Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Friday Daytime Highlights

Kevin tries to hide from the rest of BB19

A quiet day so far on the Big Brother 19 Feeds, but there have been several important discussions. Most important might have been a one-way talk as Josh let Feedsters know what he was thinking about Paul and whether or not now was the time to make that move. Well I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 8, 2017:

10:00 AM BBT – HGs get repeated “wake up!” messages but they’re not moving an inch.

11:00 AM BBT – Few HGs moving around. Quiet morning. Very quiet.

11:10 AM BBT – Paul and Josh alone in HoH talking plans. Josh says he wants to tell Alex upfront so she’s not surprised. Both guys agree they are hurting this morning after little sleep and too much booze. Paul warns Josh he’s not allowed to tell Alex in advance.

11:15 AM BBT – Guys discussing how Jason reacted to his eviction. They were surprised at how he marched out and ignored everyone. Josh thought Jason would just take it as a game and not be so upset.

12:50 PM BBT – Christmas and Alex laugh about Raven’s ridiculous claims.

1:00 PM BBT – Christmas and Alex are still hanging out in the kitchen and chatting about the past HGs this season.

1:05 PM BBT – Josh is camtalking about his options this week. He believes if he gets to F2 with Paul then he loses, but he knows if he sticks with Paul now he’ll make it to F3. Josh worries that if he tries to take the shot now then he could risk not only his own game, but Christmas’s game too.

1:10 PM BBT – Josh says that while he loves Paul, he has to separate game from personal. He wonders if he takes the shot now, or waits until F3 to go at Paul.

1:40 PM BBT – Alex is trying to work through the season’s events. She’s going back and forth on a few items.

2:35 PM BBT – Kevin asks Paul about the plan. Paul warns it’ll be Alex and probably him (K) or Christmas. (Paul knows it’ll be Kevin.) Kevin says if he gets HoH next then he’ll target Christmas.

2:40 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul he was hurt that Alex wouldn’t share any of her beers with him. Kevin says he doesn’t mind being alone at this point. He promises Paul to vote how Paul needs if they don’t put him up.

2:50 PM BBT – Paul camtalks that he threw the DE’s Veto comp. Paul is excited and believes he’s made F4 at this point and only has to beat Kevin after that. He worries about the optics of winning Veto this week and not saving Alex. Paul hopes Kevin can somehow win Veto and save himself.

3:25 PM BBT – Paul is practicing days and events alone in the Lounge. Josh and Christmas are napping in the HoH room.

3:50 PM BBT – Paul is talking Christmas through the final days and the logistics of getting through the rest of the cast for finale night. Paul wonders if they’d do another DE.

4:25 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas, and Paul talk in the HoH room and go over their plans for making it to F3.

4:35 PM BBT – Feeds are down for the Nominations.

Find out what happened next with the Friday Overnight Feed Highlights Report.

Paul is feeling very confident about his position in the house and I think he should. Josh is talking up maybe doing something, but he won’t. It boggles the mind. Josh knows he can’t beat Paul. He knows he needs to get Paul out. He won’t do it though. Josh made the comment about worrying the impact on Christmas’s game. He’ll use that as an excuse to dodge taking the shot he needs to win this game.

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Gallery: Live Feeds Highlights


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  1. Christmas wins F4 HOH. Josh wins veto. Josh has the sole power to decide who the final member of F3 is…..

    Do the right thing. Josh. Save this season! Send Paul to jury!

  2. So Paul wants Kevin to win veto, and then who is Josh supposed to put up next to Alex, Christmas or him. He is always throwing comps, but I don’t believe he threw the veto one. He knows he can’t win physical comps so he throws it and looks like he is such a great comp player.

    • I watched the veto comp from last night again. It sure didn’t look to me like Paul was trying to throw it. If it was, it was a good act. He was like in manic mode trying.

  3. I decided this is the order of who I want to win:

    1st choice: Paul
    2nd choice: whichever HG gets Paul out
    3rd choice: don’t really care

    • He felt bad. Josh is still very childish so it is understandable that he gets emotional being away from his family and having to deal with these people each day.

      • Something is wrong with the dude and I think it is more than immaturity he is a basket case.

      • Josh always cries no matter what. He gets into huge fights he cries. He makes a game move he cries. he stubs his toe he cries. Someone farts he cries. The guy is a crybaby. The sad part, he is the only one left in the house who even thinks about targeting Paul so that makes him better than them even Kevin who is completely useless. That said, I think Christmas will likely punt Paul at Final3 if she is lucky enough to win it. Alex lost any ‘game respect’ I had for when she put the two weakest player son the block for ‘revenge’ and din’t target Josh and Christmas both of who voted Jason out which means they’re clearly against her and are better players BY FAR than Kev/Raven… Okay.. this post was too long…

    • It’s a good thing he is in LA right now, he’d be probably crying now with the fear of Irma heading for his home in Miami. I do pray that his family will be ok. As of right, I am in it’s path as well 🙁

  4. Are those Raven TV Guide questions real because they are hilarious. She still doesn’t get what GPA means.

      • Hilarious. The Hollywood Reported was funny as well. They just asked questions, but didn’t really make any comments about her answers.

      • When I read it I couldn’t believe it, but I wish they would have asked her about her spine and all the cartwheels she has done, would love to have heard her answer for that.

  5. This has been the worst bunch of people they have ever picked for one has the balls to make a big move.. so boring..

    • I had high hopes at the begining of the season … BUT talk about a let down.
      While I have been following the updates here, I have not watched the actual show in about 3 weeks. Most of these people make me sick.
      I didn’t like Paul last year, and I pretty much detest him this year!
      I have never seen the mob mentality in the house such has occured this year. And, we all know who is behind it, while he pretends to look on with concern.

      • I totally agree with you I dislike Paul , he will never be one of BB greatest players, because he was put in the house with people who need a leader. BB will be airing a celebrity show because they need to make up for this failed season 19 show.

    • For Josh and Christmas’ games, Alex HAS to go this week. If she doesn’t go and wins HoH or even veto next week, one of them (most likely Josh) is going to jury without a shadow of a doubt.

  6. If Josh tries to get Paul out than Kevin cannot be on the block. He needs Kevin to split the vote. I just don’t think christmas and alex would split the vote, because they are both dumb. Josh can’t have kevin on the block next to Paul.

    • Kevin wpuld probably listen to Paul over Josh anyway. Especially since Alex would probably on the block next to Paul. Clear choice for Kevin.

    • I don’t think that there is anyone left who would vote to send Paul out over anyone else up against him. The only chance will be the final 3, because that person will have all of the power. But alas, Paul will probably win that one and make that decision

    • At this juncture it doesn’t matter who is casting votes, no one is voting Paul. The only possibility would be Christmas if she wised up and accepted what Josh has been saying.

      • I actually think Kevin would be more likely. All Josh would have to do is make him feel part of the plan. There is no risk of Paul not being voted out since Josh would control. Kevin could feel relatively safe doing it.

      • Christmas won’t even entertain Josh’s concerns. She is in love with Paul.

        She will demand to go on the block instead of Paul if Alex wins veto.

      • Did you hear about an hour ago? She confirmed with Josh and Paul that she would go on the block instead of Paul if Alex or Kevin comes off.

        Paul encouraged her, telling her that it was a great idea because she would avoid Alex’s blood on her hands.

      • Wow, that’s my only reaction. I’m floored she is so ready to throw away the possibility of winning $500,000, all for Paul.

      • I guess my point is she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get him to the end, that’s what shocks me.

  7. The correct move for Josh is to wait till F3 and hope he gets the chance. Ala Steve Moses.

    Trying to do it now is very risky given that all of them are in Paul’s pocket.

    • I disagree…Josh can win this if he gets Paul on this week. The jury will respect that he was the one to take the shot and get him out.

      • The consequences of getting Paul out this very week far outweigh the rewards. If that were to happen, Christmas would undoubtedly turn on Josh and align with Alex who would end up being the best comp player in the house by default. They’d both be pissed that Josh got their senpai out and target him. Kevin would have no other choice but to bend over backwards for then or else Alex might remember her hatred for Kevin and take him out instead. That’s the much much harder road for Josh.

    • I think it would be so cool if Josh actually put up Christmas and Paul and said that he was going to replace them with Kevin after the veto and then Alex wins the veto and Kevin and Alex vote out Paul
      But then I wake up from my wishful dreaming

    • Josh won’t have another chance since Paul will win the next HOH if Alex is gone. Paul can only win comps when he is up against Kevin, Christmas or Josh. exactly why he wants those 3 as F4.

      • Yes. He has been setting up Kevin by having HGs hate on him to possibly take him to F2, and Josh has been his puppet from the very beginning so he should be the one, but then he wants Christmas as well because she has done nothing in the game.

    • Josh has to be able to turn 2 people this week… he can’t turn Christmas. That means he has to turn Alex and one other. That’s going to be hard.

      • But why would Kevin do that. He knows that Alex hates him and that Paul hasn’t steered him wrong.

        And clearly Paul is the better manipulater between him and Josh.

      • Because he can’t win against Paul. And Xmas Josh and Kevin would have to essentially team up against Alex due to her being a physical competitor. I admit it is a risk because Xmas may not be able to play and Josh can’t compete. It just seems that Kevin is more likely to know that Paul is likely lying about him going to F2 with him. Alex just does not get it.

      • But Kevin thinks that he has played a great social game, and that everyone in jury likes him (minus Maven). He has also said that you don’t need to win comps to win the game. I think he honestly believes he would beat Paul at the end.

      • You really think Kevin thinks he could beat Paul? I like Kevin but I find that very hard to believe, but stranger things have happened. :)

      • The ego (especially Kevin’s) is a strange thing lol…

        I do believe that he thinks he could, especially because he was saying he had a great social game up through last week

      • And Josh would probably be lying about taking Kevin to F2 if he promises that. And Kevin would probably know, he’s not an idiot. At least Paul talks game with him sometimes even if he doesn’t give him everything.

        And Alex is more of a comp threat than Josh/Christmas/Kevin combined.

    • LOL. That’s funny. Though Josh will probably force it after the veto if Alex/Kevin are still on the block.

      • Do they actually enforce it though? I seem to remember James ruining some blindsides. And Kevin did this year (Josh vs Ramses)

      • I know I’ve seen conversations about that on these threads over the years. And I’m sure that they were talking about it being a rule, but I have no idea how they would or if they could enforce it.

      • One that has been repeatedly ignored. I had no idea this was an actual rule. How many times have have people said they wish it would be a blindside (meaning, us the commenters) but we find out that the evictee has already been told?

      • I didn’t think it was a rule. Most HGs don’t want to say anything not to get the nominee to throw anyone under the bus or go crazy.

    • He’s right, it’s a rule. As much as possible they discourage that. They want the blindside reaction/shock value for the TV viewers to see. I understand that.

      • Then what was going on last year with James always ruining the blindside by telling everyone they were leaving?

      • I know, HG’s does and most of them have an idea they will be evicted, but you can see they try their best to trick us with their creative editing. Feedsters knows..

    • paul seems to think he is king or something ,nothing but a damn dictator,FIDEL CASTRO THE 2ND,he does look like fidel maybe castro has overtaken his body.

  8. I have disliked Josh since the beginning of this season. But, if he puts up Paul, and is able to get the votes to put him in Jury…it would be a very redeeming move.

    I wonder if Paul would be Jason bitter if he gets evicted on Wednesday…or congratulate Josh and the rest of the house. 🤔

    Who am I kidding, it will never happen. 😞

    • he can’t have Paul sitting next Kevin….Kevin will vote Paul out. Alex and Christmas will not. So he gets a split vote between Kevin and Christmas and josh casts the deciding vote.

    • I feel exactly the same way, but you know what would be even better? If Paul takes second place to Josh or Kevin…… I think taking second place would knock Paul’s ego down even farther than getting evicted.

      • Hey girl! Ehh, my throat is still killing me but I’ll survive, probably just allergies or something. Have any big plans for the weekend?

      • Well that blows. No, nothing really, probably do something that the kids want to do, what that is I have no idea, LOL. How is it going with your FIL’s house, you guys still working on it?

      • Lol I hear ya, that’s how our weekends usually go too! We finally got all the walls ripped out and now we’re trying to find a decent, reliable contractor that won’t take 6 months to start rebuilding. It’s extremely difficult at this point bc there’s so many homes in this area that are going through the same thing. Luckily he found a nice hotel in the area this week that accepts FEMA. Stubborn old man refused to be a “burden” on us by staying at our home any longer than he had to!

      • You’re FIL sounds like a great guy, I’m assuming the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, hence the reason you married the son! I hope things come together in bringing his house back to him and no one gets any wise ideas about price gouging.

      • He is definitely his father’s son.. both hard headed as can be but they are honestly amazing men. I definitely lucked out.. just don’t tell him I said that ;) lol

      • Listerine is irritating and it does make it worse, but I’m no doctor. Warm water and salt work great on tooth aches or anything hurting in your mouth.

      • I seriously had no idea! Thank you so much for the tip, I will definitely switch it up immediately.. hopefully I’ll finally get some relief!

  9. Do you think production has let Josh know about the hurricane hitting Miami? Isn’t his family there?

    • I think he would definitely make it known if production informed him. And yes his immediate family is in Miami and he also has relatives in PR.

  10. If I were HOH, then I would tell Alex to hide under the bed if I see Paul coming. She can listen to the conversation on Paul wanting her and Jason out and then backdoor him.

  11. How stupid can these people be? He’s over there crying about all the s..t moves he has made. And then Paul barks, and they all jump. Why aren’t they calling him out on this. These people are sad. CBS, you could have saved all that money, not air anything, just hand Paulie Boy the $500,000

  12. Before Josh was camtalking about getting Paul out, he mentioned to Paul this morning that in his most recent DR session, he was told to make the nomination “interesting.”

    So, either he’s being serious about considering getting Paul out, OR he’s giving production what they want for show footage

    • Actually there’s plenty of scripted Production work on their DR. Some of them are misleading for creative purposes

      • I’m kind of looking forward to this season being over…it’s stressing me out lol. Especially with the Buffoon now saying that he’s going to try to BD Paul this week, and saying that he himself (Josh) has played a “GREAT” game all season (whaaaat thaaaaa?)

      • Tell me that’s not true. I may have to drive up to Burbank with a bull horn. ..he’s not gonna ruin his ‘run ..

  13. Soooo….Alex is nominated, cries fake tears to Josh (laughs when he’s out of the room), and then Josh cries real tears when he’s alone LOLOL

    • Oh, so it was all fake, looked pretty real to me. I’m watching it right now.

      • I’m talking to people in chat, they seem to think it was real as well. and I have to agree. It looked damn real to me.
        Okay, I’m listening right now, sounds like Alex is on the block and she’s telling Josh she will go into the jury house and poison them against him. She’s a f*cking bitch.

      • I will get so much satisfaction when she leaves the house and before Kevin, that’s the kicker!!!

      • I TOLD you they were fake tears, Fiddle!! :D

        When Josh left the ASPR, Alex immediately looks up at the camera and whispers “fake tears” with a little smile. Then she gets called to the DR, and starts to get her cry face on while adjusting her posture.

        Later, she is crying as she walks through the kitchen back to the ASPR. Once she closes the door she immediately stops crying and her face goes back to normal while she recites the HoHs.

        When Paul comes in, she tells him “I told you I could cry on command! I’m just trying to make Josh feel bad”

        ETA: She might actually be a sociopath…I was totally convinced her tears were real (she’s actually sad) at first, and they look real when she’s crying.

  14. Now, Paul is trying to convince everyone left, it’s smart to get evicted. Sad thing is, they are falling for it.

  15. Now Paul is consoling Alex, like a big brother. He’s good, I’m telling ya. He’s saying, it’s me and you.

    • Scientology has found their newest members! They better hope no one from the church is watching this season bc they’re going to be recruiting these sheep the moment they leave this show!

    • Oh yeah, I completely agree with you! Paul is good, freakishly good however, he’s playing with a bunch of mindless morons so it’s not difficult for him to be as good as he is! He doesn’t even have to try or convince people of his plans,he literally just tells them what to do each week and they all listen without questioning it! So how is that difficult for him? But hegood! A master manipulator for sure.

    • FIDDLE!!!! Where have you been mi Amiga, I’ve missed you 😭😭 I’ve been looking on RT and Dlisted for you but haven’t seen you post anything.. So like a stalker lol, I came back here to look for an old post from you lol. I hope everything is good with you and the fam.. miss our daily chats, luv ya chica 😘💙💚💙💚

      • OHHH. EMMMM. GEEE!!!!! I’ve missed you too chica, keep thinking you will show up somewhere and I can swoop in and have a reunion/chat. I’ve been reading RT hoping to see you comment, to no avail. :( I didn’t comment over there all summer and just started up again, recently, very sporadically. I’m so happy you went stalker on me, thank you!! How are things coming with your FIL’s house and how are you and the family? Little man enjoying school?
        Lost you at the end of BB. Were you sick of it/busy or just didn’t care? LOL . Tell me your thoughts on on the outcome. I think you can pretty much guess how I felt, bummed Paul didn’t win and I was pissed victim noises won AFP. I got over it fast, I was very ready for it to end. On to Celebrity Big Brother, I’m stoked for that one! 💋💚💋💚

      • Yaaaaayyyyy my friend!!! 🤗🤗
        Family is all good, FIL’s house is almost finished, probably another week or 2 tops and we can start buying new furniture and appliances for him and start moving him back in.. he’s beyond ready to get back to normal!
        And yes, same with me on RT.. I recently started posting again but pretty sporadically.. I fell off towards the end of BB from being both busy and over it lol. I was so shocked Paul lost! I can’t lie tho, I was kinda happy Meatball won haha, but Paul was for sure the only deserving player! I was beyond pissed about stupid Cody winning.. total BS! I absolutely CAN’T WAIT for celebrity BB, it’s like a dream come true lol.
        So so so SO good to hear from you again 😊

      • Are you a Survivor fan? Some of the good peeps from BBN get together on another blog, by the same guy, Matthew and live chat during the show, it’s called Survivor Fandom, otherwise, I tend to post on RHOC on RT. Later’s dollface *mwah

      • I saw y’all talking about the Survivor post during BB but believe it or not I have never seen a single episode! Lol, crazy huh?! But I will definitely look for you on the OC post… I’ve surprisingly been really into Dallas this year and of course u can usually find me on a Teen Mom post haha… ttyl mi amor 💙💙

  16. So what was the deal with the beer? Was it only Alex’s beer or for everyone. I don’t see how she could stop Kevin from having some.

    • My guess is Alex got it in her HOH basket from the DE. She is such a freaking cow! So mean! But what bothers me most is, why didn’t the other HGs say anything to her about it? If I was one of them, I 100% would say something to her! Or at the very least, I would share my beers with Kevin!
      Alex is a C.U. next Tuesday! She is an awful person!
      I was also wondering how they all got so drunk off 3? Beers? 3! That’s it. Especially Paul who says he drinks 17% beer I think he said?
      I get that they haven’t done much drinking for the summer however, it still is only three beers. Unless they are all light weights!? Don’t often drink!? But we know Paul does for sure and I am assuming Alex does hence her getting 12 beers and her HOH basket. Anyway, totally doesn’t matter but I just found it odd they were all hurting this morning after just three beers? Hurting as bad as they were proclaiming to be. Too bad Veto wasn’t today and Kevin kicked all their asses because they were all too hung over LOL & Kevin take some self off of the block and seals Alex’s fate! Or Paul’s but I doubt that!

  17. Josh’s chances of winning the game are zero, he’s playing for second place at best. Everyone there would beat Josh in jury votes. He’s such a delusional person.

    • I don’t completely disagree with you however, I think if Josh was up against Kevin in the F2 he would likely beat Kevin. Definitely not Alex! And Christmas is iffy! Christmas does have a social game however, not an excellent social game and Christmas’s wins have been thrown to her so that just makes her look worse. Josh could play up that Christmas was riding his coattails more than Paul and that Josh was writing Paul’s coattails LOL
      I don’t know, I just don’t think Josh is playing for second with the rest of these hgs….

  18. Even if Josh takes the shot now at Paul, I was going over the votes be it Xmas & Kevin, Alex & Xmas, or Alex & Kevin not one would vote Paul out v the other nominee. I don’t see it splitting, no way no how. Well ok maybe if Alex wins veto, Paul is the renom, and then Josh spills all to Alex. But I feel I have a better shot at winning powerball then that happening.

    • It could never be Alex and Kevin because both are on the block and only one can be taken down to replace Paul. (BUT I assume you just meant if Alex and/or Kevin were not nominated.)
      I completely agree with everything you said however, Josh is playing for a second if he doesn’t take a shot and at least try. He can try and work on Christmas and if she won’t budge then like you said, spill the beans to Alex and hope she will listen & not run off and tell Paul which is likely what she will do! But it’s worth a shot! I don’t think it is signed sealed and delivered Christmas or Alex cannot be convinced.
      Josh has a better shot with Christmas because at least if he pushes her, he knows she won’t run and help Paul whereas Alex if not on board would immediately run and tell Paul.
      So again, I completely agree with you although I think the odds are better than you winning the Powerball LOL I do think it would be a longshot but I don’t think it is next to impossible.

      • Hah ya I wrote that before I saw the nominations. I just don’t think he could turn Xmas on Paul because when Josh has tried to bring up how everything they do is still keeping Paul in the jury’s good graces for votes she would immediately shut that talk down. And if speculation that Xmas has a thing for Paul is true even more unlikely she’d turn on Paul. Josh would have to get to Alex to flip. If he can do that then I’d be happier if they won over Paul.

        Sorry this is really sloppily written. I’m just waking up and haven’t put my contacts in. Lol happy Saturday!

  19. Sorry Josh, too little too late! Even if he took a shot at Paul it’s likely he wouldn’t be able to convince Christmas to vote Paul out & unfortunately I don’t think Kevin or Alex ( depending on which one wasn’t beside Paul on Wednesday night) would vote out Paul. So, Josh would be setting himself up to be the next target!
    THE ONLY shot Josh would have this week getting Paul out would be to back door him so he would have to win the veto and he would have to try anything and everything to get Alex on his side. IF he even attempted to swing Alex and missed then of course Alex would tell Paul and again, Josh would be the target next week.
    It’s so frustrating though! I mean he said himself that he will not win against Paul in the F2 so, why not try at least!? Why not gamble!? maybe $50,000 or gamble and likely $500,000. I think Josh would win mainly for getting Paul out but also I think he would win against Christmas & Kevin. So they would just need to get rid of Alex!
    DO IT JOSH!!!!

  20. OK, what is up with all the HG’s being a “light weights?” Getting so drunk & then hung over from only 3 beers!? They had 3 beers each right? Alex refused to let Kevin have even one beer?!? What a Super Biatch! And why wouldn’t any of the hgs say something to her? Or at the very least give one of their beers to Kevin? Nevermind, I just remembered what hgs are remaining! No surprise there! So rude, petty, wrong & MEAN! I HOPE Alex had a terrible hangover! The worst ever!

    I would’ve loved if BB through in the veto comp yesterday after they all woke up “super hung over!” And Kevin won Veto, pulled himself off the block and sealed Alex’s fate! She would have lost $50,000-$500,000 all because she is mean and spiteful! That would be sweet sweet revenge for poor Kevin! But hopefully karma will get Alex today! And hopefully Kevin wins the veto!
    I still don’t understand how 4HG’s shared 12 years, so three each and God is drunk as they God!? And were as hung over as they were!? Especially Paul! He says he drinks superstrong beer!!
    I didn’t drink during all 3 of my pregnancies (CLEARLY) and for months and months after and even I wouldn’t get “drunk” on a three beers! Not a chance! Definitely a good buzz but that’s it!
    I usually only drink on New Year’s (drink to get drunk) and takes a lot more than 3 beers to get me drunk enough to be “hurting” the next day! Without much sleep!
    So, 5’6″ 122 -125 & not drinking for an entire year (aside from some drinks here and there in the summer) I am lucky if I start “rockin a good buzz” by then LOL
    What did they put in those beers? LOL OR are they as usual exaggerating!?
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be “going on” about “ONLY 3 beers” getting ALL 4 people quite drunk! But I just find it weird is all so I thought I would share my opinion LOL
    AND I am wondering if there is more to it!?

  21. There is some good news. Now that Nicole and Victor announced their relationship (that Paul knows nothing about, cuz they hooked up at this seasons premier). His bud Vic is dating the girl that took the money out of his hands last season, sweet and awesome Nic. That is absolutely awesome. Paul has to be the lowered a few pegs, he really thinks that the jury houseguest aren’t comparing stories and they all know by now he had a hand in most of their evictions. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for him if I was in the jury, he didn’t play a good game, all he did was lie and ruin his image, doesn’t he realize he will have a life outside of BB and most sane people don’t like lying conniving people. I think he played a moralless game, all in the name of greed. How terrible it must be for his family to see his behavior and for him show joy for his horrible conduct. Just saying, it is fine if you don’t agree with me.

  22. Like a bunch of school kids all trying to sit at the popular table even if it makes them fail their math test. In this case the math test is Big Brother. Did they come to play Big Brother or just to Play with Paul so Paul can win.

  23. “11:15 AM BBT – Guys discussing how Jason reacted to his eviction. They were surprised at how he marched out and ignored everyone. Josh thought Jason would just take it as a game and not be so upset.”

    I’m sure Josh would have taken it as a game and not been so upset had HE (Josh) been blindsided and evicted. Sure.

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