‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Comp Plans In Week 8 – Update: Players Picked & Comp Underway

After a big night on the Big Brother 18 Feeds we’ve got an even bigger day ahead with the pending Power of Veto comp and its implications for the rest of the week’s plans to go after a major target.

Update: Veto Comp is underway as of 1:17 PM BBT. Get our Big Brother App for a spoilers alert.

Corey comforts Paulie on Big Brother 18

The new Head of Household wasn’t holding back this week with his plans to turn on the alliance before its leader could do the same to him. Now that his cards are shown he’ll need to work with his own allies to lock up these nominations.

Victor pulled off the plan he created with Paul’s support and they’ve now got Paulie and Corey on the Block. Paulie is the current target with Corey as the back up. Victor is going to be fighting hard to win this Veto comp and keep Paulie in the hot seat. This is do or die for Paulie’s game.

There are only eight Houseguests left in BB18 and that means just two players won’t be participating. Several HGs are expecting this one to be Zingbot’s arrival and that’s got superfan Michelle very excited. She might not be so happy once it opens its digital trap though.

Victor as HoH will be playing along with Corey and Paulie as this week’s noms. If Corey draws a HG Choice then he will for sure pick Nicole. She’s the only other one in their three person alliance and if she won it then she would definitely save Corey with it. As for Paulie’s pick, I really don’t see anyone being a champion for his safety this week which means his best bet would be to pick a weaker competitor to effectively reduce the fight against him. I think he’d pick Natalie or Michelle.

Should Nicole be drawn or picked then Corey would have a 1:3 chance of a winner saving him so he could be better off than Paulie.

It will be unavoidable for Paulie and Corey that we’ll see at least one of James, Paul, Natalie, or Michelle competing and likely two of them as they make up four of the five potential add-ons. They would all be playing against Paulie and Corey with the goal of keeping noms the same, but if noms do change then Victor has a plan. So far he’s said he’ll put Michelle up on the Block and Paulie has said he thinks he has a chance of flipping the vote on her if that happens. He doesn’t.

If anyone other than Paulie wins today’s Veto then I’d say he’s a lock for eviction, but let me be a Debbie Downer and remind you of his Round Trip ticket with a 1:8 chance of returning to the game.

Now here’s more silly thinking from Paulie. If you Flashback to 7:08 PM BBT 8/12 Cams 3/4 then you’ll find Paulie and Corey bro’ing it up in the bathroom. Paulie is crying and tells Corey that if he wins then he’s going to save Corey instead. It’s basically that scene of out of any movie where one character knows he isn’t going to make it so he’s going to give his life (or Big Brother game here) up for the other guy. Corey sternly tells Paulie to stop talking like that and he won’t let him do it. Paulie continues to choke up and tears run down his cheek as they hug.

So, here we go with an exciting Power of Veto competition today for Big Brother 18. I’ve been watching the night-vision cameras this morning waiting to see if the Zingbot surprises them with a wake up call like we’ve seen in the past. Considering the heat of that costume they have to do Zingbot either really early or late at night. But again, there’s no reason to be sure it will be the Zing’s arrival today, that’s just speculation by some of the HGs.

We’ll keep an eye out for the players pick this morning as well and will update here with those results. Paulie has a heck of a comp record but if he continues to act defeated and the host of his pity party then he won’t have his head in the game to pull of this win. Do you think he’ll course correct and be ready to compete? His Big Brother game will be on the line.

Update: James, Paul, and Nicole were all picked to play. Pretty much as bad as the draw could go for Paulie. Nicole will save Corey while James and Paul (and Victor) would keep it the same. Paulie’s got some tough competitors in today’s Veto Challenge. Think he can pull off the save?


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  1. Please, just go away Paulie! I don’t think I’ve wanted a houseguest gone this badly since Frankie, to be honest.

  2. Everyone is up and about early today. Must be early veto. I’ve never seen them up this early

    • I hope it’s the veto comp. I’d like to get it over with. They mentioned they thought they would have to get up early. Obviously, they were told something.

      • The have nots have revealed so maybe that’s why they are up early. But still I want an early veto. I can’t listen to Paulie talk in circles and Nicole whine for several hours.
        Plus it was just confirmed. Production has told Paulie something about his behavior. He said other people use production as an advantage. Hmmm

      • He’d have been removed from a bar by a bouncer long before now. So I don’t think he has a clue and he’s sober.

      • A few mins ago in the kitchen. Paulie, Nicole, Corey discussing how Nicole is a have not with super safety. They were questioning why. And Corey suggested using that as an advantage. Then feeds cut. When it returned they must have been told “you are not allowed to talk about production ” that’s when Paulie said why not, other people use it for an advantage.

      • Hell no they’re not. This is considered great tv for them. Most watched night outside the Olympics.

      • Wonder in this situation what is meant? Like what did they tell Paulie that he perceives as an advantage?

      • I’m guessing when Natalie went to DR to report him-I’m guessing. And I read a post live show interview where Julie said he was going off right before live feeds and apparently it was scary. There’s no telling who else went to DR on him. James just slipped and said the DR commented on how he stays calm when Paulie is going off. It cut to fish so that’s all that was heard.
        Paulie has passed comments like, I don’t want to tell you what to do because I don’t want to seem aggressive.
        I can’t imagine they have not said anything to him. They have to have said something

  3. Paulie is such a pathetically sore loser, what with all the crying, the saying he’ll sacrifice himself to save Corey, asking Nicole if once he’s evicted if he can just leave the jury house and go home…It’s Fantastic! ???

    I can’t wait until he gets out of the house (either of his own volition or at the end of the season) and sees how unpopular he is and what a scumbag most people think he is. You just have to love seeing this colossal egotist and misogynist getting his just desserts…

    Seeing him get blindsided, then having Victor & Paul hold strong on targeting him, and watching his subsequent crybaby meltdown has turned this from one of the worst BB seasons into one of the best in a matter of 48 hours or so!

  4. I hope Paulie wins the POV and Corey has the round trip ticket. I can’t stand to listen to any of the others talk. They all think they know what’s been going on in the house and they don’t have a clue. They’ve brought nothing to the table and they’re talking like they deserve to win even though they haven’t played the game until now. They don’t even know that they’re all being played by Paul. Paul should have been the first one out as he was the original one that said to take out the ones who were on the show before. Paul’s so immature and disgusting to look at and listen too. Victor has no clue, he’s lucky he can win comps. He’s being used by Paul and will be disposed of by him if given the chance. Paulie was loyal to his final five and final three to the end and they didn’t appreciate it. At least if he stays he can feel good about putting up the men.

    • The only person Paulie is loyal to is Corey. You can’t be in a 5 person and 3 person alliance and say that’s loyal smh. The two alliances had different members so that doesn’t make sense to say he’s loyal to both alliances

      • Victor didn’t put Paulie on the block, Paul did. Paul’s also the one who originally said that Victor should go on the block if there was a double eviction two weeks ago. Paul’s running the show and lying to everyone in the process. I don’t understand why none of them are throwing him under the bus and calling out his game.

    • LOL Pauline hasn’t been loyal to no one but himself. He left the only person that cared for him on the block for eviction. Ask his ex fiance how loyal he is.

    • Victor and Paul have won enough to win the game. They’ve done most of Paulie’s dirty work for him. James put up Bridgette and Frank because that’s what Paulie wanted. The loyal Paulie then threw him utb telling Frank it was all James’s idea.

      • Paulie is blaming everything on James no matter what the conversation/event that occurred

    • Can you stand hearing Nicole talk? What has she done this whole game except worry about whether Corey likes her hair, outfit, makeup…or if he’s mad at her. And aligns herself with the boys knowing they are going to take her out; and laughs that the girls are being picked off? Has she forgotten her gender?? I think anyone who has a showmance one season shouldn’t be allowed back, as clearly that’s all she is here for AGAIN.

  5. Yoy know what gets me?????

    Paulie thought kissing Zakiyah on national tv was disrespectful to his family, huh………

    My boy is dead up racist. If he truly wanted to kiss her, HD would have. But yet he thinks nothing of screwing her, saying it on national tv.

    F’d up joke for a man.

  6. I am so happy with how this is playing out this week! Finally Victor found his backbone. Hoping the house takes it to Paulie this week

  7. Natalie, James, Michelle and Paul are attacking Paulie at kitchen table. This was planned earlier in LR before veto pics. I hope he looses it and gets booted out.

  8. Veto picks, the only ones not playing are Nat and Michele. Production wants to give Paulie the chance of not having a meltdown if he loses. He would probably hit Nat or Meech if they win, but if the boys win he’ll respect that and a girl like Nicole he will respect

  9. Maybe being on Big Brother and seeing how much he is hated will have a life altering effect on Paulie…maybe it will make him become a decent guy later….lol, yah!! Sorry joking :)

      • 25 yrs and no it doesn’t. Life goes on, but it leaves huge scars inside. We survive and it’s up to us to strive to thrive and not allow a victim mentality to prevent us from living life to the fullest. Cheers to you, ladies!

      • It’s extremely rare that they do change. But they do change for some. Everyone can change. It’s just very very very rare unfortunately.

      • I really respect good professional help and I don’t think one can be as bad into himself as Paulie is and change without wanting it and directing himself to some kind of professional help. It’s hard work.

      • He is way past that and to expose innocent people who are expecting valid help … never. Like putting a wolf in the chicken house. Bad idea IMO.

      • If the abuser was under the influence of drugs/alcohol while torturing his family then professional help as well as breaking this habit could possibly make the abuser change for the good.
        If he’s just a bully I’m not very optimistic that he could change though.

      • My ex was order to get counseling they didn’t say how long big mistake. He went 3 times and done. He got away with it. I know he still does the same thing to this day.

      • So his problem is a lack of character instead of addiction? Yeah, it’ll take a miracle to get him to change for the good then.

      • my ex had bipolar, he abused drugs…me and our 4 yr old daughter (I don’t at what age he started on her), but it was physical, emotional, and sexual on both of us…court ordered counseling, went a couple times and low and behold he’s cured…no jail time for what he did to our daughter, hasn’t paid child support and now he’s onto his next wife, i mean victim. he wasn’t like that when I met him…he put on quite a mask…but true colors came out after 16 years. ptsd is like a cancer, goes into remission, but comes back at times..especially now that my daughter is being bullied at school. he is living the high life…. sorry to vent. I don’t believe they can change, and I worked in the psychiatric field for 15 yrs.

      • I’m sorry to hear your ex suffered from bipolar disorder and was so cruel to you and your children.
        But any man that abuses a child sexually should be put to death – there is no redemption possible with such an evil person and they shouldn’t ever be allowed to return to society.

      • I agree 100%, we were living in hiding, but he has since found us…always looking over our shoulder…but, we are very blessed and grateful to be around and for each other. There are a lot worse things that are happening in this world around us…
        I do think Paulie should seek some type of treatment, and Z as well.

      • My gosh Patti, I don’t know how you can stand the constant terror and fear. I will keep you and your children in my prayers.
        I’m sorry the judicial system failed you as well.
        Reminds me of the movie I saw “The Burning Bed’ with Farah Fawcett years ago.
        It came down to the poor woman having to either kill her a$$hole husband or be killed herself with her children being left motherless.
        I wish someone had done that to your husband – I hate to know he’s running around innocent people.

      • That’s heartbreaking, Patti, and it happens all too often, as I’m sure you are well aware.

      • So hard to keep those bad thoughts gone forever. But when they do come back, just remember to keep telling yourself and your daughter that how he acted was never your fault. Neither of you were never to blame for what “he” did. I’m glad you got away, god bless, and may only good come to you both.

      • Thanks, I do. I worked in the psychiatric field for 15 yrs, but sometimes it’s hard to apply to yourself. i just keep boosting her up!

    • sure….u have to remember that he was “bred” to play BB.. being “bred” to win BB and falling flat on ur face/ass should be life altering enough for him

      • I could not agree more. As soon as he said he was #bredforthis he sealed his fate. I don’t think it’s dawning on him at all that everything he’s doing right now is very well-documented.

        I believe that it reached the level of comedy quite a while ago.

    • I hope his family shames him enough that he reconsiders his behavior. Surely they are not okay with how he has acted (off the broadcast portions; you know they are watching/reading the live feed info).

      • They have to be…nothing like demeaning your Mom and sister with “Jersey Girls” comments.

      • My daughter had 2 friends whos parents blamed every body else for what they did or how they acted. I wouldent be surprised if his parents didnt blame those horrible house guests for what they did to their poor boy.

      • I am sure you are right. I wonder if they had lots of confrontations with teachers, principals, coaches, etc.

      • I hope all Jersey boys don’t treat the Jersey girls the way Paulie has been treating the girls on BB. I certainly understand why they treat their men this way now.

  10. Corey & Nicole listening in other room…No running to the rescue.. So much for the 3 person alliance of N/C/P…

  11. I think Michelle is too confident that Paulie will be evicted. Did she forget how good he is at comps. She will start butter kissing him and hysterically crying if he wins veto like she did with NIcole. Paulie staying and winning HOH will be horrible, but if someone else wins it, then it will be another repeated week.

    • I don’t think Michele is too confident. She just doesn’t care. She thought she was going to jury on Thursday. She isn’t playing for herself as much as she is playing against Paulie. She is coming for him, his game and his edit.

    • If “Polly” does not outright win The veto comp today he’s going home there is no doubt about it in my mind.

      And why do I call him Polly? Because Polly wants to crack her. ;)

      • Eww, I wouldent put it past him to fake an injury so he cant go to jury. I wonder if this is the reason they might be having a friday show to put one of the jurors back in the game.

  12. 610. 18-26 17 Aug 16 Power of Veto (9)

    611. 18-27 18 Aug 16 Eviction (9)

    612. 18-28 19 Aug 16 Head of Household (10)

    613. 18-29 21 Aug 16 Power of Veto (10)

  13. Paulie is definitely in dire straits right now – nothing left for him to do except start flirting with the girls lol. Somehow Paulie has lost the charm that he was so confident he possessed.

  14. natalie and james sjhpouldnt be able anymore hoh after this important care pacakage deal

  15. Hilarious….
    Victor tells Paulie that maybe he was making F3 deals too early.
    Paulie says to V “You weren’t even here, bro’.”
    Victor says, ” I know! You voted me out.”

  16. herew rule i would make 1 hoh per player give other a chance just care package

  17. Paulie is so transparent to everyone, but when he looks at himself in all those mirrors, he sees the essence of all heroes. Picture: Finger down throat.

  18. Paulie keeps saying Meech avoided eviction twice. No, she avoided eviction once.
    You wanted Bridge out because she is a feminist and you hate that she as a woman thought she could talk to you as an equal

  19. Why can’t he just be honest. People would have a tiny bit of respect for him. Na not really he is just a pos.

      • She is so grade-school crushing, she will be happy to be associated with his name in any way shape or manner. If she had a pencil she would be writing Mrs. Corey X over and over and over and over and over and over. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      • At this point I’m hoping Victor will save Nicole from herself and point out her mistakes and make a final 2 deal with her. I know that’s probably impossible and will never happen but a girl can hope. :D

    • Apparently before this season her mom told her to stick with the girls and that wasn’t a wake up call.
      Nicole is doomed to a life of idiocy

      • She really is. She is completely oblivious. She just sits there and gazes off into space while Paulie is talking about the Boys Alliance. She even suggested to Corey that he re-form it and she actually believed him when he told her that he was the leader of it. How can she be any more stupid? Please note my assessment has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a girl. I feel like I have to mention it since there’s an awful lot of gender talk around lately for obvious reasons.

      • It does matter that Nicole is a girl. She just doesn’t see herself that way. She thought she was one of the boys last time and she thinks that this time. It has been untrue both times. I think it makes her stupider to know that the people she wants to align with basically tell her she is just a body or a vote and she still wants to align with them

  20. Don’t hate me but I’m so bored today I want Paulie to win VETO just for entertainment purposes only :D

  21. Everytime I think of Corey, I picture Ray Bolger (Scarecrow) in the “Wizard of Oz”

    I’d unravel every riddle for any individ’le,
    In trouble or in pain.
    With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’
    I could be another Lincoln
    If I only had a brain…

  22. 610. 18-26 17 Aug 16 Power of Veto (9)

    611. 18-27 18 Aug 16 Eviction (9)

    612. 18-28 19 Aug 16 Head of Household (10)

    613. 18-29 21 Aug 16 Power of Veto (10)

  23. Sat 11:05 AM BBTPaulie
    whispers to Nic that he basically just ensured that if he’s still next
    to Corey during eviction, hes (Paulie’s) leaving NT

    • He’s acting like it’s intentional but he can’t control himself. He is literally melting down but still won’t admit any wrong doing

  24. I would love to see the girls’ face when Paulie comes through that jury house door lol.

    • Zakiyah will probably be sad because she thinks he and Corey deserve to win. #moron

    • I feel bad for Bridge for having to suffer the fool. He’ll probably start bitching at her about how feminism is like racism and how she is a terrible person for saying he shouldn’t attack Natalie

    • I wonder if he’ll continue to sleep with Z or if he’ll ignore her since he clearly doesn’t like her.

    • If it happens, you will. They always broadcast the reaction shot whenever anyone enters the jury house.

  25. It’s ugly enough that “Polly” is throwing himself under the bus the way that he is with his own misogynism and prejudices and sexism, etc.

    What’s worse though is that Derrick, who from what I can see has a great reputation as a man of real class, it is sad that he’s being thrown under the bus as well.

    But, then again, maybe Derrick should have chosen more carefully those who chose to lend his name and suppose it coaching to?

    There’s something I can’t quite remember, something about casting pearls Before swine, I could swear I heard it somewhere before… ;) Paulie is a perfect example of it.

  26. if victor get co hoh some buy it from him so becareful whgo vote for this next care pacakage

  27. Paulie thought the drama would stop. lol Nope! What he doesn’t realized, part of the plan is to rattle him( trash talk) before the comp, as it was proven to be effective during the Q&A. I heard him say something about P P, he might try to blow it up…we’ll see. I haven’t seen him smile. He’s just miserable. hihihi

  28. I think that Corey could stay if he remains on the block since he didn’t do anything to anyone

  29. 11:32 am on Jokers. James and Frank continue to chat. I thought frank was evicted.

  30. Even if Derrick did Coach Paulie to Win, Why would it matter?
    Either way, he’s not playing the way Derrick would’ve. He’s being to loud and boastful about his competition wins. He wins competitions not necessary. He got into a showmance. His social game is poor, causing high school drama with Natalie. He’s feeding different bullshit to people and they are comparing notes. Everything he is doing is making himself a targ

  31. jury buyback wtf?Jury Buyback is real? (self.BigBrother)
    I am listening to Thursday’s RHAP with Brenchel, and in it Brent mentions that Grodner said to the media about the Friday show being used for the jury buyback/battleback that we all speculated about (if round trip doesn’t get used obviously) Can anyone give me a source for where he saw this? Is it now safe to assume that our theory of a second player returning came true?

  32. Big Brother 18 Updates “Pre-Jury Buy Back” 12:00 am BBT, Sunday 7/3/16 #BB18 #BBLF

    London Room: Michelle and James have been discussing asking Bridgette to give up her bed so she and Nicole can have it. Natalie joined James in bed. The three discussing All Stars. James says he is lucky to come back, but he’s not good enough to be in All Stars. Discussing who would get to come back. BB warns someone about quoting dialogue from movies. Talking about sleeping in until 3 tomorrow. (yawn)

    HOH: Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul and Frank. Talking movies. Paulie talking about his dad’s cousin being a pit boss in Vegas. Says back in the day, if you opened a place without permission of the bosses, the next day it was gone. Moving on to farts.

    London Room: James telling them what to expect after the go back home to reality. Telling them about Jury House and how fun and relaxing it was. Michelle says she is worried about a pre-jury buy-back. James jokes saying either Michelle or Natalie would come back. James says there are shock collars, people running the house, and he’s not one of them. James talking about the others telling everyone he was a liar – Michelle says it wasn’t me and Natalie. James says it hurt me.

    HOH: Frank tells Paul he has a twin sister, then says he doesn’t and laughs. Says he would like to see his family. Frank and Paul talking about living in California. Paul says all his neighbors are wealthy Jewish families. Discussing if Cody is thinking of living in LA.

    London room: Natalie and Michelle discussing their nails. James watching Natalie. Talking about eyeballs, James asks Natalie if she has an eyeball fetish. Tiffany returns from her DR, asks if there is a party in her bed. Michelle says they are talkinga bout feeling each others, eyeballs. Tiffany gets into Natalie’s bed. Complaining about the house deodorant smelling bad. James talking about bringing his own deodorant – Old Spice. Bronte returns. Tiffany wants them all to clean the room tomorrow, get things organized. Natalie and James talking about fast food and ice cream.

    HOH: Frank talking about how he is getting more ballsy every week. Paul says he would have liked to see Frank play the veto. Frank says he can’t spell for s*. Victor joins the group. Continuing to talk about spelling POV. Talking about each letter’s value.


    London Room: Bridgett is back, dressed for bed. James talking about Eve tricking Adam to eating forbidden fruit.


    James says because she tricked Adam, she was given a period to be punished every month. Natalie says that is sexist. Tiffany says then explain hermaphrodites – she has to explain… Bronte says the parents make the choice on the sex of the baby. James says if the boys were in here, they would take it to a whole nuther level. Natalie agrees. They wonder what Paul would say. James says he is funny, would come up with some kind of a story.

    HOH: Discussing when the teams will go away. Zakiyah thinks it will be when they get to 10. Frank says it could be that when one team gets to just one person, they will reorganize the teams to make three teams of four. Paul says he is going to bed. Zakiyah says she is trying to stay up, doesn’t want to go to that (HN) room. Frank yawning. Victor asks if tomorrow is nomination stuff. Frank farts. Victor laughs.

    London room: Bronte has gone to the DR. Michelle playing with James’ feet. James says she has a foot fetish. Tiffany says she thinks feet are gross. Natalie puts her foot on James’ foot and he tells her it is like an ice pack. Michelle gets up and gets into her bed. James begins tickling Natalie. Tiffany tells him to be careful, she’s going to fall. Natalie screaming and giggling. Tiffany asks James if he is going to sleep in the Tokyo room so she can have her bed back. He says no, Nicole’s sleeping in Franks bed.

    Tokyo room: Nicole and Corey in Frank’s old bed. Nicole asks if he is sleeping, then whines at BB for putting the camera on them, says this is awkward. Paul walks in, Nicole says she woke Corey because she was bored. Paul gets in the middle bed and stretches out, says he almost hit his head again.

  33. Apparently Natalie was crying because the guys were making fun of her fake breasts ROFL. Paulie actually got to her with that comment and it was true.

    • Paulie’s still reeling from the fact that they could actually turn on him, and I don’t think he will ever accept that they ALL did (except for the ever-faithful Corey and Nicole). He still thinks he can manipulate Paul and James. Little does he know how much of a part they both played in him getting to where he is now.

    • I think it was probably smart not to do that because even if Paulie wasn’t on the block he could have been picked to play the Veto. If he won the Veto he would be safe and he would probably have taken Corey off the block. With Nicole safe this week that would have meant that Victor and that side of the house would have had to send one of their own home which would make this week an epic fail. At least with both Paulie and Corey on the block you know one of them has to go. Hopefully it’s Paulie.

  34. Last night Paulie said that he might walk out of the Jury house if he ended up there. If that happened, how would voting be handled at the end of the season? With only 8 Jury members, there would be a chance of a tie.

  35. double eviction fail (self.BigBrother)
    BB18 Double eviction… Corey was the wrong person to win the competitions. No consequences for EXECUTIVES failure to work together this past week.

    Somebody mix it up.

  36. Zingbot will probably tell Paulie that he’s acting like Derrick, but is more like Franky living in someone else’s shadow.
    Or even pushy like Amanda.

    • Are you having bad weather there? All kinds of crazy things happen to my computer when the sky’s cloudy and I can’t get a good satellite signal.

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