‘Big Brother 19’ Special Episode Next Week: Battle Back Ahead!

Big Brother Houseguests have been dropping fast with three gone already at the end of the first live eviction of the Big Brother 19 season, but could we be about to see someone “Battle Back” next week?

Update: Julie Chen confirms there’s a special episode next week for the evicted HGs to get a chance to return to the house and keep playing the game!

Battle Back Friday on Big Brother 18

Kudos to reader @DrewMack10 who saw this on the official CBS schedule and sent it over to share the news. Looking ahead at the schedule via the CBS app, because it doesn’t show up on the main CBS website, you can see an extra entry for Big Brother on Friday, July 21st. Hmm.

Right there at 8/7c next Friday (July 21st) we’ve got a bonus Big Brother in the lineup taking the place of the regularly scheduled MacGyver episode that night. That’d be just the same approach the series used last year when the first 5 Houseguests competed for a chance to get back in the game. In that situation Victor was, um, victorious after fighting his way back his competition of the other first four HGs that season.

This time around, if things ran next week then there’d be just four Houseguests competing. Cameron was out on the first night then Jillian went out Thursday night in her awesome blindside. Megan quit so there’s no chance she’d be involved. There may be just two more spots left and oh boy, look at this.

Paul is setting up his big Backdoor plan to get Cody out. If Cody goes and then wins his way back in? Oh my, oh yes, oh my we’ll have ourselves a wild night. Could it get much better than both seeing Cody getting evicted and coming back the next week with a vengeance? Team Feeds for the win!

What do you think of this possible twist? Is that what Big Brother is up to or will they try something different this season? It sure does seem to fit with Cameron remaining MIA and we know production loves to go with its comfort zone. I’d say this seems very reasonable to expect.

If it’s Cameron, Jillian, Cody (assuming way too early here that Paul manages to execute his plan), and one more spot facing off then who do you think will win his or her way back? Share your thoughts below on what you think might be happening here and we’ll keep waiting for official word from CBS to share.


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  1. I hope it’s Cameron if in deed they do have a Battle Back! I don’t want to see Cody come back if he’s evicted next week, but hey, one must do what one must! :-)

    • Production will make it a comp that Cody is likely to win, because if makes it back in it will make for good footage and rama. Most likely it will be Cody back in the house.

    • That would be such a weird situation if Cameron came back. He was only in the house for like12 hours. He’d be coming in barely knowing any of the players, and absolutely nothing about the game.

    • I don’t care for Cody but that would be the most interesting scenario. Cameron and Jillian while very nice, seem pretty boring to watch.

      • I agree. Plus I still have a bee in my bonnet regarding Cameron calling Kevin “this old guy” in a crappy way. Boo and hiss. I’d rather Cody return like Lazarus and it will be after the Pendant has lost its Protection so it’s game on!

    • What I found interesting is that Julie never mentioned it to Jillian last night when she got evicted. I was wondering now why she didn’t say anything if they had planed this battle back episode.

      • They’ve done it before. Had a battle back but didn’t say anything to those evicted. The season Rachel won they didn’t say anything when people got evicted until they announced the week Lawon got evicted that someone may have a chance to get back in the game.

      • They’re waiting to see what transpires after Xmas’ surgery on Monday I think. But Jillian is supposedly in sequester right now. We got word Megan isn’t in sequester now (couple days at most) or whether Cameron is still being sequestered. A whole new can of worms production is dealing with from the self-eviction and now Christmas’ injury. I have to say…it was the best 1st week of BB in a very long time! Right now the person to receive the Ring of Replacement is between Alex and I believe Josh…no one else. They’re leading the rest of the pack. We’ll soon hear which one. I’m glad Christmas won’t be getting this as she may not get to compete at all; therefore, it would have been wasted on her since it’s not transferrable. Of course production would possibly default to the next in line if it had gone to Christmas.

      • I didn’t realize that Christmas was going to have to have surgery. Dang it, working dayshift these two weeks is messing with my normal operating method.

      • If it is outpatient surgery, she would have to leave. Go in for a couple of hours to get it done and then back to the house with better meds.

    • I have a feeling that Production may put a Battle Back in Paul’s ear. It may make him rethink his target (Cody)

    • Although I do agree with you, because I felt terrible for Cameron and was hoping he had a chance to come back in the house. It would be more exciting if Cody came back. Just for entertainment purposes :-)

  2. If its at all a physical challenge, I dont see Cameron or Jillian having a chance against Cody.. not sure who the following evictee would be… Josh would have a chance maybe.. Rameses would not…

    • I think Alex was talking about evicting Matt or Mark. If she wins HOH and does that, it could be interesting. Otherwise I see it being an pretty easy comeback for Cody.

      • THats because she is working with Kevin. One of the things he told her was to go after Mark and Matt

      • Another reason to like Kevin! Even though I don’t particularly dislike Mark or Matt, I’m just neutral towards them.

    • The whole reason Cameron was out though was mental. He forgot the hints for which apple to pick. He admitted he has a bad memory.

    • Wait. Is there a “Stop an Eviction” temptation & if so where did you get that information? Last year we all got to see all the various America’s Vote options that would be offered so it was easier to choose which houseguests to pick &/or save for a later America’s Votes. I’d love to see all the season’s temptations! Again, please let me know if there’s a place to see these options!

  3. Um wow this is smart and interesting. If Cody or Alex goes away at least they have a shot to come back but by then the other side will be almost gone and will be hanging on by a thread. HOH would be the only way they have a realistic chance of staying but I do love the idea. It makes Paul plan this week more interesting.

  4. Ho Hum Ho Hum….I personally don’t care to see a “battle back”…I am enjoying the news twist and turns.. Don’t mess up my viewing pleasure by injecting a poorly executed attempt at putting an evictee back in the house…Its boring.. Work with who is currently in the house as they are the plotters and planners since they are still inside..

      • You know what, not even with Victor but wouldn’t it be even better if due to Megan quitting and only two to four people that might do this battle back could only get back if they beat Victor first. If no one could beat Victor then Victor comes back.

      • The minute Megan walked they should have just brought Cameron back… case closed. I feel bad for him. But Cody is good TV so we can bet he’ll be the one coming back… unless they put Jessica out.

      • Right! Lol i think its a corny Scripted special like that carnival carbage that aired last season.

  5. No one is playing this season…they are all just hanging out. Boring! They seem to have stacked the deck in Paul’s favor. He is constantly tutoring the other HG which sucks. No more former players! Make the players figure it out on its own.

  6. I’d love to see Cameron back but only because I feel Paul stole his spot. Paul, the houseguest I hate to love.
    Cody back in the house would be fun. Hahaha.

  7. the way of the season is tempt every one I think they will do something like they did with paul coming back one of them will lets say get tempted with one week of being safe if you hit the botten.they did not tell jill she is coming back so I don’t think it is a battle back.

    • I think it’s a battle back. Why have an extra episode on a Friday? It’s exactly what they did last year. We will watch them battle to come back on the Friday episode.

      • I don’t care for the Battle Back but at the same time, I would like to see who can get back in the house.

      • I agree. But if Cody gets evicted and gets back in then it will be great for the feeds. Drama! Lol

      • I think if it was a battle back they would tell jill that I think that,s the way it has always been.i think they would tell us that to.

      • No it hasn’t always been like that. Like I said in a previous comment when Rachel won they battled back but when the first 4 were evicted they didn’t say anything. The week Lawon was evicted was when Julie announced be careful who you nominate because they may have a chance to get back in the game. That was the first time we or the houseguests heard about it.

      • in the last few years they have told us and that is what I am going with.

      • They haven’t so we will just have to agree to disagree. I just rewatched several seasons before this season started. So that’s what I’m going with. Guess will find out in 2 weeks when they battle back.

      • Didnt they do a fourth of july thing or something. Remember? It was like a carnival something

      • A real corny scripted show with bad acting special. It was awful. I think thats it. It was on a friday

  8. battle back is a bad idea –1st they don’t know what went on while they were gone /except cody and the next person-2nd they got voted out -they are out –come on production think of something better- like pandoras box ——

  9. I saw that on my TV Guide. I kind of figured an extra episode on a Friday would be some kind of a comp with someone coming back.

  10. I hate the battle back twist. Always have, that, battle of the block and and anything involving teams. Ugh

  11. I bet it’s a “curse” for one of the upcoming temptations. The “curse” is that there is a battle back. Or something along those lines. Wouldn’t it be funny if the temptation that unleashes this curse wasn’t accepted? Oops!

  12. If it is a battle back, it would fit in where houseguest chooses temptation and the result would be a battle back mishap of some sort as the punishment, along those lines

  13. Did you notice that Jillian did not get good-bye messages from the houseguest?

  14. They have to do something because they are 1 house guest short already and I would hate to see another temptation leading to another returning vet so they could use a battle back to get another vet back in

  15. The 2 things that come to my mind as options are either it’s about a temptation or a punishment (since the punishments can be released on the whole house). The other option would be a luxury comp but I think July 21st is too early in the season for one of those.

  16. I think instead of a battle back, they might put another past HG back in. That would be interesting with this group.

  17. Although I did feel terrible for Cameron and was hoping he would have a chance to come back, Cody would be my choice just because of entertainment purposes of coarse! How much fun would that be if he was back doored and then came back into the house a few days later!!!
    So just from an entertainment perspective, Cody/Jessica for sure! Would be my choice for who comes back.
    Plus, it would be a little bit, OK a lot of vengeance for Cody! In all fairness, he did get screwed his HOH having to renom someone after Megan left, then putting Paul on the block and that backfiring. I didn’t think that was fair for him, and then putting up Christmas of course! Which was a stupid move but still, he pretty much had to nominate 1/3 of the house.

  18. July 21 isn’t next week, it’s the week after. Plus doesn’t one evictee usually leave, then go straight to the battle Back comp? That sounds more like back-to-back evictees – one Thursday, one Friday. That would be five competitors. Cam, Jillian, Cody (?), plus the two.

    I hope it isn’t a Battle Back. That was lame last year. Should be played after some of the jury is set.

  19. If there is a battle back, I hope Cameron wins since he really didn’t get to play much due to Paul’s return. Cody may be a beast in comps and give good feeds but his treatment of fellow cast mate is horrible. He belittles and curses at people which, imo, doesn’t make you a good gamer, it makes you ugly and a bully. Good riddance when he leaves and hope he doesn’t come back. Bring Cameron back

  20. that is horrible, it takes a lot of energy to get people out so why r y making it harder than it has to be , yr playing with peoples emotions. i know it’s a game but this is real for them .

  21. I keep holding out for BB to actually live up to “expect the unexpected,” but I fully expect they will find a way to get Cody back in play. He’s ratings gold.

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