who is always in the middle Josh and Paul. IF anyone had the gall they should put the mob boss Paul up especially when Jessica was HOH that was her worst move! Yes at this point everyone should be thinking on there own instead of letting Paul orchestrate their every move!!!!!!!

  21. I’m not gonna miss Jess in the slightest. I get the mentality that you don’t like people who just sit around and drift towards the end (I’m not saying I DO like it. I don’t), but in my opinion, if you’re willing to throw out your chance at 500K for a BOY, then get out of the house and get on to The Bachelorette.

    Plus, she and Cody were just a mean, nasty couple. Argue about competitions all you want, but they spent all day and all night secluding themselves from everyone, and only joined the houseguests to attack people. That’s not entertaining to me.

    (Please note that this does NOT mean that I think Josh and Paul are faultless. Josh antagonized them for a long time, and Paul spearheaded a campaign to get under their skin. I hated that too. But that doesn’t mean Jody are innocent either.)

  22. she played a lousy game, made moves that made no sense. Glad the butt poker is gone

  23. My Ews and Ahhs were pretty much same as yours, only opposite.

    I will be thrilled when Cody is gone so everyone gets quiet, looks around and the other shoe drops as they have to start winning and turning on each other, not just complaining.

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