‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Secures His Position In Next Round

Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

Paul Abrahamian continues to maintain his iron grip on Big Brother 19 and he’s looking to be in an excellent position for his own game through this next round of events. Of course a lot of HGs are expecting a full week’s turn at the game, including Paul, but instead there will be just a few minutes between the next two evictions. Paul is ready to be well set for the rushed decisions ahead.

We’ve already seen Paul positioning himself with Alex as her last ally when his network of minions evict Jason during the first of Thursday’s two eliminations. Paul will keep his hands clean by voting to evict Kevin and forcing the tiebreaker on Christmas. She knows he’s going to do this and has given him her approval. Yep, instead of making it so she can tell Alex “I kept up my part of the bargain, it was them who betrayed you!” she’s letting Paul take that honor. Josh doesn’t like this plan, but he’s going along with Paul’s game because why stop now. Bunch of knuckleheads.

Now, to cover all his bases Paul has also told Kevin to keep his head down this week and he’ll come out clean on the other side. That leaves Raven to make sure he has control over. It’s not like Raven has won anything all season, but her odds are getting better and better each week. In fact, this could be the week he pushes her in to a power position since his other puppet, Christmas, is on her way out of the last HoH he handed her.

Late last night Paul checked with Raven to discuss his plan, what she needs to know, and what she needs to do. Flashback to 2:53 AM BBT 9/6 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now.

Paul lets Raven know that she and Josh will be voting Jason out, but he won’t. Instead he says after the vote he’ll put Alex aside and tell her “they’re gunning for us!” so he can pretend to be on her side. Then, and this is kinda funny, Paul says that the three HGs voting Jason out have nothing to fear from Alex because she already has a good relationship with them and they can all tell her “hey, it’s nothing personal, we just had to get Jason out.” Okay, ya goofs in that house, if that’s okay for you to do and say to Alex, then why wouldn’t it be for Paul to do it too?

The next part of Paul’s plan is a faked fight between him and Josh on Thursday. He tells Raven the fight will take place after the vote so Paul can act like he was wholly against evicting Jason. It’d be great fun to watch Josh calmly reply to Paul that they all worked together to get out Jason, including Paul. Chances of that happening? Not so much, but it’s fun to dream.

Paul says this fight will make Alex think he and Josh are against each other. Sounds like that’s bad for Josh and a higher chance for him to go up against Kevin should Alex secure the next HoH comp. That’s actually the exact scenario Paul next proposes to Raven. He says best case for the two of them is if Alex wins HoH then Kevin and Josh will go up, but worst case is Kevin plus either of them. Well obviously Alex isn’t going to put up Paul, according to his plan, after he presents himself as her last ally in the house.

Raven asks if she should get involved in the fight between him and Josh, but he tells her to steer clear and “stay strong.” She promises to do that and seals it with a kiss on his hand. Good grief.

Paul wraps it up saying their best case is for Josh to win, presumably to take out Alex, but if Josh is out then either Paul or Raven will need to win. Of course we know that if it comes down to Paul and Raven then he’s going to bail. He tells Raven they need to put up Alex and Kevin next with Kevin as their backup plan to Alex’s eviction and a “clean sweep.”

I imagine as soon as Alex is out Paul will bail. He can control all of their actions now and he doesn’t need to be visibly responsible for any evictions right now, so the risk isn’t worth it for Paul. But even with Alex winning Paul is secured in his safety thanks to the votes and this faked fight.

No matter who wins HoH in the second round on Thursday night, Paul isn’t going anywhere. It’s pretty much Paul strolling to F3 at this point and an easy path to the Big Brother 19 finale night from there. We’re just running out the clock two more weeks to see who joins him to make their case to the Jury.


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  1. BARF, I have not watched live feeds or the show since Thursday (only for jury). I hope Thursday Alex goes and gets boos

  2. Worst cast ever….the only ones worth watching were the first 3 in the jury house. Way to go, recruiters.

      • Thanks – I am trying to do something else while replying. You’re right – I was correct in my opinion of Mark, Elena and Cody being the ones that I wanted to watch (Mainly Mark/Cody who actually WATCHED the show). I am sick of these people who are just being recruited and haven’t watched a season.

      • Watching Cody and Jessica in bed was really thrilling! Watching Mark grovel at Elena’s feet was thrilling lol. The only thrilling moments were when Paul pulled out the pendant of protection and Christmas the with the ring of replacement, they were priceless!

      • if u were in the same house with this bunch of $%%@$@, dont u think u would be in bed all day??? I would….i would not want to be around any of these people

      • No because I would have kept the prize of half a million dollars up front and center. I wouldn’t go there to be in a showmance no matter what. I have more self control than that. Usually a showmance throws you off your game like Jess/Cody, and especially Matt.

    • I enjoyed watching Cameron. Proved that there are super fans out there who would give anything to actually play the game. I hope season 20 is for the super fans and much better casting.

    • Elena and Mark were horrible. I was rooting for them before their evictions because they wanted to nominate Paul. Cody was just good to look at. His game play was worse than the others.

      • Cody was good to look at but his personality was awful even in his intro video, I was like…..nope…lol. However, he departure with Julie and his time in the jury house seems to have awaken somewhat of personality so who knows.

  3. BB should have brought in Russel Hantz, the evil little troll from Survivor to be the anti- Paul to stir things up…….All Cody did was use his 2 facial expressions to do nothing but turn Jessica into his master.

    • Cody was a HORRIBLE person. I pity Jessica if she marries that guy!! He’s shown his personality on BB, and anyone married to this guy can expect emotional abuse. Mark was pathetic grovelling at Elena all the time. She obviously didn’t share the same feelings, but just loved the attention. She couldn’t love anyone because she was too in love with herself. Jessica is an immature girl who thinks she’s won some great prize by bagging Cody!! I’ll give her 6 months with him and she’ll be beating a path away from him very fast. For her sake, I hope so. Her immaturity was obvious on the show. People who go around trying to convince everyone of their maturity and worldliness are usually covering for their insecurities. And what the hell does a VIP concierge do anyway? I’ve had many VIP suites in Vegas, etc., which come with a concierge, just like a REGULAR concierge. Perhaps I’ve been missing out on some type of service!!!

      • Omg you hit the nail, I have been reading Jessica got hired on the soap opera the big and beautiful egawd

      • Hired on a Soap!! That’s priceless!! She is a very pretty girl, and I’m sure she can act, but I don’t think she’d last very long on any show. She has a huge ego and that’s going to be her undoing. There are hundreds of very pretty girls in LA with acting chops just begging for parts on Soaps, or anything really. Jessica doesn’t have a resume in acting and it’s NOT as easy as people might think. I think she’d trip over her ego very quickly.

      • The nice word is escort…I agree that her romance with crazy eyes won’t last very long once the novelty wears off. She’s real high maintenance and he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. He said he has no friends and he barely sees his family. Maybe she can share some of her “friends” with him. He’s antisocial and told Jessica he’s the same way outside the house as he is there.

      • With a personality like his, I’d be VERY surprised if his parents even speak to him. I’ve no doubt that anyone who gets involved romantically with this man will regret it big time. I’m wondering how he passed the Psych test the HG’s have to take to get on the show!!! Who the hell does CBS have as a Psychologist, Mickey Mouse? This guy’s personality disorder SHOULD have been caught before they put him on the show. This guy is DANGEROUS.

      • I agree. the Paul haters think Paul looks like Manson. Cody and his crazy eyes is the spitting image. Jessica even asked him if he’s like this all the time or just for the show. He said a!!the time. Jessica said I don’t think my mother would like you like this. CBS did a lousy job screening these imbeciles.

      • I would bet my bottom dollar that Paul gets profiled every time he flies. He for sure doesn’t want to fly in or out of Heathrow anytime soon. No one has any right in the U.K., so there’s no use trying to state your right to privacy. I think he’d have one hell of a time navigating the system there!!! He was telling the HG about last year’s after shoe appearances and how hard it is to get into Canada. He then went on to say that he came into Canada for apperances so many times in three months, that customs would just wave him through without looking at his documents because they were that used to seeing him. WRONG!! What a total idiot!! He’s talking about Vancouver airport, which is huge, and has hundreds of Customs officers, which rotate with other Provinces regularly. Check your facts Bozo before spinning your yarns.

  4. Possible risk in fake fight with Josh is that Josh’s true emotions could come out and he either slips or intentionally is honest.

    • Be according to how far Paul pushes to make the fight seem real…Josh does not take kindly to being belittled insulted or embarrassed by his peers Paul best be careful where he treads…

      • The moment a DE is announced, not sure Josh will be willing and ready for that act. It might go beyond proportion if Josh had been tempted to have leaked secrets to Jason little time before eviction.
        Drama! With Alex set to take HoH to her hands in confusion, the fight turns real and real emotions blow out! Wanna trust Josh?

      • Since I’m not a Paul fan, then I hope he calls him a blob to his face and a floater or follower. That really gets under Josh’s skin.

      • You can bet when Josh looks at the footage post show and sees what Paul has called him, he’ll not take kindly to it. It takes nerve to call Josh a blob when he himself looks like a bloody garden Gnome!!

  5. Are they giving drugs that increase suggestibility and gullibility to all the HGs except Paul? Seriously, what kind of Kool-Aid are these people drinking? How is Josh the only one who sees what Paul is doing? Is Christmas being paid by production to help Paul win? How are they all so willing to get blood on their hands to keep Paul from getting any on his?

    This has to be the most frustrating season ever. I’ve never seen a group of lemmings like this bunch of HGs, gleefully jumping off the cliff to save Paul over and over again. I think this is a testament not only to why they shouldn’t mix vets and newbies, but also why they REALLY shouldn’t allow just one vet in a game with all newbies – at least if there was even one other vet, it would probably still favor the vets, but at least the newbies might’ve split into two camps of starstruck followers…as it stands, this season has just become a boring, pathetic slog to Paul’s inevitable appearance in the F2 and probable victory.

    • And now Christmas wants to come back so that she can actually compete. I read that they offered her the choice of this season or next.

      • Maybe that’s why she is happy to lose to Paul or Josh. Being the competitor she is that would not seem like her nature to be happy with 2nd place.

      • There are people on here that are medical doctor wanna bes when not bitching on this site. I guess they reason Christmas never broke her foot.

      • Paul stayed last season until the F2, so they will do it again without a care in the world. as long as the viewers tune in.

      • Him leaving again second would be hilarious and then name Cody as AFP would be a great end to this disastrous season.

      • Cody winning AFP would disgrace the season more than Paul winning. I’d rather see Mark or Kevin win.

      • I hope not. If she does, they will give her the 3 weeks safety and get the prize at the end.

    • The brilliant work Paul did earlier was to use the strong competitors and weaklings to take out stronger players. Then going on to bamboozle out the strong competitors. After the exit of Jalex and the deadweights are left, we can be sure to see more of the same attitude from Xmas and Raven being grateful to Paul for taken them far while Josh and Kevin will just be stuck and choiceless. At that point, Paul can even tell anybody right to his face “You are the next to go to jury” and the person will respond “Yes sir”.

    • U sir are not far off!! I believe xmas is part of production and Paul’s plan!!
      How can a person with a broken foot be medically cleared to run a ” race”????? How come they did not have the sli and slide race as a HOH contest??? All the better for Xmas my lil kids!!!!!!! It’s so blantant that this season is fixed, rigged, set up, call it what u want fir PAUL it’s not even 😂 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😱 if Xmas does make it to the finals I honestly believe they will fix the final 3 events so she can play!!!! Remember it’s always been a “physical ” kind of contest where u can’t have a broken foot!!!!
      I just hope against all hope this is the most ” BITTER” jury in BB history and yes SCREW PAUL!!!!!

      • The first comp is physical the 2nd is not, she can skip the first and automatically play in the 2nd part

      • I truly believe that Cody will do his best to sway the jury vote against Paul. Once he’s explained the situation to these dipshits, and they realize how they’ve all been played, they’ll give their vote to the other HG.

      • Cody said earlier that if it comes down to the F2 he will vote for Paul to win. So if he does try and sway the other jurors, and Paul makes F2, he is a shoe in.

      • Yes, I too noticed they have `rigged ” the comps for physical for only if Xmas isn’t participating. Ho H used to be long endurance comps. Not any more. Yep she’s definitely part of the production team for Paul to win. The prize Jessica won was worthless. Did nothing, the head Of Household didn’t even have to put up two other people. Even Jessica Was Surprised By That As Was I. And Julie Outing Her Lie She Never outed Anybody Elses Lie All Set Up. What A joke Worst SEason Ever Crappy Temptations for the Tree

    • I wondered the same thing…are they being paid under the table to let Paul win??? Surely they are not all that stupid!

    • “Are they giving drugs that increase suggestibility and gullibility”

      Big Brother is using this season as an LSD experiment in suggestibility sponsored by Yale Reseach and Big PHARMA? It all makes sense now.

    • Let’s not forget season 8 and 15….Paul is leading the cattle to slaughter, not his fault their all morons

  6. “Raven asks if she should get involved in the fight between him and Josh, but he tells her to steer clear and “stay strong.” She promises to do that and seals it with a kiss on his hand. Good grief.” LOL. I guess the godfather again made Raven an offer she couldn’t refuse.

  7. If paul wins i will never, ever watch this show again. I feel he was set up to win from the minute he walked into the house by all the advantages the production handed him.

  8. I cannot believe that Christmas is okay with Paul’s plan because she has to see why he is doing it, he is making them look like they turned on them and he had nothing to do with it, why do you allow this to go on and not say anything. It’s like watching Groundhog’s day…each week is the same just different people evicted.

    • “It’s like watching Groundhog’s day.”

      If only the house guests had the charm of Bill Murray instead of a Jerry Springer guest.

      • Yes! That’s what makes it so boring. The movie wasn’t boring because once the character found out what was happening, he changed things for the better each day. I do wish that would happen this season. There is still time.

  9. Anyone actually want to talk potential strategic moves? – instead of bitching about the same things for ten weeks!!

    • What strategic moves
      ? There aren’t any being played. The only thing being played are the houseguests by production.

  10. With Josh not happy how Paul is lining everything up in his favor, any chance Paul could end up like Vanessa in 3rd with Josh winning it? Did anyone think Steve would win that season?

  11. I’d like to see Paul play BB with people who actually have sense….say one of those seasons in the earlier years…maybe even Dr. Will. I’d like to see how he’d roll with those folks. He’d be gone in a week.

    • I’d love to see it also, although I think he’s strong enough in comps that he would last a while. But it would be more entertaining than this Sh*t.

    • I think he’d last longer than a week. He didn’t win many comps this season because he threw most of them. He is excellent at the mental challenges. I’d love to see it though.

  12. Now with Josh not liking how Paul is running everything, he should just go ahead and vote out Kevin as well and that would put a wrench in Paul’s plans! I know that will not happen but it’s nice to think about! LOL

      • Well honestly, I’m Ok with that as I can’t stand Josh. But really, I just want to see someone TRY to do something other than Paul wants. But I’m sure in that case, Paul could spin it in his favor any way somehow.

      • The spinning is a skill that has served him well. If he doesn’t go to law school he should consider public relations.

      • He likes thinking things through and talking to himself, so maybe he’ll come to his senses in one of those chats.

    • He should talk to Alex about Paul’s plan first and then tell her he’ll vote Kevin out if she helps him get rid of Paul during the DE.

      • I think Alex’s worship of Paul is just too strong. If Paul told her that the sky was green, while Josh swore it was blue, I don’t know which guy she’d believe.

      • I was getting along with you till you said Alex to help Josh get rid of Paul during DE. That won’t happen as the information will get to Paul before Josh complete the sentence.

    • A good way to do that will be to first discuss the present situation with Alex and Jason, tell them play ignorance and observe the confusion as Paul tries to figure out the betrayal while he (Josh) and Raven blame on each other with Xmas confused.
      He (Josh) will be giving feedback on further plans to Jalex as Paul try steamrolling the entire house. That way, Paul might be screwed in the process. But whether that will be the best game for Josh at this point is another matter.

  13. Their brains are all mushed so they agree with everything Paul says. I think dreaming about Josh’s betrayal can happen if we all wish it together at the same time. Josh can also talk to Alex alone, but of course she won’t believe him.

    • Great idea. How about a live episode where the house guests are shown picking up trash on the side of a highway for an hour.

      • I think they should do a cage match/fight to the death! Winner takes Paul’s friendship.. that’s the only thing they’ll fight for at this point bc it sure ain’t for money!

      • “takes Paul’s friendship”!!! I really think that’s what they are playing for in the game, not the money. It’s all about friendship for these boneheads. SMDH

      • Their lives has to be really miserable if all they are interesting in is Paul’s friendship. I know Alex has to be since it’s what’s she’s going by.

  14. Jason talking about Ollie again. I went on his you tube videos and the comments are full of calling him an animal abuser-cruelty to animals.

  15. I would absolutely LOVE it if Josh stuck to what he is feeling in his heart and gut and voted to evict Kevin just to ruin Paul and Christmas’ stupid plans.

  16. 12/25 is a moron not to see through this ruse of Paul’s. Good on Paul for pulling this one two punch, but how she’s not seeing it for what it is, mind boggling!

    • I actually think she sees it but doesn’t care. She probably thinks her biggest weakness is being seen as riding coattails, so this gives her a shot to make her game-play more obvious. Also, if Paul were to show his hand vs. Alex, all three of them — Paul, Xmas, Josh — would be in really serious danger if Alex won HOH this week. It’s not crazy of Xmas to think that having Paul in Alex’s ear will be helpful.

      Like him or hate him, he’s making some great win-win strategic pitches to each player (where he wins more than they do).

    • Omg.. it literally took me a good 3 mins to figure out who the hell 12/25 was lmao and smh!
      It’s seriously like we’re in the BB twilight zone! What is wrong with these ppl?!

  17. I thought josh said we wouldn’t participate in a paul fight. xmas said don’t worry. she’s good at that.

  18. Eeeeewwwwww!! I just read that Raven was going to eat her earwax, but the floatie covered it.

  19. Are they going to tell the houseguests (esp. Josh) about the hurricane slamming into Puerto Rico and soon to hit Miami? They have to right? He is gonna completely FREAK OUT!!!

    • Good thoughts to anyone reading this and with loved ones in that monster storms path. Hope everyone stays safe.

    • Depending in the area he lives in. There is a hurricane in Florida every year. I think if something happens in his area or to his family they may let him know.

      • Yeah, but Gov. Rick Scott just said, that this is going to be ‘bigger and stronger than Hurricane Andrew. It’s going to be a hard call.

      • This is not a hurricane to fool around with. I can’t believe there are people who plan to stay put and ride it out after what happened with Hurricane Harvey. I have a cousin who lives in Florida and this is very serious.

      • Hi Lisa! Those people who stay (this is going to sound harsh) deserve what happens to them. I hope your cousin is safe and has a chance to get important papers and special mementos together–just in case. I’ll be sending out prayers for safety.

  20. Oh this is so sad…Kevin telling Jason: “Don’t be letting these people talk bad about me when I’m gone, I don’t want to go home and have my daughters sayin ‘Dad, you should have heard what they were sayin about you!'”

    Jason: (akwardly) “Mmmhmm…”

    • Sad indeed. Jason needs to apologize before the finale. When he gets evicted is the perfect time to let Kevin know what he said.

      • Agreed. Or, if he [J] knows that he’s going home (like Josh for some reason is going to tell him before the vote), he could tell Kevin he wants to have a conversation with him.

  21. I don’t understand the author’s obsession with how poor Josh and Xmas have played this particular week.

    First, it is Paul’s decision to vote for Jason to stay – they have no control on how he votes.

    Second, if Josh and Xmas call out Paul for playing this vote off as a Paul-win only, then Paul sides with Alex/Kevin and Raven to go after Josh/Xmas during DE (which has a greater chance considering Xmas can’t play and Josh can’t buy a win). It would be very easy for Paul to convince Alex that Xmas/Josh controlled the vote, and to team up with him to go after those two during DE. Same for Raven and Kevin if they win HOH, as Paul is their only ally.

    Again viewers have to realize that players cannot play for the audience – they need to play for themselves. Although this current plan benefits Paul the greatest, it allows for Xmas/Josh to sit back and have Raven/Kevin/Paul win HOH and eliminate Alex. Then both can compete at F5 to eliminate Raven and Kevin, or possibly Paul (although unlikely).

  22. To the nightmare of 98% of the people commenting on this forum, Kevin says to Jason: “That f*ckin Paul, they should have him on BB next year, and the year after that! They should have him back EVERY year!”

      • I think by doing that he’s also actually softening the blow to Jason, making him see that Paul is playing a game and therefore no hard feelings about making game moves

      • He should have done that weeks ago. Now is too late since Jason is leaving anyway. There is also a part of Kevin that believes he may be the one evicted. He will surely trust Paul more than ever if he stays.

  23. Omg…I think Kevin is actually securing Paul’s jury vote for Jason lol…He’s basically doing damage control, telling him: “Paul wants to win [the game] too, and is going to have to get certain people out to get there.”

    Jason: “Yep…that’s smart.”

  24. I don’t know why, but I love hearing Jason talk about his bull, Ollie. It’s so cute lol. Jason: “Ollie should be a Victoria’s Secret Angel!”

  25. was there a dust up with josh/Jason about slippers. Jason was mad about something. I wonder, was that a staged fight ala paul?

    • Jason was kind of mad (laughing but agitated) because #1 Josh accused him of taking his slippers, but Jason says he didn’t, and that he is very particular about never wearing shoes that belong to someone else (it grosses him out). And then #2, Josh somehow left a bite mark on Jason’s sunglasses when Josh went into the room where Kevin and Jason were talking. Josh kind of draped himself over Jason.

      Nothing to do with Paul (this time).

      • HA! Actually, when he was laughingly venting about Josh to Kevin, he DID say something along the lines of “this kid hates you then tells you he loves you, attacks you then cries about it! I can’t help but not like him though!!”

  26. I have watched every minute of every season, but I stopped watching a week or so ago. This season has been terrible and i can’t deal with the ignorance of these house guests!! It was obvious from the beginning that Paul was going to win, so just give him the money now. I hope they NEVER bring back a former house guest unless its an all star season. I will continue to check here for Big Brother news, but let’s just get on to Survivor!! :)

  27. Love him or hate him. When Jason walks through the jury house doors. Cody will have been right. He warned that he an Alex would be soon to follow if they didnt do something. But of course none of the HG’s think they will be evicted. Ha. Yeah rite. All the while. Paul’s saying check please!!🖋

    • Yeah…Jason’s downfall was 2nd guessing his instincts, especially as the game went on. Alex ended up being bad for his game (made him a bigger target, and also kept talking him out of having doubts about Paul).

      • it is sad that he does that, he’s alright, she called him dummy from the start. I think he’s too hard on himself. he has a pretty good life.

      • Other than the stupid things he says, seems like a good dude. I’ll admit, I was repulsed by him as a human being for the 1st 3rd of the season, after hearing his stories on the Live Feeds. Now, seeing how loyal he is, and his love for his family and Ollie, I think he just lacks class but doesn’t mean any harm.

      • I thought he was an okay guy, too, until he wanted Christmas evicted because he couldn’t stand looking at her and her broken foot!! Ah, it’s called taking responsibility for your part in her accident. She’s never asked anyone for help and has acted like a real trooper since she broke her foot. She had a right to stay in the game even though she was handicapped. If BB had asked her to leave, then Jason should have been asked to leave also.

      • Oh YEAH! I think I was still really repulsed by him at that point, and it made me like him less, then slowly over the season I’ve come to quasi like him. Not sorry to see him evicted though, except when I think about his family/ him wanting to provide for them.

      • I think he’s been a funny HG throughout the season AND could use the money. BUT, so could a few others. Unfortunately, I don’t see Josh or Christmas winning the game. Josh because the poor guy’s been played ALL summer and Christmas because she’ll have a huge pile of medical bills once she leaves the BB house. I think that’s maybe one of the reasons she chose to stay; BB will pay medical expenses only if you’re still a HG!! Can’t blame her for staying. I sure wouldn’t have wanted all those bills for that type of surgery. Plus the equipment she’s needed.

  28. As a fan of Paul while I want him to win (yes personal bias shows) I want someone to take a shot at him PLEASE. I don’t want this to be another Boston Rob situation where ONE player plays the game.

    Jody as douchey as they are were right about Paul- you don’t take him out now, you’ll never get him out own the road. Its sad when I miss JODY of all people. Is something wrong with me? I’m probably sick.

  29. I wonder how much CBS is paying the house guests to throw Big Brother for Paul to win? No way they can all be that STUPID!

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