‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 13: Friday Highlights

Once again, it’s a true final 3 day in the Big Brother 18 house. No competitions popped up to help guide game talk and the only things for the HGs to do are play cards or sleep. And that’s what they did.

James has a new ally in Orwell

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 16, 2016:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs starting their day with Paul and Nicole in the kitchen getting breakfast ready.

10:30 AM BBT – Nicole settles in the Lounge to study events from the season in anticipation of Round 2.

12:15 PM BBT – James, Nicole, and Paul hanging out and chatting about family.

1:00 PM BBT – General chatter continues as they await the challenge.

3:15 PM BBT – Nicole is back to studying.

3:40 PM BBT – Nicole whispers about being frustrated with James.

4:35 PM BBT – Paul encouraging James for the upcoming comp. He’s hoping the trick is speed, not thinking. James know he’s going to have to fight because Nicole won’t give up.

4:40 PM BBT- Nicole was sitting alone and starts talking to her family. She tells them if she had to pick a comp style for R2 it’d be a mental comp so she’s hoping that’s what she sees out there.

4:55 PM BBT – Nicole says she’s ready to go right home after the show and doesn’t want to go drinking and partying. She’s missing home and ready to get back there.

5:15 PM BBT – Nicole rehashing R1 and says she gave it her all but couldn’t hang on long enough.

6:05 PM BBT – James and Nicole discuss their showmances. James wasn’t planning on it. He says when Da’Vonne told him the showmances needed to be split up he knew she had to go. (I’ll never understand that decision to say that to him.)

6:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging around discussing the evicted HGs. Michelle comes up and no one is too big of a fan. Nicole and James didn’t like her eviction speech at all.

7:30 PM BBT – Everyone sitting around playing cards. They’re trying to decide if the comp will happen tonight or not. They’re getting anxious.

8:00 PM BBT – Paul and Nicole whispering. They’re so low to keep from James hearing that we can’t hear either.

8:25 PM BBT – James says he thinks the next competition will involve all the houseguests’ names. Paul gives James the wrong spelling of Jozea.

8:30 PM BBT – Paul asks James if Nicole has said anything about him. James tells him she said he’d never take Paul to the final 2.

8:39 PM BBT – Paul tells Nicole he gave James the incorrect spelling of Jozea’s name.

9:00 PM BBT – HGs have decided there’s not going to be a competition tonight. James and Nicole think it’ll be tomorrow (today, Saturday).

9:25 PM BBT – They talk about competitions and HGs. They make fun of how awful his teammates (Da’Vonne, Jozea and Zakiyah) were at comps.

9:42 PM BBT – James sharing his info on the earlier alliances in the house. They all realize that Tiffany wasn’t as crazy as they all thought and that she was set up by several people in the house, especially Michelle.

10:15 PM BBT – Nicole is in bed as James and Paul play cards. Again.

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  1. Wow paul might pull this off and get nicole to take him. Theres a good chance paul wins final round because he knows jury very well but if he doesnt and nicole takes him, he can make a huge case for that in his benefit to the jury.

  2. From the feeds, it seems Paul really is planning to take Nicole to final two. Dumb move, as I’m sure she’ll take James if she has the chance.

    • Not sure if she will take james anymore. James asked her and she didnt commit to him. Paul may have flipped her with telling her all the stiff james was saying.

      • I read an interview w/Will Kirby & he said this BB18 jury is by far the most kinetic of any jury he’s moderated the roundtable for. If Paul takes Nicole, it might not be the landslide win for him one would assume.

      • As Dr Will is a paid for by production moderator, imo, his moderating is probably akin to DR “moderation”; push them in the direction of production’s desired outcome with leading questions. Who knows how big of a difference these tactics make on the jury.

      • Hard to say, as my impression of Dr. Will is he’s not the most malleable character himself. He did say something interesting re DaVonne & Paulie. He said for legal purposes, he can’t comment on their jury house argument. hmmmm ;)

      • Legal reasons could be the NDA he signed to do the round table just like I have to sign with CBS before they give me the cast list in advance. I would also say “for legal purposes” I can’t comment on this or that.

      • All of these people sign contracts and need to follow with what it says or they could get sued by a big cooperation so they can’t win. Will needs to keep his comments or questions tucked in until he interviews the jury members. I think after the game is over he may be allowed to express his personal opinions about them.

      • The legal reasons, it could also be because Paulie’s family is very upset with CBS for his edit. I read somewhere that Cody said he would never come back to BB. The fact that CBS also showed even more of Paulies antics on last nights recap episode, was basically giving his family the middle finger imo.

      • i felt like they gave paulie too much air time…i felt just as disgusted as i did the first time around…

      • my favorite part of the entire thing was seeing mini pablo and BB acknowledging pablo’s impression on the viewers lol

      • yes he isn’t a blow up one it appears he is like a plushie one, he made an appearance in the first of the hoh comps…paul gave him a shout out lol

      • Paul didn’t grab him to keep? I really do think Pablo will make an appearance before BB is over. Although I’m not watching, it will make me happy to read that he and Paul were reunited.

      • Ahhh, that will hold up longer than the original, but they still need to give the blow up one to Paul just because.

      • lol i agree…this is what happens when vic is gone from the game i am so much more intrested in pablo…

      • and Vic should get Baldwin so Pablo and Baldwin can have a playdate whenever the boys get together. Ahhhh.

      • Could you imagine them making videos for YouTube of that? I honestly hope to see Vic and Paul on TAR together. I think they would do it if CBS is game.

      • They (Vic & Paul) actually talked about that, K in the live feeds…That would be so A-May-Zing!! I think the Siting Ducks would do very well in TAR b/c they are both so resourceful!

      • It seems they both have what it takes to temper the other one’s self-destructive behaviors, too! They seem to bring out the best in each other – and mostly that means fun.

      • I did see it mentioned on a thread before but who was talking about it on live feeds? You mean before Vic left, he and Paul mentioned it? Did they act like they would do it?

      • Oh yeah, they talked about wanting to do the show in the Nairobi room a couple weeks ago. I personally think that would be awesome! But you know how I feel about Vic…I would probably watch him hawk TP!! ;) LOL!

      • I can honestly say I have not! ;)

        Also…I want a copy of that darned comic! ;) El Fit Vic is muy caliante!!

      • this one isn’t the pool blow up one, i am thinking if he makes it to final 2 maybe he will get it then

      • I wish they would show the jury house during this time of BB b/c I can guarantee it is more entertaining than watching James, Nicole and Paul playing cards!

      • after the blow up between da and paulie i am too afraid to see what’s happening there anymore…scary

      • It wouldn’t surprise me if they were housing Paulie separately from the others. We all know how special he is.

      • Well, if they’ve already filmed the jury segment then they are all separated having been sent off to hotels

      • I can imagine it didn’t get any easier for Paulie after Vic showed up either considering every woman in the house (EXCEPT Z) pretty much adores him, and detests Paulie. Hard for an ego the size of Paulie’s to deal with!! ;)

        That I would have loved to see!! :)

      • I saw when he entered and had the first little go around with the girls. Some posters actually had the gall to agree when Paulie said they were bullying him. Wonders never cease.

      • Oh I know. I saw a few people who said that too. Any treatment Paulie got from those girls in JH was rightfully deserved! Imo, the guy is a misogynist pig of the first order and his family shouldn’t be mad at CBS…they should be ashamed they raised a son who treats women the way Paulie does. Just my opinion….but I would smack my boys upside their heads if they talked to a woman like that!!

      • I told my son to marry someone who will treat him and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and loved more than anything on this earth, including his mother. You can not truly love someone without respecting them.

      • Hey, TGJ, just woke up and saw a post on a thread(didn’t get far.. a couple of the people posting on that thread do not amuse me)where your son signed with the Orioles and wanted to say congrats to you. Sounds like he is a wonderful son. I hope he has a great, healthy season. I still have the letter from the Reds where they wanted to send my son, Jason, to a farm team straight out of high school. He was also offered scholarships to 2 colleges and he chose the college route. Now, I have 2 very, very good baseball playing grandsons. Baseball will be part of your life forever. lol…Enjoy!!

      • I’m just a bad seed — I actually like seeing Paulie make an obscene a$$ out of himself, however, I certainly don’t like seeing the recipient get what he dishes out. I felt really bad for Da.

      • You think Paulie got the better of Da? He’s an arrogant a$$ that’s for sure, but I would have thought she could conquer that bully.

      • i think da can hold her own against anyone but paulie went to far and brought up her kid…no one told the douche bag kids are off limits ALWAYS no matter what…i thought the whole thing was just obnoxious and i hate that i even saw it at all…

      • It shouldn’t surprise me that the scumbag brought her child up. I’m surprised she didn’t kick him in the balls. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have any.

      • I was glad they pulled her away .. didn’t want her to do that and have it blow up on her .. Paulie was kind of holding his own hands to his chest I think – guess he did have some kind of impulse control – his face was redder than red and he was spitting with his words!

      • It would really make my blood boil to see that so I’m not going to hunt it, although I’m sure it is online somewhere. If they had to pull Da away, the POS Pimp Paulie knew just how to get to her. Was Z watching or listening to the whole altercation?

      • The whole jury was right there .. all sitting on sort of an L shaped couch with Paulie and Z on the short part and Bridgette, Da, Michelle on the other .. don’t remember anyone else – except Security seemed to be lurking and ready.

      • I’m honestly surprised that it was shown, especially with the comments I’ve heard from posters saying his family wasn’t happy with his edit.

      • Part of the argument was about the way Paulie treats Z, K, but Z is SO brainwashed by that jacka$$ she actually defends him!! It’s sickening.

      • I saw that confrontation too. Da’ kept her cool until he mentioned her daughter and then she lost it! Can’t say I blame her. If anyone made a comment about my boys, I’d come at them like a mama bear protecting her cubs! WATCH OUT coz I’d be eatin ya for supper! Paulie’s lucky security was there. JS

      • Hahaha! Well said, K. You know it amazes me that he and Cody are related. I guess Paulie (being the oldest) was the rough draft before they made the masterpiece with Cody! ;) hehe

      • that’s what I tell my siblings. I’m the youngest of 10 and I say my parents just kept trying till they got it right!

      • No doubt she held her own in that he was sitting, she standing up to and above him as in your face as you can get, so he pulled out the big one and made a remark about her child (I don’t even know what that was) and she had to be pulled away .. you can imagine Da’s total frustration when her heart is in this fight for Z’s interest and she also expressed her disappointment that Z did little to come to her (Da’s) aid. You asked!

      • Ugh. So disappointed in Z. So, Da was trying to help Z. Z could have had a great friend in Da. Instead she chooses the devil that could damn her to a hell on earth. :(

      • It was really sickening, K…I watched it a couple of times coz I was trying to find out what Paulie said about her daughter…still couldn’t hear it, but whatever he said… Whew boy! It set Da’ off like a mama bear! Imo, Paulie was lucky security was there coz I think Da’ was ready to chew his punk a$$ up and spit it right back out!

      • Learning that Z was there to witness the whole altercation, it amazes me that she could see this jerk in action and still be such a desperate fool. No sympathy left for her. None.

      • Linda, do you remember… Z actually defended him. It made me gag a bit. I swear Z’s family needs to get that girl some serious therapy.

      • I don’t recall Z defending him. What I do recall is when Da was pulled off him by security she was screaming at Z and you don’t even defend me. Why should she nobody else did. And after Da had been treating Z like crap because she was back with Paulie then she expects her to defend her. Everyone stayed out of it and I wouldn’t of gotten into it either. I think Z is making a mistake going back to Paulie but it’s none of Da’s business. She’ll learn when she gets out how disgusting he’s been. Da has always had a bad attitude and chip on her shoulder. She did on her first season and she still does now. She’s just as bad as Paulie.

      • Am I alone in having mixed feelings about that argument? No fan of Paulie or Z but I do take exception to Da raising the whole Paulie/Z liaison in such a public forum. If she is truly Z’s friend then she should speak to her one on one about her concerns, which I’m sure she has as has others. There is nothing to be gained by bringing it up in front of everybody. I would have a problem with any friend of mine who did something similar to me.

      • I agree. Paulie is a pretty disgusting person and nothing like his brother but Da was just as bad. Since Z and Paulie have worked things out the girls have treated Z like crap. WTF do they care if they are in a relationship. It’s their business. And Paulie was not yelling at her but she’s screaming and shaking her head and flipping her hair at him but that’s okay. Why because she a woman? That’s when he made the remark about her child bring proud. Which by the way I

      • tr8ppng – The piece I saw looked like it was a small portion of the encounter, so I don’t know who or how it got started.

      • And, no, you are not a bad seed. You are a rose among the thorns. And I love the thorns because they are warning not to mess with you but give the respect you deserve. :)

      • Sometimes you have no idea what you mean to other people and in this case, I do not mean the “universal you” – I mean YOU. :)

      • SMH on that one, but blushing a little, too. You’ll always have a special place on my BBN list of friends.

      • He really is a piece of work! Z’s family must be horrified at how she is allowing Paulie to walk all over her the way he does. Its like she has Battered Women’s Syndrome! I swear that girl might need a mental health professional after this BB experience!!

      • And some new panties. Someone was describing how she can get in and out of them without taking off her shorts. They can’t hold up long with that kind of abuse.

      • Very serious. There were several comments about the subject. The discussion started when a poster mentioned the incident where she changed her pad in front of other people and then proceeded to get chips out of a bag without ever washing her hands.

      • Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!! That is one of THE most disgusting things I have ever heard…and that is saying something considering my ex-husband is a biker!! ;) LOL!

      • Don’t hate guys, but most men have some very disgusting habits, imo, but this was exceedingly mindblowing.

      • I don’t think he was one that saw it, but a couple of the guys did, if I’m not mistaken. They could have told him.

      • I read that James’ mouth fell open and he asked Z if she just put a tampon in and she said casually, no, just a pad. OMG.

      • Just a pad….no class. It’s just as gross. She had her hands in her crotch. I swear, if I had seen that and I was in that house, I would have demanded production have a talk with Z. Makes me shudder to think about it.

      • That seriously makes me want to throw up a bit in my mouth! Gag! I would demand she eat separate food! I can’t believe I missed that exchange on live feeds…wow! Utterly gross! Well, at least the Paulie conundrum makes sense now… Any woman who has that little respect for normal societal functions such as washing your hands after putting on a pad, cannot have any self-respect.

      • And just how many people with that same mentality cook and serve the food we eat in restaurants every day? Food for thought.

      • Again…eeeeeeewwwwww!! What was Z thinking???

        Her poor family, I would want to move to a place where no one knew I was related…

      • i can’t even…i just cannot so grossed out anytime i read it on the threads…my mind won’t even wrap around it lol

      • You said “super” – agree although you could have said “maxi”, but definitely not “mini” !! hahahahah

      • Agreed. Boggles the mind… I cannot imagine what goes through these HG minds when they act like that while KNOWING their every move is being filmed 24/7!! It’s just…yuck!!

      • She’s serious! Not to mention that apparently she did it with such ease and nonchalance, that it had to be well-practiced and not for the Olympics.

      • Yeah, that girl is definitely in need of some serious therapy. No wonder Paulie zeroed in on her, predator that he is, he recognized the low self-esteem she must have.

      • I think Paulie’s edit was ridiculous and his family will be wasting their time. Once the Judge or Jury sees all of the feeds footage or anything else that BB didn’t use, the family will be held in contempt of court.

      • Lol Paulie was a douche regardless of how he was edited. People watch the live feeds. If Paulie’s family didn’t want him to look bad then maybe they shouldn’t have raised/enabled such a misogynistic tool bag. Cody needs to realize that just because Paulie is his brother doesn’t mean he has to defend his actions. Shame too, I really liked Cody on his season. Guy seemed like a real gentleman unlike his brother.

      • Thought that the last tweet of Cody’s was interesting. He said that he’d always have his back which to me did not sound like approval but rather support for a family member. That’s how I read it and hope that’s how he meant it. It must be so embarassing for their family which is why I would not want any of my family on any reality show.

      • He’s a plastic surgeon. I thought he was rich enough to move on with his life, but he likes the attention too much. The Dr. also looks like he is using his skills on his own body and face.

      • not mention all the lies she was telling Paul about James involvement in putting him & VIctor OTB….vicious circle ain’t it….gotta play the game to the end tho…keep lying and trying…

      • However, never underestimate the ego to take hold not to mention the emotion. Paul IMO really does hate James and maybe Paul has Derricked his own self and convinced himself to do a Cody!

      • Why he knows he can’t beat James. James has too many friends in jury. James would have Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Michelle, Paulie and Z’s vote. And probably Bridgette too. The girls hate Paul and love James. But hey we won’t know because I think if he wins he takes Nicole. And I really think Nicole will take him now.

    • Paul said that he tells them both what they want to hear, but he doesn’t owe either anything. He is playing them just in case one of them wins the last HOH to make sure that they take him, which I doubt will happen.
      If he wins, then he will be kind to the one he doesn’t choose to get their jury vote.
      His mind manipulative games on all of the HGs is why he is deserving more than James or Nicole.
      He insults them when he is supposedly kidding around, but not really. He butter kisses them when they are in power or get evicted to make sure he stays and gets their vote when in jury.
      I find all three remaining HGs obnoxious in their own way, but they played the whole house.

      • Yeah, I was just surprised to read that he gave James false info in hopes he messes up comp. (Gave him incorrect spelling of Jozea’s name).

      • He was also keeping James up so he won’t study or get proper rest.
        It is possible he thinks Nicole is the weaker player, just like him and Victor had discussed before. They both planned to take Nicole to F3.
        Paul has no idea what Nicole has been doing and that’s the beauty of the game. annoying as well.

    • But it also seems like Nicole would take Paul. I think those two respect each other’s gameplay and realize that James has done nothing to deserve second place. Like they’ve been saying, they both already won if they make top two and I’m sure they’d rather risk seeing another good game player win than giving a floater any prize money. Very similar to a Derrick, Cody, Victoria situation. Still hoping my boy pulls out the win though. Just because I don’t 100% trust that Nicole would take him to the final. Seeing Paul and Nicole in top two would be great. Nicole has genuinely grown on me. I underestimated her gameplay throughout the season, but I still want Paul to win.

      • I agree I think Nicole will take him. I didn’t at first just because of her conversation with Corey saying she’d take James but I think she will now. If she doesn’t it’s going to be one of the biggest blindsides.

  3. If Nicole is lying to Paul about taking him to the F2 then that will be pretty low especially when she asked him whether she should just tell James now she’s not picking him.
    Not sure about James’ newest complaint about how hard this comp was – putting a picture into a frame- ???

    Especially since Nicole bested his time by 19 minutes.

    America is way too smart to vote for James as AFP. It would be so insulting.

    • They’re both lying to each other. No way they take anyone besides James, otherwise they’d pull a Cody.

      • i agree paul is lying to james and nicole, nicole is lying to james and paul, james is lying to himself and it will be interesting to see how it all comes out..expect the unexpected and welcome to the big brother house

      • I think Paul will take Nicole. He knows everyone in jury love James. All the girls hate Paul. I think he’d lose against James. And also why would he be giving James wrong answers for the comp?

  4. I think that Da’Vonne shouldn’t have used the word showmance. Instead she should have said get rid of the 4 that was running the house at the time. James turned on her because he thought that Day was coming after all the showmance when in reality she wanted Corey and Paulie gone. In James’s dumbass little brain, he thinks he was in a showmance but he wasn’t. Natalie never showed any romantic interest in my opinion. But James lacks awareness and never realized that.

    • Da’vonne should have done many things that she couldn’t because she is a horrible BB player.
      I think she would have been the best person to win this game if she had been a better comp player.
      Paul pretends that he never cares, when he looks like a scared little boy acting tough.
      I think Da is tough, but cared and trusted too much. Her big mouth din’t help much either.

      • i like da’vonne because she is strong and no nonsense and she knew she would have to keep her self under control to stay in the house when she entered it but she just couldn’t keep it in..i get it but it’s something i bet she work’s on just for her own personal growth going forward…at least i hope catch more flies with sugar and all that…

      • Then again, Paulie could provoke the dead back to life and not in a good way – more like in a Stephen King way!

      • Day has good ideas but she poorly executes them by letting her anger and emotions get in the way of her potential game. And you have to give her this, atleast she did better than 17.

      • Da’Vonne’s problem is she can’t keep her mouth shut. She needs to relax and stay under the radar. She was in a good position but she ruined it by overplaying and exposing the showmance alliance.

    • Yeah the problem was Day should’ve directly said Paulie and Corey were her targets to James. They could’ve made a Season 17 deal being friends from 17. But James being the idiot that he is ended up thinking Day is after him. Oh did I mention he IMPLIED that Day would go home in front of her face.

      • Although the post detailed very little of private talk between James/Nicole, what it did say very clearly is that Nic was “noncommittal” when James asked who would she take to F2.

      • I totally believe that Nic will take Paul if it is her choice. Personally, *being a Nic fan* I want to see Nic and Paul F2. Then I would be happy either way of who wins BB18. I believe they both have earned their way there.

      • I agree 100%. James does not deserve to win anything, including America’s Favorite. He has not played the game. His sole focus was on Natalie, someone who could care less about him. I’m so afraid Nic or Paul will take him to F2, and he will be awarded one of the prizes. That would be so unfair. For some reason, everyone loves James. I watch BBAD, he is a different person on there. So arrogant and full of himself. He is a fame whore. I apologize, I didn’t know how else to say it.

      • I have had a very strong feeling since Corey left that Nic would take Paul to F2 with her if she wins the final HOH. After watching for days now ..I have no doubt she will. She is a true super fan and appreciates Paul’s game play. I don’t want James to win AFP either. Vic totally deserves that title!!

  5. Of course Nicole won and she will more likely win the last HOH as well and take James to the finals.
    Paul winning will give me some hope that whomever he chooses at the end won’t win.

  6. Here’s a thought …. It seems the way Paul has help Nicole to study indicates he really wanted her to win round two and that he would pick her for F2. What if his plan is to take James but he didn’t want James to be in the third comp because he worries that James could actually win that. he knows that James had a great social game and was friends with everyone. where as Nicole was included with Cory mostly and probably would not win. ???

    • Let me think, friends of James on the jury: Da probably not since he blabbed that she was going home when she thought she was a pawn; Paulie probably not since he was responsible for Z getting evicted when he had the ACP and that started Paulie’s downfall; Bridget, well he nominated her; Corey, he thought James would save him. I’d say maybe James wouldn’t be considered a friend by some of the jury

    • too bad he may be very wrong. I still think that whomever he takes will win this game. It will be a surprise for me if Paul gets the prize.
      Paulie, Corey, Zakhya, Brigitte, Da’vonne, James(if Paul wins the final HOH and chooses her) and probably Natalie will vote for Nicole.
      I thing bitter Michelle (even though she didn’t like Paul and he called her a C) and possibly Victor because he was his buddy will pick Paul.

      James will get Natalie, Brigitte, maybe Corey and Nicole, Da, Michelle, Z, and Paulie. I see either of those two winning instead of Paul.
      He got on people’s nerves except for Victor.

      • I have to disagree with you here. I cannot see Natalie, Michelle or Bridgett voting for Nicole… They just simply dislike her too much. Da’vonne could vote for Nicole, however, she could just as easily swing her vote Paul’s way b/c she actually started to like him before she left. With Vic in the house, I am sure he is giving them all an earful…

      • I agree. I just can’t see a scenario where Nicole would win against Paul. I think Da’ would vote for Paul because she picked him to be on her team. The only votes James would have are Natalie, possibly Da’ and Michelle. Paul would never vote for James to win.

      • Agreed. However, it would be close. Nicole would definitely have Paulie, Corey and Z (b/c she will vote however Paulie does). Paul would have Vic (of course) Natalie, Bridgett, and Michelle… I think Da’ would also vote for him, but James might vote Nicole since they had a conversation about giving each other money if either of them won. He might be hoping for that 10K if he throws her his vote..

        That tally puts Paul ahead at 5-4. However, Da’ has been saying recently how she is admiring Nicole’s game play, so…she could go either way.

      • Michelle and Natalie I believe will vote Nicole over Paul. Natalie has already said she would and Michelle even though she hates Nicole she hates Paul more.

      • Natalie already said she’d vote for Nicole over Paul. Michelle hates Paul more then she hates Nicole. Bridgette won’t vote for Nicole so I agree on her. Corey, Paulie and Z will vote for Nicole. There’s 5 votes. Doesn’t matter who Da votes for.

  7. I think it will be a good old fashioned battle between N/Paul at the end. Taking James who has no accomplishments to speak of may backfire with that crazy jury. All pettiness aside, which Dr. WILL will help them work out, I think they would respect a N/Paul final more. It’s gonna cost one of them big time. It sure bit Cody in the butt, but he thought it was admirable to take Derrick. James made so many bad choices during the game, but the biggest was at the end when he didn’t keep Corey over Nicole. At that point he or Paul could have taken James with no explanations and walked away with top prize.

  8. Could this be the first time ever in BB history that a girl beats a guy in the F2? Anyone think Nicole has a chance if it’s Nicole and Paul in the F2?

    • i think nic takes james…if for no other reason than to remove the vet/rookie thoughts off the table

      • When did she say that? I actually remember Corey saying that…um…let’s see when was that? Oh yeah, it was just before he put up Vic & Paul and decided to take the weak link James to F3 instead of honoring his F4 alliance with V&P!! So yeah, doubt they (Corey & Nicole) actually believe that. I’m sorry, but imo, ANYTHING those two (Nicole & Corey) say in this game has to be co-signed with a notary b/c it’s most likely a lie!

      • Nic has been saying this for weeks. Long before Corey said it. Maybe you have missed it. I would go back to try and find it *time stamp* but it was weeks ago and I’m not going to go thru all of that. She said it and that is that!

      • Corey has won 2 HOH’s…one on DBL Eviction…so she could not have POSSIBLY said it then b/c his HOH lasted all of an hour…and if she said it during this last HOH…well…my point stands… “If you want to be the best you have to beat the best” This is the words YOU have said she said..so WHY then did Corey nominate Vic and Paul rather than follow through with their F4 alliance and nominate James–the weakest of the bunch??

        Explain it to me… I am more than willing to listen b/c you say she said this, so WHY didn’t she follow this example?

      • OMG don’t be so aggressive. First of all I wasn’t the one that posted those words. I agreed with the poster. It was during the second HOH and Nicole was sitting in the chair and she did say that. I remember the conversation. But it was before nominations and they were talking all different scenarios. Just relax okay.

      • First of all, I am not being aggressive…I highlight words to make a point…e.g., YOU meaning the person posting…and how is that any more aggressive than you telling someone else who said “she said it and that’s that!” that she is correct?? I do not remember the conversation in regards to Nicole saying that. If you will enlighten me as to when it happened, I will go to flashback and if I am wrong, I will easily admit it. I am not an aggressive person on this site LG and I resent you coming at me like that. I respect everyone’s opinions here. Perhaps you could do the same. Hmm?

      • Like I said in a previous post learn to read before commenting. Where if you can read did I ever say “she said it and that’s that”? You’re attacking the wrong poster. And me coming at you? Haha hypocrite much. You’re saying that I’m posting things that I’m not. Why would I respect that?

      • Wow! Talk about eating your won words….read my post again LG I said YOU (meaning you LG) telling someone else (Meaning Dawn59) that she was right when she (Dawn59) said “she said it and that’s that!”. I never said that YOU said that…take your own advice…reread my post and then comment…

      • Maybe you need to read the one above it. “This is the words you have said she said”. Which I never said. Just like another post when you told me I can’t have it both ways. Nicole can’t lay low and be a good player. Which I NEVER said she layed low. Quit putting words in my mouth that I have never said. I’m done arguing. Have a nice night.

      • She said it and that is that huh?? Well, I have live feeds and I don’t remember her ever saying that. I DO, however, remember Corey saying it and this is a quote “to be the best you had to beat the best”. I can also tell you exactly *when* and *where* it happened… He was laying in the HOH room and it was during Nicole’s HOH…He then said he thought he and Nicole could actually beat Paul & Vic in competitions.

        If you can give me that info on when Nicole said something close…please do, I would be more than willing to concede your point.

      • LOL..I have live feeds as well. I watch them almost constantly and go back to watch what I have missed. I am not trying to argue with you. I am only saying that Nic said this weeks ago. I don’t have an exact on it because I do have a life besides BB. Next time I will try to write down everything?

      • Around Sept 5th Corey said You have to beat the best to be the best. Nicole said ..to be the best you have to take out the best. Sorry I had it wrong. But I have heard her say this many times throughout the season.

      • Sorry, but I haven’t and this is what I have been saying all along…Corey is the one who has said the to “be the best you have to beat the best” stuff. He also said it during Nicole’s HOH as well. Nicole says things sometimes for production…so when she piggybacked on that statement, it didn’t really mean anything because we all knew she wasn’t taking out Vic and Paul that week…Vic was HOH!

  9. I just hope Paul doesn’t win .he doesn’t deserve he’s just a scum bag even in his eviction speech plan he just wants to be an a hole …he has a huge ego and again just a scum bag …I hate Paul as a person so much

    • No disrespect, but are you saying you think James, who has done *nothing* all season, and Nicole, who laid low half of the season, deserves to win over Paul, who has fought hard to play BB since Day 1?? So…in future seasons of BB maybe we should just award the HG who sleeps the most as the winner, hmm? In that case, then Michelle should be in the F2 as well!

      • Don’t think James deserves to be there but Nicole has played also from day one and very much deserves to be there.

      • Nicole has played from day 1?? Is that what you are saying?? I don’t think so; moreover, you cannot have it both ways…either she laid low or she played BB from Day 1. Which is it??

      • Where did I ever say she layed low? Maybe you need to read before commenting. I’ve ALWAYS said she’s played the game from day one. And you’re saying she hasn’t played? I don’t think so!! Even Derrick a very deserving winner said she deserves to win.

      • I am not saying she has not played the game at all. I have said in the last month or so, Nicole has really stepped up her game. Ask India…I am not a Nicole fan, but I have given her credit where credit is due. You are putting words in my mouth that I did not say…

        What I am saying is she has not played BB from Day 1. She laid low as a strategy, yes, but that is not actively playing the game. She did not socialize with most of the HG and made several enemies b/c of her lack of socialization…Perhaps she wanted to stay off the radar…I can understand that, however, that is still not actively playing the game; that is just existing until the numbers dwindle imo.

      • Your not answering my question. Where did I ever say she layed low? And guess what Vic isn’t in the game is he? And like Nicole said anyone that has 3 chances should be in the end. But where is he? Oh yeah in the jury house.

      • I’m not understanding you. How else do you think Nicole has been playing the game since Day 1 if it is not by strategically laying low to get farther in the game??

        It’s the only strategy that makes sense for her game play…so what is your point here?

      • Oh and LG…Nicole had 2 chances her season and another this season, so guess what…that gives her OMG…ding-ding 3 chances at the BB grand prize too!

        Don’t knock Vic b/c BB gave him the chances…I have not knocked Nicole for her extra help

      • You’re still avoiding my question. And her season has been done and over. You going to go all the way back to season one? I don’t live in the past. New season new year.

      • OMG! You know I was letting this go and moving on, but since you have replied again…I am not avoiding your question… look below… I ask you very clearly…

        If Nicole has not been “laying low” all season, then how else do you ascribe her playing BB since Day 1? What else has she done since DAY 1? What other game play has she done since DAY 1??

        It is only in the last five weeks that Nicole has stepped up her game and started winning… SO…again, I ask…what do you call that kind of game play besides laying low??

        There question totally answered!

        Now, I’m done with this argument. We’ll simply have to agree to disagree. Have a nice night.

  10. Yeah at this point James is the Victoria of this season. He’s been mainly a yes man and a drag. Actually what the hell am I saying? Atleast Victoria did some stuff. Some noted. He’s pretty much the final 3 bitch so regardless I think James is gonna get clipped by either of them.

    I’ve been back and forth about Nicole for weeks. And while I feel she’s not as entertaining as she was on her original season, she did play a good under the radar game. She pretty much came up with decisions while Corey executed them. But the question is, can Nicole make a move now that Corey is gone? Because I get a small feeling that Corey carried her to final 4. But it all depends on jury.

    Paul has grown on me since I didn’t like him week 1. But after Vic left the first time he shut his trap and stayed out of most of the drama. Plus he improved his social game by actually talking to people and getting to know them. He’s also excellent for comp wins as he was able to fight hard after losing Vic (again and again). Plus out of all 3 of them, Paul is the most strategic. Yeah Nicole has book smarts of this game but Paul has more street knowledge as he picked up the game as it went by. He pretty much identified who was trustworthy (Victor, Bridgette) and who was not trustworthy (Corey, Nicole, Natalie, Paulie).

  11. I have never commented on a blog before. As a 68 year old female, I wanted to give my perspective. I watch a lot of tv, mostly reality, and BB is my favorite. I have been watching from the very first season. I loved the one time they had two seasons in one year, how I wish they would do that every year. I have also watched BBAD since it became available. I have to say BB18 has evoked more emotions for me than any other season. If people aren’t able to watch BBAD, they have no idea of the “real” personalities, and what is truly going on in the house. James – I liked him in BB17, but cannot abide him now. He is a nice person, but this is a contest. He has not played the game. The only thing James did all season was let fake Natalie, split-personality, mentally abuse him. He continuously enabled her. Natalie is one of the most abusive people ever on BB, but she tries to cover it with her looks and flirtations. Nicole – she spent the entire season in bed. Meech, Natalie, Nicole – they have the most deplorable eating habits I have ever seen. Paul and Victor – I couldn’t stand them in the beginning, but I am one of their biggest fans now. They have played the game well, been true to themselves and each other, and are a hilarious duo. I would love to see them on TAR as a team. My vote is for Paul as the winner of BB18, and Victor as America’s Favorite. They are the only two people that deserve anything.

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