Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

Last night on Big Brother 18 another Houseguest was voted out and one of the remaining thirteen players took control in a pivotal competition that could decide the fate of one of the Vets.

Julie Chen at Big Brother 18 FOTH

Pressure has been building for Houseguests to target Frank after Da’Vonne sabotaged his game and her alliance. Now it’s too late for her regrets as the much of the House is bent on his eviction. Can he stop it with an HoH win?

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Victor, Bronte, and Tiffany all face potential eviction on the Block tonight but the votes look set for just one of them across the ten HGs going inside the DR. Do you think we’ll get a landslide or will someone toss out a pity vote?

Big Brother 18 Week 2 Votes:

  • Natalie votes to evict: Victor
  • Paul votes to evict: Bronte
  • Bridgette votes to evict: Victor
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Victor
  • James votes to evict: Victor
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Victor
  • Frank votes to evict: Victor
  • That’s enough votes. Victor has been evicted.
  • Michelle votes to evict: Victor
  • Nicole votes to evict: Victor
  • Corey votes to evict: Victor

By a vote of 9-1-0, Victor Arroyo has been evicted from Big Brother 18. Now he’ll head to the Battle Back arena.

I was expecting a 10-0-0, but Paul bucked the house and did his own thing throwing his vote against Bronte, not that it mattered.

Once the eviction vote is confirmed and one of the nominees heads outside to talk with Julie the rest of the HGs will prepare to go to the backyard and compete for the Head of Household. Michelle has promised to throw the comp against Team Frank while Team James and Team Nicole try to win so they can target Frank with a Backdoor. It’s going to be a crazy week!

Big Brother 18 Week 3 HoH comp – “Kiss My Ace”:
The comp has a tennis theme with every team having a corner to throw a ball and roll to get the highest number.

  • Round 1: Bronte is out.
  • Round 2: Michelle is out.
  • Round 3: Da’Vonne & Nicole are out.
  • Round 4: James is out.
  • Round 5: Frank is out.
  • Round 6: Corey is out.
  • Round 7: Zakiyah is out.
  • Round 8: Tiffany is out.
  • Round 9: Natalie is out. Leaving only Bridgette & Paul.
  • Round 10: Paul is out. Bridgette is the new HoH.

Team Frank, ALL of Team Frank, is safe this week. So much for Day’s plan to evict Frank this time around, huh? Let’s wait for him to discover her plan and come after her. What do you think will happen next?

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the noms, Roadkill results, and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch tonight’s eviction & HoH fallout! Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial & see what the fuss is all about.



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      • Yeah, I want to see him squirm though I’d rather see him have to fight and win some safety to give us even more drama. Send one of these boring HGs home instead & set us up for more contention in the weeks to come.

      • I dislike boring HGs as much as the next guy. I really don’t like the fact that Natalie just wants to make it to jury and winning doesn’t even cross her mind. That is irritating. I’m not sure how much more of Frank’s abrasive tactics some of the girls can take without losing their cool. Of course, that would be drama.

      • Yeah, Natalie is super boring, but I’d miss that eye candy! I’m hoping Day & Frank end up in a big face off this week, but with my luck they’ll probably end up working together again by the end of the week.

      • OMGosh, Matt. I am just now coming to the realization that you are just a normal guy.

      • I would love to see that. I’ve been waiting since the beginning for some exciting feeds. They’ve been pretty boring.

      • I hope Frank and Day end up in a face off too. I’m sick of Day playing too hard, too fast. She’s a mess, and can’t keep everything straight

      • I don’t think Frank is abrasive. He was abrasive his first season. I’m okay if he has to fight to stay in. I want Day out. She works my last nerve

      • I actually would love for anyone who has the guts to put him up to win HOH. I think the 8 pack who are against him will chicken out. Bronte, Paul and Natalie will never be so bold to put him up. Tiffany might. I want her up as well, so it is best for someone else to win.

      • If he stays another week, or maybe until he doesn’t have a chance to re-enter, I just do not wish to see him empowered.

      • I would love to see his team win and Frank become the HOH, it would be interesting to see who he would put up, well besides Tiffany that is.

      • Frank didn’t make HOH but rest assured he will be a bug in Bridget’s ear this week. I see either Tiff or Day up on the block this week.

    • I replied to you but for some reason my post came up as just a regular post! What the Hells going on here LOL

    • what the hell, now I don’t see my post at all. Just my one post about who Bridgette is going to nominate

  1. I’m recording it…going out to search for my lost dog again as hired blood hound was unsuccessful locating her!

  2. I still don’t want the Vets to break up for a week or two. Just because we have some of the most clueless, so far behind in terms of strategic information players, will probably last until the Jury phase….I don’t want them in the Jury house.

  3. Tiffany needs to go next. Then one of the B’s (Bronte or Bridgette); then Frank.

    • I’m sorry, I was a huge fan of Vanessa’s last year. I wanted her to win.
      I want Tiffany to bring home the win this year. I realize that it might not be possible since everyone’s constantly worrying about her blowing up the game (when it’s actually THEM that are blowing up each other’s games).

      • I liked Vanessa and rooted for her. Tiffany has the personality of those letter tiles they used in the veto comp

      • When she isn’t crying or isolating herself, I think she has an amazing personality. But obviously, the paranoia is outshining that.

      • Jasmine, don’t apologize about being a fan of V’s or Tiffany’s! You’re absolutely right about the HG’s worrying about her blowing up their game—but it’s EVERYONE ELSE that’s blowing up their own game!!
        Tiffany should be proud of the game she’s playing. I am! And I know you are, too. Hopefully, she’ll take over where her sister left off—but this time take home the gold.

      • I just want all the talking about Tiffany behind her back to stop. She doesn’t deserve that when she hasn’t even done anything.
        Yes, I should not be sorry that Vanessa was the S***! Lol…I absolutely loved her.

    • Bridgette can go next after this week. Other than saving the Spy Girls she just gave her HOH to Frank.

  4. At this point, I want Frank to go home. These house-guests keep talking about waiting to get Frank out. They should try to strike while the iron is hot.

  5. I’m tired of them picking players who know NOTHING of the game. There are lots of fans that would love to play.

      • What I find interesting is that the people in charge of casting always pick houseguests pretty much in their twenties. It seems like the commenters on this message board are already out of their twenties.. I myself am 55 and wouldn’t mind to see players at least in their thirties. I wonder what the ages of the viewers are?

      • Lisa that would be a great question for Matthew. I only know of maybe one poster who is under 20, but I have no idea about the ages of the majority of posters or the average age of viewers. Interesting, though.

    • Well, Michelle claims to be a huge fan, but what the heck is she doing? Nothing.

  6. I got caught up in “All The President’s Men.” Is this where we are? ;)

  7. The girl will be 8 to 5 after Victor’s eviction. They could dominate the rest of the game if they’d put their difference aside and work together. Fat chance.

  8. Well, James, EVERYONE has side alliances. You can’t just scapegoat Tiffany!
    Frank has side alliances with everyone!

  9. Again it always goes back to Tiffany being related to Vanessa as reason for the other house-guests to be suspicious of any move she tries to make.
    How is that fair?
    She’s playing the game like they are.

      • Well, she is Vanessa’s sister.
        She hasn’t done anything yet to warrant all of this suspicion.
        So what if she cries? She’s a human, obviously a human who is very sensitive. But that’s pretty much all she has done.

      • If anyone watched last Season they know how shifty Vanessa was. I thought her game play was GREAT but you can’t blame people for worrying about her being just like her sister especially when she gets all emotional and acts just like her. Vanessa did a lot of damage last season. You can’t blame people for not wanting to see the same thing happen twice.

      • But maybe Tiffany just is an emotional person.
        Give her the benefit of the doubt before you start crucifying her for something that’s beyond her control. She hasn’t done anything to blow up anybody’s game yet. Da’Vonne and Frank and the others are blowing up their own games themselves.

      • C’mon, that’s unfair. It’s life. If someone acts one way and it’s revealed that they were manipulating things from behind the scenes and that person was also prone to getting emotional then their same sex sibling who looks similar and has shown herself to also get a little heated and emotional who WOULDN’T say, “Dude…We have GOT to get rid of that problem NOW.” It’s natural. No one’s going to say: “We should just judge them for who they are on the inside! Let’s take some time to get to know her!” It’s a competition for big money. Any excuse they can use to target someone they will. And being related to a player who lasted really long and wasn’t liked much by a lot of people makes her an easy mark. Again…That’s life.

      • I do get that it’s a game, but some people do play on emotions.
        I never said you judge her for who she is on the inside. Don’t put words into my mouth.
        I just said that the reason people have for not trusting her is not a valid enough reason, in my opinion. Vanessa is not in the house. Tiffany is. What has she DONE to make people distrust her? Nothing. I know many people might disagree, but it is my opinion.

      • True but while concentrating on Tiffany they may let a larger target go under the radar. Tiffany may wind up being the least of their problems. She’s no Vanessa.

      • She’s emotional like Vanessa, she has never trusted her alliance and then she goes off into corners to make side alliances. If I were in the house I would be suspicious of her. You either get that person out or they might get you

      • What I don’t understand is that no one seems worried about Paulie since his brother Cody was in the final two of his season and only lost because he chose to take Derrick with him to the finals.

    • The only thing I disliked about Tiffany was when she tried to win the spelling competition. She could have ruined Vivtor’s leaving.

  10. Look at Frank, he’s such a villain. Why do want an a hole to be out of the show? lol

  11. I can’t wait for da’Vonne to da’Go. can’t take credit. I saw someone post it earlier.

  12. Welp I know a good name for the 5 person alliance being proposed to Da…5th wheel anyone? No? Okay?

  13. The HGs don’t look like they are dressed for an endurance comp. Do you think they were told it wasn’t, or are they going to change?

  14. Julie Chen:..9 to 1 What do you think happened?”…tell me how stupid you were”..ha!

  15. I honestly thought Vic would be the one so infatuated with Natalie but from the looks of it Nat was the one head over heels

    • Now, James is waxing parts of her body for her and she sings his praises. She gets over them quickly, I guess.

      • Seriously? I read where James was waxing her but it was out of context so I was like, “WOW!” Thanks for clarifying.

        After all those initial homina-homina-hominas from Vic, I was surprised he dumped her.

      • LOL. Some of the girls were waxing and James was watching and next thing I read, he was doing the waxing. Brave girl, that Natalie. Those two are cute together. They would have really short children. (not making fun, I’m only 5’2″)

  16. Victor does have a really beautiful face, now that I’m just looking at him….

  17. I rather Victor Suave back than Jozea; hope Bronx Dog Groomer gets another shot over Victor and Jozea. When do we see Battle Back? When the first four are out?

  18. I don’t know? we want to send Rambo back in the house?…that’ll be interesting.

  19. Wonder if Boogie is one of the ball boys….he was in an episode of “Seinfeld.”

      • Yep! In the episode “The Lip Reader,” Kramer wants to be a ‘ball man.’ ‘Boogie’ is seen running the ball downstage (toward the camera).

  20. Oh, darn it. Frank’s safe. Looks like they have to put the evict Frank plan on the back-burner. Dagnabbit!

      • I’m sorry…I thought you were making a joke. I didn’t mean to make fun of you, I hope you know that. I didn’t quite understand the game…but it had to do with tennis and throwing balls. Honestly, I was socializing more at that point than watching the comp. I’m so sorry if I hurt your feelings!!

  21. Frank just won HOH. He will use Brigitte as his little puppet and she’ll do everything he says. If the house don’t threatened her, then she will give her power to Frank.

    • Hahahahahaha I love it. I hope Bridget finds out about Day’s antics, tells Frank, and see Nicole and James squirm

      • Noooooooooooo!!!!! Why????????
        I want Da’vonne to act like nothing happen this week and wait to evict him as soon as she gets the chance. Frank needs to go and if Brigitte tells him everything, the girls will get her out first.

  22. So the people in danger of being nominated by B are…everybody except Frank, Michelle and James?

    • So, if anybody else would’ve won, they would’ve just gotten lucky too, not just Bridge.

      • Didn’t care for this HOH game. I think they should have done something that each player gets to really compete to win, rather than just be lucky. I think Brigitte is so ditzy that she may not have won otherwise.

      • You just said she was so ditzy that she may not have won otherwise. So you have to be an idiot to win this particular comp? I thought it was just luck.
        If it’s just a crap-shoot like people are saying then ANYBODY could’ve won, smart or dumb.

      • I meant she won by luck and neither brains or brawn were needed. If it would have been a really competition that brains or brawn were needed, then she would have been one of the first out.

  23. The Freakazoids are going to be Have-Nots, since Tiff was the first one to be eliminated out of the remaining people from each team.

  24. I know Bridgette is all about girl power and all but would she send a girl home if Frank told her to?

  25. I can’t stand Brigitte little girl cutsey act. She is really obnoxious and now she can’t even nominate Frank. This is horrible, but she should nominate Tiffany or Paulie. I really hoped Paul would have won instead.

    • I think wouldn’t have nominated Frank either. He had bigger ones to get out first. As for Bridget, I have liked her from the start.

    • Paulie is on her team so she cannot nominate him and since she seems to becoming Frank’s Victoria chances are she would not put him up. I would have like to see Paul win also. Curious as to what he would do and who would scramble to align with him

      • oops I forgot Paulie was on B’s team. I HATE this stupid team immunity thing. Can’t wait for each HG to be playing on their own.

  26. I can’t concentrate on BB anymore tonight. Let’s show each other more kindness…more tolerance…more peace…and more LOVE. Period. I wish all of you, my friends, the best. Love and peace to you all.

        I hate you! NO I DON’T—All of my friends know that my dear friend, Karen, was trying to make me laugh. And she DID. Thank you, K. Now GIT IN MAH BELLY!!

    • Same to you, Sharona. I hope nobody here’s from Dallas …. if you are, please stay safe.

  27. Yay.. Frank is here for another week… wonderful.. such a blessing… amazing… -_-

    JK I can’t stand him. Send him out next week HGS.

  28. Oh boy!! This should be an interesting week. I wonder who tells Frank about Da’s plan first Paulie, James, Nicole or Corey. I’m looking at you, James.

    • I don’t like this stupid team immunity thing – it creates a real asymmetry between the HGs and adds NOTHING to the game.

      • I don’t super mind it ( I like the Roadkill thing so far, but if they could lift the immunity for that, it would be great) and at least creates a reason for why you don’t pay attention to any of the random houseguests this early on. Yes, it probably creates floaters but it also creates floater appearances.

  29. I haven’t been paying enough attention to Bridgette to offer any insights as to what this means, but I just have a hunch that Paulie might be a target this week.

    • They’re on the same team, so that means Paulie is safe. Same goes for Frank and Michelle. Fortune seems to be favoring Frank this week, completely unbeknownst to him.

      • I look forward to when he does. Heads are going to roll, especially since Bridgette is under Frank’s thumb.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Frank storming around the house and yelling soon.

    • I’ve enjoyed listening to Paul’s DR comments so much the past 2 night that I would hate to see him go.

      • Grooaan. Me too. Augh. I liked his goodbye message last night. He’s surprised me with how well he’s pivoted. I had expected him to freak out but he hasn’t. Still don’t like his racial comment. But I think he’s redeemable maybe.

        The way the alliance is crumbling, he may skate by a couple weeks.

      • Was Paul’s racial comment against James? I thought that was Bronte?
        Paul’s intense DR sessions have me laughing as he bemoans his current predicament; loved his good bye message to Victor when he said ‘why wouldn’t you listen to my hints Victor?’.
        For entertainment purposes I want Paul to stay.

    • A baker – sorry I was being a smart a**. I think she’s a recruit, but that’s a guess

    • Thought I saw a list of recruits and fans (who applied) and I *THINK* that Michelle and Glenn were the only 2 fans. Of course this doesn’t count the 4 vets and the 2 siblings.

  30. Why are the non-Frank votes freaking out? Frank has no reason to nominate them because he has no idea what they were plotting…

    • Then there is the RK comp and enough time for someone to spill their guts. If one of the noms knows what has been going on and feels they could possibly be the target for eviction, there will be blood shed.

  31. So it’s pretty obvious that Bridgette is gonna want to nom Nicole, I was trying to figure out y she has had it out for Nicole since the begging and tonight I saw it. Bridgette clearly wanted to come in and play the sweet nice innocent guys girl role but as soon as she saw Nicole she knew that Nicole IS that person and doesn’t have to fake it, which is y she said that bs about Nicole being a good actress and fakes being nice. Not once in her season was she ever fake! Seems like Bridgette has a case of the jellies!

    • I don’t think Nicole will get evicted if that happens though. Yes, they could be threatened by her because she’s made some bold moves, but she, like James, is liked by pretty much everybody. I think she’s solid this week. Plus, Frank would never allow Bridgette to nominate Nicole unless he finds out she wants him out.

      • No, I think Nicole found out earlier that Bridgette was a spy. Someone tipped her off when they were in the HOH, from there she she was cautious and then Bridgette started saying things about Nicole.

  32. Damn! I was expecting see Frank out next, but well, I hope at least see Da’Vonne being the next evicted.

  33. Im excited to see Frank find out the plan to backdoor him. It should create some interesting drama.

  34. Funny..All the Vets talking to Frank. Nicolle to Frank, “this basically your HoH. They’re all asking what’s his girl gonna do? Hoping she’s going to listen to him. They’re all nice…If he only They”re all playing, what can I say?

  35. Frank is definitely pulling the strings. She’s under his spell. Tiff/Paul for now, it’s a long ways, anything can happen.

    • Which is funny considering in BB14, he’s completely against scheming. Hell he even told Dan he was considering nominating him

  36. Frank once again is an Elimination Houdini.

    Just when you thought you can get him, he secures himself safety.

    • I’m so relieved this ‘get rid of Frank right now’ nonsense is over with for a week at least. Frank is a very lucky man and doesn’t even realize it.

      • that’s how he was in his season. Seems like Frank picked up where he left off in his reign.

      • Frank’s having so much fun he hasn’t even noticed his dire situation either lol.

  37. Bridgette wins hoh meaning Frank’s safe….. too bad. I really would have liked to see him go this week. I suppose Tiffany is the target? I wouldnt mind seeing her go

  38. Well, Tiffany’s days are numbered I guess if Frank controls Bridge, but if Bridge does have her own voice, she could go after the boys, so it could be Paul.
    The good thing about Bridge’s HoH is we finally see who Bridge is, is she a puppet or she has the mean streak in her … This is her BO$$ (5th Farmony) moment!

    • I’m kind of hoping Frank er, Bridgette can persuade the cast er, house to get rid of Bronte-saurus Bleck. As much as I don’t like Paul (and I DON’T), his mind numbing stupidity is great entertainment. I also would NOT mind seeing Mama-all-over-the-house-Da’ go home. Just like last year at this time (or sooner?) she started that crap and needs to leave. She’s starting to drive me a little nuts-o-koo-koo. See what she’s doing to me? She’s making me-use–dashes-between-each-word, and-that-is-as-annoying-as Doing. This. To. Make. A. Point. Lol…

  39. OMG guys, can I just talk about who I cannot stand in this house right now *cry emoji*. Da’vonne omg why Da’vonne, she is soooo overbearing to me. I can’t stand her. I also CANNOT stand Tiffany because she reminds me of Vanessa so much and when I first saw her, I was like she seems okay. Dunno why I hated Vanessa, thanks for reminding me Tiff. Frank needs to get over himself…

    In conclusion, I am glad Bridget won HOH, why? Because she’s in Paulie’s team and I LOOOOOVE HIM. So as long as Paulie’s safe, I don’t care about the others.

    Thanks for reading my rant :P :P


  40. So far Roadkill doesn’t have any effect, but hopefully this week it does.
    To be expected, Tiffany and Paul will be up coz Bridge’s such a good daughter oops I mean good sister of Frank (seriously tho Frank looks old enough to be Bridge’s dad hehe).
    Whoever wins RK, hopefully they will nom Bronte.
    If the noms remain the same, the majority of the house might want to keep both Tiff and Paul in order to execute their Evict Frank plan next week.
    So Bridge’s the HoH but loses an ally due to RK. Goodies haha.

    • I thought Bridget is part of a newbie alliance with Paul and those girls? *confused*. Also, how old is Frank anyway?

      • Yup but that was over the moment Jozea walked out of the door.
        She is an alliance with Nat and Bronte, the Spy Girls.
        Frank is 32 years old. But he looks like 40 to me haha. Well he’s ruggedly handsome and has a great body, he just looks older.

    • I shops Tiff stays. I don’t like when someone gets sent home because a lie was started. All because someone for no other reason then Day didn’t like Van so she goes for Tiff’s juggler.

  41. The other evening on AD Bridgette was talking with Bronte. She said that she wanted to work with Frank because he is awesome. While talking to Bronte, it sounded like she was dropping Nat, almost as if she doesn’t trust James and Nat is attached to James. I have a feeling every since Frank found out he was going to come back, he has been hitting the midnight oil with Mike Boogy. I have hear him mention Mike in the present tense oh Lord I hope he isn’t in final 2

  42. The look on Da’Vonne, and Tiffany’s faces when Bridgette won the hoh comp was priceless!

    • What look? It wasn’t like Day or Tiff had any shot in winning. They both got disqualified with scores of 0.

    • Really? I didn’t see that part. Ok I’ll go back and rewind it. Lol.
      I think frank is kind of boring?

  43. I am only 15 minutes in LOL
    i’m curious though, has mama day been busted by the house for plotting everyone against everyone?
    & this all girl alliance, is it going to stick or even start?
    I’m so behind on everything! Aside from bits and pieces on here and the episodes I don’t know what’s going on!
    for example I keep reading Tiffany is “exactly” like her sister but is that true? Or is it being exaggerated? is she kind of being overly “watched and criticized” (by HG & Fans) because she has cried and she has been paranoid but because she’s doing that is it 10 times worse because she is Vanessa’s sister? Or is she really paranoid and crying all of the time? I haven’t seen any outrageous behaviour by her myself but …….
    & showmances?? I haven’t seen any develop yet but I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet.
    anyway thank you captain :-)

  44. so now that Bridgette is HOH, who is she going to nominate? Is she going to nominate two boys??

  45. Day reported Frank to DR for harassment because he slapped her butt. Hmm … Can Frank get trouble from that? And he doesn’t help himself when he’s confronted by Paulie about that, saying that’s the way he grew up.

  46. I didn’t like the last HOH comp at all ?. it wasn’t fun to watch. I couldn’t tell who was winning and who is playing. Was just confusing.?
    It’s getting interesting now that Bridget is HOH. I hope the girls alliance stays hidden.
    Common ladies play smart.

    • I didn’t get it either! What the heck was the point? I didn’t know who won each round until Julie announced it. I’d rather have had a Q & A.
      I wish there could actually be an all girl alliance–but realistically, one girl will always rear her ‘mean girl’ head and ruin it.

      • I hope not this time. I think they learned their lesson watching previous bb. I hope.
        Fingers and toes crossed.

      • Spy Girls seem pretty strong. I know I’m in the minority but lately Bronte doesn’t bother me unlike Frank who I really can’t stand.

      • Yes. Please don’t confuse me as I am confused at times enough as it is. I may be in the minority but I am starting to like them. Corey gives me the creeps at times with his weird eyes. I’ve also become irritated with the Big Brother announcer. At times he annoyingly stretches out words. I think I’ve been watching BBAD too much. This is also my first season replying to commenters. Think I’m addicted.

      • Corey has spooky eyes that stare into space. He focuses on no ONE or any THING. He totally creeps me out. I love that you’re commenting and replying! And if you’re going to be addicted to something, I’m glad it’s Biiiiiggg Brother! (I know what you mean about the announcer. :) He gets paid to draw things out that way–it adds ex-ciiiite-meeent!) I wish I could stay up long enough for BBAD.

      • I love your kitty. Gee I wish I got paid to draw things out while announcing and bothering viewers. Maybe this was why the twins from last season were so “popular”.

      • Thank you. Her name is Lula. I wish I had a better picture. UGH–those twins-uuhh. I couldn’t stand them-uhh. “Austin-uhh! Get away-uhh!”
        I wonder how much that guy makes (the announcer).

      • My black cat’s name is Igor. I was hoping never to hear the twins voices in my head again. Thanks so much. Have no idea how much the announcer makes. Never thought about it til this past Thursday when he became annoying.

      • I like ‘Igor.’ My last cat was ‘Samantha (from ‘Bewitched’).’ Sorry about bringing the twins back. :( I never turn my sound up until Julie starts talking, or you obviously know the show has started. I don’t care if I miss 2 minutes of the show…as long as I know the announcer has already said, ‘…tonight on Biiig Brother.’ I’ve decided to hold off taking my medications until around 1 a.m., so hopefully I’ll be able to watch BBAD from 12 – 2. See you tomorrow!

      • I kinda like the games no skills involved lol. That way anyone can win. And all house guests realize just because they are body builders or masters in endurance anyone can be HOH.

      • Well, there are the comps that just require a good memory or intelligence that doesn’t require being a bodybuilder to be able to win.

  47. Bb18 why the house guests weren’t dressed up for eviction night like they were in the past. Everyone one so casual. Common bb18. Tell the house guests to dress up for the eviction night in nice dresses and shirts. Make the eviction night more fun to watch.

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