Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 2

It was a strange week in the Big Brother 19 house. For only Week 2, it was relatively quiet. There were some pretty tense moments at the beginning, middle and end though, so luckily this installment of Ewws & Ahhs won’t be too hard to put together. So let’s get to it!

Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

Eww. Paul Wins HOH. Sorry Paul fans. This is an Eww for two reasons: 1. Paul has safety and didn’t need to win HOH that early. 2. Paul’s “don’t call it an alliance” basically threw it to him. No one even tried to fight for it. I am not a fan of that kind of gameplay. I don’t get excited when there’s this group leader that everyone just sort of worships. It gives me Big Brother 6 flashbacks with The Nerd Herd was obsessed with Cappy.

Ahh. Dominique’s Drama. Who knew innocent little Dominique would be at the center of some of the week’s biggest drama? Her weekly talk show really stirred some things up this week when she had Cody as a “guest.” Cody dropped a lot of bombs, but it was Dom’s questions that left a number of their allies scratching their heads. I don’t think she meant any harm by it, but she definitely wasn’t thinking about the game when she asked some of those questions. Something tells me she thinks BB19 is just an audition for whatever she wants to come next in life.

Cody & Jessica on BB19

Eww. Paul Wants to Backdoor Cody. It was a good move on Paul’s part in order to execute his plan for the week, but it would have been a more exciting week if Cody had a shot to fight for his chance in the house. But then again, those are the breaks. If you got yourself into such a bind that you don’t even get a shot at veto, then you weren’t playing that great a game after all.

Ahh. The Veto Competition. Even though it was a bit long, this week’s veto competition was very creative and entertaining. I love seeing new competitions on the show. We saw a lot of new stuff with Big Brother Over the Top and I’m glad to see the same game designers’ work getting some CBS network airtime.

Eww. Paul Wins Veto. I promise I’m still a Paul fan, but I’m a bigger fan of an exciting season and Paul winning everything isn’t exciting to me. Paul has safety this week, so he didn’t need to beast it. Imagine how exciting things would’ve been this week if Ramses had pulled out the win and saved himself. Alex and Josh would’ve been left on the block and both of them would have fought to stay. And let’s not forget Cody would have been around at least a week later to keep the house on their toes.

Ahh. The Battle Back Is Official. We always kind of knew there’d be a Battle Back, but it was nice to finally get confirmation since Julie hadn’t previously mentioned it. It will be fun to see Cameron again, even though I’d bet my life savings on a Cody Battle Back win.

Eww. Cody Is Evicted. To be honest, I’m most upset about Cody being evicted because I had hopes for Cameron to win the Battle Back. With Cody taking on Cameron, he doesn’t stand much of a chance. *Insert Victim Noises here*

What were your favorite highs and lows from this week on Big Brother?



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  1. Guess it all depends on your perspective. ;-)
    Can’t stand Cody and really wanted him gone so for me you can pretty well flip all of the above so that the Aww’s become Eww’s and vice versa. Everything that facilitated Cody’s eviction was good for me, ha. The only exception would be the Veto Comp. It was good to see a new creative comp. As for Dominique, you’re right she’s auditioning, she said she wants to be the next Oprah. As if.
    Now, with Cody out of the way, I want to see these people turn on each other. If Cody were still there, he remains too much of the focus

    • I totally agree about Cody, he’s nasty and self-centered and I’d rather see someone else emerge as an alternate leader to Paul. I wouldnt “bet my life savings” on Cody returning though, remember the puck sliding competition in BB 16 that brought Nicole back in to the house? We could witness something that’s a lot less about skills, power, and smarts and waaay more about luck. Or they could just redo comps exactly like last year :/

      • Good point- The way the competition is designed will give us a clue about who they want to bring back. Remember the baseball comp from BB 15 when Jed won? Lol

      • Well then here is to hoping it’s a mental comp geared towards Cameron, he’s the only one I could really get excited to see returning

  2. your Ewws and Awws are spot on. I like Paul, but everyone handing him the HOH was weak. I’m so excited for the Battle Back, my first impression of Cody wasn’t good (I think because he was so stale), but it changed when he was the only one to realize taking out Paul as early as possible is the only way to win this game, and after his exit interview with Julie you could definitely see there is a personality in Cody that we’ve not yet seen. He’s smart so if he battles back it might help him to play a little more emotional this time.

    • While I am all for Cody winning and disrupting because he is going to work with whatever Outsiders are left (and it looks like if things go Alex’s way, they will all still be there), but like, his brief visit with Julie, well, if that dude can be the one who returns, it will be very fun.

    • They handed Paul the Hoh cause they wanted Cody out. It could’ve been any other Hg but Paul was only one to get the roll on that comp… Paul did what the house wanted and not the other way around imo.

  3. I agree with what you said. I am not a fan of the battle back, if someone is voted out they should stay out. I do however like that the houseguest get to choose if that person comes back. I think if Cody wins it, they will not let him back in. I hope that the way it goes, but you never know.

    • Same with Christmas and her injury … I think it’s either stay in the house and no surgery and keep playing in pain, or you leave and you’re out. What is this letting her have surgery and come back in. I’m not trying to be cold regarding her situation, but once you’re outside those walls, you should be gone. Next time don’t horse play yourself into the hospital …

      • but they have to do something because of Megan’s self eviction. They are a person short and that has to be fixed so there will be someone coming back into the house, that’s just logical

    • They might not know who wins battle back. They’ll assume Cody wins it but then again only one person will decide. And I have a feeling that person that decides will be the temptation winner.

  4. I don’t like Paul, didn’t like him last year either, and it is becoming blatantly obvious that game is being set up for him to go a very long way. Why? Ratings. If he is a so called “fan favorite” they will do anything and everything to keep him around so I give the first 2 weeks a great big Eww. Did anyone get to see a vote count for temptation #1?

      • Christmas should have done the right thing and recovered from home, if she can’t compete she can’t win in my opinion

      • She’s going to have to amp up her social game if she plans on sticking it out and not being able to compete in over half the comps

  5. Here’s what I would love to happen, just because I think it would make for some amazing feeds: Cody winds the battle back. He and Paul team up, realizing nobody else is playing and they could walk to the final two with their eyes closed. It is then up to the rest of the house to stop them. It would be even better if they did it undercover, so nobody knew they were working together.

    • That’s exactly what CBS hopes will happen … which means it is likely to happen. Two villains teaming up together = ratings bonanza.

  6. Right now, I give them all boos. I don’t like Paul and its a shame that everyone seems willing to han the win to him. Where is the fire to be there and win? I just don’t see it. They should be saying, Paul had his chance, it is ours now and plan how to get him when his temptation runs out.

  7. Glad Alex has a brain and knows that if her and the outsiders try to make a deal with Jessica that Jessica will run to Paul because she 10000% would, no question. Why Jessica isn’t the target and Dominique is blows my mind, Dominique of all people? Like whatever cool but how she is a threat at all? She has no showmance and she hasn’t won anything. They need to get get out any of Cody’s allies incase he returns, not take out their own freaking numbers. What is wrong with these people? I’m glad it’s Dominique and not someone I like but jeez why not Jessica?

  8. Also I really hope this temptation is rejected, seems like that’s the only way the battle of the block winner won’t return.

  9. Spot on, I thought I was a minority this year. I think Cody definately needs to work on his social game, but I am rooting for him to come back in. Right now it is just like watching sheep follow Paul the sheppard. I hope the snap out of it

  10. Great assessment, Branden. I absolutely LOVED that veto comp. Highlight of the week, in my opinion.

  11. If Cody returns I think they are in for a potential alarming thing to happen. That guy is simply not wrapped too tight. I think there was a huge sigh of relief in the house when he left and not because they thought he could win the thing.

  12. Cody didn’t want to play a social game. He’s the one who turned on the group and went for Paul… big brother fans are so fickle they forget last weeks episode and feel bad for Cody…. not me. I see right through Cody. Paul needs to lay low at let the newbies take each other out one by one all the way to that bank.

  13. But didn’t Julie say that the HG’s can stop someone from returning to the game? Say Cody does win the Battle Back but the remaining HG’s can stop him from entering the house. Now that would be interesting to see.

  14. Both Cody and Joshua are prime examples of the “ugly American”: abusive, narcissistic, entitled and aggressive. They both should have been censured for their respective behaviours; what they did to Megan was beyond inexcusable.
    I’m very happy that Cody got evicted, but I wish it had been a unanimous score, and the fact that he gets another chance is despicable. Two cave-dwelling, mouth-breathing misogynists are being given a stage, while Megan, the person they verbally attacked and forced from the game, and she was not mentioned as a battle back participant. The wrong person self-evicted, it should have been one of these two goons.

  15. Good job Branden!!! I could not have said it better myself!
    I cannot stand it when HGs don’t fight to win competitions! It drives me crazy! And I would have loved loved loved to see Ramses win the Veto, pull himself off and Josh GO HOME!!!! ( his mama needs to change his diaper and pull the tampon out of his a$$!!!) TOO MUCH???? Lol 🤔
    In a perfect world, that would’ve been a perfect week for me!
    The only things I ‘sort of’ disagree with you is, although yes the veto comp was different, I didn’t find it that exciting but that’s probably because everyone was just “throwing it” It just looked kind of dull to me although I did enjoy the 2 people on the plane LOL 😂
    & although I 💯% want Cody to win the Battle of the Block, and I DO have high hopes for him, I don’t necessarily think he is a “for sure” win ONLY because Cameron ‘apparently’ is not only smart but also physically competitive. This is per his “entrance video,” so I can’t say for sure if it’s true or not…. Poor kid only lasted 12 hours! & I truly was hoping he would get a chance to come back, I just felt so sorry for him but now, I want Cody to come back!!
    & look at Alex….. she said herself in her “entrance video” that she would NOT be strong 💪 in physical challenges but she has proved herself wrong twice now. Good for her! :-) so, I am a little concerned about Cody being beat by Cameron. Plus we don’t know who’s going home this week but the last thing I read, Alex was talking about Mark going home. He also wouldn’t make it super easy for Cody to win!
    & to sum this all up… “Finally” I know…LOL sorry! Talk to type……
    What I TRULY hope happens is Alex puts up Josh, Josh goes to the Battle Back and Cody stomps all over him! That would be sweet sweet revenge! Yeah???
    That’s all for now LOL 😂

  16. Ugh 😑 My comments/replies are just way way too long! They even drive me crazy. Sorry, talk to type I just end up yapping away to myself hee hee 😜 (Well not completely to myself, my husband is sitting beside me playing poker online, so he’s kind a listening) ha ha
    In a perfect world/week in the BB house for me, Alex puts up Josh, Josh goes straight to the “Battle Back” & Cody stomps all over Josh!! Crushes the competition and Josh’s soul!!! Cody comes back in the house!
    Josh therefore does not make it to jury, clearly! He goes directly home to his mama (where he clearly already needs to be & where he should have stayed to begin with!)
    His mama changes his diaper & pulls the tampon out of his a$$!!!!
    Gives him a bottle, puts him to bed in his crib and leaves him there on “time out” for as long as humanly possible so I don’t have to see his victim, crybaby, bully, victim noises face & voice ever again! LMAO!
    😆 Too Much??!??!!??!

  17. & 1 more thing…… LOL LOL at least for this page! LOL 😂 ( I’m sorry!)
    Did anyone watch BB Canada last season? Neda (A returning Vet) received safety (just like Paul) within a few days of being in the house from viewer votes. I believe it was 6 weeks?! it was until jury, then she was no longer safe from eviction.
    Neda (a popular HG from her season) continued to play hard & won lots of comps! She should’ve laid a little bit lower but she had a good alliance & they seemed solid. However, the second she was no longer safe (which was during a double eviction) some of her alliance members immediately flipped on her & she was voted out the second she no longer had safety. She went from the top, having a strong alliance, winning a lot of comps and building a solid foundation during her safety to the very bottom and becoming the first jury member!! She was very well liked on her first season hence why she received the safety, but then she got a little too cocky (for lack of better words,) played way too hard by winning a couple HOHs etc.& ended up putting a big target on herself when she should have laid lower.
    Anyway blah blah! My whole point being, right now people are throwing comps to Paul and pretty much letting him run the show! But, if he watched BB Canada last season, he should know that game play doesn’t work! & he could end up being the one that goes home next week when his safety is gone!
    Blah blah! Just sayin!! 😬
    PS. I truly do try and make my comments shorter! LMAO 😂

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