‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey Makes His BB Bribe Offer

Corey Brooks has finally put his America’s Care Package to use in an overnight meeting that should lock up this week’s eviction and secure confidence in the new leading alliance for Big Brother 18.

Corey and his BB Bribe offer

Having received the BB Bribe last Friday Corey was facing a quickly approaching deadline for the power that would otherwise expire tonight at the end of the upcoming HoH competition. Read on to find out where the BB Bribe has gone and what it means for the game.

Corey and Nicole had wavered for days over whether or not to transfer the $5K of Big Brother 18 gold over to Nicole for a simple request, offering it to Victor to guarantee something he was already going to do, or try to sway James to bail on the HoH competition this week. The decision was revealed last night to make Victor $5,000 richer.

Corey told Nicole the Diary Room was pressuring him to make a decision which isn’t a surprise since you know they want to see it used rather than having to toss it away. The pair are discussing those few ideas at 7:22 PM BBT 8/31 but it wasn’t until 8:57 PM BBT last night that they revealed the decision.

Victor and Paul are in the room along with Nicole and Corey when the talk begins. Corey tells the guys that while their F4 alliance may be new both he and Nicole want them to know how serious they are about it. So instead of offering the $5K to Nicole they want Victor to have it in exchange for voting out Michelle. Corey goes on to say they won’t put them up and he hopes the guys won’t do that either which is a bit of an extension of the Bribe’s power but seems a reasonable expectation if it’s to show they’re committed to working together.

Victor is extremely grateful, excited, and happy for the offer. He immediately accepts and the group of four hug. Paul is thrilled as well because this practically guarantees his safety with both guys voting to keep him and Nicole on board to break the tie in Paul’s favor.

Hugs all around as Victor is overwhelmed, Paul is relieved, and Corey seems really pleased to be able to help Victor out with this prize. Nicole cuts the mood by saying she hopes Victor and Paul won’t use this Bribe against them in the coming weeks. That had been a concern of Nicole’s that they might reveal to James and Natalie or try to bring it back against them somehow.

Now Victor’s Big Brother eviction vote is effectively locked in against Michelle. Corey will do the same and then Nicole will vote out Michelle in a tie-breaker. Only way Nicole won’t do that is if she doesn’t have to should they tell James and Natalie in advance and they change their own votes. As of now there still have been no conversations between Michelle or James and Nicorey. It’s really been a rollover and evict kind of week for Michelle and that’s a shame.

As for Corey’s decision this is not a bad choice. If he gave it to Nicole then it could be used against her later as many prizes often are, plus there’s nothing for Corey to gain from Nicole as they already have each other’s support. Then if he approached James about throwing the HoH comp it’d tip his hand of their hardened alliance against James and Natalie later when they saw what was going on with the vote. Now with James free to play and possibly win HoH that lets Nicole and Corey go back to their middle ground as they hope to not end up a target for Natalie and James.

By giving the $5K Big Brother Bribe to Victor he’s now shored up confidence and trust in Victor and Paul both at the same time. Should either of these guys win HoH you know they won’t be coming after Corey or Nicole and neither should be nominated unless they’re forced in a renom situation. Yes, Victor was already going to vote this way so this move simply earns goodwill and trust from the Sitting Ducks duo. It’s a good move when compared to the other options.

What do you think of Corey’s decision? How would you have spent the $5K Bribe since Corey couldn’t keep it for himself and had to use it or lose it by tonight. Share your thoughts below.



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  1. I agree given the choices this was his best move. Between James/Nat/Michelle nominating Paul/Vic and evicting Victor and now Corey/Nicole saving both guys and giving them 5k builds incredible trust. Paul/Victor are going to be loyal to Nicole and Corey for the F4 alliance.

    • Yeah… Corey can only win luck based competitions. Nicole, can fight her way on a “stay in your place” competition. Everything else, both are bulldozed by Victor and Paul. James can fight on many competitions. If Nicole send Michelle out tonight, she just delivers 500k to Paul. Since Victor and Corey will be the minions for Paul to win the game.

  2. Think giving the bribe to Vic is a good move as it solidifies their position with Vic and Paul. Doofus and Dingus are probably in the best position now of all the HG’s. If Doofus wins HoH they’re ok provided they nominate both of a pair. Doesn’t really matter who wins Veto as they have two other potential noms. If Paul or Vic win, they’re still ok cos they’re probably going after Janes/Gnat. If James or Gnat win, Vic and Paul will most likely be their target. DD’s real danger comes the following week, that’s when they should become the target. Of course if James/Gnat and V/P decide to work together that changes everything but I don’t think that is going to happen

    • now james and nat should listen to michelle and vote her out, it will have at least one of that final four alliance questioning what do they know and what are they up too…paul keeps saying no one knows anything so paranoia is a good pick up player when you are down to 6.

    • I think they should have gone to James and offered him the bribe to evict Michelle. Now that would have been the smartest move to make. Not only would James vote to evict Michelle, he would know who the target is and both Nicole and Corey could have built a little bit more trust up from James for a “Just in case” scenario. Now that Michelle has told them to vote her out to try to help their game James could have easily convinced Natalie this would be a good idea and pocket the $5000.00.

      • He can’t do that. The rules state the verbal contract is binding, so if he had accepted it, he’d be required to do whatever he agreed to do.

      • Well like it was never broken before. James could give money back – no way would he vote Michelle out

      • You know I am willing to say your probably right about that but I really think James would have done it. I don’t know if he would have been able to convince Natalie though.

    • I agree that next week is when NiCorey will be tested.
      Paul doesn’t care for James. Said James rubs him the wrong way. He gets tired of hearing his mouth. He may not care for Nat either but it seems like he really wants James gone.

      Plus I think Paul wants James gone to sever any ties between him and Nicole. :)

      • So here is an interesting twist you are Paul and Vic or Nicory you get rid of James win the HOH and put up Nat to a strong member of the other two, who do you evict? Say Nicole or Cory are HOH they put up Nat and Victor do you keep your final 4 or do you keep Nat because she is weaker?

  3. i’m glad vic got the bribe, everyone knew he needed it and frankly those battle backs into the house were kind of awesome, victor won’t betray dingus and doofus now so the plan to use it was solid

  4. Now, if only Nicole and Cory could do a double-down flip and vote out Paul now and vote to keep Michelle … Solidifying their alliance with James, Natalie and Michelle, in order to evict Victor next week, as he would be all alone and be forced to win HOH and/or POV to the end to stay alive in BB ?

    MMmmm …. :)

  5. This was a good choice for Corey and Vic but on the downside, once Nicole evicts Michelle, James and Natalie will know that their F4 deal with Nicole and Corey is done and if either of them wins HOH, they just might put up Nicole and Vic with either Paul or Corey as a renom and with 3 votes, either James or Natalie whoever isn’t HOH can choose who to send home and break up one of the pairs in the process.

    • Perhaps, though, Nicole and James swore to one another that they would not put each other up on the block, if I recall ??

      Having said that, it appears that neither Cory nor Natalie may have just been riding on the coattails of their respective fakemances this season ?? Would be interesting to see if either Victor / Paul would throw them under the bus if and when the opportunity arises .. Hmmm !!!

    • Nicole could remind James they have a final four not a final five?
      James told Michelle it isn’t on them to ensure her safety – it’s on her.
      I think he might be ok with her leaving. Nat won’t but he might.

      But he will be shook if he doesn’t get a heads up. Nat will be so {upset}.

      • I think, especially since the juror return, that James insisted would not happen, Gnat has been disillusioned with James. Then after he gave the HOH to Dingus she has been very upset with him because she realized the potential damage that could do to mostly her game. She has no where to go, but I think she is sick of James.

      • Oh hell, they already act like an old married now. Might as well go the distance and raise a in the dark Blindsided gut feeling family together.

      • What do you mean, “act like an old married” couple? They have stupid spats, she is unhappy, there is no sex, they talk about their farts, she tries to boss him around, he tries to manipulate her….oh, I see what you mean. ;)

      • I just watched a Twitter clip of Natalie talking with Paul, she stated, “if I have to spend all day with James, I’ll pluck my eyeballs out! ” no lie.

      • I did not see a time stamp on it. It was with a group of clips. I was totally shocked. She and Corey should have hooked up since they both have no interest in the people they have hidden behind.

      • I didn’t mean for you to go to any trouble, but that was very sweet.
        WOW, is about all I can say. How pathetic is she!

      • Okay no trouble I couldn’t believe I found it so quickly. I know right, not a very nice person

      • Hi KSJB, pathetic isn’t the word, she was already upset that she couldn’t get with either Corey or Victor in the beginning, and she might have went after Paulie if he hadn’t choose Z to hang out with, so at that point she felt it safe to ride on James coat tail to help her through this game called BB that she knew nothing about. What she did not count on was the feeling James caught for her, and instead of being adult about the whole thing with James and tell him how she really feels about him, she played him to make it through the game and didn’t give a dam about it. She’s not use to being treated like a lady by a man like James, so now all of her true feeling and other things are and will be coming out of her mouth. Karma’s a bitch and it will come back to bite her big time in the ass. Plus she made this statement to PAUL of all people, and you best believe that when the time comes, Paul will use that to his advantage because we all know how Paul loves to call people out. So not only is she pathetic, she’s a sorry ass pitiful woman who is going to go through A LOT OF FROGS before she ever meets her prince. Who very well could be James, But, you never know. Good thing she’s pretty ugh…And to think, remember how she has mentioned a few times that she was asked to be on the Bachelor? Can you image how that would have turned out for her?

      • I don’t like that kind of game playing, and when there are children involved, it’s best that it goes no further than the BB house so James should count his blessings that she doesn’t carry it on out. But I said before that I wouldn’t put it past her to try to get her 15 mins, too, if James happens to win, and he is just dumb enough to fall for the attention she might give him. Some of those catty gals on the bachelor might have chewed her up and spit her out. I haven’t watched that show in years. Like BB, it just ain’t what it use to be, imo.

    • Meech has called Nicole out on so much stuff that Nicole can say that’s why. I don’t think this will mess up her relationship with James.

      • I think it will be a small set back but nothing these two can’t overcome if they talk it out.

    • Nicole had a final 4 with James and Natalie, not Michelle why would she keep someone that can break that up? Also it was just a week ago that James announced to the whole house that Natalie wanted to evict Cory. If it doesn’t work than at least they tried, James would not of taken the bribe to throw the HOH after tonights vote and by then it would of been too late to use the bribe so they would of lost it.

      • You’re right and I think James and Natalie wanted to keep Michelle to go after Corey and Nicole but with Corey and Nicole joining forces with Paula and Victor who are by far the strongest players in the house, they effectively broke their deal with James & Natalie. Either way, I don’t think any of those four will make it to final 2 as I see Paul and Victor at the end which will make for an interesting jury decision.

      • They wanted to keep Michelle because they can beat her on most of the competitions… something that is impossible against Victor and Paul. That´s what James is thinking. Most of the last competitions are, always, fine skills and atletic competitions. Victor and Paul destroy everyone on the atletic, Paul is very good on the skills. And Victor is clumsy. Paul will use him and send him out on the F3, against anyone else… If Victor wins the final competition he will take Paul to win the 500k… because he is clumsy.

  6. If Nic doesn’t clue James in before the eviction, and Paul is in F2, he will use that in making his case. He got Nic to blindside James.

  7. This show is so predictable. No one has the nerve to make a huge move, like voting out Paul now. What a surprise that would be. Make it interesting BB. So boring now.

  8. Dingbat move, but hey, it’s Corey we’re talking about here..LOL He slumming with Nic and feels good about that. :-)

  9. My gut feeling, should either Nat or James happen to win HOH is that Victor/Paul will be throwing Nicole/Corey under the bus, by spilling the beans that they were actually the backdoor targets this past week …

    And, going further, Paul would say that in order to protect them from this fate, he sacrificed himself and volunteered to be/stay on the block, in order to ensure that Michelle was evicted .. blah blah blah …

  10. i think that Nicole really is a snake. she refused to accept the bribe cause you know she doesn’t have the crap inside her to let michelle go. Vic and Paul are strong players and can get dingus and her brain-less ass toy out. She won’t tell James cause she doesn’t want to stir the pot between her and James. ( if she has to break a tie tonight, she will keep michelle and let Paul go, why???? cause Victor and Paul are the dynamic duo that can get all their asses out. Nicole is scared, that’s why she goes back and forth between Paul and MIchelle. I have a feeling that she’s playing Victor and Paul. If Paul goes home, i hope Victor wins the HOH and sends her and her boy toy home. If she sends Paul home, then James’ worries and fears of Nicole backstabbing them are all gone. she wants to keep that peace between her, her boy toy, mouth breather and the “gnat”.
    I wouldn’t even consider James a player in this game anymore, he’s just a mouth breather that’s pussy whipped and dominiated by an idiot that should have been gone along time ago.
    AND why does Nicole always have that constipated look on her face all the time???? i can’t stand her whining, talking thru the nose, nasally voice. i just want to smash my telly when i have to see or listen to her.
    I just hope she’s not that stupid to keep Michelle and if she does, I hope Michelle wins the HOH and puts her and her boy toy on the block.

  11. If I were Paul, I would be seriously thinking about where I fall in the final four deal after Corey gave the bribe to Vic for no real reason except to vote against Michelle which he was going to do any way. It bonds him closet to Nicole and Corey.

  12. I am so annoyed with the returnees….I didn’t think that they had a chance with all of the other houseguests trying to take them out in week 1. THEN, they amazed me and conned enough people to join them that they were in charge…THEN they acted like morons and turned on each other. NOW, we are left with two people who can’t think past their respective partners. We have seen it before with James and Nicole. geez.

    • You take out the strongest two…and worry about the social game later. There aren’t enough weeks to mess around.

  13. This is more of the same. Nicole and Corey are still playing the middle. If James or Nat wins HOH they will be hey we have a finale four deal. This is why Nicole says to Vic and Paul not to throw them under the bus about using the bribe on Vic.

  14. Everyone says that Victor should win I think he is the least deserveing of the remaining players he has been evicted 2 times and before you say, yea but he battled back twice you forget how much the game changes once you see who is your enemy is and who is not. I just think it’s impossible to blindside someone that knows your strategy

    • Oh please Victor has earned it. Who do you want to win? James who has done nothing but moon over Natalie

  15. It’s just crazy that within 48 hours they forgot why they evicted Victor. It’s the right move tonight because the wrong move was made at the nomination ceremony. Nicole lost her focus this week. Instead of getting out a strong player they caved in to get out the weak link. They are stupid to think the jury would vote for them over Paul or Victor.

  16. Of course Nicole will end up spilling the beans right before the live show and we’ll see how it all went down on Sunday. These people are spineless about truly blindsiding someone.

  17. Natalie has to go, seems like James finally see her true color’s. His feelings seemed so hurt. She pissed me off blaming James for everything. Hell she put Vic on the block. Is she double minded or what? Send her packing Thursday.

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