Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 3

It was a long night of debate for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests as the new Head of Household weighed options, opinions, and past promises while working on the plan to get out a new target for this week. As the sun got ready to rise things were settled for the Week 3 nominations on Big Brother.

Alex and Paul talk nom plans on BB19

Alex winning Head of Household has promise for letting us avoid a steamroll through the game by one side. While it initially looked like we had trouble on that front the final plan looks more like what you’d expect from an outsider, even if it’s not a total shake up of the game.

Now Alex isn’t exactly an outsider anymore after her efforts to rehabilitate her image among the majority and get herself in on Paul and company’s good side. Unfortunately that also seems to be holding her back from aiming for the center of the group which brings us to what looks to be her plan to chip away at their perimeter instead.

Right after Alex secured her HoH win she went to the Storage room (Flashback to 8:49 PM BBT 7/13) and teased Feedsters that she was about to make a “huuuuuggggeee move.”

Jason jumped right on the opportunitey and excitedly hoped she’d put up Matt and Dominique, but Alex explained that she has to stick to her word and get Jessica on the Block. Once she checks that box then, Alex explains, she can make some changes with the second nom and even run a Backdoor by taking Jessica down.

Lots of talking in circles through the night but then if you jump to 4:11 AM BBT 7/14 Cams 1/2 (get the Free Trial now to watch) you’ll find Alex and Paul alone in the HoH room. They’re going back through the plan and how they’ve built up support for it through the night.

So who is Alex after? She wants Dominique up on the Block against Jessica, but there’s a renom plan in place as well.

Alex says she doesn’t want to pull a Cody so she’s working on making sure she has support for getting her target opposite Jessica out this week. She says she thinks she’s got Raven’s support on that, but isn’t sure about Elena. Paul informs her that Elena said she was willing to ditch the group and go with Paul to a new alliance.

Paul plots and plans on Big Brother 19

The pair roll calls what votes Alex could rely on for her plans. They speculate she has Jason, Kevin, and Ramses for sure. Then Paul and maybe Christmas, says Paul. But wait, Alex says they can’t rely on Christmas cause she’s Alex’s renom plan here. Paul immediately agrees to that idea.

Next she’s got Josh, says Paul, but Alex disagrees and points out that Josh flipped against Jillian in part because of the support Christmas gave him so he may not be willing to go with this plan since Dominique handles him similarly.

Paul dismisses Josh then and continues. He thinks they’ve got Raven and “then Matt will follow,” says Alex. “And if I convince Elena, that’s seven and that’s that,” adds Paul.

From here they work on “reasons!” (Hello, BB17.) for Dominique going up. Paul has a few suggestions and Alex has some as well. We’ll have to wait and see what comes together for her nomination speech on Sunday’s show. In the meantime though, I think it’s safe to go ahead and watch for Alex to nominate Dominique and Jessica at tonight’s ceremony. What do you think of that plan?

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  1. I like the plan. And honestly, she is breaking a ‘couple’ in the group (Mark and Dom). No, they aren’t the typical showmance, but a couple none-the-less. Also, she isn’t letting Paul steamroll his plans through her HOH. She has some of her own ideas and plans to execute them, regardless of Paul’s agenda.

  2. Careful Paul you are showing too many cards to too many people, do you honestly think Elana isn’t going to say something to Mark, she flipped Mark to not vote Christmas out you don’t think he can convince her to keep Dom?

    • Jessica and Dom nominees. If one comes down, Christmas goes up. Target is Dom this week, but Alex doesn’t care which one actually ends up going home. It’s causing cracks in the core groups foundation no matter what.

      • Yep. She doesn’t trust any of them, so she wins regardless. Plus all of this causes more doubt and chaos. Win/win. Her team is stronger. Their team is weaker.

      • Absolutely! And I am very happy about that. I really like Alex, and I didn’t want to see her HOH become Paul’s! I would have lost respect for Alex!

      • Thanks for the info! Question, obviously she doesn’t care if Dominique, Christmas or Jessica goes home, but Dominique is her main target as you said. Now, if Dominique wins the Veto, Alex will put up Christmas. So then would Christmas or Jessica be Alex’s target? (I know she wouldn’t care which one went home but…… )
        Christmas should be her target because it’s Christmas stays, then she’s going to be gunning for Alex!? Does Alex have the votes to evict Christmas?
        If Jessica stays and Dominique/Christmas go home, that is way better for Alex’s game!?! Jessica is not going to be gunning for Alex! Jessica is going to go after Paul & someone he is very close to/Paul’s alliance.
        Is Alex being played by Paul at all? Or does he have respect for her?

      • She has a great social game, but I do agree with you. Her chances of winning HOH are greatly affected not only because she can’t play and physical comps, but also mental comps probably won’t help her very much either because she’s going to be hopped up on pain medication!
        & looking towards the very end of the game, there’s no chance Christmas is going to win! She’s not going to get the votes, she wouldn’t deserve them. But, now I’m thinking way too far ahead

  3. My thought is that it makes sense since Alex is not quite in a position of full strength just yet so going after the weaker members of the herd she is trying to infiltrate makes sense. I just hope she alters the Christmas plan, I know she sees her as a threat, but I hope she gives her a chance to talk about everything once she returns to the house because I am convinced that Christmas’ out of the blue vote to evict Ramses was less to do with him and more that she believed Cody’s story once she had a chance to think about it. And if they can come to a detente, there is a way that she can take Jessica down and replace her with Mark which would take away any votes for Dominique and that can be Alex’s sole reason for renominating him.

    • This just adds to the absurdity of production letting Xmas stay in the game. Xmas is talked about so much right now and she doesn’t know about it/ can’t defend herself at all

      • Well, the injury has certainly disadvantaged her. I see no reason why it should automatically dismiss her, it’s not like her injury is directly and negatively impacting anyone else in the game.

      • I actually agree here. Let the poor girl go home and lick her wounds, I don’t think anyone would be upset if she returned as a “vet” next year

      • Yeah, though, I think they are likely equating it to when they ever do the isolation punishment and, heck, in Season 14, Dan just needed that time alone to basically decide to say screw it I will become the villain and maybe I can stay. I mean, by that point in time, the rest of the house was just so sure he was leaving they weren’t talking about him at all, so its different. But, I might not be surprised that if she is out another night, it changes the scenario with Christmas and whether they let her stay.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing about Christmas’s vote. Her “time” away from the game has given her a chance to really think about everything & I believe she is thinking Cody might just be telling the truth & that’s why she threw her vote to evict Ramses.
      The only thing I disagree with in your comment is, yeah sure it doesn’t seem fair for her to be targeted while she is away from the house and unable to “defend herself” or “talk any game” with Alex thus making it kind of easy for Alex to think about putting her on the block, however Christmas put herself in the situation by choosing to stay in the game. The game is going to be played whether she is having surgery or not, so she really has nobody to blame but herself (& I guess Jason) LOL
      No one owes her any “favors” or “sympathy” (Also aside from Jason) because she is having surgery, the game is still being played and she is still a social threat.
      That’s all :-)

      • I didn’t say anything about her inability to play, it actually has proven almost helpful to her. Like during the big Dom Paul fight she was still catching up so could remain out of it when basically she is Paul’s partner in all of what he is doing. But like both Alex/James and Matt/Raven got to see her being the reasonable quiet one. What will be funny in like 2 hours Kevin, Jessica and Ramses will wake up and be confused why BB is letting them sleep.

  4. I think Alex already made a bad move by becoming HOH. From what we know the nominees would’ve most likely been Jessica/Ramses w/ Ramses as the target had Elena won. Had Jason won, he would’ve been headstrong in putting up Dominique/Matt (Alex would’ve been up in Jason’s ear in doing the exact nominees she’s about to do, but in this Jason HOH scenario she should’ve laid back and let Jason call the shots). But she obviously doesn’t have the perspective and read on the house that we have, so I’ll let begrudgingly let her go on her mistake of winning HOH.
    Even if we look past all that I’ve said above (since Alex already won HOH and we can’t change the fact that she has to deal with all this), Alex is still making a bad set of nominations. From what I’ve seen, her primary target is Dom and her secondary target is Xmas. So there is no need to put Jessica OTB. If Jessica is put up she has no votes to stay, versus people like Dom and Xmas who have friends in that majority alliance. Why can’t she put up Dom/Xmas together from the beginning? Even if Alex doesn’t want to work with Jess she can talk with that majority alliance to ensure Jess goes soon, since she knows that they don’t like Jess.
    To sum it up, the rule of thumb is only put up people that you are comfortable with going home. If you don’t have the majority, especially early in the game, your pawns ALWAYS go home (see BB18 Bridgette HOH)

    • The thing is she feels as though that if she doesn’t have Jess as an initial nominee, the majority would look at it as a betrayal or as if she was working with Jessica. If she takes a big shot and goes at the center of the group, she immediately becomes a target for next week. However, the group seems to be disintegrating since Paul apparently wants it to be done.

    • To be fair, Alex was up against Elena in the final two, not Jason, so Alex could only control whether it was her or Elena as HoH, and vice versa. I strongly agree that Jessica has to come down, but I think her HoH win can have some long term benefits, especially if she can fracture the majority alliance and become a solid member of one of its remnants, alongside her (supposedly) more loyal outsiders in Kevin, Jason, and Ramses. If the three of them fall in tightly with Paul, Elena, Matthew and Raven, they become a dominant alliance. If Paul is genuinely considering working with Alex long term, then the two of them will be at the head of a potentially very strong alliance, bringing in members from each of their sides. Ramses would undoubtedly agree to it, and if Paul and Alex are on board, Paul can get Kevin in and Alex can get Jason in. If taking out Jessica gets Elena, Matthew and Raven to agree to an alliance, then it might as well benefit the outsiders more this week to eliminate one of their own to save the rest of them.

  5. Why nobody ever mentions about Alex/Paul’s alliance here? They named it AMF apparently. I love Alex, but working with Paul is no, just no. No Alex … listen to Meghan Trainor, Paul is NO!

  6. I’m actually really happy her and Paul are working together still. Paul has an excellent social game. It is hilarious watching him jump ship on Christmas so fast though xD

  7. Stupid. I wanted Alex to win so she can go against Paul’s wishes and steal some of his groupies. Christmas is injured and I don’t think she needs to be backdoor’d. She can’t win veto. Now Alex is up Paul’s behind as well. This is the worst season so far. At least she is not targeting Ramses or Kevin. Josh seems to be floating along and no one will get him out.

    • If I were in Alex’s shoes, I’d be leery about going up against Paul at this point as well. He still has safety until after next week and with the house so fragmented he could easily use his superior social skills to turn the house against her.
      Hiwever, I agree that it makes for rather dull viewing, at least for now.

      • He also isn’t loyal to Christmas. He and Alex are on the same page. Break up the larger group…pure and simple.

      • The larger group will be the couples. Raven, Mark and Elena. She did promise Elena, but not Raven or Mark. Jessica needs to go since there is a 99% chance that Cody will be back. Dominique and Jessica can go first. It really doesn’t matter since there is a long list of annoying floaters that should be evicted. Josh especially. Wasn’t he the first one to give up on the wall. He needs to be carried.

      • Why? If Alex can team up with Jessica and Cody comes back she`s GOLDEN. People would still go after COdy and Jessica and go after her.

  8. Can anyone tell who’s loyal to who at all? Because I sure as hell can’t. This is one crazy, roller coaster season so far – and there isn’t even a house divide to blame it on!

  9. So what is the plan if Jessica or Dominique win veto? Or anyone for that matter and it’s used, who is Alex’s BD plan?

      • And what makes Alex think the house would vote out Christmas over Jessica or Dominique?

      • Exactly like it’s not a backdoor if they don’t leave, if Jessica and Christmas are sitting on the block Thursday evening I don’t see Christmas being evicted.

      • Don’t know, it sounds like they have the votes they need to get rid of Dom. Alex and Paul counted all the way up to 7 votes. Besides, why NOT keep Jess? It’s a strategy – go to the end with a player who’s hated to secure an easy victory.

  10. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of Jessica. What happens if Cody comes back? I would get rid of her first.

      • Look how easy it was for Cody to rally up everyone to be on his side, I would get rid of Jessica, AND I know Cody said he wanted to work with Paul, but I’m not buying it, Paul better watch his back f Cody does come back.

  11. Alex better make a smart move and not do what Paul wants. I would put Mark and Matt on the block.

  12. The thing I like best about Alex as HoH is that I don’t really have a clue which of the HGs she actually trusts and which she’s pretending to trust. She’s playing both sides very skillfully. I really don’t know what she’s thinking. I think she might be able to surprise me and that’s a good thing.

  13. I do not like this battle back stuff. Why should a HG be allow to re-enter after so much hard work and game play went into getting that HG out. Just does not treat all of the other HG equal. Yes I know it’s screw up the game. Of course Cody will be returning, Gordnor has spoken.

  14. 💤 OK, it’s not a bad plan! Alex can’t make too big of a move this early in the game so I don’t fault her for that. But Dominique!? I don’t quite understand why they want her out so badly? Simply because of her talk show the other night when she referenced the “organic alliance?” Or is there more? Dominique would be good to get out because she is very close to Mark, but aside from that I’m not quite sure why she is such a big target!?
    I just don’t want Paul’s had to swell more, so although she is going along with Paul, I am happy she is still not completely following everything he says like most of the other HG’s! BUT JOSH HAS TO GO!! Please do not let this kid float his way to jury! Please please!
    Also, thus far I have not read anything about Jessica talking to Alex!? Has she at all?
    Has Jessica been talking to/hanging out with anybody at all? Or is she just laying in bed all of the time alone?

  15. I was just reading some of the comments regarding Christmas and some people saying it “isn’t fair” that she is unable to “defend herself” or “talk any game” with Alex thus making her “an easy target” 🎯

    Christmas put herself in the situation by ‘choosing to stay in the game.’ The game isn’t going to be put on hold for her, no special treatment & she knows that. 🙄

    No one owes her any “favors” or “sympathy” (aside from Jason) 😂 because she is injured/had surgery. 🤒 🤕
    The game is still being played and she is still a social threat & Alex simply sees her as a threat and someone she can put on the block without getting too much blood on her hands. ✋🏻 No one is going to target 🎯 Alex, (aside from Christmas of course) 😝 😡 😬😤

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