Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 3: Thursday Night Highlights

Week 3 has officially begun in the Big Brother 19 house. We’ve got a new Head of Household, but as of the start of the night, it looked like we might not have any new targets. Then again, by the end of the night a new plan for a new target was set. Find out the latest.

Alex talks with Raven and Matt on BB19

Alex won the endurance HoH comp and immediately said she was going to make a big move, which sounds exciting, but as the night unfolded it nearly didn’t seem that way. Now she’s got a plan to target one of the other side’s numbers while protecting the outsiders.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 13, 2017:

8:47 PM BBT – Feeds return from the endurance comp (full details here). Alex is the new HoH.

8:49 PM BBT – Alex, alone in the Storage room, says she’s “about to make a huge move.”

8:50 PM BBT – Mark, Paul, Matt, and Elena trying to figure out the extra Ramses vote. Elena quickly suggests it was Christmas.

9:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason and Kevin that she’s going to put up Jessica and someone else.

9:02 PM BBT – Alex goes to Matt and says she trusts him, Elena, and Jason right now.

9:05 PM BBT – Raven joins Alex and Matt. Alex suggests Christmas was the extra vote against Ramses because, she claims, Christmas joked to her about maybe she should vote for Ramses to stir things up. Alex suggests maybe they need to go after someone from their own side. Seems to be suggesting Christmas.

9:20 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he wants Alex to put up Matt and Dominique. He goes to Alex and says putting up Jessica isn’t a smart move.

9:27 PM BBT – Alex explaining to Jason that she has to put up Jessica or the other side won’t ever trust either of them. But after Jessica goes up then Alex says she’s open to do a Backdoor on someone else.

9:33 PM BBT – Alex, Paul, and Jason all agree that Christmas was probably the extra vote against Ramses. Jason suggests Dominique was the other. No one seems to seriously consider it was Kevin.

9:38 PM BBT – Alex asks Paul if they’re going after Jessica or someone else. Jason says it should be Dominique and Christmas. Paul tells Jason that it’s Alex’s HOH so it’s her decision. Then he says they should talk things out first to make sure they come up with the right plan.

9:41 PM BBT – Ramses is wondering who the votes against him were. He says he thinks one was definitely Christmas and wonders if the other was Mark. Jason suggests it was Dominique.

9:45 PM BBT – Jason tells Jessica that he voted out Cody so he’s pretty sure Christmas voted Ramses just to stir things up. Jason tells Jessica he told Alex to not put her up and to ignore the pressure to do so. Jessica says it would be a wasted HOH to target her. Jessica says the safest people in the house are Paul, Raven, Mark, Elena and Dominique.

9:48 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin that only Mark suggested it was Kevin who voted Ramses but no one bought into it.

9:50 PM BBT – Elena said she jumped off the wall because someone from their group was pointing for her to fall so she thought that meant they trusted Alex and Elena shouldn’t get any blood on her hands this week.

10:19 PM BBT – HGs talking about going to bed early tonight.

10:43 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that Jessica is not against them and that she’s not going to nominate them so there’s no reason to put her up. Alex gets mad and tells Jason that Jessica is going to run to them and tell them everything. Alex says Jessica tried to get her out because she thought she was hitting on her boyfriend. Alex is worried Jessica is going to run and tell the other side they’re trying to make a deal with her.

10:55 PM BBT – Josh tells Ramses he pissed him off this week by beating his time in the veto. Josh says him winning could have lead to his eviction. Ramses says no, because if he won veto he would’ve used the veto on him or Alex. Ramses swears he tried to throw it.

11:01 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason, Ramses and Kevin again that they can’t trust Jessica. She says she’ll run and tell Paul if they try to make a deal with her.

11:20 PM BBT – Ramses tells the group the best thing for them would be to get the other group to start splitting up. Kevin strongly agrees.

11:25 PM BBT – Alex suggests Raven will get the Temptation after seeing Christmas get it after breaking her foot.

11:35 PM BBT – Alex thinks it is too early to rock the boat. Kevin says now is the time and it’d be a wasted week if she goes after Jessica. Jason says if Jessica is up and he gets the Veto then he’s taking her down.

12:25 AM BBT – Elena questioning Mark and Dominique about the votes. Both promise they voted out Cody. Mark explains it was Kevin and he’s doing this to cause chaos and distract from his own game.

12:30 AM BBT – Ramses warns Jason that Kevin trusts Paul the most and could be running info back to him.

12:45 AM BBT – Elena says there won’t be a Battle Back since there was one last season. She jokes that there probably will be one now.

12:50 AM BBT – Elena tells Mark that she’s okay with Christmas going if she’s the one causing the problems for their group.

12:55 AM BBT – Raven relays to Paul and Dominique that Alex is most likely going to be putting up Jessica because she said she couldn’t stand her, but not sure who will go up with her. Raven expects it could be Josh with Jessica.

1:10 AM BBT – Paul suggests Jason, Jessica, and Ramses have something going together.

1:10 AM BBT – Alex returns from the DR. Time to see her HoH room.

1:30 AM BBT – Alex tells Elena that she wants Jessica out, but also wants to figure out who were those votes against Ramses. Alex suggests it could be Dominique, but Elena says she swore to her that she voted out Cody. (She did.)

1:40 AM BBT – Elena is confident it was Christmas and Kevin who voted against Ramses. (It was.) Elena asks for Paul, Mark, Dominique, Matt, and Raven to be safe. Alex says she isn’t so sure about Dominique.

1:50 AM BBT – Josh tells Jason he would have Backdoor’d Matthew if he had won HoH. Both guys are worried that things will only get worse for them if Alex continues to play the other side’s game for them.

2:15 AM BBT – Alex tells Paul and Elena that she’s worried about Dominique, Christmas, and Mark. She promises that Jessica will go up though. Paul pushes for Ramses, but Alex says she’s not worried about him. Elena says for them to let her be the one to send Mark home if he really is causing issues, but she hasn’t heard anything to confirm that yet.

2:25 AM BBT – Alex points out that this is the season of revenge, so having a Battle Back would be fitting.

2:35 AM BBT – Paul is sure that Mark and Dominique have something going on and that’s why they are pointing the finger at Christmas. Alex suggests they could put up Dominique then Backdoor Mark. Paul thinks Matthew and Raven would support it. Alex wants to go for putting up Mark, but Paul is pushing for Dominique instead.

2:45 AM BBT – Alex promises Josh he’s not her target.

3:00 AM BBT – Paul lets Matthew and Raven know that Dominique is probably going to be the nom next to Jessica. Paul warns them their big group alliance is over.

3:10 AM BBT – Alex warns Jason to keep his distance from Jessica. She says Jessica won’t go this week, but she will soon. Alex says they’ll have the numbers here and Paul will be with them.

3:15 AM BBT – Alex is annoyed by the idea that Kevin might have been the hinky vote, and if he was then he’ll be going next.

3:35 AM BBT – Mark talking with Alex about her plans. He’s catching on that she suspects the extra vote came from his side instead of from the outsiders. Mark assures Alex that Dominique didn’t vote against Ramses. Alex promises that she’s still going after Jessica.

3:45 AM BBT – Alex asks Elena and Raven to support her choice if she puts up a target next to Jessica. Elena says that’d be tough to vote against her own group.

3:50 AM BBT – Elena worries to Paul that Alex is going after Mark and Dominique. Paul explains it might not be the vote, but rather how those two are playing together that’s worrying Alex.

4:00 AM BBT – Paul warns Elena that she’s getting too emotionally attached and she needs to be ready to start playing Big Brother. He tells Elena she’s making herself a bigger target by trying to protect Mark and Mark needs to fix his own problems here. Elena says she trusts Paul more than Mark.

4:05 AM BBT – Paul says he may have to ditch the group if this gets worse. Elena offers to leave the group with him.

4:15 AM BBT – Alex lets Paul know that Dominique will go up and Christmas will be the renom if needed. Paul agrees with targeting Dominique, but thinks Jessica getting evicted would be okay too.

4:25 AM BBT – Alex camtalks saying she’s going to get Dominique out this week. She heads to bed.

Alex is setting up her plan while presenting it as the “old” plan. Jessica will have to go to the Block to cover what she has ahead, but it looks like Alex is ready to go for either Dominique or Mark this week. It’d be fun to see the showmance couples on the Block together considering Alex said they needed to be split up, but maybe we’ll get there before too long.

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  1. Not sure what Paul’s motives are. I thought he and Dom were tight. But he seems to be favoring Kevin over everyone. VERY premature, but in a F2 battle, not sure Paul could beat Kevin, who is so well liked.

    • Dominique screwed her game with her fake talk show. Funny since she probably did that to get informations out of everyone (on top of airtime she didn’t get since we only saw 3 minutes of it in all episodes. But it’s also almost only what we saw of her).

      • True that! Without that talk soon, we wouldn’t know she was there. I don’t think she meant anything wrong by talking about the “organic alliance,” I couldn’t quite figure out why everyone was so angry about that!?
        I have only seen a few of her talkshows, they’re pretty good. She get some Intel from many of them, example Cody saying he wasn’t alone when putting up Paul/Christmas. That shook things up! Mark was pissed! Which made him look guilty. I still don’t know if Cody was lying about that!? I think he was but was he?

    • Paul isn’t favoring Kevin! Paul has used Kevin and made Kevin his b!tch. Paul has lots of dirt on Kevin. Kevin is beholden to Paul. Paul will use that info when it’s Kevin’s time to leave or when Paul has been backed into a corner. At this point, Kevin has zero chance of making it to final two, let alone beating Paul!

      Alex and some of the others are already on to Kevin. His time is coming. I know he’s a favorite, but he trusted and listened to Paul and soon his game will be taken from him.

      • Idk, I think he is favoring Kevin, but also using him for his dirty work, but in the right way. Almost the whole house is blind to it, mostly because all the strong players(Alex, Paul, Elena, maven?) seem to have trust in Kevin. And he’s been helping advise Alex quite a bit. He’s kinda a power floater because everyone sees him as an important number for there game

      • Kevin is in trouble, not this week and probably not next week, but soon. Alex is coming to realize that Kevin is not to be trusted. And Paul will throw Kevin to the wolves at the first sign of trouble.

        I’m not sure how Paul is favoring Kevin. Paul is USING Kevin to sow distrust in the house. Once he can no longer be used by Paul, Paul will discard Kevin.

      • I agree for the most part. Kevin is simply just Paul’s puppet and I do think Kevin is in danger in the next few weeks for sure. That said, I don’t necessarily think Paul will push for Kevin to go. He has Kevin in his back pocket so he probably wants to keep them around as long as possible.
        & I don’t think Paul would turn his back on Kevin that quickly. Regardless of trouble, only if it is something that will really really damage Paul. Again going back to the puppet, Paul has the perfect person following him around so, Paul is going to want to keep him as long as possible. So I think he will throw shade in different directions if Kevin’s name starts to get thrown around. But of course depending on the severity…. if Kevin is totally busted playing both sides or lying and everyone turns against him, then yes I do think Paul will fold. The house does already suspect Kevin as you said, but just like you said, he still has safety for a couple more weeks at least and a lot of things could change before then. Paul could go next week when he is no longer safe. Just like Neda on last season’s BB Canada. Not sure if you watched it? But she was voted by us to have safety until Jury, (so like six weeks) & she had a strong alliance. She didn’t sit back and just float with her safety though, she still kept playing hard just like Paul is & the second she was no longer safe (during a double evection) some of her own alliance members turned on her and she was voted out at the double of eviction, within minutes of no Longer having her safety. And her alliance was super strong!
        But most of them knew, (just like Paul) Neda was a super strong player, very liked obviously by the fan (hence her safety) & the second her alliance had the chance, she was gone just like that!
        Sorry, yapping away using talk to type! 😜
        So, that all said I still think Paul will do his very best to keep Kevin safe for as long as possible as long as it’s not going to be too obvious within his alliance. He definitely won’t put his neck on the chopping block for Kevin but he will, at least I think keep him around for as long as possible.
        Sorry… That ended up being a lot longer of a comment that initially intended. LOL

      • Ha ha “Power Floater,” that is an excellent description! And I agree with you, I think Paul does really like him and wants him to go far. Although the house does seem to be catching on to Kevin.
        I don’t understand why Paul would get Kevin to put out a “hinky vote” but then not try and sway others to think it was someone else aside from Kevin. I would think Paul wants to keep Kevin around for as long as possible so he can be his puppet!
        Regardless, I strongly believe Kevin is going to be safe this week at least.

    • I agree! I was just reading this and I also thought Paul and Dominic were very close although, perhaps Dominique’s talk show and her reference to the “organic alliance” really pissed off Paul, more than he let on initially. So maybe he’s just done trusting her!?

  2. Can someone explain to raven that waterproof cosmetic exist. I’ve never seen someone having such issue with her leaking eyes. It’s scaring me!

  3. I wish Alex would listen to Jason, or that Jason won HOH. Jessica isn’t a threat to them. She is trying to be part of a group she’ll be cannon fodder to in a couple of weeks. Also I thought Elena and Christmas were close, that’s disappointing.

  4. I find it funny that they “think” that there might be a battle back, and yet nobody is raising the question “what if Cody come back”. If Cody come back and Jessica is still there, it’s bad for everybody. Come HGs, wake up and smell the coffee, they have to get Jessica out this week. It’s their best chance. If Cody come back, he will be the target over and over, they might not be as lucky as they were this past week. Jessica would then slip thru.

    • I agree with this. If Cody comes back and Jessica is still in the house, he’s got the nucleus of an alliance waiting for him, especially if Jessica uses this week to mend fences and build relationships. Reading this, it’s clear that’s not Alex’s thinking, but Jessica should go.

    • Here’s my dream scenario. Jessica is nominated and also wins the Temptation to stop an eviction. She uses it right away to stop her potential eviction. That then stops the Battle Back from happening. Jessica therefore is responsible for Cody losing his chance to return. Ain’t gonna happen that way but I can dream can’t I?

      • Since the vote close on July 19, I would be surprised if the temptation is given before the eviction. Also battle back is scheduled for next Friday, it will happen but as Julie said, houseguests will be able to decide if the winner will comeback.

        Like you said, ain’t gonna happen but please, continue dreaming ;)

      • Did I hear Julie say last night that this will be the final Den of Temptation vote this season?

      • So can you, or someone, explain what exactly Julie said about a house guest being able to decide if someone can return to the game via the Battle Back? I must’ve missed it. Is it some sort of temptation?

        I was under the impression the last temptation is the halting hex one, where someone could stop an eviction.

      • I think whoever wins this temptation will get to stop someone from coming back. That would be the curse part of it.

      • I think it will be the other way around. BB want the temptation to be accepted and BB want a player to come back, otherwise why go thru all the trouble. So if winning HG accept the halting hex, curse is evictee come back. If HG refuse temptation then no player come back.

      • Oh that makes sense. So if Alex wins she’s going to accept. In fact whoever wins will accept. Who wouldn’t. It could save them if they’re on the block or save one of their friends. So when Julie said one person could prevent it that was just a tease. The one person would be the one that wins the temptation if they don’t accept it. Good call.

      • She said that for the first time the houseguests will get to chance to stop the return of the battle back winner to the game.

        My guess is that the will have a temptation/curse thing.

        Julie said it was the last vote for den of temptation. That doesn’t mean they won’t do something like in episode 1 where Paul came back.

      • I wonder if they came up with that real recently, after Production knew Cody was going home, because most viewers don’t like him?

      • I have the feeling the table turn on that. We live to hate Cody!! And since he started to stir the pot on Wednesday, we want more!!

    • I agree! Although even though they are talking about the battle back, I really don’t think they actually think there will be one.
      & if this “Halting Hex” gives the power to someone (Alex?!?) and she makes the decision to allow whoever wins the battle back, back in the house, I do not think she will use it! The only way I can see that happening is if production does some manipulation. Otherwise, the only person that would allow it would be Jessica in hopes that it is Cody. Regardless of who might come back, that is just an extra number against everyone in the house so why would anyone in the house, again aside from Jessica want one of them to come back again and have the power to say yes or no!? They are obviously going to say now! Again, unless production manipulates whoever wins the temptation.
      If that’s what it is??
      Initially I thought this time temptation was for (whoever won it) to have the power to completely illuminate a eviction ceremony!?
      That my friend would be super entertaining! Thursday night “live” someone is voted out and then the screen flashes with the temptatiin screen & whatever HG (Alex?!?) chose to except it, could stand up and say “sorry folks, this evection is ‘vetoed’ out I took the temptation! Everyone is safe! And we are starting all over again!”
      That would be sooooooo entertaining!
      So, what are your thoughts? Chris and I swear we heard Julie say “the house guests would choose whether they could come back in or not,” not just one houseguest. But other people are saying different things.
      But I really should do is read my notifications. I haven’t read them all week and I’ve been making tons of comments and asking questions but I keep forgetting to go back and check my notifications. I have over 30 of them LOL
      It’s worse than my Facebook notifications LOL anyway blah blah! I know you love me and you love my psychobabble ❤️
      Oh yeah, I forgot I sent you a super long one when I got up this morning because I couldn’t sleep! Oops 🙊
      My bad 🤗 xo 😘

  5. Ugh. I had high hopes for Alex, but this plan is dumb. Not a ‘big move’ at all. Targeting Jessica is stupid, she’s basically a free agent at this point and allied with no one; nominating/evicting her is a waste. And targeting Dom or Christmas isn’t much better since they’re both clearly at the bottom of the totem poll in that alliance. Alex should be using this week to take a swing at the showmances. Nominate either Mark/Matt or Elena/Raven and watch the alliance fracture as they’re forced to pick sides.

    • But Alex made a promise that Elena would be safe this week in exchange for her jumping down from the wall. I know that promises are broken all the time, but this one was public. Alex risks losing trust by breaking it, especially so early in the summer.

    • She’s not targeting Jessica. Alex is putting up Jessica so she appears to be going along with the promised deal. Once Jessica is up then Alex says she’ll BD someone else or just go for Dominique. She’s saying if Dom comes down then Mark goes up, but she may try for that either way.

      But yeah, I’d rather see the showmance pairs nom’d together & see what happens.

      • Hi Matt, do you think she is planning on BD Paul? She said she is planning on making a Big Move, I don’t see it being a big move by putting up anyone else, do you?

      • Paul is safe this week, he can’t be nom’d.

      • But here’s the issue: If the final nominees are Jessica and Dominique/Mark, it doesn’t really matter who Alex wants to go. There will be 10 votes, and I suspect only Kevin, Ramses, Jason, and Josh would vote to evict Dominique/Mark. That’s not enough. It doesn’t matter who Alex is targeting if the majority is targeting the other person on the block.

      • Paul will vote her way. He’s already telling Elena that they may need to break away from this large group. He also trusts Alex after what she did for him during his HOH.

      • Thanks. I’m not a feedster. All of my knowledge is from the episodes and this site.

      • That’s the danger for Alex. If she “misses”, she is in a lot of trouble moving forward.

        However, I think that Dom did some real damage to her game because of the “talk show”. Quite honestly I think that in the end if Dom is on the block, Paul, Christmas and maybe even Matt, Raven and Elena will VTE Dom.

    • I get what your saying, she should’ve gone for the couples. But in saying that, I dont think those couples are as strong as they seem. I could be wrong but this is how I see that:
      1. Elena is into Mark waaaaayyyy more then he is into her. (IMO)
      2. Mark has a thing for Dominique, and Christmas to a certain degree.
      3. I think Matt likes Elena. Raven seems to be smothering Matt, she is always up his a$$. lol I could be wrong though.

      It may be only a matter of time before they self destruct. Atleast im hoping so. lol.

      • Agreed. I don’t think the showmances are that strong. I don’t think Matt likes Raven, that’s all acting. His facial expressions shows it. At times he seems annoyed by her but remembers he is in a game and on camera.

        Mark, he likes anybody that gives him the attention he seeks. He can be vulnerable around Christmas, and learn his faith and play Chess with Dominique. I don’t think he likes Elena that much. Mark has some Cody tendencies, deadpan stares (but he has a better social game).

    • She’s playing smart. She’s not targeting Jessica she’s targeting either Mark or Dom. She’s putting Jessica up just to make the other side happy. She doesn’t want to put a target on her back especially now that she’s off their radar. She’s trying to get the other sides numbers down but being smart about it. Like she told Kevin and Jason they can’t make a big move yet without the numbers. If they do then that entire group will target her.

  6. Some things I think I think.

    I originally thought Alex should throw the HOH. And this week would still be a “house vote” against Ramses or Jessica. That’s totally out the window.

    The main alliance is finished.

    Dominique is obviously in real trouble. She was in a golden position in the house until her “talk show” pretty much destroyed her game.

    You can dislike him, but Paul is playing a masterful game. Even without the pendant, I don’t think Paul would have been voted out week 1. Cody didn’t, doesn’t and will never have the skills to “lead” people. And that’s what it would have taken to evict Paul week 1. Paul is without a doubt controlling the house.

    Paul is making MANY of the house guests FEEL important and valued. That will serve him well moving forward.

    Christmas has a lot of work to do when she returns, especially with Alex. I’m not sure she’s up to the task. She’s in some danger this week and if she can’t rebuild some trust, she’s in serious danger moving forward. Paul, while he would like to keep her around, can’t and won’t be able to keep her safe. That’s on her.

    Most of the house guests are clueless as to how to play this game. Jason is the most clueless.

    Paul has lots of dirt on Kevin. Kevin becomes more beholden to Paul each week. While many viewers seem to think Kevin is doing well in this game. All he is really accomplishing is he is becoming Paul’s lackey. Paul can flick him out of the house the moment Paul chooses.

    Elena may actually be a player. She needs to keep her mouth shut and not reveal to Mark that some shade has been cast on him. If she can do that, welcome to the game Elena.

    At the moment, it would seem we have a very intriguing game.

    • Great analysis, not only did I enjoy it, I agree.

    • Great analogy! I cannot stand Jason..he is so darn clueless..he gets so angry when someone doesn’t do what he thinks should be done. He is loud and obnoxious as hell. I know Alex needs him for numbers right now..but..good lord..this dude drives me nuts..when he comes on the feeds..I switch cameras. UGH!

      • I agree with you about Jason. I gave him props by embracing the frog curse because out of the 3 he has worn the total costume the most. I just don’t like how he comes across. He was so irritating on BBAD last night. You described him perfectly.

  7. Given that Alex’s ultimate motivation is for her and Jason to fly under the radar, this plan makes sense to me. The showmance team is sort of like a herd of antelope, and Alex and Jason are only two people (lions to keep my analogy going) and there are still a lot of other people in that herd that could come after them next week and subsequent weeks. So, you have to go after the stragglers and the show basically helped point out how Dom is the separate person in the main group and she called got attention called to herself last week. Jessica makes sense and she may even get it, especially if Alex says this has nothing to do with Cody, just you and I don’t like each other (and get Jason to prep Jessica for the fact that they can all be allies but not like each other).

    But what will be interesting is how outwardly upset Mark will be because if he is, then he puts the nail in the coffin of him and Elena and that will in turn make Matt and Raven upset which Paul will then just try to fan into a giant flame.

    It will be curious when Christmas comes back and maybe just acts confused about her vote (and can blame medication) but I see a conversation between her and Alex going much better than her conversation with Jessica. Heck, if Christmas wasn’t confused on medication, that vote might very well be that she believed Cody in which case Alex will find herself a huge ally in a person she was assuming was an enemy. Like that if she can play and win, she will use the veto on Jessica. Or that she will be useless in any competition for the next two weeks, but, no reason she can’t just stand out there for something (I forget but they usually do a non physical veto after an endurance, right?) and just prevent Mark from playing veto if he is picked.

    • I’m hoping this. Christmas can come back and totally own her vote to Alex and says she believed Cody. Alex might think they’re together in wanting Dom out. We shall see!!

      • Yeah, and what’s good it doesn’t necessarily need to matter what the nominations actually are, Jessica appeals to the masses, Alex has her own reason and its actually not as risky as putting Ramses up as a pawn because they could risk losing Jessica as far as Alex’s game is concerned. But Christmas can just ask for a chance to talk to her alone and between her and Alex, Paul can’t butt in, I don’t know that they have had much in the way ever to say to each other, but I think they will find they have a lot in common

  8. Have these people forgotten that somebody self evicted and they are already 1 person short? The smart move would be to evict Jessica so when the battle back happens Cody will not beat Jessica, he would rather her be in there than him

  9. Is it just me? I kind of see Paul playing a little of Paul and Franks game, He is doing well to keep as much as he can to the truth, but relaying information both sides by be his down fall, Ramses is catching on, the only thing is nobody believes him. He is the shepard for this flock of sheep right now but as we have seen in the past the power sometimes goes to much to your head, and someone is going to catch on aside from Ramses.

  10. I just don’t see any of this as a big move. And this early in the game there aren’t a lot of big moves to be had. You are just thinning the numbers and getting rid of people you dislike but call a “threat” to your game.

      • It is if she’s getting the numbers down on that side without putting a target in her back. She’ll strike when she has the numbers to support her. I think she’s playing a very smart game.

  11. If Jessica goes, Cody will have to decide whether to battle back to get back into the game – or call it a day and go on with life – and Jessica. It’d be wonderful to see the conflict that would arise over that decision.

    • Conflict? What conflict?
      Cody would be in it to win it, and then pop out with something like … “I’m doing it for us baby!”

    • Alex may also want to consider Cody returning to a house that evicted Jessica during Alex’s HOH.

  12. Yeah Alex, I hate to say this but you’re playing too safe.
    I mean I get you don’t want to piss people off, but this isn’t the “big move” you’ve hyped up for.

    • Would any move be considered a “big move”? I don’t think there’s anyone in the house who has a lot of power or is a big target, other than Paul who has immunity.

    • Originally I thought like you. In fact I really didn’t think Alex should win HOH. But her winning HOH has already put pressure on AND cracked the big alliance. Over this next week, if Alex can win over a couple more players, she greatly strengthens her hand moving forward.

      If Dom, or Mark is evicted, it a VERY BIG move for Alex.

    • So she puts up a couple and guarantees one of them go then has that entire side after her next week? That would be a stupid move. She’s playing it very strategically and very smart. She will get rid of one of their numbers and still stay of their radar. Slow and steady wins the race. Lol

  13. You know say what you want about Paul. Call him a dictator, call him a manipulator, call him whatever you want. The fact that people are turning to him shows that he’s really good at this game. Does it make wanting to get him out more desirable? Yes. But the question is- are these people smart enough to play without Paul if he does leave? Because honestly everyone would be floating around and not have a plan.

    • He is playing a great game. But let’s see how great he plays when his safety is up. It’s easy to play when you’re safe.

  14. Let’s say for the sake of argument Cody comes back. Does anyone have faith that he’ll change not only his game but his attitude? Because honestly he still has a few enemies-Paul, Josh, Christmas (if she stays). And nobody likes him except for Jessica (and Jason to an extent). I wonder if he’s gonna change his ways and pull a Victor. But then again Victor was cool and Cody is a douche.

  15. Interesting! I initially thought although Alex said and wanted to make a big move, that she would end up not making this big move because it is too early in the game and she doesn’t have the numbers to back her. So because I like her, I was OK with her just going along with Paul and his alliance to keep herself with in a good position in the house. I just really really really really really wanted her to put up Josh!
    But, everyone just made it a lot easier for her/Paul and his alliance are already turning on each other! Too funny!
    Typical although I thought they were a pretty strong alliance and would stay true to each other a little longer than this. Plus Paul told Kevin to vote to evict Ramses, so why the paranoia!?
    & yes, Christmas also voted to evict Ramses but I’m just surprised everyone was able to figure it out that quickly.
    That’s all for now :-)

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