‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole & Corey Reaffirm New Final Four Deal

All the power lies with Nicole and Corey this week on Big Brother. Now that we’re through both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions the duo can take nearly any direction they want to help shape the remainder of Big Brother 18, but is this new plan their best option?

Nicole and Corey form a F4 with Victor and Paul

Even before this latest round of the week’s challenges took off there was hard work being put in by Paul to better position his and Victor’s stance in the game with the house potentially dividing and now those efforts are paying off.

Leading up to the previous eviction Paul and Victor had worked to make it appear as though Paul would be teaming up with Nicole & Corey to up their chances of James and Natalie turning against Nicorey and possibly voting out Corey instead of Victor. Well that part of the plan didn’t work out but the seeds Paul planted with Nicole over not trusting James and company appear to have paid off.

When the HoH comp came down to Nicole and James with promises from each for total safety I thought this week was about to be a repeat of the last round as we pressed on to a F4 of the two showmances. Not so fast. Nicole was quick to decide with Corey that this was their chance to team with the stronger duo of Victor and Paul instead of targeting them like James and Natalie wanted. Nicole determined she wouldn’t target Paul but instead go after Michelle.

There were worries and concerns along the way as she wanted to wait for ACP’s reveal to see if that’d change their plans. Nope. Corey won it and received only a $5K leverage instead of a true game changer reward. Then there came the Veto competition, another chance for Nicole’s plans to be thwarted. Nope again. Nicole pulled off that win. All the power and prizes this week went to Nicole and Corey. They’re in control. So did those ambitious plans change for them?

Last night soon after the Veto comp had ended we saw Paul stressing that he hadn’t won and his game would be in the hands of Nicole. This week there are going to be four votes which means Nicole could be a tie-breaker and if things keep going in their current direction then she’ll have to do just that.

Victor is for sure voting to keep Paul while James and Natalie are currently planning to keep Michelle. Thanks to the new alliance between Victor & Paul and Nicole & Corey we’re still hearing from Corey that he’ll also be voting to keep Paul. That’d send the decision to Nicole who doesn’t want to have to tie-break but I think she’d rather do that than to name a renom which would have been Natalie if it came to it.

While Paul was stressing post-Veto we saw Victor checking in with Nicole and Corey. Nicole promised Victor they were still good for keeping their foursome together and she wanted to make sure they weren’t going to be betrayed. Victor pledged loyalty from both him and Paul then shortly after left the room. Flashback to 4:46 PM BBT 8/27 to watch what follows.

Nicole turned to Corey and noted they could get either of those guys out this week. “I’m just saying. Think about it,” Nicole tells Corey before adding “I don’t want to though.” Yes, even in private Nicole and Corey are still on board to work with the two guys.

Both Corey and Nicole agree that at the very least they need Michelle out. “If Meech is here then she’s putting us up,” says Nicole. Yes, if Michelle wins HoH she just might. If Paul went this week then Michelle, Natalie, and James just might think they could reel Victor back to their side and then they’ll all go after Nicole and Corey. Several different ways that could all turn out, but this one way is Nicole’s fear.

So instead their plan is to keep Victor and Paul together with the hopes that those two will target James and Natalie who would in turn be targeting the guys instead of Nicole and Corey. Not a bad plan at all and it’s working out very nicely for Nicole here.

She decided against nominating James like she originally planned and that let her hide the plans to turn on Natalie and James. Then when she won Veto it meant there’d be no more nominations this week if she chose to keep Paul and Michelle on the Block. Lastly when it comes down to a tie-breaker James and Natalie will want Nicole to evict Paul but with Michelle’s past comments about targeting Nicole she has a strong case to explain why she broke the vote against Michelle instead of Paul.

Looks like Nicole and Corey have taken over James and Natalie’s middle ground spot. At least for this week they have.

What do you think of the duo’s plan? Is it a good idea to be aligning with Victor and Paul and will it last beyond Thursday night? We’ll be down to just six HGs and only a few more eviction shows to go. Check out the eviction show schedule for the rest of Big Brother 18 to see how quickly this will all go down then share your thoughts below on what you want to see happen next.


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