‘Big Brother 18’: Nomination Anticipation In Week 12

Here we go. It’s nearly down to the wire on Big Brother 18 with just five HGs left and two more are about to be evicted in the next week, “but first” one thing at a time as we need a pair of nominees and a target for the first round. Check and check.

Nicole & Corey plan nominations on BB18

Once the HoH endurance comp was over last night things were obvious for Feedsters on which way this was going to go, but not everyone in the house had their eyes open to the threat ahead. That’ll be corrected in just a few hours with the Nominations Ceremony later today.

Corey is the new HoH and he’s ready to execute the plan with Nicole to break up their alliance by targeting one of the Sitting Ducks so they can flip back to that other alliance they helped break up before that other time they, oh you get the point. Good for them but shame on any of the HGs who thought they could be trusted as Victor still does.

Flashback on your Live feeds to 11:43 PM BBT 9/8 on Cams 1/2 (get your Free Trial now).

The HoH room has just emptied leaving Nicole and Corey alone to discuss. “We’re playing Big Brother, brah,” says Corey to Nicole. He’s ready to put up Victor and Paul together. Nicole wants to know what his excuse is going to be for the flip. Corey explains he doesn’t want to be going against a pair. Nicole adds that it’ll be 2 against 1 next round if Victor and Paul stayed (just as it was in this HoH comp where Paul failed miserably).

Corey tells Nicole he can say that neither of the guys offered him a F3 so he was suspicious plus Victor got out his ally Paulie so now he’s doing it to them. Nicole is excited.

Later (12:30 AM BBT) they’re discussing their plans again and Corey says he won’t reveal his target but they agree it’s going to be Victor that they want out this week. Either way, by putting both up one of the Ducks will go. Say Victor wins the Veto then James goes up, vote ties, Corey breaks it against Paul. To survive the week Victor and Paul would have to rely on James being off the Block (a near certainty), winning the Veto, and then being able to flip him against Nicole and Corey. Nah.

Speaking of James, he came up to the HoH room around 1:33 AM BBT to check in. Nicole told James they were always keeping James. He tells Nicole and Corey that Natalie was definitely with Victor and Paul. They ask James what he thinks they’re going to do this week and James says he expects them to go after “big fish” this week. Yep, looks like it.

Later today Corey will nominate Victor and Paul. Victor is the target as the next step in Corey, Nicole, and James going to F3 and Nicole and James closing in on their F2 as Nicole all but wrote it in neon letters for Corey that she wanted to take James to F2 instead of going to the end with him.

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  1. The best thing Nicole could do is nominate Victor and Paul. If she doesn’t and nominates James and Paul then, Vic could win Veto, remove Paul and she has to nominate Corey. James needs to go, but since Nicole and James are planned for the F2, that may not be the case.

      • He probably will, unless Vic wins Veto and Nicole goes up. I hope she goes to Jury before James.

      • Is James willing to work with Vic and Paul? If so.. James needs to win veto, pull one of the guys down, and Corey would be forced to renom Nicole.

      • if i were nicole i would say or do whatever i had to say or do to get to the final 2 and not go to the jury house…meech yelling in 1 of her ears and natalie whining in the other would motivate me like no other…don’t get it twisted tho i still want vic to win the 500k

    • I dont want James out just yet, he is another one who jumps into action with these last comps, if anybody I want Nicole gone. im just hoping that Paul goes over Vic

  2. Hate to say I told you so but the sitting ducks should have known better than to place
    Their game in Nicole and Corey’s Hands because aside from being loyal to each other they haven’t stayed loyal in any other alliance or to any other individuals all season. As much as I hate it, V and P did this to themselves.

    • They had nobody else. Who were they going to team up with? James and Nat? Same outcome – Victor should have put up Corey and Nicole. Can Paul not win anything?

    • If they didn’t make the alliance Paul would of been gone instead of Michelle. So it saved them for 2 more weeks. And nobody has stayed loyal to any alliance this entire season. When it gets down to the end your only safe if you win. So it’s in their own hands.

  3. Maybe Paul and Vicxtor should have played the game from bed all season. Maybe they should have played grab-ass instead of the game. Maybe they should have just smiled, nodded, and in the case of Corey—stared into space.
    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they should have stroked Production’s ego? Seems like they’d want Paul and Vicxtor to go all the way. I mean, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but, Vicxtor is the ultimate Comeback Kid! Paul is the ultimate (albeit snaky) social player! What the heck more do you want in a BB F2?
    I guess a grab-ass, sleep away the summer, showmance.

    • I don’t think Corey has been anything but a dull player who follows Nicole’s lead. Nicole has been sneaky in her game play and I’m not sure if it is just luck or production but she has kept herself safe with her so sweet act.

      • Weekend at Bernie’s Corey comes alive when he needs to – very odd how he does just stare off into space 99% of the time, and wake up confused as to where he is

      • My exact thoughts as well! Corey went from doe eyed and now all of sudden he’s like BOOM! As soon as HOH started last night it was obv Corey was winning. IMO he looked like his pants were on fire. It’s very strange considering how he’s been all season. We joked that DR finally gave the guy his meds! Not a dr but don’t get how he can go w/out his meds like that? It’s like past few days he finally woke up like I’m on a show trying to win money!

      • Seems like there is much left to the (convenient) discretion of Production. Huge difference between conspiracy theories and intelligent speculation, don’t you think? ;)

      • I believe he bored with Nicole’s whiny ways when some thing doesn’t go her way! I want to know if Corey is gay a previous statement on here said he was!

      • Please don’t take everything on here as gospel truths. Corey sometimes acts as if he may be, but it doesn’t mean that he is.

      • Do you really believe Corey has been winning on his own? I don’t know about the other comps, but last week’s Veto looked very suspicious.

      • I agree that Vito was wayyyy to easy for that numb skull. I think they told him what to do. Also did you catch it when Nat said production was swaying her to align with Nicory. This is a joke!!

      • Agree! Nicory or James don’t deserve the win, Paul and Victor made this season. Team Paul & Vic

    • I enjoyed that comment – they should have pretended to be a showmance. Maybe then production would be interested

    • Im hoping Vic gets thru this then wins the next HOH I dont know who he would target this time but im sure it would be Nic or Cory taking him to a final 3 with James and who ever is left. I want Vic to win I think he played one hell of a game.

      • I know, I think that too. I want a grand exit for Vic. I hope he fights his way right out the door with that check in his hand. He came in fighting and got the door so he came back meek and it got him far. I know they tossed him a second time but even after getting back in they kept him around a second time. I just hope he isnt thinking he’s sitting pretty but then he’s about to have to fight again. I hope its a veto he can win. I got used to him:)

      • I believe Victor is a financial person because sometimes he let’s things slip out and he seems extra smart. He knows more than just being a fitness trainer. I believe poor Paul is a compulsive liar! He is not old enough to have done all the stuff he says, he has done!! If he was that smart, he wouldn’t live at mother’s home!

      • He comes from a culture where it’s not unusual for the entire family to live together—even after they’re married.

      • Oh come on… You don’t honestly believe this, do you? I’d like to think if you actually believed what you just wrote that you’d have enough principle to stop watching the show… right?

      • Although the show has gotten to me with all this intrusions, I still will like to watch the ending. It is still entertainment television.

      • And then when he shows up they will all be waiting to see what this comp will be to get him backinto that house lol

      • Aaand, she didn’t have to win her way back in the third time…BB is paying her for it, so Vic is definitely one up on her there.

      • No it’s not. Completely different season. Should we go all the way back to season one? This season, this game.

      • It makes no difference imo, she had a few years to hone some skills, whereas Vic hasn’t. If you can’t return once evicted. And yes, you can go all the way back to season one, it would all be the same faces, same sh*t, different years.

      • Fought, played, schemed and won her way to the end. Never on the block. She deserves to win IMO.

      • Aha your pick for the win. I wanted James but then he fell too flat. I like Vic he played well I think. He learned to lay low and stay friends etc then win when winning was necessary I just hope it works in his favor him and Nicole in F2 would work for me but I guess we will see

      • She did do a great job of staying off of the block….by staying in bed. Lol. If it comes down to Vic and Nic, that’d be fine with me. But if it’s anyone other than them…something is really wrong.

      • You’re bad. Lol. If it’s Vic and Nic I think Vic wins. I’m kind of torn because when Vic came back the first time I started to really like him and I still do. I think he’s a great guy. But I’ve been behind Nicole since day one.

      • Yep I am that. And that goes also for outside this game. I don’t think the haters give her credit. She’s played an almost perfect game. She’s stayed out of the drama, gotten her targets out, won when she needed to and has never been nominated. Which says a lot since every person evicted throws her under the bus. She’s been a target since day one and she’s in F5 and after this week F4. JMO

      • Just remember, “haters gonna hate…shake it off, shake it off” Is that the Taylor Swift song?
        You know I’m not attacking YOU, right? She has won when she needed to. I don’t have anything personal against Nic. But to me, it seems like she and Corey did stay in bed until the end…and maybe that worked for them. Obviously like you said–look where they are: F4.
        Again, not attacking YOU. I like Paul and Vic. Especially Vic—if ya know what I mean. Wink, wink.!

      • Oh gosh no I know you’re not. I would never think that. Sometimes we like the same people and sometimes we don’t. Just fun debating each other’s opinions.

      • Gotcha. I wouldn’t mind Nic and Vic…because it’s obvious it’s not going to be Paul and Victor. I just don’t want to see James and Nic. THAT would be wrong in a big ‘ol way. Seriously wrong. IMHO.

      • I agree. The only reason I’d like to see James in F2 is purely selfish reasons. I think Nicole would win. But now that Corey is nominating Paul and Vic let’s see if they blame Nicole like everyone else does.

      • why would they blame nicole? she asked corey what are you gonna do…she didn’t tell him to do it

      • Because everyone blames Nicole for their eviction. Everyone walking out the door throws her UTB.

      • Yes, she did and I want to know is she a nurse? I don’t believe I would want her to be my nurse because she too lazy!

      • Anyone who pulls all of the loose hairs out of their head and throws them on the floor is not only lazy but not very sanitary either.

      • Me too. Corey and his long legs really helped. He was like a freaking Olympic skater out there.

      • I thought Corey would do good with his long legs. But I wondered if he would be awkward and fall. I don’t think he fell once.

      • I didn’t see the feeds, but I checked back once in a while here…I didn’t see anything except, “Ouch, Paul!” “Ooh, Paul…that’s gotta hurt!” “Paul’s down again!”

      • I had to wonder if Paul was throwing this one since he did mention to Vextor that they should let Corey win so they would both be able to play in the next HOH.

      • Oh come on LG. It’s not his long legs. You know very well Production replaced Corey’s with jello, that’s why it filled up fast. .

      • Would you please notify people that say ‘weary’ instead of ‘wary’? That one really bugs me.
        But everyone slips up and uses of instead of have occasionally.

      • I wanted to smack Paul after that comp! Vic really needed him to pull it out for the SD, moreover, this was the ONE physical comp that he (Paul) said was right up his alley b/c he played ice hockey… and he fails miserably at it! Grrr. Paul you’re fired!

      • Yeah, you could tell Paul was a newbie when he didn’t seem to fight hard enough to win that comp.
        Then again, maybe he knew he couldn’t beat Corey and decided not to kill himself trying.
        I imagine everyone is pretty sore today, haven’t had time to get to Jokers and see what’s happening.

      • Do you just troll this site correcting everyone’s grammar? By the way auto correct changes a lot of grammar, words, spelling. I sometimes can’t be bothered with proof reading.

    • Maybe Paul should have won HOH and they would be safe. Regardless of how the final 5 got there, they are there. It’s up to each person individually to figure out how to get to final 2.

      • It has already been discussed that Paul probably should have won HoH…but he didn’t. And yes, I realize it’s up to each person, individually, to figure out how to get to F2.
        Maybe you don’t understand a little sarcasm? Lol…

      • I’m the queen of sarcasm lady, but it doesn’t convey well in print coming from anyone. Clearly, you missed my sarcastic statement re: Paul and HOH. You just seem more bitter than sarcastic.

      • Ouch! Hey we don’t all have to agree here, but there’s no reason to be rude to fellow posters. This is supposed to be a fun place to debate the game. Think of how boring it would be if we all agreed??


      • I was actually editing my comment hon b/c I thought I came off a little harsh as well.. LOL! Yeah, we all are here to have fun and debate… No worries. I get a little heated too when someone threatens Victor! ;) Hahaha!

      • I assure you, lady, I am not bitter. I was absolutely being sarcastic. Thank you though, for pointing that out to me…I’ll try to convey my sarcasm better. When you can’t ‘hear’ a comment, it IS difficult to discern bitterness from sarcasm.
        Again, thank you. I appreciate it.

      • Lol…terrible! I told LG that Corey was like an Olympic skater out there. Yeah, Paul was just awful!

  4. With James and Nicole having a very good chance at ending up as the F2 just makes this season that much worse for me. They obviously had a pre-game alliance to get to the end together..why they never spoke about it in DR..I don’t know..maybe that was their plan…James, IMO, has done nothing in this game that should put 500K in his pocket. He has been playing for AFP. The whole issue with Nat…calling her an “asshole” on national TV last night was terrible..I don’t care what everyone thinks she did that was so horrible…he gave her bad advice..he outed her in the kitchen when he told Vic that she wanted him to stay over Corey, with Corey standing inches from her…I will never believe that was not intentional..remember…he is thinking F2 with Nicole..Nat and James used each other…she did not want to work with Nicole and Corey..she said DR was pushing it…of course, he would agree to it. F2 with Nicole…While Nicole has driven me nutty this season..at least she has done a little more that makes her deserving of the win..however, Michelle was right..Nicole did f*** her way to the end…I saw more undercover sex with those two than I ever cared to. So, I agree with Michelle..but, hey..I guess if that’s what it takes ..so be it!! On to BB19..I am so ready!

  5. i’m so sad that we won’t be getting a Vic/Paul final 2, at this point all i can hope for is the surviving member of the two (most likely Paul) makes it to final 2. If he can’t win final 4 HOH or POV then he doesn’t deserve to win.

  6. Corey is an idiot if he frostbite evict James or Nicole. Nicole told him she will be taking James to the final 2 over him.

      • It sounded like she was teasing him but I could be wrong. If they get to F3 we will see and maybe put the rumors to rest.

      • I think she was trying to get a feel for what Corey’s reaction would be, India because it’s obvious she really likes him and is hoping for this relationship to develop into something like what she had with Hayden after their season was over. However, Corey has made it abundantly clear to all the guys in the house he wants NOTHING to do with her or a relationship with her after the show is over. That is why Vic was saying he feels bad for her b/c he knows Corey’s ultimate rejection is going to hurt…
        Anyhoo…back to the topic. IMO, she should cut him (Corey) if she gets a chance b/c she definitely stands a better chance of winning against James than anyone else in the house.

      • I think she’ll cut corey for James too and I can’t wait to see it happen.
        Poor ol’ Corey will be moping around the after party instead of flirting with hot women as he plans to do :D.
        I despise Corey for leading her on and not telling her point blank that they are only friends. I want Victor to tell Nic what C. is saying about her too.

      • I think so too. Kind of like she was testing the waters to see how mad Corey would be if she chose James over him. However, Corey said he’d never talk to her again…and then later said he was kidding, but since he has already said he has no intention of having a relationship with her after the show, I am not sure if he was actually joking or not. My gut (which is better than James’ LOL) says he was more serious than kidding, so that may affect Nicole’s decision since it looks like she is hoping for a Haydenesque relationship turnout for her and Corey after the season ends.

      • Nicole will have to decide if doing what the producers want is more important than being with Corey for the rest of her life. If Nicole chooses Corey over James she still will not end up with him, but she doesn’t know that.

      • Yes, he told Victor he has no intention of having a relationship with Nicole after the show is over.,..He DID tell Nicole he would never talk to her again if she voted him out over James.

  7. I’m Glad the jury house is such an elaborate setting. They all show up there angry and hyped but the serine setting puts them all in a more comfortable mood and they cane see things without the misery of loss lumming over them. It helps them to just look at how the game is played and was played so they can pick the best player to win. I think

    • I wish we would see more jury house footage especially when there are only 4/5 people in the house. It would gives us an insight into how their relationships start changing after the game is over.

  8. Corey’s not as stupid as you all make him out to be. He’s proven he can win comps and Veto’s so you can’t rule him out. Nicole floated the entire season laying under the radar but maybe that was her plan all along.We all saw what happens when you play the game hard and heavy in the beginning…you get voted out. As for James he botched his entire game over cheerleader puppy love. Maybe now with her gone he’ll play the game albeit a lot late. As for Paul he played a great social game but was a major snake in his own right. And as far as Victor is concerned he needs to go pronto….production has to stop with these stupid twists that allow evicted houseguests back in the house not once but twice. He’s too cocky in my opinion and i’d rather not see him win. I’d rather see Corey take it all.

  9. If victor mad Paul were doing what Nicole and Corey are no one would say crap. Get off the girls case. She’s playing the game!!’

    • I don’t like Nicole, but she has been playing a good game. When Paulie was there she told him everything she heard others talk about. Once he left, she tried to get off the bed more and butter kiss every HOH. Now towards the end, it seems like her and Corey are winning comps and socializing more. I still think production wants Nicole in F2 and has given Corey the Veto and possibly HOH this week.

      • The veto, yes but how the hoh? i thought for sure Nicole had it but then she went for the bigger scoop and that cost her with Corys long legs ice skating his way tovictory with that one

      • Agreed. Nicole is not my fave either, but I have to admit, her game has really stepped up in the last month.

      • Jesus. Seriously? The HoH too? It was bad enough with the rig calling for the Veto. I heavily disagreed. But saying they gave him the HoH doesn’t even make sense.

        – Why don’t you look to Paul, who went for the small bowl first, then ended up crawling. Literally crawling. Then giving up and asking Victor for a hot dog
        – Why don’t you look to James, who wanted a break for water like 15 minutes into the competition
        – Why don’t you look to Nicole, who also went for the small bowl first, then fell a few times, and from what I hear that included a hard fall

        None of those could possibly be reasons Corey won, right? How about how it didn’t seem like Corey ever had a major slip or fall, while evertone else did? Give the guy some credit already. This is getting ridiculous and annoying.

      • Do you mind at least explaining why or how you think Corey was helped with the HoH? Because they do that competition every year for HoH.

        Were they injecting his bowl with more butter from the bottom? Was his lane less slippery? Was his scoop ever so slightly bigger?

        At least make something up. Because right now you’re basically just saying “I dislike Corey so I’m going to blindly discredit every successful event in his game.”

    • Unfortunately, for Nicole and Corey, when they grow up and find someone to marry and have kids….this will always be there for them to watch….Corey doesn’t want a relationship outside of the house with Nicole…their kids and spouses will be proud….NOT

      • And everyone else who ever had a showmance. Natalie really has some very “proud” moments…. Victor was crushing on Nicole really bad…Michelle got dumped twice in one season (no one wanted to hook up with her but she really tried)…oh, and Natalie also got the boot twice before hooking up with James… & I won’t even mention what terrible drunks they all were… Seems like they all will have fond memories for their children. Btw: Nicole doesn’t want a relationship right now either – they both just got out of long relationships and neither have the desire outside the house. According to them anyway.

  10. What does everyone have against Nicole? She’s played a solid game, aligning herself with the right people at the right time, choosing her targets wisely.

    • Nothing against Nicole, just dont want to hear crickets at the end, we want to go out wanting more

      • We can only hope for a very very bitter jury who ends up handing the money to Corey just so Nicole and James can’t get it and split it like they have planned.

      • India, you know Nicole is not a fave of mine… In fact, we’ve had many convos about this, and have agreed to disagree. Haha! However, I have to give credit where credit is due… The girl is playing a damned good game of BB right now. And mind you, I am admitting this despite the fact that my absolute (ride or die) fave is about to be OTB: Vic. Nicole is a returnee who has managed to not be nominated, but has been called out by several other HG, all the while making good alliances when she had to in order to keep her and Corey safe. In the last month she has really stepped up her game play and is now targeting her two biggest threats to the ultimate prize…it’s a good game move. Do I like it? No. I don’t want Vic or Paul to be OTB, but I can admit it is a smart move. Moreover, if Vic does win POV and pull himself down and (which is very possible) wins HOH next week…guess what? Nicole wil, most likely, not be his #1 target…Corey will, so… imho, she has put herself in the very best possible positions to make it to the F2, and that is not all luck; it’s good BB game playing.

      • I’m not at all upset that you’re a Victor fan and I’m so sorry he’s the target this week. I don’t want to see him go either but how will my fave Nicole win if he doesn’t.
        Would you like to see Vic return in the future if he doesn’t win this time?
        I appreciated your unbiased Nicole opinions and that you can detach your emotions in order to be fair to each HG.
        This site did not cover Nicole’s actions earlier in the game so a lot of people are not aware of how hard she was playing the game, and that got her in big trouble with Frank and Day.
        So she decided to keep a low profile until things calmed down and it did work for her. Unfortunately this site only presented Nicorey as laying in bed all day making out when in fact they were only trying to keep out of trouble after earlier events.
        Why can’t we have both a male and female winner this season : D , then everyone would be happy.

      • I can appreciate the moves she’s making even if I don’t necessarily like them b/c of how they will affect Vic. And I appreciate how you don’t blast on my fave as well. :) See, this is why I love ya, India. We allow each other to have our faves and can honestly debate the merits of each HG without getting heated. ;)
        You and I… #Friendship! :)
        About Vic. I would love to see him return. He has also mentioned in the live feeds the possibility of him and Paul trying out for TAR! I think that would be #Hilarious!! As for Nicole…she is really setting herself up pretty here, India, because let’s say Vic wins POV and stays this week and wins HOH next…chances are he will go after Corey and not Nicole b/c it was Corey who put him OTB. I can honestly say…I would not mind a Vic/Nicole F2.

      • #Friendship! :D No doubt about it. I really enjoy our polite discussions and debates without being rude and hateful to each other – you’re a breath of fresh air !
        Yes! I would even watch TAR if Vic and Paul were a team – as long as Nat and James aren’t on it lol.
        I wouldn’t mind James but no more Natalie.
        If Nicole doesn’t win I’ll be upset of course but I’m not going to let that make me rude and disrespectful here.

      • I think Nicole will be the next to go if she doesn’t win hoh. If Vic stays and is hoh, I really think he’d go for getting Nicole out over Corey. Even though Corey nominated him, I think he probably feels more betrayed by Nicole because of his feelings for her.

      • That could be a possibility for sure…but after witnessing Vic’s reactions now after the noms, I think he would target Corey, not Nicole.

      • I know when it first happened, One of Vic’s first response was that he wasn’t going to Ugbly now (Nicole’s home town). That, to me, speaks volumes about who he is most disappointed with.

      • I think Nicole would be perceived a lot better this year if she hadnt gotten into a showmance with Corey and had played the game single. Your thoughts?

      • It didn’t bother me personally that she played with Corey but apparently a lot of other people here didn’t care for it at all.
        Honestly, if it wasn’t Nicole I’m sure someone else would’ve been found to vilify imho.
        It didn’t help that her early game play was overlooked on the TV episodes and at a lot of blogs.
        Instead Day’s POV toward Nicole was accepted as fact while Nicole’s side of the story was never told. She has been playing the game all along one way or another and it’s difficult for a lot of people to give her credit for her current success. I’m hoping they will come around eventually if Nicole isn’t evicted.

      • Honestly I dont remember what happened w Nic and Day. It never struck me as negative on Nic tho?? If P/V dont make F2 im all for

      • It’s been awhile since that happened and I can’t remember exactly what was done and said but at some sites Nicole was blamed for everything instead of Day – the one I thought was at fault.
        Ever since Day left Nicole has been blamed for everything that happened at least in the female HG’s mind. Apparently there were a lot of Day fans out there that now dislike Nicole intensely, if you haven’t noticed lol.

      • You must be glad that Da acknowledged Nicole’s gameplay on the last clip. I never thought she would vote for her at F2 but that might have changed.

        Da also said bye to Z for running back to Paulie. Da seems to be a realist when all is said and done.

      • I was absolutely shocked when Day finally realized Nicole was playing a good game and more.
        I’m glad to see she’s not a bitter person; especially after she tried to tank James game when the jurors briefly returned to the house.
        I agree that she’s a realist too. Nicole will need any and all support she can receive in the jury house at this point in the game but I’m afraid Day won’t vote for Nicole if she is against Victor.
        It’s pretty bad that Zak chose Paulie over Day once again. I hope Paulie can influence the female jurors to vote for Nicole.

    • Nicole is the ulitimate floater. I hate when people get dragged to the end and think they are there because they are great players when in reality they just got lucky.

      • How so? I haven’t seen anyone drag Nicole to the end but Nicole. You have to make decisions when it gets down to final 6. You choose the path that will get you the farthest. You call that floating, I call it playing BB!

      • I suppose they think Nicole should play the same type of game as Day and Tiff did, not realizing that by not playing this way Nicole was able to last a lot longer in the house.

      • India Ink, you have been the voice of reason in these forums, and I thank you for your service.

      • I’ve said it before, but I don’t mind repeating it. Basically a floater is someone like Jun from BB4 and Andy from BB15. Someone who joins no alliances during their time in the Big Brother house, or someone who joins a ton of alliances but is really loyal to no one.

      • I’m not a Nicole fan, but there’s no way she’s been “dragged” to the end. She’s actively played a role in every single eviction and even managed to keep Corey safe through it all.

        Even when there were three nominees each week, she still has yet to be nominated pre or post veto or the entire season.

        Again, I’m not a Nicole fan, but it’s so annoying when people feel the need to rewrite history or stick their heads in the sand in order to make one of the houseguests look bad. There’s no reason to lie.

    • Her “game” has been to lay around like third base and dry hump Corey all summer. She is the very definition of floater.

      • She can only cheat if someone in production is helping her do so. I imagine this happens. Every. Single. Year. And I’m sure it’s not just Nicole they have helped. They say Expect the Unexpected which means they can change the rules as they go to direct the show the way they want.

    • Thank you, exactly. The main reason is that she’s a woman. She has played a great game but not getting the credit.

    • Treating BB like a dating game. Laying in bed all season with Corey. (Having sex on live TV under the sheets) Saying over and over she has done nothing to anybody in the game- everyone else did it. Laughing when Paulie was degrading to other women. Laughing when Corey told the stories about being there when live goat was being set on fire. Telling the guys it is fine if they only take her to F4 then cut her. Not telling Z all the horible things Paulie was saying and then attacking Nat when she told her………

      That is just a quick list. She is not a girl that other girls can trust.

  11. It would be great if Corey nominated Victor and Paul then James won POV and took one of them down. Then Corey would have to nominate Nicole and the guys could vote her out. I would love it if Nicole went home on Corey’s HOH.

    • That would be great but I don’t think it’s going to happen but we can dream. At least James could claim a big move if he made it to the final 2

      • you are right James got Frank and Vic out this season didnt he. I just loved how obvious it was that Nat might want J ames after the show we’ll just have to wait and see. See what Nat see if James wins?

      • That’s exactly what Nat is waiting on. That’s right he got Frank out also though he was just doing what the house wanted at that time.

  12. If Victor wouldn’t have come back to the game, I don’t think I would have want anyone left to win it.
    If Nicole accidentally gets evicted, I think BB will do another jury comp so she can come back to the game.

  13. if I knew staying in bed all summer would get me 500K then would of signed up for BB this season! I just did it for free stupid me!

  14. Hoping Paul and Vic will realize that they need to throw the veto to James. James can then use it on one of them and Corey would be forced to nominate Nicole and then James and whoever he used veto on can vote out Nicole! … That’s how I’m hoping this week goes. James can still work with whoever he wants.

    • I have to disagree with you here, although I can understand your wishful thinking. ;) I highly doubt James would use the veto if he somehow managed to win it. Paul or Vic need to win it so at least one of them moves forward into next week. I am hoping it is Vic b/c he stands a better chance at winning HOH, and if that happens, I could see him nominating Corey and Nicole… What would be very interesting in that scenario would be if Nic won POV, pulled herself down…James would then go up and the only vote would be Nics and if she voted out Corey over James (which she has more than hinted she might do) then that would be the best BB blindside we would’ve seen all summer!!
      See…and there is my wishful thinking in action. :)

      • During Derricks interview with Jeff…Both said that Nicole would take a chance for the money over keeping Corey…

      • She pretty much told him she might do that earlier this week… IMO, that would be the best blindside. can you just imagine Corey’s face?? :D

      • IDK about that. I think she was trying to guage how mad Corey might be b/c Nicole wants to have a relationship with him after the show. However, when Corey said he would never talk to her again.. I have no doubt he was NOT kidding even though he tried to play it off that way. He has already told any and every guy in the house that will listen that he does not want to date Nicole after the show is over.

      • I hope so, she’s there to win a game and since it appears that Corey is not that into her, great move on her part.

  15. The fix is in. Great gameplay doesn’t win Big Brother anymore. Pre-show alliances and production interferences and outright bribery and cheating now win the day. It’s sickening.

  16. Thinking ahead to the comps that are coming, I think getting rid of Paul over Victor might be the better option. We’re about to go down to the F4. We know what comps are coming. The Before & After HOH comp and the Connect the Names to the Events Veto comp. I have a feeling Paul would be good at both.

  17. Just so I have this right, is Corey allowed to play for HOH in next week’s comp? How likely would James use veto if he won considering Nicorey played a role in Natalie going home?

    • No he can’t play next week. The person who is HOH for the final four can play in the next veto.

  18. Does anybody else think it is possible that Corey’s plan to nominate Victor and Paul could actually be a plan to backdoor Nicole? If any of the guys win veto they could pull either Paul or Victor down and put Nichole up. The only one missing right now from the Ececutives is Paulie. That could be why Cory has no hesitation and putting up Paul and Victor.

    • I’d say it could be possible, but highly improbable. Corey may have more votes than say, Nicole, so he may just take her all the way. He wouldn’t want to be F2 with Victor at all

  19. Ugh, the constant incorrect usage of the term “floater” is rampant today. It irks me when people think anyone in the game who uses diplomacy and strategy to manipulate the other players is automatically a “floater”.

    Stop. That’s not being a floater, that’s playing the game of Big Brother.

    • Yeah the term escapes me, I never thought of anyone except Michelle and Zakiyah who that term would apply. Nicole has done exceptionally well to get this far. I don’t think it’s by pure luck

      • Don’t forget Paul, the biggest floater of the season. And I think he’s playing an excellent game.

    • I know early on the distinction was that “floaters” were the people with no concrete allegiance who drifted to power to advance themselves in the game, and it was considered a legit and effective strategy, whereas “coasters” was the term for people who just went on autopilot and didn’t really try.

      Rachel Reilly sort of ruined that though and now people just call anyone who doesn’t win a bunch of comps a floater.

      • Actually, Nicole has won quite a few comps this season and she’s still being called a floater. It’s mainly just a term people throw out for players they don’t particularly like and then the mob mentality here takes it from there and runs with it.

      • Oh good point. I think part of it is that people have this perception that if you’re not openly scheming and controlling people you’re not playing the game, but they fail to understand that sometimes the correct game move *is* to do nothing and maintain your good position. Nicole did a good job of this, but people just see it as “floating”

      • Totally agree. And hey, if you’re a female and you ARE scheming and controlling the game, you’re not being strategic, you’re being “a snake”.

        They punish you for not playing the game and they punish you for playing the game. There’s just no pleasing the mob mentality here.

      • If I ever go on BB, I’ll be offended if I come out and people aren’t calling me a snake, tbh.

  20. Vic is realizing that Corey and Nicole played him. He felt like they had more than just an alliance. But a friendship. Boy was he wrong.

  21. While I agree that nominating P/V at this point in the game is a good strategic move, I would hope that Corey would at least give them a head’s up prior. It doesn’t have to be a long time before the nom ceremony but given their history with each other, he owes them that. I know it’s a game but he should be looking down the road if he wants to win, this would help him with both. Man up Corey and tell them to their face, tell them your reasons and screw what production wants.

    • You called it tr8ppng, one of the *MAIN* reasons Vic was so mad after the noms was the fact that Corey didn’t give him & Paul a heads up. Instead he (Corey) blindsided them after Vic & Paul gave them loyalty last week.

      Corey is trying to excuse this by saying Vic blindsided him and Paulie, but that is not the case and we all know it (look at Joker’s updates for a footnote version). Paulie was a rotten egg who had way too many alliances and was targeting Vic long before Vic evicted him, so Corey doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. Moreover, he just makes himself look more and ,ore like a douche in the way he talks about not wanting a relationship, i.e., Nicole be prepared to be kicked (hard) to the curb immediately after the game is over!

  22. One of those 2 will be evicted no matter what even if Paul or Victor win the POV the one who didn’t win is evicted even with James up on the block because if Paul or Victor win the POV, they will vote for James and Nicole votes for the other which leaves a 1-1 tie meaning Corey will have to vote to keep James safe and evict the other.

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