‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Josh and Christmas Clash Over Paul’s Game

Josh talks with Christmas on Big Brother 19

Josh Martinez has been on to Paul Abrahamian’s methods for awhile now, but it wasn’t until this weekend on the Big Brother Feeds that he tried bringing up his observations with another Houseguest. Turned out that Christmas was not a willing ally in his bid to raise these concerns. Last night, Josh gave it another try. Guess how that went.

Flashback to 12:16 AM BBT 9/6 Cams 1/2 to find Josh and Christmas alone at the hot tub.

Josh tries to ease Christmas in to the conversation as he brings up Raven. He tells her they need to be careful and play nice with Raven as much as she annoys them because Josh thinks they can reel her in on their side. Josh points out that after Jason goes that Paul will have control over Alex and Kevin since they both think they’re on his side. Pssst, Josh, he’s got Raven too.

The concern here between them is that they need Raven to make it to F5 and Alex has to go at F6. Josh says they need to be wary of what Paul is doing to convince Alex and Jason that he’s with them. He’s worried that Paul might manipulate that to keep Alex longer. Paul’s actually not hoping for that, but Josh can’t be sure and doesn’t know what we know. The rest of what Josh suggests is pretty spot on.

“The whole thing about [Paul’s] plan this week, Christmas, to make it real clear to you, is for [Paul] to show the house that he’s not with nobody…” Josh tries to explain before Christmas cuts him off. “I’m very uncomfortable with this whole conversation,” replies Christmas. “Okay, but it’s a conversation we need to have because I need to make it clear to you,” insists Josh.

Josh goes on to say he knows Paul is doing this to protect his own game, and that’s fine for Paul, but they (Josh and Christmas) need to be doing the same. He takes issue with the way Paul is doing it. “In protecting your game, don’t dirty ours.” He’s right. Look at the terrible arrangement this week for Christmas and Josh that Paul set up to benefit his own game. The entire thing is designed to make them look bad and him like a golden angel to Alex. Yet neither Christmas nor Josh are willing to say “No, Paul!”

Christmas starts in that she doesn’t like that they have to consider this and Paul better be ready to cut Alex if he gets HoH next. Come on, Paul has no intention of taking this HoH unless his back is against the wall, and even if it is you know his contingency plan is to get out Kevin or Raven instead. All the same, Christmas says they can’t turn on each other until F3 when they have to play for themselves.

Josh tries again, saying “he’s protecting us, but he’s also tainting us…” at which point Christmas cuts him off. “Okay, I’m done with this conversation” as she turns to grab her things. She tells him that he’s “giving me an earful of stuff” and she doesn’t like what Josh is suggesting. Josh is spot on though. She should listen, but she won’t.

“Back off on it!” Christmas tells Josh as she says she doesn’t like his anti-team ideas here. She’s the worst, isn’t she?

Josh promises Christmas that these concerns aren’t changing the way he looks at Paul and he wouldn’t betray either of them over this. “Until he crosses me, I’m going to stick by his side like white on rice.” Well no one better tell Josh about Paul’s plan to use him this week to take the fall on Jason’s eviction and then use the fight to make him a top target for Alex in case she gets HoH.

Christmas echoes that thought and says that what Paul is doing is fine and will be fine with her unless he betrays them and changes the plan ahead of F3. She ends with a warning to Josh. “Don’t plant these seeds in my head!” She goes on to tell Josh she thinks he’s suggesting that Paul is “stacking his cards” and she isn’t accepting that.

Josh promises Christmas that he hasn’t been wrong yet on his analysis of Houseguests and their moves. To Josh’s credit, he’s almost entirely right here and Christmas is mostly wrong.

So what is Christmas up to? Is she that blind, foolish, or something else? I’d guess it’s a mix of all of those and I’d guess she thinks both Josh and Paul would drag her on to the end so she wants to make sure they’re all the F3 to guarantee herself a spot in the F2. There’s little chance she can win an endurance comp in Round 1 or the physical+mental of Round 2, so if she gets to F3 Christmas is going to need to be there with surefire tickets to finale night.

What do you think of these recent talks where Josh continues to raise red flags to Christmas about Paul’s game? Is Josh considering a surprise move? Could he be trying to get Christmas to make one for him or maybe just buffering his chances of being her preferred date to the F2? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. I think Christmas’ reasoning is in the “something else” category. She has said she doesn’t think jury would vote for her no matter who she is paired with in f2 so is choosing to be loyal to Paul and genuinely trusts him. And it seems somebody in DR threw a bone to Josh to gnaw on.

    • I’ve sure wondered about that (DR bone throwing). Josh has been a dummy, errand boy all summer long and he just recently starts to figure Paul out? Seems a bit fishy to me as well.

  2. Christmas, with hands tightly over ears, “Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala…..”

  3. My goodness! They talk about Paul like he’s a freaking mob boss! Christmas telling Josh how uncomfortable she is when Josh mentions Paul’s likely plan?? Everyone just seems scared of that little fellow!

  4. Paul is a maroon if he takes Christmas to the end with him. I don’t like him but he’s a fool if he does. If the jury is pissed at getting duped, Christmas has won 2 HoH’s (earned or not) so that might just be the fuel they need to give her the win. He’d be better off taking Raven, or Josh. Kevin would be iffy because most of the jury likes him. With the exception of that mean, nasty, skanky Asian woman. (She’ll be there soon)

    • Christmas is going to get Josh evicted. Racing her scooter as fast as possible to tell Paul everything Josh says,

      • I only read comments. No live feeds. but have seen comments where she tells Paul everything. Raven as well. Josh is toast.

      • Eh, tbh I completely agree with most of the articles (except I’m not really a paul hater… don’t love him.. he annoyed the crap out of me last season but don’t hate him either) …to me what he’s doing with alex makes perfect sense for all 3 of their games and he’s the only one who can get her (Alex’s) trust like that so Josh’s concerns are just that of a little brat who got the short end of the stick in an activity. Christmas latching on to paul is much better for her game… I don’t think she has a chance otherwise.. even playing for second!

      • EVERYTHING gets back to Paul, whether it’s through 12/25, the feral wombat or Rabies.

      • From what I’ve read, she has told him about Josh being skittish re: the veto/tiebreaker plan for this week, but I don’t think she’s ratted out all of Josh’s comments about Paul’s game.

      • She hasn’t said anything to Paul before when Josh was planting seeds, so if she did it was in last day or so.

    • I half-agree. Josh and Raven or better F2 picks than Christmas, but I think he beats them all pretty easily. But I do think he’s a maroon if he takes Christmas and Josh to final 3. The edit makes it seem like that’s his plan, but I’m not sure why he would do that, since I think they’d each pick each other if they won HOH, whereas Raven would probably pick him.

  5. Going to spend the rest of the season rooting for Josh as he furtively tries to challenge Paul. He may not last the double eviction as Paul sends him home but one can hope. Thanks to Josh for at least trying.

  6. As others have eluded to….i think a few bones where thrown Josh’s way in the DR…although he’s been murmuring and cam talking about this on and off for a while….is he the only one with a half brain in there.

      • that must be it, haha! He had to be taught how to control his emotions and how to play game pretty much. Even his observation skills seemed off/paranoid at first. The way he attacked Megan was weird. Only thing I saw her say was they should get strong guys out first, meaning Cody, Paul.

      • What happened to that plan?….guess when they saw BB give Paul the 3 weeks….they come to realize this guy’s got connections.

      • Probably an unopened box of cereal or one that Matt doesn’t like. Matt was still as dumb, if not dumber, when he was evicted!!!!!

    • I’m rooting for Josh but he waited to long. Paul has already got the knight off the table. He’s going for a rook next and leaving Josh with only pawns as support. Josh wants to play but is outclassed. Maybe he can be rachel reily with a fresh season.

  7. So tell me what’s more possible to happen….me getting hit by Irma and I live in Seattle or Paul get evicted on this DE.

      • Thanks for the warning….I guess I’ll get under my bath tub and watch on my I phone….can’t wait to see Paul walk through those doors….Alleluia.

  8. Maybe Christmas is planning a blind side on Paul and wants all the credit for it. Kind of like what Cody wanted week 1. She could be using him for comp wins. Does she have monologues with the camera?

    • I like your scenario. Final 3 Christmas, Josh and Paul. Christmas and Josh take each other and Paul is a juror. Paul is so so close to the money once again and falls short.

  9. Hoping for a Christmas before Josh eviction. Is she not aware that her HOH wins were thrown to her by Paul and that she is unable to win on her own. How does she plant to get rid of Paul at F3 when Josh is also horrible at comps.

  10. I understand Josh’s concerns. This is self serving for Paul, but I get why Paul needs to vote with Alex. Someone, either Josh or Paul needs to vote for Kevin to be evicted. Someone who can get in Alex’s ear in case she wins HOH, because she is going to be upset about Jason being evicted. If she noms two of the Misfits (Christmas/Josh/Paul) unless one of then wins veto, one of them will go home for sure. Who has the best odds of being able to get Alex to listen and not put two of them up together? Paul is probably the only one that has a chance and to increase his odds greatly of that, he would have to feign ignorance and the numbers would have to prove that he voted for Jason to stay. Josh could NEVER pull it off. It’s too risky of a scenario not to have someone vote with Alex. Paul set himself up nicely to be the obvious one.

  11. Kevin is spilling his guts to Jason about Paul….that Paul is playing for Paul and just Paul….guess Kevin wants to get out of there cause Jason said he would spill his guts on his eviction night on any info anyone gave him…then again he might not….don’t think he has the core to do it….especially about Kevin.

    • Thanks for sharing. Would be a fun night if all secrets where revealed and Pauls game unravels. Jason, Kevin and Josh are awake and realize Pauls game.
      Just need Alex to wake up. Raven and Christmas are sleeping blissfully in the Matrix.

      • Its too late..Jason is set to go…Had Jason been listening to Kevin all week long as to his suggestions and hints as to what Paul is doing/about then maybe Jason could have saved himself…But again its too late now…

      • When everyone finds out Paul has been playing them all, they will all love Paul even more…that`s why stupid these people are.

  12. I give the little meatball credit for trying with xmas. it does expose that fake façade she has, she’s nothing but a phony friend, horrible player, bad listener, clueless gamer, weak willed, passive/aggressive, bi polar, narcissistic, ruthless, self absorbed, mean girl with a chip on her shoulder.

  13. it is pretty ridiculous of xmas- you almost always need a partner in this game but when they will not listen to you like xmas/josh, jason/alex what are suppose to do but go at it alone or realign with someone else.
    xmas makes no sense in that she will not even listen to him… josh needs to jump on with kevin after double eviction if xmas is still a block head

    • I kinda suspect that Xmas never really cared for Josh in the first place. He claims she’s his “ride or die”(really starting to hate that phrase), but she treats him like an annoying child that she’s forced to look after.

      • i agree on that annoying catch-phrase…. she does speak down to him quite often- he needs to try formulating a plan w/o xmas since it should be obvious to him xmas will have nothing to do with his suspicions about Mr.P- even though Pauls plan this week is so obvious

      • He is. Don’t know how they have tolerated Josh or Rabies this season, but one of them will probably be F2

  14. Who does Christmas think she is? She blessed Josh out for walking away from her when she was talking the other day. But it’s okay for her to gather her things to leave. She totally makes me sick. What I wish Josh would do is vote to send Kevin home. Then the vote would be 3-1 in Jason’s favor. Sad thing is he would just go home in the DE. Stupid season!!!

  15. I believe Christmas thinks that Paul got royally Screwed last season by taking Nicole, & not winning. Christmas is on team Paul, & wants to make sure he wins the game this time around.

  16. and this nut case xmas is a motivational speaker? she tells josh “we need to have this conversation, we should never speak of this, don’t put these words in my head, ok, i’m done with this conversation”, she really has internal struggles with her anger management and the voices in her head. she’s weak, not strong.

  17. I wouldn’t trust Paul as far i could thorw him and i can’t even pick him up
    These FOOLS TRUST PAUL WITH THEIR LIVES. Really I don’ t trust no one on this earth with my life. REALLY PEOPLE???

  18. josh’s words were incredible, he says “I need to have this conversation to make this clear to you” she says “i’m very uncomfortable having this conversation” and he says “but it’s a conversation we need to have”.
    BAM. this is the best dialogue of the season!

    • Jason was trying to have the same type of conversation the other day with Alex. Alex. disagreeing with Jason, said…”Maybe you should go and talk with Paul.”

      • Maybe Alex and Christmas need to get together after the finale and try to figure out what the he!! just happened.

  19. I think when Xmas broke her foot production told her she would be allowed to stay only if she worked for Paul. I have never seen in the past a houseguest to act like Xmas is acting, not even wanting to talk about someone`s game? That`s fish

  20. at the start, I declared a female winner and said they were the strong leaders. they all turned crazy and folded. the men don’t even know what the hell to do with them.

    • Jessica, Alex, Christmas and Elena. All strong Women side tracked for different reasons. They could have run the game together.

      • The only problem with that idea is that all those pea brain girls could do was compete for BB ho down of the year award…if u get my drift

  21. I appreciate that Josh is taking note of Paul’s game and potential game moves….But Josh is pretty much worthless as a BB player. His “great” game play has been to make himself seen as such a buffoon and non-threat that he has only been able to stick around as a vote and a distraction for Paul’s enemies.

    Josh seems to think that he has an ounce of power and influence, and his own ride-or-die is shutting him down about talking negatively about the biggest threat in the house.

    • Also, how LUCKY is it for Paul that the only person who is putting the pieces together about his game….

      (a) Is the weakest player left in the house
      (b) Only has 1 solid ally….and she has a broken foot
      (c) Can’t convince his ride-or-die ally to turn against Paul
      (d) Is in a F3 alliance with Paul
      (e) Has no influence with anyone else in the game

  22. Paul is working on Josh as far as taking the target off of Alex next week….

    He’s convincing.

    • Paul has them worried, “If you take me out, who will take you to F3?”
      answer “I’ll take myself there”

      But they are so worried he’s right.

  23. Sad thing is Christmas is the only one he say this out loud too and not be turned on. If he trekked to bring it up with anyone else and said please don’t repeat, they would immediately run to Paul. He has them brainwashed!

    • Paul has planned a tie vote for this next eviction, with Paul and Alex voting out Kevin and Josh and Raven voting out Jason, then Christmas breaking the tie by sending Jason home. If Josh went to Jason with his concerns about Paul and tells Jason that he (Jason) is really the target this week and Josh casts a vote to evict Kevin that is all it would take to keep Jason in the game. I believe after the talk with Josh and Josh saving Jason with his vote then I think Jason will team up with Josh and they can change the course of this game. Josh is spot on when it comes to Paul he just needs a partner to work with. I think Jason and perhaps Josh may be the only ones with the balls to actually go after Paul, but if given the opportunity to vote Paul out, I think more house guests would vote him out than we think.

  24. Pretty sick of the Paul show. Haven’t watched the feeds for days.. finally watched Sunday’s show yesterday. I’ve been watching the early years to reminisce about how good the show used to be.

  25. Christmas has a huge ego! And she thinks that she has a strong independent mind but she doesn’t..too bad for Josh that it’s too late in the game. If he would have figured all this stuff out before Dom got evicted, a lot of things would’ve been different

      • I didn’t want to even imagine it, but it could be the plan. Understand Paul’s reasoning after the Nicole debacle, but the thought of her getting $50,000..smh

      • Agreed!! Can’t stand the thought of Raven getting to F2, even just because of the fact that she is so smug/ assuming that EVERYone is just put on the earth to cater to her and love her.

        Even when Matt said he’d use the veto on her, she acted like someone assuming the guy would pay, but feigning surprise “are you sure?” *slowly pretends to reach for wallet, actually reaching for lipstick*

    • I actually don’t think he will unless he is forced to (Xmas and Josh are out of the house).

      (1) Paul has already said in the DR last week that Xmas and Josh are his preferred final three
      (2) Raven will be guaranteed to have 1 vote (Matt). And she is more palatable for bitter jury members to vote for over Paul (vs. Josh and Xmas who have enemies in jury – especially Jason and prob Alex after this week)
      (3) Everyone in Jury hates Josh (Mark, Elena, Cody), or has never given a sh*t about him in the game (Matt, etc). Jason will be pissed at Josh and Xmas after this week. For those who don’t ‘hate/ not care about’ Josh, everyone thinks (sees) he’s a worthless joke of a BB game player.

  26. My thought is that Josh is parroting information he keeps getting from his ‘gut’ but doesn’t have a clue what to do next. Josh doesn’t get that Paul and a few others had 2 choices week 1 when he took that golden apple and placed his team in jeopardy, either boot him out or groom him to be the Goat. Guess we know which they chose. Lol

    • LOL so true! It’s like Josh’s body keeps getting temporarily possessed by a BB ghost, spouting off truths…then he snaps out of it and is like “Wait, where am I? Why was I talking about Paul? Where are the meatballs and is the camera on me capturing my Miami shimmy dances?”

    • By the way, if Josh reads your comment you know he’s going to read it as “yeah, Paul DID groom me to be the Goat….the Greatest Of All Time in the BB house! Ya’ played yourself!”

  27. Don’t know if anyone has thought of this but if certain people in the house would start thinking, they could make this a historic Big Brother. Here is the explanation: 1) Jason Gets voted out. 2) HOH is thrown to Paul. He puts up Kevin and Raven and as long as Kevin does not win Veto, He gets voted out. 3) Paul can’t play for HOH so it is thrown to Josh who puts Paul and Raven up. As long as Paul does not win Veto, he gets voted out. 4) Josh can’t play for HOH, so who ever wins puts Josh and Raven up. Again if Josh doesn’t win Veto, Josh is voted out. 5) Historic BB since it would be an all female F3.

    • Respectfully disagreeing…I’m a female, and I’m BORED with the angle of “I’m female, so females should form an alliance/ win/ blah.” Just like Natalie voting for Nicole last year because she wanted to see a female win.

      I also don’t like the stupid week 1 all male alliances that ALWAYS form…I love seeing great players (guy or girl) form power alliances (whether 2 people or 4…larger alliances make the game boring).

      BUT I also understand your point :)

    • Also, how would the votes go if Josh put up Paul (who would also now not vote for Josh at the end)?
      Paul v. Raven….

      Paul’s votes: Alex, Xmas (probably – look at her reaction to Josh…she wants to get to F3/2, and knows that Alex would crush Josh in the final 3, then probably take him because he’s the only HG remaining hated more than Alex in the jury house)

      Raven’s votes: 0 (Xmas can’t stand her and doesn’t respect her…not to mention Xmas is a competitor…and doesn’t sound like she really NEEDS the $500k, just wants F2 out of her own pride)

      Next week, Paul or Alex (2 strong competitors) win HoH, throw Josh up on the block, Josh goes home, Alex wins final HoH and takes Paul (best case scenario for him) or Paul wins final HoH and has to sacrifice the jury votes of Alex by taking Xmas, or Xmas by taking Alex.

  28. Also, Alex should be the one pushing this since it would then be her against Raven and Christmas in the final competitions and she would have a distinct advantage over both especially in physical comps.

    • Agreed….Paul has gotten very lucky that Alex has not even thought about clipping him yet – and has even had private conversations with her ride or die Jason, saying she wouldn’t mind losing to Paul (WHAAAAAAT???)

  29. I think Xmas is also getting pissed at Josh because she and the rest of the house – everyone EXCEPT Josh – is aware that Josh sucks major a** at competitions. He cannot take her to F2 unless the other players literally kill over and die before the final HoH competition.

    Bless Josh’s heart – and I mean that in a Southern way – for thinking that he’s capable, and Xmas believes he’s capable, of winning ANYthing from this point out. Paul has finally laid a solid foundation of trust with Xmas, AND she knows he
    is the strongest competitor left in the house after Jason leaves.

    I think Paul’s psychological game is so good, he’s slowly convinced Josh that Josh is Superman. Go ahead and try to fly Josh, and show us you’re faster than the speeding bullet that is Paul.

    • Yes The meatball finally woke up and realized he is playing the game for someone else! Too bad it took 2 months dude! And NOW you’re screwed & you are not going to win $500,000! NO CHANCE!!
      Maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time listening to Paul and attacking HG’s all season you would’ve been more aware of what was really going on in the game! & how Paul has been using you to do his dirty work since the very beginning!
      It is unfortunate because seeing Josh over the last few days become aware & SOME of the things throughout this season Josh has said or done have been intelligent and not always mean!
      All the times Josh was attacking people and then he would say later “but I think you’re a good person, I genuinely mean that” and things like always, made me think “maybe” Josh wasn’t that bad of a guy, but then he would attack again all b/c Paul told him to! I honestly NOW (& I can NOT believe I’m saying this!!!) don’t think Josh is as bad of a person as he portrayed himself to be!! ALL Summer! It’s too bad he was a crybaby, paranoid, bully most of the season listening to Paul because I do think Josh could’ve been a likeable person, and he could’ve played a better game! But I still think he is a huge a$$ because of what he has said and done most of the season! Paul can’t be completely blamed! Josh is a big boy, he didn’t have to agree and listen to Paul!
      But it is crazy how different Josh is now that there’s no one to attack (aside from Kevin but Alex is doing that!) this Josh is pretty OK! But he is still a meatball because he is still not doing anything for his own game! & A lot of what he said and did this summer is unforgivable in my opinion! Anyway blah blah as usual

      • I don’t think Josh is a “bully” per se, but moreso just an insecure douche. It also seems/ sounds like he was babied/ used to privilege his entire life, and I’m thinking that’s why he has a false sense of importance. And really wants to fit in. I think he’s also been bullied, and that’s why he has been lapping up Paul (who he sees as cool)’s suggestions to his own expense.

        Now, at this point in the game, he has been conditioned to think he’s more than what he really is, and Paul has kind of created a monster with a mind of its own.

      • Yeah, I actually think Josh was bullied himself. So yeah, he is more like an insecure douche LOL I agree.

    • True, she seems to favour & respect Paul over Josh. I was trying to pinpoint when Christmas and Josh even became a duo!? Do you know if they made an F2 deal? I don’t know why Christmas wouldn’t help Josh over Paul. She gives Josh no respect, just like Alex gives Jason no respect!

      I bet Christmas thinks Paul can “pull some strings w/ CBS so she can play next season!” Ha she is in for a huge reality check after this game! WE do not want you back ever Christmas!
      There isn’t really anyone I would want to see come back aside from Jessica! & I guess Cody wouldn’t be that bad if he learned to socialize but who can blame the guy for not socializing, look at the group of morons he was in the house with!
      Ramses, Dominique and Cameron I wouldn’t be unhappy if they came back for another season because they were decent people! Although, I don’t like Vets coming back at all!
      I REALLY want to see Jessica come back, without a doubt!
      As I said, I don’t like vets returning however, I am sort of hoping next season being #20, BB do something big and maybe bring back All Stars &/or Entertaining HGs from previous seasons!
      I again would like to see Jessica, and then people like Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Danielle, Howie, Dan, Eddie, Donnie, Caleb, James, Derek, Evel Dick, Kaysar……The Best of the Best! Or just Memorable people! Watch all of them battle it out. That would be good! Or better yet, Celebrity Big Brother US style!
      Anyway, SORRY! I totally went off topic LOL not surprisingly. My bad 🤗

  30. Someone explain to me what a “maroon” is , lol . I’ve always thought it was a color but maybe I’m just a MORON ;)) .

    • Calling someone a maroon actually is an insult, but it’s very old fashioned and not commonly used

      • Really! Like how old fashion? I’ve never heard that before. And I’ve never heard my mom or dad etc. said nor my grandparents although they are from England so, they have a lot of other “colourful lingo” LOL

    • Maroon? Never heard of it. Aside from the colour & Maroon 5 LOL
      Where did you hear that? Or I guess read that? :-)

    • Bugs Bunny used to call characters a ‘maroon.’ Of course, it was supposed to be ‘moron’ but Bugs liked to play on words and characters like that. :-)

  31. What if Josh goes rogue…sets Paul up so it’s not a tie vote. Maybe then Alex will wake up, guns for HOH, gets Paul on the block…

    • If Josh votes Kevin out, Alex & Jason will just think Paul had their backs and got his annoyer to vote their way. If Alex or Jason win, they would then nom Christmas & Raven.

      • It didn’t look like it to me.
        Alex was supposed to throw it to paul, but she got confused again. When Alex looked at Jason for thumbs up or down, Jason indicated thumbs up. BUT that was for Team Jalex. For paul it was supposed to be thumbs down, for Alex to lose to paul.
        That’s why they had to have numerous tie-breaker rounds, (was it like 5 or so??) Alex finally lost in the end but it wasn’t for trying to.
        Gee, paul had to actually play, he got tired, poor poor paul, boo hoo. :-)

    • NO doubt! I keep wondering when these trios are going to realize only two of them can go to the finale!

  32. Brrring Brrring
    Oh hi Jess.
    No these idiots can’t hear you say “I told you so”, but I’ll gladly leave a message for you


      NO these HG’s are still making fun of Jessica. They were talking about how she’s probably at home watching them all play and super upset and angry. She tweeted, something like
      “Yeah, I am not having any fun in Vegas!” OK, it wasn’t like that at all, whatever they said and whatever her reply was much better than my guessing. 😂

  33. Does anyone know who Paul actually wants to take to the F2? if he makes it there?
    Will Christmas take Josh, Josh take Christmas? Or would they take Paul?
    Clearly Raven and Kevin will take Paul.
    I initial thought Paul wanted to take Josh to the F2, then it was Raven and then it was maybe Josh or Christmas – undecided and last I heard it was Kevin? So still Kevin?
    As long as (regardless of the scenario) it is NOT Raven or Alex then I can deal with the end result!
    Watch it be Raven and Alex in the Final 2! That would just end this season perfectly!!

  34. Season 20- Will BB do something big for it? Or just a regular season? Thoughts? Hopes?
    I would LOVE for it to be a 100% Organic Season! All newbies, no twists, no America’s choice, no extra cash, no Battle Back…No manipulation, nothing scripted! Just watch new HG’s battle it out! Comps for have-nots! OR “Celebrity Big Brother US Style” with the Best ‘possible’ Celebrities they could get! & it not hgs made famous by Reality TV, and it just be completely organic! NO special treatment! Yeah, I know highly unlikely they would get anybody decent if they didn’t promise them special treatment and/or the show not being organic! So, highly unlikely Celebrity BB US would be possible w/o it being HIGHLY scripted! I’m just dreamin!!
    OR “BB All Stars/Memorable, Entertaining HGs” Dr. Will, Caleb 😋 Cody, Evel Dick, Janelle, Jessica, Danielle D, Kaysar, James, Eddie, Howie, Dan, Frank, Boogie to name only a few off the top of my head! & I don’t think Evel Dick & BB are BFFs LOL
    ANYWAY…..JUST my 3 ideas/dream! 😉 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7daaeb3a69b33d97b16144c7338c911665cd824ae06ca53fa32e9268c94063bb.jpg
    RIGHT……. Caleb has to come back though 😋 & you are welcome!

  35. If it’s Christmas, Paul, Josh in the F3 and Paul wins final HOH, who do you think he takes to the F2? Who would you take? The girl with a broken foot that people might give votes to because of sympathy or the guy who’s annoyed everyone in the house? I mean if Paul wins out JOSH gains, not Christmas. This seems all backwards! Josh should be protecting Paul while Christmas should be exposing him, not the other way around!

  36. DR lit a little birthday candle with Josh. He took it to Christmas and said, “Look at my pretty birthday candle,” and she immediately blew it out. DR keeps lighting it, and Christmas keeps blowing it out.

  37. i do not buy Josh and his thoughts, it is all for show. he had a chance to win that HOH since everyone threw it , the man who took the golden egg, As far as Christmas how could she compete in the comps at the end, IF she is still restricted , unless they change the comps. two are physical and demanding, or Maybe they will let her win one just because,
    This a season of bad scripts, the whole house for weeks only goal is to get Paul to the final two. not themselves but Paul. IF Paul does make it he would be wise to take Raven , anyone would, She is worthless and has done nothing at all, who ever sits next to her would win,
    Next year hopefully they change it . or at least try and make it look real not scripted , and let the players play through ,

  38. Josh needs to be teaming up with Jason, exposing Paul and send him out to jury. So what if he loses Paul vote, the rest of jury may respect him for taking out the cult leader. Ugh I need some real gameplay.

  39. As much as I like Kevin, he hasn’t done ANYTHING.. I am hoping Josh will vote against what Christmas and Paul want and vote Kevin out. Josh/Jason need to team up because their other halves are ruining what is left of their games. My only other hope is that if Paul makes it to the end they all vote for the other person to win (unless it is Raven). Sad sad season really.

  40. Like everyone else in the house, it looks like Christmas really thinks that Paul is her friend and looking out for her best interests. Paul’s only interest is Paul. Anything he does that appears to help someone else or show concern for another person is only out of self-interest. The fact that Josh is the only one seeing this is remarkable, but he deserves credit for it.

    • Luckily for Christmas, she is good for him to take to F2. Agreed on your points though.

      After Paul getting burned by his loyalty to Nicole and Cory last year (F4 deal which was supposed to include Victor), can’t blame him for covering all angles now.

    • Looking out for the interest of their game? That’s a good thing. That’s how they should all play.

  41. Josh already know who is gunning for. Well, first meatball you have to win and secondly, you should have been gunning earlier in the game.

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