‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 8 with Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Feeds after the overnight plans have moved from expectations to reality and that’s going to be hard on the blindsided nominees.

Nominations on Big Brother

It didn’t take long for us to figure where these noms were headed and sure enough we have the results that set us up for this weekend’s Veto competition the week’s overall target plans for the Big Brother Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Week 8 Nominations:

  • Victor nominated: Paulie & Corey

Turn on your Feeds right now to watch the fallout on the in-house cams! Paulie is pissed! If you missed the start then rewind to 6:25 PM BBT on your Flashback to see all this drama!

Victor had initially been going along with Paulie that he’d put up the women but instead Paul talked some sense in to him and got him back on track to get out a serious threat instead of someone they could more easily beat later. Considering Paulie BD’d Victor it didn’t take much convincing by Paul.

All day the guys kept this charade going as they let Paulie plan a speech to give to Michelle as he expected her to be heading up on the Block. Paulie was so ready for that opportunity, but instead he was sent there himself.

Veto is coming up on Saturday and it is likely Paulie’s last chance to save himself. If Nicole gets picked (only two remaining HGs won’t be playing) then she’ll be fighting on Corey’s behalf leaving Paulie on his own for this one. He has a very, very strong comp win record so this won’t be a cake walk for the rest of the Houseguests hoping to send him out.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.


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  1. Best news EVER!! GAME ON BITCHES!
    Paulie is so heated I can feel the heat coming off his body all the way across the country

    • Riiiight? I was fearing he’d chicken out. But nope! He’s holding up well too with Paulie reprimanding him.

      • Really Paulie reprimanded him LOL what a little a$$ wipe who does he think he is, besides a Paul wannabe!

      • This is the one time I hope production does rig the game and make sure he does not have the round trip tix

    • If they would have done that and Paulie won veto he would probably pull Corey down. The way they did it gautantees that either Paulie or Corey should be going home.

      • I may not like Paulie, but if he wins veto, of course you take yourself down. Most of us know what happened to the person that didn’t.

    • not really cause then he may have ended up playing veto and getting Corey off. if they had put corey next to a pawn. then one of them would have left. This way one of the two will definitely go home if everyone sticks to the plan and production does not decide to stick Paulie with a RT or get him back into the game on friday

    • At this point it doesn’t matter, my guess is both will be under stress and Paulie is pissed so that could play a litte bit on his mind and cause him to not win the veto.

    • Only two people are not competing in veto now, so the chances of him being picked, winning, and taking off Corey were really high. Between that and Nicole being safe, this was the best option.

      • Paulie has already started. Vic is from my home town and I can finally root for him ?

      • Did you notice the change in tone with Vic though? Paulie is pissed but he is giving ‘bro’ respect. PUKE

      • Vic got loud as Paulie got loud-challenge!!
        I love it.
        He tried it with Paul and backed down again. Now he’s asking Paul to take him down if he wins veto. LMAO

  2. Victor finally did something that could finally give him the 500k. My hat goes off to you ::applausing::

    • Wouldn’t it be crazy if he won after being evicted?! That would be a cool first!

  3. OK so I don’t watch the live feeds and I know most people on here do. My question is: Does Michelle just get a bad edit because I swear every time she is the DR she is crying and it’s the most overdramatic thing in the world. I have a hard time liking her and some many people on here do. So I am just missing something when it comes to her because I find her highly annoying.

    • The live feeds show so much in comparison than what CBS shows. It’s an eye opener. As I stated before with Paulie. I thought he was a great guy like his brother. I started to watch the feeds and my whole perspective of him really changed. I was appalled by his antics and behavior. I really think CBS tweaks the edit to give us an false representation of the house guests. By the way, it shouldn’t take over a hour to have a 15 minute HOH nomination ceremony.

    • No Meech is pretty much like you described. People just like her now because she blew up Paulie’s game.

      • She’ll be known for that, but if Nat and Bridgette hadn’t gathered James, Paul and Vic, she wouldn’t have stood a chance going against Paulie. So I say it was a collaborative effort. Hope she winked at Paulie when he was sitting in the hot seat like he winked at her! LOLOL Paulie can’t stand it when the tables turn on him.

      • Yes Vic Paul even B and M and Nat are not afraid of Paulie! But he tones it down with the guys although he gets heated with them too. Paulie claiming he is loyal makes me laugh! He backstabs everyone.

      • Your 100% right Joni! There was 4-5 things that made this whole flip the house happen! I guess James ruined the blindside with Z and told her 20 minutes before live eviction. Paulie was pissed! Then Corey ruined the blindside during DE winning both comps! Vic won HOH and I still do not know what the comp was? Zingbot? M and B working together was the biggest surprise after a season of hate since Day 1! Nat B and Paul made it happen.

      • The veto had to do with clocks that Corey won in addition to getting that answer right in the HoH comp. Michelle is hoping Zing bot is this week.

      • This latest one is, yep! So wished I could watch feeds and see everything that went down. Pretty soon I won’t be able to get Big Brother Network. About to arrive at our cottage in about 1/2 hr.

      • Enjoy your vacation Joni I can fill you in when you get back to BB land! Everyone can fill you in. Enjoy the peace and quiet away from the crazy world people live in today!

      • M made it obvious but the after dark feeds tell you Nat has wanted to win HOH for 4-5 weeks now and if she had won that endurance comp instead of coming in 2nd to VIc she would have put up Paulie and Vic then last week! Nat is very observant and smart and had been waiting to make some big moves to shake this game up. She just needed to win HOH and then when James got to eliminate 2 votes by the ACP she had been working on James hard day and night to get him to flip the house against Paulie. With B and Paul on board James was ready to make a big move finally. Vic knew the plan but did not tell Paulie about Zak going home instead of M! Also with M she has been better but what was very surprising is she made up with B and if that did not happen she would be gone now instead of Z! Once B backed up Nat and got Paul on board even chicken James was ready! M and B actually hugged when B got voted out and became friends. Fortunately for Michele B does not hold grudges which was amazing considering how much M hated her all season until last week. Also just watching the 3 shows on CBS tells you only the obvious. Like HOH winner NOMS Veto winner live eviction and the edits can make a jerk look good or someone nice look bad. You only know like 5% of what the truth is if you do not watch lots of the after dark feeds like I do. It is like a part time job keeping up with all the strategy social play funny stuff gross stuff boring stuff etc I have known all along about Nat and her strategy willingness to put Paulie on the block for awhile now and how she is playing dumb. If you just watched the shows on CBS where she came in 4th and 2nd in those tough endurance comps tell you she is a warrior despite being so small. After all she was a Jets cheerleader for the NFL just a year or 2 ago? She was their top cheerleader! She is in better shape than most of the house! Like Joni said it was a team effort that was very surprising honestly. 4-5 things happened behind the scenes to make the house flip.

    • Michelle is a big drama queen crybaby. The only reason they need to keep her in, is to help get out Paulie, Cory, Paul, and Nicole. They need the numbers and Michelle hates them enough that she is a solid vote to help out!

  4. Paulie has no one to save him but himself. Corey has Nicole at least. I think most would keep the nomination the same with Nicole only saving Corey. Paulie is screwed if he doesn’t win the veto. Even if he does saves himself then Corey is out the door who is Paulie strongest ally left who has won comps which would be a blow to Paulie.

    Either way, it is a bad week for Paulie.

    • Part of me hopes Corey leaves bc there’s no way CBS would waste the boomerang card on a nobody like him.

      • The HGs chose the cards in Paris room. Production did not instruct them which cards they should pick up.

      • Oh please. There’s a good chance all of those cards said “One Way Trip” and they’ll slip the boomerang card into the players duffle bag of their choosing.

    • Guess he didn’t take his own tweet to heart, “Men are not prisoners of fate. Only prisoners of their own minds.” hahaha He’s a prisoner all right!

    • Whoever voted for the blonde rat to get super safety needs their head checked. She doesn’t deserve it.

      • I don’t think anyone did, who could possibly like her? CBS rigs stuff like this.

      • I’m thinking she got it by default. I think Bridgette would have gotten it if she hadn’t been evicted. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

      • I wish the same person could receive gifts. None of the others really deserve it. I’m voting for Vic for Co-HOH next week.

      • I’m with you on that. They definitely don’t deserve it. So am I. After watching him stand up to Paulie after nominations, he’ll get every one of my votes.

      • I’m with ya! I voted for Michelle…not because I like her…but just to piss off Paulie and gang :)

    • I never did like Nicole…I can’t explain why…I just didn’t. Something just not right with her. I think Michelle said it best…Nicole is a snake. Will love to see her gone. If Paulie goes home, my next pick to leave would be her. Cory don’t seem to be a problem for anyone..he is “just there”. Nicole is a leach…pick her off!!!

  5. If I had “live feeds” coming out of my house, you would see me doing a happy dance.
    ^5 Victor!

  6. At first when the LF came back I was like: c’mon no blowups?

    Right as I said that Paulie started facing off against Victor.

  7. Thank goodness. I do hope Victor fights hard to win the veto. The worst that should happen is that Corey wins it and not Paulie. Paulie will probably almost kill himself trying to win it.

  8. Paulie is acting like such a crybaby on the feeds right now. Karma is such a bitch. I’m happy that he’s finally getting his. Why is Cory wearing a Santa hat??

  9. As Paul just said, this was eventually going to happen. It’s a game! Plus, Paulie is talking about loyalty but he played Zakiyah like a fiddle and played with her heart and her private parts. Shameful.

    • Earlier on reddit I saw people report that Paulie claimed that Zakiyah was “programmed” to not come after them

      Twist: Zakiyah is not a human being, but actually a robot of which Paulie has the remote control to

    • Yes and if he truly didn’t want her to go he could’ve taken her off the block with the veto. Such an a hole

  10. I really didn’t think I was ever going to see this day. Even if he stays, I never thought I was see this day that the house flipped.

  11. LMAO!!!!! I love it. Paulie not so big now huh? He’s lying throwing everyone UTB little does he know they’ve all confessed stuff. He was the biggest douche. He did Z so bad ..Karma

  12. Paulie said he threw the HOH because he wanted to see if something like this would happen. What ever!!

  13. Some of Paulie’s wins were b/c most of the HG were throwing the POV comps (James for instance); someone else may actually have a chance to win tomorrow .

    • It would really depend on what comp he gets tomorrow. We all know it’s probably Zingbot but Zingbot comps have been so diverse over the years we can’t really predict anything

      • I can’t wait to see what Zingbot has to say about PAUL. He has not been loyal to anyone in the house. I mean at least Nicole and Corey or James and Nat haven’t trashed each other all over the house. I think Vic would have been loyal with anyone who was an honest alliance. Paul needs to remember he was going home right after Vic until he was pulled over to the side and told the chill out. How soon we forget.

  14. Okay, so Victor followed through. I am so happy they are playing rather than just handing it over to Paulie.

  15. I’m scared now I really wanted this to be a backdoor so there would be a less of a chance of Paulie winning veto :-

  16. Paul is speaking the truth tonight! I’m so glad that he realizes that the blonde rat is so full of s…

  17. Paulie lies soooo much. He’s trying to ring in votes. He doesn’t kick anyone when they are down… Has class.. Etc. yeah right dude.
    They are not buying it. Please stop.

    • “According to MAH COach DErrick, I should LIE LIE LIE and manipulate manipulate manipulate when I’m on the block.”

      Then again, Derrick wouldn’t know how to coach you on that specific area since he was never nominated himself… I’d give Paulie credit for at least trying though

      • If they gave him a dollar for every time he said something about Derrick’s game, he would be the winner. He would have more than 500k

    • He told Paul that Nicole was good with going home at final 6.
      Which that moron is but it’s because she’s too stupid to see they won’t take her further

  18. Paulie is crying…the night gets better.
    He told Corey if he wins veto, he will use it on Corey

    • Now I’m actually feeling bad for the guy… since he actually was my preseason winner pick…

    • awwww, poor baby! I hope the ladies are laughing at him, the same way he laughed at making Zakiyah cry.

      So, he is going to give up and give Corey the Veto because they hurt his feelings? Wuss!

      • I’m pretty sure Z was already crying bc Paulie wasn’t paying enough attention to her that day. By then he was done with her craziness bc she was acting like a stalker in the BB house-staring him down and storming out of the room bc Nic was playing with his hair-Corey was sitting right beside her, it wasn’t a play for P. AND she said she claimed her territory and thought she already “peed on her tree!” So I guess he did have her trained. And PAUL talked trash to him all the time about her. Now he is throwing him under the bus for doing what Paul wanted? Hmmm….

      • I guess it depends on which time your talking about? She was crying to Michelle & Da about him playing the game and not talking to her enough and being insecure and then she was crying to Nicole and spying on them in the tunnel to the Paris room. If she would had chilled she would had made it farther. She made it a lot farther with him than without. No one else was willing to keep her no winning butt safe!

    • He can wipe his tears eyes off with the Kleenex that he used to clean himself after he was done with Zakiyah.

  19. It about time! Let’s get Paulie out Big Brother UK style. They way it works is the live audience chants “Get Paulie Out” before the votes are cast and the audience chants again and when we walks on to the stage the audience booes him. And during the interview, the audience chants for him to get off the stage.

  20. Good lord. 7:08pm BBT Corey and Paulie are in the bathroom and Paulie is CRYING to Corey. He is trying to play the victim card SO hard right now.

    • He’s playing the sympathy card so corey will tell him to use the Veto on himself. I hope corey doesn’t fall for his nonsense. Nicole ‘ s head must be spinning out of control. Is she now talking to the other side, with her lies again?

  21. As I predicted two weeks ago, major jerks Vic and Paul will soon become the same super-jerks they were at the start of the game when they wrongly THOUGHT they ruled the house. And everyone was so worried to get Frank out instead?? DUMMIES, as per BB usual.

      • I remember the first two weeks WAY too well. You shall see/learn — again. Paul was neutered for 5 weeks after his “group” was decimated, and only THEN was he “fun” Paul, by necessity.

  22. I don’t understand, considering Paulie Douchebag’s record in comps, why the plan is not to nominate Corey and a pawn (maybe James?) With the intention of pushing Paulie out the back door. He’ll win the veto comp and we’ll be stuck with his misogynistic ass for yet another week.

    • The plan is throwing him off his game so he can’t win. This is Meech ‘s task over the next few days to get in his head.

    • Backdoors are really hard to pull off this late into the game since only 2 people would be sitting out. The odds of him being able to play in the veto just makes the backdoor plan worthless. Also, if he isn’t on the block and wins the veto, it’s even worse because, if say Corey was on the block, both would be safe and now who goes home?

    • As long as Paulie and Corey are both on the block, one of them will go home no matter what.

      • I am really worried about James though. If one of them were to come off Michelle will be the replacement. After Nicole got safety I’m worried James would try to do “what America wants” and vote out Michelle

      • I disagree…. If corey comes off, I think james would volunteer to go up against him, Paulie, and he would fight him till near death for the win

  23. Why does Nicole lie SO much???? Talking about she didn’t have a final four with Zakiyah, herself, Paulie and Cory. Such bs. I’m growing very weary of this one too.

    • She just cannot help herself. She seems to enjoy playing with people’s minds. It will be a job description and she’ll claim good people skills

      • But many people seem to love her for some odd reason. Totally baffling. I guess all snitches think alike on the inside.

    • What is the saying, “the bigger you are, the harder you fall”? The toughest you pretend to be, the weaker you are and more tears fall.

      • Great comment Georgia and I agree. Paulie is also a poor sport and I imagine his family isn’t very proud of the way he’s playing.

      • Derrick went in the game on a mission, to better his family. He stayed focus on his goal, nothing or no one was going to distract him. He had a wife and a new child to fight for. Paulie is in the game for bragging rights, no way he was going to replicate Derrick’s game.

      • Paulie never thought he was playing Derrick’s game. He told PAUL (who was talking about Derrick neg) that no one would be able to play as good as D. He was saying D was the best BB player all times. Paulie is very cockie and confident, but he doesn’t forget what people say and he has an amazing social game and that’s why people are scared of him bc he actually repeats facts. They benefit him, but they are true facts. Everyone else has lied-right?

      • Actually cried, hugged Corey and told him he will use the veto on him because he loves him and want him to stay

      • Awww, how sweet of Paulie *gag*.
        Nicole needs to drop both of them when she finds out about the all male alliance.

      • She knows. They told her. She said good for them. They would be stupid if they didn’t

      • He wanted to expose his hand before anyone else did. He still only gave limited info on him and Nicole. He told on everyone else

      • I just read over at Jokers that it was Natalie not Nicole who said she was fine with it after being informed of the 5 men alliance.
        I still don’t think Nicole knows about it.

      • Nicole knows. Paulie told her, Michelle & Natalie. They were all in the room together

      • I think they’ll realize she’s a nice person and is only playing the game. Now that the guys are turning on each other the girls just need to keep surviving another week in the house.

      • I wouldn’t blame anybody for not trusting any of the HG’s at this point if they want to win.

      • I’d have a hard time ever trusting anyone that I walked through that door with. I mean, have you seen the show? lol

      • think about it u got one guy in a xmas hat ..one with a rubber pelican strapped to his waist one girl in a bright orange/yellow suit that has flashing lights plus a cone hat..2 a wearing ninja headbands ..one girl with fake boobs and another girl that cried cause they did not vote her out..one guy just wants all the free food he can get.. FROM WHAT U SEE WOULD U TRUST OR RELY ON ANY OF THESE PEOPLE??? Seriously do any of these people appear to be $500,000 material.????

      • She’s still going from room to room reassuring everyone that she didn’t know anything and she is not targeting anyone.
        They are on to her also. All she has is Corey & Paulie

      • At least they’re more focused on getting Corey and Paulie out first so Nicole might last another 2 weeks at least.

      • First I’ve heard of this. What she says and how she really feels are 2 different things. So glad she knows this now.

      • I think for a sec he thought he was on a different show. He thought this was the academy awards

      • It’s downright ridiculous from what I’m reading at Jokers. No dignity whatsoever, whining, you name it paulie’s doing it.

    • That’s very common with bullies. You give them back what they’ve been dishing out and they turn into big wimps. Oh, poor me!

    • You bet… I guess there is just no alliance that worked out as well as the Bomb Squad did (for the participating HGs, not for the viewers)

      • Regan and Matt were getting close and that’s what cost him. Hayden wasn’t bringing Enzo because Enzo had one of the best social games ever.

      • Lol that’s true but they were not backstabbing each other and stayed true to the end. They had a strong core.

      • I’m surprised it didn’t take a new twist/element (like hidden veto) to break up the super alliances. Reason being that people in the alliance have no reason to leave it since they are guaranteed f8 and then the strong 4 are auto the final 4. Should be interesting.

  24. I love how the 5 are sticking together and covering for each other…no one knew anything and then James/Paul are agreeing/making deals with the others and go back and tell the group if you hear this, I did say it, but I was only acting, it’s not true…

    • First Frank, then Paulie and now Paul is the way I see it.
      I can’t help but think Paul will shoot himself in the foot with his motor mouth.

    • The season is nearly over. It’s actually not a bad timing to start to be in control of the house. The others don’t have time to overthrow you anymore

    • Paul is calm. It’s a smaller group now that has one goal. It’s them against the three. No contingency plan after that. It’s anybody’s game. At this stage, if you’re HoH, you’re in control of your game….of course “Expect the unexpected”

  25. Victor is talking with Nicole right now and the way that he is being blunt with her is just so savage!

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paulie self-evicts the way he’s taking being up on the block.

  27. Nicole snaking around trying to get info.. She’s never been around them this much. LMAO!!

  28. I hope Paulie wins the veto and Cory heads right back in just to piss you haters off. They are playing a game. If Paulie wasn’t in the house you guys would have nothing to discuss. Once he is out it will be boring as hell in there. We’ll have to hear Nats stupid giggle and Meech cry all the damn time.

      • So was Evel Dick, but he’s still considered one of the greatest players in BB history.

      • Not saying that. I personally hated Dick Donato, but even I can’t deny that being a jerk is what got him to the end and, yes, the win. It’s not a strategy we like to see rewarded, but it is a strategy.

        And then there’s Dan, who I personally consider one of the two best players in this game (for the record, Derrick is the other one). He was out the door until that Funeral. Everyone hated him, but he still managed to flip the house in his favor at the last possible minute.

      • I wouldn’t even put ED in the same boat as Paulie. Dick was cruel at times yes and tough to watch. But he did show some level of respect and compassion at times. I don’t see this at all from Paulie.

      • ED showed it towards Danielle, yes.

        It’s interesting, though, because the man we’re watching on BBAD seems very contrite. Hard to believe this is the same Paulie from the other night.

    • You know that bastard is not going to use the veto on anyone else except for himself. And besides, there are plenty of other BB topics to talk about besides that scumbag from Jersey.

      • Assume means Paulie wins veto and stays and then Corey gets evicted but comes back with return ticket, but hell no!

    • and if Paulie is Not in the house, we won’t have to listen to his audible farts anymore. GROSS, and he never says excuse me….

    • You’re not wrong about Michelle, lol! And you’re not wrong about the boredom. But I guarantee the complaints will then turn to Paul and Victor, as they’ll be the ones in control of the house.

    • Is this Cody? you just showed up today and you have only posted comments in favor of Paulie since his NOM. Come on now, tell the truth. lol (sarcasm)

      • No this is not Cody!!! I just feel like everyone is hating on Paulie and forgot how mean Meech. They are all playing the same way as Paulie

    • He has become such an egotistical jerk no one wants to see him any more. Maybe people who don’t have live feeds or bbad because they dnt know the extent of his jerkiness.

  29. BEST GAME Changer ever! Now Paulie is denying he was manipulating others. Pompous I tell ya. I’m so glad his game is weakened. Paulie should have thought about going on the block himself than who he thought should go on the block or be evicted next. Glad Vic didn’t cave as I feared he would. And the academy goes to…hahaha Guess he won’t be giving that mean speech to Michelle…this week. LOL

  30. They gave Paulie the scumbag some Valium and Xanax back in the DR. He’s calmer and he’s now back lying to the Bearded One again. He’s acting like he’s not responsible for actions in the house and nothing is his fault. What a total douche.

      • A lot of these reality show cast members are displaying troubling signs of mental illness. Does anyone remember the murderer that was on Megan Wants A Millionaire? The sick man that was a contestant killed his former girlfriend. He stuck her in a suitcase and dumped her remains in a trash can. Really disturbing. They really need to screen these people better.

      • They thought they did screen Paulie since he was Cody’s brother…he probably didn’t show up for the appointment. Said he’s got people! :-)

      • How about Russel’s nephew Brandon on Survivor. Yanked him off the show for going off the deep end. Now there was a guy with mental health issues on display for all of America to see. Sad really

      • Great example. He was psychotic too. He kept staring at people constantly and was proclaiming that he was a religious fanatic. It’s scary that production keeps trying to find people that can push the envelope and make things “interesting”. It’s going to backfire one day and it will be too late.

      • one of many of the anti-social behavior disorders. I wonder if he may have Borderline personality disorder as well.

      • His vicious attacks on people when he doesn’t get his way might indicate Borderline as well.
        It’s not normal to be so cruel to others, and he’s downright cruel.

    • I worry they hinted to him that he may have the RT. he brought the RT up as soon as he left the DR. man I hope production is not trying to stick him in. they are already protecting him on the broadcast show.

  31. Paulie should just shut up.. He keeps making it worst for himself. I kinda wish he knew people were hip to all his lies.. He really thinks that he can get a new alliance. Noooope. Corey and Nicole are it buddy. He has the audacity to question Z loyalty after all he’s said and done… Arrrrgh!!! Please let him go home this week.

    • Exactly he doesn’t seem to understand that he was playing all sides while preaching loyalty all day long. To say nothing about how he’s been treating the women in the house.

  32. Paulie does not understand how Michelle flipped the house. He says its crazy how everyone walks out the room when he walks in NT – jaguar3

  33. Remember, folks, nothing is set in stone until the Veto tomorrow. And even then, there’s still the Round Trip ticket. This won’t be over, said, and done until Thursday night.

  34. Victor should not entertain Paulie BS. I see how Paulie talks to Vic. He knows Vic is no punk..I’m loving me some Victor!!!!

  35. Now, this is a big move! Long time coming! I give Victor credit because he put it on the line with this move. Hopefully, the others use their heads. If not, they deserve to be evicted, one after the other!

    • That’s the plan. But you know how plans can go in this house. I can’t believe Paulie thinks he can turn the house around to suit him again. Does he seriously believe they would have taken this shot if they didn’t have the numbers? Before, Paulie was all about the numbers.

  36. Feeds is awesome. Vic is almost like lecturing Paulie.” You f***kd me up, you back doored me. Didn’t even get to play the Veto”..9 to 1 vote..you have any idea how I felt?You’re talking about loyalty? ..and I have to beat 3 people to get back here..It wasn’t easy “……He’s the Pizza boy now, not the Don.

  37. So so happy Victor showed some guts this round. Good for him, and I want to see Meech eat Paulie alive (not literal but y’know) have they argued yet?

  38. Paulie is seriously delusional. He’s saying that if Paul wins veto that he will take one of the boys off the block. Not gonna happen Paulie.

  39. Once Victor returned to the house I thought Paulie was very foolish not to get him back out as soon as he could. Paulie only has himself to blame for this mistake.

    • I don’t understand that logic though. Why does production want to keep Paulie, the lowest dirt ball in?

      • Good TV or not. Paulie is actually really well-liked by production. Possibly due to his relationship to Cody. Rumor has it that he actually got a hand in casting this season.

      • Don’t know if he could directly influence who would be on the show. But early on in the feeds he did reveal that he knew a lot of HGs this year have a background in modeling because the modeling agency that he is a part of actually had a role in casting this year.

  40. I wonder if Paulie will become the 5th BBUS contestant to be expelled. I could see him physically attacking some house guests if he is on the block post veto as a final hoorah so that he will be remembered.

  41. Remember Paulie’s words to Paul a few days ago. When speaking of the two noms, he said,”We always evict the strongest player”. Something to that effect. I posted I hope those words come back to haunt him. BOO!

  42. So now, if Paulie goes this week and stays gone, Victor will be able to claim this at F2. It’ll be his victory, since it was his HOH. Paul won’t be able to touch this with a ten foot pole.

    Just goes to show that they’re not really thinking of the end game, I guess. Once Paulie goes, none of the others are a match for them. Yes, Corey is good in comps, but he’s not a master strategist or even a regular strategist. What’ll Paul be able to claim? “I got out Da’Vonne because Paulie wanted her gone. Then I went after James/Natalie/Nicole/Michelle, who really wasn’t/weren’t a threat to me, as he/she/they barely played this game, but it was the only move I could make because all the strong players were all ready gone.” Seriously, he went from handing Paulie the money to handing it to Vic if this week goes according to plan.

    • I think that’ll be why Victor doesn’t last to the final two. Natalie, Meech and James will probably come after him in the long run

      • I really don’t know how it’s going to turn out this season with these characters. It’s going to be exciting to see how everything plays out.

    • I think Paul had to do it. He’ll eventually be able to explain his game to the jury even if this move was conducted by Victor and not himself. But if Paulie stays long enough in the game Paul cannot get himself to F2.

    • Well, I think Paul had a hand in getting Paulie up and possibly evicted because Victor was already listening to Paulie about putting up Natalie and Meech, sending Natalie out the door. Then, Paul gets Victor in bathroom and convinces Victor that it’s time to make a big move. Victor was hesitant at first and didn’t want to do it because he was afraid of what Paulie might do if it backfired. So, Paul then went to all the others to show Victor they would back him up on the plan if he put Paulie/Corey up. So, in my opinion, Paul had a big role in getting Paulie/Corey on the block. I believe if he hadn’t got Victor alone and going to the lengths of getting everyone on board, Victor would have put up Natalie/Meech which would have played right back into Paulie’s game.

      • Talking about how Frank made one of the girls uncomfortable with the ass smacking and how Paulie told him to knock it off. He apologizes to her again for what he said, she accepts it and explains how she wanted to get to know him Day 1 and she still thinks he’s a nice guy who just got lost in the moment.

      • to Natalie he keeps throwing Michelle UTB.. earlier to Victor he was throwing James UTB…wonder whos next??

      • WELLL it will be according to who he is talking too and that would have to be Michelle…He should keep mentioning James and possibly Nicole and a hint of Natalie… I am guessing so lets see where he goes next…He might talk to JAMES.
        .but that will be a longshot move

  43. LOL Natalie is cracking me up with her conversation with Paulie, he was talking about how he stopped Frank from demeaning girls and then she reminded him about his comment he made about her breasts

    • I think Paulie should just stfu. I’m confused what he’s trying to accomplish here. Nat just lets him talk and making him look like a fool..by just saying..”yeah..aha..yeah..I’m not mad.” blah blah blah Nat: “Oh there’s ants falling from the ceiling”..she’s bored with the convo. ha

      • I mean, if he doesn’t talk and try to be on people’s good side again he is dead in the water.
        I’ll give him an A in terms of his spirit for at least attempting to do something, but for the time being I am giving him an F for what he has accomplished as of now

      • Oh I don’t like players that doesn’t put a good fight. I’m team Dan G. I would say he’s an emotional player. He has 4 days to work on this. Pause and just brain storm, make a plan, maybe the next day or two…he’s a mess, he can’t handle it.

  44. So apparently according to Paulie both Brigitte and Frank have boyfriends. He is talking without thinking and now is trying to butter kiss Natalie for his own benefit. If he wins Veto he’ll go right back to insulting her.

  45. Paulie is questioning Bridgette’s and Frank’s integrity while speaking to Nat, insinuating that they were together while having significant others. There are rumors floating around that Paulie was none to loyal to his fiance and she broke it off. If true, pot…kettle…black?

  46. So who are we giving the care package too? Michelle? Victor? Let me know so we can assure this person wins lol… unless it’s Paulie, I won’t be doing that :p

  47. I’ll be pissed if it turns out Paulie has the round trip ticket. I hope things end well with him leaving.

    • Should next Thursday’s evictee not hold the round trip ticket, there will be a jury buyback comp which will likely fill up the content for next Friday’s show.
      I personally think Paulie has pretty good chances in the buyback comp… so if u r fully anti-Paulie, u better hope the comp is one of the few things he is not good at

      • If it’s anything like past buyback comps, then I expect this week’s to be a either a game of chance or endurance. Paulie has a good chance to succeed if it’s endurance though so I am hoping against that but expect it to be the case.

  48. Paulie put the nail in his coffin when he used Zakiyah and then went around bragging about where they slept with each other. So the whole loyalty thing he’s telling Natalie is so untrue.

    • That’s why I am not sure Michelle is strong enough for the care pkg. co-HOH responsibility.

      • My feelings exactly. I feel that the recent flip only managed to maintain Michelle’s barely alive status in the game. She was the lowest on the totem pole in the Paulie/Nicorey side of the house but she is still the most expendable person in the No Name alliance

  49. Why is Natalie sitting there listening to him, he is so full of crap. James, James, James…. he did this, he did that. Michelle is kicking him while he’s down, she picked on people the most and it’s okay but when I do it…. blah, blah, blah….

  50. So, here’s an interesting challenge. My friend and I have been working this for a while, but I’d like to hear everyone’s input. Out of all the HGs that we fans love to hate… which one is the worst?

    Here’s who we’ve been trying to work with (not in any particular order):

    Paulie, of course
    Frankie Grande (I liked him, but my friend couldn’t stand him)
    Jessie from BB10 and BB11
    Natalie from BB11
    Shannon from BB2
    Danielle from BB3
    Alison from BB4
    The entire Friendship Alliance from BB6 (Eric, Maggie, Jennifer, Beau, April, and Ivette)
    Evel Dick
    Danielle Donato
    Ronnie from BB11
    Shelly from BB13
    GinaMarie from BB15
    Willie from BB14
    Amanda from BB15
    Andy from BB15
    Aaryn from BB15
    Christine from BB16
    Chima from BB13
    Devin from BB16 (Did ya know he has a daughter???)
    Jun from BB4

  51. Idk if anyone else has heard this but Twitter has been lighting up about Paulie being engaged to the said “gf” in Jersey, coming into the house. And that she returned the ring to his mom because she found out about 5 other girls he cheated with. And Nat knows Paulie’s gf, she actually cheers with her. Nat & Paulie know of each other but I am taking it that Nat had no clue Paulie was going to be in the BB house. And the reason why Paulie is going after Nat so bad is because he is afraid of what she can expose. Look up @ Krista DeBono or Tiffany Chantell on Twitter. They are Nat’s friends and the ones that were on TAR!

    • ::shaking my head:: what a scandalous and digusting pig. I’m sick of that son a bitch. I pray he goes home next week.

      • He’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen. He’s on par with Aaryn and Amanda as one of the most vile HGs in my opinion

      • I think 99% of the HGs we have had in BB history are not bad people outside of this house. I definitely don’t think Paulie belongs to that 1%. I mean come on, Big Brother is a social experiment, it does weird stuff to your mental health. Nobody is perfect, everyone does things they are not proud of. I think Paulie will be forgiven.

      • Especially next season, when the fandom finds the next HG that the majority of us can’t stand.

      • Did you see what I posted? Go on Twitter!! I know I am not perfect, far from it, but damn social experiment or not, this child (yes I said child) has no right to call anyone the names he has, to degrade women, and to claim he is king of the world!! He is a pig, and you know what happens when a pig rolls in the mud??? They like it there!! If/when he takes responsibility for every single one of his actions maybe these women can forgive him & he can grown from a child into a man!!

    • I have heard this. People have also been contrasting that despite Natalie knowing Paulie outside of this house, she has never used anything outside of this house against him in the game. Meanwhile, Paulie continuously claims that Natalie is a bad person outside of this house which I’m not even sure is true.

      • Ikr I give Nat props, but I think she is now protecting herself. She can’t give it all away on how she knows how shitty of a human being he is. But if it’s her and Paulie in the end, I would fire all those bullets directly at his head!!

  52. Cmon James. “Real talk” him right back. It’s not about loyalty it’s about manipulation and douchebaggery.

  53. The Save Me tour is not making any sense. He just bashed James to Natalie, now he is talking to James with Natalie there. Eh? Natalie is so correct, he talks in circle.

    Hehe, he is reminding of Jozea right now, Paulie is the captain and he had to take charge, it is what it is…

  54. 48 hours ago Paulie would’ve never called that he would be in a position where his game relies solely on a veto win (or 1 in 8 chance of a RT ticket) so early. Let’s be honest, the “Save Paulie” bill is not going to pass no matter how long he tries to filibuster the vote. He has said it himself, “I have to win out”.
    He cannot win out until F2. The only chance he has in the game is to “rambo” until a lightning strikes in the house, and honestly there is very little possibility that the BB Gods will smile upon him and give him any lightning at this point.
    I guess the rapidness of how a player can rise to power and fall from power is the point we love about this game.

    • Anyone see what happened when he was threatening the girls after the nomination? I heard he got called to the DR and came out with a different attitude.

  55. What is Michelle doing? How many times is he going to mention Michelle kicking him while he is down? He talks about double standard but if it was going his way, it’s okay? How many times did he mention Derrick and Cody? How many times is he going to mention how much he loves Corey? Why can’t they tell him to go to sleep, it is what it is.

  56. Paulie thinks he’s so entitled and he insults anyone who goes against him. Real mature of you buddy. Hope he doesn’t win veto.

    Also, Victor finally gets some sense knocked into him. This is the Big Brother I know and love.

    • How can Meech speak to what James did or did not know about the FT remark? I thought he did overhear, I could be wrong.

      • Nat told her and James did too. James was telling her Nic and Corey laughed about it and he told them it wasn’t funny.

      • I’m pretty certain James was never around when these comments were being made by the others and he definitely didn’t participate in it.

      • James did not know they were calling Nataile FT…he found out during a guy gab fest and he told them it was not cool to say stuff like that

    • I understand he has to do this, but instead of talking to them, he argues..He doesn’t listen. Blame other people, then a half a*s apology..he’s condescending too….so the convo doesn’t end well..maybe worse.

  57. It’s about freaking time!
    Finally Paul and Victor have balls in this game to make risks.

  58. Good conversation between Natalie and Michelle, realizing where they went wrong. Michelle embarassed by her earlier behavior. I am glad her and Bridgette talked (before B was evicted) and are okay with each other. Now, I may have someone to cheer for (didn’t care who wins until lately. Definitely do not want Paulie or Nicole to win… adding Corey to that).

  59. I heard Paulie say that if he wins he’ll take Corey off the block and he’ll stay on the block. Sounds like a suicide tactic to me

    • Sounds like grabbing at straws to me, he just has no idea how to get back in the game or how he got out of it, so clouded by a hungry ego which apparently is not getting enough nurture right now, pulling out all the stops to get fed. Wiggling around like a racecar trying to get whatever might be left in the tank. I’m not rooting for him, so hope he has no luck with that.

  60. Okay Natalie, you are not fake. It’s okay, don’t let him get under skin. Your fake boobs cost real money and no amount of money can buy him class.