‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 18 house was full of drama following Friday’s nomination ceremony as Paulie started his apology tour, and Nicole tried to make sense of what’s going to happen if she loses one of her two allies this week.

Paulie plays BB18 with no emotions

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 12, 2016:

3:45 PM BBT – Paulie praising his, Corey’s, and Nicole’s game so far this season while disparaging James’s game play for not having the guys’ backs.

4:00 PM BBT – Nicole says she’s so relieved for America to love her and have sent her the Care Package. She’s glad Bridgette is gone since she doesn’t think she would have teamed up with Nicole.

4:15 PM BBT – Victor and Paul planning to make sure one of the three go home this week and hopefully another next week. Victor says he hopes the noms will respect him like he did to Paulie when he was put up.

4:45 PM BBT – HGs anxiously awaiting the Noms ceremony. Nicole looking at how many votes they’d need this week in case anything goes wrong with the noms.

5:15 PM BBT – Feeds finally cut for Noms & fans anxiously await the results.

6:17 PM BBT – Feeds are back! Paulie and Corey were nominated. Silence dominates the house, but it doesn’t last long.

6:25 PM BBT – Paulie wants to know who told Victor he was his BD target. Nicole jumps in and says Corey could have BD’d them but he didn’t. Corey wants to know what he ever did to Victor.

6:27 PM BBT – Victor isn’t taking this laying down. Paulie says they talked about Victor’s concerns. Victor questions why he thinks just because they “talked about it” that those issues dissolved?

6:30 PM BBT – Paulie says if the other guys had just said they wanted Zakiyah out last week then he would have done it. Paul reminds him of the many, many times he told Paulie he wanted Zakiyah out but Paulie would always turn the other way.

6:40 PM BBT – Victor shuts down Paulie’s interrogations telling him when Paulie put him up he didn’t do this to him, “so don’t do it to me.” Paulie wants to know if the plan is for whatever guy is still up there for that one to go. Victor says he hasn’t decided yet. (He has. Yes.) Paulie cuts him off and says he wasn’t asking him.

6:45 PM BBT – Corey stares off in to the distance…

6:45 PM BBT – Paulie goes to grill Michelle now that Victor isn’t having it. Paulie is casting blame on Michelle. She reminds him she isn’t on the Block.

6:50 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey things might not be as bad as they look because Paulie is blowing up.

6:50 PM BBT – Paulie grilling Paul who isn’t taking it. He tells Paulie to stop questioning him and he didn’t know this was happening. Paulie asks wouldn’t Paul want answers if this was happening to him.

6:53 PM BBT – Paulie asks Paul if he’d save him with the Veto if he picks him to play. Paul stammers and then says nearly everyone will play anyway.

7:00 PM BBT – Paulie now claims he threw HoH as a test to the guys to see if they would try this.

7:09 PM BBT – Paulie is crying. Tears stream down his cheeks as he tells Corey he’ll use the Veto on him if he stays and if he [Paulie] is still on the Block come Thursday then it doesn’t look good for him.

7:15 PM BBT – Paul and Victor upstairs in HoH. Paul calls Paulie & Corey sore losers and cry babies for their reactions and behavior. Victor says he’d rather see Paulie go and Paul agrees.

7:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Victor they’re making the right choice on sides because he’d rather them have to compete against James, Michelle, and Natalie than Paulie, Corey, and Nicole.

7:50 PM BBT – Michelle tells Victor this was the biggest move of the season.

8:05 PM BBT – Victor lets Corey know he’s only on the Block because he’s Paulie’s closest ally and Paulie is the target. Corey promises Victor he won’t come after him if he stays.

8:15 PM BBT – Victor talks with Paulie and lets him know James told him about the F3 with Paulie and Corey. Earlier Paulie had sworn he had no other final deals. Paulie blames that F3 on James saying he started it.

8:20 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey discuss that Natalie is playing James. Corey says she is “third leftovers” and James is too old for this kind of thing.

8:25 PM BBT – Victor tells Paulie if there is a renom then Michelle is going up.

8:30 PM BBT – Paulie is again talking to Victor about how loyal he was. He’s trying to tell Victor he will still ride with the five guys. Victor tells Paulie he owes no one in the house anything since they already evicted him once. Paulie tells Victor if he wins veto he’s not coming after him.

8:40 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey he won’t campaign against him.

9:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Paulie meet in private to talk through their issues with each other. He is still borderline insulting her most of the time but eventually apologizes to her but only after she apologizes to him over the things she told Zakiyah. He tells her that he isn’t to blame for mocking her because he was just playing along with everyone else and how they called her “FT.” She asks what FT means. He explains but continues to shift blame despite being such a frequent, unprompted user of the term even when she was nearby.

9:18 PM BBT – James, Paul and Michelle are making fun of the failed alliances. She says she can’t believe they made an all-guys alliance and James says what about the Fatal Five? Then Michelle counts how many of the 8 Pack members are left.

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  1. Gah! Paulie is SUCH a d-hay (to use his fav word). No way to even feel sorry for him after he opens that sexist, nasty mouth. Victor is the hero of the week. Giving my votes to him for ACP.

    • I’m still trying to determine who to give my votes to. I hope someone online presents a good argument for giving it to one over the other as I have weighed differing scenarios and am still undecided. Definitely, either Viv, Paul, or Michele for sure though.

      • I am going for either Victor or Michelle. Victor because he has had to battle back also how he has handled Paulie. Michelle because she was instrumental in knocking Paulie down to size.

      • That makes sense. If there are 2 OTB and 2 HGs sharing HOH, that means every HG will be playing for veto, right? I’m trying to strategize here, thinking out loud.

      • u can vote everyday…just vote for all 3 ..OOOOhh just think about it…If Paulie does happen to stay with veto or RT and Victor was CO-HOST HOH then Paulies ass would be OTB again…Paulie does not have a chance…at this point..

      • No – voting for all 3 would split the votes and lead to another bad move like having Nicole get it this week.

      • That’s what I’m thinking and we know that Nicole’s fans will vote based on what they think would further her game. We need to unite!

      • I am still Victor or Michelle. Would kind of like to see a woman win, but then again will Michelle make to the end. I’m so confused. hehe

      • I’ve always had a difficult time trusting M to stay focused and not be easily influenced. But I don’t think she will waver from her distrust of Paulie or Nic any more. Decisions, decisions. Since voting doesn’t start until tomorrow, I’m going to see what the consensus might be before I make up my mind.

      • I just have a feeling if Paulie doesn’t get evicted this week he may fall in line with Paulie again. Just call it my gut instinct.

      • I’m voting for Michelle. She could really use the shot of confidence- she keeps thinking America hates her and wonders if she’s the villain. I think getting the CP would reinforce her game. My backup plan is Victor. His game moves this week aside, I just really have grown to like the guy.

      • I would like to vote for Michelle, too, for the same reasons. The only thing that keeps me from doing so is that she could actually become the HOH and the votes would all be wasted. What worries me is that all of Nic’s fans(and obviously there are many) will vote for either Paulie or Corey because they are the only ones who will keep her safe. Then, one of them would most likely end up as co-HOH. Otherwise, Michelle would 100% have my vote. I think she would try to make sure that Nat isn’t OTB. Nat helps keep Michelle more sane.

      • I’ve gone back and forth on it and decided on Vic because he can’t win HOH next week. That way he will definitely be eligible to get it no matter what.

      • I don’t see anyone other than Natalie making it to the end and that’s iffy. Paul and Victor will leave it up to Michelle to try winning the comps she has to win. Otherwise, she’ll be gone.

      • I think I am just wary of Victor while I know for certain Michelle would nominate Nicole/Corey. I dont know what to do! Lol, I wish we could vote for Nat

      • Good luck with Nicole being accepted by the other girls. She ignored them when they could have used her help throughout the season. All her attention was focused on Corey. Ooops. Additionally, Paulie asked if he could leave jury if he didn’t want to stay. Seriously? Probably because he didn’t want to face the wrath of Day, Z and Bridge (yep, every bit is true about that).

      • What would make this season go over the top is if America votes…Paulie the ACP…assuming he wins veto. He would then be co-HOH and if Corey or Nicole wins…you can expect Vic and Paul on the block. At this point Paul and Vic are laying a strong foundation to bring themselves to the end…especially Paul….he is getting his results with his strong social game and not getting any blood on his hands in the interm. The game would get interesting !

      • I’m giving mine to Victor. He was the true hero by the end of the evening. I did not think Vic had the balls to go against Paulie and not walk away for the 2 hours they spoke. After Paulie’s apology tour (which not a word he spoke was true), he stormed off and said, “first chance I get Victor is out of here!” Nothing anyone told Paulie was sticking. Paulie’s playing the victim and lashing out, blaming everyone else even after he told them that he’d lost sight of the game (notice he didn’t say “his game”, which he truly doesn’t believe he did). Victor brought all that out of him and he’s the one that suggested that Paulie should apologize to everyone for his misconduct so to speak. Paul of course was claiming he knew nothing about what Vic was going to do (he did), but really it’s because he wants to be able to salvage something with Paulie if Paulie ends up staying.

      • I like that. I think you are spot on about Paul working an angle. I knew that when he wanted his vote cancelled it was specifically so he could still present the facade that he was with Paulie if need be. I hope everyone agrees. And in voting for Victor, we can be assured that our votes will not be wasted because he can not play in the HOH comp while Mich and Paul can, and Nat has already been given a CP. DONE!

      • I was wondering who to vote for too. Now I am convinced that the vote should go for Victor. He has his head in the game and doesn’t play dirty, he is straight forwarded and that is something Paulie can’t handle.

      • I didn’t even think about the fact that Victor can’t play for HOH. Damn… ok- but can we all PLEASE vote for Michelle to get the last one?

      • ACP for Vic is the best bet to see to it pauLie a corey get voted out. If pauLie goes this week, and michelle got ACP, she may be swayed by corey to keep him, as he has been consistent in giving her kind attention. Regarding Vic being openly critical of others prior to his eviction, it seems he has, at the least, learned to keep his criticisms to himself. As for pauLie, the repulsiveness of his in-house arrogance became evident when, whith everyone present and sitting on the couches, he, with crazy eyes, stared down tiffany and stated, “i was bred for this”. If i behaved in this manner? My Mom would still, to this day, smack me once for every sylable she spoke, as she held her corrective interview, take another deep breath, or three, and keep smacking me. PauLie has actually insulted every female in new jersey. Every female alumnus of his rutgers. And these women have dads granddads brothers cousins friends and colleagues that are insulted by extension. Fair access to social, economic, and political equality are what i was taught as a child to be the basic tenants of Feminism. How, in 2016, can anyone be unaware of this basic definition? Please correct me if i am wrong.

      • Yep, l loved Vic was the only one to tell him STFU, I didn’t do this to you when you put me on da block!

        Team Vic all the way

      • ….. And Victor will be vulnerable next week not playing for HOH so we could give him CO-HOH to decrease any impact of Paulie/Nicole/Cory possibly winning it. Victor needs ACP4

      • Vote VICTOR —- 1) he will be vunerable next week not being able to play for HOH. 2) He deserves the ACP4 co-hoh due to big game move this week. 3) he stood there calmly when Paulie was wigging out but never backed down or got emotional. 4) he followed Paulie and supported Michelle when Paulie went to confront her 5) he had a geat talk wNicole.

  2. maybe pauly will use the time in the jury house to lose all that weight he put on — but prolly not — he’ll prolly spend all his time insulting dayvon and running from zakeya — lmao@all the hippcrits in this place that luvd pauly 2 weeks ago that now are wanting him out

      • I feel like many people gain weight on BB. The farther you make it, the more weight you gain. Despite the gym and their ability to work out, for the most part, you’re in a bubble and spending much of the days sitting talking or sleeping. The fact that they can’t have a normal life is what causes it. The alcohol doesn’t help either lol

      • Speaking of alcohol I don’t think there will be any as long as Paulie is in the house. It would make it way to dangerous.

      • I thought the complete opposite. They seem to be worn down as the days pass by, and having some of them go on slop for weeks no doubt helped make weaken their bodies, especially Corey.

      • After working 10 to 12 days for the last 21 years, three months off, sitting, Talking, sleeping and eating would be the perfect vacation. Maybe that is just me though.

    • nooooo Paulie don’t wanna go to jury house. (can’t imagine why) He asked Nicole (I believe) if he could be made to stay in jury house and he was told no that he could leave….Did not see/read that he was told if he does not go to jury house he loses his stipend …If Paulie does not go to jury house CBS/production would consider that move to be “SELF EVCTING” and he did not fulfill his contract..

      • He doesn’t want to go to jury…cause he realizes how moronic he played the game…he’s thinking what his brother and Derrick are saying of his game play…he’s totally embarrassed.

      • I would love to know what Derrick & his brother are saying about him. Maybe they set him up for failure – hahah!!

      • I would tooo I don’t do TWITTER….I am also wondering Evel Dicks take on what has transpired..

      • ED said something to that effect before Paulie & Corey were nommed.. I wanna know what he is saying since they were put OTB

      • Derrick did a Periscope talk the other day before all this went down. He wanted to clear up some rumors that have been going around. If you go to his Twitter page you can find it there. I would love it if he would do another one.

      • im shur they make it VERY clear b4 they go in the hous that if they selfevct they forfit everting INCL retn transpo

      • Brigette and Day don’t like him and he now thinks he was played by Zak so going to the Jury house puts him with three strong women who won’t kneel to his manly superiority. Of course he want to bail.

      • Right he will lose his stipend if he doesn’t go to jury, it will be as if he self-evicted.

    • Funny. I’ve hated Paulie since day 1. Him, and Nicole. Don’t know why, probably just a good judge of character.

      I couldn’t stand Day at first (running her mouth all the time), but I learned to tolerate her. Maybe even like her.

      • It took me about two weeks to start disliking Paulie, Never did care for Nicole in her season nor this season but I did tolerate her in season 16. I liked DAY in season 17 but thought she got a bad deal on that one. This year, I now see why she was evicted and never did care for her after she started telling lies and making things up against two other player’s that actually had her back.

    • Paulie still looks great. Maybe he needed some added weight. I’m sure the people on here speaking about his weight probably should take a look in the mirror. I’m not understanding why people are calling him names and saying such nasty things about him when they’re doing the same thing that they’re accusing him of? I’ve also seen nasty things said about the girls. Why is it okay for people to say those things on here but they can’t be said in the BB house?

    • Not a bit. In car while posting here on my way to Mi from my cell phone. I can do this until I reach our cottage where cell service is spotty. So glad.

    • I think it is funny and anyone can tell he is just making a fool out of himself. What real cries on TV about a game like BB. Yeah I can get why Michelle does, she is a female. Not to make fun of the opposite sex but women (some not all) are more sensitive to things like this than men. Paulie has blown up his own game and all Michelle do was give him the match to light it.

      • Michelle’s loud, seemingly part fake, crying irritates the hound out of me. But for some reason, I lmbo when she starts it. I have never in my life seen a person cry like that, except acting on TV.

    • I hope you don’t think I’m being ‘holier than thou’ when I said I couldn’t get enjoyment out of watching Dick-boy ‘get his.’ I’m still enjoying what everyone else has to say! Especially after watching his pathetic display on BBAD last night (Saturday), I realize he doesn’t deserve my empathy. I hope I didn’t offend you, K.

  3. Paulie talking to Nicole about if he gets to jury house and decides he doesn’t want to be there(because he has no one he can control), what can Production do to stop him? Males like Pauline are all wussies when the tables are turned.

      • Of course. I would think a HG that decided not to stay in the jury house would probably be voiding a contract agreement and it could result in nonpayment to the HG. Paulie is the type that if he can’t win and get all the money, he’s going to take his toys and go home. If Paulie thinks he is having a hard time, wait until he pulls something like this. He’ll never live it down.

      • Paulie is not man enough to quit. He’s probably thinking (in his warped brain) that if he plays the sympathy card (“poor me”), America & other HGs will feel sorry for him. He truly thinks he’s untouchable. If he only knows how wrong he is!!1

      • From the way he has been acting, it seems like Z might have taken his balls, so if he wants them back, he’ll have to make an appearance in da house.

      • Or put some thread through that needle and pull it to the back between his crack and put some pretty panties on him. Let him wallow in feminism.

      • I thought they were called gunnysacks. Just sounds better than balls to me right now.:-)

      • Well hell, I posted on the wrong post. LOL. On another post, some one was saying that he (Paulie) has to go to jury house to get back his balls from Z. Which is why I posted what I said about him vapor locking.

      • TMI, WW, lol. I’m going to put a bottle of my probiotics in the kitchen with my husbands other meds and tell him it is for vapor lock just to see what kind of reaction I get from him. I’ll know really quickly if he knows what I’m talking about. If he asks me where I heard it from, he’s going to think it very odd that I was online talking to a guy about such a topic. I’ll have a lot of explaining to do. ;D

      • The show’s creator, Jon de Mol, said that any houseguest can leave at any time if they want to.

        And the door in the US house is always open so nothing’s stopping them from doing so.

    • if they do…there must be some repercussions. There must be something in their contracts that cover that.

    • Unless he wins veto he may not be able to handle the pressure of being OTB all week.. He is not stable and yes he is a “wuss” when push comes to shove…Even if he has the RT he has nobody on his side..Nicole and Corey can’t protect him cause they in harms way theirselves..even they ain’t stupid enough to keep backing him (well Corey might be that stupid). They will just put him OTB again if possible…He would have to win all comps for 2 weeks to avoid OTB and eviction.. Its possible that he could self evict before Thursday. ..I don’t recall any season that a HG who had control of the game and lost their power ever mentioned ending their game by self evicting or not going to jury house..Paulie is the first I ever heard ask questions about ending his game early..

      • It wouldn’t bother me in the least not to have to look at him at the finale. I hope he does leave.

      • That’s what bugs him the most I think. He was talking again last night about not wanting ANY woman to make it to finals.

      • Karma will get him. Maybe not now so much but later in life it come back to kick him in the a$$ and he won’t see it coming.

      • That alone can cause a woman to win it this year. Even if it is Nicole. He wasn’t thinking too much about the big picture as he was thinking of the weekly evictions. Derrick looked past each week and who went to jury and made some sort of peace with them except for Donny and Jacosta who both voted for Cody. I wonder what Donny thinks of Paulie.

      • It is still in Nicole, Corey and Paulie’s best interest to stick together because they should know by now that they will be the targets for the next couple of weeks unless, they win HOH and VETO. That is their only chance to hit back against the other side and take one or more of them out of the game and into the jury house! Of course, if they somehow win HOH back to back then, the other side will lose 2 on their side and it now becomes a 2 vs 3 scenario and anything can still happen!

      • Chima self-evicted on BB11 after her disastrous HOH reign although she did so by throwing her lapel to the pool to get production to forcefully take her out via the DR.

    • He probably will not get his stipend if he does not go to jury. That would be stupid because he gets free food and relaxation in addition to the stipend. A very good couple of weeks. Getting paid to relax and eat and chit chat all day long! Frank did not want to go to jury either. Of course, if you have better use of that time to pursue other financial interests for instance, it would make sense then!

      • It was about the third post that I read this AM. I started my day off with a really good laugh, too.

    • Pauline I love it. Sad part is a I know a lovely lady named Pauline and she would smack the crap out of him in a heartbeat.

  4. I just found this site a few days ago but I am noticing James really does talk alot doesnt he?

    • :) I loved it when Paulie was blah-blah-blahing it to James and James just didn’t participate in the least. I was waiting for James to just turn over and go to sleep in that bumper car and let Paulie drone on.

  5. We’ve seen it time and time again…where players seems to be clueless and oblivious to what is actually going on and how they are coming across not only to their fellow HG’s but to the viewers….the BB trance. It is definitely not easy to be coup up in a place for months with the same people. You become and say things that are sometimes totally out of character. I bet many of the past players watched themselves and said….I did that…I said that…some play intentionally…others…get caught in the BB trance.

  6. Veto competition should be interesting. Paulie must win Veto to keep his chances of winning alive. Rooting for Paulie over Corey because he will go after the other side. It will keep the others playing the game as long as he is in the Big Brother House! Biggest threats in the Big Brother House now are Paul, Victor, Paulie, James. Anyone who wins HOH next would be wise to put two of those 4 on the block. If Victor and Paul succeed in evicting Corey and Paulie, one after the other, I think they stand a good chance of getting to Final 2. If that happens, I will be rooting for Victor or Paul to win that $500,000!

    • Paulie has “nobody” to go to the “other side” with.. If Corey goes Paulie won’t even have Nicole cause she will jump ship…At this point he is totally on his own..

      • Paulie’s role if he survives this week is to win the next HOH because his days are numbered. If he manages to win the next HOH, he can conceivably put up both Victor and Paul if he was smart and try and evict one of them! If one gets off, put James as the replacement nominee. That is the best he can hope for! Eliminate the best at competitions and thin the herd then. If Nicole wins HOH assuming she sticks with Paulie, she can also, put up whoever remains of James, Paul and Victor. If they do that, things will flip again because power will shift the other way! That is the way I would like it to go because everyone will be playing to win because you cannot afford to just be a bystander!

      • I believe that the winner of Hoh will only be able to nominate 1person and the winner of ACP will put up the 2nd nominee. At least that’s how I understand the co hoh to play out. So Nicole and whoever stays are still in trouble.

      • This is why Victor needs ACP 4 co-hoh. Need to mitigate that risk. ACP 5 BB Bribe will be perfect for Paul

      • Depends on when they announce the ACP. If it is after the HOH then, it would not matter and apply for the following week. This week, I voted for Bridgettte to get the ACP but, she was evicted so, her votes was wasted! I think Nicole probably got the 2nd most votes and ended up getting the ACP. In any case, Nicole, Corey and Paulie are at the short end of the stick which is true. Now, if they were smart, they will fight hard to win VETO and HOH from here on in! If they are still in the game, they can still have a huge impact on who wins by nominating the strongest players, Victor, Paul and James on the other side. Two on the block and one goes home! That is just plain math. And if their alliance wins HOH back to back then, it flips the game over again! Anyone could still win Big Brother this season! I am here for the game play!

      • True Richie, the next few HOH and Vetoes are huge. I thought it ACP was for the upcoming HOH. I didn’t think I’d say this but I hope Victor wins. Natalie is playing well which surprised me. I’m glad they have finally started to play BB

      • Great point… I agree…that scenario would be perfect because now Paulie would only have to sell the other side that Vic and Paul are the F2 and are a big threat together he will put them up to break up the Dynamic Duo.. and give the rest a fighting change for the big one….he can go further and say…I will set up the opportunity for you if you send me out the next week…I’d be okay with it…a humble approach can keep in there.

      • That will be a huge waste. Nicole if she wins HOH and uses her head should put up both Paul and Victor with James as the replacement nominee!
        That way, you get rid of the comp beasts and give yourself a chance if you play for VETO to survive.
        You have to remain in the Big Brother House to win or get that $50,000 2nd prize atleast! Danielle Donato was a comp beast in her season and they have to try more than once, to finally get her out! She got others evicted on the other side before she got evicted! Play hard and play to win!

      • Right, cause she’s stupid and goes with the guy alliance .. oh, wait, she’s not in that, oh well, loves Corey.

    • Yes you’re right…Paul or Vic will win the big one and having Paulie in there over Corey will make for interesting game play…Paul is playing the the best at this point…he is getting the big targets out without any blood…he will use Vic as his comp beast and they will systematically get the others out. If Paulie stays things will go differently.

      • Paul is definetly playing the best game. He is playing the most like Derrick and Victor is his Cody.

      • Right on…exactly….the house has not come that conclusion yet…their focus is on Paulie right now.

    • I just checked his Twitter today. The most recent tweet he had in reference to Paulie was he’s keeping good vibes over the negativities being thrown at his family. I don’t think he wanna opine on his brother right now unless he knew the odds are in his favor.

      • No humble genes in that family. Right now, it seems Paulie just can’t understand why HGs (all of them) are not expressing gratitude that he is still willing to stay to the end with the guys. I think he really believes the girls should be happy they are allowed to be there at all and should just stand around admiring him until he excuses them.

      • I think that’s why Meech, Bridge and Nat bother him. They are not willing to lie down on his way to $500k.
        He can’t get over Bridge saying she’s a feminist. Because how dare she think she is equal to him.

      • That is really, really trolling around in his mind that some broad would have the unmitigated gall to oppose him. What a nutjob.

      • And it’s different with Bridge because she isn’t nice and non-confrontational like Nafalie, she isn’t emotional like Meech. Paulie can’t rattle her and it bothers him. Bridge is a bonafide bada$$.

      • You have to love the Cabbage Patch gal. She gave it everything she had despite, not having an alliance after Frank got evicted! Too bad she was sent to the jury house.

      • H said last night that since Bridgette is a feminist, she will not listen to anything he says. And we all know that women are suppose to listen and not speak to Gottifiore. Well, Gottifiore is dead. Little baby weasel Paulie is all that is left.

    • just checked twitter no comments were seen on Codys or Derricks pages pertaining to OTB choices but Evel Dick had a field day…

    • Well, I would expect that he probably won’t talk $h!t about his brother. I’m not sure what people are expecting him to say.

  7. Have not seen this even in Survivor but, would be interesting if Nicole, Corey or Paulie offered their jury votes in exchange for a house guest voting their way. Say Paulie wins Veto and Corey is on the block and the renom is say Michelle. The three of them talk to James and Natalie and offer their votes as part of the jury if James or Natalie ends up in Final 2. Now, that is 3 votes in the Finals that they can promise if they evict say, Michelle instead, of Corey? I have not seen it in Survivor and certainly, not Big Brother. However, that probably will be a Big Move if Corey, Nicole and Paulie offer it
    to James and Natalie assuming either Paulie or Corey wins the veto. Will it work, probably not but, still interesting angle to pursue.

    • lol nobody in the current game is that trustworthy.. I would not believe nothing they said

    • Now have you not been watching lately???? Their word means nothing. Nicole/Paulie will lie to your face while twisting the dagger.

  8. Welp all I can say is….. Bahaha Karma is a bi***!!! Ohh how the tables have turned on mighty King Turd. Someone needs to get him a binky and a rattler! As you can see he hasn’t changed at all only this time he’s being passive aggressive -_- those tears aren’t fooling anybody!

      • Haha I doubt it. Unless we can somehow send word to BB about sending a separate care package filled with rattles and binkies on over to Paulie.

      • EVEL DICK has pic of crying baby who is drooling and has a snotty nose and makes reference to how Paulie is acting..

    • Only reason even Aaryn got the edit she got is because it was so bad that news sites and shows were covering it. CBS didn’t have a choice but to show it. Paulie’s is bad, but he’s not getting nearly as much attention/negativity as Aaryn did. If it gets to that point, they’ll have to show it–all of it.

      • It was also driving story in the feeds for a good chunk of the season so no amount of good editing can remove anything negative as there’s nothing good to pick and choose from at all for the highlights shows.

      • Well they should show how Paulie bashes women..especially when he compared Bridgette being a feminist to being a racist. That is uncalled for. Paulie is a douche.

      • I’m just saying, if they can show how horrible Christine was in BB16, and even show how bad Frank was, they should show how bad Paulie is! BB is probably going to give him the victim edit

      • They actually aired the scene from the feeds on TV where Frankie was frustrated and angry with viewers as they rejected the outcome of the mission he, Derrick and Donnie were tasked to do right after the live show (the episode having been aired the following Sunday).

      • something really should be said/done about what he said about his two cousins and his sister “will beat the sh#t out of Bridgette and Michelle and the his brother and his boys will “destroy Natalie” to me and a lot of people, those were clear threats…not good! And the fact that every one (except Nicole and Corey) are afraid he’s going to slug someone in the house.

  9. Honestly this is all too good to be true. Between veto, the boomerang card, and expect the unexpected, Paulie won’t be going to jury.

  10. What BB should do is if the RT is not used WE the viewers should vote for who WE want to come back.

    • Bridge is coming back then. I will seriously take a week off work to vote solely for her.

    • NO. I don’t trust viewers with these kind of votes. lol The wrong person will inevitably get voted back in.

    • totally throw Bridgette votes to come back …. especially with Nicole Corey or possibly Paulie (non evicted) still in the house.. what that would do to their “AMERICA LOVES US ” dribble. Imagine Nicoles face..

  11. What a douche nozzle Paulie turned out to be. The minute he doesn’t get to dictate what happens in the house he starts crying and threatening to quit. This on top of his unacceptable behavior towards the women in the house. He can’t leave soon enough for me.

      • Without the shirt or jacket!! Altho, that reminds me …I noticed he put a shirt on for the first time in a long time, what’s up with that I wonder? An attempt to add to the “cover up”?

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha

        No one to impress with his pecks. Who cares!!! All the women hate him.

        I believe he was going to go after Nat when Zakiyah lefy.

      • You got that right, not only because he has to have someone, but he would be sticking it to James without being upfront which he is obviously frightened to do anything face to face for real.

      • James wasn’t having it, for sure, which is why he flipped. James didn’t have to say anything but to deal with him the BB way — blindside his ass.

      • yep that was my thought…and if he stays and James gets evicted which is Paulies goal (if he stays) I do believe he will put some moves on Natalie…

      • Comments have been made about Paulie gaining a lot of weight…….. His ego cant take it with all the cameras and mirrors.

  12. If the general consensus is to vote Vic for the next CP then I’ll do that. But just know this will put a HUGE target on his back for 3 recent HOH wins. I personally want to see Vic and Paul get to F2 for playing the game well very differently.

  13. Brrriiiiing, Brrrriiing,
    Hey, Paulie – it’s for you … it’s Bridgette ….
    — she wants to know how it feels to F**K your own brains out?!!

  14. Here is the definition of “Feminism/feminist”……..Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social rights for women that are equal to those of men.” And A-hole Paulie thinks this is compared to racism..I think I read that he made that comment…and that Bridgette needs to apologize to him…are you friggin kidding me? This guy is such a douchebag..Bridgette owes him NOTHING but a swift kick in his sorry ass!!! The disdain I have for Paulie gets worse by the second! I pray that he goes this week.

    • I really wish he would go through with his threats to leave the game, but they are not true threats, just an example of what he thinks will manipulate people.

    • I couldn’t get over him saying that Bridget would have to ask God for forgiveness. What about himself? ?

      • Equality is NOT something Paulie believes in. I cant believe he talks about and to women the way he does in 2016. He is fine if the boys have strategy or play the game but if a women does it (that doesnt have her head up his ass like Nicole) then he can’t handle it.

      • I was thinking if Paulie wants to get out of jury, BB should have him do the following PBA:


        To my parents, I am sorry for bringing shame to the Calafiore family

        To Derrick and Cody, I am sorry I failed to bring home the bacon (wink, wink)

        To Zakiya’s mom, please forgive me for my part in shaming Zakiyah in front of America

        To Women of New Jersey, just pull up and I’ll wash your cars for the next six months.

        To children of America, I am sorry for the poor example I have set, no one deserves to be bullied. And lies never are good. It only gets you into trouble. You should choose a different option — peace.

        To all women with breast implants, feel good about yourselves.

        And finally — America, I will always accept responsibility for my behavior and BB is no way responsible for who I am — A BIG CRY BABY and I gladly, humbly accept their psychological intervention on my behalf.

        PEACE OUT

      • Z’s mom: After discovering her daughter is with child(hopefully not)
        Pay up you scumbag. My daughter,
        She works hard for the money
        So hard for it, honey
        She works hard for the money
        So you better treat her right

      • That baby (ies) will be singing :
        Poppa was a Rollin stone,
        Wherever he laid his hat was home

      • You are welcome! This guy is so infuriating. You know that I always have one HG that I simply cannot stand and have to post how I feel about that person in the game..but this guy…wow…basically calling Bridgette a racist because she is a feminist…really?

      • I wonder how his gym is going to do after this!! I am sure he has pissed off a lot of men as well. Time will tell.

      • You’d be surprised at just how many males will be in there patting him on the back, twisting his nipples, grabbing his dic, and high-fiving him.

      • You are probably right unfortunately. The best would be for the women to pickets his gym and bring a lot of national attention.

    • Equal rights mean equal treatment for everyone so no one has any right to use their gender to say that they are better than the opposite sex or be given the better treatment. Regardless if you’re a guy or a girl or anywhere else in between, you should treat others as equals as you want others to treat you as such as well.

      Off-topic but I thought I’d share: There’s one time I saw on Facebook about a woman complaining about a guy who didn’t offer her a seat in the train. She wrote on her post that the guy should have been a gentleman to her as she is “a woman” and she was expecting to be treated as one by expecting him give up his seat for her.

      What she did was post a picture of him, showing his face, put it up online hoping people would side with her and publicly shame him. Instead, it was her who was on the receiving end of the shaming. I don’t think she realize that being a gentleman is a choice and men would do it out of the goodness of their hearts and not because women are entitled to it because their gender.

      I always see men who offer their seats for they chose to do so and not because they are forced to by anyone who wants them to give up their seats to them. Personally, I’d give my seat up to anyone who actually need sitting and not because they want me to, regardless of gender: Senior citizens, PWD’s, pregnant women, anyone who is carrying a kid along on the commute, and people who has a lot of literal baggage with them that they truly need a seat.

      The woman in question actually live three stops from where she rode the train, lives in a condo that is actually accessible by a quick taxi or bus ride which for sure she’ll have a seat to sit on.

      So moral of the story: Don’t treat others what you don’t want others to treat you as no one is above nor below anyone.

      In the context of BB: Don’t treat potential jury members badly if you want them to give you their vote if you happen to go to the end.

    • Paulie probably knows he’s been a jackass to all three of the women in the jury house, and that’s why he doesn’t want to go there.

      • There is no way someone who has the mentality that Paulie has wants to listen to a woman..let alone three of them..tell him that he was wrong and is a jerk. His manhood would not be able to handle it.

      • Could you imagine if Paulie had a female boss? Or if he was pulled over by a female cop. hehehe

      • He hates the thought of getting kicked in the balls,he doesn,t want to lose the little bitty ones he has

    • Not only that ,when he goes to the jury house i would love to see B and Z kick him square in the balls,that is if he has any.

  15. Paulie is clearly mentally ill. A liar, misogynist, slut, cry baby, control freak, delusional, a bully, a sore loser… I could go on and on. God I hope he’s gone for good this week!

  16. OMG, Paulie doesnt want to go to jury house. Are you kidding? I do not believe that there has been anyone in the history of BB who has asked not to go to jury. What is he afraid to face Zakiyah? ?? Bridget? ??? DaVonne? ???

    He even lies when seeking apologies.

    I believe BB has uncovered serious flaws in this guy’s character. This will haunt him the rest of his life.

      • That, too, but also I just think he is a really poor loser since he has no respect for anyone and probably always (with the help of his family) manages some delusional thought that he is always the winner. This situation, without the unconditional support that he requires, just can’t be tolerated by him.

      • Lol. Although I am hoping Paulie gets evicted, I would love for him to experience the sarcastic wrath of Zingbot.

      • Me, too and it would be nice if Zingbot reveals she is a she or they bring out “Mrs. Zingbot” just for Paulie.

    • You’d think he’d want to go to jury, because the alternative is to go home and face Cody and Derrick. He’s forgetting he can’t lie to them because they’ve probably been watching his this whole season. Heh.

      • But he knows he can count on Cody and his family to lie to him with their unconditional support of his delusions.

      • Not that it’s excusable, but keep in mind Cody would vouch for Paulie because they’re brothers.

      • And because Paulie’s older so by default, he kinda have to unless BB never treated LB as an LB but more of a twinnie growing up.

      • Of course, but hopefully in private maybe somebody will get this guy some help for whatever ails him, cause he is one sick puppy.

      • Yup! There’s no running away from this now. It’s well documented. Poor BOY. ? Makes me almost feel sorry for him. He’s going to hear about it FOREVER now. Not to mention no girl in his home state is ever going to date him again. Smh

  17. lol The big bad street fighter that says he’s taken on 3-4 guys at a time cries like a little baby because he didn’t get his way and is on the block. The tough guys not so tough after all. Can’t wait till he’s left on the block and someone tells him he’s going home and he’s looking like an idiot campaigning to stay, you know like he cold heartedly told Frank. I believe he’s the first male in BB history to cry because he’s on the block.

    • Paulie is making me like Frank more and more. Frank was a douche yes, and he did piss off some women, but atleast he admitted he was wrong. I originally didn’t like Frank, but compared to Paulie Frank is Mother Teresa. And that’s saying a lot

      • I always liked Frank … I never thought he ever meant any harm and yes, he, at least stands corrected and open and I think that was the Bridgette affection for him and vice versa.

    • Not at all. I’m surprised Vic didn’t do this sooner knowing he backdoored him and Paul was he only true ally.

      • He had to strike when the iron was hot and it took Paul reinforcing his backup that he struck. Smart move by Vic

      • I think part of Vic’s problem was he knew everyone in the house voted him out the first time, so he had to find out where he stood with everyone now, and it took a week or so to do that. Once he knew they were comparing notes and becoming aware of what he already knew about Paulie, he (propelled on by Paul) knew he had the numbers and support to strike.

      • Da’vonne should have mentioned names before she left. Unfortunately, I don’t think Da knew that Paulie was in charge.

    • Really good question and complicated because this is a game, not real life, social experiment, etc. that Paulie asked to be in and then played in a very uncaring fashion, so it is difficult to have sympathy for him and not want him to get his “come up ins” (whatever that means – “payback”) so I say, “No, it’s not mean.” Then again, I’m probably excusing my own amusement. Stop asking those serious questions!!!!! I have my own crazy to deal with.

    • In the 1st place he was not really crying….in the 2nd place He put himself in the current situation…in the 3rd place He is down so people “should” stop kicking him 4th reason He does not see or admit where he wronged people (even allies) 5th reason he deserves the jokes the mean remarks the cruel treatment and cold shoulders of the other HGs

      • Yes he was crying. Tears running down his face. I watched it 3 times. Karma Karma Karma

  18. I gotta say Paul and Victor went from being annoying douchebags to two swell dudes playing the game correctly.

    I’m especially proud of Paul- he went from a loner to being a likable dude. Is he still obnoxious? Yeah, but that’s just his personality. Plus ever since he started making muffins for people, he’s earning their trust (okay weird example but you know what I mean)

    • What you mean is Paul is showing some human characteristics, which makes him both likeable and trustable. Unlike Paulie. I 100% agree.

    • I agree but paul is showing tendencies of kicking Paulie and Corey while they’re down and that’s a big turn off to me.
      Paul needs to be a gracious winner as well as he was a gracious loser.

  19. Please let Victor, James or Paul win veto. I’m voting for Victor for next week because if Paulie survives he will come after him.

    • Even if Paulie (or Corey) survives, the other one won’t. If Michelle goes up, it’ll be as a pawn. The numbers for P/C/N are down to two; not good for them. Heh.

    • I think I’m voting for Paul since he was the main force in pushing for this to happen. He deserves to be rewarded. I may split them up between the two.

    • I can see your point but wouldn’t it be more entertaining if Paulie wins Veto and has a comeback tour?
      I’m wanting Corey to leave next since he’s ok with burning live animals and he’s useless to Nicole even though she doesn’t realize this. He was never going to take her to the end and Nic needs to realize this and drop the 2 losers Paulie and Corey.
      I want her to rat out both of them to Victor for starters.

  20. LOL. Good old Paul. For someone who’s new to the game, he’s learned it very well and is playing it well all of a sudden. Kudos to Paul and Vic for the move of the season – so far. As for Paulie … pfffftmft. Typical bully. Once that hard veneer is cracked, he’s nothing but jello inside. Poor me … not my fault … blame everything on HGs who are no longer around to defend themselves. And now he doesn’t even want to go to jury … too embarrassed to face Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette … heh.

    • For a grown man Paulie is awfully immature isn’t he?
      When my dad was Paulie’s age he was already married and had children and had many responsibilities. SMH! Grow up already Paulie.

      • Paulie reminds me of the high school bullies I had the pleasure of going to school with, and most of them are balding fat losers now that can’t hold jobs and still live with mom. (Not that there is anything wrong with being bald. My husband is and he rocks it. Lol and nothing wrong with being overweight either.) Although I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him, because he hasn’t learned to grow up yet. He sure can dish it out, but the poor BOY can’t take it.

      • I do not feel one bit sorry for him he brought it on himself. He can’t (won’t) even let it go. He is just a complete jackass from the word go.

      • There really is such a thing as too much self esteem I believe. Humility is a good quality to possess but seems to be going out of style.

      • It’s not self esteem. I think he probably has low self esteem. It’s arrogance. Cannot wait to see him booted.

      • When i was 19 i was married ,and by the time i was 21 i had 1 child and another coming any day,by the time i was paulies age i had 4 kids and was working 2 full time jobs to support them and buy my house.

      • That’s why I don’t understand why the Paulie’s of the world are still so immature and child like at their age. It used to be common for 18 year old teens to be fully mature and ready to take on life.

  21. “Paulie says if his allies had stayed allies, then no one was ever going to be able to stop him.” That statement is telling: although he knows the game (to a point), he underestimates everyone else’s ability to also know it and play it. “If his allies had stayed allies …” not going to happen. Will never happen. And again, he doesn’t understand that “allies” doesn’t necessarily translate to “doormats.” Unfortunately for him, he pre-judged just about every other HG incorrectly.

  22. I have faith that Paulie will win the veto, but of course wish it wouldn’t.
    Paulie is an immature loser and hopefully Victor or Paul win the veto. Paul suggested to Victor to put them up, but is trying to wash his hands.
    He wants to quit jury because of the embarrassment he will feel back home with his “boys”.
    I love how Vic spoke to him and he is starting to be my new favorite.

  23. I’m hoping Corey will leave this week so that Nicole will finally start playing the game instead of planning her wedding.
    Paulie finally admitted he made a mistake by not using the VETO on Zak – baby steps of course but at least he’s making a little bit of progress from the sore loser, cry baby he became after being nominated.

  24. I hope they stick to the plan.. I can’t stand Paulie really now…. Ever the manipulator. I hope James don’t flip

  25. Paulie has the nerve to act like he’s hurt by Z actions.. Is he being serious??? All the crap he’s said and done???

  26. I don’t get how Nicole won the third care package still.she’s not even mad about the all guys alliance.

  27. I’ve wanted to see Paulie’s game blow up for a while now, it’s just natural in this game that it’s frustrating to watch a player get his way every week, while being a competition beast, and no HG stand up to that person. I couldn’t stand nobody standing up to Derrick obviously controlling the game and doing NOTHING to try and win the game for themselves. (however I do respect that domination)

    However, if nobody has the Round Trip ticket, there’s going to be a Jury Buy Back. They have too. I don’t want Paulie having the EASIEST time coming back into the game and Nicorey and Paulie are still all there. So, I want Corey to leave this week because Paulie saves himself, and therefore they drop down to 2 numbers for sure… and I’m hoping this give Bridgette the chance to get back into the game. See, Corey, though athletic, does sometimes struggle at comps, so that’s the best best my favorite player this season can come back into the house.

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