Big Brother 19 Schedule: Special Eviction Episode Next Wednesday

Julie Chen is ready for Big Brother 19

Five Houseguests and less than two weeks to go on Big Brother 19 means we need to start ramping up the pace even more. Last night’s Double Eviction was a step in the right direction but next week there will be two more eliminations to get us down to the season’s Final 3 Big Brother Houseguests.

Instead of another DE there will be two separate eviction episodes between Wednesday and Thursday night starting on Sept 13th. Houseguests won’t have to wait that long for the results though as Julie will likely be arriving on their screen a day sooner.

Last year this was a special Tuesday episode but the routine should be the same. Feeds will go down a day before the episode and the HGs will get an early eviction event before the next round of events will take place in a compressed fast forward week. This year that means Feeds going down next Tuesday until after Wednesday’s special show airs.

Now while CBS will do their best to protect the results of who gets evicted and who wins the next Head of Household comp we did get those spoilers leaked early last year. Fingers crossed we’ll have the same happen again this round, but if we don’t that news will be revealed and confirmed when the Feeds come back after Wednesday’s episode finishes out west.

All this means we’ll see two HGs evicted next week to yield our F3 by the end of Thursday night. Someone will be out the door on Tuesday night in the game but we won’t see it until Wednesday. When the Feeds come back after Wednesday’s episode we’ll leap forward to the latest results with the next HoH and the season’s most critical Veto win.

Best part is these episodes will all be held in their regular time slots of Wednesday at 8/7c and Thursday at 9/8c so there’s no shuffling on your DVR or nightly schedule. Now there will be a fourth episode next week that’s off the usual routine. CBS has moved up the regular Sunday (9/17) episode to that Friday (9/15) due to the Emmy Awards that Sunday. So be sure to clear your Friday night for that.

We’re nearing the final stretch of Big Brother 19! Are you ready to see things close out and move on to get ready for Celebrity Big Brother arriving this winter?


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  1. I’m actually figuring out that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. All Josh really has to do is win part 3 of the F3 HOH. He already beat Paul in both comps yesterday and in other mental comps earlier this season, so I’m feeling ok about his chances. If he can pull that off, then logically and strategically, he SHOULD take Xmas to F2. He may not win against her, but I think he’d get more votes in that case. I’m still a believer that there is hope that Paul doesn’t get to F2! Even though Josh is not my fav HG, he’s the only one who is not a vet that will have a realistic shot of winning. Let’s go Josh!!!

    • I don’t think Alex votes for Josh. And I’m not positive Cody votes for Xmas. He’d rather give it to a player he dislikes than someone who was carried the whole time.

      • Josh is not Paul from last season lol, nor was Paul competing against/ losing to Players like Josh (almost any one of them would beat Josh this year)

        By week 10, Paul had won (legitimately, not having it thrown to him or out of luck) 3 PoVs and 2 HoHs….Paul was on the block almost every week, and had to win comps/ excel at his social game to get to the end.

      • Not buying that because HGs would keep Josh in and evict someone else like they’ve been doing all season. So if it was someone like Corey, Victor, or even Da’Vonne OTB with Josh, Josh would stay.

      • They only kept Josh because Paul got the house to turn against Jessica. Josh didn’t have any allies, and made several enemies not the least of which was because he took that apple in the 1st comp. I highly doubt that Josh would have made it to final 5 in the season 18 house.

        Either way, doesn’t matter; Josh has been doing what Paul tells him to do all season, even despite being clued in by production that Paul is securing jury votes. After Paul wins the final HoH, he should take Josh as a way of saying “thank you for being loyal,” and because he would secure his own win.

      • Paul didn’t care, as long as he didn’t win it. He couldn’t win it, then be forced to put up Alex (or risk looking suspicious to Xmas and Josh). And he knew Alex wouldn’t nominate him.

    • Two key words relating to Josh in your reasoning: “logically” and “strategically”. In reality, relating to Josh, neither applies. Given the chance, he’ll take Paul.

    • Part 1 of the final HoH is endurance. I don’t give Josh any edge here. Paul should win if he’s against Josh and Christmas.

      Part 2 usually takes a lot of memory of weeks events throughout the season; Who was HoH, who was evicted, what was the vote count, etc. If Paul doesn’t win part 1 he’s got the edge here too. But honestly even with an injury, I think Christmas has this stuff down better than Josh. Josh was shown struggling with events when Alex was semi quizzing him on the feeds. He’d have to do a lot of studying.

      Point being, Josh will have a fare time even being eligible to play in part 3 and thus become the final HOH

  2. A bit off topic, though speaking about evictions… Anyone know why Jeff isn’t doing the eviction interviews anymore? One week he did, the next week, he was gone. Fired or his choice? And will he be there for the post-show stuff?

    • From Jeff, Aug. 10 on Instagram: jeffschroeder23Due to scheduling conflicts, I can no longer host the #BB19 eviction interviews, but you’ll still get access to the HG tonight on the #BBLF. 😢

    • Not sure what is going on with the business side of Jeff. Was looking at Jordan Lloyds Instagram and there’s an awesome video of Jeff and their son at the aquarium. They seem to be really happy.

      • OK, this is Aug. 10: We’re only 20 days from the launch of @DailyBlastLive, but you can participate in the conversation now! #DailyBlastLive.
        Aug. 22: Get excited for #DailyBlastLive!
        Aug. 25: If you wanna see me & my co-hosts from @dailyblastlive we will be going live on FB, and Instagram now!
        22 hrs. ago: (from Jeff Schroeder): I just supported Daily Blast Live Premiere on @ThunderclapIt // @dailyblastlive

  3. “All this means we’ll see two HGs evicted next week to yield our F3 by the end of Thursday night.”

    Would love it to be Josh, Christmas and Kevin. Kevin wins the final HOH and takes Christmas to the end. He wins the game. Nice moment after all the grief he took in the house. He can then pay his Boston mob boss a cut..just so he gets a little taste of the action.

    • It would be something for Kevin to win the final HOH. What irony. Paul has played an amazing social game (more like head games) and won comps when he wanted to & needed to. I’m torn about him, because I agree that he had advantages as a vet and also with the safety he apparently won from viewers for his first few weeks. He was also playing with a lot of “special” housemates. We shall see. If Paul doesn’t take all, I hope it’s Josh or Kevin.

  4. All this means is a repeat of the entire season Paul gets every H.O.H. Paul nominates who he wants Paul gets every veto and Paul gets to evict who he wants. However it would be wonderful if Kevin would take who he likes the best if anyone lol and Kevin would win but we all know Kevin wins it all thank you production

    • No way .. no way would he win? Ya think .. Paul could very easily get the boot if josh decides , but Xmas she’s a lil too close to paul , if she wins I think she take paul ? This season has been sooo predictable until now .

  5. “We’re nearing the final stretch of Big Brother 19! Are you ready to see things close out and move on to get ready for Celebrity Big Brother arriving this winter?” Maybe this is CBS’s desperate attempt to save its franchise. We all know there’s a Season 20 that’s been approved, but, aside from fans here (and on a few other sites), who knows what kind of viewership it will get. Negative feedback for Season 19 has been SO overwhelming, maybe CBS decided to grab us mid-season in an attempt to reel us back in to the fold. Sure, there has been increased viewership, but all that has resulted in is increased negative feedback.

    • Actually their ratings have been higher than ever. I think they’ll do just fine. Bring on Survivor.

      • They were for a while, but not recently. Not for the past several weeks. Mid August they began to drop like a rock.

    • there are a lot of BB fans that only watch the tv episodes and do not follow/participate in any BB blogs… and the tv edits have continued to be light and playful for the most part

      • Yeah , if they had any idea what some of these last ones said and did it would be a lot diff . I have No idea who afp would be, I would say Kevin but he hasn’t really done anything . He’s likable enough but he pesters too much and too paranoid , he needs to WIN something so he can help himself and not just sit around and brushing his hair with his toothbrush 😆: josh maybe ?

    • I can’t imagine what celebrities they will have , I mean actual celebrities and not reality tv stars 😣 And will get to see how much of an ahole some of these celebrities are, and what charities they are donating to if they are “real” celebs. Yeah .. I would watch , hooked me in . Sigh 😝

  6. Josh has too many enemies in the jury house to win, and Christmas has had everything thrown to her by Paul. As much as I hate to see it if Paul gets to the end, and the jury is honest with itself he wins. And if that does not happen it will because he was a veteran nothing more nothing kless.

    • Clown 🤡 ( Jason ) was super upset , u think he’s going to jury and will tell all of them it was Paul? I’m guessing Alex will go if Josh puts her and kevin up? If one wins veto then he will have to put Paul up .. Raven followed Jason and she is going to say Alex evicted her so jason may think Alex has been playing him ? Maybe ?

  7. I thought feeds would go down Tuesday night and not come back until after the live show Thursday. That’s good if it’s only one day.

  8. Stupid question that nobody has answered!!!
    If Xmas makes the final 3, will CBS cater to Xmas and make it a contest that Xmas can play in? All the years I’ve watched BB they have a ” physical ” contest 1st. No way Xmas could compete in that, so will CBS do the us thinkable?

    • She’s been putting weight on her foot the last few days. If it is a standing type of endurance comp, she should be able to compete.

    • it will probably be a sitting down getting slammed into the wall thing. She’ll offer to jump if someone gives her a deal. And they just might, thinking the argument to jury would be xmas has done nothing the whole game.

  9. Lmao….Not that he will act on it…Josh is seriously weighing his options as to keeping Paul for the final 3 or cutting him now…See feeds 1pm BB time camera 1/2

  10. Paul said his final 3 is Kevin and Christmas. So Josh, better grow a pair this week and try and get Paul out.

    • I know he’s HoH now and can’t compete for it next week, but Alex still needs to go first. Yes, even for Josh’s game, and not just because Alex is a contender for my most hated of all time. Next week if anybody but Paul is HoH and Josh wins Veto, being F4, Josh has the sole vote to evict with Paul and Kevin/Christmas on the block. Evict Paul and now he’s got Christmas on 1.3 legs and Kevin who can’t win anything for that final HoH and Josh becomes the favourite to win the game. Yes, even with his current juror favour situation not being strong, I still say he would become the favourite. He would take Christmas and she’s not loved in jury either and has had her only wins thrown to her and was only dragged so far because she was injured.

      • But Josh could go on Thursday, and I think he will. No way Paul is letting him stay with Christmas.

  11. Re-watching the Thursday double because I wanted to see Jason’s and Raven’s exit reactions again…

    Alex, as Raven opens the door to leave, “Raven I PROMISE it wasn’t me!”……

    ….. what? Put simply, as she’s shown all season, Alex just sucks with words. Brain outage in voting out Matt ring a bell? Talking about Mark while he’s in the room? Trying to sell to Kevin that she dislikes him because he keeps asking what foods he’s allowed to have as a have not? Now, seemingly regurgitating the same thing she said to Jason earlier in the night, when it made sense, to Raven when it doesn’t remotely make sense?

    Raven it wasn’t me… you’re HOH! You PUT her on the BLOCK! And it wasn’t you? You weren’t involved?

    Please just go fall off a cliff or something. I can’t even stand her voice or her laugh or her face anymore.

  12. Josh talking about cutting Paul…Alex won’t vote him out, neither will Xmas.

    If Josh puts up Alex and Paul,
    #1 one of them is going to win the next veto.
    #2 Josh doesn’t play in the next HoH, and Paul will probably decide to go with Alex (he knows she has a lot of jury votes against her) and switch his target to Josh for betraying him.

    If Alex and Paul both somehow don’t win the veto, Kevin and Xmas will vote out Alex. And again, Josh will not be competing in the next HoH.

    Paul will win against Kevin and Xmas, and Josh will be on the block next week. Paul wins veto, Josh goes to jury (for betraying Paul, and because Paul can easily beat Kevin in final 3).

    • I hope Josh keeps playin’ himself lol. Looks like he’ll talk his way right out the door on Thursday. Wonder if he’ll do that stupid shimmy dance for Julie?

  13. Paul has played the best game. He also orchestrated just about every move in the house. I think it’s time to just let it go. If you’re anti paul, pissed that your favorite HG didn’t make it or isn’t playing, just accept it and enjoy the show. If you don’t want to watch it then just don’t watch it. Whether Paul makes it to final two or not, he did MARVELOUS.

    • Um, no. Paul didn’t do marvelous. Marvelous would have been to do your own dirty work. Marvelous would have found a need to compete against other people who were also playing the game. Since no one else had the desire to play against him, Paul just did. And he did the easy ones as often as they would let it happen. That’s all.

      • So you’re saying you would try to play in a way that gets you out of the game early on, like Cody? You basically just described him lol

      • There’s more honor in going out like Cody than staying in the house like the rest of the sheep. Maybe not more money, but certainly more honor. And it would have been an entirely different season if BB hadn’t given Paul safety for three weeks. I don’t totally blame Paul or the rest of the sheep. BB has had a huge part in making this season the mess it has become.

      • Cody needs rehabilitation for PTSD. I’m thankful he didn’t physically threaten anyone. He is more honorable than Willie Hantz in that regard in showing some restraint when he was clearly on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

      • Cody does seem like a stand-up guy. He does appear to need help for his PTSD, and I hope he gets it.

      • To each their own. I’d rather play like Paul and play to win the game than play an embarrassingly bad game like Cody, who had no strategy at all. His game was so bad, anyone associated with him was a target for the rest of their time in the house.

      • CODY had a great strategy that cut to the chase, Paul was the big threat, He didn’t like Paul and he went after Paul. How was he to know that Paul would get instant minions in Friendship Coronation Ceremony and a month of safety along with having to put up five different people on the block as HOH. If Paul wasn’t guaranteed a month in the house and Cody got him out right at the start this season would have been a lot more enjoyable.

      • Because the #1 rule in BB is DON’T PLAY TOO HARD TOO FAST. Cody went on his emotions (hatred – as he put it) toward Paul, and didn’t think strategically in terms of letting his closest alliance members know what moves he was making, thus making himself seem untrustworthy.

        I respectfully disagree with everything you said, but I really like your icon picture.

      • Just one thing that Paul & his Stooges should remember, there are a lot of Marines that didn’t like there questioning of Cody’s service and especially the Alex with the Baby Killers comments.

      • They shouldn’t diss on a marine’s service – I think that they were moreso questioning everything about Cody since he had been caught in other lies.

      • We can respect a person’s service without respecting the person. Cody is a jerk who used none of the advantages that HE had coming into the game, such as military service and physical skills. There was no ‘honor’ in how he treated others or how he played the game.

      • I don’t mean to be defending Cody; I think he and Paul were just a bad oil and water mix. But the people still left in the house – despite becoming aware of how Paul is playing the game, STILL are unwilling to do anything about him, and that’s as annoying as Cody (and Jess) ever were.

      • So you are suggesting there is honor how Paul played the game? How did the houseguests (especially Paul) treat Cody? Paul especially said some really awful things about Cody, all which were found to be untrue. Cody didn’t lie, didn’t play anyone, he was authentic and did the best he could living under those conditions with all those not-so-nice people.

      • Remember Paul instructing his followers to bully and harass Cody until he cracked? What’s so “masterful” about that?

      • I’m saying that Paul has shown more respect to the game by actually playing it. Cody, on the other hand, spent most of his time holed up with a new gf making victim noises.

      • Um…Yes he played a great game. He won competitions and was so good he was able to talk the others in throwing competitions and nominating who he wanted nominated. He threw competitions when he wanted to

    • Paul played a masterful game, but he also was the beneficiary of major advantages. Being a vet who came in 2nd place in his season, show viewers apparently granting him 3 weeks of safety & that whole “friendship bracelet” mind-fuc with the houseguests. Having said that, can you imagine the season without him?

      • I can imagine the season without him, although I’m not sure how it would have gone. They first thing you have to imagine is who would have become dominant – every season has to have one, it seems – and the only three candidates I can see are Cody, Alex or Christmas. The rest are who they are. We’ve all see that all three of those people have a really ugly side, so I’m not sure the season would have been a whole lot better, and it could have been a whole lot worse.

      • Maybe. But nobody knew how that was going to play out. It’s big brother. The others had plenty of opportunities to nominate/backdoor Paul after 3 weeks of safety. But he played such a good social game and got into the other HG heads. Even Jessica could have nominated him. You would think the Vet would be the target.

  14. How excruciatingly boring for Kevin…he’s looks like he’s in jail!

    I wish they’d give the HGs some kind of game to play. If they’re just sleeping all day, there’s less opportunity for slick game talk (throwing a bone to all of the Paul haters who want someone to plot against him).

    • I don’t think they are sleeping all day. BB wakes them up by turning on all the lights, and if they don’t move, they say something over the loud speakers to get them stirring. There is chess to play, and if they are allowed outside, they can play or workout or laze around. I think the reason they may not have games to play is so the houseguests interact with one another — it’s supposed to be all about the gameplay.

      • I hear BB asking them to wake up…but the HGs haven’t always been following the rules. Especially today (Josh sleeping again, Alex and Xmas were back to sleeping until about an hour ago).

        From what I’ve been hearing (especially from Kevin) is that they only have access to the backyard from Sunday until Weds).

        For games, I was thinking of some kind of board or card game besides chess where they can play one-on-one and also talk game.

      • Interesting Jolima, perhaps the houseguests are so stressed that they might need more sleep. Yes, you’d think they would have at least a deck of cards, wouldn’t you?

      • Definitely stressed, but it sounds like they were up until 5 am! That and drinking (after not having any alcohol all summer)…it makes sense they’d be worn out today lol

      • Oh that explains it all, ha ha! Yeah, they are stressed and hungover. If I were them, I would not indulge until after the season is over. Want to remain sharp.

      • Rules say they have to be awake between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. I remember at the end of the Derrick/Cody/Victoria how boring the last few days were for them and for the viewers. (Hi, RW)

    • Of course, all the remaining houseguests are ignoring Kevin, leaving him purposely out of conversations. It’s awful, bully mentality. His buddy Jason is gone now, so he’s left on his own, must be kinda lonely…

      • I was thinking last night – Kevin must be hoping he’ll be the one to go instead of Jason.

      • I was thinking that too…as mad as Jason was to leave, Kevin seemed ready/ at peace with going.

      • Especially when Kevin stood up, named his wife and kids and said he’d be seeing them soon. He seemed ready to get out of the house.

      • And he looked fabulous, didn’t he? He looked like the “old” Kevin that originally started the game earlier in the season.

      • Yep. That’s the Kevin you’d want to be sitting at a bistro table somewhere having a coffee and dessert with.

      • That was the real Kevin, not the depressed, lonely old guy that everyone disses. I loved Kevin when he did the “coffee talk” Saturday night sessions. That was so much fun!

      • Yes, and he was dressed as if he was going to be the one to go. I don’t even think he thought Jason would be the one leaving.

      • Despite Josh mulling over whether or not to tell Jason he was leaving moments before the vote, I guess he decided not to.

      • Paul and Christmas in his ear… I was yelling at the TV like some crazy person. Grace, I swear my boyfriend is having second thoughts about us ever getting married, ha ha!!!!!!

      • And he doesn’t yell at the TV like some crazy person during football or basketball games? Heh. We each have our poison we’re allowed to yell about – and like you respect his, he should respect yours.

      • Yes, we already had that argument! I mentioned to him about his so-called football and hockey cursing at the TV. But that’s different, I am told. Sigh. I will try to get him to watch Celebrity BB.

      • You were told wrong. It’s no different. The subject matter might be different, but the emotion is the same. It’s a simple sign of respect.

      • Agree with you on that! He has no clue about BB, he thinks it’s some stupid reality show, why am I watching it, it’s brainless, etc., etc. Everybody deserves a little guilty pleasure to escape the realities of work and life, this summer, BB happens to be mine. And it’s been a blast!

      • Exactly. BB has always been my favorite of all the reality shows, and Jim knows life with me pretty much comes to a halt whenever it’s on, or even when I’m watching BBAD. He’ll walk through the bedroom and make snide comments – like he saw Elena sprawled across the bathroom couches one day and said, “it’s nice that they don’t dress provocatively on national TV.” LOL. The other night he heard Josh’s colorful language and told me the dogs weren’t old enough to be on the bed with me when BBAD was on.

      • I know…even though it’s part of Paul’s game to not look like he’s buddies with Kevin, hopefully he’ll sneak in some time to make him feel better.

      • I think he cares about him on a personal level – not as much as Jason did…but then again Jason also made that crazy comment about Kevin’s wife.

        He definitely wants to be able to control him on a game level, and has no game loyalty to Kevin (but tries to convince Kevin that he does).

      • Yeah, and he did vote to evict Raven. I actually think Paul couldn’t take another week of Raven, he’s starting to have a meltdown and Raven would just compound that stress he is obviously feeling. I guess I can see how Paul “secretly” likes Kevin. He sure wouldn’t want Alex to know!

      • That vote really worked out in Paul’s favor….Raven left thinking that Paul voted for her to stay…that’s 2 votes for Paul (incl Matt).

        I can’t figure out why Josh voted the opposite of Xmas and Paul…AND said out loud “I’m sorry Raven!”

      • It’s like Pavlov’s dog….as soon as Josh heard Julie’s voice in the DR, Paul has conditioned him to do what Paul would want.

        J/k…but seriously, if Josh KNEW Xmas and Paul were voting out Raven, he should have too – that would expose Paul to Raven and Matt (1 vote makes a difference at this point). Josh just covered Paul’s tracks

      • Paul cares about himself. He doesn’t give a darn about Kevin, but wants to play nice to keep him on his side. He will take Kev to F2.

    • don’t they at least have cards, checkers, paper for tic tac toe? books besides the Bibles several brought?

      • I hear they aren’t allowed to have paper or writing utensils (weird). And from what I’ve seen & heard, they don’t have checkers or cards, just chess.

        If I recall, last year they got playing cards or something right around the 5 or 4 person mark.

      • I thought about this and I think the reason they don’t allow paper or pens, etc., is so that they cannot keep a diary of BB events. They can’t study or do “flashcards” to help them remember things for comps.

      • When they do their HOH blog, do they just talk into a recorder/computer or do they do it in writing … I never thought of them not having anything in writing or to write on (except the letter from home).

      • You mean their Twitter BB accounts? I wondered about that too, there is probably someone else who types it as they speak?

      • Whatever they do – either someone is transcribing what they say, or they use voice recognition. No wonder they treasure a letter from home. They get to actually hold a piece of paper in their hand that comes from the real world. I saw the other day Josh was upset because they told him his family had been – or was – evacuating from Florida, but that they were going somewhere safe.

      • I imagined Cody and Elena, who are both from Texas, would have received some news as well. Let’s hope Kim-Jong doesn’t do anything stupid.

      • Between these hurricanes and the Mexico earthquake, I don’t know. That’s all the world needs is for N. Korea to decide now would be a good time to attack someone.

      • And that’s really odd; Washington state and Oregon normally never burn like that. I live in Arizona; we expect that, but that’s not something they normally deal with.

      • I live in Portland OR, and it was so weird…like snow coming down. The sun looked neon pink because of the smoke in the air

      • Lol. Is Ron referring to the actual Kim-Jong? I thought he was calling one of the HGs that.

      • Oh, I get it now. You scared me. My grandkids use calculators in late elementary school for math and they teach no real American/Civil History anymore. It honestly gets my ire up how dumb kids are when they graduate high school. Don’t get me started, It’s all your fault! lol

      • Lol. Yes. I have a problem with my kids using a calculator for math and real history has never been taught in school anyway. Thank goodness for the internet.

      • American History 2017: Chris Columbus sailed his boat to the New World. A thanksgiving feast was waiting for them on the beach. The Native Americans spoke amazingly wonderful English.

      • Or write secrets to each other and slickly pass it around. BB wants to make sure they listen to each word said by the HGs. They could write notes about DR Sessions or anything production has told them to interfere in the game.

      • Ahhhhh….I was speculating about that too. Honestly, I don’t know how they remember all of this stuff without writing it down. I guess that’s the benefit of having nothing but time on your hands.

      • Guess they could use sticks and write in the dirt for tic tac toe.
        OR, I’ve used shaving cream on tables for students to do math problems and spelling with while teaching.

      • It’s not like they haven’t felt comfortable throwing around ketchup and mustard before LOL (Josh attacking Mark)

    • If that’s the case, prod should be a little more aggressive in waking them up. Some were still up at 3-4 am. Since they don’t have cards, books, music, other items to occupy themselves, they-prod, should make them all talk together, to include everyone in conversation. With Kevin!!!

      • update: Paul is saying right now that in the final 5, they got dominos and at some point cards.

        And they were actually up until 5am! Crazy!

  15. Did anyone else think that last night’s “big announcement” was that there was going to be a final 3 facing the jury this season?

  16. Considering Paul’s predicament…

    If he doesn’t go on the block (and it sounds like Xmas has agreed to go up as a pawn if Alex or Kevin pull themselves off), if Alex is still on the block, Paul will have to get Alex’s blood on his hands (and lose her vote).

    If Paul doesn’t want her blood on his hands, he’ll have to go up as a pawn against Alex, and thereby break his streak of never going up.

  17. I think the only way Paul doesn’t get Alex’s blood on his hands (and thus lose her jury vote) is to – and this will NEVER happen – vote for Alex to stay, and Kevin/ Xmas (whoever is not on the block) to vote against Alex.

    This forces a tie, Josh has to break it and send Alex home….and Josh will now be VERY pissed at Paul. Even moreso if Paul voted against Xmas.

    BUT that would result in the loss of 2 more jury votes (Joshmas) versus just Alex. And there’s a strong chance that Jason will tell Alex that Paul was actually working to get to F3 with Joshmas, and he would have lost her vote anyways.

  18. josh and paul need to go and alex too all scum bags with no education u can tell theyre uneducated it show gives americans a bad name

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