Big Brother 19 Episode 33 Recap: Bobby Moynihan Steals The Show

Can Bobby Moynihan stay in the Big Brother 19 house? And then win the season? And then be the only vet to return next season and win again? Seriously, though, Bobby stole Wednesday night’s show. I’d argue that he’s the best special guest they’ve ever had. Sorry, Tori Spelling (and Adam).

Before we get to Bobby’s visit, let’s start at the beginning. The episode kicks off right after Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction. The new nominees are a little confused, but are still hopeful that the intention this week is to get Kevin out. It’s not, of course. But they’re not aware of that, which is the theme this season.

Kevin, however, is suspicious and he tries to spell it out to Jason, telling him to gun it and win veto or he could be toast this week. Josh, being the perfect little Paul solider, however, swoops in to distract Jason and make him feel a little more comfortable.

Jason takes Kevin’s worries to Christmas and Alex. He tells them about what Kevin just said to him, and Alex laughs. Christmas grins and just kind of sits there. She doesn’t tell him he’s not the target, but he leaves the room thinking he’s probably going to be OK. Alex believes and trusts Christmas 100 percent, however.

A little later, Josh is onto Paul and how clean he’s appearing to everyone in the game. When Josh tells his concerns to Christmas she flips out. She does not want to hear any Paul slander. It’s so, so weird to me. There’ll be more on this later.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. And it doesn’t really matter this season since everyone throws comps left and right. So who cares, but joining Christmas, Alex and Jason in the veto are Kevin, Raven and Paul.

And then, just when I thought this episode was going to bore me to tears, SNL alum Bobby Moynihan shows up to host the veto competition. He’s also there to plug his new fall CBS show “Me, Myself & I.” Bobby comes in banging pots and pans and lets the houseguests know he’s a huge Big Brother fan. I’ve actually seen him tweet about Big Brother before and he also mentioned the show in a couple of SNL skits.

The best part, though, was his Diary Room session. It was the most real and unscripted of the season! Which is really funny when you think about it. And of course he said what we’ve all been thinking: these HGs are all idiots and should have gotten Paul out week one.

At the veto competition (that looks like something they bought from a Nickelodeon garage sale, Bobby gives us some of the best competition hosting in years. But I need to stop gushing about Bobby and get to the competition.

The HGs have to stand inside of a slap, punch, kick contraption and get slapped, punched and kicked (thought not hard enough  because Alex was unfortunately unscathed at the end). They then have to answer memory-based questions about sequences and numbers of slaps, punches and kicks.

Let’s check out the results:

Round 1: Eveyone gets a point but Jason. Round 2: Raven, Paul and Alex get points. Round 3: Only Raven gets a point and takes the lead. Round 4: Everyone gets a point except Raven. Round 5: Everyone gets points except Kevin and Raven. Final Round: Everybody but Raven gets it right. That leaves a tie between Alex and Paul. In a tie-breaker round, Paul gets it right and wins the Power of Veto.

Now Paul can stick to his plan of winning veto and using it on Alex so they can send Jason home this week. But Josh doesn’t want Paul to use the veto, so he goes to see if Paul will hear him out. He tells us that if Paul uses the veto, then all the blood is on his and Christmas’ hands and Paul comes out squeaky clean.

But Paul doesn’t take ideas from anyone else. His ideas and plans are the only ideas and plans. So no dice, Josh.

Josh is growing more and more suspicious of Paul, so he’s back to asking Christmas what she thinks is going on with Paul. And since she refuses to hear anything against Paul, she shuts him down again and he walks away. Christmas isn’t having that, so she gives him a nice lecture. Josh gives it one more try, this time talking to Paul and Christmas about not using the veto. More nope. Paul isn’t getting blood on his hands and Christmas is weirdly obsessed with doing what Paul wants.

So let’s just get to the veto meeting. Paul decides to use the Power of Veto on Alex. So Christmas names Kevin as the replacement. So they will evict whoever Paul wants them to evict this week.



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  1. I haven’t seen an episode since the last double eviction since it’s all the same nonsense, week after week. I’m considering watching this one since it seems like Bobby Moynihan was pretty funny (and it’s cool to have an actual fan on the show who apparently knows more about Big Brother than the rest of the house) but on the other hand, Christmas’ stubbornness/idiocy would drive me to lunacy. It’s a toss up.

    • I’m thinking Christmas’s stubbornness/idiocy is more strategic than you think. She sees what Josh sees, but she wants him to stop talking about it because it will cause problems. And right now, she has a 3-some that guarantees her a F2…why mess with that. She believes Josh will take her to F2 and she believes Paul will take her to F2…so if they go on the outs, they will no longer want to work together to F3…this will ruin her plans. She is playing for money and she knows it, but second is $50,000 more than 3rd and $500,000 is worth acting stubborn/stupid for.

      • At F3, Paul would be stupid to choose Christmas over Josh, Josh is the most hated HG there is, he’s an easy $500K. A F3 Christmas-Josh-Paul would favor Josh over Christmas, Christmas is just too stupid to realize it. In fact, so is Josh. He should be trying to keep Paul in the game and she should be trying to get him out!

    • I think she wants to use this as argument in f2, “hey I took the best competitor out of the game by splitting the tie 2-2”
      between the 3 the only loser in this scenario is Josh

    • You really think Moynihan watches the show? CBS probably just feeds him lines like they did Kathy Griffin.

  2. Loved Bobby and Josh’s paranoia tonight. Unless he will do something about it, all that DR talk is a waste of time.

  3. Best competition ever lol. Exactly what these houseguests deserve. Wished it was 30 more rounds lol.

  4. Can we vote for America’s Most Horrible House Guest? My Vote is the little Monster called Alex.

  5. this season the dumbest house guest ever ,can not think for them selves like they were just born yesterday,Paul is smart,But with a combinaton of dumb house guest

  6. This is probably the worst season I’ve ever watched, and given BB12 and Meow Mix and that whole crew, that’s saying something. Squirrelface (Christmas) just makes me want to punch the TV every time her smug face starts talking. Her being HOH, when she shouldn’t even be in the game at all, just proves what a farce the whole thing is.

  7. You can’t fault Xmas game play this week – she even explained it during a DR session tonight. She knows Paul using the veto is best for his game personally – she’s doesn’t care. She needs Josh/Paul to carry her to F3, because she can’t compete in any physical competitions and rarely wins when comps aren’t thrown to her.

    Any fracture of their alliance risks the other floaters (Raven/Kevin/Alex) teaming up and coming after her and an ally (whether Josh decides to leave or Paul gets fed up). It is imparative for her to keep to peace to ensure their 3-man alliance can knock off the rest of the house.

    Xmas has a narrow path to victory – specfically avoiding an Alex HOH at F6 when she can’t compete and Kevin HOH at F5. The path disintegrates alienating Paul at this point in the game.

    • Yes I was quite convinced by Christmas’ diary room argument that she needs both Josh and Paul because she can’t compete in physical competitions. I’m still waiting for her to abandon her current allies, however, and team up with Kevin. My hope is still for a Kevin/Xmas final two.

    • Even so you can’t stick your boot in your teammate mouth especially when he is 100% right!
      That was not team decision was only Paul benefit .. like entire game … friendship is misused

  8. Smart move by CBS to cross promote the new show. Based on the trailers I have already decided not to watch but I am sure this will give it a nice boost.

    • I figure they’ll pair it with Young Sheldon and just have “Cringeworthy Regrets” block of TV

      • Both shows look funny. Young Sheldon is about a kid so most adults may tune out, but Bobby’s show may make it.

      • Bobby was fun, and he seemed to know the houseguests are “idiots who could have voted Paul out the first week,” I thought that was so funny. Did you all see Miss Raven jumping up and down, doing somersaults just before the veto game started? Boy, she loves the attention, doesn’t she? Did you all hear Bobby say that the first thing Raven did was show him her pacemaker? Say what? What is she, 12?

      • Her illness allows her to eat anything she wants and gives her plenty of energy to jump up and down.

      • What was she eating last night – looked like she had a half gallon of ice cream stuffed into that bowl. Just shoving it down – no lactose intolerance worries there.

      • SamsaraJello and Grace, I have seen Raven eat a ton of icecream, but also she adds peanut butter to the icecream. Yuck! You know, if her and Matt do remain a couple, she will be fat in no time flat. Then she will need a Gastric bypass operation!

      • According to the Raven exposed videos. She is not allowed to eat anything, but drink Ensure or she’ll spend the whole day throwing up. She had to stop dancing. She was younger then and the disease hasn’t seem to advanced much. Maybe she got cured and continued the scam.

      • I have not seen any of these videos yet. Her Mother is the original scammer, her daughter is just following in her footsteps, it seems.

      • She should be getting a GoFundMe page for that already then, since she appears to be well on her way.

      • Grace, I read that her GoFundMe page was shut down by her mom just recently and they were giving all the money back. People were saying why would she return the money if her illness wasn’t real? Fake Fake Fake

  9. I may pop it on for a few minutes here and there for the d.e. or i might just read what happens because im 99 percent sure whoever wins the hoh will ask paul what to do. Unless paul wins but i doubt he will need to and will throw it. No sense watching that hot pile of garbage.

  10. Have been watching bB from season 1. THIs is the worse one to date, and the players are bullying and harassing players. They Are mean and can’t play this game without Paul. I wasn’t prYing Cody and Jessica would had won. Josh Paul Alex Christmas Jason are just mean and a bunch of bullies.

  11. Good evening, everyone! So, I watched BB tonight. Ugh. What did you all think of Christmas and her little “chat” with Josh? It was a little much, wasn’t it? She should save her assertiveness for the crappy men in her life, not practice on Josh. I would have told her to zip it.

    • Good evening, RW. I think Christmas has the hots for Paul. She seems to take everything negative said about him a bit too personally. Besides, she’s available now, and she has her a man who’s about to come into $500K. Josh isn’t even in the wings anymore.

      • Oh my goodness GH, you are quite observant!!! There were a few times when I thought Christmas liked Paul but then other posters said naaaaah.

        Well, I think you are right. Christmas and him do seem pretty cozy. Why would you sleep in a small bed when you have a queen HOH all to yourself? Hmmmmm…

      • I’ve been watching her for a while. First she’s groping all over Jason (“Oh, Jason, would you massage my feet?” “Sorry, no, I’m a married man.”) So she switched to Kevin and groped him till he stopped that. Now she’s with Paul. Hey, honey, follow the money.

      • She’s a funny girl, no? She apparently does like men that look like Paul, her supposed fiancee that she was supposed to marry in August, I think, did look similar to Paul. Interesting…

      • Oh, thanks for that! I think he looks like Paul, not Matt. And I thought too, that Christmas was attracted to Matt (and Cody). **cough** But Cody, paid her no attention.

      • She is pretty and probably thought she could flirt with all the men in the house. Many players come in with that dumb strategy.

      • I have never seen her act masculine at all. Some people look at her muscular body and think that. I think she looks very feminine, but I can’t stand her.

      • I think at the very beginning she was kind of badass. Since her injury, she became very vulnerable and her soft side emerged.

      • Christmas and Paul don’t need money so they are both playing to have more of it. I think Kevin was feeling guilty and ditched her, so she decided to move on to a more powerful half a man.

      • Christmas turned on Kevin. I think when that happened the lovey dovey caresses and snuggling went down the drain.

      • Yeah. Kevin wakes up one morning in the BB house and says, ” who is this woman in the bed with me?” Not my wife … I wonder if he just decided enough is enough or if someone got to him.

      • I think only one time in the same bed, and if it had been anything more than just sleep I’m sure we would have heard something. But yeah, she was all over Kevin for a while, and then all of a sudden wham! Kevin is now the mortal enemy. Josh ought to take note – you reject Christmas and you’re on the list for the rest of the season (and possibly beyond).

      • Oh oh, he’s already had the warning chat: Never walk away. I own you. Do I say. Always. I am the queen. Blah blah blah

      • After Kevin was depressed crying because he missed his family and feeling guilty for touching Christmas. He decided to dump his BB wifey and she ran to paul. She said she was into Kevin and found him attractive.

      • I did know this. I must have missed the BB After Dark show when this was going on. I can’t believe Christmas would go after a married man on national television. Whoa, that says a lot about her!

      • Well, she had just been recently been burned by a now ex-fiancé, so maybe she is just bitter enough to take on married men in general.

      • Yup, I agree with that. She is bitter towards men. Kevin is a nice man and interesting. Hey Grace, are you not watching BBAD tonight?

      • I was, but got bored VERY quickly. Kevin and Jason in the lounge talking about their status in the house, both confused about exactly what is going on, and Christmas, Josh and Paul acting like they actually care about each other. I bailed after about 30 minutes.

      • Oh that’s too bad. You’d think they would start the show with something more interesting to keep viewers tuned in. I used to watch it, but then started to record it, so that I could zip through the boring parts. They sometimes have some very funny (and weird) segments with Raven doing some weird stuff.

      • I didn’t know this about Christmas & Kevin, either. Disgusting. Now I’m hoping Kevin doesn’t get America’s Favorite. :( What a bunch of nasty people in that house.

      • Christmas saw Paul as her Gravy Train to a F2. But I also kinda think that the DR got to Paul, about him being Married, & having a Family with his kids watching. Because about 3 to 4 weeks ago Kevin came out of the DR upset, then he started saying he loved his kids & Family..Soon after that Kevin & Christmas stopped Cuddling, & Cooing over each other, & the stolen kisses got less, & less!

      • You mean Kevin, not Paul? I remember when Kevin seemed very despondent. I just figured he was missing his family because he said he had not heard anything from any of them since he started BB. So this makes sense, he obviously heard from them! I am glad he got it together, because I personally looked down upon him when he was getting involved with Christmas Joy. If that was my Dad, I would be pissed.

    • He is a doormat. Hoping he retaliates by nominating them and evicting them soon. According to her DR sessions, she has a plan and Josh outspokenness may ruin it. I think she plans to take him to the end, but neither of the two can beat Paul in the final comp.

      • One could only hope. I think both Josh and 12/25 know they have to go to F2 together for either to have a chance, but man, 12/25 is SO into Paul, I don’t think she could physically cut him even at the risk of not winning anything at all.

      • Right! That’s why she knew she could get away with her B.S. little chat with him. I’d like to see her do that with Paul, hah! I don’t like her.

  12. Raven’s Momma also dyes her hair red too. I think her Mother is to blame for all Raven’s shenanigans and lies told. From what I gathered online, Raven’s family has been asking for money for years. Years!!

    • Interesting that we can find out all this stuff about the HGs, but casting can’t. (Or maybe they did and cast them anyway.) Yuck.

      • You’re right, maybe all they do is ensure that none of the houseguests have a criminal record. I predict Raven might someday if she doesn’t smarten up.

      • Some of the HGs over the years – IDK, I even question that. Maybe you can’t be on BB if you’re a convicted felon, but aside from that, I wonder.

  13. The first thing raven does when she meets bobby moynihan is show him her pacemaker? Wow she really needs attention

  14. And Jason having the option to choose Josh or Paul to play in the Veto competition… and what does he do? He chooses the wrong one! I was yelling at the TV! Ha Ha

    • What a mistake, even more when u r expecting a 2nd child. I guess Paul will make better use of the 500K

      • And, you know, it doesn’t even matter any more. None of the rest of the doozies deserves that money either, so whatever. Give it to Paul.

  15. Curious, do any of you think BB/CBS will approach Raven after the show about getting help? Or do you think they will just wash their hands of her!

    • Probably would depend on how much money interfering would cost them. My bet would be ‘good bye, good riddance, never darken the door here again.’ But I could be so wrong. CBS Cares, you know.

    • That is such a great question, I have wondered the same. You know, when Paul and Christmas were talking about Raven’s lies, I thought it might have been nice if one of them took her aside and had a little heart to heart with her. Christmas in the DR said Raven is probably going to have a public backlash when she gets out. Christmas, if she was a kind person, perhaps she would say something. Maybe it’s too much for anyone to get involved. I used to stick up for Raven, but watching her, I realize that she seems to know exactly what she is doing.

      • They can’t tell her anything. She is a jury vote and that’s all they care about at this point. Maybe after the show.

      • Christmas is in for winning money. She probably will not waist a jury vote for that. But I can see her have a heart to heart offline after the show once she will get better view of the situation. It’s hard inside the house without knowing anything how bad the situation is.

      • That’s a great point, Nope! They recognize somethings not right, but once they leave the house, they will no doubt, see clarity.

      • Yes. It’s what I think. We all see everything and have internet connection. In the house they see part of it, have their doubts. But cannot really act on it without all information and have camera. Alex doesn’t even want to discuss raven situation. (But that doesn’t stop her to be a B with Kevin).

      • I read somewhere that Alex is embarrassing and dishonoring her Asian parents for the way she dresses and the things she has been saying (or doing, such as the finger flips). I don’t think her parents watch anything but the heavily edited primetime shows, so no worries there.

      • She talks about her father being drunk in public musltiple times, getting kicked out of restaurants and he and her mom where raging partying on New Year’s Eve they ended up in the ER. I don’t think that sounds like traditional Asian parents that would worry about breasts or flipping someone off.

      • Oh my goodness! Well, she is an open book, I’ll give her that. Well, I guess that explains why she seem so “hard.”

      • First of all, I think it’s pretty clear that Christmas is not a nice person LOL that said, I don’t think it would make any difference at all if Christmas pulled Raven aside. Raven is psychotic and a pathological liar as well as a con artist!
        Like you said, Raven knows exactly what she’s doing! She doesn’t need to continue lie after lie every single day but she does!
        AND I am happy Raven is exposed! She deserves all the backlash she’s going to get and is currently getting!

      • Does anyone think Paul really pushing Ravens lies lately and talking so much about it, is because he is doing damage control if she gets mad if she is nominated , the veto isn’t used or gets voted out, she might blurt out their pre-show meetings? One night during a bash Raven session, Paul says brought up she had one of his shirts and they were only sold at concerts. He says it is a weird claim. I think he was planting seeds, to disprove her if she claims a relationship.

      • There is a photo of her with Paul at a meet and greet after one of his shows. He doesn’t recall ever meeting her. The photo doesn’t lie, though!

      • He acknowledged meeting her twice early on in the show, once it was just them, the next time was in the HOH and Matt was there( who knows if he was listening). Then after Matt left Paul has denied it.

      • Would you admit to having met after having spent time with her in the BB house? I’d be denying, denying, denying too! LOL

      • I think BB probably told them to keep it quiet. If I were Paul, I would have said Raven was a fan, she came to my tour loud right from the start. She would have be flattered with attention and then it would be a non issue.

      • I noticed that he (Christmas, Alex) are talking a lot about Raven. Since Matt left, Raven has become more buddy buddy with Paul, hugging and kissing him. If it wasn’t for Christmas, she would probably attempt to sleep in his bed (just sleep). I think there is some information floating around online that they knew each other prior to BB.

      • So why is Paul denying he ever knew her prior to the show then? He’s playing the game, that’s why. What’s that saying? A photo is worth a thousand words?

      • Maybe Paul is doing that on the chance that some of his conversations will make it onto the DVD the evictee takes into the jury house. That’s one way to give the jury some insight into what’s really been going on in the house since they left.

      • They usually get the competition that eventually brings them to the jury house, but beyond that, I have no idea, because we’re not privy to the entire DVD.

      • No, I’d really be surprised if they saw any of that. It may not be as sterile as the broadcast shows, but I bet it’s not what we see on BBAD and the feeds.

      • Which is kinda too bad, because if they saw that, they would see so much stuff, just like those of us that have watched it, see so much more into the personalities and the conniving crap that goes on that most do not see on the heavily edited primetime shows.

      • But even the ones in the jury house kinda know what’s been going on, because they lived it for however long. Even Ramses on Facebook or Twitter said he was so glad to get out of the house because the people left in there are really not very nice. So they will have to weigh all that when they’re picking a winner. If Paul gets to F2, he should most certainly win, for the simple reason that none of the rest of them deserve to.

      • Yeah, there’s no question. The interesting thing is, take Paul out of the equation. For example, if Christmas and Josh make it to F2. Who wins?

      • Neither are great at the comps, Christmas has been handed HOHs, Josh has won HOH once, in terms of game play, they both do Simon says. Who wins? I would pick… Josh. Surprised?

      • I heard the jurors only get to see comps and noms ? Just enough so the next evicted person bringing the DVD can’t lie or is backed up about the basics of what happened to them. I would love the jury to get any of the HOH rooms talks but I don’t think they do?

    • I am hoping that Julie mentions something about it in front of everyone. The authorities need to be called if the scamming is real. She does need psychological help just for the constant lying.

      • Oh yeah I agree! And I absolutely despise Raven and I think she has a horrible human being! I just wonder if she is a product of “Mommy Munchhausen” LOL
        I don’t know too much about Munchhausen syndrome however I know that Raven craves sympathy and constant attention and with or without her “Mama” she is constantly lying! She is clearly a pathological liar! Does that come from Munchhausen as well? As far as I’m concerned, she’s old enough to know better! She doesn’t need to keep lying!!
        I also don’t know if a child of someone who has Munchhausen syndrome lies about other things as well!? Made up medical problems like an illness/disease only one other family has in this world and they live in Switzerland, having an inverted spine,a disease that makes her cough when she cleans her ears, (LOL) rough new cap syndrome & just other stupid medical stuff like that and then also lies about non-medical related issues like…… Her mama was struck by lightning, she was going to be in the Olympics, she a Mensa, she’s been in marathons, One of her family members was on the Titanic just far-fetched BS like that! Is that part of being a product of Munchhausen syndrome? LMAO
        Don’t they get me wrong, I have zero sympathy for that girl! She is psychotic! And she needs to be locked up either in jail or a mental institution so, that’s why I wonder if BB/CBS will do if anything.
        I agree, she should be locked up but, can she be locked up/arrested for anything? Yet of course LOL
        Her conning days are over! The world knows about Raven LOL

      • It’s just all so crazy. No one person could possibly have all that stuff and still be alive – and certainly not cast on a TV network show where activity is part of the game. That just not going to happen in these sue-crazy days.

      • I don’t think they knew what they were allowing in at that time. Too late to turn the clock back now.

      • Lol. It is horrible when someone hurts their own child for the attention. I watched a documentary years ago about a woman who had Munchhausen syndrome and would feed her baby cleaning products, it would die and she would get pregnant over and over again and would do the same thing each time. If raven’s mom suffers form that, then she may have passed it on to her children and conditioned them to believe it.

      • Oh dear… I just had a thought. I wonder if it’s possible that Raven is pregnant? She is eating a lot. And condoms are not 100% protection.

      • Supposedly she is not able to have children, but I’m sure that’s another one of her lies.

      • My worries is that if in fact she has genetic diseases, having children before knowing the risk is pretty bad. But again, she was diagnosed by a doctor that never met her. So… but in any case, she doesn’t seems ready to be parenting.

      • It probably is and isn’t. She is 23 years old and she has all these so-called serious medical issues. I think when she started out with the lies, they just got easier and easier to do until she reached the point where even she started to believe them.

      • Oh. I didn’t notice until after her and Matt got together. Then it seemed like all they did together was eat all day long.

      • Oh my god that’s so sad! I have watched a few documentaries regarding Munchhausen syndrome in my time, they are messed up! And I do believe Raven is a product of Munchhausen syndrome because of her Munchhausen mommy! However that said, I just can’t feel sorry for her when she has what 23 years old? And regardless of being a product of it, she is old enough now to put a stop to it. Yeah I guess that’s easier said than done. But Raven doesn’t have to go over and above and just tell simple lies like her mom was struck by lightning or that she is a Mensa! She takes it way too far! From my understanding of Munchhausen, it is about making yourself or your children ill. Yes, being a pathological liar but not to the extent of ravens outrageous stories! I don’t know, I just don’t feel sorry for her! I think she loves the attention and yes, she was groomed for attention, I don’t doubt that but, she is an adult, she doesn’t need to lie and lie and lie. You know what I mean? Somewhere in her brain she must be telling herself to stop if she cared, I don’t think she does!
        AND if it is Munchhausen, why are these doctors not calling attention to it?
        I don’t doubt she has some form of Gastro, she clearly has something in her stomach LOL but then again, the way she eats is mind-boggling so perhaps she has something else!??
        It’s all very confusing LOL
        I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe with her

      • Raven will do do alright, there is always some poor shmuck willing to put up with anything for a pretty face. I know because I used to be one lol. Also crazy people make crazy kids

      • Still have a pretty face, my avatar is a sketch I made in the mirror, well I like it. My philosophy today is that everyone is exactly who they are supposed to be. I don’t really understand it but I believe it so maybe it is a religion lol
        Sorry for talking through back channels, my schedule is messed up
        later talky girl Tina lee

    • I think CBS will either do nothing, or maybe get her on Dr Oz ( I wish Dr. Phil). If CBS care they might want to get some of the correct facts about GP out to the public, and have Raven feel she is the star but have someone like the doctors or dr oz give Raven and America a lesson.

      • I think she and her Momma will end up on either a morning or afternoon talk show, maybe both. But one things for sure, all hell is going to break loose for Raven when she steps outside. Even Jessica reported a few days or so after leaving the BB house, she had been called a whore at least five times by people. Really?

      • The real world is cruel on anyone on tv, especially for illness. We had a neighbor win that great Christmas light fight, they had a sick baby that had surgery and I heard all sorts of bad stuff said that they used welfare, were scammers, cheaters, all off a 6 minute clip. I can’t imagine what is said about Raven after a 1,000 hours of tv footage.

      • I had to change my answer because I do not want to make light of the recent Hurricane Harvey tragedy or the current Irma situation, because these are nothing to make fun of. But when I think of 1,000 hours+ of TV footage – a tragedy of sorts.

      • She may do both. They should give her a thorough medical exam and check what she really has.

      • They do psychological testing on all hgs. She passed with flying colors…so that’s why it’s sad to learn she may have cheated on that! Ha

      • She really needs to check into Mayo Clinic or somewhere and have them do a thorough work up on her to determine what’s really in her body and what’s really just in her head.

      • Craftier, maybe, and certainly more conniving. But the most frustrating part is that she thinks everyone is believing and buying the crap she’s shoveling.

      • Very good!!!! That’s more like it. I think in the past all she had to do was turn on the charms, do a few somersaults, a couple of splits and perform her Shirley Temple act. Sadly, she has learned she can connive her way into people’s hearts… and it worked for a while, but yeah, now people know what a farce.

      • Yep. That act is as shallow as a saucer. Hopefully she’s young enough to put a sock in it and spend the rest of her life in the same reality as the rest of the world.

      • I actually thought that this whole BB thing might be a blessing in disguise for her. She will be forced to look at herself and her life, and hopefully she will make changes that will benefit her future. We can only hope. Otherwise, I fear we will see her mugshot on the nightly news.

      • OMG YOU ARE SOOOOO RIGHT!!! Dr. Phil is totally going to have Raven on his show! For sure! Without a doubt! LOL I can’t see her turning that down!
        Dr. OzI don’t think they would have her on but Dr. Phil for sure!
        I don’t think they would have her on but Dr. Phil for sure!
        I don’t know what their contract says about going on other shows following BB, but I mean as long as she’s not talking about BB then I don’t see why she couldn’t go on Dr. Phil.
        CBS Will probably be like “yes, take her! She’s all yours Dr. Phil” LOL that or Jerry Springer! Her family on Jerry Springer would make a lot more sense LOL

    • Their hands are clean. All castmembers have to sign a waiver so they can’t hold CBS responsible for their actions! :-) They started doing this I believe after Season 15 when they lost their contract with Showtime and had to go to TVGuide, which later became Poptv, that’s now owned by CBS.

      • My husband read the contract a few months ago I mean weeks ago, he found it online. I meant to read it myself but totally forgot until I just read your reply. Thanks, it will be an interesting read I’m sure

    • Here’s one: Paul winds up getting Raven to F2, which of course makes him an easy winner and Raven is 100% happy with 50G, which is what she has been playing for all along. After the show is over, she says it was all an act so HGs would never see her as a threat and would want to keep her in the game.

      • That’s actually game strategy. Derrick played the entire game keeping from everyone that he was a police officer. Other people have hidden things about themselves just for their game, as well. But I’ve never seen a player who feels it necessary to consider lying about having diseases as part of strategy. A couple of well-placed diseases Raven knew a lot about would probably have worked. Now she just looks like an idiot.

      • No doubt. But I think up a lot of fan fiction this season, as it’s tough to play along at home with Paul’s puppets.

      • That’s because rational people just can’t wrap their heads around irrational thoughts and actions. Be grateful you don’t understand what’s going on in that house.

      • It’s just the mob mentality that’s running rampant in the house. Paul decides who his next target will be and assigns that target to one (or more) of his minions. Then the rest of the minions have the responsibility of helping the chosen ones remove the target (might be by throwing competitions, might be by bullying, might be by harassing ,,, whatever it takes for Paul to get his way).

        Yet no one stops, thinks twice, and says no. I’m not doing that. That’s not right. Because if you do that, Paul will assign the rest of his minions to go after you. And again, no one will say no. It’s just 11 weeks of a crazy vicious circle that has spun faster and faster out of control. And it’s about to go off the rails, and no one cares.

      • Totally agree with that, and I keep hoping for someone to pull the trigger, or come out from behind the sandbags. That is from a viewer’s perspective, I admit. Objectively, Paul has been perfect. I suppose the others are just maneuvering to be with Paul F4 or F3 and take their chances then, which is a rational plan, but I have not enjoyed watching it as much as other seasons.

      • Right. We’re watching the show hoping to see the strategies each player brings to the game. Usually it’s very entertaining, frustrating, maddening, and enjoyable. This season, not so much. You get Paul playing the game, Josh running around screaming and banging pots and pans, Alex running around hitting Jason, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Cody and Jess trying to spend as much time in bed as possible, Christmas kissing up to whoever will have her, and everybody ignoring Kevin. Just lovely.

      • Grace, you are obviously intelligent and a very good writer. I think you should write some of these articles that we are all reading, hah!

      • Thanks. I’m a retired Investigative Newspaper Reporter, so I guess the writing comes naturally. I guess that also explains my skepticism and my frustration when people are just not acting what society considers normal. I guess in my world, if something doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true. And some of BB19 doesn’t make sense to me.

      • I knew you had some kind of writing background. I am an engineering technical writer/editor. Believe me, it’s much harder to write the kind of stuff that you once reported on than engineering documents! I appreciate your exceptional writing skills.

      • No, I just don’t see it! This is not a game player move by Raven at all, she isn’t really that psychotic! No doubt in my mind zero

  16. Today’s Joker Poll……
    Current Fav HG- Cody, Jessica, Kevin, Mark and then Ramses! What an embarrassment to the remaining HGs, aside from Kevin of course LOL LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Does anyone know why Paul was crying yesterday and went into the DR room at least three times?

      • If the news was his girlfriend, he learned it last week and then brings it up later? he said it was Raven screaming, stress and news from home that got him to break. I think he might have been Feeling super stressed (all that scheming and worrying) but he easily could have cried or blown off steam inside in private, everyone was at the BBQ. He chose to lie with Xmas in the hammock, while others were playing games outside but in view. Later that night he used the knowledge of his tears to manipulate josh. Paul was so paranoid about josh and Jason talking , josh said he was said hurting Jason, Paul said his tears were for Jason?

      • He is working all sides and I can’t imagine how exhausting that would be. I myself would be crying all the time in the DR and laughing too about how crazy and stupid all these people are! Help! Get me out of here!

      • Probably. Here he comes to play the game, and there are 15 other people in the house, none of which is playing with you. I would have found that old by about the second week. Just like people don’t like to talk to themselves for too long, it’s probably very frustrating to try to play a game by yourself.

      • It’s going to be interesting to hear what his thoughts are after the game is over. I am sure Paul is going to vent a lot of his houseguest frustrations.

      • I hope so, and that, I’d love to hear. I’m afraid he’ll say it’s a game, it’s over, I have a life to get back to, I’m outta here. But hopefully he’ll make the time to say what he really thinks.

      • Oh, I hope he doesn’t disappoint us by not telling what he really thinks. But even Evel Dick has met Paul and said he was a nice guy. So if someone like Evel Dick says you are a nice guy, I think he probably is a nice guy! Everyone likes him in the house, so he may disappoint us by not giving out the goods when he leaves BB, just to remain on good terms with everyone.

    • There’s an article about it on Inquisitr: :”Did a BB19 Houseguest Get Bad News from the Diary Room, or are the Tears for Sympathy to Further His Game?” There are a bunch of theories (the article is worth reading). but yes, faking it is one of the possibilities.

      • Just read it. I’m thinking it’s something about one of his animal. It’s very sensitive but it’s nothing you want to share on tv that your crying about. I don’t see how he would use that as strategic move. Maybe I’m naive.

      • Why wouldn’t you pull yourself together before leaving the DR if nit’s not for sympathy??? Is Josh getting news in DR about his family in the path of the strongest Hurricane to hit the US in over 20 years??? But Paul is getting bad news about a pet….

      • I was referring to what the article suggested. They said that maybe he had to make a difficult decision about one of his pet. His mom would run it through him before.

  17. Grace, I am going to sign off for the night. So glad you were here again tonight! I will probably be here again after tomorrow night’s primetime show. Hope to see you then! Goodnight Arizona!

  18. Play people play! Xmas just told the cameras she knows josh is right about Paul. Jason is onto Paul. Kevin is pissed with Paul. Can’t they talk, please! Have a special HOH lockdown, or send Raven and Paul to the DR for an hour. Xmas is scared to leave Paul because she knows she needs a physical threat player on her team. I would pick Jason over Paul if I were her.

    • That would be an unexpected and amazing turn of event. But I doubt it would happens. Maybe it’s smart from Christmas to play it safe with Paul at this point. She cannot win against anyone in f2.

      • That would be so sweet and entertaining to see these HGs actually talk to each other and put the pieces of the puzzle together & stop playing for Paul and start playing to win!
        HOWEVER I have finally figured out why Paul is able to control the HGs like he has for the entire season! I FINALLY figured it out!
        For the last year Paul has been learning how to hypnotize people! So on Day one he started hypnotizing everyone, some people can be hypnotized easily (90%+ of the HGs Raven Xmas Matt Alex Josh…..) Some just a little bit (lMark, Elena, Jason, Kevin….) and others just can’t be hypnotized (Jessica and Cody!) so Paul had to quickly get rid of those who could not be hypnotized! then those he could only partially hypnotize and once Jason is gone, he has FULL control over every single remaining HG & now they will all just fall into place and do as they’re told until Paul wins BB! Through Paul’s hypnotism, he has told them all he is the best, they all need to make sure Paul win, they need to throw HOH comps and Vito comps when Paul tells them to! (This explains Alex was confusion during the veto comp, in her hypnotic state she knew she was supposed to throw the veto to Paul but her subconscious was telling her to win it hence why she was confused!) Paul has hypnotize them so they all think they need to take him to the end, “Get Paul to the end of this game and vote for Paul to win!” They cannot talk amongst themselves, no one is to say anything negatively about Paul, everyone is to do as they are told!
        Now the only problem Paul is currently facing is, Josh’s hypnotism is fading and Paul is unable to get full control back however, he did manage to re-hypnotize Josh enough so that Josh has backed down and again completely trust Paul More than he was a few days ago! Josh is just getting harder to maintain Paul’s hypnotism over and Josh’s subconscious is pushing through… but it looks as though Paul has it under control!

        Right? I have it all figured out and it makes perfect sense right? Full on hypnotism! Bwahahaaa
        Paul the creepy hypnotist! He even has BB Pro under his spell/hypnotism!
        AM I right? Or am I right? Finally a theory that makes sense! Heehee 😉

      • Sorry hon, I know that was long but my “theory” needed to be explained in great lengths just so it’s clear why Paul is able to control the house!

    • Yeah you would think the HGs would talk amongst themselves like every other season but for whatever reason none of them will talk to each other! It’s unreal! Oh sorry that’s right, Paul has ordered them all not to talk to each other! I forgot LOL oops 🙊

      It makes no sense! My only guess is for the last year Paul has been learning how to hypnotize people and that’s what he started doing on Day one! BUT Some people can not be hypnotized so I guess that’s what happened with Jessica and Cody! & Paul was never able to completely hypnotize Mark & Elena LMAO oh and I guess for whatever reason the hypnotism is wearing off on Josh and Paul is on able to completely hypnotize him again! That’s got to be it right? The only logical explanation! Right? LOL

      EVERYONE OF THEM is playing for 2nd behind Paul! Even if Jason was staying, I don’t know if Alex would take Jason to F2 if she had the chance b/c she has said she wants Paul to win! SMH Christmas Raven and Josh have all said the same thing!

      Why? Why are these people not talking to each other? Why are these people not playing? Why are these people not playing for themselves? Why are these people not talking to each other? Why are these people playing the game for Paul? Why are these people not playing to win? Oh wait, Did I already ask that question?😉
      There are so many whys this entire season! And it’s sooooo frustrating! As you know! So my theory is the only logical exclamation! 😆

  19. Paul is so full of himself and goes om and on about his appearances and his”stardom”> Hate the way he has manipulated everyone. Alex has been totally awful to Keven. Hope the viewers see some of it.

  20. Through all of this loving on Paul, “can’t get rid of him”. Other than Maven, have they discuss taking Paul to the F2. Is this Christmas, Josh, Alex plan? I never heard Christmas and Josh talk about taking each other. I felt a little sad for Jason, he and Alex was studying last night. Little does he know….Smh.

    • Great question LOL I just asked the same question about an hour ago.
      Other than Raven, Kevin and I guess Alex (because sadly poor Jason will be blindsided tonight) I don’t know what Josh or Christmas plan to do with this trio. I think they have it in their heads that Paul will win and he will choose. Stupid!
      I am pretty sure Christmas knows she will not win against anyone other than maybe Raven & Kevin but she is STUPIDLY staying loyal to Paul! Unreal! I thought this game was played to be won! ALL of them are playing for second place! It truly is pathetic!
      I don’t know what Josh would do or what Christmas would do if they had the choice to take each other or Paul. They have played this entire season for Paul! So right now my guess is they wouldn’t take each other, they would stupidly take Paul! They think he deserves the win! SMH THATS NO reason to take anyone to the end LOL
      Christmas was saying the other day to herself that Paul won’t win in F2 so I don’t know what’s up with that! It’s all very confusing. I don’t think she meant if it was herself and Paul but, I could be wrong! She proven to not be as smart as I once thought she was! & she is a biatch so I don’t care what happens to her!
      I haven’t checked for replies to my question but I think I wrote it on here so maybe scroll down to see if anyone answered me yet.

      • You must be a gangsta cause real gangstas don’t sleep, man you can talk but I like that, do you use a speech to text program ????
        Josh showed some smarts finally but it may be too late, apparently Josh is a Superfan ( it autocorrected to Superman lol ) but honestly I do not know how much lessons learned from previous shows can apply with different HGs and new rules. Commentators were saying that Christmas may have had a previous relationship with Paul and a current agreement in violation of BB rule #5 but even if that is the case do not see how it can be enforced.
        Loved loved loved Bobby Moynihan and the veto competition. Pictured myself pulling the levers, it was most satisfying . BB finally tried to get me to laugh and not cringe. That you for your comments

      • Xmas and Paul were in a relationship??? No .. for real. Her ex or fiancé resembles Paul a bit .. or just he has huge beard and all that like paul . So he knows Raven , and now may know Xmas ? Should be Big Brother, Paul edition .

      • I am nocturnal for sure LOL but often I will go to bed and wake up later because my backs hurting and stay out for a bit and then go back to bed. And yes, I definitely use talk to type. Without it my comments would be a lot shorter. LOL

      • That makes more sense, For my back I do yoga stretches and don’t eat cheese lol
        Cleaning up some back comments, think I posted a picture to you, I love it when a project comes together

      • She thinks she would win over paul in f2?? No way … I think paul would win next to anyone left in the house. IF he makes it , Josh may take him out if he can win anything ! It would suck to be evicted after all the lying , planning , carrying and not to Win. Raven , hell no , josh no , kevin no Alex no . Xmas NO paul yes !

    • I think he knows now. He is prepared . It’s inevitable at this point , I have not heard any of them talking about f2 either ??

  21. Josh, for someone that has picked up on the evil that is Paul, how can you not know that going against him or suggesting that he change his game plan means adios??? By by Josh. Your pots and pans, participation trophy and a life time supply of rice-a-roni will be waiting for you at the jury house.

    • He picked it up , but he said he wouldn’t go against them . I think he is ok w him and Xmas as final 2 , and at some point one of them is gonna have to go , he trying to convince her and get her to be more against paul then him. Although I think Paul may be doing the picking.

  22. I’m thinking Christmas’s stubbornness/idiocy is more strategic than you think. She sees what Josh sees, but she wants him to stop talking about it because it will cause problems. And right now, she has a 3-some that guarantees her a F2…why mess with that? She believes Josh will take her to F2 and she believes Paul will take her to F2…so if they go on the outs, they will no longer want to work together to F3…this will ruin her plans. She is playing for money and she knows it, but second is $50,000 more than 3rd and $500,000 is worth acting stubborn/stupid for.

  23. OMG did you see Raven pull up her shirt to show Bobby her pacemaker…please why in the world did she do that, why would he care to see it….He was funny though “Open with a hand shake or something next time please” LOL

    • No ! She didn’t ! Why would she think anyone would want to see that or care , she’s needy , attention seeker and delusional.

  24. Bobby M made my night when he said the first thing Raven did was lift her shirt to show him her pacemaker…..hahahahaha…he says – am I supposed to shake hands with it?

  25. As if a condescending parent, Christmas told Josh in Episode 33 (2017-09-06) to never walk away from her when she’s talking.

    Nice advice, Christmas, and we know that you would never walk away from someone who’s speaking to you. You would never behave like that nasty girl who walked away from Jessica in the restroom when Jessica was calmly calling the girl out…wait a minute, that was YOU!!!!

    • Yeah I didn’t like that , why she acting like his mom and telling him what he should and shouldn’t do ! Maybe it’s the only way to get him to listen, he does seem a lil child like , but he’s not a child .. I’m sure he’s thinking who this b think she is!? He could change the game , win hoh and put her up !

  26. Paul telling Kevin, a guy who’s probably twice his age, to sit in his room and do nothing, and Kevin obediently following through is pathetic. Week after week, it has been the same thing with Kevin, and yet he considers himself to be playing the game.

    • He’s in a very unstable , crazy setting .. I’m sure he doesn’t know what the heck to do , but paul telling him to be quiet and not talk blah blah , ugh .. that’s just bs

      • You’re right, Kevin seems unsure what to do…to me he’s seemed that way most of the season. I can not understand someone applying to be on a nationally broadcast television show who knows so little about the show.

  27. That comp was one of the more stupid ones I’ve seen so far . This season is O V E R ! Just end it hand him the check and done . There is no moves that aren’t already predicted 🤤

  28. I hate that Bobby came into the house banging pans like the baby huey puppet was doing earlier in the season. Wasn’t a fan of that antagonizing bully behavior / game play. With him coming in doing it like it was fun to watch ok validates those a-holes

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