‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Daytime Highlights

In a rare occurrence, the Big Brother 18 houseguests decided to stay up a bit today to talk about the upcoming nominations and the new Care Package delivery. Read on to find out who the targets are later today and which lucky houseguest ended up with the “super safety” prize and costume.

Nicole Franzel has Super Safety on BB18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 12, 2016:

10:00 AM BBT – Lights are on and HGs are slowly, very slowly starting to get up.

10:20 AM BBT – Michelle shows the camera the message Paulie spelled out in maxi pads on the bathroom stall door.

10:45 AM BBT – Natalie and Michelle excitedly discussing hopes of Victor following through with putting up Corey and Paulie.

11:00 AM BBT – Paulie is alone in the Lounge rehearsing a speech that he wants to give to Michelle. He won’t be giving a speech at nominations since he’s not the HoH so this doesn’t make sense.

11:45 AM BBT – Nicole received the Care Package with “Super Safety”. She’s dancing and leaping around the backyard.

12:00 PM BBT – Paulie tells Nicole her winning safety is perfect for his plan. (Probably to get the Veto used and James up as a renom with no other girl options. He’s in for a surprise.)

12:07 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey it’s good she got safety since he isn’t in danger this week.

12:50 PM BBT – Paulie presenting to Victor his speech that he wants to give Michelle at the nominations ceremony. He still seems prepared for a speaking role that he won’t have since Victor is the HoH.

12:55 PM BBT – Nicole debuts her Super Safety costume. It’s pretty funny and well put together.

1:06 PM BBT – James and Natalie say they feel confident that Victor won’t screw them over this week but they’re still a little concerned. James says Nicole has been so sneaky and has gotten away with so much.

1:08 PM BBT – Paul and Victor talking about the plan this week. Paul says it’s obvious Paulie is trying to protect Nicole. Victor tells Paul that James said Da’Vonne’s warning to him about getting backdoored was true. Victor says he believed Paulie was on his and Paul’s side and was stupid to do so. Paul said he knows he was just Paulie’s back-up plan.

1:10 PM BBT – Victor says “oh well, we’re here now and I’m HOH.” Paul says Corey is all boys this, boys that to him now and he never used to talk that way to him. Victor says Corey and Paulie will clip one of them when they get the chance. Paul says that’s why they have to take that shot next week. Paul says America will hook them up with the care package next week after they do this.

1:12 PM BBT – Paul says he knows that he’s just barely missed getting evicted week after week. Paul says he’s been the underdog because he’s been dodging bullets. He says he knows he was almost a target each time, but a bigger target for Paulie always came along.

1:13 PM BBT – Victor and Paul talk about making a final four deal with James and Natalie. Then they agree that they’d take Natalie to the final 3 so they could beat her. Paul says the’ll revisit the final 3 talk after they take out Paulie, Corey and Nicole.

1:17 PM BBT – Paul says James know that Victor isn’t changing his mind. Victor says that’s right and says Paulie is acting a little nervous around him.

1:18 PM BBT – Paulie comes into the room and Paul and Vic stop talking about him. Paul asks Paulie what he thinks about Nicole getting the fair package. Paul thinks America was afraid the guys were going to target the girls so they gave it to America. Paulie thinks the only two people who would’ve gotten the package this week after all that went down would’ve been him or Nicole.

1:38 PM BBT – Paul has talked Paulie out of going after Michelle at the nomination ceremony. Not only because it’s not his HOH but because it’s pointless and he should be the bigger person.

2:18 PM BBT – Nicole whines to Corey about him being vulnerable this week and says she’ll be so sad if he goes home this week.

3:03 PM BBT – Natalie and James telling each other how much they care about each other.

3:16 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey and Nicole that he has no doubt in his mind that Michelle and Natalie are going up. Nicole says she has a really good feeling about this week.

3:24 PM BBT – Nicole thinks America voted her to get the care package after Michelle called her a snake on live TV. Nope. Paulie says he knows for a fact that America loves them. Well …

3:36 PM BBT – James tells Natalie he wouldn’t mind going up as a pawn this week if the veto is used because he knows he’d have the votes.

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  1. Paulie is currently talking about how if you are dating Nicole you should respect her. However, you do not have to respect girls like Natalie.
    The only difference between Natalie and Nicole and is that Natalie isn’t willing to lie down and be a carpet in his way to the $500k. Who wouldn’t love Nicole when she wants to hand them over money?

    • I wonder where a woman like Zakiyah would fit into Paulie’s equation. Since they didn’t use protection any of the times they supposedly “boned,” (according to Paulie) I wonder what he’ll do if she winds up pregnant …

      • Makes you wonder who taught him about how to treat women? Seems he treats them like they are possessions for his use and then to discard. Once he sees how America responded to his behavior, he will probably backtrack and say it was all game.

      • It is sad cause if his mother watches the show and she sees his actions and hears his comments as to how embarrassed she must be…he has no respect for his family or he would tone it down..

      • But he knows that America loves him and Corey and Nic. Just like Austin knew we loved him and the twins.

      • I was wondering about that also. I was thinking does his dad treat their mother that way–does he have conversations with his sons that degrade women? Or is Paulie just spoiled. I always say, due to experience in my family growing up–never spoil your sons and daughters cause you may love them but no one else loves them like you do and therefore they have live in the world and have their own relationship and work a job and they cannot be successful if they are expecting the world to spoil them like you do. Won’t happen and that equals one unhappy adult child who never grow up.

      • Gosh, I hope not. Could you image? Before anyone knows, he would probably try to convince her that he is not ready for child… lie to her that they should build a relationship then leave/forget about her.

      • Mine too, because I know what true loss of a child feels like…and have had to live with that most my life.

      • I was forced into that! I was really young….I am only in my 20’s now, so it wasn’t that long ago. I had never been pregnant before. I didn’t tell my family, I was talked into it….and I went and did IT! I was in this room alone with a Doctor and a Nurse….I was half out of it! They were giving me an ultrasound and I saw the baby on the Screen….I sat up and Screamed for them to STOP! Stop! Stop! I don’t want to do this! Then, all of a sudden I must have been knocked out with what was in the IV! I woke up, and it was Over! I think about it everyday….I regret it everyday! I am terrified that I will Never be able to have children for some reason Now! It was so horrible, and I think about it everyday and cry! I pray my baby is waiting to come back!.I pray that it wasn’t in any pain! I feel so sad about it and angry! I did finally tell my family!

      • I’m in tears for you Boo. It’s so obvious that this breaks your heart. Things happen to all of us when we are young, even older, that we regret, but we have to forgive ourselves and all involved and not let it burden us all of our lives. The fact that you can speak about it openly and honestly is a testament to you as a young woman. I would be proud to be your Mom. You never know, your post could have a life-altering effect on someone reading it.

      • As I said….Paulie will be paying out $500,000 (18 year timespan) instead of winning it.. stuff happens…

      • lmmao…. right…over a million witnesses were present during the deed…wishing u loads of luck with that one Paulie…

      • He won’t be able to. But he would tell her it’s her own fault and he’s not to blame for any of it.

      • He is the type that would end up on the Maury show having a DNAtest done to try to prove he was not the father

      • Well, you can bet it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Paulie has no sense of dignity or loyalty. I hope he isn’t this worthless in real life! What a POS he is!

      • What’s it mean that he’s ok boning on national tv but claims he wouldn’t kiss Z out of respect for his family???

      • Nicole & Corey have a lot of under-the-sheet action on the live feeds. Paulie tells everyone that they have had unprotected sex 6 times Do they forget the cameras are there after a while and that social media (and videos) live forever???

      • And he made he comment the other day that most the females in the house are on birth control so maybe Z is one of those… Of course, BC can fail

      • you are assuming she’s not on the pill. the girls on it certainly didn’t go off it in the house

      • She was on the rag. Don’t you remember when she swapped out her pad and then stuck her hands in the bag of potato chips without washing them?

      • I honestly wonder if he would have given her the time of day out of the house. He always treated her like she was beneath him. She deserves soo much better than that loser

    • Paulie is always talking about the “mob” way of doing things, how they “handle” situations…How his bros and sis’s will take out Nat and brig on soc media.. Well, ole Paulie just might be in a bit of trouble because of the way HE has brought so much disgrace to ” the family” …Seems like what he has done is a bit more severe than any thing any of the girls have done to his character…
      He is so full of crap, just another example of ” little man” syndrome. Pretending to be something he is not…I was surprised to read on his bio that he is only 5’9″ and157 lbs. also had 2 different business (gyms) in the past 3 yrs. the first 1 flopped. and pretending he is a d j…. DUH didn’t we meet DJ Paulie a few yrs back on Jersey Shore..????? I bet that is how he gets his “bookings” for all the “big” events he does. Calls up clients and says “hey I’m DJ Paulie, then he shows up and it is too late for a client to change their mind.

    • If he’s smart he can learn a lot from DR. but he’s not intuitive at all that’s why he’s so wrong on a lot of things. He needs to win all the comps, or have some kind of power of some sort. All signs are telling me he’s toast.

      • He thinks he knows more than anyone & doesn’t listen to what anyone says….he’s too busy thinking of what he’s going to say….oh wait, he always interrupts whoever is talking

      • Like I said before, I wasn’t impress with his game. It’s unpolished. This is a guy that had the luxury of getting advice from Derrick/Cody and didn’t learn sh*t…and if he was trying to be a villain, that was a flop too.

      • But at least he’s playing the game. hahahaha I said it here…his character is all people will remember when he leaves the Big Brother house, not how many game moves he made.

      • Avoid conflict..Isn’t that textbook? It’s basic right? Paulie loves it..and to girls.lol For the future BB applicants, they should watch Paulie of BB18, and learned ‘what not to be when playing BB…America is watching.

      • But he isn’t taking much of Derrick’s advice. He was told not to get into a showmance, if any vets came back, get rid of them right away, and most of all, do NOT win a bunch of comps, to pick and choose and don’t show yourself to be a comp beast……which he did. I think his ego got in the way and he forgot most of the advice he got

      • The kind of toast that you burn and attempt to scrape the bad off trying to save it but you realize it is too far gone and you don’t want to waste your butter or jelly on it so you throw it away and start all over. That kind of toast.

      • lol How can I follow that up?..ok I’l just give you a hug..%*@:-(….Ha..copy mistake,.. i think I gave you “hung over”

  2. I’m laughing in the inside of Paulie’s delusion. He thinks he’s loved by America and the reason Nicole got it was because they were afraid a guy would win.

    What an idiot!

  3. Don’t get to excited Nicole, there weren’t many left to choose from, and you probably got Bridgette’s care package anyway!

  4. Every year we have someone with delusion of grandeur, last year America loved Austin and Liz’s grossmance. Now, this year America loves this awful person.

    • I’d actually rather he leave thinking he’s in the right and if we’re lucky well get to see him smacked down.

  5. So does Paulie thinks every HOH win is his where he thinks he could dictates a speech during someone else’s HOH? If he had any sense he would apologize and try to smooth things over with the ladies. This is how you know this is beyond gameplay and the true Paulie.

      • Of course not and surely not the last. Because the females hurt his feelings, he has to find a way to get them back. He needs to try to be a better person.

      • Michelle stomped on his ego and he is not going to let that go any time soon. He is starting to play this game very personally.

  6. Gag me.. Nicole got the care package and thinks America decided to give it to her since Meech called her a snake on live tv. Ugh…

  7. I am gonna love to watch Nicole and Cory scrambling for friendship once Paulie is gone. I personally don’t like Nicole…I think “snake” fits her perfectly! I gave my votes to Michelle…not that I like her, she is way too whiny for me…but I wanted to see Paulie’s face if she had won the care pkg. Oh well…gonna be so much better watching his face when he goes on the block…and hopefully OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR GOOD.

  8. it is of my opinion that Paulie is up to no good once again….He told Natalie and Michelle that he wanted to have a “Roast” tonite and see who has the best zings…. As Paul talked him out of doing a speech during noms selection Paulie came up with the “roasting’ event so he might get his nasty jabs in regardless …just wait for it (if the roast happens)

    • u got that right… I think this is the longest nom wait they have ever done…I don’t recall any ever being this long…..As they are on lockdown… they could go from nom selection directly to veto players selection which would be unusual and have the comp later tonite when the weather is cooler.. Just a guess on my part…we will see

  9. You know, BB really did all the fans a disservice the way they structured this week’s care package voting and delivery timeframe. They really should have done a better job of setting the timeline for voting and delivery of the care packages so that anyone who could be voted to receive a care package would still be in the house and eligible to receive it when the vote closed. I doubt Nicole would have gotten this care package if it weren’t for all the votes for Bridgette and Zakiyah that just got thrown out and might have been voted elsewhere instead…

    • Right, her popularity is not very high in any of the polls, but many people just watch the show and not go to the forums.

      • Nicole gets a better image from the prime time show than what feedsters and forum users see, that’s for sure. And it would be interesting to hear what reaction Paulie would get from his three+ hours of freaking out the other night if prime time viewers saw it. Nicole (Niconehead) hasn’t even brought as much energy to the house as Michelle has.

  10. I wish Michelle would stop butter kissing Nicole. She told her the truth and should stick to it.

      • Sweet, but who do we vote for, Michelle? She gets on my last nerve, but we are running out of options.

      • What’s your reason Dan?..so It’s Co-HoH right? That means they all compete HoH except Vic. One of the alliance could win the HoH, odds are good…Is it to balance the power?

      • Yeah Co-HoH. I’d like to see Meech win cause I’m pretty certain she won’t be swayed to go against Jatalie. I’d also like to see a female have a bit of power in this house.

      • I was going to vote Vic but I wonder about the target he would get for multiple HOH. Vic will be vunerable next week after this big move sooo Im leaning to Vic. Vic is more stable then Meech.Wanted to BB bribe for Paul.

      • Vic or Michelle. They are the ones with the balls to put whoever comes down right back up.

      • we have to be really careful with this one and get it right. the last one doesn’t seem like to big of a deal;;

    • The ACP, I’m debating on Vic/Paul, It’s got to be one of them. They seemed to be determined players. The two stooges are funny to watch when they game talk. Paul seems to be the “driver’ I like their idea of F4 with James/Nat..from there,…may the best player win.

    • Co-hoh.
      bc you are lazy Ill just tell you to vote for Victor to keep him safe next week after this big move. LoL JK

  11. TBH glad that James finally made a move. Hope he doesn’t jump ship because he thinks that’s what America wants him to do. Do you all believe that he really thinks his showmance with Natalie is really a romance?

    • Well they do care for each other. I mean James is real as it gets. Don’t know about Natalie though.

      • I think Nat is tired of all the jocks and she has been burned pretty bad in the past… she , like James, seems to have a very good heart and a strong work ethic. I think she does like him…If they did get together, neither one would ever be at a loss for love. and they would have such cute little babies !!!!!

    • I’ve watched way too much of the feeds this season…more than I care to admit. Most of my time has been spent watching James and Nat b/c they interest me the most.

      My take is that she truly, truly cares for him…more than just a friend. The tiffs that they’ve had (mainly Nat pulling away from James) have always stemmed from a game situation in which Nat questioned James’ ultimate loyalty (her or his side, all male alliance). The times they’ve been closest is when James has made a visible effort to protect her and she has directly experienced his loyalty.

      It’s become pretty clear to me that Nat has been really emotionally hurt in multiple past relationships and likely has male trust issues due to her absent father. Her life hasn’t been easy at all, moving to the US from Venezuela at the age of 7 with her single mother, while speaking no English. They literally had nothing and stayed in motels for a period of time. She likely learned to use her attractiveness and outgoing personality to get ahead…as many women do (no shade here). But she has clear boundaries.

      You don’t see a lot of PDA between them not because Nat is not into James, but b/c Nat is extremely cautious of how she is/will be portrayed on TV in front of her family. Nat has also made it very clear that she doesn’t “date for looks” and that personality, emotional connection is most important.

      As for their future, I won’t speculate too much. But it won’t be easy for them because their roots are very geographically distant. But I wish them the best.

  12. Current thoughts of HG’s

    Corey- His gameplay is pretty much the equivalent of that of Shane and Clay. No interesting personality, and dumb as a rock (sorry rocks). He’s just there to bro it up with Paulie and make out with Nicole.

    James- I like him on a personal level. He’s a really nice guy and someone I’d have a beer with. But that’s the problem though. He’s trying hard not to piss off the majority that it looks like he has no spine whatsoever. I compare his game to that of Chase Rice from Survivor.

    Natalie: She surprised me. A late bloomer but better late than never. She started to rally troops against Paulie and exposed him for the rat that he is. She may not have won any comps but she could use that for an advantage as people may not see her as a threat. She even made up with Victor- someone she didn’t get along with and they put their differences aside to take out a bigger enemy. She’s pretty much like Natalie White from Survivor Samoa. May look like a cute innocent girl, but don’t underestimate her.

    Paul- I didn’t like him from the beginning because of his obnoxious attitude. However he later grew on me as he becomes less of a douchebag and lays low so no one can gun for him. Not to mention he’s pretty much in a safe position as people have grown to like him as time went by. I say Paul’s gameplay is that of Zach Race.

    Victor- Love how he finally put two and two together and realized Paulie isn’t a threat. I really hope he puts up his former “bros” and realize that working with Paulie is pretty much like trying to break ice with a spoon. I say Vic’s gameplay is that of Caleb’s

    Nicole- Went from loveable geek girl to a boy crazy teenybopper. Nuff said. Went from herself to the equivalent of Bryan Ollie (Season 10)

    Michelle- Hated her when she was mean to Bridgette but she later grew on me. I really think had Bridgette was still in the house they would’ve reconciled. So she’s pretty much the Christine to Bridgette’s Nicole.

    Paulie- Paulie, Paulie, Paulie….. how you disappoint me. I thought you would have a chance to win. I really did. But it turns out that you never had your team’s best intentions and you constantly lied to people and put them down. And keep in mind in the beginning he was fairly friendly. I think he got too power hungry and needs to be off his high horse. I say he’s a combination of Amanda Zuckerman and Devin Sheppard

    Whoo that was long… thoughts?

    • It finally got interesting thanks to Michelle this past week. Paulie shouldn’t have gone around taking about where Zakiyah and him snuggled, etc.

      It’s still anybody’s game at this point.

      Good points tho

    • I agree on a lot of your points. Spot on with James for me. Bridge and Meech did make nice…Meech even said that Bridge was one of her favorite people in the house earlier this week.

  13. I’m starting to like Paul more and more. I’m glad he’s opened his eyes about Paulie and right now Paulie has no clue what’s about to happen. I don’t know who to vote for next week’s Care Package. I would say Paul, but he could end up winning HOH, or I can pick Michelle or Victor. Vic won’t be able to compete and Michelle is unlikely to win.

    • I am glad Paul is separating from Paulie. It appears he is from a very nice family based on the interview they showed with his mom…He is just a big ole 23 yr old goof-ball….
      And if Vic does follow through with todays plan, I think he has a good chance to win it all. If not, he falls down there with the other DBs….. After the Nicole interview/ interrogation last night, I have a feeling Vic is involved in law enforcement , possibly undercover or a negotiator…..

    • I think the timing of these votes are all wrong. I’m sure Bridgette really would have won this weeks prize.

    • I need some guidance on voting for the co-HOH, too. It might really be good if it was Vic, especially if he really does pull off this HOH putting up Paulie and Corey….that way he can get rid of one this week and continue with the other next week as he would be able to pick one of the noms as co-HOH – at least that is how I understand it. Would that be a first in BB history – to have one person be HOH two weeks in a row??

      • Victor Paul or Michelle…no certain order…personally I would not vote till later in the week cause things change…best for me to wait till after evictions actually…

      • But if any of them are OK, why not throw some votes their way or the days will be gone and so will the number of votes. Does that make sense?

      • yeah its up to u whenever…why not divide the votes between them …6 votes for one and 7 for the remaining 2….Hopefully one of the 3 will be HOH I think u can vote everyday…u have to check that out cause I maybe wrong…the power stays with the new house if one of those 3 are chosen..

      • Every time I have voted,, it counts them down until I have 20 and then no more votes and it won’t register anymore, so, no, apparently you cannot save them up from day to day.

    • I’m voting for Paul. Regardless of who wins the HOH he will have the balls to make his own nomination instead of who the other HOH tells him to.

      • I think Michelle would be good…she’s not afraid…or one of the guys, you can’t go wrong with any of them. It makes it hard

      • I honestly think any of the three on that side would be safe. I think any of them would insist on nominating the remaining member of the other side if one of them wins HOH. It would then all come down to the veto.

  14. I am all for Paul, Victor, Natalie and James as a final four. If James doesn’t mess things up, then I will want him to go far even though he has been getting on my nerves.

  15. I don’t understand how Paulie is getting away with the threats, why are they not telling him to knock it off or leave?

      • I hope so, he is not dealing with a full deck! He is still using scare tactics towards the females! Does anyone know what message he wrote in the bathroom?

      • With the famous maxi-pads? No, and I wondered why Matthew mentioned the message and then didn’t tell us what it was.

  16. Paulie is calm. Hmm! Makes me wonder if there is a possibility that he was given a heads up by DR because they were afraid this might send him over the edge. Just thinking out loud.

  17. Camera is focused on Paulie…his face is twitching. lol..Not much talk in the kitchen…It’s post funeral lol

    Ok now..wait. Paulie is asking Vic…Vic is good..”I did what I have to do”..lol he can’t bully Vic..the guy is a straight shooter, no bs.

  18. from Jokers:
    6:23 PMCorey, Nicole & Paulie all quiet. no reaction at kitchen table
    6:23 PMPaulie and Corey have been nominated for eviction!
    6:22 PMCorey is also silent in the kitchen.
    6:22 PMCamera getting some good zoom-ins on Paulie and Nicole. Both look less than pleased, and the house is very quiet. Corey is in hisSanta hat.
    6:22 PMNicole hasn’t said one word as she stands in the kitchen in her Safety Suit America gave her.

    • They will be shocked if they ever read the boards.

      3:24 PM BBT – Nicole thinks America voted her to get the care package after Michelle called her a snake on live TV. Nope. Paulie says he knows for a fact that America loves them.

      Bridgette would have had it and bc she is fone the botes defaulted to Nicole. Michelle couldnt make up the numbers in 1 day since many people didnt vote Meech or Z while on the block

  19. Paulie, Nicole and Corey are acting like they are saints. Paulie said Victor went home because of the house and that Paulie thought Victor was a pawn. They are so full of it. Trying to make Victor feel bad. Its riducous.

    • Here we go….Impressed with Victor, keeping his cool and putting everything out there..not using anyone else, throwing under the bus

      • Ya. Going on about how Paulie proved his loyalty by leaving Z on the block and Corey by sending Bridgette home. They think America loves them (Nicole, Paulie and Corey).

      • Too bad Nicole got ACP with Bridgette gone. We all thought Meech would go and wanted to protect Bridgette. Nicole would be FREAKING out as Potential BD if anyone got veto. This is how DE should have gone.

      • She’s still freaking out about next week .. she’s making her rounds apparently trying to make nice….and lie.

    • Yep, he’s really letting Paulie have it. Paulie’s pulling the “why me” card. Doesn’t understand how Vic could do that to him.

      • It sure would be interesting to see how Dick-boy handles his anger when he’s drunk…so yeah, bring in all the alcohol he can guzzle through that big misogynistic mouth of his!

  20. Maybe i’ll take a break now ??? Walk this poor little dog who has been holding her PeePee for hours ( she is sooooo good ) and the poor cat who just came over and said “Why are you pushing all those buttons on that thing??” “Don’t you have any thing else to do? Like maybe feed me?’!!!!

  21. Paulie telling Victor not to get worked or he will too. I almost wish Paulie the jerk would try to take a swing at Vic. I think Vic would clobber his a$$.

  22. If you watch Vic VS Paulie argument. Vic slayed him. He was even throwing analogy, that I didn’t even understand..”If this is my strategy, don’t get mad at me!” lol “i can forgive but I don’t forget”

    Paulie: So what’s the plan? Vic: “I don’t KNOW!, this is the first step..Ha

  23. Paulie is really a ticking time bomb…they have to keep telling him to calm down…he needs serious help

  24. how dam stupid….Nicole and Corey blaming JAMES for being ( the 2 guys)OTB…James didn’t do it….Look in the mirror Corey and look to ur sidekick Paulie……..both of them are at fault…

  25. Paulie saying he threw HOH just to see if something like this would happen. How does that make any sense????

  26. I really really really hope Paulie don’t get the veto this week, maybe he’s playing a good game but his attitude screw everything.

  27. Obviously, when Paulie is intimidating women, he is trying to talk to them as a human being. He told Z that and now he is telling Michele that.

  28. I think I’m getting too much enjoyment from Paulie’s ‘pain.’ I don’t want to be the type of person he is—I actually have empathy. So on that note, I’ll check out how this pans out tomorrow. Take care, y’all!

  29. Vic was having none of Paulies’ BS..so what does Paulie do..he moves on to berate Michelle…good for her for giving it right back to him…Sissy Paulie can’t handle it when someone shuts him down..so he has to find someone to go off on. If he has that RT ticket, I am going to lose it!

    • I want her to know that she was not our first choice..I am positive it was Bridgette and Nicole was next in line. She thinks America voted last night after Michelle called her a snake and that she got the CP because America felt bad for her.

  30. Paulie is sounding like a broken record about now. He’s telling nat everyone was in on the “FT” joke. He’s throwing everyone under the bus.

      • He’s now resorting to throwing james under the bus which is his ultimate goal. He’s still a sleezeball. Which means his apology is unsincere

        Natalie needs to leave but yet she keeps sitting there listening to his garbage.

  31. Did Day ever throw Zakiyah utb? Chevk out her interview. I was surprised by this comment. Zak was never really in the game to know what anyone was doing!

  32. Omg. I hope he losses pov. And that he does NOT have the return ticket. He has a mean streak and he is so rude. I want him out. He thinks it’s all about him. Can’t wait for him to find out America hates him and we know what a cruel low down a**hole he really is.

  33. Paulie has got his just dues. He is like all bullies. Someone finally stands up to you and punches you in the mouth you run away and cry. Only reason Nicole won the Super Safety is because everyone voted for Bridgett and Nicole had the next total. Bridgett was evicted so Nicole won the prize. The next package needs to go to Paul or Victor. They are playing the game. Great move Victor!!!!

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