Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

With Alex and Jason on the Block this was a do or die for Jason and if he could “do” then Alex would be on the losing side. So, which half of “Jalex” would be heading to Jury this week?

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Josh was hosting after being the only HG left not to compete today. The competition was held late in the evening and ran in to the night as we awaited the results. Wait, hold that thought on the host. It was actually Bobby Moynihan and the HGs agreed he was a better host. Bobby has a show coming up on CBS and is actually a Big Brother fan, so that’s cool.

Paul had been plotting away with plans to see about saving Alex and better positioning himself in the game, but Josh is on to what Paul is doing and he’s in Christmas’s ear with his concerns. This could turn interesting. Josh may not want Paul to save Alex but that’s part of Paul’s plan to keep him good with her and if he even gets to tie the vote like he wants then it keeps him good with Jason too. These HGs need to wise up to Paul, but if they haven’t by Week 10, well then…

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  1. Of course he did. How convenient. Now he’ll use it on Alex, Chris nominates Kevin and Jason goes home. Alex doesn’t suspect Paul at all. How rigged is this. Fire the producers and get a whole new set of people.

    • The fact that the producers gave Paul three weeks of safety to start out with and allowing him to instigate bullying and not mention his racist comment to me they should be fired for as soon as the show is over with. If they hope to save their jobs they should have Julie at the finale rip them for their behavior

      • She didn’t say anything to Matt, so I doubt she will be hard on the HGs. I think that she will ask Jason about the rape comment. He will say it was a joke and hopefully apologizes to Kevin’s wife.

      • He said it twice with Alex laughing with him on that one occasion. For the producers to let Matt continue in the game and go to jury after his disrespect to the game is appalling.

      • so is letting Paul be the bullying ahole he has been ,that just proves to me that this yr was planned to be given to jackass PAUL,maybe they feel the wrong person won last yr,and had to make it up to him because he lost last yr,but as many times as he gets called into the DR makes it sound very shady to me.,

      • It’s definitely shady this year. To many coincidences in Paul’s favor! It’s been A Paul Game Period!! They should have never brought him back. I’ve been very disappointed with this whole season, bullying was taken to a terrible low blow! Hated it!!

      • They can do that , they get penalties and he did and he went home . He didn’t say vulgar , vile , dispicable fckin comments like raping his supposedly friend and tie up his kids and have them watch ! Do you think Kevin is going to laugh about that ? U think they are going to be friends outside the game… he may put a guy out in him .. being in the mob and all 🤷‍♀️ Jk . But NOT kidding about his comments . He was wrong wrong wrong !!! I’m glad he’s going !!!!!

      • I don’t even think he will remember. He honestly didn’t remember he told raven he will pull her down. He’s confuse sometimes. Not that I want to excuse him, he was horrible. But it’s probably rodeo cowboy beer type of joke.

      • BB either needs to play “free speech police”, or allow all of it. And drawing that line as police is practically impossible. Are Josh’s meatball type yelling and antics all summer abrasive enough to be warned? Mark’s tirades in response? Paul’s racist remarks? Or a “one-time” very bad attempt to make a bad joke by Jason? Who decides what is flagrant enough and what isn’t flagrant enough?
        That’s why there was a first amendment allowing all free speech. As long as it’s peaceful, it can be agreed to or not agreed to peacefully by others. As with Canada BB, the viewers decide who stays and who goes. That’s the best way. Policing these snowflakes will not work-let the viewers take them out by due process.

      • Our “viewers” do NOT decide who goes home on BBCAN. What are you watching? Yes, there has been VIEWER PARTICIPATION thru the seasons for different things, just like how “America Votes” on certain things in the BBUS seasons, but our HG’s are evicted the same way the US ones are… by the HG’s.

      • You think ?? I would think they would stay as far away from that comment as possible ! People who don’t watch the feeds or bbad have no idea , well I think if they read they do because it hit the news and other shows like TMZ

      • He actually got safety from the first 4 evictions that all of the other HGs were subjected to if you consider he was exempt from the night 1 eviction plus his safety for the first 3 weeks.

      • You are 100% right. Didn’t think about that. The whole thing sucks with Paul. He had safety for that long and starts getting other to bully and makes a racist comment and still survives. Unreal….

      • But the problem with that, is Production will say WE gave Paul 3 weeks safety because there was Americas vote for the temptation. I have figured out how they do things, give us a vote,never let us see the results of that vote and do what they want for “ratings”

      • You’ve hit the nail square on the head. Ratings consideration is the first priority, integrity of the game is secondary.

      • But .. that was production, not Paul . He obviously was told A b and c .. or maybe not . Can’t blame or hate, fault him for something America voted on or what production or Mark giving him safety. Anyone , would have taken that chance. So many want and dream of being on BB and when u see some doing absolutely nothing and then see a few playing.. it’s just crazy how much they complain or those that self evict when given the chance others would have fought and played for the 500k.

      • I don’t know if that would have mattered anyway … he was already pretty friendly and didn’t think anyone would put him up this early in the game . Codys big , huge mistake !!

      • Why was it a huge mistake? It was only a mistake because Paul had immunity and Cody had no way of knowing that for sure. He could have guessed, but getting rid of the vet right off the bat was a smart move because, well, look at what we have now. Paul gotten rid of early and this would be a totally different house right now.

      • They were in an alliance together , he went outside of his whole alliance , not just putting Paul up , but by not telling anyone … by doing that he put all of them in jeopardy and they lost his trust . That was his huge mistake.

      • I’m not that sure about all that. When Christmas was nominated instead of Paul she stayed. Paul had the vote to stay. And once his safety was gone, no one, not even Jessica, nominated him.

        The race comment was taken out of proportion. It wasn’t smart but Paul is really not racist. He just badly expressed his self.

        I’m not the biggest fan of him, but credit is du where it’s du. He simply played the best game!!

        I’m sure I’ll get demolished by Paul haters. I understand your perspective and opinions. So don’t be too rude please.

      • You make a good point. The fact that Paul claims he’s this super player he should know better. That’s my opinion and I could be wrong. But his bullying getting others to do it which almost started a few fist fights is just pathetic. And for the producers to let it get to that point is sad.

      • Like I said before, they are all responsable adult. They are stupid to do it. For example if Paul tell them to rob a bank and they do it, they go to jail not him. They should be smarter and not do it. I noticed that once the fights start, most of the time he stay silent.

        He’s no angel, but they are guilty to make it 20 times worst.

      • if paul put in the same amount of planning to rob the bank as he does in instigating the sheep to bully his target, he would absolutely go to jail. conspiracy to commit blah, blah, blah. it’s actually a felony and he would be in some serious trouble.

      • Ok. That’s one way to see it!! But maybe I didn’t as much feeds to see him that much planning the “bullying” recently. I saw at the start with Jody. But not it seems to me it’s mostly done by them (alex, josh, raven especially) alone. But I admit I watch the feed less.

      • Same here , I don’t see any bullying right now , or I’m missing it . The house seems to be getting along or as much as they can . I just think it was cody and he just clashed w personalities and didn’t really talk game much . When he did talk he said just as many vile chit as the rest . Jason needs to go ( there’s no redemption from what he said ) I wonder if Julie will bring it up

      • Just a game ! It’s in bb world . Don’t get all crazy like this is something that these ppl do on the reg ! It’s a lot diff in that house w nothing but other ppl to talk to, nothing to do, stir crazy And they have to prank and pull chit just to amuse themselves. Just remember this is just a game , that’s it !!! The goal is 500 grand ! Would I do some of the chit that he and others have done, hell yeah if that gets me closer to the end !!!

      • PULLING his so called chit like that with me would get that ugly beard ripped off his face and shoved up his arrogant ARSE and i wouldn,t care wth production did to me, he deserves to have the living crap beat out of him he is a 1st class bully and a –hole

      • Kinna like if Justin told u he was gonna rape ur wife and tie up his kids to watch !!! Whatever paul has done does not compete with what that clown said!!!! If he was to say it directly to Kevin … they both may have been thrown out . Sometimes I wonder if they evict some of these guys by production telling them so .. like jess and her pregnant thing and poking ppl in the butt !!! She was evicted after that , and now jason with what he said maybe they are doing the same thing and want him to leave so they evict him .

      • Why do any of you actually watch the show. I have never seen so much bitching from you so called Superfans. And this bitching by you so called fans happens every season. I got an idea don’t watch the damn show.

      • Hahaha!!! Exactly !!!! I have never read so much bitching over a game show . Stop watching ! Oh wait u can’t .. or you wouldn’t have anything to bitch about here . Get over it . Paul played the game the best . It’s not over . No one knows . Just stop whining or just stop watching!

      • oh, please, what about Evil Dick, the redheaded biggest bullier, Rachel, the cry baby. Cody another big bully, what he did to megan first week, come on, admit it you just don’t like Paul,

      • Nope , I happen to agree w all that u said . It’s hard for others to like or not say rude stuff because they do not like Paul . If it was .. I dunno Jason and he was playing the same way woukd he be getting this much flack as well ? It’s a game of pretty much lie, cheat, fck over , bd back stab all the way to the end. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean that he hasn’t played the best game and he does deserve the win ! To keep all of this from all the rest and still there !!! Is pretty amazing . Still team paul!!

      • I’m with you! Everything you said is 100% right! He is playing the game by staying one step and sometimes two steps ahead of everyone else. Paul for the, you can do what I do, when I read a reply and the first couple words are hateful I move on to the next! Simple as that.

      • I agree with you. I have watched BB since the beginning. If was several years before I found the site to learn more. I know every season people get really heated and post how much they hate so-in-so. This is the first season that I have seen so many posters talk really bad to other posters, myself included. I don’t really understand why some posters enjoy being so ugly. Everyone has the right to feel the way they want and express the way they feel. But not to cuss or use hateful words because they do not agree with you. The last I heard this is a free country. Like you, When they start telling me what a sh** I am and that my mother was never married, I won’t read any more. What are is this world coming to when you can’t give your opinion on a “GAME SHOW”!!

      • Yep, I get it! Now, what I don’t get is if someone hates the people on a show, and they KNOW(I use that lightly)the outcome of the show, WHY WATCH?

      • Yeah .. I get that too . In another room it was all Paul bashing and I took up for him and tried to tell them he is playing the game !!! Team paul, and was also called out , idiot , only a moron would like him. Etc .., I just flooded the page on hoe hypocritical they all sounded and then they blocked me 😝😂😂 ALL because I wouldn’t side with their precious Cody !!! Dang .. lighten up . Everyone has a fav and a non fav and no matter whom we like we all deserve respect and give respect even tho we agree to disagree . 🕊

      • Thank you! I too think Paul is playing a good game. It is not Paul’s fault that the hgs this season can’t think for themselves. I just don’t get some people out there. What is their problem? I watch BB and Survivor. There have always been people that tell you how wrong you are not liking the person they like or liking someone else. This is the first season that people have been very, very mean and like to insult the people that don’t think like them. I wonder how posters are going to be on Survivor this season after what I have seen on BB this season. Survivor is sometimes worse about doing things than BB. I might not do some of the things they do but that is me. I don’t think I would do good on either show.I love watching people on both shows do what they have to do to win. As long as they don’t attack personally. That doesn’t need to happen on either show. They are TV Shows not real life. I am beginning to think that the really ugly posters just like to try to make trouble. Their life must be very boring to enjoy insulting people they don’t know.

      • Trolling , trying to instigate and pick fights about a stupid game , and some are super fans. I don’t know if it’s like this every year and same ppl with same “it’s rigged” etc … it’s not .. if u watch it’s no different from any other season, it’s only the ppl that hate paul and want to believe and make up stories of being rigged. Would this all be the same if say , Cody was doing this ??? It’s Paul, u either love him or hate him ! I don’t think there is any in between. Agree to disagree but most of this is just ppl venting because he may just win!! Breathe 🕊😌 it will be over soon !

      • Over the years there have been winners that I did not like but if they played a good game I had to admit it. There has also been winners I didn’t like and didn’t believe they should have won but I never talked ugly about the posters that liked them. I respected their opinion even if I thought they were completely wrong.

      • Hahahaha ! Yeah I do , or try and explain or ask why he’s so hated , cause he’s winning and playing a near flawless game , more power too him if these guys don’t know anything about anything !!!

      • Inside the house … that’s the name of the game . You can hate him but absolutely cannot fault him for getting stuck w this group and doing whatever it takes to Win

      • I Dominique veto ceremony, he wanted to dress as a snake and use a black mask in his face, but couple of time he said “I’ll wear a black face”, or something similar instead of black mask. But he used both expressions.

      • Paul was captured planning and debating wearing a black mask — which he described as a “black face” — and snake prints in order to mock fellow houseguest Dominique Cooper, who has called him a snake. He says the phrase “black face” Interpret it however you like it, the way he said it came off badly. When the cameras are on you 24/7 how did he think it was going to be perceived?

      • Didn’t perceive it like that at all. That’s not what he meant , they had been using those biore strips that are black and put across your nose and face , he wanted to use those so would look like a black snake head , NO where in that whole scene did he or the others say ANYTHING racial . Gawd .. ppl on here will misconstrue and manipulate ppl here because they hate him . Makes them no better then he is , actually worse , he is playing a game , what is their excuse !?!

      • He didn’t .. ppl just blowing it out of proportion because they hate him . He didn’t say anything racial . I watched it and didn’t think twice about it . He wanted to have a black mask like a snake , like the dress and the black leggings . It was not racist!!! Ppl just picking him apart because they hate him . That’s it. It’s absurd .

      • Oh I see, I didn’t hear nothing bout it so I thought I legit missed something. I didn’t think he would but you know it’s 2017, racism and sensitivity is high so I could see how someone might think that. Shoot I’m black it’s such a norm that I could give a f*ck anymore lol.

      • Exactly . It wasn’t , I didn’t think anything about it until I got on here and now he’s a racist .. no , it’s just not true . Is same ones that just want to make others hate him when he hasn’t said or done one racial thing! He is not white , not saying that ALL white ppl are racists because he is of color , just adding more fuel to the fire so ppl will think he’s awful . All of it is just so over dramatic and silly to argue over a game show . Try and put urself in that house then come say how hard it is and just let it go .

      • the HG’s certainly could have gotten him out at any time after that- Jess received a cookie from production and it did not save her in the long run- because she did not create a friendship circle like Paul- I don’t care for Paul but he has set himself up to be in this position

      • its a freaking game, get a grip on yourself, rip them for what? Being liars, cheaters, etc, thats all about the game

      • It’s like beating a dead horse … it’s the same comments over and over and over … we get it !!! You don’t like the guy , you hate this season or it’s rigged , just because your person got the boot doesn’t mean that Paul hasn’t played to be where he’s at or the win . That horse is dead .. move on or turn it off 🤦‍♀️

    • oh man…whyyyyy!!!! Just wanted one thing to happen this season to shake up this boring season of big brother. I can’t wait to see what the comp was.

    • I agree. Never used to know how the week would play out but with nobody playing we can basically figure out the rest of the game. I hope those boxes in the HOH play into the game this week.

    • Christmas NEEDS to put up Raven as the backdoor. This way, Alex and Kevin would never vote against Jason, forcing Paul to make a decision and forcing Paul to draw a line. This is the week where hopefully people begin to see Paul’s game. Even if Kevin is backdoored. How would Paul explain himself to Christmas to force the tie to make her get all the blood on her hands unless she approves of that.

    • Totally agree can’t believe how stupid this BB is this year is like I would stay up till 2 in the morning B.C time to watch this but now it’s like just hear what Paul says for the day and I know what’s going to happen .Sorry but bring on BB Canada their lame but not as bad as this year’s bb

    • this game has been the most rigged season of big brother ever…the comps are designed for competitors like paul and christmas, and there are barely any physical or endurance comps–and they seem to be timed only when christmas cant compaete as hoh or veto (hmmm)…all the puzzle and paul type cops always happen at the right time for him too…the temptations were all in paul and christmas favor too…then the guests throw comp for christmas but feeds keep cutting out during events etc? she has won two hoh’s purely out of pity because her leg and seeming non-threatening ruse–and worse thing is she acts all cocky and in control when she has done absolutely nothing to make tihngs happen in the house and just a pawn of paul’s……it’s all really strange, and christmas and paul shouldnt even be in the house—she broke her foot and of course has all the sympathy from houseguests and excuses etc…paul is a vet that was given 4 weeks safety and surrounded by lil spineless followers…he has gotten away with countless lies and egging on behaviour that others get in trouble for…both of them are also really sad pathetic people

      • I agree. That producer Allison says that things are not being accommodated for Christmas, but they 100% are. Chris chose to stay in the game, but they should have kicked her out because it is not fair to the others that she had to sit at the beginning so they decided to make the comps more suitable.

      • they also havent gotten viewers involved in many twists, and all them were too early in game intentionally so that the eaqsy street course for paul and chris remains the same…and chris and paul both got temptations??…its absurd…..theres no way viewers that truly enjoy the show would be giving paul four weeks safety at this point in game after seeing how boring and intolerable it has become….they gave him it early when cody targetted him as a gimmick, but now if they introduced viewr twists i guarantee you paul would be screwed in some way, and jason and alex would be getting hooked up…still, alex was dead cold dumb

  2. I cannot watch CBS any more with their BS for Paul…..MTV the Challenge is going great so far…and BB Canada was also good

      • Bananas was my favorite until he took all the money when he and Sarah won. He really pissed me off then and I no longer root for him. I do like CT. He’s my daughters favorite.

      • Oh yeah that was a really selfish thing to do. I couldn’t believe it. CT has really grown up a lot. I love Jenna too. I hope she wins.

      • It’s on MTV reality competition show. It’s good been watching it for years. I think they’re in season 20 something.

      • Yes. I used to Love that show, but it was called Road Rules and Real World Challenge. I watch both of those shows and then they had another show where they challenged each other. That game became extremely unwatchable for me. All they wanted was slut* girls and fighting. I stopped watching many years ago. There was a host who committed suicide.

      • season 30 is the one airing right now. the dirty XXX. tj didn’t tell them they’re playing for a lot more money than they think. once he does, it’s going to get fierce.

      • Oh that’s right how could I forget this season is called dirty thirty. Duh. When they just did that puzzle challenge of putting all the seasons in order I don’t know why I was thinking there were 20 something. Yeah playing for a million this time. Biggest prize ever.

    • i watch reruns of AMERICA,S GOT TALENT something these idiots have none of unless lying is a talent,

  3. What Alex and the rest said today about Kevin and all the names they called him for no reason is honestly disgusting. These HG’s think the audience is loving them, just wait until they get back into reality. I’d love to see if Alex and Jason have jobs. I wonder if Paul’s clothing line and whatever his lousy band is will even have a life after.

    • I’m pretty sure Jason has his own company which is what Whistle & Nut Ole is and you really underestimate how niche the Big Brother audience is. A LOT of people don’t watch this show and I doubt Paul’s customers do either.

      • You would be surprised by the power of television. Both guys made headlines when their behavior, on TMZ and other outlets. Regardless both guys deserve to get backlash on their trashy behavior.

  4. Now’s your chance Christmas…Paul saves Alex and you replace her with Raven. Raven is out the door! Perfect! (like that’s gonna happen)

    • If he goes she’ll be on fire and will go after Christmas and Josh. It’s not Paul but second best thing.

      • I don’t think she will be upset at all , they have had their scuffs and Jason saying he would be ok kicking her to the curb.. I think she now wants to stay and work w paul like they decided first of game . Once Jason goes , I’m sure will be Alex and if she is hoh she will put up josh/kevin or Kevin/Xmas. I would like to see Paul, xmas and Josh at f3 .. Raven ??? No ! I think he would win against her tho .. but really doesn’t deserve the 50k and stipend .. would like it to be Josh . He’s caught on but they pretty much told him that they are all safe as long as they stick to the plan and stick together. So Jason will go , de .. and Xmas can’t play so paul, Alex , maybe josh could possibly win , Kevin and Raven , I just don’t know . Kevin need to win so I can see what kinna letter he gets :p

  5. I hope Alex gets so much crap after the game is over. She is mostly likely the most brainless person to get to this point in the BB House. She can’t see what they are doing and threw the HOH and POV.

  6. From Jokers: Paul- I’m pulling you off. Alex-It doesnt matter, I trust u guys. Paul says he wants Jason up there so Kev isnt a problem

    • just curious will Alex go with the flow after Jason is gone or will she be angry? You know never know with this freak.

      • Well we already know that Alex will vote Kevin out. Paul may throw a vote in there for Jason to stay but Josh is the one I am wondering about. Will he go against Paul and Christmas and vote out Kevin.

      • If Josh does that he has my respect for now. I highly doubt that will happen. Even though he caught on to Paul’s schemes he can’t think for himself.

      • If he did that he’d be ruining his game. Vote out Kevin to leave Jalex in the house AND pissing off your strongest comp ally. Josh would be out the door instead of being Paul’s goat for F2.

      • Don’t think it would happen but if he did I would love it. Even though I don’t want Kevin to go. But I want Jason to stay and it would freak Paul out.

      • Exactly, then all of Paul’s plans would be out of whack and since it is a double eviction, maybe they could either get Josh or Paul out then. We all know Paul will target Josh at that point.

      • LOL I never hold my breath. Just trying to figure out the possibilities if the script got flipped on the first eviction on Thursday. Kind of like what Paul is doing. Have a plan then cover all angles.

  7. So the last hope seems to be Josh. He’s really the only one at this point who can turn the tables (I would say Alex, but for her Kevin is a bigger target than Paul somehow…wierd). Even then, that’s a long shot.

  8. So, wait, did Paul just flip the script to getting Raven out this week? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all, but isn’t this just pretty much proving my point that even Paul doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing anymore?

  9. What a bunch of whiners you people are. If you don’t like the game why are you watching it. If you think it is rigged why are you watching it. The only reason you feel that way is because the person you want to win isn’t. Paul has played this game from day one. The public gave him safety to begin with and then the rest of the houseguests have given him safety the rest of the time. Not because it’s rigged but because they are stupid and Paul has played them perfectly. This isn’t a “nice” game folks. It’s cut throat. Every year the whiners start on the posts when the guy winning is able to manipulate the house. It happened with Derrick, it happens with every person who happens to take control. You all start to whine about the game being “rigged” and CBS throwing it to someone. Well guess what…this is what happens when you throw a guy into the game who learned from his mistakes and match him up with a bunch of people who have learned nothing from watching the game over the years. Stop blaming Paul. Blame the people playing with him.

    • Say what you want about Paul but he’s not a good person. I don’t want to hear he’s playing a character. The guy has tried to bully people getting the other mindless HG’s to do his dirty work and not to mention his racist comment. You can get far this in game and not act like trash.

      • There have been tons of “bad” people on Big Brother. You think Evil Dick was a nice guy….no. I don’t see bullying going on….he has manipulated the other mindless houseguests (as you say) into doing his dirty work. Pulling that line in your comment means nothing given the history of players in this game.

      • When your’re a child. Yes.
        Adults who get bullied are just idiots. Harassment of any kind should not be allowed on these shows, but that is what brings in the viewers.

      • You are correct, but I think that a child can be defenseless and that is why is called bullying. Not an adult.

      • Okay, I think I get what you’re saying now. You recognize that they’re the same thing, you’re just calling it by a different name. Gotcha.

      • But in the house they have the mentality of 8 years old. Calling other meatballs and doing a crisis for box of cereal is not adulthood.

      • It is not a normal place setting . Some of them are still young , besides Kevin and he just aligned himself all wrong . He is acting his age . The others .. it just happens in that house , year after year .

      • I never acted like that when I was in my twenties. No one I know has ever acted like that. It’s not a matter of age, I don’t think, just a matter of how we were raised.

      • Oh, it applies to all of them. There have only been a couple exceptions to it this year – Cameron, Megan, and Ramses.

      • What racial comment did paul make ???? Is it the snake outfit ? That wasn’t racial , she called him a snake so he wanted to dress like one , he didn’t say black face , he said mask .. they all use those biore strips and he was gonna use those as a black head like a snake . That’s all I have seen , I haven’t seen anywhere that he has made racial slurs .

      • Paul did actually use the words “black face” when describing the mask he was gonna use back in mid-July during Dom’s eviction week.

        That was just this season. Last season, he was calling James the “little Korean man.” While I’ve heard worse things said about Asian-Americans, it was definitely a slur.

        BB18 Paul: “You let little Korean man invade your brain. What the f*ck are you doing? Are you blind? Do you not see it?”

        BB19 Paul: (after one of the girls says it’s over the top) “Because of the black leather [something] and the black face?”

      • Thank you Saturn, that is a keeper! I guess it’s safe to say there was massive bullying going on in that BB house.

      • Maybe not so much bullying , maybe irritating the crap and harassing .. bully’s tend to push u around , physically and take ur lunch money. Usually is children that do this , once ur an adult and a bully then u must have been one all ur life . I don’t think Paul is a bully , it’s just the way he has to play it with these ppl .. I don’t think he’s going to let another 500 grand slip through his fingers . You can’t blame paul for any of it , they all have their own minds and can say NO! Some looked happy while doing it and really didn’t take much of a push . Now that Cody is gone all of them have should have stopped . Kevin , I hope he does make it to final 3 and afp .. even is he brushed his hair w his toothbrush and then brushed his teeth again w it 🤣

      • Using your bullying image, I’d say a bunch of commentors are bullies. Seriously, the really vile things said here about certain hgs makes you all just as bad. Jmo

      • You are entitled to to your opinion. Obliviously you can’t comprehend what I am saying. Paul’s racist comments about Dominique is not game play. It’s who he is which is a sad disgusting person. Him getting the other to do his bullying shows he’s a chicken. When the bullying almost comes to a few fights this is not game play, this is a sad person.

        Paul claims he’s this super player yet he acts like trash and makes racist comments on national TV with cameras all over. You can support him all you want but you are clearly in the minority.

      • Actually he did. Paul was captured planning and debating wearing a black mask — which he described as a “black face” — and snake prints in order to mock fellow houseguest Dominique Cooper, who has called him a snake. He says the phrase “black face” Interpret it however you like it, the way he said it came off badly. When the cameras are on you 24/7 how did he think it was going to be perceived?

      • I didn’t hear paul make any racial comments .. as stated , he was dressing up as a snake because that is what she called him. He didn’t say anything racial about her, and didnt say black face , he said mask .. like the biore strips that are black to look like a snakes head . There was nothing racist about that and wasn’t even what he was saying or doing . People take actions and words so out of context that it begins to be more bs then truth . What he did was just that .. and in no way was it racial.

      • Many perceived it as racial. Go look it up.

        Paul was captured planning and debating wearing a black mask — which he described as a “black face” — and snake prints in order to mock fellow houseguest Dominique Cooper, who has called him a snake. He says the phrase “black face” Interpret it it however you like it, the way he said it came off badly. When the cameras are on you 24/7 how did he think it was going to be perceived?

      • I didn’t perceive it as racial at all , I don’t think that is what he meant at all , ppl misconstrue soooooo many words and actions as racial and bigoted when it’s not . You can’t pick apart every lil thing someone says and just scream racist .. it’s just not true . I watched it and didn’t think anything of it , he was just trying to dress like a snake w the dress and the black tights or shorts and yes he wanted to have a black face, mask .. like snakes do . I didn’t think twice about it . Next day it was all over , he’s racist .. on and on.. so no I did not perceive it as being racial at all . He didn’t say he was dressing as her , he said as a snake .

      • Oh yeah , there has been much worse ppl .. paul isn’t doing anything but making sure he wins !!!! May not like his antics , but precious hg’s have all played some really shady games and horrible ppl as well . Paul doesn’t even come close to evel dick and a few of the awful girls from bb15!

    • Look I’ve been watching since season one. We don’t ALWAYS like the same people so if you don’t like people that come here to voice their opinions then you quit whining about it and don’t come here.

      • I didn’t tell you “not to watch”. I asked why you were watching since you seem to think the game is rigged. Read my comments.

      • The game is rigged for Paul as it was last season for Nicole. They are told ahead of time what the comp is going to be and answers to the questions when it is a mental comp. Production wanted Nicole to win and now they want Paul to win. Watching the comps and how others have a hard time finding their way while the vet doesn’t is obvious to me is rigged.

      • Well I joke about production and steering the game for TV but I think that’s a little much. They don’t give them the answers. There are plenty of comps that don’t have answers also so how do they rig that for Paul?

      • I watch them play the comps and always notice how things are more convenient for Paul than the others. If he says he is going to win, he does. Paul is horrible at physical comps, but if he says he needs to win. Usually does. I think he gets the answers.

      • Yup, the practice puzzle in dr, standing on the platform of the wall or hot dog buns. Like yesterday only Christmas was able to see it wasn’t GO. It’s all rig!!

      • Nu uh !!!!! No !!! Please say they don’t !!! I know they have influence and can sway players and suggest do this or that.. but they can’t actually just rig it for one person ! ? 😱

      • Rigged for only for 3 weeks at the beginning of the season, after that Paul could have easily been taken out, but wasn’t.

      • I’ve never said rigged. But I do joke about production. I know it’s not fixed and I know they make suggestions in the DR but I believe it’s to kind of make the game interesting and not boring. But rigged no.

    • Paul is having trouble separating the game he is playing from the personal attacks he continues to make on the other houseguests. That is what makes him despicable. He already has one full season under his belt, and he should know better.

    • He threatened Kevin that if he didn’t throw the HOH comp he would get him out of the house. Thats one step over the line for me.

      • It has happened in previous seasons. The bottom line is that people don’t like Paul. It isn’t that he’s any different than many other players through the years it is that you don’t like him. That’s actually the bottom line.

      • You can dislike Paul all you want. But acting like he is going over the line for outplaying others is ridiculous.

      • I always hate the person i think is gonna win, always always !!!!! Cept this time . I do want paul to win and I do like him. I drank the koolaid ☺️😬

      • That’s a little much , i don’t like that side of paul . Kevin really hasn’t done anything , literally anything !!! He knows he’s not gonna make it to the end and if he does , would ppl vote for him wout winning one comp, having a semi ok social game .., over paul . No . He’s lucky he got the 25 grand and maybe he will get AFP as well .

      • I didn’t like that side of Paul either, and I sure didn’t like it when he went back upstairs to moan about Kevin to the other houseguests!

      • The goal is to win, not to be a nice guy. If you can get the others to do your bidding, that means you’re good.

      • Yup . Bullying , lying, cheating , back stabbing.. is ALL part of the game . They all watched seasons before , they all know how this is played . Why can’t they see the forest through the trees ??? Because they all want paul to Win!

      • And Kevin should have handed him a bungee cord and told him to eff himself upside down and sideways from the dining room chandelier, perhaps take a field trip to h*ll along the way if he had enough time, get a feel for the place…

        Little pisher would only have to speak to me once like that and he’d be wearing his balls on a daisy chain around his neck. Paul speaks to the other houseguests this way because they let him. When Paul wins this thing it’s going to be because they let him. Sweet baby Jesu laying in the manger!! Man the facqq up!!

      • Its a weak group of players who can’t win comps. Christmas won two comps that were handed to her. Josh won one comp on a crap luck hoh. Matt won by default and outside of that, it’s been Cody, Jess, Jason, Alex and Paul. Just a really bad group of players.

      • I thought about that and then discarded it as highly unlikely.

        I wasn’t a fan of Kevin’s strategy to tattle tale his way to the winner’s circle or his complacency in the role of benevolent by-stander when standing witness to the smear campaigns launched against those evicted before him. Seemed kind of gutless, you know?

        What Kevin had going for him was that he was able to establish excellent personal relationships with all of the other houseguests. He has a social game second to none.

        Paul is playing a near flawless game. He leaves no angle unexplored. Because he has no control over the jury house he can’t risk Kevin sitting beside him for the money. He lost to a bitter and poisoned jury last year.
        He’ll use Kevin for as long as it’s in the best interests of him and his game. But then he’ll cut him loose without a backward glance. He has to, it’s the only way to guarantee he’s successfully covered the Kevin angle.

      • Nah. As demonstrated this entire summer, as long as you don’t lay a finger on the other guy and maintain a safe spittle free zone around your target you can say pretty much anything you please without fear of meaningful consequence or repercussion to your game.

        Paul and his pack of guard dogs get away with this shiite because they’ve been allowed to get away with it.

      • If only he would and do it in front of the others so that they say that lightning doesn’t strike you if you talk back to the nasty gnome

      • I don’t know if Kevin knows what Jason said , he is as fake as the others, save him the one week and then spew vile bs about his wife and kids . He sucks ! Kevin finds out I’m sure he is gonna wanna take his head off . Or at least vote him the fck out !

    • Because we love the show, we just dont like the people on the show and game being played and the production manipulation

    • Who else was “america” going to vote for week one? 16 unknowns or a vet who almost won the year before. Get real lady.

      • Be nice, she made good points! A lot of people do whine and complain about the game and the people playing the game. I personally have seen a fair number of seasons, and this by far, at least for me, is the craziest BB. People who post here have said that BB16 was even worse. I can’t even begin to imagine what that season was like. Let’s face it, this season has been kray kray, with a capital K.

      • It’s kept me watching . So whatever they are doing is holding interest because I seem to come back and back and back !!!

      • Exactly. Thank you. Plus how often is the best reward of the season awarded that early in the game? 3 weeks safety, that early. Come on.

    • Yes, I agree . It always end up hating the guy who will most likely win. Paul had to pull some rabbits out of hats to get through this game as a vet and target. Yes , America gave him the safety .. they could have picked anyone !!! Seems there may be more paul fans then we know .

    • point is that KING PAUL never should have been able to come back on the show ,the pos finished 2nd place last year ,and should not have been allowed to come back as the only vet,and then production saying that america gave him 3 weeks safety,WHEN ? I SEEN nothing about letting america vote for the little OGRE

      • Excuse me, but I personally voted week one to give Paul the first temptation, as did many others I know. Sour grapes? Need some whine with your cheese?

    • it’s the same reason people watch professional wrestling. everyone knows it’s a show, but they can’t turn away or stop from complaining when their favorite character gets “screwed by the company.”

    • You can’t see how it was set up for Paul in the beginning?! I’m nit suggesting that the entire season is/was rigged, but when you have a vote with 15 NEW faces, plus one WELL KNOWN (and well liked vet), who do you think will get the most votes?!?!? The first temptation, which was MOST CERTAINLY fixed for Paul to win, holds no comparison to the other temptations! 3 weeks of safety compared to the ability to take someone out of the veto comp? Maybe if they were able to take someone out of the veto comp for 3 weeks! Jessica’s temptation with the ability to cancel live eviction was the closest in comparison, but still a far cry from a whole month of safety! (Since he didn’t come in until after the eviction on the first day.) Then it starts out with Paul and his “friendship” bracelets, which automatically put him in a superior position, like he wasn’t ALREADY, considering he was the only returning vet who they all were infatuated with. (Excluding Cody) The entire “America’s Vote” was nothing but a facade! Especially the very first one, which CLEARLY, no one else even had the slightest chance! But yeah, it can be said that he won it because America gave it to him; and he got in because Kevin chose to press the button for the 25K. Why didn’t they make it 500? Because they KNEW that someone would go for the $25,000! So yeah.. it’s just extremely difficult to see how it was set up to be in Paul’s favor!!!!!

  10. Really hoping more than ever that BB20 features all vets or all newbies with nothing in between. This was supposed to be the season of all newbies, but unfortunately people decided to try and take 25k.

    • They knew that , a lot of ppl pushed their buttons , it would b hard for any cast not to take . CBS new that and why they made it so easy for him to come back

    • Production made it 25k knowing nobody would turn it down. People have a hard enough time turning down 5k, but there’s a reason it wasn’t 5k. There’s a reason it was freaking 5x higher. Nobody is turning that down. If I’m in that house I’m pressing that button too.

  11. There is a new word in the BB house.
    Called BLINDSIDE!!!! …You can’t be B/D if you’re on the block! This is a rough wk for J. I still believe if Kevin is on the block, his chances of leaving is just as great. 50/50….Depending on what happens in the house the rest of the wk. And what Paul, desides to do.
    Yes….Josh is on to Paul, but he will not turn on him. So now what???

      • Haha .. I’m sure every week he is wishing the next one to step in is paul ! Nope … he gonna be last man standing.

    • Jason is out . He kept winning the comps and the vetos .. and they saw that, and he let the power get to his head .. like him or not , he sealed his own fate w that gawt damn comment !!!!! So now he’s going to have to deal with that outside in the real world as well !!!

  12. Jason is going home. the problem for Paul covering all angles is he is going to have to force christmas to break the tie to cover his bases. how is he going to explain that to Christmas. THIS is when they should start being worried about Paul cuz he should not be able to slide out of this week unscathed.

    • Paul can still win HOH this Thurs and nominate two people from former power couples. Also, he can win every POV at this point and make it to F3, meaning that you can throw your social game out the window and make it to F2.

      • We’re at the point in the game when winning POV becomes more important than HOH. That’s probably why Paul said he no longer wants to win HOH; just the POVs. Of course, the HGs – even the ones who claim to be fans – haven’t caught onto the timing yet.

      • Yeah, and if anyone was thinking of applying to BB, they should be taking notes this season (from Paul). I am confident that Paul studied or talked to prior winners about winning.

      • Yeah, he’s a lock for final 3. No way any of these players will make a big move. Plus, Paul is better than the group that is left in comps. Alex is the only one who can challenge him

      • If Josh or the one that survives (kevin or jason) wins Thrusday HOH and veto, Paul can get out on the second eviction. He will only have Raven, so he can go home this week… but it depends on the HOH and Veto that will be fast competitions.

      • how could she, she is ok breaking a tie when it should be clearcut Jason as the target. why wouldnt she question that, this late in the game where vote matters. pathetic

      • Paul sat with Xmas and josh and said it is best for it to be a tie and Xmas break it she agreed to take the heat. Paul asked twice. He said that way he can stay close to Alex which somehow benefits Xmas? Xmas agreed to the plan with a smile.

      • It will benefit Xmas because she is saving Alex , so if Alex gets hoh she won’t put Xmas up, maybe.. I don’t think they have the votes to save jason anyway but yeah they should all just vote him out, but Alex shouldn’t Be mad at that cause it could flip really easy and she could gen going !

      • I’m convinced she would follow Paul into a forest fire. She’s ridiculous. I have zero hope left for her when it comes to Paul

      • So that it seems like half and half and not ALL to evict Jason .. then it would look even shadier then it is.

      • Because Christmas is the worst god damned sheep of them all. She’s freaking painful to watch and listen to. She’s a complete joke. For example Josh growing wise (crazy…) to Paul’s playing every side and how does Christmas respond? Basically trying to shut Josh down on that.

    • Yes. You are correct. Is he going to choose Kevin or Jason?
      Josh and Raven vote for Jason, and Alex votes Kevin so Paul will have to vote Kevin for that to happen. He wants Kevin on his side though.

      • He doesn’t have to, but he pull this hypnosis on Christmas/Josh ..a tie?..that’s amazing, and funny. lol

      • Raven and Xmas are sided w him, josh was as wel . It was him , paul and Xmas and one other final four … josh needs to stop talking , or he will be out next

      • Jason is going . And he should . I don’t even wanna look at his face , joking or not there’s just certain things one does not joke around with . Lost all respect after that , sadly .

    • Him and Xmas know they need to get jason and Alex out . They have a final deal, I just know it !!!! Is why she shut josh down w the paul talk , I dunno if she told paul but if she did or does , bye josh !

    • He will blame someone else and people will be crashing away searching for the one that lied, forgetting Paul can lie too… just like the last 2 times they had a rogue vote.

  13. Jason tells the camera that he is not going to beg for the veto, and just see what happens, but it may not be such a great idea.

    • He would beg against his ride or die ? I thought he said if he won he would use it on her , yeah right !

  14. Paul is literally losing Hoh comps and relying on his social game to get him to the end. He’s playing ahead of himself, hopefully he can make it to the finishline

    • I hope so !!!! I didn’t think he would win this one , but saving Alex may help him down the line … if josh doesn’t stop his mumbling talk w Xmas she gonna put a target on him !

  15. Christmas NEEDS to put up Raven as the backdoor. This way, Alex and Kevin would never vote against Jason, forcing Paul to make a decision and forcing Paul to draw a line. This is the week where hopefully people begin to see Paul’s game

    • Yep….Hes down right now….I think hes knows he got played…but there is always “expect the unexpected”

    • I think paul may save Alex , then they can toss up Kevin as a “pawn” I’m pretty sure they are gonna get jason out tho , and if it’s a de .. Alex and josh put up .

      • You really think he’s gonna try to push that? It’s not necessary right? Very ambitious game play with malice. lol

  16. I like all these people…I don’t know why anyone would have any problems with any particular HG. HA!

    I said this earlier, IN LENGTH, but Paul is the only one playing this game. Whatever you think, he’s the best player, bar none.
    *This season

  17. The comment regarding production gifting paul four, not three weeks of safety is worth repeating. Paul did not have to compete to avoid being evicted in that first week, as he entered after camerons fate was sealed. The “CBS-PRODUCTION-PAUL ALLIANCE” of bb19 is rolling right through to half a million bucks. Four weeks of safety, 8 offered and accepted bribes of friendship safety to solidify his fame-whore-groupie-harem. Houseguest cannot use production as a strategy, unless of course production is your doggone alliance.

    • I think they did that because w a vet coming in they knew he would be the first one out and everybody would have targeted him. They wanted him IN the game no doubt . Although I think a whole other cast would have still took an apple for the 25grand and let him in, but they did and so he got in . Would have been impossible for not a one not to pick one !

  18. Everyone is asking where did they get these Losers as houseguests, well they Profiled them to make sure that they got weakest minded people. That’s why Paul will win, because the others are have weak minds.

      • I don’t mind him! I will be sad to see him go this week. He is the best of the worst.
        To my knowledge he has not “attacked” anyone? and he has been a “decent person” all season!? Yes he runs and tells Paul literally everything he is told and he has said/done some stupid things but nothing as mean as Alex, Josh and Christmas. Or been super fake and a liar all summer like Raven. I still like him. I know he made a huge huge mistake when he was joking around about Kevin’s wife and daughters! That’s NOT something to joke around about! AT ALL! But aside from that, (again to my knowledge?) he hasn’t done anything mean or vicious to anyone in the house, whereas everyone else (aside from Kevin) has attacked and bullied people.
        Jason will have to write his wrongs and pay the price for his stupid mistake.
        But I personally am not going to hold it against him. I know I have said/done things I later or immediately regretted! Thankfully they were not on national TV.
        I just don’t want Jason to go! I wanted him to be in the F2.
        Just Sayin my friend 😘

    • Awwww Poor Jason. And I mean that! He is the best of the worst and he made a huge mistake when he was joking around about Kevin’s wife and daughters! Huge mistake! But, aside from that he has pretty much been a good person this entire season! To my knowledge Jason has not attacked anyone? Sure he’s done some stupid things like running to Paul and tattling! But I think he is a good person. He will have to write his wrongs and pay the price when this game is over.

  19. Well since Jason is most likely going home, my hope for the week is that Josh and Christmas tell Paul to leave noms the same so atleast a line will be drawn with Alex too, but I don’t count on them standing up to Paul

    • Unfortunately I think you are correct. From my understanding Josh was having a lot of “clarity” yesterday/Saturday in regards to Paul’s game however, I think Josh is a wimp and will not act on his suspicions! That are dead on!

    • I do not think you are alone!
      & do you see how upset Jason seems to be? I’m surprised Paul has not ordered any one to “attack Jason!” That’s strange!

  20. I think after Jason goes, Paul will push to put up Raven and Alex, telling both they’re pawns to keep Kevin quiet/whatever. But Alex will be the target, of course. (He may tell Raven that Alex is the target.)

    However, unless he plants those seeds now, with a surprise DE, he may not have time to convince so may have to actually try to win the second HOH himself and show his hand some. 6 will be left with 2 noms, 1 HOH, 3 votes so no tie.

    Paul could tell Alex and Raven that Kevin can’t win POV so whoever wins will be replaced with Kevin and out Kevin goes.

    He may try to get them to throw it to Josh or Xmas with something ridiculous like they have a score to settle with him or some bs. He may tell Alex she can torture him by sitting next to him OTB. Idk.

      • They know DE, I’m talking about Paul’s ‘marching orders ready in time, because he really does…he’s always ahead of them.

      • Oh, I’m sure Paul is ready…I just wasn’t sure that the others knew about the DE coming up. I just started watching the show!!! I’m sorry.

      • Oh Sha,It’s ok..Is this your first BB season? ha! You think I should post Debbie’ wearing dick forest head gear here? lol

      • HAAA-HAA-HAA!!! Oh, Puh-lease, Cyril. PLEASE! LOL. I think that would be a wonderful addition to these threads. OR, you could put it on Raven’s head. I don’t think Matt (Boyer) would mind.

      • Were you serious about this being your first BB? Or were you just being silly? If you were just being silly, then my bad for my very very long reply! Embarrassing!

      • Oh tinalee, don’t be embarrassed! i was being silly; but it was incredibly sweet that you actually took the time to explain things to me when you thought I didn’t know…and the fact is, I really DON’T know what’s going on this season. Just started watching on Thursday. I usually watch every season, but I’ve had a lot going on this year. So again, don’t be embarrassed. You’re very, very kind. I wish I were as kind as you…

      • I hope everything is OK with you!? 😘
        & thank you for your kind words. I try and stay civil on here, it’s not always easy but, in my reality I do not engage in negativity therefore I try not to do it online either. It’s easy for someone to sit behind their Computer saying hateful things so I just laugh at the trollers & the odd person on here who doesn’t like me simply because “I write long posts!” & “I don’t know the game or what I’m talking about” LOL
        So, I appreciate the kind words XO

      • Oh Sweetie, I really have enjoyed your posts AND your positivity! I’ve admired how you’ve always dealt with those people who say things about long posts. I guess you’ve never read some of the books I’ve written! LOL. You just keep being you, Hon. You’re great. :) Big hugs!

      • Oh tinalee, don’t be embarrassed! Yes–I was being silly. It was very sweet of you to explain BB to me. I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed your posts.
        I always watch BB, but this year I didn’t start until Thursday, so I’m still in the dark. Again, don’t be embarrassed! You’re very kind. I wish I were as kind as you. :)

      • Well that is why I was super confused, because I’ve seen you on here before and I’ve had a lot of good conversations/venting sessions with you. Not just this season. So I was thinking it was maybe someone who had a similar name!
        You got me LOL

      • I didn’t mean to pull a joke on you! Cyril and I were goofing around the way he only he and I do. It’s like we have some kind of goofy, inside language that we speak to each other sometimes. Sorry you got sucked into it!

      • Don’t be sorry at all :-) I knew better and the whole time I was thinking “Christina, she’s just joking around, this IS the same person and not just someone with a similar name” but I continued using my talk to type & babbled away. LOL 😂
        I knew better but I just wasn’t listening to myself!
        Great, now I sound like Raven! I promise I’m not crazy LOL
        Anyway, all good! No need to be sorry at all! ❤️
        PS. That comment must’ve been super confusing for you & amusing. You thinking “why is she saying this to me, Tinalee knows I’m not new.”
        I blame it on old age ha ha

      • Why are you sorry hon? Don’t be sorry silly. Cyril is SUPER Nice.
        I don’t think I knew this was your first season of Big Brother? Ever??
        IF you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me. I can help navigate you through this bizzarre game/season and I can promise you that other seasons have not been this predictable and boring! There has never been this many “mindless morons” in the game following a Vet (or anyone else for that matter) around like “Well-Trained Lost Puppies” 🐶
        NOT this Pathetic, ever! Throughout the years this game along with most all reality TV shows has become more and more scripted unfortunately! Big Brother is my favourite show and has been since Season one! I have watched it faithfully Every Summer (as well as BBC) for the past 5 years. I remember “back in the day” when there was no spoilers, or when we would actually have to wait until Sunday episode to find out who won the HOH! It was horrible LOL and I was young when BB first aired (and of course for years and years after) so I was ALWAYS out all summer at the bars or parties or camping or vacations to Mexico etc. Sooo I would be praying to the “BB Gods” my ‘VHS tape cassette’ (LMAO) was properly recording BB!! Always questioning myself like did I push the “power on” button! Did I set up the “time” correctly! Did I remember to even put a VHS cassette in the VHS player! (Often forgot to!) & being worried someone would touch my TV and screw up my recording! (it happened quite often! My stupid brother! Jerk) LMAO & whenever it didn’t record, feeling sick to my stomach and super upset! Super excited and already to watch an episode or two or three etc… (depending on where I was previously) & getting excited and ready to chill & watch 1-2-3-4 etc hours of Big Brother ONLY to find out none of the episodes recorded! 😭 It was the worst! Seriously the worst thing ever back then!
        So the I would have to wait & borrow my friends VHS tape/BB episodes as soon as they were done with it & A LOT of the time their VHS tape didn’t record either! 😭 😡
        It is SOOOO much easier now!

        I am SOOOOO Sorry, blah blah blah sorry for going on and on! Like you care LOL but this stupid talk to Type has me babbling all of the time! I’m sorry

        Anyway, I truly did not think this game (BB as a whole, not just this season) would become as scripted as it clearly is this season! I’s super sad to watch b/c each year it becomes less and less organic! And I don’t see why it needs to be scripted.
        For whatever reason they have severely scripted this season! It makes no sense to me and a lot of others! (As you see/read constantly on here from all the comments on a daily/hourly basis.)

        There have been a few seasons with bullies, racists, arguments but most of the time the arguments were entertaining, NOT gut wrenching and heartbreaking to!
        This is an awful season for you to start watching for the first time.
        A few people on BBN I have as friends on Facebook. You are more than welcome to add me and ask me any questions.
        Christina de Sa from Vancouver BC (Chilliwack)
        My Facebook is very private, but I don’t mind having a few friends from here on it :-)
        ANYWAY SORRY HON, this is stupidly stupidly stupidly long!
        Please don’t feel pressured to reply back a long reply or any reply at all. 😜

      • HOLY SH*T!!!!
        Nine times out of 10 I post a long comment/reply but nine times out of 10+ plus it is never this long! I’m so sorry LOL
        STUPID talk to type! It allows me to babble! I promise you I am a very sane person LOL

      • Yeah, they should know but we are talking about this group of HGs LOL who knows what goes on in their little brains!
        Paul has/had them all convinced someone was getting evicted today/Sunday so I’m sure he has his “Circus Clown”s 🤡 all lined up neatly & he has them ready to take the next shot at Paul’s target oops 🙊 I mean “The Houses” target!

      • Without a doubt!
        But with Josh starting to question Paul, is it enough for Josh and Christmas to start making moves to get Paul out? Or do they still believe they are Paul’s F3?
        I, unfortunately do not know the extent of Josh’s feelings about Paul now!?

    • You don’t think Josh and Christmas will maybe try and get more people on board to get out Paul now that they are finally realizing Paul is playing them all? Or at the very least, you don’t think if Josh wins HOH during the DE he would put up Paul?

      I don’t know the extent of Josh’s thoughts regarding Paul. Does Josh still believe Paul wants him and Christmas as F3? OR??
      Do you know what Josh and Christmas are thinking/saying about Paul now? If anything.

      • I don’t have the feeds, Tina, but last I heard, Josh is still loyal to their F3, as is Xmas. (Despite being suspicious that Paul is doing jury management.)

        Like you, I used to think Xmas and/or Josh would take a shot at Paul eventually (at F4 if not sooner).

        I think both of them will take each other to F2 if they can. Josh won’t give Paul the chance to use his jury management.

        I think they could get Kevin on board to take out Paul (vote wise). Kevin isn’t that sure of Paul taking him to F2.

        I’m not sure they could get Raven though. She thinks she’s Paul’s F2 so why be F3 with Xmas and Josh. Winning POVs will matter a lot. If they don’t tip their hand, Paul will aim elsewhere. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul ends up splitting Joshmas now (after Alex and especially if Josh asks too many questions).

        Josh may be suspicious but if he doesn’t act on it at the right time, that shovel Paul takes to the back of his head will remove all doubt. He’ll at least know walking into Jury with the other meatballs who dispatched him to the Jury House, unlike Matt and Jason.

        Alex is the key, I think: Will she really get closer to Paul after Jason leaves or will the others expose Paul to her prematurely?

        F3 > F4 in that everyone gets a chance to win and pick who they go to F2 with, even though the pay is the same at F3 and F4.

  21. The only remaining house-guests that don’t need Paul are Jason and Alex who are both loyal to him. Jason is going to jury, and Alex will probably stay loyal to Paul even though he masterminded her ride or die’s eviction.

    He is playing these fools very well.

    • I agree although these people are not difficult to fool! Paul is playing a great game, without a doubt! However, he could not have asked for an easier group of people! These people are ALL “mindless morons.”
      I can’t believe Josh (of all people) is the one to start to see “Paul’s game!”

      • For the past couple of weeks, Josh has had several insights about Paul’s game play and ponders out loud to Xmas, who squashes his ideas every time!

      • Yeah I have seen that also, although I don’t think he has told Christmas that much has he? Actually, up until yesterday/Saturday (or was it Friday, I can’t remember now LOL)
        I did not think he told Christmas about his suspicions regarding Paul?
        Has Christmas ever shared any of this with Paul? I assume NO b/c if she had told Paul, Josh would be a huge target of Paul’s! (So the entire house) LOL

        I thought for the most part he kept it to himself and squashed it all on his own. 🙄 Dummy LOL

      • My impression is that when Josh starts musing on Paul’s strategy, she shuts him down – like she’s “afraid” Paul or someone else would overhear his comments. Then she coaches him – like ‘rephrase that thinking’. She just said that this AM, and at this time they both admitted they are aware of Paul’s game plan, and that THEY are part of his plan b/c he’s taking them to F3! Yeap! How ’bout those 🍎s in the 🍎 cart?

  22. I just realized who Raven reminds me of. Take her hair down, iron it flat, and she could be ‘Sally’ from “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

      • See what I’m talking about? BBN forum have changed a lot. Commenters have all kinds of amunitions nowadays. GIFS, memes, banners and stuff…we’re big time. ha..

      • Yeah, I feel like a mental midget. I don’t know how to do nuthin.’ Remember, I just learned how to do my avatar pic not too long ago. I’m a-stoopid. What’s a GIF?

      • Mickey was just referring us to Wickie like, reddit the wall..yup yup. as his source..Gif is just a file/format. Like Jpeg is a file. Usually it’s animated. or it could be static.

    • When she is coiffed and her mascara not running down her face, she actually is pretty. I don’t like it when she wears the Goth lipstick.

      • Oh, you accidentally put “of!?!?”
        It took me a few tries to figure out what your error was.
        Do you know you can edit your comment?

      • LOL “her thoughts begin to form words!” So true although I do NOT think Raven is at all hot!
        Jessica is HOT & she doesn’t need a drop of make up to look good, she is naturally beautiful & if anyone says she’s not, they are either jealous, insecure, super judgemental or they themselves are supermodels! Because regardless of some peoples feelings about Jessica, she is a very pretty girl!
        Raven is “average” IMO
        She is looking healthier than she did when she first entered the house. Clearly being away from “Munchhausen Mommy” is good for her!
        My husband thinks Raven is “fugly” LOL
        I think Christmas & Elena are both really pretty! But again, my husband doesn’t think either of them are. He does however think Jessica’s hot!
        Anyway…….LOL I don’t think you were looking for my feedback on “hot or not.” Sorry I got carried away 🙃

      • I think Jessica is hot with her makeup though that chin strap is cringe worthy and sometimes her contour is too obvious for my taste. And she could be hot with less makeup. She takes hot pictures for sure.

        JMO. I’m no super model – I know & I’m not jealous either – we live in different worlds so no reason to be. Not Everyone has same taste as you. Everyone has their opinions. It’s not that serious.
        Who cares? Lol.

        I think Elena is a bombshell with her makeup but again, like Raven and Jessica sometimes, her contouring can be too hard for my taste. I’ve seen her Insta and she’s cute in a girl-next-door-way without all that going on. Again JMO.

        Xmas, IMO, is beautiful in a classic beauty kind of way. She even looks lovely without the makeup so doesn’t need that much anyway. I would like to have her bone structure.

        Alex – can be a sex kitten with makeup but I love that she’s cool enough to sit around without it on camera so much… Play down her looks.

        When I first saw her, I thought I’d hate her (not her personally but the character she’s playing) because I thought she was going to be a high maintenance princess. Glad she wasn’t.

        All of them are perfectly fine without without makeup. More than fine. Ahhh, youth! :)

      • Hey hon, I’m sorry if you thought I was saying you were jealous or whatever. Sorry, that wasn’t directed at you. It was directed at the haters who say Jessica is ugly. You didn’t say that so it was not directed at you at all. Sorry it came across that way.
        Jessica does have a funny looking chin, chin strap? I’ve never heard that before LOL what does that mean?
        Yes, her contouring under her eyes is bad, she needs to make it darker because it’s very obvious.

      • Youth! Yes to have that back again. Sniff sniff!
        I am a lucky year, usually people think I am 10 years younger than I am. No Botox hee hee but I feel like I look old but inside I feel super young at heart.
        I agree on your assessment of all of the girls in the house. I was happy Jessica wasn’t high maintenance.
        Like you, I thought she was going to be a little princess.

        As for Raven, I just can NOT stand the sight of Ravens face but, I think it’s because I dislike her personality so much! And because everything is always about her, plus she always has to one up someone! And because she is a psychotic, lying biatch, con artist! She makes me sick! So, I just can’t look past that & see any beauty.

        Again, sorry for the misunderstanding! Again I was not meaning to insult you whatsoever. Of course not! I think you are a cool chick and I enjoy our conversations/reading your comments. XO 😘

    • OK, I will be honest here AS MUCH AS I do NOT want to say a single positive thing about Raven!
      I said to my husband the other day that “Raven looks like she has put some weight on in a good way and her face looks better (has filled out) and she doesn’t have huge bags under eyes like she did.”
      My husband disagrees and says she’s STILL “fugly”

      MY guess is she’s not making herself sick in the house (because she doesn’t need to physically con people/doctors at the moment,) so she’s probably the healthiest she has ever been!
      Maybe getting away from her Munchhausen Mom was a good thing!
      Well, obviously it’s a good thing regardless because the two of them together are just double the con artists!
      But even if Raven looks pretty,it would be obscured due to her psychotic personality!

    • She has a really nice body, doesn’t hurt that she’s a dancer. Her face and hair sometimes looks good and sometimes doesn’t, and I don’t just mean with makeup vs without, I mean sometimes it’s done nicely sometimes it isn’t… which is weird. She somehow looked pretty in the episode she was left on the block with Matt after the veto ceremony so maybe with the makeup thing less is more for her.

  23. Ok, watching bbad now .. is so hard to watch and listen to Alex . But someone below said Raven may go up so now I have to force myself to watch 😂

  24. I hate Paul (he plays a bully, slimy game; no dr. will/dan gheesling/derrick here), but I’m glad these people are getting slammed, one by one, because they were too stupid to listen to (or follow) Cody when he pegged the two house threats (Paul and Xmas) week one. (karma be a bitch)

    • Is this just for episode content? Seems like every week they have to have a few clips that make casual viewers wonder who will go home when we know better.

      • Last year Nicole spilled the beans about that. She was talking to Corey about a complete different plan. Cody was like ???? She said it was to give content to production.

    • Do you think he really means it? I don’t think so.
      Paul has likely been warned by BBPro (Paul’s showmance) that Josh is “on to him,” so he (P) is trying to throw Josh off of his scent!
      Is it working?

    • Sitting next to Sea Hag Alex for the money isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Paul’s game.

      The girl is foul. Carries on like a rabid hyena. No one will feel the need to kiss and make nice after all the hateful, hurtful things she’s spent all summer screeching at them.

      It stops being just a game in the jury house. What she sent around is most surely going to come around and it’s going to bite her big time.

  25. Why do they bother taking a poll when most of the people voted for Matt to be evicted from the game and don’t follow through like why bother

  26. Does Paul really believe all his BS predictions (like eviction tomorrow), or is he trying to throw the others off?

    • Honestly can’t tell, none of his “predictions” have been right; he’s either trying to scare the other HGs, or he’s losing his mind.

    • Probably to throw the others off.

      Leave them crapping their pants with jittery anxiety. Then sit back like a serene Budda and enjoy the ensuing show.

  27. WHO woulda thunk Josh of all people would be the one to catch on to Paul!!
    The question is, does Josh have the balls to go against Paul??!!?
    & OF COURSE Paul wins the veto just as Josh is catching on to him! I could be wrong but didn’t Paul want to throw this Veto to someone else? (Aside from Jason and Alex) Again, So he (P) didn’t have to show his cards?? And if that were the case, why did Paul end up going for it?!
    AND this highly scripted season plot thickens!………

    • Josh seems to be really good at game talk and noticing things others don’t see. It’s not like he’s a Matt or raven and just clueless. And he seems to be more shrewd than Alex and Jason. It’s kinda natural that he clicked with Christmas and Paul. As a trio they’re probably the smartest in the house game wise.

      • I guess Josh just seemed god awful because he was horrible to so many HGs for most of the game. Now that he has calmed down for the most part, I guess we get to see the good side/smart side of Josh!
        Whereas Alex who was smart in the beginning is so clouded with unnecessary hatred that she is not focussed on the game!
        It’s like the two of them change the roles!
        It’s very bizarre!

    • josh will just have to go along for ride he cant win comps ,if they don’t take Jason out he will win it all

  28. Since we already know who’s winning this season, how about a few “what if” final 2 scenarios:
    Kevin vs Raven
    Josh vs Xmas
    Alex vs Jason
    Kevin vs Josh
    Alex vs Xmas
    Xmas vs Raven
    Kevin vs Alex

    Any takers?😝

    • Kevin over Raven
      Christmas over Josh
      Jason over Alex
      Kevin over Josh
      Christmas over Alex
      Christmas over Raven
      Kevin over Alex

      • Nice list, but you really think Christmas could beat Alex?
        I personally don’t like Alex but she actually won a few comps without having them handed to her. Christmas can’t say the same.

      • Christmas has a better social game.

        In a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea people will always go with the person who was nice to them over Sea Hag running her mouth at top volume through the corridors of the Big Brother house.

      • I thing thee are sure votes for Christmas over Alex…….
        Josh for Christmas
        Kevin for Christmas
        Elena for Christmas
        Cody for Christmas (Jessica hates Alex)
        Matt for Christmas (Alex voted to keep Mark)

    • Paul has to be part of the Final 2 and they are only fighting for 2nd if you call it that! Some of them do not even care to get 2nd so, I think this late in the game, it has to be Paul vs Josh, Paul vs Christmas, Paul vs Raven as the most likely combo. Alex and Jason was HOH multiple times and wasted their HOHs! They should have been gunning for Josh and Christmas. If they are not in the Big Brother House, how can Paul take them to Final 2? Kevin is poor in competitions so, I do not consider him lasting aside from Paul wanting those who did not play any semblance of game to assure he wins easily! Raven has not won anything so, if Josh or Christmas win HOH again or even Paul could be sent packing.

      • I don’t think you understood the reason behind my post; Paul’s gonna win, these f2 scenarios were ment to be a joke

    • Kevin

      Unlisted “What if?” Scenario

      Alex vs Raven: House burns down…. “mysteriously.”

    • Paul told Xmas if they force a tie, she’ll get “the kill” (credit) for taking out Jason, the person 29th the most comp wins/biggest threat, which enhances her F2 resume.

      I still think he wants Jason gone first, despite his counter logic about “Kevin can’t win so doesn’t matter if Jason’s with him” and “…only mental comps are left”, etc. He’s just giving off shades of confusion and of openness to whatever. But he’s still gunning for Jason, I believe.

    • Yup .. 2 for kevin and 2 for jason and Xmas should break the tie , unless it’s a rogue vote which should not be , and Xmas will be absolutely fine evicting jason.

  29. Why people are so pissed off at the only houseguest actually playing the game is beyond belief. The bulk of the cast appear to be parasites hopping from host to host. Paul is a puppet master, but only because he has been allowed to be. He ls the strongest and smartest, and if others want to piss and moan because they got schooled, so be it.

    • That is the problem. There is no gameplay at all! One player playing is like playing poker with the computer. It becomes a joke then. There should be atleast, random evictions to change the trajectory of the game. If the minions just want to float, then, they should be evicted at random! After all, who cares if Christmas or Josh or Raven go first? It would not matter because nobody was playing to win which they should be!
      They do not want to play then, just evict them at random. Atleast, then, maybe they may decide to actually make a move? Seriously, this version of Big Brother for 3 years now is a big, fat joke! I still remember the times Janelle, Mike Boogie, Danielle Donato, Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, Jeff played. They played to win as it should be!

      • And paul isn’t ?? He is the only one that IS playing to win !!! He wants to win, the fact that the others are fine w jury is not his fault . He got put in a really bad group of ppl who are just clueless . He is nonstop game and running circles around these ppl . Rachel he was awful !!!! Ugh . Could not stand her !!!! I wanted to punch her through the TV set .. she won . Usually winner is not liked , doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it tho. Hate him all you want but at least he is playing to win not to go to jury.

    • Thank you !!!! I have the same mindset . Usually the person closest to Win is not liked .. I’ve almost never ever liked anyone who won. This is the first one that I really anticipate Paul to win . He played the best game , from day one . None of the safety he did himself. He didn’t ask for it and he has turned the whole house around that not one of them
      Has put him otb. Just because people hate him ( strong word) dislike a lot , it doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy .. and doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the win , he absolutely deserves it .

  30. Now Paul is telling his minions Raven and Christmas that they should get rid of Jason first. After telling Raven and Josh that it should be Alex.

    I honestly don’t know what he wants.

    • I think at this point Paul is not sure what he wants and, he is becoming drained because of his “information lying overload!”
      How long can this kid go manipulating and lying to everyone without getting busted! How he has managed to never a slip up and say the wrong thing to someone or say something to someone when someone he doesn’t realize is in the room etc.
      He’s good!

      • He’s good . He is that good . What he is saying is his truth . So it’s not really lying, and if u believe what ur saying and to be ur truth then u can’t get caught lying cause in reality it’s his reality . Make sense 🤔

    • He wants to spilt the votes so he can vote to evict Kevin (I’m assuming he’s going on the block). That’s way he has no blood on his hands with Alex and Jason and still gets Jason’s jury vote. So let’s say Alex and Paul vote to evict Kevin, Josh and Raven vote to Jason, that’s leaves Christmas evicting Jason to break the tie. Christmas has already agreed to this. Why, I don’t know. The only person this benefits is Paul.

      • Paul told her that way she gets “the kill” – credit for taking out the person with the most wins/Jason – which is good for her F2 resume.

      • Why just Paul ? It benefits her as well since he is one of the better competitors. He started winning quite a bit and got a lil cocky .. he shouldn’t have gone against what the house wanted and Alex !!! So it does benefit them also . The next one to go would be Alex since she also is great at comps. If she wins , of course it’s going to be kevin and Raven? Maybe ..

    • He wants Jason out . Jason and Kevin are OTB . They have 2 votes for Kevin , not to look obvious and the other votes for jason . Jason should be leaving the house . It’s DE .. and I’m sooooo wishing and hoping kevin wins and puts Alex up .. he won’t put paul .. but maybe Xmas . Alex will go ! That’s a perfect scenario in my head !

    • Hahaha .. he is . I would believe him and trust him 💯 % and I’m not that guilable.. but being in a house like that and not really sure of anything , you have to choose someone that u trust! 😱 It would be hard for me to go against him . Xmas and josh would have a better chance of one of them winning … next to paul I don’t think they do… but we aren’t there yet , something , someone can explode and could turn over .

  31. Josh’s concern to Christmas is not about trust. It’s about Paul not getting blood on his hands. Nothing came out of it, because he can’t offer any alternative. So as Christmas. They don’t know how to get to F3, and Paul is their guide. lol I enjoyed listening to his elaborate plan for them to get to the end….he talked too fast I couldn’t follow him…but he’s really good. Paul fans, check it out. (flashback Convo tonight Paul/X-Mas)

    • Honestly, if I was in Josh and Christmas’s position, I would just do what Paul says. Then cut him at F3/F4 if the opportunity presents.

    • When it gets down to last 4 assuming Kevin is still in the Big Brother House, Christmas and Josh would be the majority plus Paul. Do they have the cojones to take out Paul then? That is the correct decision assuring them both of getting atleast, $50,000 and the other the top prize of $500,000. Whoever, manages to take out Paul deserves that $500,000!

      • That is the last shot they will have of evicting Paul. They waited too long to try and get him out! Hard to see any of them beating Paul in the best of 3 HOH competition to reach the Finals.
        Paul competing against the likes of Josh, Christmas, Kevin or Raven whoever is left. I think he easily wins the best of 3 competition and gets to choose who he wants sitting beside him for the Final 2.

  32. I was hoping to see a little of intent for a competition following Alex exit in the coming week, but it is Jason instead, so it just got easier for Paul much more than it has been all season.
    Whoever that will shoot out Alex next week should win HoH as Paul is now invisible.

    • Too bad Jason is getting evicted ahead of Alex because Alex has just been flat out dumb in all her decisions. On the plus side, it will be double eviction so, I guess it does not matter one bit! Alex is going out next so, we will have all the die hard, do nothing minions in the majority. Kevin has no chance unless, he somehow wins HOH and puts two of the useless minions like Raven, Josh or Christmas on the block. I hope he is somehow able to win HOH so, atleast, one useless minion gets evicted! One interesting scenario is when it gets to last 4, Christmas and Josh have majority vote.
      Do they dare take out Paul instead, of Kevin at last 3 before the Final 3 competitions?
      Now, if they were smart, that is what they will do and they certainly, will not take Kevin to the Finals. If they use their heads, Christmas and Josh guarantee one of them gets $50,000 and the other $500,000! Whoever, evicts Paul deserves to win that $500,000 just because they had the cojones to do so!

      • Xmas won’t take josh , she is very …close to paul , and the final comps are hard , she most likely won’t be able to play or if she does she may have to make a deal w paul and if she throws it he will take her instead of josh . I want them as final 3 .. w kevin if not Josh .. I agree , whoever gets paul out should win but I don’t think anyone right now is going to . Raven clinging to
        Him , Xmas very close .. kevin too scared to do anything .. josh would be the one and if he doesn’t cool it w the paul talk then he will be going up , Alex thinks she’s f2 w him also. He has played this to a T !!! He has to win

    • I think Josh may be the wildcard here .. I dunno if he would make a move on him because he would piss off the house and then he would be a target instead of going to final 4-3 . It’s double eviction, so jason goes and would be awesome if kevin won and put Alex up !!! Then she’s gone .

  33. the game plan is Jason then kevin or Kevin then Jason. the double eviction people are talking about, Paul win HOH, This game is so bad started out good, we have a player who was exempt from the first eviction, then three weeks then another week when Matt gave him his temptation , So Paul has been exempt for a total of 5 weeks from the chance to go home.
    That is allot of time in the BB house that is almost half the season , In most seasons that would be the talk of the house, but not so this year, When and IF Paul makes it to the final two , will the Jury talk about that, That is a big point on interest,
    And every year we here the fools talk about who like who in Jury, well. do that not watch BB it is not about likes ,it is about game, And this year they have made it look like Paul is this wonder wizard who controls everything, The script this year is bad and it is not hard to see what will happen, The smartest move for anyone one these players left would be to take Raven to the final two. who ever does that will win hands down,

    • Another Paul ploy if he talks to the jury. He will tell them he NEVER went OTB. Another reason he NEVER volunteered to b a pawn!!!!

    • I know I don’t wish to see another season where ANYONE wins more than a week of safety. It’s too much for anyone. I enjoyed the temptation theme but that’s too much and don’t want to see that much ever again.

      • America gave him safety, they could have voted for anyone . It’s not his fault that he got it , and not his fault that Matt gave him safety. Paul talks about it in the DR , like how the heck are all these ppl so oblivious. The 3 weeks is done and over , no need to keep bringing it up , America did that . Kevin brought him back in , if not Kevin it would have been one of the other 7 I think that pushed the button . So there were many chances for them after he was not safe . Even Jessica didn’t put him up !! We can’t say it’s rigged .. most of these guys actually like him , they may even want him to win or carry them to final 2 . Any way u slice it , its good , no great gameplay and he got lucky w a bunch of clueless houseguests. And what racial slurs or comments did he make ??? I’ve watched all of what I can , not live feeds , I’ve never heard him say ONE racial word . You can hate him but you have to agree he has played and that is BB .. there is a 500 grand pot at the end of the rainbow here .. I don’t know why everyone is so amped up on this being rigged and terrible and hate paul . It is what it is . I can’t think of anyone who has played and set this game up better then he has .

  34. I want to see Big Brother, Hunger Games style.

    The evictee dies every week. The winner gets like $50m.

    I bet they could get a lot of people to compete.

    I’m only semi-joking.

    • They can turn on Paul any time they want to. They choose not to. Because he is that good.

      You’re just salty that he got rid of your favorite player.

      • He’s not that good. They are all just THAT bad! If I put my personal feelings aside, and think rationally, then yes, Paul has controlled every aspect of the game and gave it 💯 percent. I just don’t like the guy and he should have never been brought back to start with, IMO, because last year’s mistake was HIS fault. But with my personal feelings aside, at this point, and I imagine that nothing is going to change as far as the other HGs are concerned, he HAS played harder than anyone else. Thus far. Just sucks that they are all lame!

  35. I said it before will say it again!! CBS rigged this whole season for Paul to win!! Everyone has been saying what a great game he is playing but are you people for real? He was given 3 weeks protection! He has had brain dead other house guest bully for him make racist statments! Paul is not a very good person! CBS should never had him back! And have Christmas stay after she got hurt! And didn’t play in many comp! And win head of household twice (give me a break)You can dissagree with me but Kevin is the best player they have on here this year!! PAUL HAS GOT TO GO!!

      • Yes , hands down.. like him or not .. he should win ! Kevin has done nothing ! He has snitched , he can’t say a sentence without the f word .. he’s told a million stories twice .. and hasn’t won one single thing , except the 25 grand . They all know , if he end up next to paul I wouldn’t think they would vote for him .

    • I don’t consider Kevin the “best” player, given his track record, or lack thereof, but I do believe he is one of the better person in the house. I assume that’s what you were implying? His character is the best? Giving my disdain for the rest of the HGs, by default, Kevin is the one that I am rooting for to win. Doubt that it would ever happen considering he has never won anything, but I would be pleased if he did! 😁 Hope you have a great weekend!

  36. ••First things first…… I know Josh is becoming increasingly aware of Paul’s manipulation etc. however, is Josh acting on it? Thinking forward with Christmas about it? Does Josh think/feel solid with Paul and their F3 is a for sure thing? What is going on in Josh’s head? Anything exciting we might expect next week? Or just wishful thinking on my part?
    ••Is Jason still the clear target? Or has it shifted? Does Jason now know he is the target? Is he campaigning? Does he stand a chance?

    • I think he does know it’s f3 w him and Xmas . He’s just thinking out loud .. hasn’t confronted Paul and never will, he tried w Xmas and she shut him down . So he’s alone w his thoughts , and said he would NOT turn on him . Jason is the target , no he does not know And probably won’t Til he walks out the door , 2 votes from paul and Alex and 2 votes from Raven and josh .. I think they worked out the voting so he is going for sure , if it all goes according to plan. He isn’t campaigning, he’s sitting next to his so called friend that he saved , and didn’t use the veto . So that is why he is there . U disobey orders u get put up . Unless something heinous happens he should be leaving . I think I covered all ur ? With what I think will happen 👍👍

      • Yes, you most certainly did Cover it all, thank you.
        I don’t think Jason is on the block/getting evicted because he didn’t use the Veto last week, Jason was the target last week but won HOH. He was Paul’s target regardless although not listening to Paul sealed his fate for sure!
        No one gets away with not listening to Paul!
        ” Begone peasant! I rule this kingdom! Now off with his head!” Says Paul

      • Hahahaha .. bubble baths w Xmas and Alex and being served grapes and strawberries in the house of Paul 🤗

  37. It’s crazy, especially considering how much I dislike Josh, (basically dislike ALL of them), that I am actually cheering for him because he is starting to call Paul out on all of his 💩!!!!! This could FINALLY get good!!!!!

    • Is he actually calling Paul out? To his face? Or is Josh just speculating but still not doing anything about it?

      • Mostly speculating, and discussing it with Christmas. I doubt that Josh would call him out to his face, so maybe I should have clarified that. Just seeing one of them catching on to Paul and saying it out loud, whether to the camera or another person, is still gratifying!

      • xmas keeps josh on a tight leash and never lets him stray to far from his cage. he will never go anywhere with his suspicions.

      • That’s probably all it will be, a tease! I wonder if production planted that in Josh’s mind so we can see someone pondering over Paul’s scheming?! Out of all of them that’s left, Josh is one of the last ones that I would think that would catch on to Paul. (Ever though it’s extremely obvious, to us at least, I still wouldn’t expect JOSH to be the one!)
        Just like last season how Nicole mentioned that production wanted her to discuss different possibilities and scenarios out loud; that way they could cut it and make it more suspenseful, instead of predictable.
        Not sure if I articulated that well enough to get my point across without confusing you?

      • Yes , just speculating. He was in hoh room alone and just talking it all out, knowing what Paul is doing but will stay loyal in the same breath . Oi !

    • Yes !!! He’s not dumb , he runs his own company , and isn’t as stupid as ppl think . Besides the pots and pans he’s actually grown on me a little , he was talking to himself and I think he figured it out, BUT he also said he would not turn on him.. he would back him and stay loyal to him and Xmas . Those are the final 3 I’m hoping for . If no Xmas then kevin . So he didn’t really call him out , he just talked it out .. and he can’t say anything to Xmas because she shuts him down .. so I hope he just stays quiet .. if Xmas thinks that he will blindside paul or try and turn on him he will be next to go.

      • Absolutely correct. Christmas would run to Paul and Josh would be the next to go. It would be smart to keep it quiet, especially now that they are allowing Paul to take Alex off the block, and then vote to evict Kevin! (Other words, Josh wouldn’t be able to get Alex on his side to evict Paul because she is being led to believe he is her ally).

  38. The past week or so I have noticed a change in Raven’s appearance but I couldn’t pinpoint it until watching a little bit of BBAD last night/Saturday night.
    THE LAST thing I want to do is say anything nice about Raven whatsoever! She is a psychotic, lunatic, con artist, lying, little biatchy!
    BUT I finally figured it out! Looking past the pound of make up Raven puts on and how bad of a job she does “contouring her face” and ends up looking like a clown!
    🤡 “Hi, I am Raven! ”
    However, Ravens face is becoming fuller, and the bags under her eyes are not as huge & dark as they once were!
    I am thinking she is probably the healthiest she has ever been due to “Munchhausen Mommy”
    Raven doesn’t need to be “physically sick” because she is not out there “conning doctors and people”! So she’s eating and looking healthier! Perhaps taking better care of herself!? (Although picking at her scabs & chowing down on them can’t be healthy!) Gag 🤢
    This only proves more and more that she is a con artist! But it’s just something I noticed. She looks better/prettier. In my opinion!
    BUT THIS WILL be the ONLY nice thing I will EVER say about Raven again! She is a terrible terrible human being! And I can’t wait for the day she gets out of the BB house and finds out her “BS Go Fund Me” page did not reach the “$200,000 she was asking for,” not even close! & she will owe all that money back to her family members b/c it’s likely her family was the one donating money!
    AND I canNOT wait for Raven to exit the BB house & finds out she is nowhere near “America’s Yweetheart!” And how she has been busted! That we Americans and Canadians are NOT as stupid as she clearly thinks we all are!!!!
    My only wish in regards to her is I wish we all could witness it first hand, live!

    • Yeah being away from her lunatic mother does seem to be better for her. Two lunatics in the same household is a disaster! Haha It’s very difficult for me to try and find something positive about her as well, but I can see what you a talking about. It would be the greatest thing ever to be able to see her reaction when reality slaps her in the face! And I hope it slaps her hard!! That’s so vindictive of me, but I don’t even feel remorse for it, which is unusual for me because I am very empathetic! Maybe that’s why I let her get to me even worse, for trying to manipulate my emotions for sympathy! I certainly don’t want her to win!! I can’t stand ANY of them, but I will be extremely disgusted if Raven wins!! Extremely! Ugh Makes me sick to even think about that scenario!

      • And I hope to never see a glimpse of her, ever again! UNLESS, it’s for an indictment for fraud, or captures her reaction when she finds out that she is hated! That would be priceless! 😂😁

    • You know , I think u may be right !!! She doesn’t know how to apply makeup that’s for sure 🤡 But she does look a little better . Omg .. is that what it could be , her mom is the one making her sick and making her “think” she is that sick ?! That’s terrible , but I’m kinna thinking you are on to something and that very well could be it !!! She is a liar and has made up several non existent diseases or disorders .. I know NO doctor has given her any of that type of diagnonsense! Hmmm .. the mother . That a very real perception if so. 🤔😲

      • She could be making herself sick also , whatever she picked outta her butt and ate 🤢🤢 and in the shower eating boogers .. I dunno if that would make her sick but she is making me sick 😷🤢🤢

      • Oh yeah, she is a product of “Mommy Munchhausen” for sure! Her mom is crazy, have you seen her on YouTube or anything at all?
        But that said, Raven is an adult and she seeks attention and sympathy at crazy levels! & she is old enough to not constantly be talking about diseases she has etc. And, she’s just as guilty as her mom because, Raven is several times a day still making up BS. Every single day it’s one or two or more things new wrong with her or just exaggerated stories/stories! She is psychotic and she needs to seek immediate help following this game!
        I have no sympathy for her! She is a con artist!

      • Wow ! I give the same face that they do when she talks about another illness or another fabricated story . She’s pathological.. and hope she didn’t think this was going to be her game play … all it did for me was making me like her less and less.

      • Honestly, I don’t believe it has anything to do with her gameplay, she is just simply psychotic and a pathological liar! Sympathy whore

      • YW. I just got through cooking my breakfast. I’m having a personal size thin crust supreme pizza, Digiorno style. When you worked 12 hr swing for most of your life, you can eat anything at any time of the day, at least I can.

      • You sound like me! My mother thinks it is the strangest thing ever that I’d rather eat “dinner” type food for breakfast! Spaghetti, 🍕, tacos, basically anything except for eggs and biscuits. I’d rather have a hamburger for breakfast than sausage and biscuit! I guess it is a little strange, but glad to hear that I’m not the only one! 😁
        (Sorry this has nothing to do with BB!)

      • Love left over spaghetti and garlic bread for breakfast. That is indeed the breakfast of champions. I don’t have feeds. Do the HGs eat “normal” breakfasts? Matt is a given, but he’s gone.

      • I honestly couldn’t tell you what types of food they eat…? I’ve never even paid attention to that detail. I only know about Matt’s eating preference because of so much attention it got! lol

        I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a safe and fun Labor Day! 😁

      • You most certainly did! Haha You reeled that in and integrated the subject impressively! 👍👏🙌💃😜

      • Raven was eating cereal last night and staring at the pic wall, she even raised her spoon to give Matt a bite 🤷‍♀️😂

      • I dunno , he is a stay at home dad , wouldn’t u think he would know how to cook w 7 kids ???? Something not right about him . I still like him and wish they would be decent w him . There is a lot of talk about him being in movies, I guess he has caught the eye of some producers and they like how he talks and mannerisms and think he would be a good actor. Lol … that would be awesome if they did !

      • Jason has cooked for him . Xmas .. Alex is just evil . I want her out next so they will leave kevin alone !!!

  39. play talk;
    I thought paul didn’t want pov
    will paul get his hands dirty with pov play?
    will Jason ever figure out that his worst move was throwing the hoh to xmas?

    • He’s trying his best not to. He’s talking the Paul talk, you know spinning and curving, and bobbing and weaving.

      • Alex has been doing some dissing of Jason behind his back. I think Paul will take her off the block, so Alex and Jason shouldn’t be going at each other. But, of course, I think mad dog Alex is planning to make Kevin miserable. Part of the game, but she’s a tad harsh, imo.

      • alex will not rest until kev is gone. so, if alex is taken off the block Jason will not blame alex?

      • Yes , I had her as my fav for final 2 w paul , but then I saw and read the awful awful chit she was saying … she’s a mean girl ! She will be next .. I hope . Kevin can stay Til the end, they ( paul, Xmas, josh) can pick them off one at a time , if she doesn’t get hoh I’m thinking she will be up with Kevin again.

      • Yes !!!!! If she doesn’t win or Kevin… I’m hoping paul can convince her to be a “pawn” again .. well he didn’t this time, she volunteered!! I want her out so bad and would be awesome if she did next to kevin !

      • I don’t think so , I don’t think he is going to know until he walks out the door .. I’m sure he is paranoid, with good right to be , but Alex and Jason aren’t THAT committed to one another , I’ve heard jason say he would cut her loose several times, and she’s just in it for herself and to final 4 or 2 … I think production may also influence to evict him for the awful rape convo . I dunno .. I just know he’s going .

      • Is that not the point ??? Is he not trying to win or just sitting around eating cereal and sleeping … and being a total tool doesn’t mean he’s bad , he’s trying to WIN !!

      • Lol , yes .. I meant for the haters , I mean u can hate him all you want but he IS playing the best game . His antics may be horrible, but other seasons they have had some really mean ppl too . He deserves the win because none of the others have done chit to stop
        Him. They only have themselves to blame . They are all fine going to jury , he isn’t .. he wants to win !!! #teampaulalltheway!!!

      • That makes 2 of us. I hope he makes it. It might get a little rough, but I’m with him until the end, whenever the end is.

      • Yes me too , he’s gotten a lot of flack , racial, cult leader, bully, etc .. if anyone goes and watches past seasons there is always always that ONE sometimes 2 ppl that are awful . I don’t know why he is getting so much hate for trying to win !! He absolutely has played this from day 1 … and for him to make it this far as a vet and never been on the block , it’s amazing !! Don’t have to agree but agree to disagree about him, but he really does deserve this win . So so many hateful ppl , and it’s nothing like anyone would think or know unless you have been in that house . I’m guessing it’s a lot harder to play then to watch and judge .

      • Final 2 ? Paul and ? Xmas ? Josh .. Raven , kevin. I think he would win over them .. I think ! Cody would be the only one that would vote against him but then again, he may vote for him because he did play them all .

      • Not sure if Cody could swallow his pride long enough to vote for Paul. I don’t know if he and Jess will be able to see each other before the vote, I’m sure they will not talk, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they have some kind of signal set up between them where Jessica tells him who to vote for. ha I’m naturally a skeptical person and suspicious of most everybody. I wonder why ???? lol

      • I didn’t think he would win either , I didn’t think he wanted it . He should NOT use it just like jason did NOT use it . Karma

  40. I will say it again this game is so rigged it is not funny. Paul is a big bully and likes to tell people what to do and if you go against him then your head will roll. Wake up production you are not fooling anyone

    • Casting has been bad for the past 3 years atleast, I used to enjoy Big Brother but, have given Alison Grodner all the chances to improve the casting. Sadly, we will have more of the same down the line. I might sign up for CBS All Access to watch the past seasons of Big Brother with Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Rachel. Oh, those were the days, how I so miss all the gameplay! One person playing by himself is big, fat joke!
      A good thing, we still have Survivor, the real deal whether tribal members actually play to win! This is my last season of Big Brother (the bad version), like Dancing With the Stars, producers can mess up a good thing! Only thing keeping me on this blog is to see if Christmas or Josh has the cojones to take out Paul when they are down for 4! I do not even bother to watch TV episodes.

      • I didn’t like the show , it was getting really boring , I didn’t start watching Til maybe 7-8-9-10 hell I don’t know , but not every single season . It was slow , ppl were boring .. didn’t keep my attention . I’m guessing other ppl wrote in as well and they wanted to spice it up a bit , HOW did they know these ppl were gonna be a bunch of azz clowns 🤡 I dunno , but throwing paul in there did make it more interesting… I actually like this season and more interested in it then any other .. and first time I’ve ever joined any bb blogs and chats . I’m quite entertained by this cast . I guess I’m the only one that likes Paul and hopes he wins, he did the best the best talk the talk and walk and walk. I guess I’m lil crazy 😜 but it’s funny and almost unimaginable how clueless these ppl ( besides Paul) are .

    • Of course it’s rigged. How can you have a show go 19 years, and not have a single black winner? What other reality competition show has never had a black winner in 19 years?

      • Omg 😣 For real ? This isn’t about race .. for a long time they didn’t have any girls that won either .. eventually if they stay on for how many seasons then they might . No one has been able to make it because they haven’t made it yet . It’s not rigged . It’s not racial . It’s just a game and some ppl are better at playing it then others .

    • Having others do your dirty work…yes, that’s how the game is supposed to be played. Instructing your followers to harass and bully someone till they crack … no, that’s not game, that’s personal. And Paul does not know (or care) about how to separate the two. It’s the constant personal attacks that cause people to dislike Paul so much this season.

      • I think he was mainly doing that for Cody !!! They did not like one another at all !!! And every one of them could have played alone and played their own game . I didn’t like it either , them going after Kevin when he has done nothing !!! Absolutely nada ! But do not have to harass him and make him feel so alone . Glad jason is there and talks to him . If paul would just have a convo w him and tell him we can make a deal and he can be the final 4th the others , IF He will not stop talking tho and giving away ppls game moves and he can’t Be trusted . They need Alex to go then Raven , josh , Kevin that will leave them final 4 but anything could change and it all blow up !

  41. The HGs hide behind Paul’s gameplay bc #1 they “feel” safe and #2 it’s a lil of the mob mentality….Don’t get called out….don’t get involved in the fights & don’t go against the house. ie Paul. They are scared to make moves bc they think they will go home. All the while they are one by one walking out the door. 💸 🤕

    • It’s all been played before with some real aholes .. I don’t know why everyone hates this season, just because of Paul . He seems to be pretty good at manipulation but he still wants his f4 with Xmas, josh, and I dunno know .. so they will stay safe. If Kevin would ever win he would or maybe wouldn’t put him up ( paul) . Most ppl hate the season because they hate the person who is doing the best . I was like that w brenchel.. ugh 😑 I couldn’t watch anymore .. that was a terrible season for me because I disliked her sooo much !! This time I’m ok w Paul if he wins since I really thought he should have won.

  42. When Paul played last year I wanted him to win. This season I hope he looses the 500,000 again. I’m sick of these suck face players who want to hurt others feelings by picking and fighting with each other. Christmas is the biggest joke of them all. She has done nothing! HOH’s being thrown to her makes her look bad, then she does as Paul wants. She is NO competition beast as she claims! I know her foot got broke which should have taken her out of the game to begin with. But being a mental competition beast isn’t there either. She is just taking up space from players who wanted play this game. As I watch how these guys are playing I have more and more respect for Cody and Jessica! Can’t wait to see the dummy looks on their faces when Paul wins the 500,000. If you watch the live feeds all that comes out of the players mouths is the F bomb repeatedly! They act worse then teen agers. This includes Kevin as well….it’s F this and F that! GET NEW PRODUCERS OF THIS SHOW! 3 WEEKS OF SAFETY WASN’T FAIR IN THE BEGINNING TO ALL THE OTHER PLAYERS.

    • Omg what a bunch of morans ! It was even embarrassing to watch. All of them throwing it was obvious. Xmas who died and made u Queen ! Cursing at everyone, I can’t stand any of these a**holes. The dumbest ppl on the planet. Did anyone of them ever watch BB ?! Obviously not, cause no one knows what the hell to do except obey Paul. WOW !!!! W O R E S T BB S E A S O N I have ever seen, this show should be cancelled after this. Worst bullying ever, meanest ppl ever and production let all of it happen. Matt should have been evicted for breaking ALL the rules, and then production yelled at Kevin for eating 1 minute earlier after getting off of slop which Alex threw away on purpose so he’d have nothing to eat
      Was Xmas actually just talking to her stomach ? OyVa 😵

  43. Producers don’t really have that much say , they do ask and sway them in the dr , but I don’t think they are setting it all for him to win. He is just playing a good game and Better at it then they are . Sure he was second last year and really should have won . He’s had a lot of help tho w the safety but once all that was gone he had to play the best way he could , no way was he going to let that 500k go this time . I don’t see any other hg that has talked / schemed/ plot /played like he has. He will win because he knows how to work this group

  44. I agree with pretty much everything Brooklyn has said. The producers don’t control as much as some of you think they do. I do think they may switch some of the competitions in order of who may be able to win them but I have no proof of that.
    This will get me some haters for sure. I’ve watched every single episode since the beginning and had live feeds every year they were available. Each cast member this year has something about them that everybody could find fault with.
    Christmas – probably should have left the game after the broken foot incident because she couldn’t play in all of the comps. Paul – I love, to be able to keep three pairs of people happy and be the 3rd wheel for each is amazing. The comment he made that so many think was racial was the farthest thing from that. Today’s world just looks for that in every comment made anywhere. Matt – Totally worthless to everybody except keeping Ravens bed warm and doing dishes, until the end when others threw him wins and he was obnoxious as hell eating cereal all of the time and wearing the same shirt for months. He should have been evicted for disobeying all of the HN rules. Dominique – Got caught up in a web that was created around her but played a sneaky game with her little tv show. Elena – Basically useless except to try and further her “radio” career and string Mark along. Jason – Thought he was a good guy and probably is but has that crude mentality with his sexual comments that he thinks is funny. Cameron – Didn’t stand a chance. Jessica – Had a really good chance of being one of the last two if she wouldn’t have joined with Cody. She gave up $500,000 for a person that will never fit into her world outside the house. Mark – Wanted to have a show-mance at whatever cost and couldn’t think of anything else while Elena was there, cried way too much. Megan – nothing to comment on. Josh – Annoying as hell with his loudness and horrible use of the English language, has some brains but continues to butt in when another person is talking. Cody – Yuck, he reminds me of a psycho axe murderer with no social skills. Alex – Seems like a spoiled little brat and treats Jason like crap. She’s the only one that does anything right in her opinion. Cuts down all of the other girls for their sexual talk but throws her boobs in all of the guys’ faces. Jillian – I don’t even remember anything about her. Kevin – Wish he would just go home, hasn’t done a single thing for himself except wash towels for the house. Whines like a baby if someone doesn’t cook for him and every other sentence is “Do you know what I mean?” “Listen to me”, I can’t imagine living with him. I think his wife must feel the same because he never mentions her and I would hate to be his son because he only says nice things about a couple of his “wonderful” girls. Ramses – Got caught up in Kevin’s lies about winning the $25,000 and the votes. Didn’t stand a chance. Raven – Blew it, had everyone feeling sorry for her at first but carried it too far. I lost it when she told Jason & Paul that she needed surgery on her knew for “roughness kneecap”. She says she has two years to live, why bother doing surgery on a knee that she seems to be able to jump around on and do flips.
    Now with all of those characters please tell me why Paul shouldn’t win. Yes, it would have been an entirely different game if Paul wasn’t there but he is so deal with it. They would all be mindless sheep without him there. I will continue to watch just like everyone else here because I still love the game. If anyone bothers to read all of this, I’m sure I will have plenty of haters.

    • Agree w all of that , u nailed them to the tee! Yes , this season has been some weird casting and comps . I guess Xmas had a choice to leave or stay and she stayed . She knew she probably would never get far , and linked up w the right ppl and still there !! Kevin and Alex will. E put up and then paul Xmas and josh will finally have to fight for themselves. Josh did play , Xmas .. I dunno . Paul yeah . I think he may. E throwing some of the comps so he can do the last ones . Next to Xmas , I think he should win , hands down . Josh .. he’s picked up some fans and momento and wouldn’t be surprised if he won . I hope paul does win tho , second place again or third after all of this and helping these last guys get to where they are , he really deserves it .

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