‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Corey Has A Plan For His BB Bribe – Update: Corey & Nicole Revisit The Plan

Corey Brooks picked up the last America’s Care Package prize for this week with the “BB Bribe.” This twist gives him $5K in Big Brother 18 gold to share with a fellow HG in exchange for a game move to benefit him, but with his duo having complete control this week he’s having a hard time finding a need for it. Overnight Corey may have finally figured out how to put it to good use.

Corey, Nicole, and a BB Bribe

Nicole is really worried about her plan to get Michelle out this week even though she knows she has Corey’s vote on lock and really there should be no doubt about Victor wanting to keep Paul over Michelle. Seems obvious, but she’s nervous and that has Corey thinking of how he could use that BB Bribe to help secure his plans with Nicole.

Flashback to 7:21 PM BBT 8/28 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Corey and Nicole are alone in the hammock as she starts to whisper worries about how the vote could go this week. She tells Corey that James and company seem to be oblivious to the plans for Michelle to be evicted this week which leads her to wonder if Victor could perhaps be flipping on them and Paul.

Nicole tells Corey it’d be a smart move by Victor to get things as 4 against 2 and really it’d be 4 against 1 in the upcoming HoH with Nicole watching from the sidelines. Corey starts to disagree as Nicole cuts him off. She’s stressing that Paul could end up going out this week.

Here comes Corey’s big idea. “Should I offer Vic the $5,000 to vote Michelle out? Just to make sure it happens,” he asks Nicole. Nicole likes it but wonders if it’s too crazy. She says it’d make her feel better but doesn’t know if it’s necessary. I’d say it’d be totally unnecessary.

Victor isn’t going to flip on Paul and team up with the people who targeted and voted him out last week, right? Well he did team back up with Paulie the first time he came back, but I’d like to think he’s learned his lesson on that kind of move.

Nicole and Corey’s conversation starts to head in that direction. Corey asks why Victor would flip like that and not expect James, Natalie, and Michelle to go right ahead and put him up again like they did before. They agree it wouldn’t make any sense.

Corey tosses out his idea again about going after Natalie, but Nicole doesn’t like that because it could free up James to go work with Victor and Paul which she obviously doesn’t want. So back to voting out Michelle they go and how to make it happen.

“Bro to bro,” says Corey, he could offer the cash to Victor and it’d shore up Victor’s confidence in them working with him and it’d show Paul Nicole & Corey’s commitment to keeping him safe in the house this week. They agree this could be really good to solidify their new F4 deal and keep things going even stronger in the last few weeks of the game.

Nicole really likes this idea as it will make her relax and ensure Michelle’s eviction while Victor needs the cash and it’ll make their alliance stronger by Corey offering him the $5K BB Bribe to lock down the votes this week. Remember the ACP twist is a binding agreement and once Victor agrees to accept the cash then his vote is set and can’t be changed, according to the rules stated with the BB Bribe.

We’ll keep watching to see if/when Corey makes a move on this plan. They discussed doing it that night then decided to wait and make sure there were no more crazy twists (Diamond PoV, etc.) showing up this week.

Since Corey has to use it then this isn’t a bad idea even though they really don’t have to worry about where Victor’s vote will go this week. The benefits of building trust and loyalty between the two sides is a good result here for an otherwise unnecessary power in Corey’s hands.

What do you think of Corey’s plan? He hasn’t formally extended the offer to Victor and still has a few days left to decide if he even needs to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary but if he doesn’t use it on something it will expire. Is there something else that would better suit their needs this week? Share your thoughts below.

Update: Corey and Nicole chatted more about how the votes could go this week. Flashback to 12:59 PM BBT 8/29. Corey asks Nicole what she thinks. He says there doesn’t seem to be any chance of Victor voting out Paul. Nicole reported to Corey that Victor was so happy about her not putting him up that she’s sure that sealed the deal.

Nicole is still nervous and hopes the guys are on their side. Corey is fully confident though and tells Nicole not to worry about this. They agree James and Victor will be going after each other, not working together.

Sounds like Corey probably won’t use the BB Bribe to get Victor to promise his vote against Michelle. Corey’s search will have to continue to find a use for it or else that power will disappear later this week.


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