‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole Franzel Admits Faking Conversations For Footage

If you’ve watched the Big Brother Feeds or followed along with online recaps then you’ve fully come to expect the CBS TV version of Big Brother to vary wildly with incomplete scenes, out of context comments, and often completely slanted representations often at odds with the reality of the game. Now we’re even getting that on our Live Feeds thanks to Nicole Franzel.

Nicole Franzel is doing it for production

This isn’t an isolated incident in the season and with it coming from one of the returning Houseguests it’s possible we’ve got another negative side effect of bringing back people who are already intimately familiar with the way not only production operates but how the audience receives them. When the HGs are more concerned about “packages” for the next episode than playing the game, then we’ve got a problem.

Last night Nicole began challenging Corey on his plans for the week ahead. After several looping conversations Corey was puzzled and asked why she wasn’t seeing what needed to be done. Oh, she did, Nicole explained, but she was just faking the talk so production had the content to use, you know, for the lies and deception to viewers for creating false tension and drama.

Flashback to 1:15 AM BBT 9/9 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

Nicole is sitting in bed with Corey as they continue to debate who should go up on the Block. They had already agreed on the plan hours earlier but now Nicole seems unsure. She’s questioning Corey’s plan to put Victor and Paul up on the Block together and he’s getting agitated about it.

“We can beat James in any comp in the world we want, so why would we want him out of the house? It’d be like someone wanting you out of the house,” says Corey to Nicole. Heh. He wants to know why she’s struggling to understand this basic concept.

“You’re arguing putting up James. What’s going through your head?” asks Corey. “I’m just giving them footage,” Nicole quickly explains. Yep. Blink and you’ll miss Nicole admit she’s lying to viewers for the sake of production.

Nicole is either obliging production with a request or doing so of her own volition to create false segments intended to deceive viewers on TV and on the Feeds. That’s some sketchy stuff right there. It’s not the first time she’s done it either.

Back during Week 10 after she won the Power of Veto Nicole had a talk with Corey debating whether or not they should flip on their F4 alliance that week. Flashback to 4:46 PM BBT 8/27.

Nicole is sitting with Corey in the HoH room and has just proposed that they could flip and take out either Victor or Paul before saying she doesn’t want to do that. She details why they can’t keep Michelle in the house. Corey agrees and they continue to discuss when Nicole makes her admission.

“I’m just giving them some footage right now. Just act like I’m contemplating on what I’m doing,” says Nicole as she explains this latest back and forth over what to do about with their power this week.

When this scene played out on TV Nicole’s admission of deceit obviously wasn’t in there. But even worse, production edited out the middle of their conversation when Nicole said “but that’s not what I want to do” when it came to possibly flipping on Victor and Paul, thus changing the context of the conversation.

So not only are TV viewers battling deceptive tactics from Big Brother production but now we’ve got at least one Houseguest, Nicole, actively lying to Feedsters for the sake of “giving them footage.” As Nicole likes to say, “that’s frickin’ bullcrap.”



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  1. Corey is right……getting rid of James is a bad move. Getting rid of Victor is the best move for them.

  2. LMAO..for pete’s sake..the girl knows the cams are on them 24/7. She knows that BB loves drama and flip flopping. We all know this. She is hamming it up. give her a break already! Just as Nat and James played up Umerika! Ha Ha!

    • Yes….and how Natalie played like she liked James, until it was time for one of them to go, then she wanted to break all ties. This game is filled with lies and I don’t get mad when people lie. James and Z should not have gotten into showmances. If you came to play the game, then you need to play the game. Getting into a showmance and being willing to blow your chances of winning, for a person you hardly know, is just dumb. I am a true Jeff and Jordan fan, but my gut tells me that those two are faking it and are not as happy as they appear to be.

      • Yes she is a bumpkin and he is more worldly. He went to where she lived to see how she got the way she is then picked a place a little more progressed than that and she is struggling. It seems to me that they want to be happy

      • I think they want to be happy, as well. However, they are not. I was disappointed that Jordan got pregnant, then rushed to the courthouse to get married. I’m not saying she should have opted for a big wedding. I’m just saying that she should not have rushed to the courthouse to make it legal.

      • Are you a male? Because let me tell you, most women that find out they’re pregnant will not rest easy until they’re sure their child will not be born
        illegitimate and will have a father to help provide for the child.

      • Come on. Anyone that watches them or reads anything about them or sees them do interviews can tell. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

      • Don’t worry Sharona, I’m just being sarcastic and enjoying myself here. Not much else going on :D
        Anyway, I want you to know that I’m sorry Victor is in such a bad spot right now but I’m sure he’ll win POV and will be around a little longer.

      • OK! I know how hard it is when things get emotional…I usually have to leave.
        Yeah, Vic is in a tight spot. I’m rooting for a strong POV performance!

      • I now realize people just need to vent over VP going on the block and Nicole got more blame than Corey for some reason. I hope everyone feels better now :D

      • Well I agree, but not everyone agrees with us, I’m sure. She is southern, as am I, and parents tell us that from an early age. No kids out of wedlock

      • I do believe that you should not have kids out of wedlock. I, also, believe that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do. So, if you want to have kids out of wedlock, go right ahead and do that. What I don’t believe in doing is getting married, just to make it legal.

      • I’m shocked anyone still uses the derogatory and shaming term illegitimate.

      • It’s a quote from an Emily Dickinson’s poem. Something about going from summer to fall (if I remember well).

      • Putting smiley’s on your posts doesn’t make them less passive aggressive but only makes them more so. “Illegitimate” labels and shames the innocent child for the actions of the parents. Even extremely judgmental people should be able to see this. :D (back attcha)

      • One thing you will never be able to say about me … I don’t degrade and shame innocent children by labeling them “illegitimate” …

      • “Illegitimate” is an actual word and completely correct. Nothing derogatory about it.Would you rather the child be referred to as a bastard?

      • Both are words that label and shame the innocent child for their parents actions. Anyone should be able to see this.

      • I think she wanted to be married before the baby was born. They are talking about celebrating with family and friends after the baby.

      • Right! I just put above, she wanted to be married before baby is born, and I think they are going to have a big wedding after the birth

      • Didn’t Jordan win BB whatever season it was. Ha ha I just remembered Jeff’s big move to get Jessie out then Chima threw her mic in the water and got kicked out.

      • Jordan didn’t want the baby born out of wedlock, and she didn’t want to get married while pregnant. They are still going to have a big wedding, I think. I read an article somewhere about it when they got married

      • There’s a difference between lying to other players and lying to viewers. It’s why I didn’t have as much respect for Derrick as many others did. Seems Nicole learned from the best player of her season…

      • The casual viewers are *lied* to 3 times a week during the shows. They are showing things that make you think one thing when the *live* feeders know that is not what is going on. JS

      • Right, they have been getting lied to the last several seasons. Why exactly do you think that is acceptable?

        “That’s just the way it is!” is not an acceptable response, which is seemingly your only argument.

      • Where did I say it was acceptable? Where did I say *That’s just the way it is!* ? Facts of where I said it please. Thank you! I am doing this because for some reason you went through almost every comment I made and personally decided to question and somewhat attack me. I have a right to my opinion just as much as the next person. I think maybe you were having a bad day or something. Sorry if you were! Have a good evening.

      • That does seem to be the consensus of most. The author is merely pointing it out within the article.

      • It doesn’t change who they fundamentally are as people. I think James is a scumbag for lobbying for AFP. I have watched live feeds, and it was Derrick’s season. I think he’s a scumbag, pretending to be a good guy

    • That’s true. But if directive or encouragement to do this is coming from production in DR’s then that is really lame and much worse.

    • I agree. I’m so tired of all this production talk and fixing the game. They need something for TV and of course they are going to suggest things. Put ideas in their heads. What they do with those ideas is strictly up to them. Gee didn’t you know last night they filled up Corey’s bowl half way, gave him special shoes and didn’t grease down his lane. Lol.

      • Well, if you’re tired of all this talk about production fixing the game then you might want to talk TO production and ask them to stop doing it. Then, we can all stop talking about it. 8-}

    • Who knew Nicole ever had an original thought? I think she comes across so fake, production has her do multiple takes

    • I think Nicole forgets that the camera’s are on every night when she and Corey are trying to make the first BB baby. And if she has 1/2 of a brain, she will know that that will never be gone…her husband, if she ever gets married and kids will get to watch her have sex with a guy she just met and has admitted he doesn’t want anything to do with her after the show….Nicole is a nitwit!!!

      • No they don’t actually have intercourse. Vic gives him hand jobs and he grinds on her ,which is sex after a fashion, but not anywhere near the ‘dirty deed’.
        what I think is so hilarious is nic whines on about hoping she’s made her best friend,her mommy,so proud . I seriously would not be expecting my folks to be proud of my behavior if I carried on like nic. She’s a dizzy twit, alright ;-)

  3. This angers me. I understand this is a TV show but it’s supposed to have an integrity to uphold. Yeah production might have to get involved here and there but it’s not supposed to disrupt or influence the game. The players have to agree to things like this for a reason so what’s the point of that if production isn’t being held to the same standards? I hope someone from this cast is bold enough to sue them since it’s on feeds what Nicole said.

    • I wish we as fans could sue them. I’m just aggravated because I’m so very seriously disappointed. If I felt Vic and Paul and even the other HGs had the same equal opportunity as Dingdoo and James and still lost to them, I’d still be totally enthused about and love BB. But the favoritism and manipulation has gone too far this season for me to get a whole lot of enjoyment from watching. BBN is all that kept me entertained most of the time.

      • I feel the same way KSJB. The show is supposed to keep viewers entertained and to have fun watching it. I get frustrated and, yes, sometimes angry watching the show and following what goes on behind the scenes. Except for some of the people here, I kind of wish I had never found these BB oriented sites.

      • I often feel that way too, that part of me wishes I never found sites like this. But you shouldn’t feel that way. You make comments that are thought out and intelligent. I don’t even mind a little bit when I completely disagree with what you say, because at least you debate intelligently. I wish more commenters would have the approach that you do.

      • I am married to an Attorney and we as viewers can not sue them for cheating but, the players can sue because it is actually causing them damages when the game is fixed. I hope someone does sue them sooner rather than later!!!

      • Complete BS. They signed contracts to appear on the show. They agreed to sign away their rights to sue for any reason.Period.

      • Of course it’s in their contracts. These dumb-bunnies that think cbs would have these backward hillbillies on their network without first making sure every possible venue and claim to sue has been removed. Nothing about the cbs production is actionable as seen in the contract. cbs can’t possibly control what these twits will say or do. Heck, there are more ways for cbs to sue the players for not following their contractual obligations, as stated in said contract,than you or I could imagine. People are so clueless about all that is involved with sequestering people for 100 days and nights. If there was an opening for bringing suit or claim the show wouldn’t exist .Dur ;-)

      • Exactly. But CBS has no need to sue the players, the penalty in their contract is withholding of their stipend. That’s why you see player like Paulie yapping that he will quit, but when DR remind him that they would forfeit his stipend, they change their mind.

      • I didn’t actually think it could be done. I am simply that disenchanted with BB. The fact that I feel like I was led to believe this was a fair show to each participant irritates me when I realize that is not true at all. People talk about how they feel Branden is biased(he tells the truth and they don’t like it) but they don’t seem to care about Production showing bias (which is obvious, imo). Branden can not influence or manipulate HGs. Production can.

      • “He tells the truth and they don’t like it”…lol. ok there. Truth doesn’t even come into the equation when such a large percentage of his articles are products of his opinion. Opinion and fact will never go hand in hand. Truth and fact, will.

      • The burden of proof is then on the players. If your husband is an attorney he should have explained that the players will have been required to sign a lengthy and complex contract. Nothing cbs does or has done would be actionable .All of the rights of the individual players have been signed away.If you don’t sign the contract you don’t appear on the program.All of the cards are stacked in their favor. cbs has legal representation and the money to back it up far beyond what any private person could afford .

      • As usual, I agree with you 100%. You always nail it and say things very clearly almost identical to the way I’m thinking.

      • Hello there! I haven’t been around very much =( but have tried to keep up as much as possible =)

        Yes I agree. The newbies are already at a disadvantage compared to the veterans and this is what makes me even more mad about the whole situation. If production were to be helping out certain newbies then yeah it would still kinda suck but the vets would know better already and could make decisions accordingly. But the newbies have no clue that this is what’s going on. If they did I’m pretty sure Vic & Paul would’ve NEEEEEVER teamed up with Nicorey and actually would’ve done what I preferred and put one person from each pair up, preferably Natalie and Nicole or James and Nicole so James would have to decide between the two or Corey would have to decide between the two. Because obviously all of them were against Paul and Vic the entire time and they would’ve still been the target this week. I’m just so frustrated with this outcome because of all the outside influences. The only hope is for one to get the veto and for them to somehow get James or Nicole to flip the vote but that’s pretty much impossible =(

      • Not really. The other evicted HG’s had the same chances and the comps weren’t fixed for him to win them either.

    • If you could see the contract that each player must sign you would understand that there is almost no set of circumstances under which a player can sue or hold cbs responsible. Everything is created in favor of cbs in every way. The players sign away all legal rights to their physical representation via TV and or the internet, their voices and their personal history.

  4. Don’t pretend this is something new. You know that the poke and prod them back in DR for some juicy stuff. They ask questions that make the hgs think about things. This has gone on since the beginning. Nicole has watched the live feeds..she knows how BB looks for scenes to use on tv show. Good grief it is a reality tv show. Get a grip!

    • DR trying to manipulate the game and lead houseguests toward one way or another has not been going on “since the beginning”. If you believe that, you are misinformed or just flat out ignorant of reality. Many former players have discussed how that didn’t start until Grodner took over.

      Dr. Will probably being the most obvious example of someone who has said he’d never compete on the show again due to how overproduced it’s become. He saw the signs in All Stars and it’s only managed to get worse.

      I don’t know if you’re a Nicole fan and just blindly defending her teacher’s pet type behavior, but perhaps before telling people to “get a grip”, you should be a bit more familiar with what’s going on?

      • lol…It has nothing to do with whether I am or am not a Nicole fan. It is how you read what is posted by many that have not a clue what is going on. Most are not live feeders so they rely totally on sites to give them updates. If the sites do not have impartial writers..you do NOT get the true story of what is going on. As far as production playing a part in it..don’t tell me that the first ones were never asked questions..because how did the come up with their diary sessions with out it? JS

      • Asking questions and calling someone an idiot for going after particular players is completely different (that specific example is when Victor explained that production called him that when he said he wanted to go after Paulie).

        How do you not see the difference between the two?

      • Lol, not you Dawn. Production, DR called Victor an idiot for going after Paulie according to Victor.

      • What does that have to do with the current article we are supposed to be commenting on?
        But thanks for the info, I can’t believe the DR was protecting the horrid Paulie in this manner.

      • What it has to do with the article is that if Nicole is doing things such as this, she’s clearly going above and beyond to make productions job easier which you can argue in turn has caused production to show clear favoritism toward Nicole, Corey and Paulie throughout the game.

        If that’s all there was to it, I’d just say it’s circumstantial. But add in the biased comments made by DR, the fact that they actually TOLD Nicole that the key floats in the most recent competition (effectively helping her solve one of the puzzles) and the most recent mastermind edit she seems to be getting set up for her… where there’s smoke, there’s fire is all I’m saying.

      • This site even put up where the guy who did the MacGyver set told how they gave ALL hgs info about the scenes. Go back and check.

      • Interesting, why exactly did Paul and James drain their water tanks then? Since it is definitive that Nicole and Corey knew that the key floated and thus were aware of how to solve that puzzle, why were Paul and James clueless?

        I’ve heard those claims from the producers as well, not sure that I put much validity into them though.

      • It is kind of fishy. I always try to think what I would do in a given situation and although I consider myself pretty bright, to immediately know that you needed to get the key to float and create some bridge from the water tank and the grate was something else….I don’t know if I would have just immediately thought, “yeah, that’s what needs to happen.”

      • Yeah you would have to be an idiot if someone is brought in. I’ve only ever heard HG’s say they watched an episode, a movie, etc. Never have I heard they brought it someone from the show to tell them how to get thru a comp

      • Paul knew to get the water to the vent, he just used the wrong tool to get it there, and thus ran out of water. James was the only one truly clueless about it, but is that a hard sell? I’ve never thought he was intelligent.

      • Neither wanted to win. They were throwing the comp.
        Just because it’s a comp. doesn’t mean every layer wants to win. Come on, pay attention ;-)

      • But in context with this article, Nicole was discussing the situation and covering all aspects of who will be going up OTB so that on the next episode the audience will be able to see all sides of the situation and not just an biased POV like we get here at BBN occasionally.
        There are people in the audience that want to see all sides of any situation – I know that I do.
        It’s not like the DR said “Corey!, you must put PV on the block is it?

      • However, that was a completely ‘made up’ side, as Nicole agreed with Corey 100%.

      • Call it what you will but they had a conversation discussing all sides of the situation so that BB would have footage to show to the audience next episode, because some members of the audience want to know what the HG’s are thinking.
        BB did not write a script that Nicole repeated while discussing the matter, she was using her own thoughts and words but managed to convey the situation to everyone in the audience.
        What in the heck is wrong with letting the audience know why they are making a particular decision when Nicorey are about to turn on VP?
        I do understand that the VP fans are extremely upset this will happen and that’s only human.
        But let’s not take it out on Nicole please.
        I’ll be sorry to see Victor go too and I think we should have both a male and female winner this year.

      • Because she is lying! She protected James from being target last week. She lied to Victor and Paul flat out. I’m glad people will see what liars those three are. James and Nicole especially, and dumb Corey along for the ride

      • The joke is on Corey since Nicole and James had a F2 before coming on the show. They are friends outside of the house and that in itself is a problem. Production will make sure they will make it and if I heard correctly, I heard that of two Vets are F2, they will make more money!

        Every watched the movie “Gameshow”? True story and they were sued and lost!!!

      • But Nicole was never seriously considering putting up James, so for production to make it look like Nicole was considering it is leaving a false impression to the casual viewers. If that is what they do, which I’m sure they will.

      • Nicole is not the HOH so it doesn’t matter who she considered putting OTB.
        But she could help Corey share his thoughts and feelings on the subject so the audience would know what is going on in his head…since nobody has a clue most of the time what he’s thinking.

      • But she does have a say in it, they are talking about it together, we’re they not? But her thoughts aren’t sincere, that’s the problem. If she wanted Corey to not nominate Paul and Victor together, for whatever reason, then it’s okay to voice those, but she literally said she did it just for the cameras.

      • Saying Nicole’s thoughts aren’t going to affect Corey’s noms is like saying James’ thoughts did not affect Natalie’s noms, which we know isn’t true. Yes, ultimately the decision is Corey’s, but they will (and have) discussed it together. That’s what alliances do.

        Corey has made his thoughts and intentions very clear, he wants to go to final 3 with James. He is going to nominate Paul and Victor. He, unlike Nicole, did not pander to production. He did not put out false thoughts just so production would have footage for the show. So it doesn’t matter if Nicole is trying to help Corey share his thoughts because hers aren’t real.

      • I agree with you, but where we will see Corey seemingly debating as to what to do will be in his DR sessions. That’s where production will ask him certain things and even ask him to pretend he’s considering something else, or at least that he’s expressing doubt in his plan.

      • True, I didn’t think about that. I wonder if they will be able to get him to say that though. He seems pretty adamant about his decision.

      • Yeah, but I bet they’ll smile at him, get him to smile back, and say “Look Corey, we know you’re set on what you want to do, but pretend for a second you’re considering something else. For the sake of the TV show. There’s stipend money and a nice Christmas card in it for you. We’ll use it for the show, but you go right ahead and stick with your plan” and he’ll smile and say “Alright. I like you guys. Christmas is fun”

        (I’m actually just kidding about playing up about him being slow. I don’t personally think he is, like the majority of people here think)

      • Hahaha, I loved his Christmas Corey edit! I don’t think he’s slow, but I don’t think he’s all that intelligent either.

      • The edit they give him is fun I agree, but I don’t think indicative. I’m not saying he’s a closet genius or anything, but I think his intelligence level is fine. I think he’s smarter than James and Natalie. Possibly combined.

      • I don’t think it is either, I just think it was all in good fun. That one were he was talking about his dog was weird. I think if he is smarter than anyone it’s James.

      • That was exactly my point. She wasn’t doing it to look at all sides, she was doing it so it seemed like she was looking at all aspects.

      • She’s on a TV show so the producers no doubt wanted a thorough discussion so the audience could understand what’s going on in their heads.

      • It has nothing to do with who I like or dislike. She wasn’t doing it to look at all sides, she was doing it so it seemed like she was looking at all sides.

      • No, she was presenting arguments to explain their decision so the audience could understand the thought process behind who will be going OTB.
        Otherwise, some fans that only watch the show will wonder ‘Why aren’t they putting up James’? and other questions. This way they are cramming a lot of information into the episode in the shortest time.

      • You mean biased like it really is – that they straight up lied to Victor and Paul? That people might not be happy that they lied? That kind of thing?

      • They didn’t tell her the key floats until AFTER the comp. she never got the key bc according to her she’s never seen a boat key before. Her comment was “if they wanted to give me a clue they should’ve turned it on its side” – she said this on BBAD the night of the comp.

      • I hate when someone tells me to get a grip. I find it insulting – like I’m sitting here clutching my pearls

    • So she knows how it’s done, or production prompted her? Which is it? It’s one thing to think production prompts certain scenarios; however, when that occurs so blatantly, it’s a turnoff

  5. And what about the fake footage we get in the DR segments on tv? Where Vic says that he wants James out and this is after they already decided to get out Nat. They collectively decided it. I know this because of how Vic was dressed that it was after..not before. If you are going after someone..you best look at all of the segments we see on the tv edits.

  6. I said in an earlier post that Dingus was becoming quite the actress, because even without having feeds or knowing this all happened, I knew there was no question that she and production wanted Vic and Paul otb. There is a huge difference between conspiracy theories and intelligent speculation based on an ever mounting pile of circumstantial evidence. It looks like the truth will not prevail in this case and the perps/bad guys will get away with their crimes to loyal BB fans.

    • KSJB, you wrote a comment a while back comparing production to an additional player in the game that we have pretend doesn’t even exist. I rarely remember individual posts, but that one really stuck. The straw for me was watching Corey go straight for the pipe without even looking around the room. He and Dingus are becoming so comfortable that they are not even bothering to pretend anymore. Yes, this is circumstantial, yet leads to intelligent speculation.

      • Let’s not forget Nicole flat out saying that production told her that the key is supposed to float in that competition.

      • The fact that you remember that post, I take as a compliment, Meerkat. It has became much clearer this season that it seems production plays a far bigger role than I realized when I wrote that post.

      • Absolutely, KSJB, it seems like you were right on point. I didn’t really see how much of a role production was going to play, but now it is impossible to ignore so many questions. Maybe everyone is getting too comfortable. Paul strikes me as the most observant HG of this bunch, so wonder what he must be thinking…his contract probably prohibits ‘intelligent speculation’ though!

      • I’m glad you remember that post as well. I actually said it first, I said it a few times, a few weeks before she did. But I’d also like to give her credit because I appreciate her insights and her posts very very much and respect you greatly.

      • Thank you Occupy, I respect your insights as well. I now think of production now as a silent presence in the house that is directly influencing the direction of the show. Again, go back and watch Corey ‘win’ the veto with almost 3 minutes to spare.

      • Exactly. There was no way to edit out the fact that he was being coached or he had knowledge of exactly what to do already. They should have picked better actors if they were going to try to fake the game. Corey it’s not a good actor.

    • I think that *someone* was not getting enough juicy material so they dug deep into this one to stir the pot. Pretty sad really! SMH!

      • I’ve come to expect this sort of thing and it does get tiresome.
        They’re trying to film a TV show and they want footage to show the audience all sides of the situation as to who’s going up OTB – I would think the fans would want to see how Corey will make his decision after going over all POV’s.
        I’m surprised that Corey is willing to go head to head with VP, I didn’t think he had it in him.

      • Your opinion doesn’t matter. Nobody’s does. Facts were presented and unless you can refute them, please stop.

  7. Getting to e more and more scripted. BB has always done some shady stuff for the of keeping the game interesting but having players it to is going too far

  8. Seriously, screw Nicole. She’s been productions pet all season and now they’re rewarding her by setting up a mastermind edit (jury house segment). I can’t stand this, I’m sure a million people have said this, but if next seasons cast seems even remotely tampered with, I’m done.

  9. Congrats on getting people all mad again! I think I’m done with this site. I thought you were better than Jokers but now I have to seriously question that.

      • Because it is always one sided. Most of the time only half truths. If you are going to write things..make sure you have all the facts down. Not just parts that suit you. JS

      • Everything in this article is written as it played out. What ‘facts’ are missing?

      • Entire dialogs. Are you all live feeders or just casuals? Go and check things out for yourself. In its entirety. Not just one time stamp.

      • Maybe but I think there are more casuals on here than live feeders. It makes a difference. I know it did when I started watching the feeds via only seeing on tv.

      • A lot of live feeders here. In fact some of them sleeps at the same time the HG’s sleeps….so you’re leaving BBN?..I’ve seen what’s out there. They’re crappy. BBN is still the best forum….ok good bye then.. yup..yup

      • Dawn, I’m so sorry you are being personally attacked here for not agreeing with the majority. Hang in there :D

      • Thank you India. I’m so use to it. I use to be union rep for many years. You learn how to stand up for what you think is right! :-)

      • How is she being personally attacked? Never called her names or anything of the sort, I’ve questioned her knowledge regarding the situation as well as her credibility (the same thing that she’s doing to Matthew Boyer and Branded mind you). I just want a follow-up to her initial claims, don’t see how that’s malicious.

      • Why is it so evil to ask questions? If you feel like having your opinion challenged is akin to “being put on trial”, I don’t know what to tell you.

        But this is a site for everyone, so you may have your opinion, and I am allowed to question that opinion.

        Just as if someone is going to question the credibility of the people who run this site, I may ask them to support those claims.

      • You said I was putting you on trial, obviously through the questions that I was asking. I don’t feel like I was putting any words in your mouth, but very well.

      • Jared, I’m allowed to have opinions here. I have no obligation to you or anybody to produce facts for you if you don’t agree with my opinion.
        If I say the author is emotional and biased that is my opinion after reading many articles here.
        Hopefully I’m able to provide input here when I disagree with something.
        Are you the author of this article by any chance?
        I really don’t understand your hysterical comments otherwise.

      • I’ve run into the same thing, people claiming something that they fail to back up. Or at least fail to back up with anything solid.

      • Jared, you’re really getting overly emotional about this aren’t you? Why is that?
        After reading many articles here I feel both authors are often too emotional and biased.
        I’m not trying to hurt your feelings but I’m not the only one that has complained about this.
        I’m allowed to have opinions without writing you an essay on how I came to have that opinion.
        I think you’re behaving in a very immature manner and I hope you will henceforth cease responding to my comments.
        Have a great weekend :D

      • She wasn’t personally attacked, we were just asking her what ‘facts’ we are missing…

      • As posted above..this is what I said: Everything in this article is written as it played out. What ‘facts’ are missing?

      • That doesn’t support anything, saying “This is one-sided, it doesn’t show all of the facts!” and then not presenting any of said facts to back up your claim kind of kills your argument.

      • She has watched the feeds and apparently you haven’t so why are you so angry that she shared what she’s seen?
        I’m sorry Victor is the target this week, I really am and I can understand why everyone is upset.
        No need to take it out on Nicole though.

      • I understand that. But, like Jared, I’m not sure how she came to that conclusion after watching the feeds. So I was more or less asking for elaboration.

      • India Hi, She did opened up a topic, criticizing the writer, the article and the site, which is her right, but expect responses from the readers. When I read her posts, I knew she’ll be challenged. It’s BBN forum, but I didn’t’ see any personal attack towards her. She should be able to handle all these and not leave the site right?

      • Thanks for you input Cyril, but there’s no reason to be rude to people that don’t agree with the majority here.
        I understand all the Victor fans are angry and upset and that’s to be expected, but no reason to take it out on the Nicole fans is it? Or even Nicole for that matter, she’s not the HOH.
        I wish you hadn’t told Dawn ‘good-bye’ either when she was being treated in such an unkind manner already.

      • It’s funny because, I was going to delete that India. lol but it’s there already.. just tell her not to leave this site..it’s still the best. lol

      • Yes this is the best site Cyril, I couldn’t agree more.
        But the NIcole fans are not happy with the constant negative articles when it comes to Nicorey and since most people here don’t have the feeds I wish the articles were unbiased, that’s all.
        Just giving a little feedback, that’s all and I hope Matt isn’t offended because that was not my intention.
        So no harm done, just a difference of opinions, that’s all.

      • She was being rude toward the writers, but I guess they don’t count as people, huh?

        I personally was being short with her because I’m tired of people questioning the credibility of Matthew for merely doing his job, it’s not fair and she should expect backlash for making such bold claims.

        Nobody ever called her names or personally attacked her. Certainly some have become annoyed, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

      • I’m sure Matt would appreciate input from everyone, good or bad since he has such a successful site.

      • I’m sure Matt would appreciate input from everyone, good or bad since he has such a successful site.

      • I watch the feeds and I still would like you to provide ACTUAL information as to how this is one sided. Don’t just say “watch the feeds”, tell me EXACTLY what Matthew left out in this article.

      • I’m not the writer on this site. I’m not going to play tag with you either. I said my opinion on this and sticking to it. What was said in this article was just to stir the pot because it is a slow day. Nic did nothing wrong..said nothing wrong. You all act like she killed someone and it is really quite funny.

      • Yes, I’m not going to watch hours upon hours of feeds just to confirm whether or not she’s telling the truth. She made the argument, she needs to back it up.

      • Don’t you understand that she’s a busy gal and you will have to check the feeds in order to be able to debate the situation knowledgeably? :D

      • No, I honestly have never been in an argument on this site to this degree, but everyone is accusing me of personally attacking someone which is nonsense.

        I questioned someone’s claims, now people are telling are telling me to “go away” “zip it”, saying I’m lazy and so on. Yet I’m the rude one? Gotcha

      • I guess it’s been a long week for some. I happen to agree with you, but my opinion here seldom matters, lol. I just found this site a few months ago, so I’m not an original. It’s kind of like moving into a small town, and not quite fitting in.

      • You opinion matters!!! Every single person’s opinion matters—whether we agree or disagree. We may agree/disagree vehemently sometimes, but that’s what’s cool about this site. And if a person doesn’t want to comment any longer because they don’t like Matthew’s opinion, that’s cool, too. At the end of the day, as long as there are no personal attacks (and I haven’t seen any from you—and really, not many on this thread, actually) opinions are just that: opinions. And for the most part, I think the folks here can respect each other.
        But please, RSA—don’t EVER think your opinion doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading your posts! They matter to ME. :)

      • Thanks, yours too. And, as I told Cyril, I wasn’t including everyone here in my comment. Although I don’t think I’ve personally attacked anyone, I know it has certainly been done to me. I let it get to me for a while, but brushed it off eventually.

      • Also you can join me, Cyril, Sharona, and a bunch of from here too, for Survivor in 2 weeks, We go to another site run by the same team than here. You can check it out now:

        survivorfandom dot com

      • Ooohhh! I will have to look that up.
        I have watched BB and Survivor from their beginnings. I have been reading here for several years. I don’t think I have even been to the Survivor one.

      • You’re wrong! I always read your post. You’re opinion matters….you and Mickey. ha!..seriously, I’m glad you found this site. lol

      • LOL. It’s funny, I started to type ‘Now don’t everyone take offense, because I in no way feel that way about everyone here’…but I accidentally hit the Enter key and it was too late! (me and Mickey, ha~)

      • I did watch it, still not seeing what her issue is with Mathews post. Not going to zip it, thank you :)

      • It was inappropriate for me to say that and I realize that and I apologize. I deleted the comment.

      • I didn’t say I was leaving. Just said I might be. For the most part I enjoy this site and the people commenting on here. I have highly recommended it to my friends and family.

      • Weird spot for me after reading this debate going on…you’re not wrong about this site showing biases. But at the same time, Jared isn’t wrong to ask the follow up questions he asked. The feeds are a lot to watch to just say “watch the feeds”. When a time stamp was provided, he watched and didn’t see the issue, so he was simply asking about that, and I’m not sure you and India Ink handled all that very well. So in a weird way, I agree with both of your sides, in different ways.

      • Hi Teddy! Sorry had to go to work or would have replied to you earlier. I just want to start with this…as in all aspects in life things can be misinterpreted and then have a totally different spin put on the situation. Something that was said or done jokingly can be perceived to be something blatantly done or said. If people don’t watch the actual live feeds and when I say watch them..I am referring to watching not just the time stamp that someone tells them to go to..but what happens before and after that time, they lose the true meaning. If I already don’t like a hg I just might go to the time stamp or read on one of the sites what was suppose to have been said and not get the true meaning of what had transpired. People pass judgment too fast not just on BB but in life. This is just one of those things. Nicole is a very nervous person. She 2nd guesses herself all the time. She runs thru all the what if scenarios. So when she did this on the 2 times Matthew brought up..it wasn’t to throw people off or mislead. It was to figure it out. Then she says it is for good feeds. Maybe it is true..maybe she is just not wanting to look dumb or like a flip flopper when she plays this all out in her mind and out loud. I just get tired of people that nitpick about such small and meaningless things. Such as this article.

      • Very thoughtful response Dawn. I definitely see where you’re coming from and I agree with what you’ve said. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.

  10. Its long been annoying, the fake convos for production, but not really a huge issue, and the difference with Nicole is she admits it.

    I don’t get that worked up, because it is less of a flat out lie, and more a little in show suspense that gets wrapped up by the decision reveal at the end.

    It does lead to slight wrong impressions, and has probably hurt the impression Nicole has made on feed followers (combined with awful DRs), but its more of temporary misdirection than flat out lie.

  11. This doesn’t bother me at all. Not even a little bit. CBS/Big Brother has to put together a narrative, and sometimes there are some things missing to tell said narrative.

    I can see why people would be bothered by this and don’t blame them. It does lead to certain things looking fake or over-produced. But it’s the nature of the beast. I’ve gotta believe Big Brother isn’t alone on this.

  12. NO!!! OK, this really pisses me off. Especially since it involves Nicole. I am an idiot. Just like I defended that identity-stealing troll Mickey, I’ve been not exactly defending Nicole, but I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. And I’ve given production a lot of benefit of the doubt. Well, no more.
    I am so upset. Earlier I joked about how ‘maybe Victor and Paul should have stayed in bed and played grab-ass instead of playing the game.’ Maybe that wasn’t a joke after all.

    What the hell good was it to have Victor play an amazing fricking game and Paul to have played an amazing fricking social game—only to have been deceived this whole time?
    I’m still going to watch. I want to see how this farce ends. But this duped fan is sure going to be a lot more suspicious and cynical from now on.
    And. That. SUCKS!

    • Here are a few things that you should think about when it comes to Paul and Victor. 1. Was Victor’s second entrance into the house planned? 2. Did Paul receive help to find the round trip ticket back into the house? So, how do we know they were not helped, as well.

      • We don’t. I’m mad because I’m so naive. I realize ‘reality’ shows are never ‘real.’ But I never thought Big Brother REALLY influenced their cast members. I said this earlier in the season…I would have fought to the death if someone had even intimated that this show was ‘rigged’ or Production had a hand in ANY way. No kidding. I would never had believed it. That’s why I’m disappointed. Mostly in myself for believing that my beloved show is the same as the lesser reality game shows. I expect MORE from BB.

      • tee hee hee, even for us viewers, lol. Ha! This is a twisted, twistiest of them all show.

      • LOL! NO!!! I’m smiling! See :D ? Please, do not put me in the same sentence with that person. lol…

      • There was a time when I was naïve and thought everything was real Sharona, but then came the sad day when I learned otherwise a long time ago. :D
        I wonder what BB would be like if the producers didn’t interfere as much.

      • Bored people trapped in a house for 3 months would find ways to relieve that boredom that might not be ready for primetime TV. Production has to “control” them, and that’s what we’re seeing.

      • I STILL don’t think the show is ‘rigged.’ But it does bother me–as a naive viewer–to know for sure that Production ‘eases or ‘nudges’ HG’s here and there. And It absolutely WOULD bother me if I knew Production had a hand in making sure Victor and Paul were the F2. Don’t presume to know what I’m thinking.

    • I think it was you Sharona that responded to my comment about UnReal sometime ago… Since watching that show, I don’t fully believe in ANY reality show (didn’t before), now including the competition shows.

      It is definitely unfair to Victor and Paul who actually came to play and played a fantastic game… Nicole and James’ attitude this season was too lackadaisical for me to believe they weren’t given some special deal (even more so than DaVonne and Frank, who were also playing).

    • Well, don’t put all the blame on Nicole. She’s just doing her thing. It’s up to production and editing to stop the nonsense seen in the house – and we know they do stop some things. Maybe Nicole (and even others) were told to give production more “stuff” to work with – since this season has been perceived as boring. The fact that Nicole (intentionally or inadvertently) spilled the beans should be a lesson for production: if they don’t want BS, don’t ask the HGs to provide it, or stop them when they start.

      • Oh, I’m not putting all the blame on Nicole…and if it sounded that way, that wasn’t my intent. I was putting it squarely on Production.

      • “this really pisses me off. Especially since it involves Nicole”

        It certainly sounds like you’re putting the blame on Nicole to me…

      • I wrote that post in the heat of the moment, Joe.
        When I wrote, ‘Especially since it involves Nicole,’ it’s complicated.
        Nicole was one of my favorite player’s during her season.
        I was extremely excited to have her back in the game.
        Then she became involved in a showmance and seemed to lose interest.
        She seemed to coast.
        She wasn’t playing like the Nicole that I remembered.
        I was disappointed.
        I’d found out that Production actually does have a hand in the game. THAT upset me.
        I felt played.
        And since it involved Nicole, it upset me all the more that PRODUCTION ‘nudged’ her. I didn’t blame Nicole. I blamed PRODUCTION.
        I’m sorry that I didn’t make that clear to you Joe.

      • Ah, thanks for clarifying, Sharona! That makes a lot of sense. I guess you felt a little disappointed or “cheated” by someone you used to think was above saying things for the edit. Perfectly understandable.

        As for the production thing, I don’t see how people are making the claim that since Nicole gave them footage to use, that necessarily means production is rigging the game. The houseguests themselves are adamant in that production does not rig the game.

      • I’m not saying Production is ‘rigging’ the game. I’m saying that I’m incredibly disappointed that Production has a hand in how the show goes…whether it’s in editing, as was definitely the case with Paulie. His edits did not show what a poor sport he was. If the viewers at home don’t get the feeds, or don’t have the benefit of watching BBAD or even reading Matthew or Branden’s articles…they had no idea the depth of Paulie’s truly despicable game play. His edit made him look like a victim. I can assure you, he was NOT.

        As I’ve said, I guess I’m just incredibly naive. I know reality TV isn’t real…I just didn’t think that applied to Big Brother. I actually thought it was players playing their hardest—with no interference. I’m NOT saying that comps are tailor-made for certain HG’s. Yet. But if I was naive enough to believe that Production didn’t ‘nudge’ or ‘whisper’ or give people better edits than others…well, makes me want to go ‘hmm.’
        I’m still not saying the show is rigged.

      • I totally get what you mean! I’m also one of those people who’s not so cynical about the idea of reality television. I want to believe that the producers are being honest. I want to be able to trust them. I think 90% of the time people cry production interference, it’s just because something happened and it’s not going their way and they’re upset.

        That being said, production definitely plays a role in how people are portrayed on screen. It’s unavoidable. They have a story to tell. And unfortunately, in instances like AFP or the care packages this season, this actually plays an active role in the game.

        At the end of the day (eek!) the producers have a story to tell, and regardless of what we avid live feed fans are able to discern from what we see, the majority of the Big Brother viewing audience just wants to relax and have a good time checking in on the houseguests in front of their tv a couple times a week. They need people to root for. Is it ideal? No. But it’s part of the reason the show we all love so much has managed to be on the air for a whopping 15+ years.

    • It is obvious to everyone that Paul and Victor are playing an amazing game. Everyone incuding Nicole. That is why she needs them to go. Besides if they were so good why did they not see this coming. BTW…I am a Victor fan as well as a Nicole fan. I can just see both sides of the equation.

  13. What bothers me the most about this season are the showmances and how each showmance has allowed other showmances to exist. Don’t understand why anyone would have gotten rid of the cry baby and the brat, before getting rid of Corey and Paul…..we all know that Victor has 6 more lives, so getting rid of him might be impossible.

  14. Here we go again. I’m sure production has told all of them less sleeping and more game play. That’s what the feeders are paying for. They want them to talk game play.

    • Years ago the HGs weren’t allowed to sleep during BBAD; these days we see a lot more of it. Doesn’t help attract attention to BBAD; we know what people look like sleeping.

  15. Humph! Now, can we say the game is rigged? I don’t think it is necessarily rigged but highly influenced by Production.

    Please no more veterans with new house-guests. If you want veterans, make it an all-star season. The next season could be all the house-guests we love to “hate”, see how all those egos and annoyance live together.

  16. My guess? Sour grapes from her because production told she and James to stop cheating and her response is to try and blow the whole game up.

  17. Yeah, we all ready know they do this. We’ve know it for years. That’s what those “let’s flip the vote” conversations that happen from the Veto Ceremony to the Live Eviction are. Fodder for the show. Not something the HGs are actually considering. All Nicole’s done is confirm what we’ve known for years now.

    • Exactly. With all due respect to Matthew I’m surprised it seems like he isn’t on the same page. Production clearly asks players to have devil’s advocate style conversations just so they can pretend there’s back and forth dialogue about what to do for the sake of drama. This is just Nicole openly talking about it, for whatever reason. The only thing I fault Nicole on is that if she wants to do production’s bidding, just do it. This isn’t the first time she’s made them look bad by admitting things openly. Why do that? It’s unnecessary and I’m sure they don’t appreciate it. And they’re basically paying her to do it, so she should do it properly. Imagine my job asks me to explain something to somebody but in the process I just talk smack about the company and say “Yeah I know it’s so dumb of them right?” I’m a representative of the company so I have to act that way. Nicole is a representative of Big Brother.

      • This is a game show. People sign up to win money and if the producers are interfering and keeping things from happening naturally, the HGs don’t need to agree. If it is part of the contract, then she could easily get in trouble for it.

      • I would bet she had a DR session after this where they told her “Can you not make us look bad in front of the cameras?” I’d bet anything. The show paid her to come back, let alone to play it and make stipend money, and more of it the longer you last in the game. Jurors even get stipend money just for making jury. So any way you want to look at it, they’re paying her. If she wants to do their bidding as technically a paid employee, she can find a way to do it without making her employer look bad.

  18. I don’t have time to go into more detail right now…but this guy pretty well sums up what I have been trying to say. He posted on the actual site. Not in our comments down here.
    Jeff Taylor · White Bear Lake, Minnesota
    I enjoy your site and posts. But I have to say this is one of the most misguided posts I’ve read. I had to go back and watch Corey & Nicole’s conversation again as I had no idea what you were talking about. Nicole wes so nervous about putting up Vic & Paul simply because she is scared of the aftermath…. that’s it… we all know how nervous she gets. She knows it’s the best move… really the only move (otherwise she could be evicted) Her remark about “giving them footage” was a total joke… she was sheepishly trying to give a reason as to why she was being so wishy washy. If you can’t tell that was a joke… then not much more I can say. Get out the tinfoil hats I guess. For the record.. I’m not a Nicole fan… I want Vic to win Veto and win the whole thing!! Agree to disagree

    • So if next week’s episode show her in the DR “crying” over this dilemma, then what?

      • Nic is going to be crying. She actually feels bad about Vic and Paul going up. She has really bonded with them as friends. But as we all know..they are playing for the money. I hate to see Vic or Paul go personally. Like them both. More so than James.

      • She flipped on them before the eviction. It was her idea. Corey doesn’t make decisions by himself.
        She really is playing for the camera.
        You have to remember the deal made by her & James regarding the “donation” they would give to each other if they win the game

      • She really is playing for the camera and that deal she made with James was totally
        out of bounds. BB should have made a bigger deal about it.

  19. This show has been fake for many years now. This is the first time that i’m actually on top of what the HGs are doing most of the day and night. One thing BB will never show on prime time is Nicole not being so sweet with Corey so the viewers could still like her wholesome girl next door act.
    I don’t believe she is joking around with Corey. I think she is being serious and she doesn’t like his reaction so pretends it was all a joke. I don’t think she needs to speak and try to deceive the audience to get on camera. all she needs to do is stay in bed and go under the covers.

  20. I find the production aspect of BB intriguing. No other show allows viewers to see 24/7 footage and see how the producers piece things together. I like all of the insidery stuff because I think it’s a rare glimpse into the world of reality TV. Sure, it might be a little biased at times, but that’s part of the game in any reality show, and BB at its core is a show about manipulation. I give production credit for airing Paulie’s meltdown when he was their golden boy starting on day one.

    • They were forced to by the public and by everyone in the house who kept calling it out over and over to make finally force productions hand.

      • I see where you’re coming from, but eh… Yes and no. They dedicated a segment about Paulie’s behavior during the following episode when they had a plethora of footage to cull from – there was lots of drama during that time. Think of how many past house guests have gotten very kind edits or have been portrayed as a villain when their sound bites were taken out of context. The majority of viewers buy what they’re selling. I’m a big fan, but I take it all with a grain of salt. I’ve come to expect to be manipulated by Hollywood.

      • in every story there is a hero or heroine a villain and their faithfull friends and enemies like on a soap opera a villain becomes a hero a hero becomes a villain its all for shock drama and ratings I think its the same here I might be wrong but clearly this show its manipulated

      • I think you’re right, but still, production cleaned up Paulie’s mess as much as they could and still air it. He got a really sweet edit compared to the POS he really was.

  21. Curious to know everyone’s opinions on who you guys think the producers are favoring. James has been non-existent in comps and has been a bit of a snooze, Nicole has only just now emerged from the Nicorey cocoon, Victor slays it but is most likely going home unless there is some divine intervention (perhaps from the DR?)! Corey had some pretty controversial tweets that came to light, and Paul, while I find him entertaining, seems to be widely unpopular with viewers.

    • Vic and Paul have had an uphill battle since day 1. Production has always pushed for Nicole and Corey.

    • Nicole and James. James has been doing exactly what he planned to do all along – lay back, throw competitions and collect money. He’s decided it’s about time he started winning competitions, and I think everyone would agree with him. That really is the only way production can justify giving him at least the $50K – if he starts playing the game the way he should have been doing all along. Same with Nicole – a big wooz until recently. They were both bought back to this season for a reason – to play and win. Win? … maybe. Play? … not so much so far. It’s possible production looked at the returnees’ play before and thought they *could have won” if not for [whatever], so they were given a second chance. Two of the four have already blown that theory.

  22. Appalling! Shocking! Disappointing!

    We the viewers have been honest, patient and devoted to a show that seems to liken itself to a reality show when it’s rigged and scripted most of the time.

    Atleast Nicole admitted it. James has been doing the same thing.

    Poor Vic and Paul, they never had a chance.

    • Victor also has something going on with production. James was talking to him about it a few weeks ago and the screen went to fish according to Jokers.

  23. I wonder if my fave The Amazing Race is rigged. I hope not. I know Survivor is a bit scripted or possibly a lot, so I’m sure TAR also has some falseness to it. All reality shows do, but I hope the contestants are allowed to play their own game.

    • If you think that any of these shows are completely without some sort of “production assistance” then you are deluded. Seriously. Think about it. These shows play off of ratings. They need to sell ads to run. If the ratings suck, they don’t sell ads. If they can tweak the game just enough to boost ratings and sell ads ….. this just seems pretty basic and I am continually surprised that anyone is shocked by this basic fact. Then, I find it hysterical that some people jump from the idea that production might try to influence to full blown conspiracy theories, as if every episode is a Kennedy assassination. Critical thinking my friends!!! Your best friend!!!!

      • I do get all of the behind the scenes editing and camera shots, but I don’t think TAR producers pick who they want to win and help them like BB does, many winners are not the viewers favorites. I am not too sure about Survivor.

      • On Survivor, one competition Ethan and I believe Rob came up to a knot to untie. Ethan spent an eternity trying to untie losing his lead. Rob came up and pulled one string and his knot came untied.
        We still talk about that.
        On TAR I always find it funny when some people get a cab driver that does not even know the city they are driving in, or they get a flat tire on their car.
        On BB I think production has to much influence. They need to leave them alone and let things unfold by themselves.

      • That is true. Do you mean Boston Rob, because if it is him, then I will definitely believe that they may have helped him win. One of my least favorites on Survivor. It is so hard to watch a game show when is rigged.

  24. It actually sickens me that Nicorey have made it this far and have a real shot at F2.

      • I just don’t like either one of them. It’s that simple.
        And that reason enough to not want a particular BB player(s) to not advance.

      • Thank you or having the guts to admit this. I have SO much more respect for people like you, as opposed to the other people in these comments who lie or make up things in order for a particular houseguest to look bad and incorrectly justify their disdain for them.

      • You’re welcome:)
        I think it’s perfectly fair pkay to support HGs that one likes or respects or, in the case of Nicorey, show honest disdain fir HGs that one neither likes nor respects.
        It’s all part of being engaged with the game.

  25. seems to be what you have is a honest person acknowledging or slipping and telling us why they ekeep gettig called iinot the Diary Room. It’s like reality tv that is scripted , exept here they pull them out of hte “house” to do it. I blame production. We have had lots of evidence htey ask things to be stirred up. ANd the constant –you are not allowed to talk abou tproduction and cuts out in the last few weeks really seem to point that it is going on.

  26. then it would be o.k. for prouduction to fix it if victor or paul won. is that what you mean?

  27. I see where you’re coming from, but eh… Yes and no. They dedicated a segment about Paulie’s behavior during the following episode when they had a plethora of footage to cull from – there was lots of drama during that time. Think of how many house guests have gotten very kind edits in the past or have been portrayed as a villain with sound bites taken out of context. The majority of viewers buy what they’re selling. I’m a big fan, but I take it all with a grain of salt. I’ve come to expect to be manipulated by Hollywood.

  28. So she’s lying to the freaking audience. That’s just utter crap. I’m not saying the game is rigged or scripted but she probably is doing it just to look good in front of America. That’s just disappointing.

  29. This is insane. It’s almost as if production wants to make a TV show out of the live feeds footage. Insanity.

  30. How is this any worse than camtalking? HG’s understand that this is a game with spectators and want viewers to know what they’re thinking.

    Also, $100 says the next article on this site is like “Nicole literally murders every puppy” or something. Seriously if you object so strongly to people sensationalizing stuff to stir up drama, stop doing it yourself.

  31. it was sure nice to see Jeff and Jordan married and with child I am glad they did not do a big tv wedding congrats to them

  32. I wish ppl would let Nicole rest and play her game. If it were someone else -nothing would be said. Like it or not- she has done well.

    • You are right she has done well resting and showmancing. Thats all she did all season until recently. I wonder which show you were watching?

      • Within the first week, Nicole put herself in a great position, not on anyone’s hit list, surrounded by bigger threats, and closely aligned with the person who was controlling the house. The second her position changed, she turned on the game, manipulated Natalie so easily it was almost embarrassing, and got her advantage back.

        So you’re right, pretty much the epitome of terrible Big Brother gameplay. She should have gone all out with the 24/7 scheming like Da’Vonne or Frank or Paulie, because obviously that’s how you win the game.

  33. I really liked Nicole, now I’m not so sure, but even so, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the final 2. I would be totally disappointed if either Corey or James make it to the final 2. But disappointment seems to be the norm for me when it comes to BB the last few years…Steve, Derrick, etc.

  34. This further proves productions interference in the game. They have favored James and Nicole from the beginning. The show is rigged.

    The real F3 should be Vic, Paul and Natalie for truly playing a great game.

  35. Here’s my issue. Anyone with a brain has to know that production interferes. This is frickin TV show. Of course they interfere. Of course they persuade. Of course they push. The conspiracy people like to posit this stuff as “CONSPIRACY.” Guess what? It’s business. They aren’t making this show for sh!ts and giggles. If you are shocked by this, well, I just don’t even know what to say. But time to wake up. No big conspiracy. Just ratings, darling.

      • I’m really wishing there with a GIF option for comments here because you would get applauding pandas or something. :-)

      • Okay, not applauding pandas, because we don’t want to crack you. Maybe just giggling pandas. Or dancing pandas. Something like that.

      • Also, as you may have noticed from my other comments, I am a bit cranky pants tonight. OMG, this Nicole camera talk could not be worse timing. I am just so sick of all the conspiracy crap.

        On the other hand, maybe you never even noticed. In which case, I said NOTHING!!!!

      • You know…the only thing that bothers me, is that I honestly and truly didn’t think Production had a hand in anything! Now as far as conspiracy theories…I got nuthin.’ Did James and Nic have a pre-show alliance? I don’t care! All I care is I want that handsome hunk of manhood, Victor to win—if he deserves it.
        You? Cranky pants? Maybe a little…lol…just kidding.
        I re-read my earlier post and realized I may have overreacted. But, I cannot for the life of me get over how naive I was…and it DOES color how I see the show from now on. But conspiracy theories? *SIGH*

      • I totally what Victor to win as well. And my friend, he is a handsome hunk of manhood. If you and I ever get to produce this puppy, we are casting one Victor after another.

  36. This Nic’s fiasco doesn’t bother me. A good scene/dramatic dialogue is always appreciated by the shows editing dept. It helps them to put on a good package/episode. What they don’t appreciate is Nic exposing the inner workings of Production. That’s the problem when you cast veteran players. They’re such a pro, they can make their own script. lol

    • You are absolutely correct! Production needs coverage and if they can ask a player to provide it, then why not? It’s actually a super common practice. “Can we just do that take again?” There should be nothing shocking about this at all.

      • Sometimes they asked the Hg to repeat what they just said in a different manner to get a better shot for dramatic purposes. I read somewhere Victoria was heavily coached in DR, because she can’t hardly talk.lol The show would be boring if the story line sucks. How they wished, there’s a beginning/middle..and a feel good ending. Like good Vs evil, It doesn’t happen all the time. because this is not daytime soap opera that’s 100% controlled.

  37. Why are people getting so upset about this? Big Brother is in its 18th season and we always have a “maybe we should…” segment when it comes to discussing who to send home. It’s been like this since the beginning.

    This should have been obvious. Does it mean production is rigging the game? No. Stop overreacting.

  38. Just a suggestion: Take it or Leave it.

    All the people who complain endlessly and bitterly that the show is rigged and this is the worst season ever and they will never watch again because CONSPIRACY, CONSPIRACY, CONSPIRACY ….. turn off your computers and TVs. This is the entertainment world. You live in it. I live in it. We all live in it. It is not a church. It is not a court. It is a multi billion dollar conglomerate that creates product purely for your consumption on the premise that the more you consume, the more they can advertise to you.

    Stop whining that production did that horrible thing. Of course they did! Stop whining that the show is rigged. Of course it is! (Well, maybe not outright rigged, but heavily influenced.) And guess what? We buy into this sh!t every year and love it every year, even while we are hating it. SUCK IT UP!

    This is the business of television. Anyone who sold you a line that reality TV is really real, was full of sh!t. Philosophers have been debated for centuries the nature of REAL. Don’t think for a second that this question has been resolved with a few seasons of Amazing Race and Big Brother.

    Just flippin’ enjoy the ride, bitch about players’ move and leave the rest alone. Seriously. SUCK IT UP! Production intervention should just be a given after 18 seasons.

  39. Not at all surprised but at least the feeds are there for us to see the show for what it is and not what is being edited for broadcast.

    Splicing up footage of conversations to edit them for time has the side effect of becoming new-ish in terms of context. We’ve seen it all the time in other reality shows so we shouldn’t treat this as anything surprising, but merely confirmation n Nicole’s part that she’s giving what production would probably want to fill those few minutes of airtime on Sunday’s episode.

    At least the feeds didn’t get blocked when it happened. heheh

    • Its a shame casual watchers have no idea what they do. Someone should write a blog about it like a what happened vs what they show post weekly at a minimum. Like BBN perhaps Matthew Boyer, uh hmm, pleaseee..I watch the feeds now and then but I don’t have that kind of patience. I just really wanna find the info and I can explain it clearly to hubby when we watch,

  40. I wish we had tape of everything said when production says you can’t discuss that. It might be interesting.

    Quick unrelated question. Someone said the food in the house is disgusting. Do you get to ask for what they like or special items or do they just get what they get?

    • On an unrelated note, Paul made a comment to James that the chocolate milk was spoiled and that production was prolly trying to get him sick before the POV comp.

      So it appears that even the HG, more specifically, Paul and Vic are realizing that production is playing a role in who wins i.e. Rigging.

      • With the paranoia in the house running at an all-time high, anyone in there will suspect just about anything.

        It’s not like the chocolate milk was bought for only Paul. If they left it out from the ref for too long or placed it somewhere on places that are humid, the milk will go bad after a good while.

      • Nicole and Corey were discussing Corey’s decision to put Vic and Paul up on the block and after going over it a few times, Nicole asked Corey whether he was sure.

        Corey got annoyed as they have just finished discussing it over and over and Nicole said she knew but she just wanted to give production more material to work with with when they do the edits.

        Food wise, they get really stocked up with the basics (and by those companies which have offered to supply them with the food in exchange for product placement and advertising. )

        When a HG wins HOH, they can request their favorite foods in the DR and production tries to get them what they want. Examples: Vic’s cured cold cuts, Nat’s sea weed crisps, etc

  41. Funny. I was wondering what show u had been watching. I’ve watched every episode of BBAD, as well as live feeds and TV game. How soon ppl forget – or refuse to acknowledge – Nicole played a roll in everyone’s eviction since Paulies. She hasn’t stopped strategizing since his eviction whether it be from bed, from the pool, whatever. It’s really sad that Ppl don’t want to give her credit for the game she has and is playing– funny how when she plays she’s a dingus- a snake- yet Victor and/or Paul get credit for a good game when Paul has won 2 vetos and stirred crap in the house which is his only contribution to the game. I will have to agree to disagree with u regarding her game play-

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