Big Brother 19 Episode 32: Paul’s Puppets Continue To Do What He Says

In what might be the most embarrassing episode to date, Sunday night’s Big Brother 19 showed us just how much control Paul has over this game, or just how stupid these houseguests are. To be fair, I’ll say it’s a little bit of both.

The episode picks up at the start of the “rain delayed” HOH. It’s a physical competition, but it looks like Christmas is still going to give it a try. But first, let’s find out the plan this week? That means we need to check in with Paul see what he wants to happen. Oh, OK, yes. It looks like Paul wants Jason to go this week, so they need to blindside Alex and Jason.

Time for Paul to pull on his puppets’ strings. He first gets to work on convincing Alex to throw the competition this week so they can all go after Alex’s target Kevin (wink, wink). And it’s that simple. She says yes. So Alex and everyone else plans to throw the competition. This should be a real fun HOH to watch (*eyeroll*).

And what’s almost as bad as Alex falling for Paul’s plan is Christmas and Josh not realize he’s forcing them to do his dirty work while he can play dumb and not get his hands dirty. That’s solid gameplay from Paul, but I just can’t believe everyone keeps falling for it.

It’s time to get back to the HOH competition. It’s the Ready, Set, Go competition, so Christmas is going to be in trouble. Right? Well not when Paul is running the house.

After Paul forcing Kevin to throw it, Kevin has a false start on round one and is out. Alex can’t believe Kevin was “dumb enough” to listen to Paul and throw it. But she is dumb enough to do the exact same thing and is the next out. Raven is the next to throw it. And Paul’s puppets are all out, so it’s time for him to throw it. That leaves Christmas and Josh. And even though it will look ridiculous, Josh tells Christmas he will throw it to her. And he does. Not one time did they actually race. Christmas had another HOH handed to her.

These players should be ashamed of themselves.

And this week keeps getting more ridiculous. Alex volunteers to go up as a pawn. Of course she thinks it’ll be next to Kevin and not Jason, but still. What are these people smoking?

Speaking of stupid, it’s time for the final Tree of Temptation flop, but much like the HOH competition, don’t expect much. These guys aren’t going to do anything this season. No one takes an apple. Let’s just move on.

OK, back to Alex being an idiot. She’s already offered to go up as a pawn, and is now suggesting TWO pawns go up and they can backdoor Kevin. This is too easy. But Christmas isn’t sure if she wants to just tell them outright what she’s doing or play into their stupid hands and take the shady route.

Let’s get to the nomination ceremony and see what she does.

Christmas nominates Alex and Jason. She tells Alex that she nominated her as a pawn and she nominated Jason because she wants a strong male out this week. Jason is immediately suspicious, as he should be, since Christmas literally just spelled it out to him, but Alex trusts Christmas and believes Kevin is still the target.

That’s all I’ve got this week, folks. These people are some of the worst to ever play this game.


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    • I thought that Christmas’s doctors were supposed to medically clear her for competitions. So why was she even allowed to play?
      What a pathetic bunch of losers. Thank you for the recap you deserve to be paid well for having to watch the episode. As for me I just hit the delete button….not even worth fast forwarding anymore.

      • Christmas should have been Disqualified Immediately after she broke her Foot in 3 PLACES! Big Brother is a a Physical Game, so why was She Allowed to remain in the Game For, & to Vote from a Hospital Bed???

        Even Christmas thought BB was going to tell her that her Game was Over, & they would cast her again next year?! They “Could” have brought back Cameron, he was in sequester still?! Imvho, CBS is treating the viewing public like we are as Stupid as the HG in the BB House?!

      • Don’t think they cbs/bb/prod want Christmas for next year.

        It is BB 20 so they probably some some BIG event, master plan of what type of HGs they want: like AFPs, winners, losers, green eyed HGs, left-handed HGs, HGs whose name begins with the letter “M” or “J” or some other GREAT group of HGs.

      • Agreed…My main object is that a One Legged Woman should not have been allowed to continue in the game…Christmas should have been scheduled to participate on a BB at a later date, on a future Season.

      • I think the only reason they kept her this year was because Megan had already just self-evicted and they didn’t want to be down two hg’s so early in the season.

        Either that, or like many a vet and other hg who came in with a built-in fan base (Rachel’s sister, Frankie Grande, etc.) they were contractually obligated to keep her in the house for X number of weeks and/or pay her X amount of dollars, and kept her for that reason plus Megan’s having self-evicted.

        Considering how the last several season have always included at least one stunt-casted player with some pre-existent notoriety, I also think Christmas was their back-up to fill this role in the event (however slim) that noone took the bait and Paul didn’t get brought back in this season.

        I just wish they’d give up on the vets and give us a season with out any vets or stunt-casting, just sixteen superfans who really want to play the game…

      • I know what’s that about, its like they already knew that everyone was going to throw the competition, because they didn’t clear her to compete in other competitions so why did they clear her for this one? How did they know that there wouldn’t be any actual competition? I feel like this whole season has been rigged from the start, so why are we watching it? Its like they are treating the public like we’re stupid and can’t figure out that the show is not a reality show but a rigged game…Josh should’ve been kicked out or at least reprimanded for bullying or intimidating other houseguest, but no, nothing, the other houseguests just allow it and laugh about it, like its no big deal to treat people like that and make them afraid to live there?? How is that ok? to tell someone i’m going to make your life miserable in the house because you didn’t vote the way I wanted?!?!? Is that the way the show is supposed to work, using fear to get votes? scaring people out of the house? bullying people? I thought that was against the rules? It seems completely rigged for certain people to win…

    • All I have ever asked for/wanted is for people (HGs) to compete. I know that’s asking a lot, but good God..after tonight, I don’t know how they can look themselves in the mirror. If there’s such a thing as beyond shameful, this would be it. Just disgusting.

    • Yup. I’m here thinking the same thing: embarrassed to have wasted time with watching the show. Guess I had hope for something good to happen. Maybe another family reveal. Did notice there haven’t been any more of those. After the joke about Kevin’s wife and daughters, they probably didn’t want to be on TV. After Raven’s reveals of diseases and GFM shams, mom didn’t want on. Alex’s behavior, patents too embarrassed to be on. Josh’s familia too embarrassed by cry baby’s crying so not be on TV. paul’s parents- choice: either embarrassed about his behavior or waiting for the big reveal of $$$ night.

  1. This season needs a Steve: Someone who could see through Paul but smart enough to play minion and later take him out. Won’t redeem the season, but at least something unexpected happens.

      • He shouldn’t come back. I liked him but he was boring. But we need someone who can see what Paul is doing. We’ve had HGs saying Paul’s game is so good but never really did anything about it.

        But even if someone could go and take out Paul, I think this season can never be redeemed. It’s just so bad. So bad.

  2. Very boring season. Where did they find these puppets? Tired of previous losers getting back in the game.

  3. I imagine production is quite frustrated- it seems like it is a fair amount of effort and time to set up these competitions only for the HG to make a complete sham of them and on TV as well

  4. This season you have to admit, will go down in history. For all the NICOMPOOP’S, on the show. (Notice I didnt say playing the game.) Smh….OMG!!!

  5. They should just quit with the comps at this point, nobody is interested in winning anythjng. At this point I think this group of people just wanted a vacation from reality and the BB house was the perfect spot to get taken care of. Congrats to Paul getting to play with a bunch of dummies.

  6. I just want someone in the backyard interviews to ask, “So what’s it like being part of the worst season of BB ever?”

    That’s after their minds are blown by Cody winning America’s Favorite.

    • I wish I could see their reactions when they realize just how hated they all were and how much people liked Jess & Cody.

      • I think people like her because she was pretty much the only one besides Cody that could actually see what Paul was trying to do and refused to be one of his minions. She even tried to worn the house guests before she got evicted.

      • I completely agree. Jessica was a fake mean girl. She started the mean girl thing. Cody “sized” people up by their looks and put them in groups. Sorry- both deserve each other. Jessica is as fake as her shoes and body parts. And she’s half bald. Good riddance.

      • Time heals … or … out of sight, out of mind – or whatever cliché comes to mind. The more time that goes by, the less we dislike Jess and Cody because they haven’t done anything wrong lately (that we know of). You know … the feeling that maybe they weren’t so bad, after all.

      • No, you were all just STUPID in the first place (as dumb as the HGs) to “fall” for Paul’s BS that the CBS show was putting out there making Cody seem, somehow (!), a bad guy for trying to put up Paul then Xmas — the two smartest nominations of the season! I said it the SECOND that “the couples” RAN to Paul after that that they were idiots (I was correct!). As idiotic as you guys in this post string. Welcome, you belong watching the dumbest season of Big Brother yet!

      • exactly, everyone turned on Cody, for doing the smart thing, which was to try to get out the best players, his “alliance” were stupid and turned on him, which never made sense to me that they would turn on him for going against Paul, who everyone agreed would be someone who was a threat and now look he’s going to win the game and they all kept following him even right from the start they all said he was a big threat yet they all hated Cody for trying to get him out, that made no sense at all!!

      • They all turned on him because they all saw Paul as their cult leader and they were afraid to lose him since they are too dumb to think on their own and didn’t want to feel like abandoned puppies.

      • I liked cody and Mark from the beginning, I felt Cody’s flaw was his idea of pairing the guys up with girls, dumb idea, showmances never win, BUT I loved his moral standards, and how he NEVER backed down on his beliefs he hated Paul from the beginning and refused to change on that and when he romanced Jessica (who I didn’t like), he stood by her and was willing to even give up the money for her, that’s true morality, he IS truly a GOOD GUY!

      • Wrongo. Read the polls that sites do. Cody wind most popular in some. Wow, you fell for Paul’s BS too? Dumb as the HGs. Just because Paul says it doesn’t make it so, anita.

      • And you believe in polls!!!!SMH…they had Hillary winning in the polls too…..fake news. If you were playing this game you would be home like Jessica.

      • I liked Cody, I didn’t like Jessica, she was mean to Cameron making him dance like that and then making fun of him for doing it and I don’t like girls who treat guys like that and I thought she was using Cody, I was surprised to see that she actually ended up falling for Cody in the end, but even that took a while, she still even after he was willing to give up the money for her believed the others that he had a secret alliance with Alex behind her back…He definitely loved her more than she loved him.

      • What kind of people like Cody & Jessica?! I certainly don’t think either one of those two weirdo’s are any more worthy of air time!

      • The other possibility if not Cody (def. not Jessica) to win the popularity vote for money would be Mark, he was a sweety!!!

  7. Some commentators at least noticed that Christmas was cleared for a running competition THAT SHE WON, the lines between reality and fantasy have blurred, it is like BB has made a monster that is running out of control

    • but she didn’t actually RUN!!! It was rigged, that’s the point, so that she would never actually have to run, that’s what everyone is commenting on, that they must have known ahead of time that there would never actually be a race which is why they cleared her to participate, any otherwise she would not have been cleared to participate in the competition..

      • As I was saying, they are in a bind. The conversation on the Sunday broadcast between Paul and Kevin was very telling. Paul is in the light and Kevin is in the dark. They have created a golem ( monster ) it might get to be more fun when Jason and Alex are gone. I am used to Gypsies and carny folk so grifters don’t bother me. Oh and they are worried about Paul and Christmas breaking BB rule #5

  8. S/o to Alex for obliterating Jason’s game…well done Alex. Well done. Also, the 5 HGs really didn’t sell their false start like Paul sold his fall on the Wiener comp.

    • And Kevin… dam him! He didn’t feel right about it and yet he still did what Paul wanted. Nobody followed their dam gut!

      • That’s because Paul threatened him with eviction if he didn’t throw it. CBS gave Paul a good edit on that. Paul was beyond cruel to Kevin, but no, some people don’t think Paul is a bully.

      • Did you notice that Paul was right next to Kevin in that comp. That was done by production so Paul could bully Kevin into throwing it. And Alex was on the other side of Paul. After Kevin threw it then Paul kept looking at Alex. What a joke.

      • I know, this bullying stuff has gone over the top, its not ok, this is not what the show is supposed to be about.

  9. They literally built that hoh set for no reason lmao. All the house guests could have just told DR that they were gonna give it to Christmas.

    • I just watched it too and cannot believe what occurred. It’s totally shocking, no? No wonder Paul is chewing his nails all the time, so much anxiety knowing he is going to be depositing a $500k cheque in just a few weeks. How a so-called vet became so trusted by so many is beyond understanding. When Cody and the gang back at the jury ranch watch these episodes, they must be laughing their heads off in disbelief.

      • ya, but come on, they will get to watch the competition and it will be completely obvious that everyone threw it to Christmas, and they will know that Paul told them to and they will be laughing at how stupid they all are to let Paul continue to puppeteer them…

  10. Paul should just get the money now! He is playing a great game. He has hear houseguests wrapped around his finger. Good game Paul!

    • He’s not playing. He throws everything and lets the others do the work. That’s not playing it’s called being a coward. If he played and owned it might be different.

      • I agree with you, and I wish others could understand that. I always felt I’d never ask someone to do what I wasn’t willing to do myself. That’s why Paul’s behavior bothers me so much. If you want something done, do it yourself or be honest about having someone else do it for you. Quit hiding behind mommy’s apron strings.

      • Obviously, dtuggs, only smart people can see that and anyone who can’t would definitely NOT be good at this game.

      • No competitions, causes fights, hides. I’d say that’s being a coward not playing the game. That HOH comp was a joke. Disgusting.

      • It’s called being smart. Just because everyone else is stupid enough to do everything he says doesn’t means he isn’t playing. He’s working with the tools he’s been given.

  11. I do think Josh is aware of what Paul is doing, but Christmas keeps shutting him down. It reminds me of Jason telling Alex not to trust paul, but she kept shutting him down. What’s wrong with these men it the house. Just a bunch of pu**ies.

  12. We all need to let the powers that be Allison Grodner), know what an Unwatchable, Disappointing, Predictable, Boring, Lame season of Big Brother this has been…The whole Freaking Game of BB has been rigged for Paul to win the $500.000?!

    Even Stevie Wonder, who is blind, can see it?! I knew something was fishy when the HOH was not held due to rain! California is currently in the Middle of having a freaking Heat Wave!!!

    • LOL. Yep, normal people just cry. It’s Mensa members with 87 diseases who come out of the womb vomiting.

    • She did. First she said she contracted her gastroparesis from an unknown disease. Then she said she was born with it. Which is it? She’s also named a few more illnesses she has tonight. She has hypothyroidism and Paul asked if that’s over active and she said yes. It’s an underactive thyroid. Then she said she has acid reflux. She added some others but I kind of tuned her out. Sad.

      • Yeah, she’s kind of … um … odd. She was talking with Paul about doing well in college. He asked her what her GPA was, and she said “dance.”

  13. This is insane.
    I can believe they let Xmas run in this, unless they knew she didn’t have to run!!!!
    How many hours were spent making and tearing down that set????? It’s like the houseguest just shite all over production and no one cares!!! It’s really sad.
    Then today you have Xmas admonisheing josh for have the gall to challenge PAUL!!

    • No kidding! What bothered me as well is they “handed” the HOH to Christmas and she was acting like she really competed and won, like duh? If she is such a competitor as she makes out to be, then she wouldn’t feel to good about this HOH, I know I wouldn’t. What a joke this HOH comp was! Makes me wonder if the whole show is rigged.

      • Well it was more than Obvious that Paul handed the over Last HOH to Christmas, which Derrick officiated over… Paul wants NO Blood on his Hands, so the Jury Members will vote him the Winner…Smdh.

      • Right, but only safe for those three weeks! What about the rest of the time he spent in the BB house? There was plenty of opportunity to say bye bye to the vet, and the only one that had the boldness was none other than Cody.

      • I agree Cody was the only one that had the balls. But the way Paul personnel attacked Cody all the other HG have the courage to put up with his bulling.
        I do not see he has played a good BB game at all

  14. Raven needs to donate her body to science with that many ailments she cant be long for this world maybe science can find out how she got so many and which one killed her

    • I can’t believe she said she refused treatment for HYPOthyroidism because the only way to treat it was chemo! Hypo = slow thyroid, which would cause you to be overweight. I have that. I just take a pill in the morning. Never had chemo. Never had it been suggested that I have chemo. That girl is insane.
      I also suffer from another one of Raven’s diseases. Although I never knew it was a disease/ailment until she shed the light. I too cough when I clean my ears with a Q-tip…..LOL

  15. At this point, I don’t know who I’m more angry with – production for picking these nitwits for the season, these nitwits for throwing their games away for that nasty gnome or me for watching.

  16. My question for production and all the fans is how was Christmas released to do this comp when she was not allowed to play in the previous weeks comps? Production stated rain because they needed footage for Sunday and they new it was over in 10 mins.
    It’s so unreal and stupid to continue the show.

  17. I guess I’m one of the few people to support Paul’s gameplay. Why is it his fault that everyone in the house is a bunch of idiots? He’s the ONLY one actually playing the game this season. And why is Evil Dick now praised for his bullying, but Paul’s “bullying” is going too far? And as far as I know, there are no rules against “bullying” because it’s subjective, so NO he should not be thrown out of the house because that’s stupid. I guess Cody calling Josh a fat loser isn’t bullying, but Paul controlling the HG’s for strategy is… It’s unbelievable.

    • I support the gameplay part of Paul’s existence in the BB house, but I can’t support his continuing personal attacks on the rest of the houseguests. Encouraging other HGs to keep harassing and bullying someone “until they crack” is not gameplay, it’s personal attacking, and he does way too much of it.

      • But the “until they crack” is the important part. When he wanted Jess to snap and not use the temptation, it was to get Cody out. Is it bad? Yes, but that’s unfortunately the game. Cody saying he’ll beat up Josh on the outside or telling Megan “I just don’t like you.” are personal attacks and MUCH worse than what Paul is doing. Paul has never outright personally attacked anyone to their face.

      • That’s because he instigates and has everyone else do it while he sits back and watches. He’s a coward.

    • The only thing that will be great is to see someone like CAMERON win AFP. It would show CBS that we are tired of HG like these

  18. Wow Cody is winning by a wide margin in the popularity poll. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites. Cody being in the Marines doesn’t excuse him from being a bully. He made personal attacks on Megan and Josh and threatened violence. But nooo, I guess he’s excused from that. Pathetic.

    • Oh, yoyo, come on. Remember in November when you voted for the lesser of two evils? Well, people are just voting for the lesser of 16 evils. Who in this group is more popular than Cody? Well … no one.

    • Josh is the one that attacked Megan. All Cody said was he didn’t like her. Yes, he threatened violence against Josh but that was after all the insane pots and pans banging. The other HGs have said violent things. I think Cody is popular because he didn’t let Paul intimidate him.

      • Cody and Jessica were giving Josh a hard time long before the pots and pans banging. Anytime he attempted to talk to them they skewered him. And as for Megan, it was the setting he used to say he didn’t like her. When nominating her as the reason for it. I think people forget how Cody actually was. That and Jessica is campaigning anyone who will vote for him, bb brother viewer or not. Imo

      • Yep. But Cody and Jessica were as bad, if not worse than the behavior everyone is complaining coming from Alex.

      • So true. Have y’all noticed when the primetime shows are on she dresses quite differently than normally? Also, she comes across so sweet and full of smiles? Oh, she is wicked. And all her games of hiding and scaring the crap out of people, is that not weird?

      • That’s exactly what James Huling did (hiding and scaring people) and he won AFP. She’s copying him hoping to win AFP too. I hate her…and l didn’t much care for James, but he was never mean, just stupid.

      • The things Cody and Jessica said to Josh were pretty bad. And that was when he was trying to offer an olive branch.

      • I felt he was playing games. Why didn’t he just come out and say to Jessica that he wasn’t going to evict her? But no, he never did and it was like he was toying or baiting her, but she wasn’t haven’t it and I don’t blame her. I probably would have done the same, who knows.

      • Right, both of them did, but he still avoided making any effort whatsoever to tell them. That’s why I think he played with them, and had no plan to not evict Jessica. It wasn’t going to go through even if Jessica (and Cody) had a sit-down with him. Josh was going to follow Captain Paul no matter what, and did.

      • No he did make an effort and was shut down and then he did tell Cody after Jess was evicted. They didn’t want to listen. His plan was to evict Elena, Paul’s was to evict Jess and we all know what happens in that case

      • Right, good point. I do remember that, but I also felt it wouldn’t happen because he would be “forced” to evict Jessica, again, because that’s what Paul and the rest of his henchmen wanted.

      • Josh actually had no say in who was evicted. He was the HOH and did not have a vote. It maybe true that Jessica was not his target, but everyone else would’ve still voted her out

      • I know, right. No matter even if Josh and Jess had a conversation, it wouldn’t have gone in her favor anyway.

    • Actually, it was Paul who said things and was responsible for Megan leaving. Paul fans trying to blame it on Cody. Evil Dick said it was in a video where Paul admitted what he has done to get Megan out! He called out the Paul fans spreading lies about it!

  19. Wow! What a waste! There are people who were not chosen who wanted to play the game, and then there are these…… They should call this the The Mupppet show not BB!!! Wonder who would be Kermit……? 😝

  20. I have a sneaking suspicion that production wants Christmas back for the 20th season. Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

      • She’ll be back, possibly, because she has a lot of “followers.” She’ll be able to compete fairly in the comps.

      • If she does come back (and she will most likely), she will kick butt, especially once she gets out and “sees” how everyone (including herself) got suckered by a vet.

      • I think she is probably the only one that won’t feel suckered by Paul. I think she knows exactly what is going on and happy to go as far as she is. But I agree, she would kick butt esp in physical comps.

      • I thought so too, but tonight’s Primetime CBS show made me think otherwise. Fingers crossed (that somebody wakes up!).

      • Even if the others finally wake up so to speak, there is no way they deserve to win. Love Paul or hate Paul he is actually the only one playing a good game. Therefore the only one who deserves to win

      • He’s definitely the only one playing, but a good game? IDK. I think a pet chimp could outsmart this crew, so is Paul really playing a good game or does it look good because he’s playing against a substandard HG?

      • She deliberately fell early. Can’t remember if it was so she didn’t seem a threat or to get first pick at an apple. Pretty sure it was the former.

    • Not a doubt in my mind. She’ll be back. If not next season then a season in the very near future. I have no problems with this.

      What I wish would have happened is for Production to have sent her home to heal properly with appropriate time, space and care. Everything was compromised by allowing her to stay in the game, not just physically but mentally as well from the effects of surgical anaesthesia and the pain killers she had to have been taking. It was still really early in the season, it would have been so much better for both the game and for Christmas herself to bring Cameron on in her place and contractually commit Big Brother to keeping a space open for her on next year’s cast.

      • It’s like a kid who doesn’t want to go to bed. Somebody has to be the adult in the room and set the limits. Christmas is so competitive the decision should never have been left in her hands because there is no way a woman like her is going to quit anything unless forced to by the adults in the room.

      • Good analogy. She is an incredible competitor and has made several comments about how she wants to show everyone that she can do it. Not to Christmas: We’re still waiting. :-)

      • But this way she got free health care and probably top notch plus recover where she doesn’t need to look after groceries, bills etc and get paid for doing it

    • Not here.

      It is BB 20 so they probably some some BIG event, master plan of what type of HGs they want: like AFPs, winners, losers, brown eyed HGs, left-handed HGs, HGs whose name begins with the letter “M” or “J” or some other GREAT group of HGs.

  21. My cousin informed me today that Cody apparently had a brother who died in a motorcycle accident in 2011. He was only 29 years old.

      • Well, how come they never doubted Alex’s story about her cousin? And why bring it up anyway? I was beginning to think she did it to possibly get sympathy?

      • I thought alex brought hers up because someone touched her in a private area and she said it bothered her because of the cousin. It also came up when talking about cell phones, she said she got one at age 8, people thought that was young (considering it was 20 years ago) , she said her parents were overprotective because of the cousin.
        Codys was all part of Paul’s let’s bash everything they say. Alex hasn’t gotten the bash everything phase yet.

      • Check this out: #BB19 Feeds Fairy on Twitter – “Alex telling Josh that her cousin was raped and murdered and it bothers her that Jess sticks her fingers up peoples as*holes …” Pretty creepy stuff.

      • there was a screen grab posted on another site of Jess putting her hand on either Elena’s or Alex’s crotch.

      • I read the newspaper articles on her cousins death. Sick. There are so many serial killers we never hear about, seems like just a few get national attention but they are more common then is generally known.

      • That’s an extremely interesting observation. Because Alex is always the initiating and loudest voice when insults. epithets and all manner of other dreck is being flung through the air. Makes you start wondering if the reason she’s so skeptical of the others is because she put a fake story out there herself for the tea, sympathy and pity party.

      • I’m gonna miss Alex about the same amount as I miss Jess. Those two cats deserve each other and ought to be thrown into a locked cage until limping and staggering one of them eventually crawls out.

      • That’s what somebody mentioned in an earlier thread, but I do not recall Jessica ever doing this to another female in the house, so I felt Alex made it up (unless Jessica did “goose” her and missed). Still, it’s a stupid comment. I mean really, why would this make you think of your cousin’s rape? It doesn’t make sense, at least not to me. I don’t trust too much of what Miss Alex says anyway.

      • Really someone grabbing your crotch would not remind you of your cousin’s rape? It makes sense to me but maybe that’s cos I’m female.

      • I’m female too **smile** (I’m using my boyfriend’s computer – my laptop died). I guess I shouldn’t say that it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know of anyone personally who has gone through something like that, so what do I know? But even so, I still would not bring it up on a public television show.

      • Well there are so many things said this season that I wouldn’t bring up either, I sometimes wonder if they forget the cameras are on them all the time.

      • I am confident that they do forget! The nose picking, the makeout sessions, the finger flips, the bullying, etc., etc. Then when it comes to primetime (showtime), everybody is looking like they are going to a wedding and on their best behavior, hah!

  22. I have actually stopped watching the show and just read your blog because I cannot make myself watch these idiots!

    • Well … 8:55 p.m. here in the desert southwest. Just five minutes till BBAD comes on. Too bad tonight isn’t one of Orwell’s drinking game nights.

      • I have a girlfriend who goes to Arizona a couple times a year. She sends me postcards in the winter telling me her hubby is golfing while she is laying out in the sun. Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s colder than hell.

      • I really can relate. I grew up in northern New Jersey, then spent 35 years 45 miles outside of Chicago. I decided when retirement time came I deserved moving to southern Arizona.

      • What is weird I live in a rural electric co-op so electricity is 2.3 kWh so my a/c runs freezing all day as well as all businesses, and homes around me, I have only worn short sleeves a few times this summer. My house is 60-65 but the post office sets there a/c in the 50’s , my skin hurts it’s so cold if I run in from 115 outside to 50 inside.

      • Had to go to a wedding in Florida a few years ago in July. That’s what I remember,going from a/c to a/c, trying to avoid being outside as much as possible

      • In Florida it’s the summer humidity that kills you. You go outside in July and August and you literally can’t breathe.

      • That’s just stupid, and a huge waste of electricity. We’re in an electric co-op, too, but we have computers (my husband builds and repairs them), and TVs and a freezer in the garage, so we have an electric bill that I have prorated over a 12 month period. On the days we a/c down, I don’t go any lower than 80°.

      • That’s more Valley than where we are, though. We’re higher up the mountain than Tucson, and about 5-10° cooler year round.

      • It’s been hot this year – more so than other years. Other years we’ve almost never run the A/C overnight, or even all day. This year it ran almost constantly thru July and August. It was also more humid this year, which we’re not used to. Now our days are still hitting 95°, but the nights are breezy and in the low 60°s, so that’s nice.

      • I guess I came too early, i moved from NY, love the no snow, but the summer 110+ for 3 months are tough on kids when there is do little to do. If I had the $$ I would sure build an indoor roller rink or ice skating rink! And medical care stinks( well in northern AZ southern Utah).

      • AZ/UT/NM are complex states, for sure. Everything depends on where in the state you live, because everything changes even from one county to another. AZ is interesting because the state has all 9 climate zones, so whatever you’re looking for weatherwise, you can find it here. Medical care, I agree. We have a brand new hospital here, but it’s really the same old hospital with a pretty building and a new name. Unless I’m bleeding to death, I’ll go to Tucson Medical Center.

      • Exactly, they built a pretty new hospital where I live too , it was the lure the retirees, but no doctors came, we have no neurologists, rheumatologist or endocrinologist and no kids specialists and our city has 100k people and 45k kids. ii have seen so many seniors die or become disabled due to the lack of local care. I drive to the Mayo Clinic, in fact the Mayo Clinic could not find one doctor closer in AZ NV or Utah. NV has to be the worst, I heard Alex say her dad was in the ER in Vegas after getting drunk and passing out , I would never go near a hospital in Vegas. I guess Alex’s story was the whole family was drunk, I guess if you are drunk you don’t notice where you are?

      • Hi! I’m 1 mile from Arizona! But so sick of the hot boring rural desert, very close to moving back to the high tax east coast.

      • Hi! I grew up in northern NJ, and I’d never move back there. That area has changed so much, it doesn’t seem like home anymore. But I love the SW, and we’re happy here. We’ve been to Utah (mostly southern) and all the four corner states, and it’s really an inspiring area. Lots of history here.

      • My husband has a job offer in CT and I’m considering go back. My parents retired here from MA, and it was great, great Weather, nice people cheap living but the lack of local medical care now is very hard that my mom is older. That’s why I’m thinking of leaving, I can deal with boring , but the closest neurologist for my son is in Phoenix 415 miles each way, sounds like you have done that drive, imagine doing it 3 times a month 8-10 hours each way depending on those 3 stoplights on the highway?

      • Yeah, that’s a bit of a hike. We’re three hours from Phoenix, and we rarely go up there, except maybe to an event or on very cold winter days (relatively speaking, of course), when we know it will be at least 60° in the valley. New England is the high tax spread, but you already know that.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, I struggled to watch the show…took me a couple hours b/c I kept turning it off in frustration! ;)

  23. So Josh is getting suspicious of Paul’s game and his plan to make Xmas break the tie and vote Jason out. We need production to fan the flames with Josh and suggest that maybe he should switch his vote to Kevin. That way Kevin would be evicted with 3 votes: Josh, Alex and Paul over Jason with just Raven voting for him to go. No blood on Josh or Xmas’ hands and Josh can say he misunderstood the plan and thought Paul wanted him (Josh) to cause the tie. Jason stays but Josh tells Jason and Alex what the plan really was. Jason and Alex can both play in the next HoH and we now have two groups – Josh, Jason and Alex vs Paul and Raven. Xmas then needs to decide which side she’s on.
    Long shot but I would love to see it go down

    • It seems production has already been in Josh’s ear. Hard to believe his sudden questioning of Paul was an epiphany.

      • I’m sure they are in all of their ears but I was watching Josh tonight when Paul was ‘suggesting’ what Xmas should do. He is very suspicious and production just needs to fan those flames some more

      • I’ve said the same thing! As obvious as Pauls cherades are, Josh is the least likely to figure it out without being pointed in that direction. IMO

    • Total long shot, but hey, stranger things have happened…like…a woman with a broken foot winning a sprinting competition! haha

  24. Just reading Jokers and Raven is going on and on about her diseases and Alex and Xmas seem to be listening and sympathizing. I just would tell her to shut up.

    • I found that fascinating as well, especially Alex. They all listen to Raven’s rants, but no one ever disputes her claims. They all seem to patiently listen to her lies. You’d think someone would say something? Even Josh hasn’t said anything to her!

      • I watched a clip yesterday, alex telling Jason, never ever question Ravens illnesses becauseAmerica will hate you. Jason and Alex said Raven conditions are hard to believe, but alex said Raven illness is the one thing off the table, you just can’t question illness or you will be hated when you leave.

      • Oh, BS. Everybody has something wrong with them; that’s just part of life. If Raven had everything she claims to have, (1) she’d never be on Big Brother, and (2) she’d probably be dead already.

      • These HGs are like sponges – just keep soaking up the kool-aid. First from Paul, now from Raven. These people have to be the most gullible people on the planet.

      • HGs don’t want Raven to go all weird on them.
        That America will not like the HG that pokes her.
        Ah, THIS HERE America wants Raven to get poked and brought out to the light for what she is, or isn’t.

  25. Oh trust me a psychologist or sociologist could have a field day on a million aspects of this game. I think that is the only thing that has kept me “interested” in this season certainly not the game play!

    • How did they AGAIN gave alex the sweetheart funny little girl edit?? I’m really starting to get angry about that. She’s one of the worst, if not the worst, hg in the house and it never make it to the edited show!!

  26. Okay, I vented about tonight’s primetime show, and now I feel better, ha ha. Thanks for listening! Time to sign off!

  27. It’s really frustrating that they are editing out what a b*tch Alex really is. It’s the same thing they did for xmas the week Josh went after Jody.

    • Completely agree. The editing on this is crazy. But it’s also useless because there not kidding any of us! We can read between the lines for how these HG really are.

    • I know! Alex is getting the sweetheart edit that’s for sure. smdh I find it outrageous that production allows all that bad behavior, but then edits it out as if it didn’t happen. Well, twitter isn’t letting Alex off so easily, so the casual viewer is hearing about what a beeyatch she is through that platform at least!

  28. Sorry for a possible stupid question. For people in the east coast time zone are you getting a “live” show on the POP channel?

      • I actually haven’t checked it against the feeds, but I think Pop just starts different times based on where you live.

      • Out here in the west coast it starts at midnight and it’s obviously three hours time delay I just wondering if some time zones get a true live program.

      • We’re on California time here in AZ this time of year (we don’t do spring forward-fall back), and when they give a time on BBAD it’s the same time as we have here. BBAD starts here at 9 p.m. and goes till midnight (except on Thursdays).

      • No kidding! I live in California and BBAD doesn’t start till midnight except on Thursdays but it could because we have different providers idk. I just can’t bring myself to watch live feeds so I just watch what’s on T.V.

  29. Funny how Christmas could play in this comp I mean it was a foot race lol and she does have a broken foot!!! These people are all idiots or the game is RIGGED!!

    • They’ve given her leeway all summer. Think of this one too. remember when she used her ring of replacement to take Cody out of that POV? Did she even compete in that POV? If I remember correctly, I don’t think she did and I was thinking about that going how in the hell did that fly? If she uses that damned ring, she should *have* to compete, right? I’m telling you, this entire season is just off. Can’t wait for it to be over and I have never-ever said that about BB!

      • I remember, the rule was that “SHE HAD TO COMPETE, or the hex would be Nil, & Void. CBS/BB think that we viewers are Stupid?! But the fact of the matter is that Paul Wanted Christmas to use her hex, Xmas told Paul, “but I can not Compete?!” So they let OTEV be one player short, & Cody didn’t get to Play?!

        But Paul wanted it used it to get Cody Out, so Production accommodated him. Production have been bending over backwards for Christmas & Paul ALL SUMMER LONG. And that is why I believe he will take either Josh, or Christmas to F2.

        Nobody can’t tell me that BB is not rigged, I’ve seen it far too many times, especially for who Allison Grodner Wants to win.

      • I had forgotten about that more proof that the game is rigged by production for a win by Paul!!! Paul and Christmas are both plants??? Lol Come on Josh is smarter than Christmas telling him him no no Paul is our man it is all good !! Wow production must figure we are all as dumb as the cast of this Big Brother!!!

  30. I think what I am going to miss most about this season is coming here and chatting. In a few hours I have to leave to head to Houston. My job is sending me there for the next two weeks to help out. Hopefully I’ll still have time to keep up with the threads.

  31. I was hoping Alex and Jason would make it to the end but now I think they deserve what’s coming to them. How stupid are they – all of them – to throw the HoH competition. Let’s face it. For Paul to get them all to do that is just amazing. He deserves to win – which is why he won’t. But I am dumbfounded.

    I really wanted a Paul, Jason and Alex F3 but that’s not going to happen. Its more likely the F3 will be Josh, Kevin, Raven or maybe Christmas with her broken foot! If any of those 4 win it will be incredibly annoying.

    Paul is so overplaying it this week. The entire ruse with the tie votes and having Christmas break the tie? Maybe Christmas is going along with it to give herself and argument for winning if she makes F2 but can she make F2 with a broken foot?

    When these people get out of the house and watch this season they are all going to look for Cody’s but kicking machine from a few seasons ago and spend a week pulling the lever on themselves.

    • These HGs ought to be humiliated for giving up weeks of their lives they’ll never see again to behave like this. What an embarrassing waste of their time and CBS’s resources. A real shame.

      • CBS doesn’t care because the ratings are up. It’s still hitting high on the prime demographic. It’s a shame because it’s a bad product and really doesn’t deserve it. But here I am watching it and talking about it contributing to it lol!

      • I loved the show first 2 seasons of the show the Mole, it was a great reality show, but ratings rules and we get this trashy controversial big brother instead. I’ve been thinking I should learn another language fluently because other countries still have the mole and better quality reality tv.

      • Completely agree. So many better shows have come and gone because of ratings yet BB is still around even though it shows the lowest common denominator of human behavior.

      • The ratings are only up b/c last season was an all time low for BB ratings. This season, although better than last, has not beaten the ratings for BB16 once. BB does win in its time slot, but look at the competition it’s up against. The ratings have been dropping for years…maybe production should go back to old BB with less production interference and the ratings might return to the good old days when BB dominated.

      • You will always have Big Brother fans watching it despite, the obvious drop in quality of the product. If people will settle for inferior products, the seller has no incentive to improve it! Why would they? They will still make their monies which is the only thing they are concerned about! No different from Dancing with the Stars. I started liking it to ultimately, hating it when producers allowed fans to make a mockery of it. Voting for their stars who cannot dance to stay while, those who took the time to learn the different dances were eliminated early! It became a mere popularity contest. I have given this more than enough time for the producers to improve casting and unfortunately, they will not do so! For the last 3 years atleast, casting has been pretty much the same type of house guests picked to play! So, expect more showmances, bullies, foul mouthed , scamming house guests in the future! The producer knows that some fans do not care at all so, why make any changes to improve it?

      • It was so difficult to watch tonight’s show. I was seriously embarrassed being a BB fan tonight, and I have never felt that way, even during the debacle that was BB15!

    • I’m the oddball , I really do think Paul deserves the win. He has to make moves and plan very carefully to make it to the end !!! He even laughed at these ppl that were doing everything he said. I also wanted paul , Alex and jason final 3 .. but only takes a few stupid comments and actions for that to all blow up . As far as afp .. nope . He has a good shot at it to , so that leaves me w kevin and I really really want him to get it !!! Not sure about josh or the others , but pains me to see them be so hateful to him. Alex and Jason are getting back what they did , he didn’t use the veto and put kevin up and now he is going to leave. U can make it own choices and what ever is best for your game, but it was a really bad move and he took kevin instead of 500 grand

    • You get Candidates like Jason when you recruit a cast members who knows absolutely ZIP about Big Brother! I absolutely hate some of the things that Jason has said about Kevin, & his Family…But Jason more than Josh, Christmas, Alex, Raven, Kevin, or Paul deserves the $500.000. Too bad that Jason’s game will be over on Thursday. :(

      And I don’t like any of the Cast Members this Season, I found no one in this cast worth rooting for. Kevin is Funny, but some of the things he has done in the House I find questionable too, (Kev’s relationship with Christmas.)

  32. I don’t like to think I feel there’s anything to be gained from this season, it’s that no one will ever play this dumb again.

  33. The only reason people continue to watch is because its summer and not much is on. It would’ve been axed a long time ago if it was a fall or winter show. I may not watch at all next year, because i have only watched bits and pieces since about a month ago

    • LOL NO DOUBT!!
      Cameron for sure! And Jessica/Cody should receive AFP because at least they were not afraid to say no to Paul and also because it would piss Paul and his followers off BIG TIME!!!

      IT would be the perfect FU to Paul and his minions for this crappy season they gave us!

  34. Soooo, I just had to walk away from Sunday nights episode following the HOH competition. Unreal!
    Clearly not only set up by Paul, (good for him) but with the obvious help of BB production!! So I had to walk away.
    The most obvious set up for Paul to “get his way” is HOW would Christmas be cleared to play in the comp?? She wouldn’t be!!! BB obviously let her play knowing Paul was “hoping his plan worked” & everyone else through it! That’s BS! Christmas said last week (when she got her air cast) that it would “still be a few weeks before she could put ANY weight on her foot!” So, she would NORMALLY never be cleared for that comp!!

    Did anyone else notice how convenient the “lineup’ was for Paul during the HOH comp with Kevin to his right & Alex to his left so he (P) could easily talk to them if needed?! (Kevin needed a little pushing!) & Kevin looked pretty pissed off after the HOH comp hey?!

    SO disappointed not only with this season in general but just how obvious it is BB is catering to Paul!

      Production has been catering to him all season because Paul is BB19’s Ultimate Temptation. The first big twist of the season is also the last. Follow the puppet master to your final reward. This explains the recruitment of so many selfish, brain dead HGs this season. Who will accept the apple and sit next to the Snake in F2?

      • Great theory however, what happens if/when Paul wins the game?
        If he was put in there “as a temptation” and Big Brother is (I guess calling the shots?) Then Paul should not make it to the F2!
        That would make it completely unfair due to production manipulation & temptation scripts. You know what I mean?
        BB catering to Paul because he is the temptation is BS. It isn’t fair for the evicted HGs and it isn’t fair to the current HGs.
        Yes, they do not have to follow him however, those that did not were then screwed because production was scripting Paul and catering to him thus making it completely unfair for anyone to have any chance at staying if they go against him or winning if Paul continues to be catered too.
        Again, interesting theory however, I just don’t believe it. And if it came out to be true then I would be even more pissed off! Everyone that has said no to Paul, that does not follow his game & and/or is playing their own game and not being “tempted by Paul” did not stand a chance again if BB has him in there as a temptation!
        People like Jessica and Cody didn’t take the temptations (Paul) so if your theory is right, then it is completely unfair & NOT how this game is normally played. Everyone should have equal status in that house. So this temptation (Paul) has been set up to win and has had complete control over the house mainly due to production manipulation!?
        Again if any of the HGs did not follow suit with this temptation then they were absolutely screwed. And what about the people who DID take the “Paul temptation” like Matt and others that will go home shortly, they chose the Paul temptation you speak of, yet iIt did not benefit them because they did not go to the end.
        Make sense?
        What I’m trying to explain/say is not coming out properly but hopefully it makes sense!?
        Interesting theory though! And if it were true, then that would be the worst twist in history! In other words BB brought in an HG (Paul) as a temptation that they helped control the entire house for, gave Paul everything he needed, manipulated other HGs for Paul, production did everything in their power to keep Paul strong and in the game and then they Award him $500,000!?
        Then this is not at all big brother, it is not the normal game we know. This season has completely been fake!?
        There are just too many cracks in your theory unless BB fully set this game up for Paul to win as the “temptation” this summer which makes no sense,whatsoever.
        Why would BB (that is already catching grief for becoming scripted,) completely script this summer?
        Unless I am missing what you are meaning?
        It just doesn’t make any sense, with all due respect.

      • I can’t remember what we were talking about LOL but, Jessica was given that temptation. She said yes to it but of course she would.

    • Tinalee- did’t you see my post last night for west coast and Canada (specified you, Tinalee, in it)?
      Wrote you all to not watch, that following these threads and what feeds you might have, that you’d seen and heard it all and would just get mad about what/how happened.
      Oh, but that’s okay. I know you had to see it for yourself. :-)

      • Yeah, even though some of the time I follow the comments on here during the show airing in the east, I still have to see it for myself. But I’m never excited to watch it like I have been for every other season.

  35. Out of all of them that’s left, Josh is the last one that I would think would catch on to Paul. (Even though it’s extremely obvious to us, I still wouldn’t expect JOSH to be the one!)
    Just like last season how Nicole mentioned that production wanted her to discuss different possibilities and scenarios out loud; that way they could cut it and make it more suspenseful, instead of predictable.

  36. Alex in DR: “I can’t believe that Kevin was dumb enough to throw this competition because Paul asked him to!” You are joking right Alex? You are NOT as stupid as you sound, are you? & just like our psychotic good friend Raven always says “ARE YOU sh*tting ME?” ARE U SH*TTING US ALEX?

    Duhhhh🙄 Ummm😐 WHAT??😬

    So Alex, let me get this straight, Kevin is “dumb for listening to Paul” but you are not? 🤔
    Alex, you ARE aware that you are on the block with your “ride or die, RIGHT??” 🤔
    Alex, are you aware that your “ride or die” is (rightfully) paranoid being on the block?” As you should be as well? RIGHT?? 🤔
    Alex, you didn’t forget last week already?? DID YOU?? 🤔
    Alex, you planned with Paul (& Jason) to blindside Matt & Raven JUST last week! YOU do you know it can EASILY happen to you this week! Don’t you? 🤔
    Alex, do you NOT see last week repeating itself? 🤔 RIGHT in FRONT of your EYES??? 🤔
    Alex, are you really that ARROGANT? 🤔 (Actually, you don’t need to answer that one. We know the answer to that one is YES, you really are that arrogant!!)
    Alex, do you honestly believe YOU are Paul’s “ride or die?” 🤔

    Alex honestly gets stupider by the day!
    AND Seriously these people are so bizarre! Incredibly strange! & Overly stupid!
    TYSM for allowing me to laugh at Alex!
    As much as watching Sunday nights episode was bad, So bad that I stopped watching after the HOH comp, this post made me feel much better! :-) Perhaps I can finish the episode now.

    • I did pee in my pants when alex said that about Kevin. I was thinking the exact same things as you. How can you be stupider then that one!!!! Last week is not so long ago. Come one.

      • Right!? Unreal. Alex started the first few weeks off seemingly intelligent! However she has discredited her intelligence all on her own! LOL what a twit!
        Twit, I know… What a strange word but fitting for Alex!
        I never thought I would say this but, if Josh wasn’t blinded by following Paul around all season and attacking anyone that Paul ordered him to, I think Josh could’ve been likable & we might be happy he is/has made it this far instead of being dragged by Paul!
        The last week or so especially Josh catching on to Paul’s game play etc. shows that strangely enough, Josh is not as stupid as he looks! And has acted all season! However, he just goes back to being stupid again because he’s “still trusting Paul and will continue to work with him until the end!” so what you’re saying is, you are OK with handing Paul the $500,000 Josh? What a moron!

  37. It is hard to believe at the start of the season I had high hopes that they’d get Paul out right away. Whatever sort of magic he has over people he should bottle it and sell it.

    • I don’t think it’s magic or he’s some kinna cult leader , he just playing the best game , and the house knows that he has a lot of influence and no one wants the blowback on them if they do put him up , and he would have the votes to save him . I don’t think the are dumb and all , just a lil too trustworthy and maybe a lil naive 🤷‍♀️

  38. I can’t put all my comments on one post because my comments are already stupidly long! But not always stupid 😉 So just another observation regarding HOH….

    NOT ONLY did Paul managed to convince the entire house to throw the comp, but also BB helped to ensure Christmas won! Am I just being spiteful because BB is catering to Paul??!? or…………
    Did it also seem odd to you that not only was the ‘lineup perfect for Paul” (having Kevin on his right and Alex on his left) but also we never saw the word “GO!”
    Paul was able to have a lengthy conversation with Kevin to ‘go out first’ without “GO” appearing that entire time? Which would’ve screwed Paul’s plan because, had the word “GO” appeared, Christmas wouldn’t have beaten any of them, so she would’ve/should’ve been the first one out!
    I found it weird “GO” never appeared during all of that time.
    Yes I know it can sometimes go for minutes however, Paul’s conversation especially with Kevin was quite long. It just seemed set up to me in more than one away!
    & One last thing, has Christmas seriously lost her mind? First of all, everyone in the house knows Christmas and Josh are a duo” so, it wouldn’t have looked weird if Josh through it to Christmas. Alex gave it to Jason the week before.
    Everyone knew they were there “ride or dies,” Matt even had a temper tantrum about it so why did Christmas want Josh to make it look real?? because she’s dumb I guess? AND what is up with Christmas telling Josh to run and fall? 😆 That would’ve been priceless to witness! DId she honestly believe the HGs would believed Josh’s fake fall? Plus, Christmas is not allowed to put any weight on her foot therefore even if Josh fell, he would still have enough time to get up and still beat her. What a stupid suggestion! LMAO but again that would’ve been priceless to see!

    These people are bizarre! And it becomes more clear every day that BB is catering to Paul as much as they can!

      • I don’t know if you ever see my comments and replies but 99% of the time they are always stupidly long! I really do try and make them shorter so people will read them (aside from people who follow me or people that like my long comments) but they always end up being way too long.

      • Haha .. yeah mine too , I get carried away with scenarios and reply to whatever question and end up being longer than I wanted it to be .. I getcha

    • That was a hard game to figure out , and all of them dropped because paul wanted Josh or Xmas to win , so they threw it to her , and no didn’t get to see the “GO” because ppl were eliminating themselves .. and then Alex agrees to go up as a pawn !!!! I don’t think they will back door kevin, jason is out . I just wanna see what paul does with the veto , he could put Raven up next to jason , but I think the house will vote him out. He( paul) admitted pulling their strings and how he can’t believe these ppl are actually buying what he is selling !!! 😱 He is going to make it to the end unless somehow jason stays and wins hoh or josh , and josh already said he would not go against Paul even tho he has caught on to what he’s doing !! He’s the best puppet master I’ve ever seen !!!

  39. I find it odd that Christmas would be medically cleared to participate in a foot race with a broken foot, it seems more than a little bit suspicious – like maybe production new from listening to the hg’s that the plan was for everyone to throw it to her, and decided to let her participate just to see if it would actually happen…

  40. “Time for Paul to pull on his puppets’ strings. He first gets to work on
    convincing Alex to throw the competition this week so they can all go
    after Alex’s target Kevin (wink, wink). And it’s that simple. She says
    yes. So Alex and everyone else plans to throw the competition. This
    should be a real fun HOH to watch (*eyeroll*).”

    Matthew Boyer, your humorous commentary continues to keep me laughing. Thanks for the site and all the well written posts.

  41. Need to have people who have actually watched the show and know how to play play next year. I’m not talking about Clay “I heard about Big Brother a few months ago and watched a few seasons quickly and now I’m a superfan” Honeycutt type of “fans” either.

  42. I stopped watching as soon as Alex threw the competition this week, its just the worst season of big brother EVER!! this is stupid, these people don’t even try to win, they are just giving it to Paul, everyone in the game since Paul walked in the door except for Cody have been just doing whatever he says and not even trying to play the game or win, I was proud of Jason for finally opening his eyes and not putting up his friend Kevin, but now Alex is being stupid and throwing the HOH so that she and he can be sent home, they don’t even think for themselves or try to win, they are just handing Paul the money, so what’s the point of even watching, this isn’t Big Brother, its watch everyone give Paul the money, there is no competition, no game and then the producers even allowed Paul and Josh to Bully Jess into trying to force her to vote their way, which should be against the rules, this isn’t what the “game”/show is supposed to be about, its not worth watching, These people are just stupid, why did they even go on Big Brother?

  43. Anybody else shake their heads and smile when Alex said in her DR, “Kevin is an idiot! He’s going to throw this HOH competition JUST because Paul told him to!!” (Or something like that.) and then SHE threw it, because Paul told her to…

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