Natalie Negrotti – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Natalie Negrotti made it to the Final Six of Big Brother 18 despite a rough start as part of the Revolution alliance. By the end of the season she had successfully aligned closely with James but that same partnership lead to her eviction when the HGs moved to split up the couple. Now on her way to join the BB18 Jury we had the chance to ask Natalie a few questions about the game.

Natalie Negrotti evicted from Big Brother 18

Daring to make big moves ultimately came back to bite Natalie in the game but the non-game drama of her relationship with James overtook the focus of her final week in the house. With the opportunity to ask her about her game we wanted to know more about how things shaped her season, who she thinks will is playing the best game, and more.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You mentioned to James this week that he guided you down the wrong path with Nicole & Corey. Why did you ultimately decide to flip on Victor & Paul to work with Nicole & Corey instead?

Natalie Negrotti: Well, James really trusted Corey and Nicole. I trusted James wholeheartedly. My thing with flipping on Victor and Paul was that I thought I had a final four with Nicole and Corey. At the same time I thought that Paul was coming after James. I knew at the end of the day Corey and Nicole were not coming for James so I thought I was making a smart game. Paul and Victor are the best competitors in the house.

BBN: If James does decide to try and go to the F2 with Nicole will you be surprised and will you stick to the threat of not talking with him again if he did that?

Natalie: I never meant what I said to him. That was a heat of the moment thing because I felt very betrayed by Nicole and Corey. I respect his decision one hundred percent if he takes Nicole to the final two. James will always be part of my life and nothing will ever change that. I would actually respect him if he took Nicole to the final two.

BBN: How do you think your relationship with James ultimately affected your game and is there a future for you two after Big Brother?

Natalie: I definitely let the relationship we had in the house take over me for a while. I care about him so much. I put him in front of me in the game and I tried to protect him just like he tried to protect me. Being on the block together gave us a lot of tension. At the end of the day, now that I am evicted, it made our relationship stronger. Knowing that I am happy that he is still in the game and I am happy I got evicted over him, it really just shows my true feelings for him.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now to get to the Final Two?

Natalie: Right now I think Nicole is playing the best game.

BBN: Thank you Natalie.

After playing a quiet start to the season Natalie’s game ramped up in the second half as she dared to make big moves by going after major threats in the game, but when the Jury Battle Back hit her worst nightmare came true. Victor returned and exacted his revenge.

Natalie’s role isn’t over yet for the season though and she’ll be back in a few weeks to help pick the winner of Big Brother 18. I laughed when Nicole speculated Natalie would vote for her over James in F2, but you never know.


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  1. I think Natalie meant every word she said to James. I hope she never speaks to him again if he chooses Nicole, but she will not date him outside no matter what choices he makes in the game. If he wins, I think she may go after him for the money. I do agree that James is a pest and he never let her have one minute alone.

    • You know nothing about her or James other then the last couple months and you feel u can judge them ? You feel you know who she would and wouldn’t date really ?! Take a long hard look in the mirror and think about the person u are cuz it’s an ugly one

      • You sound ridiculous. It is an opinion about a TV show and it’s characters which I got to know very well by watching them and their personalities. Natalie may like James because he is a sweet guy, but she cannot go past his looks and maybe you should have paid more attention to her behavior when he tried to touch her or get too close and how she was not much into it.

  2. Can someone help me out with recent history? If James had voted out Corey and all else stayed the same, Nicole would have been HOH and probably put James and Natalie for revenge. Paulie would have come back in the house and possibly connected Nicole and Paul. Victor and Paul would have sidled up to Nicole when she was HOH. So regardless of who James voted for, Corey (piss off Nicole) or Victor (came back in the house), James and Natalie were screwed at that point. Am I missing something? Why is she harping on James about it?

    • Well you can’t say Nicole would have won HOH for sure. James would have to fight for that one after axing Corey. No deals. She might have still won, but not guaranteed.

      • Yes, that’s true, but I thought the prevailing opinion at the time was that James made the deal because he was close to falling anyhow. In any case, that’s why I said “if all else stayed the same”.

    • I agree with you, but do you seriously think Natalie thinks this far ahead? There’s no chance she thought about the what if. She played the hindsight game 100% — it’s not going well right now, so “I knew this was a mistake”. Yeah, Natalie? What if Victor doesn’t battle back in (which isn’t a common occurrence) and stays evicted? And thus he’s not HoH to put you and James on the block? How would you feel about it then? About evicting Victor over Corey? About trusting Nicole and Corey?

      This is just one (albeit a big one) of several, several reasons I’m glad she’s gone.

      • Yeah. I don’t even care about James either way, I’m just annoyed with Natalie’s constant harping on how she lost because she trusted him about the Corey vote. I do think her demise was hastened by James revealing that Natalie had wanted to keep Victor, but she was probably toast at that point anyhow. What she should have done was develop relationships and get out of the damn bed the week Michelle left.

      • Believe me I don’t care for James either. The only thing that sucked about Natalie being evicted was that it meant that James wasn’t going to be evicted. Natalie made a ton of her own mistakes, so even if she felt James was part of it, he wasn’t all of it, like she makes it seem.

    • I completely get what you’re saying but I think the main point in time where it would’ve made a difference for them was when Natalie and Michelle could’ve and should’ve put up Nicole and Corey. Then they would’ve been good after that. But yes since they didn’t, by the time it came to vote out Victor or Corey, yes they were screwed by that point.

      • Actually I think the best game move would’ve been for Natalie to throw the HOH comp that she won–just as James did. They were both in the middle and neither Paul/Victor and Nicole/Corey were coming after James/Natalie at that point. It was a rookie mistake on Natalie’s part. It’s too bad she can’t see that.

    • Paulie would have been there and James gave Nicole the HOH so he may not have done so if he would have evicted Corey.

      • It wouldn’t have mattered. James wasn’t going to outlast her. He was having more trouble than she was that night.

      • I saw the opposite of that. That’s why she started begging him to let her win. I think he knew Nicole wasn’t ever going to nominate him anyway.

    • Especially after Nat was so quick to throw James UTB to VP, which she managed to forget when asked about it by Julie.

  3. Pretty grateful we won’t have to hear “literally” every time she opens her high-pitched-voiced mouth. Or “Jamesy” or whatever the hell else. Oh, right, “I’m sorry to evict ____” as if her vote was solely going to evict anybody on its own. Get lost in New Jersey. Bye.

  4. there is a lot of frustration and stress on these players. I gets to them.Just look how Tif, Paulie, Mitch and Nat all acted crazy prior to eviction.

    • Mitch…lol. Not being a grammar nazi, just thought that was funny. You’re right, stress gets to everybody in that house.

      • I don’t think any of them were crazy, just that the pressure of the house gets to some more than others. Although I do think Paulie is a jerk (to put it mildly) inside and outside the house.

  5. I have a feeling that Vic is going to have a meltdown. He is crushing hard on Nic and starting to believe there could be some shadiness going on.

  6. Natalie played a good game but James let her down. Even with all this, she’s still very respectful and we have to love that about her.

    • I like Natalie and I respect the fact that she didn’t do anything inappropriate on TV, but I think if Victor or Paulie would have been into her, she would have done stuff. I think she’s just not attracted to James for obvious reasons. She also kept mentioning the fact that he was Asian, even to Julie like she has something against that.
      I enjoyed watching her on the show the majority of the time, but she used James and will hurt him after the show. James used her to get more fans and to please the producers with a showmance. He also fell hard for her, but pleasing the viewers was more important and may suffer for the rest of his life.

      • See Joanna’s comment. It was right on point: Branden wrote a very good article today titled “the best and worst of BB18.” He wrote about how badly Natalie and James showmance was edited to make Natalie look like a mean girl. Here is one of his statements I agree with completely. “Anyone who expects to have a true romance after 80 days inside a tv producer-controlled sound stage with someone they just met doesn’t deserve to get the edit James got.” Nat didn’t throw James under the bus… It’s a game ppl….and James did let Natalie down. Natalie played a better game than James and deserved to stay in the house..

      • Her game was mainly his game. She barely had a chance to use her intuitions that were right on the money. He kept defending Nicole so she went with it. He ruined her attempted game play because she trusted him, but she used him the whole time as well and when things didn’t go her way she started to behave like a Bi…h I’m on her side because he deserved it and he just got on my nerves following her around like a puppy.

      • Remember that she was with Victor for a short time, and told him the same thing she told James. No kissing or inappropriate behavior. That seemed to be the reason why she didn’t drink alcohol as well in the house. I honestly don’t think she would have done anything with anyone there.

      • She also told James that he wasn’t allowed to put his arm around her when they were sleeping / cuddling, however there’s a photo of Natalie & Victor before the feeds went live of that exact scenario. Natalie & Vic lying in bed & Vic with his arm laid clear across Natalie’s stomach, snuggling her while he’s sleeping.

        I happen to (respectfully) disagree with you. I think had it been Corey or Victo, she would have allowed much more PDA. I’m not talking NiCorey level PDA, but someone who continually flirts with someone three attracted to, calling them “sexy” as their nickname & allowing slightly inappropriate touching (both being consensual adults), you don’t then just turn that off when they put their arm around you in bed (as proven by the photo of Natalie & Vic).

        Personally, I think Natalie DEFINITELY had strong feelings towards James, even her biggest detractors couldn’t deny that.

        However, I just don’t think she was attracted to him in any way, shape or form.

        If you see the way she reacted, flirted & responded to the guys she actually HAD an attraction to (Victor, Corey, Paulie) & compare it to how she acted towards James, it’s a completely different reaction… it’s light night & day. She innocently flirted with James (which resembled more like fishing for compliments & less like a 2 way flirtation) & with the other boys, she FLIRTED… I’m talking eyes, body language, the works. What she did with James nowhere near resembles the way she acted around a boy that she “like liked”

        James was never coming out of that friend zone & there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Natalie should have been honest with herself & more importantly honest with James about that, instead of leading him on & beating around the bush as much as she did, for fear of hurting him.
        She led him on and she knows it.

    • Branden wrote a very good article today titled “the best and worst of BB18.” He wrote about how badly Natalie and James showmance was edited to make Natalie look like a mean girl. Here is one of his statements I agree with completely. “Anyone who expects to have a true romance after 80 days inside a tv producer-controlled sound stage with someone they just met doesn’t deserve to get the edit James got.” Nat didn’t throw James under the bus… It’s a game ppl….and James did let Natalie down. Natalie played a better game than James and deserved to stay in the house..

      • I’m not so sure about that Joanna. IMO, a “true romance” can happen anywhere there are two people who care about each other (be it a prison camp, the moon, or the BB house). One could argue that the pressures of this game make that likelihood higher. Eighty days is a fair amount of time to be locked in a single location with another person, especially when there’s nothing to do but talk with one another.

        As far as the edit Nat received, I feel that it was justified and this is coming from a Natalie supporter. The reason I feel this way has to do with they way Nat portrayed herself to James (and others) during her time in the house. She made it very clear numerous times that she would never throw James under the bus, or campaign against him should they ever be on the block together. Nat also continuously made herself out to be extremely caring, giving and cautious of other’s feelings (especially when it came to her & James). So when she behaves the complete opposite of this, I think it deserves to be shown…her actions where very contradictory. Yes, in the end it is a game and everything is fair in BB, but what was included in the last show was a huge part of her BB story, it involved the person she was closest to and needed to be shown.

      • IMO Nat never threw James under the bus or campaigned against him. She told James she was going to talk to Vic/Paul and tell them it was James who convinced her to put them OTB and form a final 4 with Nicory. She obviously was not into James in a romantic way… most of the time she refused to even allow James to sleep in the same bed with her… but James is such a delusional love sic puppy dog , he refused to see the obvious. Natalie does care about James, I believe a lot… however she played the game, and she did a very good job… Nothing is as it appears to be on BB…

    • No what she’s saying is basically contrary to her final behavior in the house. Remember she’s still trying for AFP. Basically, I see her as a liar.

  7. Off the subject, but why is the nomination ceremony so late? Isn’t it usually mid-day BB time?

    • not sure why do know one thing when Paul goes OTB the week is not gonna be quiet…He already wants to argue about the smallest things I also got a feeling that James is gonna get a lot of Pauls rath this week…

  8. Nicole is a piece of sh*t.Following productions instruction. Following what Corey wants. Flipping to this side,then that side. Holy crap-never on the block? Why?? Get this chick out now.

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