Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Friday Night Highlights

It was an emotional evening in the Big Brother 19 house as tears, both real and fake, were spilled after Josh made his nominations and Alex started to see the writing on the wall.

Catch up on Friday’s Daytime Highlights report before reading on through what happened overnight.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 8, 2017:

5:41 PM BBT – Feeds are back from nominations. Alex is crying to Josh that he betrayed her and she trusted him.

5:45 PM BBT – Josh leaves the room and Alex tells the cameras she was fake crying.

5:47 PM BBT – Now Josh is crying and he tells Christmas and Paul he feels terrible for what he’s done to Jason and Alex because he likes them both. Paul tells Josh he’s being duped by Alex. He says don’t fall for her tears.

5:56 PM BBT – Christmas reminds Josh that Alex can’t be trusted and needs to go. She says Alex will keep messing with his head to make sure he doesn’t win veto so she can try to win it and stick around and retaliate against him.

6:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul she can cry on command. She tells Paul she thinks she convinced Josh to use the veto on her if he wins. But then she says she’s afraid if Josh does that he’ll try to backdoor Paul. She says she doesn’t believe Kevin is the target.

6:06 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that Alex says she can cry on command, confirming what Paul said about her just gaming Josh. Paul tells Josh and Christmas that Alex said they made a mistake leaving Christmas in the game because now she’s trying to win.

6:16 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin as long as Alex doesn’t win veto they’re good. He actually tells Kevin to try to win it.

6:43 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul he needs to win the veto so he can save both of them.

6:45 PM BBT – Alex says they want to take herself and Paul out because they’re good competitors. She then says they’re going to let a gimpy girl (Christmas) win the game. Alex tells Paul he is the only person she trusts and that Josh has gone rogue.

6:56 PM BBT – Paul telling Josh that it’s the two of them in the Final HOH and one of them gets to pick the other to sit next to them in the final two chairs. They both agree that Christmas acts like she won’t be upset if she gets cut at the end.

7:00 PM BBT – Paul working on getting Josh to name Christmas as the replacement nominee if someone uses the veto (so he can keep his nomination record clean).

7:05 PM BBT – Josh is panicking over Kevin winning next week’s HOH. Paul says if Kevin wins and nominates Josh and Christmas and Josh wins veto, don’t use it. He says he’ll be the one voting and save Josh (seriously, he said that).

7:33 PM BBT – Josh is alone and cam talking. He says he doesn’t know if he should flip the game and try to get Paul out this week. He says he knows he can beat Alex or Kevin in the end, but not Paul. Josh wonders if he should pull Alex down and put Paul up. He’s worried that Christmas will take Paul to final two instead of him.

7:38 PM BBT – Josh says he feels really alone and like he’s been played. He says Alex and Kevin would both take him to final two over the other, so he thinks it would be smart to get Paul out now.

7:40 PM BBT – Josh confirms that what he wants to do is win veto, save Alex and put Paul up. But he also says Alex won’t vote out Paul over Kevin. And neither would Christmas, he decides. He says it is probably a better idea to take the shot at Paul at final 3 – cut him then and take Christmas to final two.

8:55 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul she’ll try to convince Josh to put Christmas up instead of Paul if someone comes off the block with veto.

9:03 PM BBT – Alex asks Josh when the plan to evict Jason was enacted. Josh says he never actually planned to vote out Jason. Josh tells her that if they talk it has to stay between the two of them. Alex says she’s all alone now so she wouldn’t have anyone to tell. Josh tells her that Jason was going to be too hard to beat.

9:06 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh that it was a good game move but as a friend, it wasn’t cool. Josh agrees.

9:09 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh he will lose to Christmas, who had everything handed to her or Kevin, who lied his way to the top.

9:10 PM BBT – Josh says getting Jason out broke his heart but he knows that Big Brother will enhance Jason’s career (well…).

9:12 PM BBT – Alex guilt tripping Josh again. She tells him she always had his back and didn’t even put him up after her evicted Jason. Alex says she doesn’t know if she wants to be friends with him. She starts crying and says he’s not playing a friend game. She says she’ll give him a fair shot but she doesn’t feel like being his friend at the moment, especially if she’s voted out this week.

9:15 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh he’s done this to her three times now (Jillian, Jason and now her) and after each time she still protected him. More fake tears. She starts talking about how loyal she’s been to everyone.

9:17 PM BBT – Josh tells Alex she has the veto still. She says it doesn’t matter now because if she wins Paul or Christmas will have to go up. Alex says after Jason left, she thought it would be the two of them and Paul since they all worked the hardest. She again says what Josh did isn’t good on a friend level and she doesn’t think she can forgive him this time.

9:19 PM BBT – Josh asks Alex for a hug but she refuses and leaves the room.

9:20 PM BBT – Christmas comes in and ask Josh what that was about. He doesn’t say anything and she asks if he’s not going to talk to him. Josh said it was more of the same thing. Christmas goes into how Alex is just playing on his emotions. Christmas asks him why he’s moping over Alex.

9:21 PM BBT – Paul comes in and asks what’s going on. Josh says Alex is upset. Paul says it’s all fake Josh said he told them all the heat was going to be on him. Christmas says if he’s going to have a woe is he moment, she can’t listen to it. She says she needs him to snap out of it and either be their teammate or let Alex ruin his game.

9:23 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that Alex knows that his biggest issue is wanting to be friends with everyone outside the house and she’s using that against him.

9:24 PM BBT – Paul tells him that Alex is a game player and she wants to convince him to save her so that she can turn around and sweep him. Josh asks Christmas and Paul why they’re acting so concerned with him right now. They said because he’s acting like he’s depressed and she’s making him vulnerable.

9:25 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh that emotional exhaustion is harder than physical exhaustion. She says he needs to shake it off or he’s not going to be 100 percent for veto.

9:27 PM BBT – Christmas says unless Josh wants herself or Paul to go home this week or next week, then he needs to snap the F out of this funk. Paul says Josh is letting Alex play him. Josh says he’s fine.

9:30 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas won’t beat him or Paul in veto. Christmas says they can’t be too sure about that.

9:35 PM BBT – Paul reminds Josh that the two people he (Jo) wants out of the game are on the Block right now, so he should be happy.

10:10 PM BBT – While alone, Paul reveals to Christmas that he was on Candy Crush. Paul thinks Christmas could get to do it too.

10:15 PM BBT – Paul compares last season to this year and says he played more strategy this time around since last time he was fighting for survival instead of having the chance to plan.

10:35 PM BBT – Paul suggests to Christmas that Kevin may be colorblind which would hinder his chances at BB Comics for seeing all the differences.

11:50 PM BBT – Alex talks with Paul about her conversation earlier with Josh. She says he told her she was too strong a competitor so he wanted her out and that Josh told her “I don’t think I can beat you or Paul.” Alex says she hopes Paul can win Veto for their best case. Paul asks who she thinks the two of them could beat. Alex says Kevin and Christmas are a maybe, but against Josh she thinks Paul would sweep it. Alex promises to campaign for Paul in the Jury if she goes before him.

12:20 AM BBT – Christmas is giving Josh a peptalk and he’s returning the praise.

12:25 AM BBT – Christmas tells Josh he needs to get his head in the game or either her or Paul could be going home this week. They talk about vision issues. Josh says he needs his glasses but his mom sent him contacts instead but they hurt so he doesn’t wear them. Christmas says she’s farsighted so she should be good for that comp.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul has joined the talk and retelling BB18 stories.

12:50 AM BBT – Paul, Christmas, and Josh discuss Kevin’s chances at the end. Paul is telling them that most of the Jury members would vote for Kevin over any of them.

1:02 AM BBT – Paul tells Josh that Alex told him Josh was going to get out her (A) or Paul because they were too strong of competitors. Josh denies it. Paul says he’ll use that as an excuse not to use the Veto if he wins it. Paul says she wants to use Paul to take out Josh if she stays this week.

1:50 AM BBT – HGs are settling in for the night. Kevin is staring off in to the darkness but awake. Alex, Christmas, and Paul are chatting in the rose room.

2:00 AM BBT – That’s it for the night as HGs are asleep and resting up for Saturday’s Veto Comp.

Josh has a lot to consider on his shoulders, but he can’t make any real decisions until after the PoV is over and we’ll know more then. Josh seems to know he needs Paul out, but he’s been so dependent on Paul for so long that I’ll be amazed if he takes a swing. Then again, if anyone is going to do it in these last few days, it’s probably going to be Josh.

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  1. Dude alex is stupid. When josh said to her “Im going to tell you something but dont tell anything else” that was the perfect time for paul to be exposed but then alex says “I trust paul the most” and josh backed off. Freaking idiot hes trying to save you and tell you pauls true game but your so blind you cannot see it.

    • Same thing happened w Jessica. Josh wanted Elena to go home. BUT Josh keeps beating around the bush instead of being direct, and so his intentions are never clear to the person he’s talking to.

      • Yeah…He tried to start a “How do u feel about” conversation with Kevin yesterday but Kevin kept going off topic and Josh gave up…He seriously wants Paul out but he has to chose his words carefully…Maybe we will see a change after the Veto is played and who wins it…

      • He’s tried to broach the subject with all of them (Santa, Alex, Kevin) and gets summarily dismissed. He’s done a good job of not revealing too much to folks that don’t want to hear his message. But sooner as opposed to later he has to find a balance and get them to listen or else….

      • And if he does go for it, then he has to be all in and start talking whether they want to hear it or not, and hope that what he is saying sinks in. It’s a very risky move for him but if he wants the $500k, he needs a big move.

      • Christmas has made it even harder for him to speak up. She shuts him down every time and he is closest to her. Still, he seems to be taking baby steps after his goodbye message to Jason.

      • If he does who’s going to vote out Paul? Alex and Christmas are both the only ones that get to vote this week if Alex comes down and they’re both in love with Paul

      • Statements about Paul need to be made carefully because most of the time, they go back to Paul when it gets to some ears that those in the house can’t realy identify. Jason and now Josh were/have been lucky that Alex and Josh happened to be their pair when they expressed concern. The best persons Josh should have spoken to in the big alliance were Jason and Kevin but that is history.

      • Jessica wouldn’t listen. The minute he even walked into the room she told him to shut up. But agree he is not direct.

      • I never understoood why he took so much abuse from them. He kept going back for more yet would fight others over practically nothing.

      • It was diff with Jess, they had been at each other too much. For her to listen then. Anyway, I feel which ever person he goes to at this point is too late. They are in too deep with Paul. Maybe except Kevin. I just don’t see him having the numbers. I wouldn’t trust them anyway. Look how xmas talks too him. I also see Josh being a tie breaker. With Paul pulling a fast one.

    • Not to mention that Alex told Josh that Paul was in her trio of F3 with her and Jason. If that didn’t wake up Josh, nothing will.

    • But Josh beats around the bush every time instead of spilling everything. He could get her to flip on Paul if he would get her and Kevin together and spill everything and then compare notes. He could tell Alex I’ll swear on your rosary. She would believe him then.

  2. If the veto is used, Josh should put Paul OTB and use Xmas’ line that there’s only one person left who hasn’t been nominated all season and that’s Paul so Paul please take a seat. That gives Alex/Kevin (whoever comes down) and Xmas a chance to take a shot. His only other option would be to nom Xmas and since they are supposedly a team there should be no argument from Paul. Not saying that Paul would go but it at least offers the opportunity.

    • Josh is right. If he does that, no one would VTE Paul and Paul would cut ties w Josh. At this point, his only option is to do it at F3.

      • If Josh wins veto, he might consider taking a serious shot at Paul by using the veto to try to secure a vote against Paul. If Josh doesn’t win veto, he still has the leverage that he will be the vote to break a tie in case there is one, but I’m not sure if he would risk his game by campaigning behind the scenes to get a vote to evict Paul. He would be dumb to think Paul didn’t know. Does he want to go toe to toe with Paul for 2 days? This is why I agree with you that he will wait until F3.

      • His best shot will be to win the veto at f4. At that point, he decides who goes apart from the HoH. Nobody plays F3 with sentiment.

      • The only problem with that is he has to be the one at F3 deciding who gets cut and that’s a big IF. So, do you take the opportunity when you have it or wait and then when it’s out of your hands, say I should have? I’m no way saying that he can pull it off, it’s just that the opportunity may be here now and not later.

      • I thought the same, but he can actually take a shot at him at F4 if Paul is not HoH. Hoh at that level only guarantees safety for the holder. The ultimate power to evict is with the one who has the veto.

      • Then he’d have to win two of the three comps at the end to evict him. Don’t think that’s happening. Too little too late by then. He needs to get Kevin and Alex in a room and instead of beating around the bush spill everything. Even spill their conversations with Paul that Paul ran back and told him. Perfect example when Alex said to Paul she can cry on command. If Josh told her that then she would realize what Josh is saying is the truth. Then I believe he would have Alex’s vote to evict Paul.

    • Josh has nothing lose at this point…Neither Christmas nor Paul plan on taking him to final 2….Hes looking at 3/4 depending on who wins veto and HOH….

      • Your right…got nothing to lose….but will he be able to take this leap of faith….he goin to kick the can down the road I think.

      • Personally I think Paul plans to take Josh to F2 and He can beat Christmas in the final 3 part HOH’s so if he keeps his head down he’s basically guaranteed 50k at this point and 500k if he wins final part over Paul. If he goes for it now and Alex and Christmas don’t go along with the plan to vote Paul out he will be going home at 4.

      • I believe it will be Paul, Christmas and Kevin in the F3. The F2 would be Paul and Kevin. The reason is because Paul has been secretly carrying Kevin, but Kevin doesn’t realize it. Paul is always telling Kevin privately to keep quiet and trust him.

  3. Is Kevin still in this house? I like the guy — he’s the only decent one left and I’ll vote for him for AFP — but he’s seriously an awful BB player. There are only 4 other people left in the house and yet he only talks to Paul, who tells him lies. Kevin is not only clueless, he’s content to stay that way until he’s mercifully cut.

    • #1. Paul is the only person who is not picking on him to his face.
      #2. While he may secretly want Paul out, others take his suggestions to Paul and he gets bullied for it.
      #3. Haven told to hush and watch; While alone, he is surprise to survive double eviction when on the block at both instance, he can owe that to Paul as he knows he runs the house.
      #3. Again, Paul is the person promising him F2 and giving him feedback and competition plans the other pair are obviously in alliance and Alex is a blatant hater.
      Lastly, if only he knows about Josh’s mind games and dilemma, he will probably open up to be in the rhythm. Might not be the very best of game play but for his sanity and maturity ………..

      • Josh can swing Kevin by reminding him of what he (k) told him (j) when they were have nots about playing his own game and not being controlled by someone else.

    • Kevin has no idea that Paul has been behind much of the shunning & bully attacks against him. Paul has conditioned Kevin to isolate himself & keep his mouth shut. Like everyone else, except Josh, Kevin thinks he and Paul are a team. :(

      • There may be a reason why Paul wants Kevin to be quiet and stay in his room. Perhaps Paul is considering taking Kevin to the F2. He is always telling Kevin to trust him. He survived being on the block back-to-back and Paul has saved him twice. Josh and Christmas thinks they are the F3 with Paul. If Paul takes Kevin, then Josh and Christmas just got played. That would be very interesting game played by Paul. Christmas and Josh would not see that coming because they are confident that they are the F3.

  4. If Josh really wants Paul out, he needs to win veto, remove either Alex or Kevin, which I’m sure both would promise him they would vote Paul out if Josh used veto on them. He can’t be sure either would keep their word, but that’s the chance he would be taking, because Christmas will not vote to evict Paul. In doing this, he needs to realize that once he puts Paul on the block, it will be his ability to reign the HG in that he removed from the block over Paul’s ability to do the same. Josh also needs to realize what a huge target he will become if Paul isn’t evicted. Josh can’t play for HOH either. It’s a ballsy move and dicey for Josh and Paul. It would make for an interesting couple of days before the early Wed eviction coming this week.

    • The way to do it is for Josh to pull Alex off, put Paul on. And then blow up Paul’s game — tell Alex and Kevin everything. All that Paul has done, and all of his lies. That way, Paul goes home, Christmas is betrayed, but Josh has Alex and Kevin. Of course, that will never happen. He will never betray Christmas. And so he will lose.

      • That’s exactly what I meant by does Josh want to go toe to toe with Paul, because that’s what he would have to do. All we would see for two days is Josh crying and wavering and Paul manipulating Alex and Christmas berating Josh. Josh would be an emotional wreck.

    • He needs to tell alex after the veto that paul told him she said she could cry on command she only told paul that. she will feel like she was backstabbed.

      • I like that and that could then open the door for her to actually listen to him tell her about Paul’s role in the Jason eviction and how Paul said he would ‘reel’ Alex in afterwards

      • You right on all fronts….but none of them have the balls to blow up Paul’s game….even the other departed hg’s…if they talked amongst themselves and revealed the intricate web Paul was spinning…he would have been called out long ago and probably targeted…..none have and I don’t think none will.

      • Oh I know…not in the jury house….he’s goin to blow his top and depending how vindictive he is….he might not get over his blindside….but they will all get the round table lecture from a past player and be reminded that the judging is done on a game level…not personal…if you got duped…suck it up.

      • If anybody has made this game personal it was Paul….I don’t have to into detail ..if u saw the feeds or saw some of the broadcasted shows then u know its true..enough said…

      • That would be awesome, but I wonder if after being told about Paul’s lies, I still think Alex would vote out Kevin. SHe has so much hate for Kevin right now, she can’t see past it.

      • so true….can’t see what the man did to her….for her to be so vengeful….must be some past life drama.

      • Exactly thank you. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Glad someone else sees how it could work.

    • If Josh won veto, take Kevin down. Kevin is more likely to vote Paul out. It would cause a tie. Josh evicts Paul. I think Kevin is on to Paul also. Josh & Kevin should talk!!! :-)

      • Kevin is…but will he do what he was preaching to Jason….Paul is controlling the game….and vote him out…hmmm.

      • I posted the same scenario yesterday…Josh did try to talk to Kevin but Kevin went off topic Josh gave up…

      • Kevin knows Josh is a loose cannon and is probably afraid, understandably, that anything Kevin might say negatively would get back to Paul.

    • This is the most viable plan I’ve read, for Josh to take a shot now at Paul (given that it appears Paul has Alex, Christmas & probably Kevin locked down as his “ride or die” partners. What a stroke of luck for Paul that Christmas fell for him. She may get to F2 with Paul, but if she’d pull her head out & get back in the game, she’d have a chance to actually win the big money. (Tho I hope she doesn’t.)

    • And you think Alex will vote Paul to keep Kevin? Or Kevin vote to keep Alex? Alex has lost her sense to strategy when it’s about Kevin.

    • Since Alex is so blind to what is happening, I think pulling Kevin off and putting Paul up is the way to go. It would be a tie with Kevin voting to evict Paul and Xmas voting to evict Alex. Josh would have the tie-breaker.

      • No way Kevin is voting off Paul and leaving Alex in the game. He knows Alex has wanted him out for weeks. He’d rat out Josh to earn Paul’s trust, vote out his nemesis Alex, and make Josh next week’s target. He wants to go F3 with Paul and Christmas.

  5. The only time Kevin will win a comp is when the HG’s decide to do a “Christmas”. Poor guy can’t get a break. Good thing he has his lucky toothbrush to comb his hair.

    • Ever heard someone say they had “hairy teeth”? My grandpa used to say it when he needed to brush his teeth. Maybe Kevin takes it a little too literally. lol

  6. it would be a perfect world if Josh could somehow win the final HOH and evict Paul. It would probably be the greatest moment in BB history, the look on Pauls face if that happened would be priceless

  7. I’m still finding it a bit peculiar that Jason is the only HG to get a family edit so far this season. Christmas didn’t get one last week when she was HOH. Maybe Josh will get one this week. In past seasons, there have always been a few of them.

  8. Aren’t Josh and Christmas from Florida? When are they planning to tell them about the hurricane? Don’t they have a right to know about whether their families are safe?

    • Josh is from Miami. Josh’s family has evacuated and they decided not to tell him bc he would worry too much.

    • Well at this point, nothing has happened so why make them anxious if their families are going to be ok? There is nothing they can do now.

      • I assume CBS has been in touch with their family contacts & know they’re safe & have likely been given permission to let the houseguests keep their head in the game for now.

    • Christmas’s hometown is Lynchburg, Va.,but she is currently living in NC. Josh is from Miami Dade Co. area so his family will most probably be affected, but I would think CBS probably let his family decide if they wanted him to be told and chose not to, which is what I would do if my son was in the house.

    • From what I have read, Josh came out of the DR a few days ago in tears and said he had ben told about the hurricane, but that his family either had evacuated or were planning to and would be somewhere safe.

  9. Alex is absolutely ridiculous for trusting Paul. Wake up! Do you think he wants you, the competitor, standing side by side with him at Jury or crazy Josh? THINK.

    All the houseguests remaining think Paul has their back.

      • Yeah right. She’ll just hit him and call him stupid and tell him to stop talking like she always did when he was still in the house. Alex has her head so far up Pauls ass, it’s pathetic.

  10. No wonder I am personally so tired of seeing Paul’s mug, 90 days last summer, 90 days this summer, plus as Paul reminded us, CBS had him on the premiere of the show, “Candy Crush”.
    Hosted by Mario Lopez!
    For some reason, CBS loves Paul.
    For a total of 181 days, America got to see the Beard represent them!
    CBS allowed Paul to scheme and bully numerous houseguests throughout
    CBS I am disappointed in you & will not watch future programming from you!!!

    • Paul is loved by CBS…that’s why he got 3 weeks immunity in the beginning… to keep our boy Paul safe.

    • Actually it was 99 days last summer and assuming he makes it to finale another 92 days this year for 191 total days. Which is the most days of any HG all time beating Janelle from S6, S7, S14 of 177 days.

  11. This is not the time to for Josh to take a shot at Paul. It will backfire on him (Josh). Alex is the disturbance to that. If on the block with Paul, she will be voted out and Paul will be saved. If out of the block, she will vote to evict whoever is next to Paul (Kevin/Xmas), Xmas will do same.
    Josh should wait till F3 if he wants to take a shot at Paul since he is not eligible for HoH at F4.
    Alex is the common threat/enemy to all on both strategic and personal ground.

    • This is true, therefore i find the solution obvious. The plan to use veto as leverage for a Paul vote/tiebreaker scenario, is a good one and it will work on Kevin.
      While they have ostracized the old man that’s just given him a birds eye view. And I think he’d love to be involved in a framing game move of any sort after having Paul kick him to the kids’ table time and again.
      Also it would be delicious for Josh and Kevin, two of the weaker players Paul has been using, to perform the backstab on him.

    • Or at F4 if he wins veto and Paul isn’t HoH. That would be the best case scenario for him if Alex goes this week.

  12. When all is said and done….this season has been very educational….cause they can use this season as a training video for the new prospects in the upcoming seasons and basically tell them this is how not to play BB.

  13. Justice and karma served Paul will get cut at 4/3….there is no mastercard moment that would top the look on his face “priceless”…

  14. “Paul is telling them that most of the Jury members would vote for Kevin over any of them”.


    I hope a miracle happens and somehow Kevin makes it to final two. The last people I want to see are Paul and the vile Xmas.

  15. Just watching the other HGs reactions to all these talks, but I don’t think Josh has any votes to evict Paul right now. He’s just going to make himself a target if he puts Paul up as a replacement nominee.

    Final 3 is really the only chance Josh has of getting rid of Paul. He needs to stay patient and not do anything dumb right now.

    Before anyone asks, I’m still wanting Paul to get the win, but I’ll be honest… If Josh manages to win that last HOH and send Paul home, it wouldn’t bother me a great deal as long as Josh won the $500K.

    Its pretty obvious that Josh is the only one (besides Paul) that really knows what’s going on. Who would have guessed that to be the case back in week 1?

    • You know he has done a lot Paul’s dirty work all provoked by Paul…he’s been a a*hole with a few of the hg’s but he always been remorseful afterwards and trying to get some sort of forgiveness or feeling bad for doing it.

      • Although I think part of Josh’s remorsefulness is an act at times, I think the guy genuinely does feel bad about some of the things he has done. If someone told me a month ago that Josh would make it to F3, I wouldn’t have believed it, but I think he just might.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure he was emotionally ready to be on Big Brother, but then he is young so that’s understandable.

        Still, he does seem like a pretty good guy really. I think some of his remorse is not entirely real, but I do think he truly was upset at having to vote Jason out. I think that one was a very hard thing for Josh to do. Still, even when he was crying right after in front of Alex and everyone… While Paul and Josh were doing their fake fight, you could see Josh stop crying for a second and he almost had a smirk on his face.

        I wonder if Alex is not the only one that can cry on cue in this season. All in all though, I think he is a pretty good person.

      • Maybe it’s dawned on Josh that everything he did to people at Paul’s direction is going to bite him in the butt.

      • Yes, he probably didn’t think he could come this far, so did the dirty work to buy airtime and stay in the game. Now he can figure a pathway to winning so he is conscious of offending people and those he has already offended.

      • Go Vols! I was ready to throw my remote at the TV during that first game, lol. Maybe they will be ready to play today and not wait til the 4th quarter, lol.

        Hope the Titans can pull off their first win tomorrow too!

      • And 2 OTs!! It was exciting and that Mercedes Benz stadium was awesome! What a way to start the season. Back to BB, lol…Go Paul! :)

      • I’m at the point where I’m feeling the paranoia for Paul, lol.

        I think he might be at the point where he knows he has to start actively trying to win these comps. He seems to feel good about his place in the house, but I still seem to think he won’t be 100% surprised if he doesn’t make it to F2 (if he doesn’t start winning some of these last comps).

        How does the surprise eviction that I guess will actually happen on Monday (but will be shown on Wednesday) work? I can’t remember.

        Like, will Josh’s nomination be the one to go and then another HOH’s noms be up for eviction on Thursday?

      • There is a thread about the special Wed eviction. It said there will be one HG evicted Tues night but we won’t see it until the Wed. episode. The feeds are going down sometime on Tues and won’t be back up until Weds. episode airs on the West coast. By the time Thurs episode starts, there will be a new HOH, two new noms and the veto will have been played. This is my understanding, but the article is Special Eviction Episode Next Wednesday if you want to read it.

      • Thanks! I didn’t see that one, so I’ll make sure to read it. That’s kinda of what I was remembering from the “special evictions” of past seasons, but I wasn’t sure.

        I knew I could count on you to let me know though! :)

      • Time for me to see what football games are on! Take care and I’m sure I’ll talk (er… type) with you soon!

      • I’m headed for Knoxville in an hour for a baseball tournament that 2 of my grandson’s are playing in. Hopefully, the traffic will be thinned out. Shhh! Don’t tell my grandsons, but I kind of hope we lose the 1st game so we can get out of there before the football game is over. :(

      • No worries, your secret is safe with me! I’m not going to hope that your grandsons lose, but maybe the other team will forfeit (yeah, your grandsons’ team is so impressive in the 1st game that the other team forfeits), and you can still get out before the Vols game is over.

  16. Josh needs a convo with Alex. Paul went back to josh telling him that Alex was faking. If josh can tell Alex this info then I think that dusty light bulb in Alex’s head may go off. One can only hope josh smartens up cuz I’m rooting for him. He was stupid at first but he is young and has seemingly changed his ways. No matter how annoying I can tell he is a good kid and if he can get Paul out he deserves the win

      • Lol you are right but I’m thinking if josh reiterates something to Alex that she only told Paul maybe it will make her realize she can’t trust Paul the most. 🤷🏾‍♀️

      • I can see her confronting Paul if that comes up and him saying he had to do that to try and separate them so they don’t get put up together etc. Paul can definitely spin it and Alex wants to believe Paul more than Josh at this point so she’d probably let Paul convince her.

      • Dang it you are right. I guess I’ll just say to hell with this season lol 🤷🏾‍♀️

      • Alex will never objectively listen to Josh. A character trait seriously amiss in almost all the HG. The need to belong and have friend is what destroys any hope for us the fans to see a shift. Alex is a naturally dense person with blinders on. She will see Josh as treat. Because if she could otherwise, she would not have run to Paul in thr first place with what Josh said.

      • If I were Josh, I’d tell Alex he needs to let her in on a secret. Then tell her to hide somewhere and let Paul start talking. That would be entertaining.

    • He can…blow the house into pieces….cause if get’s Alex to open her eyes then Alex will run to Paul….and at this point he should get the “pots and pans” and blow up Paul’s game…he got nothing to lose….and he has lots to say about Paul.

      • That is what I believe…Josh has nothing to lose… I DO NOT BELIEVE that he will make it final 2 with C or P….

      • Yeah, I think if Josh doesn’t win that final HOH, he’s history. Christmas is definitely closer to Paul and vice versa.

      • I would bet Paul’s intention is to take Christmas to F2 since she hasn’t done anything all summer except complain about her foot. She certainly doesn’t deserve to win a game she didn’t play.

      • Probably true… The Jury looks like its sizing up where half of them vote for personal reasons, and half votes for game play. Could go either way with Paul and Josh up for F2, and would probably take all the votes like last season.

      • I tend to think Paul would take Josh and it wouldn’t even be close which is why Josh wants Paul out. Game wise Paul is universally seen as the person running the house and Josh has been in arguments with quite a few of the Jury members. IMO Cody, Elena, Matt, Raven, Alex, and Kevin would be locks for Paul against Josh. Jason and Mark I think would vote Paul winner but not as sure. Paul has actually said on feeds to Josh he’d take him to the end and I’ve never seen him say that to Christmas. IMO Josh and Paul would beat Christmas in the first 2 parts of HOH so Josh is guaranteed 50k right now if he sticks to the plan and if he wins final part and cuts Paul he wins the game. If he goes for Paul now it’ll most likely fail and then he becomes #1 target next.

      • Like I said above, I really hope you’re right. I’ve been trying to temper my expectations a little bit, lol. I’d like to see a BB where the winner won because of better game play. I think we’ve only had that happen twice in the last 6 seasons (13 and 16) so I still have doubts about this season.

        I sure hope you’re right though. Paul deserves it based on 2 years of not being evicted (if he makes it to F2 of course).

      • Agree with you 100%….he knows alex and xmas are not taking him….paul is a given….kevin is a ghost….he should take the shot now….cause he will be out next and Paul knows he has to get him out….he has feeling he’s on to him.

      • You right about that, especially after what I seen on BBAD. Paul was extra friendly with Christmas. Oh… he was telling her all his moves, from the time he step foot in the house. And how much he trust her etc. And she was eating it up. Couldn’t get enough….Lol

      • He really does have a lot to say about Paul. Including re his true thoughts on Christmas. He told Josh he thinks she’s scary & he was dreading having to share a bed with her. Plenty he could tell Alex & Kevin, too. Alex would probably be the toughest to turn, even with the facts laid out in front of her.

  17. For all the people hoping to see Kevin somehow win the $500K…

    The guy seems like a good guy. He’s definitely the most mature person in the house (and should be). Unfortunately, the guy has done absolutely nothing other than be entertaining early on in BBAD (and I’m guessing the feeds too).

    I think it sums up BB19 perfectly that the guy a lot of people would like to see win is this season’s version of BB16 Victoria.

    • Then again Victoria doesn’t have the same kind heart nor the entertainment factor that Kevin has.

      I’d say Kevin is more like Donny. Nice guy, but his game isn’t really as strong.

  18. Josh needs to wait for F3. One way all those idiotic HG can redeem themselves in the audience eyes, is by taking revenge on Paul and not rewarding him for his play. That is the purpose of the jury, one last chance to play the game you aren’t winning. The chance to react to as much as the truth you are allowed seeing they are still sheltered from it all. With those left either Joss or Kevin should win. I can only respect Paul’s game if Paul played with other vets who should know better. He lacks the innocence of the others HG.

  19. Anybody want to bet that Josh will blow up Paul’s game to Alex in his goodbye message to her? Not saying its not good strategy of course.

      • LOL

        Sounds like you have my kind of luck! Seriously though, I really expect that to be Josh’s goodbye message from now on (how Paul wanted that person out). It would be his best chance to win if he and Paul somehow ended up in F2 together.

      • Yes agree 100%….the message to Jason was epic…it will help him if he makes F2…as will the one to Alex….it won’t hurt to have them 2 spew poison in the jury house against Paul.

      • Like KSJB said, it could come back on Josh like he’s showing the Jury that Paul deserves credit. At the same time though, Josh has definitely assured that Jason’s vote will NOT be for Paul, and he has a shot to make sure 2 more votes won’t be for him either.

      • People have time to cool off. Jason already said during his feeds iPad exit interview the only people he plans to stay in contact with post show are Kevin and Paul. I don’t think Josh is well liked and will be seen accurately as Paul’s minion so Paul gets all the game move credits and people just like him more as well.

      • Even knowing, won’t change anything. They want Paul too win. They worked too hard all season for that too happen. Even the most hated person, Cody said he would vote for Paul.

      • You’re right….won’t change anything…but production will spin it so it seems the jury might be thinking of changing their minds….in the end he will win….can’t blame Josh for trying.

      • I’m still not convinced that Paul is a definite for F2. Maybe its my BB paranoia kicking in, but there are still 3 more evictions to get through. If Josh wins that final HOH… I really think it will be Josh and Xmas up for the votes.

      • True, but while Cody doesn’t like Paul, he can respect how Paul has masterminded the house.

        Jason, is making his vote personal. Plus, if Josh leaves a message for Alex, and if Jason and Alex talk to Matt and Raven at all… It could easily take all 9 votes to sort it out.

        Of course, I’m not sure Matt and Raven are sharp enough to put 2 and 2 together even if they listen to Jason and Alex.

      • If it’s a bitter jury, yes, but if the jury doesn’t take it personal, they could look at it Josh inadvertently giving Paul credit for it all.

      • Can you imagine more bitter votes costing Paul another $500K? I think the first half of the Jury was ready to give it to Paul, but now the pissed off HGs are hitting the Jury House, and I’m not so sure anymore.

      • The Jury Round table discussion could get heated. Dr. Will has moderated it in the past. Not sure that he will again this year. It seems he tries to get them to view it from a game aspect and not personal, but some HGs are not able to do that.

      • I’m not sure if Dr. Will is doing it again either. I heard somebody mention Derrick doing it. It would be nice if they could get them to only go by game play, but they failed miserably in BB14 for an example.

      • You know Natalie’s reason for voting for Dingus Nicole was because she wanted a woman to win. There you go! haha

      • Don’t get me started on that. Natalie is the real Dingus, lol. You know I liked Nicole, but that was so aggravating. She went into the house last season with her mind already made up that she was voting for a woman to win.

        It just irked me last season because Paul was in survival mode right off the bat while Nicole just got to lie in bed all season.

        Heck, if you wanted to use a vote just so a woman could win… Where was Natalie on BB15? By the time it wrapped up, I was ready for Gina Marie to win that one.

      • BB15 is the only season I have never seen. Parents were ill and I didn’t have time for distractions. A few people told me not to waste my time watching it so I didn’t. But yes, Paul stated recently that he never had a chance to do anything but fight for his survival last season. And he put up a great fight!

      • Yeah, Paul’s performance last season is one of the very best among HGs that didn’t win. Heck, he put some winners to shame, lol (Steve from BB17, I’m looking at you).

        BB15 was a bunch of personal attacks, some not so concealed racism, and just all around nastiness all rolled into one season. It was pure guilty pleasure viewing, but I still think it was better than the snoozefest that was BB16.

      • You didn’t enjoy Victoria’s crow story? Poor Donny, he was so likable, but he had absolutely no idea of strategy for the game.

      • Victoria’s crow story is the only thing about BB16 that I really enjoyed!

        Seriously, I liked 16 and was rooting for Nicole. Just like Josh this year, she was the only one outside of the mastermind and his #2 that figured out what was going on. When they finally evicted her for good…

        Well, that’s when the snoozefest took over.

      • I had honestly forgotten, so thank you for reminding me of that! Now I have 2 memories that I really enjoyed about that season… Victoria’s crow story and Frankie losing out on America’s Favorite Player!

      • I was so happy for Donny. It was quite gratifying to see that confident smug smile of Frankie’s turn to disappointment. He was so, so sure. Weird dumbarse. lol

  20. At final 5 Josh needs to understand this is a 500K game. You can’t be friends and also win a half mill. Play time is over. I’d cut anyone lose for 500K

    • A HG needs to enter the house with the mindset that each one of the other HGs is their enemy instead of how many friends they are going to make. After all, the object of the game is to win money, not friends. If you come out with friends, that is an added bonus.

  21. Now I think it was a mistake for Josh to tell Jason that paul was in charge of his eviction, but Jason may have forgotten. I hate paul, but Alex leaving will be fine and Josh should just tell her that he has been gunning for her this whole time. If Josh makes it to the end without Paul, he could win.

  22. How about Kevin comes off the block (if either he or Josh wins Veto), Paul is the replacement nominee, Christmas would vote to keep Paul and Kevin votes against him, forcing Josh to break the tie and sending Paul out the door? His only option for this to work is Kevin, since both Christmas and Alex are Manson (I mean Paul) followers and would never vote against him. Both girls are terrible players and really gullible. This has got to be one of the worst seasons ever in 19 years. Both the EP and Casting Director need to go – definitely rigged by production to benefit Paul.

    • If Kevin came down and Paul went up… I don’t think Kevin has trust in Josh either, so you might well see Paul and Kevin team up for a week. Josh then becomes expendable and Kevin makes it to F3 with Xmas and Paul.

      The plan would be the same from that point. Kevin (taking Josh’s spot) would get evicted at F3, then Paul and Xmas would be at F2.

      • I’d love that. That would be euphoric for me. I absolutely hate Josh with a passion. Carrying Josh to the end was the only game move of Paul’s I disagreed with. I know he’s easy to manipulate, but the house was full puttied brained people this season, he had plenty if choices, Josh is a train wreck. When and why did he change from Kevin F2 to Josh??

      • I’m guessing at some point, Paul realized that a lot of people in the house liked Kevin. People that would not vote for Josh would possibly vote for Kevin… Especially if Raven tells Matt that Josh voted her out,
        and then Maven believes Jason about Paul.

        Still, after Josh seems to be turning on Paul… All it would take is one comment from Xmas and it will be all Paul and Xmas in the F2 (barring a fluke final HOH win).

      • Ok. I was thinking that was the reason Paul turned the house against Kevin in preparation for being his F2. I’m just now over the past week or so realizing that’s not shaping up to be the case, Josh is his definate F2. I’m like WHY?? But I guess if he thinks Kevin will win (which I don’t), then I guess Josh is the better option but I just think there was so many other options besides Josh. I don’t see what Paul saw in Josh to choose him. He’s always seemed to be a liability to me.

      • I think that, in the end, Paul realized that Josh gave him someone that would be willing to get all the blood on his hands (keeping Paul clean). Then, the jury would hold it against Josh while crediting Paul with the good game play.

        It still works in theory, but Josh is doing his best to hurt Paul’s chances with his latest goodbye messages. Let’s hope that Paul can get the Jury to vote for game play and not because their feelings got hurt on a personal level.

      • Omg. I’ve been watching bbad on and off throughout the day and as we’re having this conversation just now Paul is explaining why he chose Josh. It’s funny because I never considered Paul’s reason although I do agree. He said Josh is not an egomaniac. BOOM! Paul is so wise! That exploded my ration! That is very important and I DEFINITELY understand why that attracted him to Josh. That is very astute of Paul to notice that over the sphere of noise Josh surrounding Josh. After all the obvious characteristics that exceeds Josh, the one Paul saw out weighs them all. I understand now. Josh isn’t an egomaniac just maniac, lol big difference. I understand the value of that, especially in that environment. Paul is wise waaay beyond his years. Who else would recognize that at 23?? Lol

      • Paul is a very smart guy no matter what all his haters have to say. His logic regarding Josh is very sound, especially when you think that it would seem to hint that Josh might not mind losing to Paul if it came right down to it. I mean, sure Josh probably wants to win, but he would be okay either way.

        Paul is a very charismatic and intelligent individual. He’s also a pretty funny guy. He did however, out-think himself in regards to taking Nicole over James last season. So, lets hope that he picks the right person this time around.

        Regardless though… I’m crossing my fingers for Paul to take it all the way!

      • How would you feel if Josh won the game, just hypothetically speaking. Not saying he has a chance, but would like to know your thoughts on such a scenario.

      • I told K the other day, if that happens, it will be my last season, I’d guit watching again. I wasn’t planning to watch this year, only because of Paul I watched. Last year Nicole and this year Josh! There’s no point of me watching if the best player doesn’t win. It’s why I always thought it should be a panel of intelligent judges to decide who wins.

  23. That was a very boring night. I guess this is what happens when you have a bunch of people that can’t think for themselves.

  24. I just realized that most of the HGs (minus Kevin) are guilty of saying and doing the most horrendous things.

    Paul: blackface and mob mentality
    Cody: transphobic comments about Audrey
    Jessica: poking people on the butts
    Josh: Everything under the sun
    Jason: sex jokes about Kevin’s wife.
    Alex: Being malicious in general

    Only HG likeable left is Kevin. And yet I don’t see him making it past 5.

    • I can think of a lot of reasons to not like Jessica, but poking people on the butts is your reason? :-) What’s your reason for not liking Christmas?

      • I should’ve added more on Jessica. Just being a mean girl in general along with Alex.

        No wonder they hate each other.

        Christmas I wouldn’t mind if she could actually stray away from Paul and focus on her game. Problem is, she’s TOO loyal to the wrong person.

    • I like Kevin too, but let’s not forget that he also had his “horrendous” moments. Don’t forget he was snuggling up to Miss Christmas and sleeping in the same bed with her (not having sex). This was distasteful because he is a married man with six daughters watching. All of these houseguests, to some degree have done and said awful things.

  25. Come on Josh don’t pull of Alex if you win the veto, pull down Kevin put up Paul and convince Kevin to vote Paul the f out! Even if xmas voted for Alex to go it would be a tie and Josh has the final say!

  26. I blame Paul. Idk why he picked Josh to carry to the end. That’s the only game move I disagreed with. He’s a complete basket case. ( all of my comments are directed to team Paul. If you’re not team Paul, disregard, our points of views are completely opposite so don’t waste your time.)

  27. Did Alex tell Paul of conversation she had with josh regarding what really happened with Jason and his eviction? Josh told her to keep it between them

  28. Just reading sceneries by all you guys……. it’s over!


    I admit defeat…… to a man with SMS (short man syndrome) & I hate it……

    BIG BROTHER, PLS PLS PLS hire someone, anyone other than who you’ve been using, to find players that want to play & game. Not players that want to roll over & have a VET rub their tummy & win for it.

    These players -HA HA (cough cough) “players” never played the game at all. There were so many floaters & no one wanted blood on their hands. And who, in their right mind, wouldn’t get a VET out of a game they already lost to? Nicole won last year for just relaxing in a private room for the season. WTH?

    If it’s fixed ok, it’s fixed. Then please admit it so I can move into more important mindless TV…..

    Rant over! It’s raining & im heading out to the outdoor community pool. I suffer from chronic pain & that’s the only place I feel like my old self. Altho I’m not that old. IMO.

    Have a restful Saturday as this crazy season winds down for a Paul win! Ugh barf! SMS PAUL!! I just can’t……ugh…barf! Lol


    • Paul was the only veteran brought back to play. Has given safety from 4 evictions and given friendship bracelets. His DR reads are clearly scripted or at least directed. This season is clearly fixed for him to win.

      • Because he was the HG that got screwed over by the last “America’s Darling” of a returning HG. They so obviously pushed for one of America’s favorites (NIcole) to win last year at the expense of Paul.

        So, why not return the favor for Paul. If you don’t like Paul, that’s fine. But fair is fair.

        The good thing about this season is that when Paul wins… Nobody will give a crap about the other 16 HGs (including Cameron), and CBS won’t have to bring back anyone next year.

      • Fair may be fair, but then it isn’t a game, it is a very scripted show and eventually CBS will lose viewers.

      • I think his DR and cam talks are for a book(s) he’s writing about how to screw the innocents. What kind of a deal can paul get with that?? more $$$

      • I kind of have to agree. 100%!!
        e erything leads to a paul win from the minute his fans complained or whatever happened as to why he was put back in.
        And why him? He’s just too icky! Slimmy! Gross…… etc

  29. Paul has played well but any sensible player would, given the IQ of this set of HG’s. I wonder if he’s considered that Josh or Christmas may have alternative thoughts that could lead to his demise? I guess if he gets to F3 with those two, then it doesn’t matter since that’s where the team play ends anyway.

    • You are absolutely right! However, I am hoping that Paul will have the same destiny as Vanessa. Remember when Steve evicted her at the very end? It was priceless! Yep that is what I hope happens to Paul.

      • It’s his cocky attitude right? And on the feeds he’s not even all that nice to the people he’s getting to do his dirty work

      • Definitely the cocky attitude and the disrespect of his fellow house mates. I don’t understand why they are tolerating that from him. Hell, honestly I don’t understand why they have done a lot of things this season.

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