Big Brother 18: Da’Vonne Left In Tears After Plan Backfires

After spending the past few days in the Big Brother 18 house demolishing both Frank’s game and her four-strong Vets alliance Da’Vonne Rogers is now discovering maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

Da'Vonne Rogers cries on Big Brother 18

Things really picked up on Saturday after Da’Vonne felt slighted by Tiffany’s actions in the Veto competition where she attempted to beat out Day despite having promised to throw the competition. From there things snowballed to Da’Vonne setting Frank against Tiffany, then the house against Frank, and then reviving old alliances and setting up new ones. Now that the dust has settled Day is having some serious regrets.

After Day worked so hard to get everyone going after Frank a new alliance emerged involving her close ally Zakiyah. Zak proposed to Paulie that she and Day along with Corey and Nicole form a new 5-person alliance. See any problems there? Da’Vonne + (Nicole & Corey) + (Zakiyah & Paulie). That’s right. Day would be working with two showmances. Terrible, terrible position to put yourself in especially considering the strong position she just gave up for this.

Flashback to 2:48PM BBT 7/6 on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now to watch.

Da’Vonne is with James in the Have-Not room. She’s telling him about Zakiyah wanting this five person alliance. Day is in tears as she continues to say “it’s not fair, it’s not fair.” She blames the whole situation on Tuesday’s events and Frank tearing apart their alliance of the four Vets. Actually it was Day who made this happen, and Frank thinks they’re all still good working together.

James is just confused why he keeps getting left out of things as he’s learning about everything second hand this season. Maybe he should stop chasing girls and play the game, huh?

Day explains to James how she knows Paulie & Zakiyah along with Corey & Nicole are all targeting Frank (which she made sure was happening). James, not knowing that Da’Vonne caused this, suggests maybe they could use that to their advantage and tell Frank so he would target that four and break them up. Day doesn’t want that (as she could be identified as the source).

Want to know how much Da’Vonne regrets her decision to have Frank targeted? Jump ahead to 8:21 PM BBT. Day is with James at the dining table when she whispers to him that maybe they need Frank after all. Oh good grief.

Move ahead to 9:11 PM BBT to find Da’Vonne and Tiffany. They’ve been in the Have-Not room for the past thirty minutes talking about what to do with Frank and this 5-person alliance that’s been proposed to Da’Vonne by the two showmances. Yep, she’s spreading that news quickly.

Tiffany has a plan for dealing with the couples. She proposes that if she wins HoH then she’d put up Zakiyah and Paulie, then if Da’Vonne wins she should put up Corey and Nicole. Day doesn’t exactly deny the idea, but says they should only put up one in the first set of noms then use the Roadkill to nom the second to hide their intentions.

Well my oh my what a few days it has been for Da’Vonne. She went from a strong Vets alliance, a mostly solid eight person alliance, and a Fatal Five alliance to this disaster. She broke up the Vets by casting out Frank. She intensified Tiffany’s danger by getting Frank to want her out immediately thereby breaking up the Eight Pack. Then she ejected Tiffany from FF only to then bring her back in a few days later before letting Tiffany know it’s over again. Then her close ally of Zakiyah? Yeah, she doesn’t trust her anymore over fears of a showmance with Paulie. Is your head spinning?

Now Da’Vonne is left with a proposed 5-person alliance with two showmances, an isolated partnership with James, and another pairing with Tiffany. Well that probably didn’t go to plan.

The funny thing is that none of this likely matters until they’ve got a new Head of Household. Those results will spawn new plans and define the week’s direction. On the plus side of that is no one wants to throw this week’s HoH comp anymore and we should have a good run tonight at the power.

I greatly enjoy Da’Vonne, but the woman is a mess at this point. She spent the past few days thrashing around after getting paranoid and managed to cut a hole in the bottom of her boat only to cry that it’s not fair that she’s got a hole in the bottom of her boat! Good times ahead. Can’t wait to see what she does next! What do you think of this mess?


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