Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction & HoH Competition In Week 10

Tonight on Big Brother 18 another Houseguest will be sent off to Jury as we prepare for the season’s final six HGs and four of them are ready to move on together toward the end, but don’t ruin the surprise for the other two just yet.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Yes, James and Natalie are about to find themselves in a possible win-or-done situation with this week’s Head of Household competition and spoilers may have revealed just what these HGs will face tonight.

Michelle and Paul are on the Block but only Paul has been actively talking with Nicole while Michelle keeps waiting for Nicole to come to her. No really, that’s what Michelle thinks Nicole needs to do. Meanwhile James has been assuring Michelle and Natalie that his gut will protect them all and deliver them to the promised Big Brother land. He’s very wrong and tonight could be a surprise for his trio that’s about to become a duo.

As for that HoH comp, reliable spoiler source Miss Cleo announced on Twitter last night the HGs would be competing in the chicken wire competition that we’ve seen the past few years both in pairs (BB16) and solo (BB17). Last year Vanessa pulled off the win in this competition and I’d say there are several left in the house who could do very well at that comp so I’m not sure there’s any single player with a great advantage over the rest of that’s the case.

Last year we watched the chicken wire & egg comp on the Live Feeds so if you’re interested in being ready for that if it happens then check out the Free Trial and get signed up now.

I’ve already done a rundown on the anticipated Final 6 and how each of those HoH win scenarios if you want to look ahead and what could be happening next week for the targets depending on who wins tonight’s comp. We’re less than 3 weeks from one of these players winning it all.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?



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  1. This is one of my favorite comps. I have been waiting for it.
    I think small hands are needed and Natalie could have this one. Paul does seem to have tiny hands as well so one never knows. Once Michelle is voted out, James and Nat will try hard to win. I am hoping not to hear Natalie screaming every time she loses an egg and distracting herself from winning it. I am hoping for a Natalie revenge win and put up Nicole and Corey or for Victor to win and put up James.

    • I hope for a Vic win too, but I think he will put up both James and Natalie, after all, Nat nominated him last week. He’s already said he wants to put her up for that.

      • We agree halfway!! :) Michelle this week. James next week, however, my wish list says Natalie, not Nicole the following week. However, I won’t cry crocodile (Michelle) tears if anyone other than Vic leaves! lol! ;)

      • Aah, then we are still more than halfway in agreement! :) The only difference being I would love to see Nat gone next week. I’m sorry, but I am so so so sick of hearing her whiny voice! She whines even when she talks regularly. It’s crazy!

      • You believe that Natalie’s voice is more annoying than Nicole’s. Every time Nic speaks is like tiny little painful punctures in my brain.

      • He can forgive but not forget.

        Lol. Vic was wondering how many more times he can use that speech. Ha ha.

      • I was hoping for one more time bbadboy! When he nominates Jamesie & Gnat-Nat! Revenge might be a dish better served cold, but if it can’t be cold, it’s still sweet, no matter how hot or cold it is. I want Vic to have that sweet revenge!

  2. I am rooting for Vic to win this HOH comp & put James and Natalie OTB! I am so tired of Natalie’s whiny voice…

    • I would love to see James and Dingus on the block together. Paul could win HOH and tell Dingus he is using her as a pawn just like she did him this week. One of them goes during the FF and the next during regular eviction this week. Best week ever!

      • James would definitely be the one to go in that scenario. I think Vic really likes Nicole as a person. His and Paul’s private talks during live feeds make me believe they will stay loyal to her.

    • I’m hoping for a Natalie or Victor win. It will be fun to see how committed to Nicole James truly is if he or Nat win. He’ll probably tell Natalie to do what she wants with her HOH, but Victor and Paul are bigger threats. Hopefully she’ll go with her gut and not listen to him anymore.

    • I think Corey will be favored to win this one with his long fingers even though they’re bigger.

      But I do think if Jatalie are out of the comp, he will toss it to Vic.
      NiCorey had discussed the trust they have that if Vic wins next HOH, he’ll go after Jatalie and they can remain spotless and have a shot at the DE. They think there’s a DE tonight – James is packing (lol) thinking he’s going. Ha ha.

      But NiCorey have a pretty good plan, I think. Sorry if that’s not popular but not bad. Normally at this point, I’m about winwinwin. But I think this week is as safe as they will be again.

      NiCorey wants Nat gone next. Vic wants Nat gone but thinks James needs to be next, as does Paul. I suspect with Paul – it’s to sever any ties between James and Nicole.

      • I totally agree about Corey doing well in the HOH comp tonight, if he’s able to focus that is. But unless James/Gnat are beating V/P it may not be in his best interest to win this one(what with needing to nominate James/Gnat). He was up most of last night cleaning the house too so he’s not rested.
        No offense to any James fans out there but I’m praying that he won’t win tonight, with his short/fat fingers! I kinda wish it was a DE so that he or Gnat could follow Mich out the door!

  3. I wonder if James has a gut check in time to tell Michelle to wear her nice dress for the live eviction? I’m anxious to see if she really calls out Dingus when she realizes she is gone. Seriously, what could she say that she thinks could negatively affect Dingus’s game. Will there be a fake Michelle/Dingus hug? I hope James is shocked, but I have a feeling that he will know the truth before the vote.

      • I’m smh at all of this talk of Michelle possibly stealing from the Hgs. Maybe BB should check for missing silverware and towels. I’m exaggerating, but this is blowing my mind.

      • If I were Nic I’d be checking to see if any of my belongings were missing, before Meech leaves tonight! I’m sure that
        she’d love to walk off with a lot of Nic’s stuff, over any of
        the other hg’s,considering M’s ugly hatred towards Nicole!

    • Of COURSE he’s going to tell her! Why would he change tactics this late in the game? Especially after all the hard campaigning Meech has done. I mean, the girl has exhausted herself campaigning. My gosh! No wonder she’s so emotional…all that begging and promising!
      I’m not being mean when I say this (in fact, I’m concerned)–After watching her breakdown last night, I really hope someone at BB has a therapist available to help when she re-enters the real world. When she reads the things that have been said about her (and she will), she’s headed for a REAL breakdown. Her actions are concerning to me and I’m not a doc—I’ve only played one on TV.

      Prepare her well, Big Mouth J.

      • Wasn’t much on Jokers today. Not even the usual staged scenes that are meant to leave us questioning who will actually be evicted. I don’t think anyone will really be surprised by tonight’s eviction, unless Dingus and production has set us up all week. I don’t believe anything until I see it and I believe production has a heavy hand in everything. I don’t think anything could surprise me, Dr. Sharona. What is your diagnosis? haha

      • Well, I see her primary diagnosis as Borderline Personality Disorder; coupled with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I sincerely think she suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. However, her BDD could be part of the BPD. Of course, all of these disorders could be subsets of a Major Depressive Disorder. I’d have to see her before I could diagnose her properly.

      • Michelle has more energy on commercials for BB than she does on BBAD where I’ve only seen her in bed lately. For being a nutritionist she sure does eat alot.

  4. Victor for HoH!!! Or Paul.
    Hey, maybe we could have a jury member come back again this week…yeah? I mean, we’re having yet another comp 2 of the HG’s have already played…might as well bring someone else back too. Of course I’m being extremely sarcastic. I do enjoy this comp. I absolutely love OTEV, and never want that comp to go away. But wouldn’t it be fun, if the online BB had ALL NEW comps? Just sayin’.
    Victor for Hoh!!! Or Paul.

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