‘Big Brother 18’ Host Julie Chen Predicts Who Will Win

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen spoke with THR this week to assess the season and remaining few days of Big Brother as we get ready for the season finale on Wednesday, Sept. 21st. Julie even opened up about who she thinks will pull off the win this summer among the Final 3.

Julie Chen with BB18's Paul

We’re down to just James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian and two of those HGs have already won their spots in the finale night competition, but that doesn’t mean the third person can’t get there and even win it all. So who does Julie think has the best shot to take home the crown and half million dollars prize? Read on.

Julie tells Hollywood Reporter that she is rooting for “your boy” Paul and not only that, but she thinks he’s in the sweet spot to take home the win, if he can get to the F2.

“I am [rooting for Paul to win] because Nicole disappointed me this year. I guess she’s playing the game, but I didn’t like how she wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey. I didn’t like her being a snake, as Michelle would say. My calculations show that no matter who Paul is sitting against, he wins. He has at least one more vote than the other person.”

That’s a narrow margin to pull off the win by just one vote, but that’s all it takes if he gets it. It’d of course be very interesting to hear who she thinks is in and is out of his voting column, but even without that info I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s well informed by those who get to hear a lot more Jury talk than we do.

As for James’s chances of winning Big Brother 18? Julie suggests that went out the front door with Corey when James voted him out this past week.

“I honestly think James made a mistake for his game, because if he kept Corey he would have had a better chance to win. Corey would have taken James to the final two over Paul. And if James sat next to Corey in the end, my calculations show that James would win over Corey. So he cost himself the game. I don’t think he can win against Paul, and with Nicole, the swing vote is Da’Vonne from my calculations.”

We can pull out of those details that Julie thinks Nicole could beat James depending on Day’s vote, but not Paul if she ends up winning and sending James out the door to join the Jury instead of bringing him along to the Final 2. Meanwhile she’s saying no matter what move Paul makes if he wins Round 3 then he’s got the win in the bag.

Of course these are only speculations and nothing is assured until the votes are cast and the count is revealed. Who do you think can pull off the win next week? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts about Julie’s take and share your own predictions.

Read more from Julie’s interview with THR.


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  1. Paul FTW. I was torn between Paul and Victor, but with Vic out of the picture, Paul is my choice. I think he’s played a better game than Nicole by a long shot, and I hope the jury sees that. And even the evicted players have played a better game than James.

  2. I disagree with Julie that James would have done better with Corey. Corey has won too many competitions. James can say that he got there not by winning comps but his social game.

    • I agree. That’s why I’m wondering if this was an interview you can watch and where can I watch it or if someone read it. And if it’s at all true.

      • She wants to see the footage of their telephone conversation. Hope production can pull that one off…ooops. Too late, they can’t! We’ll just have to take THR’s words for it! :-)

      • I’m not familiar with that site at all so I can see why some people might have problems believing everything they’re reading :D

      • It’s been around since 1930. It was revamped in 2010 as a weekly large-format print magazine before it went onto a website. It’s continuously updated!

  3. I’m not voting in this poll, because sadly, I think Dingus will get the money. IMO, anyone who can only make it to the end of BB with manipulation tactics and interference by production, I’ll equate to a football game where one team is allowed to get away with not putting forth much effort knowing the refs are on their side while the other team is having to work extra hard mentally, emotionally, and strategically to even stay in the game due to the refs tactics of calling the plays for the other side. And I think Julie is akin to a ref here and has an agenda for saying what she did. I really, really, hope I have made the wrong call. Give me a reason to think there is any integrity left in this game. Paul for the win.

    • Agree with you. Paul and especially Vic had to work extra hard to overcome the odds this season.

      Production has constantly interfered in the game in favor of Nicole and James. It has been outrageous.

      Think they realized or are finally realizing that Paul and Vic are this season’s MVPs.

      Their families should be proud of them for playing a respectful game.

      (and before anyone mentions Paul and Michelle, Michelle was a trouble maker and not very nice. The reason why America gave her the care package is to help Vic and Paul out. Instead she nominated them. Go figure SMH)

      • Well, you have to remember that the vast majority of people only watch the show. BB averages 6-7 million viewers per episode, but only a few thousand get the feeds or go to these boards. I think Paul and Vic split the votes, so someone like Michelle or Coery got it.

      • Paul and Victor splitting the vote is what had to have happened I agree. This gave the Nicorey fans the edge by voting Corey in mass.

      • Although Corey was able to give Victor the 5 grand, I think that was a wasted care package because he was voting to evict Michelle regardless and his mind wasn’t going to change on that issue.

      • Agree, but Corey seemed bewildered with the bribe and what to do with it. Better that he gave it to Vic than his earlier plan to give it to Nic. Funny, but I don’t recall James asking later what he did with it since he was so interested in getting the money ,did he?

      • i agree vic was gonna vote meech with or without the 5k bribe, however what that 5k bought instead was more valuable…when vic got that 5k he was sure at that point he could 100% trust nicole and corey…aaaannnd it worked

      • Yup. Corey should have given it to James…he would have put it to better use, as a partial downpayment for that Beemer Nat has her heart set on getting eventually. hahahahaha

      • As feedsters, our understanding of who is popular and who isn’t is skewed because we’re only exposed to the opinions of our fellow dedicated fans, so even if among us, Victor and Paul are overwhelmingly the most popular (which I’d argue isn’t true either, as Nicole and James fans are clearly a major presence even if they are silenced by the vitriol of the more vocal haters) we really can’t gauge the popularity of the HGs among casual viewers, who are the overwhelming majority. So it really shouldn’t be surprising when the public votes don’t go as expected.

        Also why I’m prepared to be disappointed by the America’s favorite results. I think America’s going to give it to James, proving that they can’t be trusted to make good decisions.

      • Paul really got on my nerves when he gave people the third degree when he was put on the block. He just couldn’t understand that not everyone in the house wasn’t in love with him and his atrocious mouth. I’m not sure the guy can hold an adult conversation without profanity. I’m all for profanity in the right circumstances, but he took things to another level. Perhaps his parents kept telling him what a beautiful fucking boy he was, hence his addiction to the word. LOL.

      • I see it the same way Liz and I disliked the way he badgered the women when he didn’t get his way.

      • Nicole was terrified when Paul was screaming at her after Nat put him on the block. Of course he waited till Corey was in the DR before he started attacking Nicole. I don’t enjoy watching that kind of behavior at all but if others find it entertaining that’s fine with me smh.

      • I think that they canceled each other out. People loved both of them and the split vote between them is what allowed Corey to get the win. I hope that doesn’t happen with AFP I am voting only for Vic and hoping Paul takes the $500k.

      • I agree, plus you have to take into account that a majority of Nicole fans were probably voting for Corey.

      • Exactly! That’s the only reason I voted for Corey.
        Since Victor and Paul were both eligible to win the vote had to be split which gave Corey the win.

      • On that note, I didn’t vote for Michelle to have that care package and for what its worth, the care package was for them to do what is best for their game not to help another player go farther.

    • For this same reason I canceled my cbs account. After Vic left bb18 wasn’t worth watching for me. Everything is just in favor of Dingus.

      • If Paul is “allowed” to win, it will be because of all of the backlash created from loyal fans of BB who feel the interference, that is so widely speculated to broadly exist this season, has gone beyond the scope of the acceptable manipulation that fans have come to expect.

  4. Really love the articles on this site and respect the way it is impartial and honest.

    Great interview with Julie and would have to agree with her. Paul definitely deserves to win the $500k and Vic should win AFP. ?

  5. I’m all for Paul FTW and I believe that he could take it from either Nic or James. Would prefer a Paul/Nic final although I know that is risky. Paul has a better comp record than Nic, he has played all through the game not just the last few weeks, he will be better able to speak to the jury than Nic (we’ve already seen how she fumbles speaking at nom and eviction times) and too many of the Jury members have called her out for being a snake. Go Paul!

    • Paul has been a far better player than Nicole ALL season long. He deserves to win.

      GO PAUL!

    • I think it’s not quite fair to say Nicole only played during the endgame. Nicole was still playing all season, and I think it’s definitely fair to say that she and Paul played equally well but very differently. Nicole played smarter, but Paul had to play way harder to make up for his rocky start. I think that’s why Paul would be a much more satisfying winner; he fumbled a little but he worked really hard to make up for it and never took his eye off the prize, which is really the attitude of a true champion. Same reason why it’s so fun to watch players like Dan and Will. Seems like most BB players give up when they find themselves at the bottom of the heap, but players like Paul play until they leave, with or without the money.

      • Well we obviously disagree, laying around and gazing adorably at scumbags like Corey and Paulie is not my idea of playing.

      • That really hurt her social game than it did the comps won! She really didn’t bother getting to know the other hgs like she had Corey! Paul got to know each and every one of them with his own dramatic flair! James, well…James played the same way as Nicole with the exception of comp wins and talking to other hgs more than Nic did.

      • Good point about social game. Paul’s was incredible, whereas Nicole’s was incredibly lacking. That, I think, is the best argument against Nicole, and I’ve been waiting for someone to make it the whole time I’ve been defending her, with the hope that at least some Nicole detractors actually understand Big Brother.

        As to James, I don’t think there’s any real evidence of strategic prowess on his part, while there is on Nicole’s. He basically rested on his social game whereas Nicole put in the work when she needed to, and made really smart strategic decisions. Compare James’ HoH when he was controlled by Paulie to Nicole’s when she not only controlled her nominees, but also had every angle figured out when it came to veto, or compare James sitting around as his ally Michele was evicted to Nicole easily manipulating Natalie and James as soon as she and Corey were at risk.

      • That’s not to say I want her to win the 500k, but she certainly deserves the runner up spot! No doubt. I hope it is Paul and her in F2 instead of Paul and James or Nic and James. Nic wants to take James because she is assured the 500k and I just think that’s wrong when she knows how tough it is to win BB and that Paul proved to her how much tougher he had it to get there than her.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I really hope Paul’s talk is getting through to Nicole, just in case she wins the final HoH. To have James in final 2 would be a major disappointment.

      • Another great point Joni, Paul took the time to get to know everyone. Nicole’s time was spent in bed with Corey. Julie Chen was right when she referenced Michelle when she called her a snake.

      • You’re 100% correct in saying that Paul’s social game was infinitely better than Nicoles.

        But calling her a snake (at least in the way Julie did) is about her being scheming and manipulative, qualities which are shared by some of the most famous and beloved HGs in history (Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan Gheesling and others)

        So which is it? Is Nicole a manipulative snake, or did she lay around and do nothing?

      • She wasn’t a snake in a manipulative way, but in a backstabbing way because she really didn’t start playing the game until well over 2/3 into the show.

        *playing is putting it mildly, at best

      • Playing too hard when you’re already in a good position is how Frank, Da’Vonne, Tiffany, and Paulie all got themselves evicted. It’s not smart strategically. I think it’s unfair to fault her for playing passively when things were going her way. Paul had a couple of weeks where he didn’t play very hard either, including one of his only HoH wins, which he let Paulie control.

        Granted, even while Paul wasn’t playing hard, he was still building/maintaining relationships with others while Nicole mostly only focused on Corey. I can’t disagree with that. I guess I just tend to place the highest value on strategic gameplay, and don’t care as much about social and competition play.

      • Good points but Nicole’s gameplay was far from strategic. She was hanging on Corey’s every step and that was a bad example to set for America.

      • Hmm, I always got the impression that Nicole was the brains of Nicorey. Overall, I think we may just have to agree to disagree. I can certainly respect why you would judge Nicole’s gameplay to be poor based on your own standards for what makes a good game, I just want people to also consider the things that she did well.

      • Aligning with Paulie, regardless of how much of a disgusting piece of human garbage he is, was absolutely the correct strategic choice while he was controlling the house. Not only are you safe from falling victim to his reign of terror, but as soon as somebody takes a swing at ending the dictatorship, you can use him as a meat shield. Nicole reaped all of the benefits of Paulie’s gameplay and artfully slithered her was out of any of the consequences.

        As for her game in general, starting from the top: she manipulated Corey into giving her the first HoH, got herself surrounded by the 8 pack alliance, and started the ball rolling on dismantling the Newbies alliance at the beginning. From there, as Da’Vonne started dismantling the alliance, Nicole managed to control the flow of information where she was concerned and generally keep a low profile, which, sure, is boring to watch, but takes some subtlety and self control to work well. It may appear that she was doing nothing, but to play and scheme hard in the position she was in would not have been effective in getting her to the end.

        Plus, while Nicole was quietly sitting in her corner, everyone’s favorite player Paul was doing Paulie’s bidding and evicting his own ally Da’Vonne against his best interest.

      • My problem is that she didn’t just use Paulie as a strategic move, she truly liked him and has said recently that she misses him. Her choices in this regard, as with her thinking so highly of Corey, make her ‘game play’ in the early stages suspect imo

      • Nicole said last night on the feeds that she didn’t really care if Paulie was voted out instead of Jozea, she knew he was competition from the start.

      • Fair enough, I might be giving her more credit than she deserves, there’s no way to know her true intent (the one way we would be able to tell is the diary room, which we know to be at least somewhat scripted by production, and therefore not a reliable reflection of a HG’s true motives). The reason I’m prone to believe she was playing well out of strategic acumen rather than laziness is that when she was at the bottom after Paulie’s eviction, she did what she needed to to survive, with all the backstabbing, manipulating and general snaky goodness.

        I like to judge the HG’s on their actions when they’re in the worst position, because I believe that the correct choice when you are part of the in-crowd *is* to do nothing, so you maintain you’re good position.

        I think both Nicole and Paul have played very well when they were at the bottom of the totem pole, which is why I like them both a lot and consider them to be equally strong.

      • Everyone seems to have forgotten how Nicole prevailed against Day and Frank during the first part of the season.
        Nicole’s strong alliance with Paulie and Corey is the only thing that saved her and she was successful in evicting both F and Day.
        Nicole took the high road and didn’t like sitting around with Meech, Day and Zak trash talking poor Bridgette. By not doing this Nicole earned their enmity for not going along with the gang.
        Plus, Nicole was more popular with the guys and that earned her even more abuse from the mean girls.
        So Nicole definitely had a good social game with the guys at least and they decided to keep her over the other catty female HG’s.
        For some reason all of this seems to have been forgotten and Nicole is accused of sleeping all the time.

      • Very true! I had forgotten about the mean girl dynamic myself! (I am a shameless Meech fan, despite all her flaws, so there’s a little bit of selective memory loss happening there) The details from the early part of the game definitely get much fuzzier in our minds as the game goes on and it’s easy to forget how things played out and remember only broad themes.

      • I liked Michelle until she started going after Nicole :D
        But really, those clips of her crying were so funny – and I don’t mean that in a bad way either.

      • Pretty late reading your posts but with so many people voicing their opinions I’m really behind. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your posts. You have your favorites in the game but you seem to be able to look at each person objectively without bashing the ones you don’t care for.

  6. Did anyone see this this interview with the Hollywood Reporter? I just can’t see Julie calling Nicole a snake or saying who will win. That’s why I’m wondering if anyone actually saw this interview or just read about it? Just curious. It doesn’t sound like things she would say. And I don’t agree if James was next to Corey he would win. Corey would have Nicole, Paulie, Z, Victor and Pauls vote. There’s his 5 votes so doesn’t matter about the others. Victor and Paul hated the way James floated to the end and would never vote for him. Julie better stick to hosting because I think if that interview was true she’s way off.

    • She didn’t call Nicole a snake herself, she referenced it to what Michelle said. Oh well, maybe I just want to believe she didn’t come right out and call her that, but just referenced it from a house guest’s description of Nic.

    • The interview was real! Lol

      The Hollywood Reporter is a respected news source. She basically called it like she saw it and agreed that Vic has earned his place in BB history while Paul has done amazing on the show.

    • In the third paragraph above – “Julie tells Hollywood Reporter” – just click on that. It will take you to the conversation between HR and Julie.

    • She says she’s rooting for Paul to win b/c Nicole disappointed her with her game play. She said, and I quote, ” Nicole disappointed me this year. I guess she’s playing the game, but I didn’t like how she wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey. I didn’t like her being a snake, as Michelle would say. My calculations show that no matter who Paul is sitting against, he wins. He has at least one more vote than the other person.”

      I copied and pasted that from her interview; which you can see by googling Julie Chen finale interview with Hollywood Reporter.

      • Okay…why? It only makes the point clearer… she does say fans should not be slut-shaming Nicole and agrees Nicole is playing the game, but in the same sentence she says she agrees Nicole has been a snake and says she didn’t like Nicole’s backstabbing. So what difference do any of those comments make?

      • Okay here’s the rest… “With Nicole, I don’t think it’s been fair that online viewers have been slut-shaming her. That’s a little bit unfair. But the criticism of her being a snake and a backstabber, I felt the same way. I didn’t like that. We like Nicole to be kind of naive and innocent, but she’s played the game and she knows the game.”

        How is that better? Just asking b/c in my original post I never mentioned anything about name calling…

      • Because people want to take what Julie said as evidence to support their opinion that Nicole hasn’t played well. Julie obviously isn’t saying that. Just that she played dishonestly and Julie’s not a fan of that type of play. A lot of the fans on this site are the ones actively slut-shaming Nicole and disregarding the aspects of her game that have been good, and quoting Julie without the parts that support Nicole is pandering to those people. I don’t have a problem with Matt and Brandon showing favorites personally, as fans expressing their opininos about the show, that’s their right, but if we’re going to argue about a reality show it’s nice to have some intellectual honesty about it.

      • I can understand your point, however, I have NOT done that…ever. And in my post I did not (in any way) mention Nicole’s sleeping habits or anything related as a reason for Julie’s comments. I mentioned her (JC) being disappointed in Nicole’s game b/c of her (Nicole) backstabbing other HG..nothing more. So, again…the rest of the interview had no real merit in so far as how it pertained to what I said in my (sic) original post.

      • Oh! I did not mean to accuse you at all, more indirectly throwing shade at some other commenters here (they know who they are.) I think you’ve been pretty respectful from the comments I’ve seen. Just saw the question you proposed and wanted to give an answer.

      • Thank you for saying that b/c I took that a totally different way. :)

        I know there are people here who do not condone Nicole’s behavior on the show, and I respect their opinions, reason being…they are entitled to them and, to be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of any BB HG sleeping away half the season either, however, I do not base my opinion on Nicole upon her choice in bedmates or anything along that nature. I base my opinions on how she has played BB. And while she has awoken and started to play BB in the last month or so…before that, she basically spent her time playing paddy-cake with Corey, and in the words of Dani Dovato… BORING!

        Moreover, while I can see going for Paul & Vic as the strategic move it was, their excuses for doing so before the F4 alliance was just that–the FINAL FOUR in the house were pathetic. Corey trying to say Vic lied to him was ridiculous…and Nicole had not one leg to stand on there b/c Vic & Paul were with her and Corey 100%, so THAT kind of betrayal is exactly the kind of backstabbing people don’t like even as we see Nicole and Corey’s move as the BB strategy it was, however, just b/c we can understand the betrayal, please do not tell any of us we have to like it though…

      • Of course! Everyone should judge the game according to their own standards. I fully intend to go on and play (and to win)Big Brother if I ever get the chance, so I know I judge the game differently than people who just want to be entertained by the show. For example, while Nicole’s gameplay up until recently was boring to watch, it was obviously successful, so rather than dismissing her for time spent in bed, I looked at her position and realized that, based on her standing in the house, passive gameplay was the correct strategic approach and anything else would have been detrimental to her game. I’ve since put the same principal to practice in board games and things that I’ve played, and it’s been much more successful than the aggressive style I had before.

        But if I weren’t looking at the HGs to understand their strategies for winning (or at least for making it to the final two) and figure out exactly how those strategies work, and instead I was just rooting for the most exciting and deserving players, I would definitely look at Nicole’s gameplay and, based on the fact that she didn’t have to work hard through most of the game while Paul and Vic (and even Natalie) really had to claw their way up from the bottom, I would absolutely agree that her game was disappointing and lame, and be understandably upset that she’s here and Vic or Natalie or maybe even Meech are sitting in jury.

        Point being, I don’t argue with people because I disrespect their opinions on the game, but rather because I think there’s much more to Nicole’s game than people give her credit for, and that her way of playing the game, even during the boring parts, is valid or even laudable from a certain point of view, and I want people to consider that and see their reaction, because then my knowledge of the game grows as well.

      • Can’t wait for you to be on BB!!! I’ll definitely be rooting for you! You’re very insightful! :-)

      • Thanks! I hope I make it on, and I like to think I’d do pretty well. Could just be delusions of grandeur though. :)

      • It isn’t…that was damage control in play there…and just her opinion. I didn’t take it to heart. :-)

      • Exactly Joni. It’s just JC’s opinion…and like all of us here, she IS entitled to one. She does not control the vote for BB, so her opinions are just that…opinions.

      • It wasn’t a live interview is what I mean. I went and read it too. It was a so called phone interview. Some of the things she said just seem off for being a host. Especially with everyone screaming about production being involved this season and then she says I’m voting for Victor for AFP. As a part of the show she can have her favorite but announcing it is another thing. I just find it funny that’s all.

    • I saw it, unfortunately.

      However, what most people are leaving out of the article is the part where Julie Chen said that she was UPSET by the FANS slut-shaming Nicole.

      • Thank you. I’ve posted that many times. The whole article
        should have been mentioned, not just the bad things about Nicole. She also doesn’t think James is just playing for AFP. She thinks he’s just a nice guy.

      • Yeah, because he is. I do genuinely feel bad for him next year. He can do so much better than Nat-Nat.

      • So it was a live interview and not something people are reading? Wow I’m surprised by things she said then. As a host she has never said who she thinks deserves to win or who has the votes. At least in all my years watching I’ve never recalled that. I want to watch that interview and not read it. When I go to the website there’s no live interview.

      • Matt had it endorsed as being true when people first posted about it here before he confirmed it exists. So it must mean he’s lying about it too? You’re probably not going to get the actual “phone” conversation from the two of them. It seemed factual enough to me than some random quotes here and there bandied about. Totally your prerogative! And I respect it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, but I do respect it! Nuff said! :-)

      • Where did I say Matt was lying? I think it sounds suspicious. ESPECIALLY since everyone has been bitching about production being involved and then what the hosts says she’s voting for Victor for AFP and Paul will have the votes to win. Come on.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean you thought Matt was lying. It seemed implied. Julie stated that from her calculations he has enough to win. It was her opinion that whoever is sitting next to Paul that he has at least one more vote than the other. Doesn’t mean it will be so…the game is not over! :-)

      • She also said I’m voting for Victor. That’s why I find it suspicious. Especially because like I explained before all this hype about production. She’s a host of the show and shouldn’t be showing favoritism.

      • Yep. I really don’t care if she does or doesn’t. I just think it’s funny and what if she endorsed Nicole or even James what would people be saying.

      • I think it was. Do you feel that way too? And it’s no secret I’ve been rooting for Nicole but even if she endorsed her I would still feel the same.

      • I do agree with you, Julie’s interview is so disappointing to read and I would feel the same way if she were rooting for Nicole.
        Reading her review could cause fans to think the show has been rigged for paul to win.
        Not that I think that but by Julie behaving in such an unprofessional and biased manner it could give this impression to the readers.

  7. Julie Chen’s honesty and candidness has made many fans of the show rejoice. The tv host is spot on with her critiques of Nicole and James. Nicole has been a snake and James hasn’t played any game.

    Paul really deserves to win as does Vic.

    Thanks Julie! The fans respect you even more.

  8. The Hollywood Reporter is a reliable source of industry news. It’s a reputable magazine. Please don’t listen to commentators who try to underscore it just because they disagree with what Julie Chen said in her interview.

    The majority of the commentators who posted here agree with Julie and believe that Paul should win.

    • Thanks Met, we know it was a legit and sincere interview, some people just can’t handle the truth! LOL

      • It’s such a relief that to know that Julie Chen also agrees with most of us about Paul deserving to win along with Victor.

        Julie Chen admitted how she wasn’t fond of Nicole’s or James’ game. Totally agree!

      • I agree, I was kind of shocked that she said some of the things she did, but pleasantly so. She is usually tight lipped in these matters, nice to hear she is thinking the same as a lot of the viewers.

      • Julie is definitely loosening up, she was so stiff in those early seasons. Good for her and besides she’s married to the prez of the network so who’s gonna give her grief?

      • I was like that at first too and yelled, “Will the real Julie Chen please step forward!” She would have been great back in the early days on To Tell The Truth! :-)

      • Why is he racist though? It’s funny that the same people upset about Nicole being slut-shamed are the same people calling Paul racist?

  9. By the way, don’t forget to go to CBS’s site to cast your twenty votes for Victor for America’s Favorite Player! ?

      • Thanks TGJ!

        Let’s all help Victor win America’s Favorite Player! He definitely deserves it!

      • Of course she isn’t, what is there to be impressed about, I mean come on. James didn’t play he just existed and mooned about Nat the whole time.

      • Second that!! It irks me to no end to even see him in the Final anything… I was just surprised she (JC) said it so frankly is all.

      • I’m glad she did!! :) I wish we could hear what she thinks of the HG’s all season long, although I understand that wouldn’t make for an impartial host, which is what she is supposed to be.

      • Exactly. She nailed it right on the head about James. She was very underwhelmed with his BB performance.

        As fans go, he really stalked Natalie and ruined her game. Do you remember when he kept telling her how he kept her safe and playing the game for the both of them??

        Who was he trying to fool??

    • Done did..every day since it opened! I did throw one of them to the gipper this season, just for good measure too! :-)

  10. Honestly, this is very unprofessional of her. She’s the host – she shouldn’t be revealing her favorites (well, at least not until after the season has concluded).

    Well, at the very least, this should put all the conspiracy theories to bed, seeing as her husband is the president of CBS.

    • Although, I tend to agree, saturn, I wonder if Dingus lover’s would be so negative about her having this, imo, agenda-driven conversation, if she had been more flattering to Dingus. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, I think she is simply trying to pacify all of the fans who have the mindset that production might have overstepped the bounds acceptable to many fans and have therefore been expressing their disapproval. Hope I’m wrong.

      • I’m honestly not too upset, just surprised she would say anything. It’s very uncharacteristic. But her calling people out for slut-shaming Nicole was very in-character. That’s the kind of stuff the women on The Talk speak out against every day.

        Honestly, I’m not upset if people want to call Nicole a snake. Because, quite frankly, it’s a compliment about her gameplay. All the BB greats had very similar games – Dr. Will and Dan are the top of that list, in fact.

        This was a very different season than 16 and 17. CBS was very careful about who they cast after what happened in 15, but this year, they seemed to revert back. And so, we got dirtier gameplay and disgusting HGs who did nothing but cry, whine, snark, and threaten each other. Hoping we get a cast similar to 16 next year. Don’t think I can take another season of racists and sexists.

      • Second that! I honestly don’t think BB and CBS knew what they were getting into as far as Paulie was concerned, (b/c Cody is so different) but imo they should have…

      • But Paulie was so quiet in the beginning. It wasn’t until his second HOH that we started noticing the changes. He had us all fooled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the BB House just brought out the worst in him.

      • For the first week or two, but in the live feeds, you started seeing it pretty quick. He was so arrogant. Ugh! Just totally different than his brother. But then again…Paulie IS the oldest.. Maybe he was the rough draft before his parents had the masterpiece that is Cody!! LOL!

      • We rarely see who the HG’s really are in the first half of the season, but eventually the facade does slip and the real personality does emerge. It is very hard to keep your real self on lockdown in those kind of circumstances, at some point you revert to your true identity and that is what we saw with Paulie.

      • At the same time, we’ve seen nice people crack under the severe stress that the game and the isolation causes. Hence why I always reserve my final opinions until I see what they’re like outside of the house.

      • And ironically we saw rather douchey people (Paul) went from being the scrappy to being the one everyone wants to win.

        Paulie played good till his ego in the house got in the way.

      • Right? Remember when everyone was p***ed that Paul wasn’t gonna be the one to get evicted after Jozea and Victor???

      • I remember, I was one of them too…because I, myself, would not be able to handle such noise in my home. LOL But eventually, he grew on me and I liked studying him more closely after that since he wasn’t leaving any time soon! LOL

      • I actually DO remember that saturn. Oh brother, I hated it!

        Funny how opinions can change hmm? I totally wanted Paul & Vic out the first couple of weeks of season 18 and they ended up being my faves! I would have never thunk it!! ;)

      • He played too hard too fast and began to dismiss everyone that got in his way rather than try to work out other options with them that were there for the taking as well. Yep, all of his ego came out to play! :-)

      • But you really don’t know what a person is truly like until you trap them for several days with people he ordinarily wouldn’t associate himself with. Take him out of his comfort zone in other words and watch what flies and sticks! :-)

      • I can see that, which is why I said they didn’t know, but I can’t believe this is the FIRST time Paulie Calafiore has showed misogynistic tendencies… JS. I could be wrong, but leopards are leopards and they do not change their spots…no matter what habitat they are in.

      • It’s almost as if Big Brother fans have some deeply internalized misogyny or something. How about that?

      • I have noticed some double standards in these cases.

        If someone like Will, Dan or Derrick play the game they did, it would be okay.

        If someone like Amanda, Shelly, and Vanessa played the game the did it’s wrong.

        But I think it’s HOW the strategy was done. With the three above they planned everything right for every step. With the latter three they over did it and kinda dropped the ball. I don’t think it’s mysogyny though I think it’s more of how they played their games.

      • Good point, I sort of jumped the gun on that one. And there’s a good counterexample in Danielle, Jun and other very intelligent manipulative women who are celebrated by fans.

      • I don’t think she’s a snake, myself. I see Paulie as being that! Pisssss him off and he retaliates! Nicole..nope, don’t see that reaction at all. A coward, though, oh yeh. At times she was just that, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of like being a snake might! :-)

      • Nic’s game will never ever be comparable to Dan, Will or Derrick. Nicole sat in bed with Corey all season long. The others actually socialized and got to know their housemates and figured out what made each one of them tick, that is what makes a great player, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other HG’s. I think Nic was very lucky along with some production interference. We do know for a fact that Nat was told to work with Nicorey, that is what I call interference, for all of those who are going to roll their eyes at my reference to production being involved.

      • Absolutely! Well said. Also, I’d like to add that is kind of what Paul has done all season…socialize, get to know the other HG to find out what makes them tick… Imo, he has been playing BB from Day 1 and definitely deserves the prize!

      • Thanks! That is why I’m team Paul, he actually put forth the time and effort with his social game. Nic, not so much.

      • Agreed, Have you seen the Dani Donato interview with Jeff Shroeder? She says something like laying low and then popping up at the end seems to be the way to win BB nowadays, and then she said how “Boring” that it as far as audience viewing is concerned! I was cracking up b/c that is exactly what I have been saying for weeks! Imagine if every HG played like that?? The first two months of BB would be a total snoozefest!

      • I’m with all of you that have pointed out the obvious and not so obvious with the three remaining players and based on all that, besides my own unbiased opinion, my conscience can do nothing but reward the one who played the best game this season of those three, Paul!!!

      • And something else to add, Paul CHANGED after being the last of his original alliance. He realized he needed to cause less trouble and actually IMPROVE.

        Nicole is good strategically but social game is meh compared to last time.

      • Yeah, but India in Nicole’s first season the guys AND the girls (Minus Christine) all loved her. Hell, I loved Nicole in her first season. I was so happy to see her back until she started getting called out as a liar and all that…AND she was doing that too. She was telling Frank or Da’ one thing and twisting it to someone else… I was shocked and not that impressed with that change in her. I do, however, agree, she deserves F2 over James…

        IMO, her game has really stepped up in the last month or so and she has made some impressive moves to further her game, whereas, James hasn’t done much of anything to deserve a big payout.

      • I appreciate your fair evaluation of Nicole’s game TGJ :D
        Nicole has said this season has been much more difficult that her previous season so this might explain why this year she’s had to play a different game.
        Nicole’s plan to have a side alliance with Frank was a good game move and it’s not her fault Frank blabbed everything she said in confidence to other people.
        If Frank had not done this he wouldn’t have been evicted so early.
        Of course Nicole had to start lying when Frank blew up her game, what else could she do?

      • Yeah not gonna lie I just noticed all the girls are either catty or boy-crazy.

        I miss Rachel. Atleast her romance from Brendon came naturally and not just for TV.

      • Oh yes, the real romances are a lot of fun to watch I agree. Brendon and Rachel were so loyal to each other always.

      • Totally agree with you Dan! Nicole played a much better social game last time. This time she alienated half the house (the women) before they went to jury…bad move imo.

      • I can agree somewhat of Nicole but comparing her to Will, Dan and Derrick is a bit of a stretch since she did nothing grad for her game. Did she position herself in the best place in the game? Yes. But other than that what else did she do?

      • Derrick, Will and Dan all had far better social games than Nicole did, imo. Nicole alienated half the house (the women) by the time they went to jury, so I can’t help but see that as poor game play on her part. Those are votes she’ll never get now, whereas Paul went and mended fences with each person before they left, in the hopes of maybe getting their vote if he were to make it to the F2… JS, but I see that as thinking ahead and playing a good game of BB.

    • Her husband being president of CBS is most likely the reason she said this. He’s using her to throw off productions blatant favoritism for Nicorey.

    • I would agree if she gave this during the beginning or middle of the season, but we are now at the end and we have all formed opinions, apparently J Chen has well. No reason she can’t share hers, it isn’t going to sway any of the jurors one way or another. They will never get wind of what she says. I also think she is doing a bit of damage control.

      • Awwww, the feeling is mutual. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and…….you were the first one to welcome me at the beginning of the season, which is always nice.?

      • Awww…it’s a habit of mine! Can’t help it! I’ve been a poster here for years now and when I see a new face, it’s always nice to welcome them to my “lair”! :-)

  11. I agree fully with Julie’s comments here. If Da is the swing vote between James and Nicole then I think Nicole would win. Da has admitted she respects Nicole’s gameplay, and she’s not very happy with James at the moment. Da seems like shed vote strategy and not be bitter like her friend baby meech.

    • If Day gives Nicole her vote over james making Nicole the winner I would instantly become a Day fan :D

  12. Julie Chen has done several interviews with THR. In one she says she thinks Paulie might win… I think it is simply her giving insight on her own opinions and how she sees the show progressing. She is also a fan of the show, therefore, imo… Why shouldn’t she be allowed to voice her opinions on it, just as we do on this site? I just saw an interview where she says Paul should stay away from Victor b/c he has too big a target on his back and will hurt Paul’s game…

    It is simply Julie expressing her opinions as a fan as well as ahost.

    • Because, as the host, it’s in her job description to not be biased.

      I’m not saying it’s wrong for her to have an opinion, but she should’ve worded it better.

      • Being married to Les Mooves probably affords her a little more flexibility in what she can and can’t say.

      • Maybe, but she’s given more than one of these interviews. Why don’t you have a problem with what she said about Da’ in the July article? She called her (Da’Vonne) disloyal… Furthermore, she (JC) said she was hoping Frank would NOT discover the secret room…etc…

        My point is, she has given a few of these interviews. It looks as if they are simply JC voicing her own opinions on the show, not her picking faves.

      • And it was unprofessional each time.

        Just because I don’t complain all the time doesn’t mean my opinion changes.

      • I didn’t say that it did. I merely mentioned that you didn’t mention it. In addition, Julie Chen has nothing to do with the voting, therefore, her having an opinion on the HG does not affect who wins. That would be like saying Ryan Seacrest can’t say Carrie Underwood was one of his faves on American Idol… As long as the host has nothing to do with the outcome of the vote, their opinions are just that…opinions.

      • I usually don’t read JC’s articles here so if she is known for showing favoritism all season it’s news to me. I really don’t care what JC has to say either tbh.
        But as Cyril said in an earlier post, the vote for AFP is now happening and for Julie to say she’s voting for Victor and that she wants Paul to win is clearly unprofessional and biased.
        So that’s the difference for me.

      • She certainly made her opinions very clear when she spoke out against Aryan and her racist remarks.

      • Those things had to be said. We all thought CBS condoned what was being said.

        And, interesting you bring that up, because that just proves that this may not be her honest opinion. After all, Paul is racist, too.

      • If we’re not gonna forgive Corey for his slur, then we shouldn’t forgive Paul. Simple as that. Can’t have it both ways.

      • Who is “we aren’t going to forgive Corey”? I don’t even think about it, not part of the game play.

      • Well, a lot of people here seem so keen to bring up the fact that Corey said something homophobic 1 time and the fact that he’s disgusting for it. Seems hypocritical to say that about Corey’s one remark and not for the one time Paul did it.

        Besides, it wasn’t tat one time. Sure, that was his racist moment, but he kept threatening to punch out anyone who dared to evict Jozea. He called Michelle a disgusting, vile word for a woman. He’s more than a one time offender. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

      • That is your opinion right, Philly? And, imo, Dingus and Doofus were really disgusting playing around in bed most of the season while knowing the cameras were on them. We all have different standards to uphold.

      • So why do you Vaul fans even care that we support Nicole?

        Actually, why do any of us care, lol?

      • And that’s your opinion about Nicole and Corey, right. But no big deal, it’s all cool. And could we quit with the name calling? I would have more respect for your posts if you didn’t do that.

      • Many posters love my nicknames that I give the HGs every season. I’ve been told that many are used on social media. It’s kind of flattering. It takes a sense of humor to appreciate them I guess. It definitely isn’t out of malice, but fun. I know you are a Dingus fan. I don’t think it would bug you so much if the names didn’t fit their character so perfectly. Just kidding with you. Is that allowed? Lighten up, Philly, season’s almost over. :D

      • I just think it’s a little 3rd grade-ish, but whatever makes you feel good. And FYI, I’m not a huge Nicole fan, but after the way she’s been ripped apart on these boards, I feel like she needs defending. I do think she’s played a good game, but no one gives her credit because she’s been with Corey. Paul has played the best game so I wouldn’t be unhappy if he wins. James could win for all I care.

      • The response I have gotten from my nicknames has been overwhelmingly positive, so that’s what I have to go on. Am I mistaken that last season, you had a good laugh about the “twincompoops” nickname that I came up with? How is that different? But like you said it’s all cool.

      • I don’t remember that at all. Your memory must be incredible. I’m going to blame mine (or the lack thereof) on the bourbon. I do remember us agreeing on a lot of things in the past, but not this year apparently. Maybe next year? :)

      • Raaair (sound a hissing cat makes when perturbed or trying to act ferocious), please don’t stop coming up with those nicknames. They’re humorous and I adore them and don’t find them nearly as offensive as I do certain remarks that are meant to put me in my place! I own that place and only allow respectful people to engage within the walls of that! You’re one I delightfully invite into that lair, and all with good reason! :-)

      • Joni, do you remember at the first of the season when I was so happy to see that first post of your’s and told you my season wouldn’t be complete or enjoyable or whatever word I used, without you? I meant it and I truly love the way your mind works. Much thanks for the support!

      • Yup, and have never forgotten it either, even though I’ve forgotten what I ate two days ago off the top of my head. I always look for you when I come here to play. Verbal volleyball is a hobby of mine, but only when it’s playful. Attacking posters is just not my cup of tea either, it’s disrespectful and uncalled for. But I will defend a poster when I feel another has attacked them for no good reason other than “they don’t like that!” I don’t like a lot of things people post, but I don’t go out of my way to badger them about it…unless of course it’s towards someone I have come to view as a friend. That’s what friends do! Let those attacks go and only surround yourself with those that appreciate you! :-)

      • I’m happy that you appreciate my appreciation of you. hehe
        I had to blojk a couple of posters earlier this season because of the personal attacks. I love a healthy back and forth with a little understood sarcasm and respectful disagreement. But those two posters were Dingus fans who have no idea how to do that and I didn’t plan on reading their comments anymore so hey why not blojk them. Made my season much more enjoyable. I would love to be able to read all comments, but sometimes you just have to hit the button. To Friendship!! :)

      • You do what you must. Me, well, I’m certainly not going lose sleep over what’s been said to me that I took offense to. I’m a woman of action that doesn’t have to be aggressive and get others to bend to my will or vice versa! I secretly stick my tongue out and move on! :-)

      • You just think you secretly do it. I know exactly when you are doing it and I have lmbo many times. You and Cy are soooo good with words, it entertains me greatly. I’m trying to take lessons from the pros, but I’ve got a long way to go. :D

      • Psssst! Somebody’s Wheaties got peed on today. They should switch to Cornflakes, those do a body good too! :-)

      • That’s probably true. Sugar would just gives people a fake high and when they come down from that…oh boy…katy bar the door! lol

      • I know I’m going to eventually pay for it with one of those secret tongue sticks if I keep using that word in my posts to you. I haven’t done it yet today. I was being a good girl. :)

      • I think you and I am aware of each others feelings and if we disagreed , which we have, we’ve always done it in a very non confrontational way, even had fun with it. I love that about you. :D

      • Joni, I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed talking to you this season and thanks for all the laughs :D
        I appreciate that you took the high road when several posters here made so many negative, personal attacks against Nicole.
        I know it’s difficult not to just follow the crowd – how well I know- but you never went the negative route or called the contestants silly, childish names.
        I’m glad that you didn’t take it personally that I was a Nicole fan and didn’t get mad at me when I didn’t agree with you.

      • Why thank you! I try my best to be objective, even if I’m not a fan. I have to catch myself sometimes when I do start following the crowd in order to please them and not get bullied for having not done just that. I really despise confrontation when it’s unnecessary, especially since I don’t really know that person very well. I really choose my words carefully with many who aren’t adept at conversing exactly what they’re trying to convey in the written word, but find it easier to use accosting words to appease their inner beast, so to speak! Isn’t it better to get along than fight when it won’t change anything other than hurt feelings and border on resentment of that person for their having done so? I love a good dose of constructive criticism when it points out both the good and bad and delivered in a kindly manner! Words can hurt and will last a long time with that person than if they weren’t spoken at all! :-) I thank you for your candidness and I will miss all your wonderful, entertaining and even informative posts! Hope to see you around next year, if you’re not going to participate in BBOTT! :-)

      • You’re a sweetheart Joni :D
        I’m undecided what to do about BBOTT – I’m going to wait and see what y’all have to say first.
        How do you find the time to watch live feeds?

      • I’m semi-retired and do so after I’ve knocked the only other person living here out for the night! I’m a die-hard night owl too, something my husband is not…even when I ran my daycare from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. five days a week. If I stayed up too late enjoying all things that I can’t do during the day, I took a nap the same time as the kids did. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to participate in that or even on a blog when my children were still growing and resided with me. With the live feeds, if I’ve missed anything important that others have pointed out, I know I can go back and watch them as long as they put a time stamp on them, like Jokers does, so I can contribute to the conversations for those that don’t get them and weren’t included in those posts they didn’t voice verbatim or found important enough to post them! LOL Long story short…I’m passionate about BB, so I make time to watch them. Keeps me from going off on my family too when they try to dump the drama they’ve created into my lap! I don’t give permission to let drama consume me as much as they tend to thrive on it. I’m a peacemaker for the most part! LOLOL I’ll let you know if BBOTT is worth the monthly fee. I won’t pay the extra dollar to upgrade to no commercials. I have an app that prevents that! LOL

      • Isn’t retirement great – I love it, no more stress and stain at the job.
        I didn’t even watch much TV until I retired – never could find the time but now I’m addicted to reality shows. People are so interesting to watch.
        One thing about it Joni, you do know how to manage your time well and apparently I don’t. It’s fun to vent here about them as well when needed and it does help get away from the problems of everyday life.
        I’m a peacemaker too Joni, I abhor drama and catfights of all kinds. I prefer to discuss and laugh when it comes to RTV – no drama queen here. But hey, it takes all kinds I suppose.
        I will be awaiting your opinion on the new season of BB.
        Enjoy yourself Joni :D

      • Julie said that during the fracas at the jury house between paulie and Day that Paulie should’ve been the gentleman and walked away from the argument so why doesn’t this apply to Paul calling Michelle the C word as well? Selective outrage?
        Read the whole article at THR, very revealing.

      • Actually it’s not Baby. We’re talking about Julie Chen’s interview here and if you read the whole interview at THR you would’ve seen Julie opining that Paulie should’ve behaved as an gentleman and backed away from Day’s aggression during the Jury House brouhaha.
        Meanwhile, Julie NEVER opined that her favorite HG Paul had called Michelle the C word during their argument and never even hinted that Paul should’ve behaved as a gentleman and backed away from the argument with Michelle..
        So here we have Julie saying that paulie’s not a gentleman for refusing to back down from Day’s aggression but it’s apparently ok for Paul to call women the C word.
        I call that biased and the host of BB shouldn’t be biased is all I’m saying. After the season is over ok, but not now.
        If you don’t care to discuss Julie’s selective memory that’s fine though :D

      • So in essence you’re saying Paul doesn’t deserve censure for calling Michelle the C word (because you don’t like Michelle)
        but it’s not ok for Paulie to stand his ground against an aggressive Day who is clearly intruding on his space and screaming at him? And that would be because you don’t like Paulie then.
        Ok, I get it Baby, have a nice weekend :D

      • YOU are putting words in my mouth and if I didn’t make it clear the first time around, I’M DICUSSING DA AND PAULIE, take the Meech/Paul/Cword convo somewhere else, I’m over and done with it.

      • By refusing to discuss the topic you’ve made it clear what you are thinking though.
        So my above post seems to have touched a nerve. Sorry for that and have a great weekend Baby :D

      • No sirree bob, it isn’t! Who hasn’t made slights from time to time when frustrated or angry? Doesn’t mean they should define the whole of us.

      • Just like Dingus and Doofus being in bed all summer not playing the game but playing with each other. Dingus watching the camera to see if it was watching her. If she doesn’t want to be scutinized for that public behavior, she should have saved her sexual exploits for a more private place. Can’t have it both ways. Dingus fans seem to forget that.

      • I honestly don’t care about that. I just didn’t watch those moments. Not related to the game, anyway.

      • Actually, it kind of was. Because everyone is guilty of it this season. Jatalie, Nicorey, Michelle, Tiffany…

        I could go on, but then they’d all be on there. This has been a season of the laziest HGs. Very few were awake during the day, when the majority of us were watching. Snooze-fest 2016.

      • We are the viewers. I don’t judge. I observe and voice an opinion on my observation. But if they don’t like to be scrutinized, then stay home! Don’t go on a reality show where cameras are rolling and showing their every move. J/S God is the ultimate judge in the end! :-)

      • No, it’s really not. We all make judgements, but in the end, they have to live with what they said while America was watching.

      • There is a huge difference between ignorant and racist. If Paul said the comment because James was Asian that would be racist. I think Julie took it in jest and thinks Paul is joking. It was a stupid joke yes, but it was a joke.

      • No, it wasn’t. It was not a joke. He was talking about people letting James get into his head. Natalie – freakin’ NATALIE – was even horrified he said it.

      • But it was also said out of frustration too…not just your normal dinner fare of remarks a racist would have no qualms about blurting out for the heck of it.

      • I’m very unprofessional then because I do favor one of my children over the other. Their actions justify my reasons! And I’m the most unbiased person you could meet. Does that mean I don’t love them? No, it strictly states I don’t have to like either one of them at all times. It’s not a requirement of mine. But if I don’t like them due to their actions, I have the right to voice my opinions as to why. If they keep behaving in the way they know I don’t approve of, I have the right to once more remind them of it. I have a favorite and I can also be biased and unbiased at the same time! Depends on my mood at the time too on who gets rewarded and who doesn’t! hahahaha

      • You silly wabbit :D
        I guess I’m unprofessional too because I have a favorite among my pets; but then again I’m not Julie Chen hosting BB so it doesn’t matter :D

  13. Julie, you were right on point with your observations and have made many fans appreciate the show evenmore.

    Thanks for setting the record straight from an insiders point of view because – if these boards are any indication – Paul is definitely the favorite to win $500k as is Victor as America’s Favorite.

    Please don’t bring back James or even Nicole anymore. We don’t want to see these two spend the whole season trying to hook up.

  14. Nicole did nothing different than anyone else would have done. If they didn’t get rid of Victor when Corey did V & P would have done the same thing. It makes sense to get rid of the couples. Yes, I’d be upset but get over it. It’s a game. If either Nicole or Paul win HOH they should take James. They may have a better chance against him, I’m still rooting for Nicole.

    • Right, people forget that Paul and Vic were going to put Nicole and Corey up, but Corey beat them to it. It’s somehow ok for Vic and Paul to do, but not Corey. Yeesh.

      • To be fair. It was only a matter of time until all the couple’s were split. It was inevitable after final 6.

      • So right and so reasonable! … and the HGs more than anyone know that IMO. They are just always (or should be) in the mode of making everything they do in their favor for any possible juror who is within hearing range — and we are silly for then arguing about words used for each of their own purposes whenever they can and no matter how unreasonable. To be fair.

      • Before Corey even won that HOH V/P were already talking about going after Nicorey if either one of them won HOH – but for some reason they were both outraged that Corey beat them to the punch.

  15. Julie Chen realized that many fans were upset with production interfering time and time again. All the time on the live feeds when many HG felt confused about who to align with because production kept pushing them to side with Nicole and James in the DR.

      • Natalie did claim on feeds that DR told her to align with Nicorey, but according to past HGs as recently as 15, this is probably just a result of her own paranoia and lack of strategic will than intentional manipulation. (Production asks what she thinks about Nicole’s accusations towards Paul and Natalie takes that to mean she should trust Nicorey, or something like that)

      • We can’t go by what production has done, only by what is said from the hg’s about it. That was a direct quote. If we read anything into it than what was actually said, it would be called speculation. We can’t speculate that Natalie was paranoid, but we can use her words at face value! :-)

      • Funny how people choose to speculate when you have HGs exact words but when others use circumstantial evidence to speculate intelligently it is called conspiracy theories.

      • Exactly, Philly, glad you finally understand the difference. Facts are facts, not to be speculated about. :D

      • Very reasonable, but we do have evidence of Natalie’s paranoia in her reaction to ACP that week (she believed the fact that Vic or Paul didn’t get it meant that she should target them) and we also have evidence from former HG’s with no vested interest in protecting production that DR does not tell people what to do, or manipulate the HGs.

      • Yep, and we also have evidence that Corey is not as resourceful as he said he was in that MacGyver comp! :-)

      • These people are going to believe what they want to believe because they don’t like the morals of certain HGs. Who are we to judge?

      • Really????? I don’t think anyone is basing opinions on the morals of the HG’s. That is reaching in my opinion

      • I don’t want this to be a back and forth but it sounds like you are being judgemental yourself. JS

      • Funny how people see their opinions as not judgemental but others’ opinions as being judgemental. Blows my mind. SMH

      • I have NEVER done that and never would. I don’t like it when people do it either. But people are entitled to say what they want. People who use their critical thinking brain can see beyond that foolishness.

    • Natalie believed production was pushing her to align with Corey and Nicole, but she also believed America wanted her to screw Paul and Vic when Michele won the care package, so we know she reads into things. It’s quite possible that DR asked her some basic question about her alignment with Corey and Nicole and she read into it.

      • I could be wrong though. I’m not there in the DR to see what goes down. Just basing my opinion on what past HG’s have said.

      • No, production kept pushing her to stick with Nicole and Corey.

        This was her first rodeo and unfortunately she was cheated out of a good season of BB.

      • I only recall the one comment about it, but I could be forgetting others. You’re saying she brought it up multiple times, right? Do you remember when?

      • It was just the one time. I believe production most certainly intervened when Corey did the MacGyver comp. He went right for that darn pipe, when I know he’s not that resourceful without a bit of a nudge in the right direction! :-)

      • Several days ago on another thread some posted about Corey getting help on the comp. Matt really made some good arguments against that. It got pretty heated and a lot of comments were deleted. Bottom line, Matt didn’t think Corey got any more help than the other HGs.

      • That’s true, but with Corey it was more visibly seen rather than any subtlety. Nic came right out and said production told her where the key was.

      • I think I recall seeing an article where the designer of the comps stated that all the HGs were told where the key was, and given some coaching/explanation for how the comp worked, but I don’t remember where the article was posted so I could be mistaken.

      • I can believe they were given instructions, since it was a comp that had never been played on BB before. Nicole, though, said she would have not been able to find the key (per live feeds) had they not told her. Which to me meant she wasn’t listening that intently to the instructions that she and the others were given. She probably thought she could figure it out once she got in there.

      • If his body language is all we have to go by then, yes. We’ve seen instances when he was not very resourceful at all, but rather helped by the other hgs in coming to form certain decisions. The MacGyver comp was one of the biggest giveaways I think that production had a hand in it.

      • What can I say, you either have it, or you don’t! I’m a girl who just wants to have fun! Anything else is for the feint of heart! :-)

      • I totally agree with you on that! :-) And Nat thought she was robbed of it too, which she told James over and over (on the live feeds).

      • Because she thought she should have won. People took her statement as production interference. That’s total, undeniably proof, right?

      • Why would she think she should’ve won if she watched Corey’s entire performance in the HOH with the other houseguests?
        If something had happened all the HG’s would’ve be able to see it as well.
        I don’t get it.

      • Depends on how many were in there when his turn came up. Not all were there at the same time until after they’d completed the comp.

      • In the episode Corey went last so that’s what I’m going by and there were a few HG’s watching in the HOH including Natalie and Nicole. I remember James coming in afterwards to watch with black smoke all over his face lol.

      • She did it in what I would conclude as a reasonable amount of time, 13 minutes. For Corey to have finished in seven just astounded me when he’s not ever put that kind of effort into other more easier comps. They all were given their times of completion. Natalie evidently was not satisfied hearing Corey beat her! And she voiced her opinion to James over and over and wondered how he was able to do it in the amount of time they said. I had to mute it after the first two times.

      • Thanks Joni, I believe Corey’s long legs helped him too. Natalie just needed to vent as I’m sure she was disappointed.

      • Joni, at the thread that Philly Cat was referring to I said I could understand why some people thought Corey might’ve gotten help in the first task.
        But the 3rd and final task was pure luck and skill, no way to rig that comp.
        Plus, the HG’s were in the HOH watching the comp as it unveiled in REAL TIME. Surely they would’ve complained if they thought Corey had received more help than they were given.
        Since no one did that I can only assume it was due to editing that task 1 looked suspicious.

      • The last part I can understand as part luck and part skill….the first part…I’ll continue to be hard pressed in being convinced someone wasn’t there telling him exactly where he needed to go and what to do to get the start he needed. Once he got past that, then the rest would come to him a lot easier because he had the legs needed to move fast! :-)

      • You’re not the only one to feel that way Joni.
        So many people complained that the guy who creates the comps for BB sent out a tweet saying all of them were given the same information. I believe Matt had an article here relaying that info as well if you happened to miss it.
        Nicole said she had been in that first room forever before she was given an hint about the floating key. A few other HG’s concurred with her that they couldn’t find it either.
        I think Production wanted to have a more exciting comp for the viewers to see; and not Nicole wandering around aimlessly trying to find that darn key. Production probably wanted to get the show on the road and over with so they could go home. It’s my opinion that Corey’s entrance into the comp was edited for time.
        Okay, we know hints were given in the first 2 tasks of the 3 part comp. If they really wanted to rig the outcome all 3 tasks would’ve been in their control. The last task was a completely out of their control and no hints could’ve been given to the HG’s to improve their aim. They obviously had to figure it out on their own.
        And lastly, if they did rig the game for Corey to win, wouldn’t the HG’s watching it in real time on the HOH monitor have noticed?
        If they were going to rig the comp for Corey to win why would they give him a time SO much better than everyone else? Wouldn’t that look suspicious to the HG’s and audience?
        I do understand Nat’s disappointment though and I think she handled it well.

      • It also happened with others too. There has been so much corruption this season it’s hard to even keep track. Hopefully Julie Chen’s position on things sent a wide and clear message to production.

      • Where is your proof that production kept pushing her? Vic and Paul were the strongest players in the house at that time. You get the strongest player out if you want to win. That’s how you play BB.

      • Besides, at the time that happened, Nicole and Corey were the best duo to align with. Everything changed once Victor returned with Victor having James targeted for eviction.

  16. I would encourage everyone to real the full article in the HR before commenting. She said many other things that weren’t reported here.

  17. On the one hand I agree with Julie about who played the best game. She seems to have pretty good insight on what’s going on. On the other hand I think she should’ve saved this interview for more after the show. Like on the Talk when this Season is over. Because while I don’t think she’s biased, it doesn’t help her case when

    a) She’s the host. And yes hosts can have opinions but they need to be professional about it.

    b) She’s the wife of the president of CBS.

    She can have her opinion as a watcher and observer. Hell anyone here can. But in her case since she is the host I don’t think this was the right time for her.

    • Now that I can also agree with too! Timing was off, but her schedule must have been free then than any other time for a phone interview with the THR staffer! :-)

    • I certainly never expected Julie to root for a beautiful, blonde, intelligent woman from Middle class America LOL.
      Apparently then Paul will be the next winner.
      I agree with your comments Dan that the host of the show should be a little more impartial until after the show.

      • LOL

        Yeah, leave it to the 1% to give the big prize to the 1%.

        Seriously, Paul does not need the money.

      • 1. Needing money has nothing to do with the game.
        2. How do you know that he doesn’t need the money?
        He could have major debt. He may need to expand his company. He may be in the midst of losing his company. You have no clue.

      • 1, have you SEEN his lifestyle?

        2, Paul has said time and time again he’s buying his mother a car with the prize money.

      • So what? Good for him. His mother has probably taken care of him all his young life! My son played pro baseball and bought me a car too. Loved that!

        Seriously, imo, anyone who is coming on BB b/c they actually NEED the money to survive would do better keeping their day job and the security that offers.

      • 1. Does it really matter, think about it maybe that’s how the raised him? It may not even be his, it’s probably his parents. Plus he lives in Tarzana, California- houses there are pretty fancy if not expensive.

        2. So why is that a bad thing? He just wants to get something for his mother. Atleast he’s not gonna waste it on drug rings (*cough* Adam *cough*)

      • I live very near Paul, and yeah, Tarzana-south of Ventura Blvd is very ritzy, but it IS his parent’s house…he’s said that numerous times, so you’re right Dan that has nothing to do with his game. And if he wants to do something nice for his mother with the $$…why is that a bad thing??

      • So he loves his mom. I need money in the worst kind of way, and I still would probably buy some gifts for others.

      • Great! If he wants to buy her a Bentley then great. It’s his money to spend because he’s earned it!!

        Good luck Paul!!

      • For heaven’s sake, Paul still lives at home with his mom and dad, and there’s no better way to not need money LOL :D

      • Seriously, this is so ridiculous.
        Has Julie ever said she was disappointed that a male finalist had played like a ‘snake’?
        No, of course not, male finalists are praised for being ‘snakelike’ .

      • I never thought Julie Chen would be jealous of a contestant either and now she’s joined the mean girls club it would seem.

      • Regardless you don’t know if that’s true. But when all is said and done,

        Paul deserves that money.

        He’s played a great game!!

      • Another thing Saturn;
        We are allowed to root for any finalist to win and there are no strict guidelines that a person can’t root against somehow that doesn’t need the money.
        So be prepared for a lot of folks to tell you that you can’t be against Paul just because he doesn’t need the money.
        And I think it’s also ok to root for James because he does need the money. :D

      • Yeah, I’m prepared. This is the year of people dictating in the chat, for some reason, lol. Hence all the “Vote for Vic” comments.

      • Everyone wants to vote for Vic which is great since I’m giving him half of my votes. The rest I’ll give it to Da’vonne. She was the most fun to watch for me.
        I don’t have a problem with anyone asking to vote for Victor because I will still do what I please. When I see that it just reminds me that I need to go to the CBS website and vote. I forget everyday.

      • This isn’t a comp for who deserves the money most. I really loathe it when people use this line. BB isn’t a charity.

      • I don’t believe he needs the money either. He seems to live with Mom & Dad one minute & the next he’s talking about his Condo!! I wonder just how much of his schpiel is true. Probably not much.

      • I believe Paul lives with his parents and they have money, not him. If they are living comfortably and not rich, then he has to work for his money. If they are rich, then he has to wait for them to die to get any of it.

    • Right, She expressed some negative opinion about certain players. Didn’t like Nic’s/James game this time around. She loves the fact that Corey got evicted. She loves Paul. This is while people are still voting for AFP. Although I like her endorsement of Victor for AFP. lol..she even voted for him.

  18. I agree with something India Ink said. “This is stupid.” I also agree with something my dad used to say. “Opinions are like a**holes, we all got one.” That doesn’t make anyone’s opinion more valid than another, just because some agree with Julie.

    • And on this very well said statement, I have to get ready to meet my friends for dinner.

      Peace out, folks!

    • LOL! Well said! Julie’s comments seemed like her opinions and nothing more…and like you said, everyone has one and (IMO) is also entitled to one…

  19. At the end of the day, Julie Chen knew what she was doing with this interview.

    She was sending a message to production in a very smart way!

    Thanks Julie!

  20. Julie Chen sizes up the competition and wants Paul to win in another interview!

    Who among the final three is in the best spot to win and who is in the worst? Size up the final three for me.

    Julie Chen: Paul, I think, is in the best spot to win. He is good at comps, especially mental ones and memory ones. And by my calculations he wins against either Nicole or James if he makes it to the final two. James has not shown himself to be good at comps this year. He’s been only good at endurance comps this year and it will take more than that to be the final HOH. Nicole has proven to be able to win comps this year, and if she wins final HOH, I don’t think she would beat Paul in a final two situation. And again, if she were to choose James as her final two, she is not a shoe-in to win. All the way around, I think Paul stands the best chance to win it all.

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

    • Where does it say she WANTS Paul to win. She just says he’s in the best spot. However, he has to win this last HOH or he’s gone.

      • She says so in her interview in THR. Check it out; it’s featured in another discussion here.

        Totally agree with Julie Chen’s assessment though. Paul and Vic deserve to win! ?

    • It was done to mask all of productions bias this whole season.

      Julie Chen as well as millions of others haven’t been happy with Nicole or James game play.

      • Julie Chen is the host of the show and not millions of others.
        Therefore she should behave in a professional manner at all times, which she clearly didn’t do in this interview. But thanks for your comment.

    • Yup. Are the ratings that bad where she needs to stir up
      controversy? Of course, some people are saying she said those things just to throw off all the production interference. LOL.

  21. I would like Paul to win, but I think this is Nicole’s year.
    I also wish my prediction is incorrect.
    Julie obviously has no problem with Paul calling James a name.

      • Too late…she confessed after much prodding that they are and she didn’t care what others thought of them! She did care or she wouldn’t have gone on so about them for as long as she did! :-)

      • And she shouldn’t care what others thought of them! Just didn’t appreciate her calling other people liars and then turning around and doing that.

        And this is coming from someone who rooted for Natalie for a while.

      • I never cared much for her…glad I wasn’t that someone. I give credit where I feel credit is due! But it seemed she was ganged up on. I also didn’t think it was her place to tell Paulie who he should or shouldn’t be with or pointing out that he was a liar. Both were wrong in their sizing up of each other! Should have been dealt with privately, not in front of an audience is all! But that would defeat Nat’s purpose..hmmmph!

      • Yep, that was around the time I started to cool off on Natalie. I just really enjoyed the fact that she was making big moves in the game while understanding people’s perspective of her and her abilities, and thus using that perception to her advantage.

        If that makes sense…

      • I would give my “<3" heart emoji but someone thought it was a ballsack the other day and thought I was mocking them!

    • It’s going to depend on how many people in the jury house want a woman to win this year. Yes, Nicole spent way too much time doing undercover work with Corey and staying under the radar, as well, but Paul has a foul insulting mouth that would turn me way off. I could see Nicole beating Paul based on that alone.

  22. Pretty sure Julie would have praised the game Nicole is playing as “smart” and “strategic” if it had been a male who was playing it. Unfortunately, if you’re a female who’s playing smart and strategically, you’re a snake. If you’re a male, you’re compared favorably to Dr. Will or Dan.

    And production wonders why they have so few female winners?

    • Haha! I couldn’t agree more.
      To make things even worse Julie was so unoriginal when she said Nicole played a snakelike game. How many times have we heard that?
      In this interview at THR Julie also said she was disappointed with all the slut shaming so I’ll give her points for that at least.

      • Yep. I’m not saying production can singlehandedly change the narrative when it comes to how women and their gameplay are viewed, but the least they can do is not have the host of the show itself perpetuating these sentiments before the game is even over.

      • I agree with you on that too. That’s why I found it very surprising since she’s never voiced her own opinions before.

      • I never referred to Nicole as being that nearly as much as I accused Z of that! Nicole didn’t get past 1st base with Corey! hahaha

      • You hit the nail on the head with that one Joni.
        Zak gets a pass for having unprotected sex in a bumper car but it’s Nicole cuddling and kissing Corey that’s perceived as outrageous.

      • It all goes back to that time a few weeks ago where everyone ganged up on me for one simple comment.

        Other commenter: “ugh nicole and corey are in the kitchen making food”

        Me: “lol, what’s wrong with them being in the kitchen?”

        Yet another commenter: “we just dont like them”

        These people work themselves into a frenzy with their mob mentality until they don’t even know what’s real anymore.

      • Ahahahaha…couldn’t have gotten that comment from me, that’s for sure! I’m finding that hilllllarious now! :-)

      • I didn’t get that as the same could be said about James and Nat. But Paulie and Z’s was a love match made in heaven? Hmmmph!

  23. I read the interview. My biggest disappointment is that Julie gave her opinion on AFP and the voting is still open. She is technically part of production and no other contest where money is involved and the contest is still open would an employee of that contest would be allowed to participate in any way. I would like to see Vic win it, but I think this is just wrong. It goes with all the production interference we’very seend this year. The one thing she said that I absolutely agree with 1000% because I’ve said the same thing is if James wanted to be sitting in 1st or 2nd place, he should have kept Corey.

  24. Please do not throw arrows at me all you James and Nic fans over what I’m about to say here. I just had a very vivid dream during my 2 hr nap about who was going to win it all. Paul beat Nicole in Round 3 and won the decision of who he was taking to the finale. He chose Nicole over James. He gave a marvelous speech as to why he thought he should win He said “if you work hard enough long enough your efforts will pay off!” Some loud noise occurred when Nic gave her speech so I couldn’t make out what she’d said. The jury cast their votes one by one and by a vote of 5-4, Paul was declared the winner. I did say it was a dream, but darn if it didn’t seem “REAL”, at least to me! :-) I’ve never had a dream that starred Big Brother hgs ever. Maybe it’s a sign. Who knows! :-)

    • Sounds like a realistic scenario. I’ve had premonition dreams before. Here’s hoping that’s what yours was :)

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