Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Alex argues with Kevin on Big Brother 19

Houseguests have been trapped away in the Big Brother 19 house for months now and it’s time for another visitor with tonight’s Power of Veto episode. Bobby Moynihan stops by to host the latest PoV challenge, a do or die situation for Jason and Alex’s chance at staying together in the game.

Christmas is in charge as the new HoH and she’s sent the final power couple to the center stage. Well don’t ruin the surprise for them though because Alex thinks this is all a big gag to trick Kevin and while Jason has his suspicions he’s going to just wait this one out and trust the other HGs. Sigh.

This Veto comp is huge for these two and I’m anxious to see how it all went down. Just two weeks left in the game. TWO weeks! The season finale is so close and we’ve got a lot of HGs to get through so tonight will bring us one step closer for that fun.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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    • Yes she is and yes she is that rude. Power has gone to her head. She thinks she is being funny and has the pulse on the game and is justified in the actions she takes.

      • Can’t stand that even Jason doesn’t rip her a new one for treating Kevin that way. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

      • Jason is the biggest dough because he is friends with Kevin then does and days nasty things behind his back and does nothing really o to help include Kevin…

      • I like Jason but he has done more than his fair share of Kevin bashing as well. Makes me sad and I think he’s really going to regret the mean and hateful things he has said about Kevin, especially the “rape” joke. They have a special bond and he should have been more respectful and protective of their friendship inside the game and not have fallen prey to group think.

      • I really don’t think I could take it if that were my dad they were treating that way! Alex is knowingly and willfully using emotional abuse on someone who, IMO, has played a very stand up game. His family has had to hear her do this, even to the point of comparing him to a child molester! How would she feel if some pathetic excuse for a human said those things on national tv about her dad? I know people want Kevin’s daughters to take the high road after the show, but personally, I hope they all tell Alex to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

      • I am so hoping that Karma bites each and every one of them. Jessica will wind up doing porn, maybe even Elena will too……the rest can be shunned like they have done to Kevin…….and I would love to see Kevin get a ton of recognition, maybe do some commercials or anything that brings him much more success than the entire rest of that house.

      • ED called her a little bit more than a potato head. He called her a word that starts with ‘C’ and rhymes with “buntty” potato head. I cannot tell you how much I loathe that word… and yet… oh so totally right on the money when referring to Alex.

      • Hahahaa right on… she’s so full of herself I hope gets evicted and we get to see her dumb face when is blindsided hahaha

      • This is not acceptable behavior. I would love a time-out this season for the HGs to be shown some of the comments about how despicable their behavior is. If this selection of people is a reflection of society as a whole, we are doomed.

      • Alf I wish you were correct :) , but that behavior didn’t just start in the house, my guess is she has gotten away with it for quite a while and her parents just ignore it.

      • Her parents are just like her, where do you think she learned her behavior from?

      • They all believe they are coming home to tons of fans! They are going to get the shock of their life!

      • Karma will get her. I’ve always believed that what goes around, comes around. I only wish that we could all be there when she gets hers!

      • Wait for the look on her face when Jason goes home! Then her genius self will buy into Paul’s BS when he claims he had no idea about it! and she thinks she is so good they are going to have her back next season haha.

  1. Oh Alex how I despise you…You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and I hope karma bits you in a$$, both cheeks…

  2. I was Alex biggest fan at the start of the season. Saw this tiny bundle
    of competitiveness. She knew the history of Big Brother. Here’s a good
    game strategist. Double threat.

    Now realize her competitiveness is actually pettiness and her game strategy is being a brat.

  3. Alex is what I consider a follower…does what she has to do to fit in with the “cool kids.” Hello, like you’re 28… smh

  4. I’m honestly embarrassed I ever rooted for Alex.. I can’t even accurately put into words how disgusted I am by her behavior and unnecessary harassment of Kevin. She’s crossed way over the line multiple times.. but comparing him to a pedophile? Wtf is wrong with this girl?! She should be ashamed of herself. Can’t wait till she meets Kevin’s daughters :)

    • I never liked her from the beginning, but I have felt skeeved out by shady Kevin from day 1. I hope my intuition is wrong about Kevin, especially if he is voted AFP. And if it is between him and Cody, please let it be Kevin. I think Jessica is working social media because she knows Cody will never be able to afford that big ring she is demanding. That AFP money is her ring…she thinks. smh

      • I didn’t like Kevin on the first episode, but he has definitely won me over completely since then lol. I don’t think he’s this perfect person (none of us are) but I think he is genuinely a good person.. Down to earth and real.. the kind of person I would gravitate to if I were in the house. Jess and Cody are doomed outside the house… 2 totally different lifestyles that neither are probably willing to change imo

      • I think contemptible Jessica is so vain that she will do whatever is necessary to try to prove the haters wrong about her and Cody, even to the point of pretense, for a while, just to extend her 15 mins. I think once she allows Cody to see the “real life” of Jezebel, he will run for the hills in his camper and go off grid. She won’t like the real Cody either.

      • Jesica will leave Cody and run off with Rob Schneider after he promises her a part in one of his terrible movies.

      • And Cody would be much better off. I respect his service as a vet and as for all of our vets, I wish him the best in real life. Imo, Jessica is not it for him. I hope it doesn’t take the guy too long to realize that. They have completely different aspirations.

      • Cody is pretty sharp. He was the one fixing things and coming up with solutions when the others thought a screwdriver was a drink. Thinks on his feet. Do hope he gets treatment for the PTSD.

      • He won’t. He has said he doesn’t believe there is such a thing as PTSD,

      • Not ready to hear the truth? To quote the great Amy Winehouse…

        They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, ‘No, no, no.’

      • She is implying on twitter that she got some good news today about a big TV gig. Some are saying JODY on Amazing Race.

      • I’m not believing it until I have to, Dirty, because I honestly will not watch, and I really enjoy AR. These type reality shows are getting old. Maybe I should just stick with shows like Alaska the Last Frontier, Mountain Man…so feel good and calming.

      • I’ve always liked Kevin. He reminds me a lot of my uncles, he’s a bit younger but they were of a certain generation and it’s clear he came up from the streets. He’s slick, has a certain way about him, the way he couches his comments can come across in a certain manner but I think deep down he’s a good guy who loves him family very much and would move heaven and earth for them.

      • And it seems most people have always liked him.The thing with Christmas didn’t bother you? I know nothing really happened between them, but I’m not so sure Kevin was innocent in all of his thinking. That really isn’t what bugs me the most; it’s just instinct. You know that and I hope we don’t hear of any marriage issues after BB.

      • Yea, the thing with 12/25 was bothersome. At least it stopped, unlike Christine who never let up, even after people confronted her about it. Do I think this is the first time Kevin has behaved that way with a women that wasn’t his wife, no. Do I care, no, not really. That’s something they have to deal with and Kevin has to answer for. I’m sure his wife is no shrinking violet either and probably gives as good as she gets.

    • I low keyed hated her right from the start. Her intro interview with Jeff didn’t go down well with me. She didn’t even know who he was, really? She didn’t know who Jeff was? Once she was in the game I thought she had potential and Jason would be her downfall. That turned around for me pretty quickly when she started berating and hitting Jason all the time. At that point I realized it was just the opposite, Alex was going to be the downfall of Jason’s game.

      • Smh… all these self proclaimed “super fans” don’t know jack sh*t about this game! And I hope Jason’s wife chews him a new one for letting that little wench dictate how he’s playing this game.. he had real potential!

      • It would be nice to see what Jason’s wife thinks about Alex now as compared to the complimentary way she spoke of Alex during her interview that aired last week.

      • From what I heard, she had to shut down some or all of her social media after Jason’s comments came to light. I’m not sure what that entailed, but I remember hearing something about it.

      • Smh.. I bet idiots were threatening and harassing her on there. People need to leave these house guests families alone, they’re in no way responsible for the things that are said and done in that house!

      • Jason’s wife? She does but she had to make it private after the rape comment last week.

  5. I wish once a week after eviction the HG’s get a meter on how America feels about them, that might be a wake-up call….Productions medals in the game why can’t we….

  6. Has there ever been a season where house guests can compete in hoh consecutive weeks? If not, I think they should. It would revive the competitive spirit and stop people from throwing it because they want to be able to compete the following week (or pretending that’s why they are throwing it). If someone ends up controlling the house because they win week after week, I’m think I’m ok with that.

    • Which morons? Production or the HG’s? I wish production would read the comments and the HG’s should never read a single thing on the internet about themselves or the season. It would be soul crushing.

      • I agree with everything BUT… in order for Alex’s soul to be crushed, she would have to have one to begin with! Too harsh?! Lol :)

      • Haha, yeah, I don’t give 2 sh*t’s about the feral wombat. I hope she does read comments about her, same with Rabies. Those 2 need serious wake up calls in their lives.

  7. If BB has any hope in getting viewers for another season, they need to change the way the evictions are done…….let the viewers vote and decide. And if anyone has a plane can they fly over the house with a word of encouragement for Kevin. Maybe an “Alex sux” or “Kevin Rocks” would be nice.

    • I think someone did/tried the one season. Maybe ED’s season. The person with the banner tried warning hgs.

    • They had a huge viewing audience this season so they aren’t worried about the few whiners who swear they will never watch again. Hopefully next season they will screen potential house guests better so we can actually see people compete to win!

    • I wouldn’t like viewers voting. They did that season one and I didn’t like it. People vote for their favorite person and not player.

      • You are correct Lavendargirl…I stand corrected….my only hope was it would make people behave nicer. Maybe a running tally board in the house for the fan favorite. Anything to stop this disgusting behavior.

      • Or Viewers could be a member of the jury at the end and we get a vote. That could change things up when it’s a close vote. Maybe then they’d play the game.

    • No, they did that on BBOTT and it wasn’t good. The players need to be the ones who decide. Not every viewer is a dedicated viewer and many would vote based on silly reasons, it’s not how I want those decisions being made, by casual BB viewers.

      • It would eliminate using a pawn because you couldn’t trust who would go home. It would a lot of the problems this season IMO

  8. the sad part about all of this is that it will bring out every bully and hater to take part in the next Big Brother. the way production let things go on without stopping it these players have mocked the game I used to love the comps but the next group will do the same thing. can’t blame them other want a a well paid summer vacation too just sit back refuse to do anything and get paid wow wish I could get a summer job like that and I am 71 years young lol

  9. I would love for Kevin to have a sitcom of his own sort of like his real life but a single dad with teen age kids it would be great. like his you tube with his kids love it

  10. It is exciting to watch Alex’s face when Jason gets evicted instead of kevin, but I wished it was the other way around.

  11. Let’s get this party started. I have to get back to my training for the triathlon. Christmas had to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances! :-)

  12. And here comes Paul. He reminds me of the snake Andy. Nobody can have a conversation without the Dictator popping in.

  13. Yup, it’s true. Christmas got HoHitis. So glad she won’t be competing in the triathlon with me this year! hahahahahahaha

  14. Yes Alex, make sure Paul is safe, the only person who can beat all of you combined. I just can’t handle this stupidity.

  15. Hi, Josh! Welcome to BB19, the season where Paul plays everyone in the house, and they all act like they’re on I Dream of Jeannie and grant his wish!

    … and then he loses all credibility by naming legends that Paul has no business being named next to.

  16. I don’t understand the need for all this secrecy… if Paul tells them they are being evicted this week every single one of them will smile, nod and tell him it’s a good idea! Why keep up this charade?

  17. Another one that’s all talk. Prove your taking a shot Josh and vote Kevin out. Blow up Paul’s game in front of everyone.

  18. You see, the spell is wearing out on Josh, but it’s too late. Christmas had an extra dose.though..hehe

  19. Oh, look, it’s time for the annual CBS self-promotion.

    And then there was much rejoicing!!!


  20. I don’t know what made me laugh harder.. raven showing her scar, Bobby calling them idiots in the DR, or Jason calling him a Star?

  21. At least Bobby seems like he genuinely wants to be there, unlike Derrick, who looked like he was just going through the motions

  22. Josh is clearly auditioning for a soap opera. He has yet to put on a shirt in the DR.

    Too bad Jess already finished filming it.

  23. Wtf is your deal, Alex? Why is she so horrid to Kevin? Did he do something to her? Like, say ‘hello?’

  24. I mean disappointed in Raven, after all she is a Mensa member. She should have gotten all of then right.

  25. Alex is good..too bad, she’s next…ok..ok..I know she’s a B.relax. Ha! .competitive though, and blind.

  26. I have a pacemaker in my chest. No way could I take getting punched on it like she did in the stomach. Something ain’t right here.

  27. Damn, is she his girlfriend or something!
    “Don’t walk away when we’re talking” sounds like “Don’t question my loyalty”.
    Maybe her and Cody should hook up

  28. Somebody please release the break on Xmas’ scooter and push her down the steepest hill in Cali!

    • She’s always like that. She thinks she knows better than anyone else.

  29. So who’s gonna feel like a the bigger moron when they get out of this house?

    Josh, for not going with his guts? Or Christmas, for drinking the Paul-Aid?

    • I think Josh, because Xmas has stated that she knows what Paul is doing but doesn’t care, she wants Paul to take her to f2

    • Since Christmas broke up with her fiancé, she’s probably looking for a new man – and right now she has one who’s about to become $500K richer. Doesn’t matter that Paul supposedly has a girlfriend; Kevin and Jason have wives and she went after them.

    • That Josh needed to get his head in the game. Go figure..that’s what he was doing while she got crazy with Paul.

    • On who, though? I haven’t really been watching this week. Is Josh gonna stick to his gut and flip the script on Paul, or will he just go with the group as usual?

      • Joni girl, I love the green face!! You need to keep that look for a while.

      • The thing is he keeps talking about it, he’s right, but he doesn’t offer a plan to execute something. I know he’s spot on, then what? lol I think it would be disastrous for both of them if he mess up..,sit back, win something in the coming weeks, if not, just hope someone will take you to F3 or 2. I think that’s what Christmas is doing..she’s not gonna win s**t anymore.

      • The price for coming in late, I’m afraid. We’ve all had the entire season to understand exactly what is is Josh is trying to say.

        Then again, lucky you because you didn’t have to sit through this season.

      • True. I’m just teasing about Josh. The captions help a lot. Like with Honey Boo-Boo.
        From what I’ve gleaned, I’m very glad I came in after Cody was evicted.

    • He will need someone to have his back and I doubt anyone other than Christmas would. If he did make a move by nominating Paul if he is lucky to win HOH again or evicting Kevin, it will backfire. It will make a fun show to watch though.

      • That scenario still wouldn’t really hurt Paul much because he’ll just say ” well, I voted to keep Jason” and if Jalex wins HOH they’re still not targeting him

      • *I’m scratching my head as well. Kevin is good feeds and also not with the herd, as much as that can be possible. I would love to see him school the feral wombat before the show is over.

      • Kevin is a good guy…toooo good to be in the house with the scum thats in there…When Jason goes he has nobody and I mean nobody to befriend him…Would be better if Kevin self evicted…He is gonna have a really bad 2 weeks unless he goes in the DE…Kevin going would be the best for his ”game”…

      • He could be pretending that it wouldn’t be wise to give advice or else you’re out of the BB house! I could be wrong too!

      • That’s true, once Jason leaves, Kevin will have nobody, at all.

      • I don’t think he should self evict, but I’m dreading the hell he’s about to go through in that house!

      • I “suggested’ that it might be better if he self evicts..I know he won’t…But Kevin as I said is in for a really bad week unless he gets outted in the DE….I don’t wanna watch him be treated like hes dirt under their shoes…

      • Hit the post button before I was finished, then corrected, hope I was a bit clearer and a bit less venomous, the BB theme garden of Eden, snakes, oh you get it, all I know for sure us we ain’t in heaven lol
        PS I hate hate hate that autocorrect keeps changing for to four haha
        Have a good one !

      • You are absolutely right Kevin did say he was thinking about self-evicting, forgot about that, ( you remember what you want to remember lol )
        I like the T-shirt


        Please do not take me too seriously, I don’t lol

  30. Yeah finally something fun to watch
    The veto competition got its parts from
    The Acme Supply Company
    Something for everyone

  31. It was an exciting show today. Loved the DR sessions and hopefully Josh makes a move. I love Kevin and want him to win, but if Kevin goes, at least it will change a bit the predictable show.

  32. So….Josh is aware of Paul’s gameplay, but not Xmas’? When is he gonna realize that she would take out Josh if it ment getting closer to Paul

    • Christmas done got herself a man who’s about to become $500K richer. And Josh has just become immediately expendable. If he’s gonna move, he’s gonna do it on his own, preferably soon. Right at this second, Josh has nothing to lose.

  33. Well that was just pathetic.
    They only thing I can say is that I would have told Xmas to shove her remaining good foot up her…

  34. Well, goodnight my fellow Big Brother friends. Have a wonderful night and get ready for a GREAT(!) DE tomorrow. Anyone in the path of Irma, be safe. Peace~~~

  35. How come raven didn’t complain that this competition break her pacemaker ?? Or broke something else. I don’t get it!!

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