‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Josh Grows Suspicious Of Paul’s Moves

Josh Martinez is suspicious of Paul on BB19

Paul Abrahamian is carefully controlling the Houseguests and it’s been so-far-so-good for his game. Frankly, it’s gotten to the point where Houseguests’ games are being stomped on in front of their eyes and they just stand there smiling at Paul.

With this having gone on for nearly the entire season it seems unlikely for anyone to stop it at this point, but in what might be the first instance of rebellion, one Houseguest is at least starting the dialogue.

Flashback to 1:43 PM BBT 9/2 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds. Get your Free Trial now.

Here Josh pulls Christmas in to the Lounge to share some concerns. Christmas tells him they should throw the Veto comp to Paul, but Josh has a warning for her.

Josh says if Paul wins then he’ll save “Tiger” (that’s Alex’s nickname, in case you haven’t heard it used). He goes on to explain that by doing so Paul puts the blood on their hands instead. He shows how Paul will save two Jury votes (Alex and Jason) while positioning those two against Josh and Christmas. Instead of hearing him out Christmas is quick to defend Paul, but Josh isn’t stopping.

Josh explains that he’s been watching Paul’s moves and knows what’s going on. He says Paul is working Jury votes here and prioritizing his own game over their threesome’s own needs. Josh is right, but amazingly Christmas doesn’t seem concerned.

This conversation lasts a long time as Josh runs through what’s been happening. Christmas tells Josh he needs to be careful with such anti-Paul comments because someone could be listening. It’s like “1984” has appropriately come to life here but they’re worried about one of the other Houseguests instead of their all-hearing, all-knowing overlords.

Christmas says she doesn’t like all these “ripples” in their trio’s trust and she wants to work it out. She says they need to talk with Paul, the three of them, and come to a group conclusion on what should be done with this week’s targets and eviction plans.

Well obviously Paul isn’t going to let either of them stop his plans. He did end up winning the Veto, after Alex threw it to him nonetheless, and now he’s going to save her with it. From there he’s already convinced Christmas to let him vote to keep Jason so his vote along with Alex’s vote will force a tie. He actually got Christmas to agree to this.

Yes, instead of making Paul take some of the blame for Jason’s eviction this week Paul is going to put it on the shoulders of Raven, Josh, and Christmas with her tiebreaker vote. When she asks him again to explain why they need to do all that instead of him just voting to evict Jason we get to watch Paul run circles around Christmas until she gets confused, gives up, and gives in.

Jump ahead to 3:50 AM BBT 9/3 overnight as Josh and Christmas rehash his earlier concerns. Josh is still very nervous about Paul’s plan to protect himself and put them at risk. Christmas promises Josh that Paul explained everything to her and it all makes perfect sense, so he should just trust Paul.

Christmas tells Josh that everything is going great and he can’t risk this for them. Josh eventually changes his tune and says he trusts Paul completely. He promises to keep these concerns quiet now.

Okay, so we’ve seen some rumblings from one of Paul’s closest allies (of course, they all think they are one his closest) but will it actually lead to anything? Doubtful. We’ve heard camtalks from Josh awhile back where he was catching on to Paul’s moves, but he never did anything about it then either.

Say Josh had won HoH this week, which was the backup plan for what they’d do if HoH was physical (oops), then I still don’t think we would have seen some shocking twist of Paul going up and out. Paul has his hooks in everyone’s game so deep that they fear messing up their chances by turning on him, much less by upsetting him.

Just look how in these past two rounds HGs have marched to the Block as willing pawns only to be backstabbed. Then you’ve got Christmas who is afraid for Josh to even speak words of unease against Paul. Yikes.

Do you think anyone will even have the slightest inclination to go beyond words and take action against Paul before it’s too late? Will they all only see the obvious once they’ve arrived at the Jury House?

We’re down to just over two weeks until the season finale and at this rate it just might take a fireball falling the sky to stop Paul from reaching the end and being crowned the winner of Big Brother 19.


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  1. If there’s one thing that’s interesting about this season, it’s watching one houseguest’s light bulb start to come on…he or she start to realize what is happening….but inevitably, watch one or more other houseguests turn it right back off.

    • Josh is probably being feed info by the DR, he will not go against Paul he’s a puppet and a dumb cry baby.

    • More surprising to me is that it’s Josh who is right on the money. I guess he’s not the meatball I thought he was. But is Christmas really this foolish or are the meds affecting her brain?

  2. Who would have ever thought that the cry baby bullying meatball would start seeing what Paul is doing!

    • The problem is Josh does not have credibility among the other houseguests so they listen to him and then pat his head and says “Paul is our Leader” and Josh snickers and says “yes he is”.

      • Why can’t Josh just flip his vote and make it 3-1 to vote Kevin out? If he’s so hesitant then grow some balls, oh yeah I forgot I’m talking about Josh 😂😂

      • He could but then that would put the target squarely on him unless he could convince jalex that Paul targeted them and that he Josh was responsible for saving them. So question is, are his chances better with jalex or Christmas, Paul and Raven?

      • This group is Unbelievable, I had enough of this crap, the worse season ever, this nonsense should be banned from tv. Paul is a very nasty and evil person and should not be allow on this show. All the hate he created in the house against people who was not on his side should have been stop by the producers, it did not make good tv. BB may loose all their viewers after this season and will go off air or they should not hire people like Paul to enter the house and pretend he is a houseguess, when in reality he is working for them.

      • I think he’s smart enough to see what’s going on but dumb enough to do nothing about it.

      • If everyone believes so much in Paul then there is really nothing Josh can do by himself. Christmas already shot him down.

      • He’ll need more than Christmas to try…that’s why he’s not talked to others because he believes they trust Paul too.

    • This is the same guy who turned in to Paul’s wind up toy with the pots and pans just a few weeks ago. So we are all now supposed to believe Josh sure figured it all out due to his own keen powers of observation?? We would all have to sheeple to believe that load.

      • Exactly. Selling Josh as some big strategic threat is a bridge too far. It’s one thing to manipulate the game, but it’s another thing to insult our intelligence.

      • I’ve been wondering what goes on in the Diary Room. Based on the articles here at Big Brother Network, sometimes these people go in the DR for 30+ minutes. Yet, all viewers ever see of the DR are clips lasting a few seconds at a time. What is all the rest of the time in the DR spent doing?

      • like i said pretty sketchy that Josh caught on to paul,s bs shortly after leaving the DR WHEN HE HAS BEEN AN IDIOT ,for most of the show

  3. Thank God only 2 weeks of this crap left. I NEVER have said that before I promise you. Most seasons I wished there were another month left leading up to the finale. I hate this group of idiots.

    • It’s been quite the ride, that’s for sure. You are not alone, millions out there want to see the final two idiots.

    • I disliked so many in this group. The only somewhat likable people or should I say respectable people were Mark who are least stood up and questioned Paul and the other HG’s behavior. Ramses was harmless. He wasn’t going to go far into the game but seeded OK.

      • I dislike the entire group. Also how can you put a bunch of obvious idiots in a house and call it entertainment? Shame on you BB producers. Are you that desperate you can not find a group that can think for themselves. If you want to give 5K away give it to a charity not Paul. BB sucks this season.

      • This Season totally sucks, Paul should not be in the BBH, because the house has a bunch of Idiots that are followers and no brain to think with. Just end it and give the prize to Paul. The other idiots deserves nothing. The producers should be fired. Hate this season.

      • Favorite HG should go to Cody or Jessica, they never really had a chance, because of Paul and his puppets. He made their stay in the house miserable, because they could see thru his BS and all the isolation and bullying was allowed by production. Paul came into the house with a hugh advantage he could not be voted out for 3 weeks. My votes will go to Jessica and Cody the other idiots does not deserve nothing but mud in their faces,

    • In what the public is unanimously calling the worst season
      in the history of the show, production has sunk to an all-time low with the
      obvious disgraceful collusion of the network with Paul, to enable the house
      guests to throw tonight’s HOH competition to Christmas.

      Having seen this competition several times before, never
      have there been so many words that weren’t “Go” put up on the screens
      before an actual race took place. The
      only thing more obvious than the house guests’ throwing of the competition was
      CBS’s blatant collusion in the strategy.

      More than a half century ago, a scandal rocked the country
      when it was revealed that quiz shows were rigged. There followed a dark period when the public
      completely lost confidence in the honesty of any quiz show, and they virtually
      disappeared from the air for many, many years.

      CBS should be profoundly ashamed of itself for permitting
      tonight’s sham and fiasco of a show to take place. I wouldn’t be surprised if many viewers,
      including myself, contact the FTC asking them to investigate the blatant
      dishonesty of the network, which has made a farce out of what was once a decent

      Your reprehensible actions, and your apparent disdain for
      your viewers, thinking they are all sufficiently gullible to believe the scripted
      crap that we have been seeing should lead to an investigation of how everything
      that transpires on the show is orchestrated by the network itself.

      The worst season in the show’s history has outdone itself
      with tonight’s unbelievable offering of utter nonsense.

      • I totally agree, This show should be banned, It is no longer entertaining , I think Paul maybe working for the show and all this is deceptive to the viewers and houseguest. BB Shame on you, the viewers are not idiots. Yes Paul will win but the 5K will remain with the show.

      • And if I remember correctly, one of the shows in the front lines of the rigging scandal was called ‘The $64,000 Question.’ A chat buddy said it well when she suggested we keep watching because we continually hope it will get better and when it doesn’t, it feels like an abusive relationship!

  4. Christmas is 1 of those stupid idiots now it seems to make Jessica and cody the smart ones but would never have had the backing of the rest of the house to get paul out if jessica and cody would have had backing paul would be gone.

  5. One thing Josh could do: VTE Kevin (The assumed Renom plan) letting Kevin get evicted. That would shock Paul, keep Alex and Jason happy with Josh and Christmas and things get roaring for DE.

    • I doubt he could see this thru, but what he needs to do is go to Jason and Alex right before voting, and just tell them to watch reactions to the tally when he does it. Don’t tell Xmas, just vote. And then we got us a game. Anything else and it’ll take miracle.

  6. You know what really, really annoys me? The fact that xmas will not allow Josh to play and think for himself. Josh suddenly gets an independent thought and xmas shoots him down and tells him to be loyal to Paul. I’m don’t think I’m going to watch tonight, just disgusted by the whole thing. Tired of yelling at the screen, sigh.

    • This is why I would like to see more mature players in the game and not someone as young as Josh. He’s so young, impressionable and this is most likely the first time he’s been out from under his parents control. A more mature player would most likely look at Christmas, lie to her face and then proceed with their own plans to go after Paul.

      • Jason tried to bring up his suspicions about Paul with Alex & her response was “lets go talk to Paul about it” & when Josh tried to bring Paul up with Christmas, she said the SAME thing! “We need to talk to Paul” Ugh.

      • And when Raven asked Matt if they should ask Jason if he was planning to use veto on one of them, Matt told her to ask Paul. Hilariously amazing, huh?

      • The only problem is that the rest of the house is under Paul’s spell. No matter how mature Josh was he needs others for a vote.

  7. My only hope to save this season is Paul goes at F3 when he’s so close. Whoever gets him out will get my vote for AFP.

    • I’d love to see that LG, but seriously doubt that anyone of these HGs can beat Paul in the three-part HOH comp at final three. He know’s exactly what to expect in these three comps and will definitely be the most prepared.

      I feel the only chance to get him out will be prior to final three.

      • I think this is the worse BB ever aired, The producers should be ashame. how can you put a house full of idiots on TV and practically give the game to one person. I will not be watching anymore if this is an example of what the future of BB will be like.

    • Cody was the only one smart enough to try and get Paul out the house at the beginning, Its to late the other idiots are under his spelll and will never evict him. Congratulations Paul you are the winner of BB19. Ridiculous.

  8. What exactly is going on with Xmas and her constant worry about questioning Paul’s game when he is clearly not around and cannot hear her conversation? We’ve seen this with Josh as well, tip-toeing around his words when speaking about Paul.

    One can only think their concern is with production hearing their doubts about Paul. But, that begs the question, why are they so concerned about this?? It’s as if they feel the DR is feeding Paul info, or that production is somehow punishing players that go against Paul.

    I’ve never seen this type of behavior, at least to this extent in any season prior and it’s got me worried about the integrity of the game. Something isn’t right here.

    • Well, for one, Big Brother is not a game of integrity, never was and never will be. Nor is it a game where the people putting the show on are using integrity either. They have a hand in how everything goes down, it’s the nature of the beast, therefore they will do what they want, when they want and how they want in regards to controlling the game in general and the outcome of the game. It’s always been a part of BB. Last year was shocking in that they really didn’t try to hide or conceal who was their favorite and whom they wanted to win, Nicole.

    • I agree. Something is or has taken place to change this game from how it played out years past. Remember the seasons when the alliances all voted the way they wanted and those on the block had multiple votes? This year’s cast is pathetic. No real strategy and no ‘balls’. Big brothers temptation theme has caused us long time viewers to be tempted episode after episode not to be tempted to watch the big brother Paul show.

  9. Alex just told Christmas and Paul she can’t hang out with Kevin anymore she hates him Seriously what a horrible person she’s in the house and must be out of the house.

    • She is a horrible person and the only person to see that was Jessica, Production let the house bullied and isolated the two people that was against Paul because they did not want Paul cover blowned or him to leave the house.

  10. Wow Christmas is even more delusional than alex. Paul has at least 3 for sure houseguests that will take him to final two. Christmas, raven and Alex.

    • Alex seems to be a comp beast out of the remaining HGs, and I think she’ll eventually evict Paul for the sake of her game, especially if it’s between Xmas and Paul.

  11. Christmas is so busy being Josh’s mentor, she refuses to entertain the idea that Josh is more astute to what is going on in the house than she is. So much for being older and wiser. Christmas has been a huge disappointment!

    • Not a fan of Christmas but on the other hand she has done rather well considering her limitations,even survived Cody putting her on the block,so she deserves some credit.

      • Christmas is a warrior. Would be fun seeing her healthy and with a fresh season. May end up winning more comps than Ozzy from Survivor or Rachel Reily.

      • I for one have seen enough and I don’t like what I see. If she is this insufferable in her present condition I would hate seeing her when she is healthy. BB carried her this season and they don’t owe her anything.

    • Christmas and Josh are both idiots. Paul is only using them, he does not like any of them, he is doing his job and production is making him one of the most hated reality tv personalities.

  12. production most likely told Paul he would win this season to make up for last and that being said no one will go against him. Josh and Kevin could team up against him but that wouldn’t be enough. I am wondering if production don’t give all houseguest a few thousand bucks just to keep Paul in and obey his every command. the way things are going it sure looks like it how can you explain a 1 legged girl win a running contest and then they give Paul the veto? I know its been said before of this game being rigged but doesn’t this sort of confirm it?

    • That is really unfair,amazed how many people year after year want to blame everything on production or on the one person playing the best game,after 19 years pretty sure somebody would have step forward by now and produced real evidence that the show is rigged,until then simply not true..have had many faves over the last 4 years,some do well and some do not but not once have i blame production for any of their woes.

      • That´s why ALL the contestants sign a non-disclose deal that will be up for 100 years after the end of there participation. And only of someone gets the powerball jackpot will rat it out, since they can pay the fines.

      • 100 yrs???! that sounds like what scientology does. Maybe most of the production crew ar scientologists!

    • not only are there people in the house that cant see what is going on, but there are people on here also suffer from that same affliction. very easily fooled.

  13. why does everyone want Kevin out he tried to warn Jason about Paul they need to get rid of Jason or Alex not Kevin

    • Paul has sown the seeds of hate against Kevin. Naturally his cult members accept everything he says and now all hate Kevin.

      • Paul is not a likable person, and I really can not understand why the houseguest cannot see it. BB why did you put him in the house? This is very shady.

    • I want Kevin to win. Maybe those who want him out have only watched the CBS live show and the heavy edits?

      • Kevin maybe a little odd, but he is the only decent person left in the house and I hope against all “ODDS” that he pulls out a win.

    • I liked Kevin too, until he kind of threw Jason under the bus when he talked to matt after Jason wouldn’t use the veto. And ths after Jason basically saved him from the block. Kevin saying before how he thought he and jason were friends, and then so ungrateful for jason saving him. left a sour taste for me. Knocked my opinion of him by half!

  14. I am voting for Kevin as Americas favorite as he is the only nice guy in the house its a shame he was cast in the same house with Paul

  15. “Josh says if Paul wins then he’ll save “Tiger” (that’s Alex’s nickname,
    in case you haven’t heard it used). He goes on to explain that by doing
    so Paul puts the blood on their hands instead..”

    The student has become the master. Josh told her he will keep quiet but hopefully he’s just being smart and keeping a plan to himself. Christmas has not woken from the Paul trance yet.
    Good luck to Josh. He will be a Big Brother legend if he can slay Paul Abrahamian.

    • He will, but he probably won’t. I haven’t seen anything in Josh’s character (yet) that would lead me to believe he actually cares enough not only about winning himself, but doing whatever it takes to insure Paul doesn’t win. If Josh had hooked up with Kevin (and maybe Jason) at some point and actually talked their concerns through instead of winding up defending Paul all the time or just letting concerns fester, there might be hope. But – I hope you’re right, Alf. Fingers crossed.

    • Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone was able to take him down? And this is coming from a Paul fan!! Talk about a game changer, Expect the Unexpected!!!

  16. It’s amazing that everyone in here is a part of Big Brother production and know that everything is rigged! Even though there has been 19 seasons now and no conclusive evidence or any confessions from past houseguests.

    • ED has made many “confessions” as have a few others. You just have to hit the right media to hear/read about it.

    • Because ALL the contestants signed a non-disclose agreement that is valid for 100 years. I think the value is over 100 million dollars if they give any information about the production and screenings of what happened inside de house… it happens on ALL big brothers around the world too. What happens on the Diary Room stays there or there life is ruined forever.

    • There is in fact some rigging at a minimum. Dave Hester sued Storage Wars over planting valuable items in lockers. The judge sided with A & E which was the producer and said since, this was a show, they have creative license to do as they please! So, is it far fetched to think some of things that house guests do, including, fights could be staged? What about controversial remarks? I am sure Production has a script of how they want things to play out in the Big Brother House. Not saying all of it is scripted but, some of the actions of the house guests probably are! Even the showmances could be the idea of production if you think about it!

  17. This is like old Soviet Union comrade. All peoples squeal on other peoples. All peoples report back to commissar Paul.

    Any comrade speaking out about commissar Paul dealt with swiftly.

    • Yes, Paul tells everybody when to talk, sleep, think, cry and how to vote. This is a total circus. BB please stop insulting you viewers intelligents. This can not be possibly true.

  18. I can’t believe that Josh is the one to finally realize what is going on and Christmas wants to tell it all to Paul? She’s a moron. What a bunch of ph*cking nincompoops!! I hope Josh get’s to F2, he really is the only who deserves it at this point. Even over Kevin who is my favorite at this time, but he’s just treading water, trying to stay alive.

  19. so his vote along with Alex’s vote will force a tie. He actually got Christmas to agree to this.

    Even if Xmas wasnt believing Paul why would she agree to this. She votes out someone here and that is such a strike against her in the jury because she actually cast the deciding vote. She needs to tell Paul no and let the eviction go down a s a house thing

  20. Its funny how every couple has a downfall. Where they didn’t take their
    Ally advice. Too bad they couldn’t have worked better together. It would have further their game. Jody,…Jess with her gut feeling. Jalex,…Jason feeling suspicious. Josh and xmas,….
    Josh picking up on Paul. Even Maven,…Raven knowing she can’t win against Paul, but wants to take him anyway. Marlena,… they finally separated a little too late. The only couple that really listen to each other was, Maven. Lol….We all know what that was worth. You always have that
    Dominant one, who thinks they know it all.

  21. Why are so many commentators, analysts, writers, authors, etc. acting premature? There are still 7 HGs left (6 if you exclude Jason), and unless if Paul runs the table, he’s bound to go OTB at LEAST one time, regardless of whether it’s before or after POV. There’s still way too much game to be played, and there’s still time for HGs to wake up and realize that they have zero chance of beating Paul if they go to F2 with him, meaning that they’ll *try* to evict him. I’ll admit that the number of physical competitors that can beat Paul are dwindling, but at the end of the day, they only need one person to vote him out, although they may need as many as 3 HGs to do that. I really just wish that people would wait for the HOH winner in F3 before complaining that Paul’s going to win this season. People talk about how Paul can win mental comps, yet they forget that he’s lost ‘Where were you,’ ‘Tales from Decrypt,’ ‘Hocus Focus,’ and ‘Santa’s Little Counters.’ I know Paul has also won a handful of mental comps, but some commentators act like he’s won every mental comp possible. In addition, I would also insert that Josh and Paul both haven’t played enough mental comps head to head, which would probably decide who’ll be the final HOH if the dream F3 happened for Paul. Go ahead and call me defiant or whatever, but until we see who wins the final HOH comp, I’m not penciling in Paul to win it all as there are still too many question marks in my book.

    • Is it “acting premature” or expecting the unexpected and only getting the known outcomes? Even this week seems clear. Jason goes home and Paul pulls Alex in closer. We all love Big Brother for its unpredictability. Has been very predictable so far.

      • I’d say it’s acting premature because people talk about not watching the show anymore or saying Paul’s going to win. Those things imply that other HGs won’t have a chance to win.

      • **gives room the furtive side eye and lowers voice to a conspirational whisper — but do we really want them back? I’ve got carpal tunnel from all the scrolling I’ve had to do to maintain my cheerful though somewhat sarcastic mien…

      • But they’re still entitled to their opinions. “I don’t want to watch anymore” or “Paul’s going to win” are nothing more than personal choices or opinions. And their feelings and opinions matter just as much as the rest of ours. Agree?

      • Totally agree, but when the same person posts “their opinion” almost verbatim several times on every thread?

        It’s no longer just an opinion. It’s SPAM.

      • Hey Margaret saw Gary aka Mickey on FB torturing people. He should come back here, but I think he’s banned. Imagine him sharing his BB opinions with the posters here? omg.lol yup..yup

      • Hey Perry, Cheryl here my opinion and hopes is that, whoever the final three are, and I hate to say but it may be Paul in that final three, and IF Paul is not the last hoh, who ever is, they will take Paul out then and there, just like they did Vanessa the poker player in her season. That would be the icing on that cake, letting Paul get that close to the final two only to be voted out. What would be even better is if it’s Josh that does it. Let’s us pray, and can I get an AMEN………..LOL

    • It’s just been a boring season. Everything has gone as planned. Not one big shake up. The mob mentality of each week the entire house ganging up on their new target and attacking them. Just old and in my opinion, unnecessary and poor sportsmanship. It’s probably production egging them on because without that the season would be a total loss. I just don’t see any of these players making a big move. They are too dependent on Paul to get further in the game. The only chance I see and it’s rare is when it’s the final 3 and maybe someone gets to choose between paul and the other HG for who to take to the final

    • I have two quick caveats – first, at least one of those mental competitions Paul lost he threw intentionally (for Christmas, I believe). The other – Paul has told his minions more than once that he does not want to be put on the block at all this season. Since all he has is minions left, his odds of not being nominated are better than those of any other HG. The only two people I see as roadblocks in his path to the $500K are Kevin and Josh. Not great, but at least a ray of hope.

    • It will be a huge surprise if things do not go as planned. Maybe, it won’t but, odds are pretty good that the eviction order as determined by Paul will happen! Nobody is questioning, nobody is even challenging Paul. Yes, Paul. What else, do you want me to do Paul? Paul against Christmas or Josh or Kevin or Raven will win easily. I do not see them beating Paul in the best of 3 HOH competition. Jason and Alex will be long gone with it being a double eviction week. Even Christmas and Josh probably will vote each other out for the privilege of getting to Final 2 with Paul! Premature, no! Just reality!

    • I think the most of Paul Stooges were just happy to make jury and the closer it gets to the end they would love maybe get a check for $50k.

  22. See below. Josh actually is trying to think for himself for once. Christmas is a moron. They just got into an argument.

    Christmas mad that Josh walked off during their conversation. She follows Josh to the Rose Rm and tells him “don’t you EVER pull -Nan6256 Less…
    A f’boy move like that on me again, walking away in the middle of our conversation!! I’m not one of your club whores, I’m a grown ass woman and don’t appreciate you leaving in the middle of our conversation like that! Don’t you ever do that to me again, you got it?” Raven walks in and asked what Josh did wrong. Christmas snaps “he knows what he did” and rolled out of the room on her scooter. Josh just sat there quiet and Raven asked him again what he did, but no response from Josh.

      • It has been very entertaining to watch little baby bird Josh trying to learn fly and Mama bird putting those wings around him keeping him in the nest. Mama just isn’t ready, cheryl! lol

    • Oh I wanna see that (flashback) Christmas snaps and rolled out of the room on her scooter. lol Same as when Jody (on a toad outfit) snapped and started hopping out of the kitchen..they’re funny.

    • So she was cleared for the HOH comp but she needs the flipping scooter still anybody thats feeds a scooter to get a round should never have been cleared for that type of comp

      • She should not have been in the competition, This is all scripted by the producers. Shame on you BB, you may have met your demised after this season. I was a fan of the show, but this season sucks you have turned a family show into deceit. You have made your employee Paul hated by many viewer. I’m done.

  23. alex is believing they are back dooring kevin (who lives in her head)
    she said America will hate kevin because of what he said to her. I recall a blow up (alex) last week but they went to fish. what did kev say?

  24. paul let slip to alex, yada yada yada, then next week we put kevin up yada yada yada. alex can not believe that Jason is safe and kev will be backdoored this thursday, threw her ride or die under the bus.

  25. alex/raven, the 2 heffers eat like a plague of locusts
    eating through the hoh food like it’s the last supper

    • Raven says she has a hyperthroid and the gastroparisis (sp)… but has she not put on about 10# since june? IF she has a hyper thyroid… she won’t gain weight that easily.

  26. I thought it was amusing how everybody liked “Bobby …” “Bobby is great”….”I love Bobby”…and yet none of them seemed to remember his last name.

  27. This is basically a carbon copy of Survivor Redemption Island inside the Big Brother house. Paul, just like Boston Rob, was viewed as a god of the game by the majority of the house, and took advantage of this by completely shunning anyone who didn’t want to work with him and systematically getting rid of them. In the process, he also cemented alliances within his group so that everyone thinks they’re going to the end with him.

  28. This has been one of the worst casts in BB History (apart from 15 and 9) a bunch of fools who obviously don’t want $500k

  29. It’s been kind of interesting to watch. Josh has all the pieces, he just hasn’t put them fully into place. And even then, I don’t think he would be able to do anything about it.

  30. Josh and Jason both have good instincts, unfortunately they are both more inclined to follow than lead like the other sheep in this house. It blows my mind at just how utterly stupid some of these houseguests are! Paul is playing this game as it should be played. It’s clear however that he has absolutely no genuine competition, so he deserves to win just for that. Still, I can’t see how he will get the jury votes, unless he’s in final two with someone more disliked than him and with that in mind I can see him taking Raven to final two.

      • Raven has a few votes over Paul, maybe not 5 but it won’t be 0. Alex would have less votes then raven.

      • Raven doesn’t need one more penny from this show. Her go fraud me account has again been shut down. I don’t even want to see her get second. She’s done nothing but lie and scam people.

      • I will be very disappointed if she makes the final 2. I’m posted before I have this bad feeling Paul/Raven f2 was or is what BB wanted. If they are the final 2, it will be the worst final 2 IMO ever.

      • I think BB is pissed at Raven for clearly lying to them about her strict diet so they coincidentally gave her a no have not passed all season! I don’t think they are happy about that, plus other things. They have not been giving Raven much airtime etc. so I just don’t think BB would want Raven to make it to the end. But I could be wrong! This entire season has been completely messed up! So who knows

      • You took the words right out of my mouth! LOL
        Raven can NOT make F2! For my sanity (& most of us!)
        In fact she needs to go ASAP! I do not want this girl getting any more money than she already has! And the last thing I would want is for Raven to make it to the end and receive $50,000! That would be horrible! But, it would be typical of this season!
        BB/CBS should’ve pulled her from the game along time ago! She was able to pull the wool over their eyes before the game even started, she completely lied to them & they fell for it and so Raven ironically (NOT) wins a “no slop/have not for the entire season” due to her “strict diet!”
        What a strict diet? The girl eats everything! So for that reason alone, if I were a producer I would kick her off the show just for that reason alone! (Along with a lot of other reasons) I would be pissed off as a producer if I was “played” by this girl like they were!
        Then again, they let Matt get away with completely breaking the rules and having no respect for the game! You saw Allison’s response to that right? She thought he “got what he deserved with a penalty vote!” Unreal!

  31. josh again approaches paul about not liking the “plan”
    Jason walks in, they shut up but jay know they were talking about him and frowns.

  32. Notice in the flashback opening of tonight’s episode, Xmas having to alert Josh they have to prioritize getting jalex out. Paul and Xmas knew this first but had to spoon feed it to Josh, any halfway decent gamer would already know that. Oh but wait, he’s smart enough to be the only one in the house that’s catching on to Paul’s game. Nice try production. Not buying it.

  33. Paul is making Alex and Christmas look like idiots. When they realize this, are they going to think, “wow, he is so smart” or are they going to think, “omg, I am so dumb”. and Josh is going to think, “damm, I knew it all along, but I let I let my penis think for me”.

  34. I read in a previous thread that Paul plans to take Kevin to F2. Makes perfect sense, but did he actually say that?

    • In the beginning Paul planned to take Kevin but now he doesn’t because Paul thinks Kevin is nice to everyone right before they get votes out.

    • Yes, at some point over the last few weeks he has said he has wanted to take Kevin to F2.
      I don’t know if he still wants to, I don’t know what Paul’s F2 plans are at the moment.
      Sometimes it’s Raven, or Christmas or Josh or Kevin!
      ALL I CARE about at the moment is I don’t want Jason to go home this week and I definitely do not want Paul (or anyone else) to take Raven to the F2. I don’t want that psychotic con artist getting a penny! OR her to have any bragging rights!

  35. This is the DUMBEST cast in Big Brother history!!! They are lead around by the biggest LIAR ever. Paul.BB needs to wake up or should tell all the them that they are being played!!!

  36. I honestly don’t think Paul would still be here if he didn’t have those first 3 weeks….three whole weeks of safety. It gave him a chance to really start his mental and social game. That much safety for anyone is outrageous. Can’t fault him now for these sheep following him and fearing him.

    • Did you vote for him? He won that week by a landslide. Christmas was second place and Cody was third or fourth.

      • Somebody you know from just one season ago vs 16 new people you know nothing about because this incredible advantage is offered so peculiarly early in the game…

        Who would you vote for? Probably the one player you know something about, right?

    • I agree! And Cody + Jessica would likely still be here.
      This Season/game would be a LOT more entertaining!
      Cody would’ve been successful at putting up Paul and Paul would’ve went home. This season could’ve been a good season if Paul and BB were not in a ****shownance!!****
      ••••BEST showmance in BB history!••••
      Paul getting 3 weeks safety is what initially destroyed this game! And made the game highly scripted!
      Yes, “we” voted for Paul to receive the safety, of course we did! BB knew damn well we would! **We didn’t get the chance to get to know any of the other HGs **there were no other Vets (underdogs) **Paul was clearly a huge target the Second he walked in the door, and **we all knew that and didn’t want him to be out quickly/that week so BB knew exactly what they were doing with the safety!
      (I think a lot of us are rethinking our vote) LOL
      Big Brother seems to become more and more scripted every season. And it really sucks! It doesn’t need to be! It’s disappointing.
      I have watched since season one, and I love BB! But if it continues to stay as scripted as it has been this season or becomes even more scripted, I will have no interest in watching it anymore. It won’t be fun just like the season hasn’t been fun! This season has NOT been entertaining and has just been EXTREMELY predictable with Paul running the house!!
      BB has been my favourite show since it started! I look forward to it every summer. I will give it another chance next season, season 20! I hope the producers recognize their mistakes this season and make next season the “Reality show” it used to be!
      BBC Season 6 premieres early 2018! The first 5 seasons were super good! So much better than this year and recent years of BBUS!!! Really REALLY good! So for now, at least we have that! Fingers crossed 🤞 it doesn’t become scripted! Have you watched BBC?
      Sorry, vent over 🙃

  37. Does Christmas think they all can win $500k? Did she ever consider that she does not have a strong game to justify? Is she doing what she is doing to revive her semi celeb caree? Grt new follower? Does she know Paul shenanigans but fear to upset his fans, to gain fans, but secretly have a plan?
    Who knows with Xmas. She is definitely not genuinely play BB because she does not have a genuine f2 with Josh and wants to ensure Paul wins. Odd!

  38. Everyone I know that is still watching BB sees Paul as a repulsive, cunning, rat who ‘preys’ on witless contestants who cannot think for themselves. Many viewers have stopped watching the show, and more fans will drop off. I find him to be a disgusting person who has a very high opinion of himself. He must live in a little circle of people making him think he is someone special. Cannot stand the sight of him and at the point of just reading summaries of the episodes. Losing interest in watching at all.

  39. These have to be the dumbest players I have ever seen in big brother history is so bad I even hate watching

    • I will second that, whoever chose these players should be fired. Worst season and worst houseguests ever. Time for BB to cancel itself.

  40. OMG.. this has to be the worst season of BB ever. The HOH tonight was a joke. It appears that the producers are working with Paul. Not one time did they have a ready set go, they let everyone false start so Christmas would win. AND why was Christmas even cleared to play in the HOH. I was really hoping that Jason would have taken an apple and picked a second veto. Jason just needs to win the POV…

  41. Paul probably has a deal with Christmas after the show is over, That’s is why she is downplaying Josh’s concerns and doing everything to help Paul move along. To Paul’s advantage he probably had ideas about strategies before joined this season, The fact he uses the term puppets doesn’t say much for the cast.

      • YUP
        Jessica said on Instagram the other day NOT to vote for her as AFP because then the votes would be split between her and Cody.
        It makes perfect sense because then someone else could win it.

  42. Alex through for Veto to Paul???

    Of all the people in the house, Josh is “on to Paul!!” Isn’t that ironic! But stupid Christmas doesn’t even want Josh to mention Paul’s name! That’s crazy but not surprising! SMH some more!

      • I don’t think so. Paul will not allow that to happen.
        And Paul will not make the same mistake he did last year taking nicole to F2

      • I am not surprised Raven throw it but, I expected more of Alex and even more of Kevin! Why would Kevin throw it? I guess because he has no choice but to listen to Paul! Or he would become public enemy number one. But doesn’t he already feel like he is public enemy number one?
        But Alex! How are these people Soooooo freaking stupid!?
        Honestly, the first few weeks Alex stood out and a lot of us liked her. She was smart and knew how to play this game! Unfortunately when she got her first HOH she gave it to Paul and the rest is history but, we know that Alex is no dummy and she does know this game! I just don’t get it! She should know better.
        I wouldn’t care if she was going home this week, she’s a terrible person! But she should’ve tried to win for her “ride or die” Jason! How did she not think they would be in danger!?!
        I guess she is too blinded with her hatred towards Kevin and she’s too busy torturing him to pay attention to the game!
        I know it’s not going to happen but I wish Paul pulled Jason off the block and Alex went home this week!

    • that,s because xmas has her nose so far up Pauls ass its starting to turn brown,she has convinced me that she is 100% brain dead.JOSH IS AT ABOUT 90%,AND RAVEN has sawdust for brains so she doesn,t count,

      • Bwahahaaa I LOVE IT!!!!!
        Everyone is giving you grief? Because of this picture?? There’s no way! I have not heard from a single Raven fan on here! (At least not one that wants to admit it) LOL
        I am pretty sure you are just being sarcastic but just to be clear,
        I LOATHE RAVEN!!!! She is a terrible terrible terrible person! And I hope she pays big time after this game is over!

      • Yes I do :-) but I just wanted to cover my a$$ just in case you weren’t being sarcastic LOL but I knew you were.

    • whats even More crazy is when Josh was the HOH weeks ago – I do recall Christmas saying to Josh “Play your own game, don’t do what Paul says” I just saw that clip. and NOW Christmas is being contradicting – …..I just wonder now how it will be after BB19 is over – meaning aka – the Insults from ALex to Kevin and from Jason to Kevin …ohhh things are just going to get UGLIER after the show – when everyone finds out about all that. I am surprised Production hasn’t called ALex or Jason into the DR about that incident. nor when Alex hid Kevin’s slop , making him starve. Alex – Geee your family should be so proud of you – NOT!!!!

      • I used to think that Christmases medication was influencing her bad play, but she’s been off it for a few weeks and getting stronger by the day, but her gameplay unfortunately has not improved much.

      • Yeah, that’s right! I forgot that Christmas told Josh to play his own game! Christmas honestly gets worse and worse by the day! Her cattiness towards Jessica was bad but, not something I didn’t expect of Christmas! Well, that’s not completely true. I didn’t think Christmas would be catty nor did I think she would personally attack anyone! My judgement of a majority of these HGs characters has been way off!!
        Same with Alex, for the first few weeks of this season she seemed to be a seemingly intelligent! But she has proven to be not only unintelligent but also a very mean and spiteful person! The way she treats Kevin and the things she says to Kevin are horrible! If that was my dad, I would be fuming! And that girl would get a piece of my mind when the game is over! As for Jason, to my knowledge the thing he said about Kevin’s wife and daughters was the only truly bad thing he has said/done all season!? Jason has been a Paul follower but he’s been a decent guy. He hasn’t attacked people and he hasn’t yelled at people etc. What Jason said is awful but, I strongly believe Jason is a good person and I think he was just trying to be a “cool kid” you know what I mean? I don’t think he meant any harm and I don’t think he realizes just how powerful those words were! And how it’s going to affect him in reality for probably the rest of his life! I kind of feel bad for him. it was such a stupid thing to say, But it’s just that… Stupid! Of course he didn’t mean it, and he wasn’t thinking! I just don’t think he’s a bad person in reality and I do believe some people are taking it farther than it needs to go. It was a stupid comment, very stupid comment but aside from that, Jason hasn’t been a bad person for the entire season! He didn’t given to the peer pressure & put up his buddy Kevin. Just things like that! He was just talking and said something super stupid!
        I mean it’s super hypocritical of Alex to act victimized by Jessica when she was poking people’s butts (I also think people took that way too far! As if Paul felt violated! Give me a break, he loved it and he was laughing and joking around about it. Plus, people did it back to Jessica, so I just think people need to lighten up! Anyways, sorry went off topic there…….)
        As for Alex having a temper tantrum over what Jessica did but Jason talks about raping and Alex is hysterically laughing! Give me a bloody break! Clearly Alex was just trying to make Jessica look bad! Or else Alex would’ve lost her sh*t on Jason for what he said! Hypocritical much! Yup! She was just trying to make Jessica look bad! Playing the victim! (PLEASE don’t get me wrong, what happened to Alex’s cousin is horrible! But don’t use that against Jessica, Jessica had no idea, but then don’t use it against your BFF Jason!?!?!)
        Clearly what Jason said was stupid but just THAT a STUPID joke among friends. Of course not thinking/ remembering “National TV is ALSO your friend!”
        He will have to write his wrongs but we are all human and I know I have said and done stupid things in the past that I have later regretted or been happy I never said to anyone. Every single one of us, every single person that won’t let this Jason thing go has said or done things they have later regretted! Every single person! We are all just extremely lucky it was never caught on video/national TV! Make sense? So I’m not going to hold this against Jason! Honestly I think people are taking it too far. I mean I don’t think it should be ignored, but Jason will have to pay the price. And he will pay big time! And I just don’t see why one stupid stupid mistake Jason made this entire season with a house full of bullies & liars, jerks etc. how Jason will come out of the house as the worst person! Everyone in that house has said and done a lot of terrible things to other HGs or said things about people in general, most of the HGs have done countless things that they will get away with more than the one horrible thing Jason said?!?!
        You know what I mean??
        Sorry blah blah!
        Wow, sorry I didn’t realize how long my rant was. My bad!

  43. I just deleted the timer to record BB. I’ve. watched for years but no more. This group is the most clueless bunch of idiots. They should walk around with puppet strings and just give the $$ to Paul now. Morons.

  44. Raven was talking on the live feeds about the “Wrap up party” & other stuff to do with BB and then Raven and Matt are “going to see her doctor in Switzerland!!” LMAO

    DO ANY OF YOU think Raven will be able to show her face at the wrapup party? Or any other events?
    Or do you think the entire cast (along with previous HGs) will laugh at her? call her out on her BS?
    Do you think HGs etc. will be SUPER PISSED at Raven? & tell her to NEVER show her face around a BB events, ever??
    Do you think anyone will ever forgive her or anyone will have her back? (I don’t mean her family etc)
    Will Raven get her 15 minutes of fame? OR will she have to go in hiding?? (so to speak)
    I TRULY HOPE I never see this girl again! I PRAY she doesn’t hire a (GOOD) publicist and play the “my mom has Munchhausen syndrome & I have been abused by her my entire life card?” Sympathy! Card, She’s not getting any from me!
    Curious what you all think will happen? Oh & will Matt stand by her side or kick her to the curb?

    • Yes to wrap up party, and no to hg’s laughing at her. And certainly don’t see them telling her to never show her face around bb events, lol.

      • Right. But what will happen once she steps outside in the real world, I fear that is going to be extremely harsh and difficult for her.

      • I honestly can’t bring myself to have any sympathy for her though. The ONLY person she has to blame is HERSELF! She is an adult, knows right from wrong and what a “lie” is. She kept calling Kevin out and calling him a liar, (pot calling the kettle black), so obviously she knows that it is morally wrong, so she can’t play the naive card. Other than lying for attention, she is lying in order for financial gain. That is morally wrong as well as illegal. She had to of known that someone was setting up a GoFundMe account because she has asked numerous times for donations to it over the live feeds, and the account was created AFTER she was in the BB house. So there was a plan already in the works prior to BB. She is fake, a fraud, scam artist and hypocrite. So she deserves ALL of the negativity that comes her way! It’s people like her and her family that ruin it for the good people that actually need assistance but will be met with skepticism. In all actuality, since she fraudulently requested for and received donations online, that can be considered a federal offense!

  45. Have never seen such stupidity. Cody saw through Paul. Paul will be the winner because nobody can see what is happening until it is too late. It is like watching lambs going to the slaughter.

      • Agreed. Although, technically,he had a lot of obstacles in his way, other than himself. The 3 weeks of safety for Paul hurt him, & not disclosing his plan hurt him, but if Paul wouldn’t have had the protection from production, he could have possibly rallied the house and got Paul out. Instead, he was forced to nominate half of the house, but once again, HIS choice to renom his ally, Christmas, hurt him as well.
        So he had other obstacles, other than just himself, in his way; but if he would have socialized instead of retreating to the HOH room with Jessica, things could have gone differently! By the time he tried to gain allies, Paul had already reeled everyone in with his Kool-Aide. So yes, Cody had some obstacles, but like you said, instead of fighting through it, he avoided it and that was his downfall!

  46. Christmas shuttle down Josh is just Alex shutting down Jason when he had a moment of clarity about Paul.

  47. I could barely watch BB tonight, how stupid are all these people? When they get to jury, they are going to shoot themselves for allowing Paul to play them — Paul is playing ALL of them.
    I’m no fan of Josh, but he’s the only one starts to realize what Paul is doing, but no one will listen to him. The HOH competition tonight was totally ridiculous, it was all staged and insulting to viewers. I’ve missed a couple of shows, it was getting too stupid — but after tonight I’m done, I’ll just read the comments. Personally, I’m liking Cody and Jessica, at least they played the game.

    • I agree. I stopped watching the episodes a few weeks ago as well. It is inaccurate and biased, so it’s basically no point in even watching! If I wouldn’t have already invested (wasted) my entire summer on this season, I would completely bail, but I will reluctantly finish what I started. It would be great if they would just end it this week though! In all the history of BB, never have I wanted it to end so soon! I usually want more of it! Haha Pathetic, and it’s even more pathetic that I care! So that’s on me. 😏

  48. There has been so much bullying and ganging up “violence” on people led by Cult Leader Paul — they are all afraid! Which is why Paul has played the biggest scumbag winning (probably) game in BB history. Name another that used an equally long-term slimy strategy? Paul blows, win or not.

  49. The remaining house guests are a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter by their shepherd, Paul. These must be the dumbest house guests I have ever seen on this show.

  50. Josh goes into the DR. While later he comes out and goes up to HOH. Christmas is not in there. Josh lays down in her bed and start cam talking about not liking the plan. He keeps asking how do the other houseguests know about him and Christmas being in an alliance. He’s assuming it is Paul. It is completely obvious that they are working together, nobody needs to tell anybody. Josh, the other houseguests are getting their information the same way you are…..from the DR. I just found it strange that as soon as he leaves the DR he starts cam talking and is given the complete privacy of the HOH to do it in.

    • Hmmm interesting. I’ll try to remember and post it but something happen last week when a HG went into the DR that made me thing. I remember last year DaVon was talking about leading questions they ask in there.

      • Production does it all the time. It’s been obvious that they have been fed information and whenever they start to mention it we get the ‘you are not allowed to talk about production’ announcement.

  51. I find it very difficult to believe that Josh caught on to Paul’s antics by himself, without a little help or a seed planted! He’s just the last one, out of the remaining HGs, that would catch on. (That’s just my opinion. Maybe Raven and Josh are the last ones I would expect to catch on; but then again, a 🐂💩’er should be able to pick up on another BS-er, so maybe Raven should catch on!) lol It does improve the storyline and gives production a way to manipulate the episodes and set up a more interesting dialogue/script. I feel like they planted it in his head, and asked him to verbally discuss it out loud, just like they did with Nicole last season. I certainly hope the skepticism leads to some big moves and a good plan comes to fruition. Doubtful though!

  52. I don’t think they will catch on until it is too late. Even if 1 person figures it all out, what good does that do? The rest have to listen, or enough anyway, to work to get Paul out.

  53. In all of BB history have I ever seen someone who is able to gaslight everyone as well as Paul.

    Wow, just wow.

  54. I use to look forward to BB – bringing Paul back with this mindless group was not a good idea – they act like they have never had an original thought – worst move in the game was Jessica not putting Paul up against Josh – that was the end game for this entire season….. who cast these illiterates anyway – I could do a better job!

  55. Worst Big Brother ever, I quit watching after Cody left. Nobody is playing to win, it became so boring to watch

  56. Can’t believe Christmas is OK with all of this! I’d be furious! It’s obvious Paul is trying to keep Alex around or at least get her’s and Jason’s vote in jury.

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