Big Brother 18: James & Nicole Plot Frank’s Demise

Frank Eudy is in a world of trouble with his Big Brother 18 game and he doesn’t even know it as nearly the entire house is poised to strike at him this week. That obviously includes Da’Vonne Rogers who orchestrated his downfall over the past few days, but now even fellow Vets James Huling and Nicole Franzel have a plan in place to take out Frank.

James Huling & Nicole Franzel on BB18

Last last night James and Nicole brainstormed ideas and included allies Corey and Michelle along the way to set up how they could target and eliminate Frank through the upcoming HoH competition this Thursday night.

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James is sitting with Nicole and Corey in the bathroom planning the best approach to get Frank out the door. Not only do they need to figure out how to get him on the Block they’re also worried about what the Veto could mean for their chances once he finds out, given his strong track record in comps.

James wonders if his team should throw the HoH competition so Team Nicole could win it and possibly get Corey in the HoH seat. James shifts quickly and decides that he’s not afraid to put Frank up himself and should instead fight to get the win. James and Nicole decide that all the teams should try and win the HoH comp except for Team Frank and that could come down to help from Michelle.

Both of the Vets agree that this is a big deal for them to pursue Frank, but they’re confident it needs to be done.

Jump to 3:57 AM BBT as Nicole and James have moved to the kitchen and call over Michelle to explain the importance of what they’re going to ask her to do. She’s completely okay with throwing the HoH comp as they discuss doing it even if Frank is yelling at her. Michelle jokes about the silly ways she can sabotage Team Frank’s game tonight.

One caveat for Michelle though is that she wants Bridgette to go up next to Frank. She says Bridgette acts as Frank’s spy, according to what Frank allegedly told her, so if Bridgette is up there then she can’t be working on his behalf as well.

James tells Michelle they want to put up Bronte and Bridgette together and Backdoor Frank. Of course to make that work then Team James can’t win HoH either or else Bronte would be safe, but they’ll have to figure that out later.

Along the way in the Vets’ talk with Michelle she mentions Frank allegedly told her he wants James out first, which it’s hard for me to verify since everyone seems to be saying Frank told them something different on who he wanted out first. Michelle leaves while James and Nicole stay for a moment.

Nicole reminds James that they’ll need to stick together if/when Frank is gone. James suggests Frank’s eviction may actually make life easier for them and take the pressure off the remaining Vets since Frank was the biggest threat of the four.

Who knows how tonight is going to go, but it should be a very exciting Head of Household competition. Frank has no idea what’s been going on behind the scenes around him, but when he does I expect to find one upset guy in that house.

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    • I don’t think they need to back door Frank at this time. Yes it needs to be done but there is other fish to fry as they would say. A lot of this house needs Frank in there or they will be evicted.

    • Oh no!!!!!!! I like Frank. I can’t believe James wasn’t too busy pranking the girls, or hanging out with them. Please someone tell Frank that Day hatched this plan

      • Yes!! The drama that would create…! To be honest, i see it as Day controlling the house more at this point.

  1. Yes! James and Nicole sticking together is a GREAT idea! I love how they want Frank gone and how Nicole distrusts Day. Nicole is doing great, hopefully since James realizes how unaware he’s been recently, he’ll get his head into the game too.

      • I agree, Day and Frank will both definately wear out their welcome sooner rather than later. I was disappointed to see either of them back in the house this season. There were plenty of other past houseguests that would have been more fun to see back again.

      • I feel like Danielle Reyes needs another shot in my opinion. She was a great player in BB3

  2. If someone hasn’t blabbed to Frank before the day is over, I will be very surprised.

    • Interesting question, but… define power. There’s the power of influence of others, or LITERAL power based upon placing oneself strategically so that you aren’t viewed as a target.

      • Well based on that, then, as it stands right now, I would have to give a solid say.. 4..but as he shifts from safety to backdoor target, that is going to drop dramatically. If he doesn’t win that HOH or POV, I see him as the next hg evicted. But, things change on a dime in THIS house. With Da ‘Vonne’s new found paranoia, I’d wouldn’t put it past a few other hgs targeting her next week. Hey, expect the unexpected, right? :)

      • Definitely expect the unexpected :) I think if it comes back to Frank through a spy then he will try to get someone to just create tones of paranoia in the house to shake things up.

  3. Bridgette is probably the only person taking Frank’s word 100% face value. She’s supposed to be his goat. It’s funny when the only strategy she has in this game is baking. people have called Bridgette’s baking a strategy. ha! How bad can you be when the only strategy you have is baking?…and people are on to that.

      • I know! Every time I hear you bake something, I go out and buy me some pie K. lol

      • Strawberry pie today, Cy, but I’m buying some fresh Ga. peaches tomorrow and that is a favorite every summer.

      • I like Nicole K.. I like her attitude in the house and I like the way she’s playing the game…big difference on how she was her season.

      • Me, too. I’m cheering for her. She is letting Frank get to her with his demeaning, smartha$$ mouth. I can’t help but laugh about all the support(NOT) she is getting from Corey when she mentions it to him. That’s a lost cause.

      • Watching her on feeds for two weeks now, she’s really good. Very aware of what’s going on, very non-committal on her answers, can be sneaky and cut throat, and well aware of her role as a main player………………oh! she’s capable of a meltdown too..her season lol

      • I think her experience is showing more so than the other vets. Hopefully, she won’t get into anything too serious with Corey. If Frank has any power this week, he could could cause Nicole to get discouraged because she might feel like she has to put up with his BS. I hope that doesn’t happen.

      • He is a big question to me, also. Hard to determine where his loyalties really lay.

      • I can’t get a good read on Corey at all! I just can’t figure him out.

      • Corey can be understood in 2 words Frat Brat. Remember he was Clay’s bro at school.

      • Who Christmas Corey? lol I would say, he;s questionable. Questionable on a lot of things.

      • What can you expect from a guy who thinks its funny when his friends light a live goat on fire? Da is right Corey’s got to go so Nic can get her head in the game.

  4. The other night on AD, Nicole went into the HOH room. Paulie and Zak I think Frank. But she comes in saying she has never wanted to leave a room so bad. She was referring to someone in the room. I think they were in the salon. I am thinking Bronte. Not sure. Any ideas?

    • She was talking about Frank because he was complaining that she only did his laundry and didn’t make his bed for him as well.

  5. It always amazes me (I guess at this point it shouldn’t) that house guests are so willing to throw away good alliances. You have a solid 8 (9 including Paulie 7 if Tiffany is not included). Work with it. Day especially you have solid numbers to get you to 4 or 5 stick with it, but she proved last season she plays the game too fast. The game is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t have to ruin a strong alliance right away. One of the funniest things to me is when one house guest says to a group “if we don’t get them out now we may not have the chance again” and they all nod. Your right in the next 80 or so days you won’t have another chance. It is week 2 you have a strong alliance with numbers stick with your alliance.

  6. Its a damn shame. Im all for Team Frank, I was a HUGE Psycho Sid fan so obviously…. but these vets had it made, they couldve kept their 4 strong kept winning HOH’s and influence the newbies to their benefit. Once Franks gone who do you think will be targeted next!? DUH!!!! its only a matter of time before these dummie are evicted. Im almost 100 percent certain at this point (and if Frank does indeed get evicted) that a newbie will win this season. Shame on you CBS, next time bring players who know how to play. Lets hear it for Dr. Will, Janelle, and all the great BB players that ever played the game. Last season sucked in my eyes, this season is starting to look the same….

    • I can’t wait to see Frank booted from the house. He is soooo annoying and arrogant. And he needs to keep his damn hands on his own ass, not on the women in the house. I think it will be fun to see who the next target is when he’s gone…after all, this is Big Brother! I don’t care if a newbie wins. Wouldn’t bother me one bit, unless it’s Jozea. I’d rather see ALL newbies personally. At one time, Dr Will and Janelle were newbies, remember? I like this season a lot.

  7. Geez!!!…with all the mess that is going on…at this rate, Natalie is going to win this game….

    • I was watching the live feeds and I remember her telling Bronte if she won HoH she’d put Paul and Corey up on the block because they throw around a lot of money (at least I think she said Corey. I definitely remember her saying Paul talked about his parents’ mansion).

    • It is too early in the game. I think Michelle has a better chance to float her way to the end.

  8. I think it’s a good idea. But at the same time, who will be the target once Frank is gone? Then again if anyone’s to blame, it’s Frank himself.

    I think if Frank wasn’t gung-ho about the game (like last time) he wouldn’t be considered a threat. Same with Day, as her constant mood swings costed her Nicole’s trust.

    Nicole and James I have always liked, so it’s interesting to see them work together.

    Frank and Day clearly learned nothing from the last time each of them played.

  9. I’m ready for the teams to be over. Throwing a comp every once in awhile is okay, but every one? It’s getting old.

  10. Oh wow..Tensions are building up in the house right now. Winning this HoH today is pretty big deal….Could define where the game will be going….can’t wait!

  11. Well, I may have been wrong about Day, but so far she is not the main target even with her overplaying. So we’ll see where it goes. I think Frank has a decent chance of staving off eviction, but he needs to stop thinking he is in control so much. I thought he would be more aware of things. Also, does anyone think Michelle is playing a game like Andy’s game was?

    • Is she showing up in every room all the time when conversations are going on? Is she tattling all the convos she hears? If so, then yes.

    • I kinda predicted that Day would get by un-targeted this week as the house turned on Frank. But if she doesn’t learn to play a more restrained, tactical game, she’ll be toast soon enough.

  12. After last year I would not do anything James wants to do. They should keep Frank and continue taking out Bronte and Paul. They don;t know it yet but someone is coming back and whoever it is is going to oppose them. They need allies or they are both doomed.

    Frank is not the problem for them even if they think he is.

    And again all of this is because the people on the same team do not talk to each other openly. Derrick and Cody were successful because they talked about each other’s game and plans. James and Day should try that. It might actually help them.

  13. Bronte came in with the attitude she was going to stir the pot as much as possible then low and behold she ends up smacking herself in the head with her spoon. Now she’s on the block and her paranoia has cooled her heals. The same will happen with Frank. He thinks he’s stirring up the pot for everybody else but the dude got carried away now he’s hitting himself in the head. These people never learn their lessons but it makes it that much more fun for the rest of us! rofl Tonight should be interesting…

    • Being on the block does that to everybody… except Dan Gheesling and Dick Donato. Maybe others, I didn’t start watching until season 5.

    • Oh I enjoy seeing stressed Bronte versus happy Bronte. But I am ready for her to go….anytime. #notafan

  14. James could use Tiff instead Bronte if he wins. Frank thinks she’s the target anyway. He wouldn’t know what’s happening until the Veto meeting.
    Of course, this could all blow up in their faces as Frank has a good chance of winning his way back in.

    • I’d almost WANT Frank to win his way back in. Think of the drama that would create!

    • I don’t think Frank is that good at the comps. Hoping for Victor to come back, especially if Tiffany and Frank are evicted.

  15. Either send him through the backdoor, or have the winner of the Roadkill put him up secretly.

  16. Everyone is so worried about Frank the comp beast but that was 4 years ago. And 4 years will change a person’s body and fitness big time. Yes he won the 1st RoadKill but it was the long arms and legs that made the difference. I’m with James. Throw his butt straight on the block with Bridgette and tell him it’s because he’s an ass and no one can stand to be around him. That will shake him up knowing the whole house was in on it. Even if he pulls himself off, he’ll have to rebuild his whole game with no one believing what he says. Now that’s worth watching!

  17. All these plans to BD Frank is for naught if he wins the HOH, which he very well can. More so if he takes James word to watch out and run with it. He wants Tiff out (so do the others) so why not let them two fight it out for the HOH and let it go from there.

  18. Didn’t I read earlier that James told Frank that people are targeting him (Frank) ?

    • I think he suggested the eight pack might be branching off into sub alliances and Frank dismissed that idea.

      • James needs to stop. Thank goodness Frank’s head is so big that he thinks he is completely in charge and actually has puppets. We will find out if he is correct or not after this week. Another Jozea.

  19. I’m team Nichole! If they get rid of Frank to soon and he wins the buy back in, there will be hell to pay. I like James and Nichole till the end, they had better be very careful and get out Tiffany and Paul first before Frank. Frank should go for them to have a chance, but not to soon. Calm down BB.

    • I’m not sure the gals could put up with his abrasiveness much longer without losing their cool with him.

      • Nicole was so upset with Frank today, is that true? You know what it’s all about?

      • I read where she was upset with him for something he said but Jokers didn’t elaborate.

  20. I don”t really like Nicole, but if she is teaming up with James, then I’m on her side. There is a part of me that still wishes James had won last season, so anything that will get him closer this time is fine by me.
    I really don’t know how these people keep talking in places that they can be heard so easily. I would be sneaking up in the corners every time I hear people talking in order to get information.

  21. Could this be one of those seasons where all the top players get kicked out And you have a house full of floaters left running the show?

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