‘Big Brother 18’ Final Two: What Is Nicole’s Plan?

We’re just days away from discovering who will win Big Brother 18 and which two Houseguests will make up the season’s F2 pair. Now that we’re through the second round of the Final HoH we can start looking at each of the Final 3 for what they could be planning to do next.

Nicole celebrates her win with Paul on BB18

Nicole Franzel has two options for who she could sit next to at the Final 2 should that choice come her way with either Paul Abrahamian or James Huling joining her at the end. So what’s the Vet planning for her potential trip to stand before the Jury?

Earlier this week when the Feeds returned from the extended Fast Forward blackout we soon found Nicole and Paul shaking on a F2 deal with James on the outside of their agreement. This deal was proposed by Paul after his confirmation that with his Veto win there was no chance he was letting Nicorey stay in the game together. While it seemed clear that Paul was sincere about his half of the agreement it’s been less so with Nicole’s intentions.

Later that same night when she was talking with Corey she asked for his opinion on taking Paul to the end but he quickly shot down that idea suggesting it could be game suicide and James was her safer bet. Interestingly Nicole didn’t reveal to Corey any details of the deal she had just made with Paul as she might if she were to flaunt it as a fraud designed to fool Paul. That could have simply been to hide the fact that she was upstairs making deals that were game-enders for Corey.

The next day after Paul won Round 1 of the final HoH competition we heard another talk between Paul and Nicole that again appeared a convincing mutual agreement between them for heading to the F2 together. Flashback to 10:49 PM BBT on 9/14 to watch that talk.

But wait, a couple of hours later (12:35 AM BBT 9/15) Nicole is telling James she’d take him to the end “1000%.” This was part of her talk as James basically offered to throw the R2 competition though it could be argued he was simply anticipating losing Round 2 and trying to make the most of it with promises while he still had leverage.

Round 2 is now over and James’s leverage is gone with his loss to Nicole. So has Nicole’s tune changed in anyway that might hint her latest plans? I’d say it has.

Deep in to the night after the Round 2 comp ended and Nicole was declared to the winner we saw a more enthused attitude toward Paul and a bit more reserved towards James. Flashback to 2:00 AM BBT 9/17 to find Nicole and Paul alone just after James is called to the DR.

Nicole and Paul jump around and celebrate their success with huge hug and high five. Paul promises Nicole that there is nothing James can say to sway him from taking Nicole to the F2 and she says the same goes for her as well. Nicole even repeats an earlier promise that she’s ready to tell James that she’s taking Paul to F2 if she wins R3. Paul asks if there is anything that’s giving her pause in the plan for her to take him to the end. Nicole promises Paul they’re good to go.

Now let’s take a look at what she told James overnight…


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  1. James blew up his F2 deals walking around cocky like he had F2 in the bag; which royally pissed off Nic & Paul since they’re doing all the work. Nic & Paul even discussed how they both were considering James as F2, but they’re 100% turned off with James attitude; plus pandering to cameras for AFP. Paul & Nic as F2, Victor AFP, leaving James with his $5k, Natalie’s flip flops & string bracelet

      • Yup, good chance James wore out his welcome on BB. James took it all for granted, and blew it all up on his own.

      • I second that!! I just don’t get it. He doesn’t deserve to win a single penny. He has done nothing to deserve a win. For some reason everyone loves him. I’m so afraid he will get first, second, or America’s Favorite. That would be so unfair. Why did CBS ever come up with the horrible idea of having him back, especially back-to-back seasons. I watch BBAD, and I’m so tired of his grandiose mentality. On the weekly shows, people do not see how he really is. The only thing he talks about on BBAD is how many followers he has on Twitter/Facebook, future meet and greets, how everyone recognizes him all the time, how popular he is, all of the future reality shows he will be on, and all of the women he has been with. Yuk. Get a job!

    • Agree with all of you. I liked James in BB17, but he annoys the daylights out of me this season. I wish he didn’t even have the $5000. No matter how much Natalie continues to abuse him, and she will, I think he will waste every penny on her. She knows she has him wrapped around her little finger. He does not deserve to win anything this season. He did not play the game. His sole focus was his mental abuser, Gnat.

      • I don’t think Natalie abused him, James just didn’t know how to take a hint LOL but i agree, I never ever want James back in the house again. Let’s give Paul the win and let’s start fresh because this season has been on way too long for me

      • A big Amen to that. James definitely did not know how to take a hint. I’m ready for a fresh start as well. I hope they never have returning house guest again. Along with not wanting to see the same people again, it really is not fair to the new players. However, I did enjoy watching Da’s sense of humor for a while. Haha

      • Day was hilarious but she also inadvertently caused Paulie’s control of the game(the worst part of the season) with her reckless gameplay! LOL!

    • I think James knew he couldn’t beat Paul or Nicole in those challenges. He was probably acting like he threw them.

    • I can’t wait to see James’s face when Victor wins AFP and not him. Paul would also be better off taking James over Nicole but I think he and Nic would rather risk losing to each other than give James any prize money. I hope Nicole doesn’t tell James she’d take Paul. If she wins I want to see the blindside.

  2. I kind of agree thinking Nicole will take Paul. A few days ago I would of said James. But I think she beats Paul. I think she would definitely have Corey, Paulie and Z (because Z will do what Paulie says). Then I think she’ll have Michelle who hates Paul more, Natalie because of what she told James. There’s 5 votes. And also Natalie wanting a girl to win. I’m curious if people think she wouldn’t have these votes and why though.

    • I don’t know if she would have Michelle or not. I think Michelle might have more respect for Paul as a player, even if she hates both of them.

      And wasn’t Natalie adamant about James ditching Nicorey and working with Paul/Vic? So I think Paul would get Natalie’s vote as well.

      I’ll give Nicole Paulie, Corey and Zakiyah, and maybe Da’Vonne, based on recent jury segments, but maybe not. Or maybe Bridgette will vote for Nicole girl power style (Paul may have lost her vote when he called Meech the C-word). Then if James feels especially betrayed, he might just go for her. I think it may be possible for her to beat Paul, but Paul is definitely the better speaker, and Victor advocating for him would help him out too. Should be fairly exciting actually.

      • I want to see James’s reaction when Paul takes Nicole to the F2.
        I bet Paul want be getting Jamesey’s vote either :D

      • I think whoever wins the last hoh and DOESN’T take James will lose his vote. I want to see his face too. Also wanna see his face when he loses AFP

      • Thinking back about the TV episodes James has probably gotten a good edit. Especially when mean old Natalie blamed James for all her problems including eviction.
        If they vote for James he might just win again. *gag* as Paul does when he sees James :D

      • Regardless, James’s edit still shows him being stupidly loyal to Natalie. America and the jury can respect a good person to an extent but we’re still looking for the best player which is obviously not James. Breaking it down, I’ve basically come to…

        James vs Nicole

        James: Michelle and Natalie, maybe Z

        Nicole: Da, Paulie, Corey, Victor, Paul, and I’m pretty sure Bridgette

        James vs Paul

        James: same three minus maybe Z

        Paul: Victor, Da, Nicole, likely Paulie, possibly Corey

        Bridgette could go either way on this one but I think she’d lean towards Paul for gameplay

        Nicole vs Paul

        Nicole: Paulie, Corey, Bridgette, Z, James

        Paul: Victor, Da, Natalie, Michelle

        At least these are my predictions. And as a Paul fan it pains me to think nicole might beat him but considering the jury, it’s clearly very possible.

      • Bridget is the only one that I can’t read. I don’t know what she would do in the case of PvsN. Im certain she will vote Nic if it’s James with her, but with Paul vs Nic, is going to be hard.

      • Totally agree. I think those girls, especially after after having to deal with Paulie for so long, will be so so happy to have the ever-so-charming El Fit Vic in JH that they will be totally on board and sympathetic to him (and vicariously Paul’s) plight as he tells them his tale of woe in regards to Nicole and Corey and how they turned on him and how that was the eviction that *REALLY* hurt! ;) Just a theory…but it could happen…

      • I agree with you on Meech regarding her jury vote. Nicole will never have her vote and she knows that. Meech’s obsessive hatred for Nicole is mildly creepy. Like the snacole painting I found odd. Normally when people don’t like someone they try to forget about them and ignore them but all Michelle can talk about is Nicole.

        I do think it will be a 5-4 vote in a paul/nic match up. I think James would lose by a landslide no matter who he’s up against

    • My opinion is this

      If Nicole wins R3 and takes Paul: her most likely votes are Paulie, Z, Corey and DAY.

      Paul’s most likely votes will be Victor, Natalie, Michelle and James because he would feel like Nicole betrayed him and Natalie will see that as well. That leaves Bridgette as the deciding factor this year with that F2 deal.

      If Paul wins R3 then look for James and Natalie to vote for Nicole. This will give the win to Nicole at that point.

      Nicole could easily win against James hands down but I think Paul would have a harder time against James but he could pull it off.

      • Interesting opinion. I guess if she wins and evicts James then she could very well lose James and Natalies vote. I just can’t wait for Wednesday. Lol.

      • I think Bridgette would vote Nicole just because they’ve never had beef and bridge wants a girl to win. And while I’m certain Da would vote Nic over James I’m not so sure she would over Paul. Paul was her friend and he’s played just as good a game as Nicole. I do think it will be a toss up between those two.

      • Other than the fact I gave DAY’s vote to Nicole in the above statement, I too think it would be a toss up with how DAY will vote if it is between them two. Bridgette may not vote for Paul because of how he treated Frank and wouldn’t let Frank campaign to stay the week he got evicted. Then add to that how he went about stopping them (or really trying to stop them) in the finding the secret room twist. After all is said and done, I think James would have a legit shot at winning if he was sitting in F2 seat.

      • And that’s why I hope neither of them take him. I don’t see Bridgette voting for Paul either. I think she’d vote Nicole over either guy, Paul because of the reasons you listed, and James broke a deal with her and got Frank evicted on his hoh. I don’t think a James/Paul matchup is even a possibility at this point. They both made it pretty clear they’re not taking each other so we can almost guarantee Bridgette’s vote is going to Nicole either way.

      • Except in a Paul/Nicole match up, I have a hard time imagining who Bridgette will vote for.

      • As a fan of both Paul and Bridgette, I’m sure she’d vote for Nicole. I’m pretty sure she expressed wanting a girl to win, plus as far as I know her and Nicole never had any issue with each other. Nicole even helped Frank in certain situations by telling him what Da and Z were saying behind his back, and Paul did call out Frank pretty hard and tried to send Bridgette home before Paulie convinced him to backdoor Da. However I also think Bridgette would be the last person to be bitter and may possibly vote for Paul based on gameplay. Julie predicted Da would be the swing vote but I really think it could be Bridgette. This summer will certainly be interesting. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a Paul/Nicole final two because not only would it be a toss up but I really don’t think James deserves squat.

      • I agree with everything you said but I don’t see her voting for Paul for these reasons. Paul broke her down mentally right before Frank left. He also sent her best friend in the house out the door during his HOH. I am sure there was at least one other thing but can’t think of it right now. The only reason I can think of to where she won’t give Nicole her vote is because Corey got her evicted during the DE and over Meech. For that reason alone, I can see her voting for Paul, so you see why I can’t get a good read on her.

    • I think Nic has Da’s vote too and perhaps Bridgette’s. By this time I would say that Paulie has told Bridge about Paul’s involvement with her and Frank being up on block together and playing both of their emotions. Remember Paulie and Paul orchestrated this. Paul telling Bridge about Frank going against her and having Bridge in tears. I believe that Nic has a very good chance of winning BB18. I don’t want her taking James at all. Paul and Nic in F2 is how it should be. James not being in F2 and not winning AFP is perfect scenario!

      • I had forgotten all about Paul’s cruelty toward Bridgette so thanks for reminding me why I don’t care for him. :D
        But Paul had no problem treating several female HG’s the same way either.

      • NOT in a million years. Paulie, Z, Corey and Nicole were close from week one. Z can’t stand Paul. She wanted him out from the beginning.

      • Paul called Michelle ‘cunt’. You think she;’ll reward him for that. Then again, Michelle gets jelaous of women verye asily and she may vote for the man over the woman so Nicole wouldn’t be the first female winner to trump a male in the Final vote. Michelle seems rather vindicative. I mean she was slaivating over the fatc someone – anyone -‘s dream was coming to the end too. L0L

  3. I wonder if all of Paul’s talk about how neither of them could beat James and he doesn’t deserve it anyways has been working? Paul continues to impress, right up to the very end.

    Or maybe Nicole is just that clueless about the jury. More evidence that her social game really is her one big downfall this season.

    Either way, Nicole and Paul for F2!

    • I think Paul gets Michelle because of what Dr Will said about some not being bitter. Plus, she hates Nicole also – probably as much. Natalie will respect Paul’s game play.

      • But Natalie wants a girl to win. She has said that all season. She also told James that she would vote for Nicole over Paul. And the only one Michelle hates more then Nicole is Paul. Especially after what he said to her. That’s just what I think.

      • In the end I do not think she will vote based on her being a girl. It seems like a professional-type jury from what was said. We’ll see though.

      • She might vote against James no matter who he is against. That would be one way of trying to get rid of him. …LOL

      • One thing about Nat; when she was with the girls she was all Girl Power!
        But when she was with the guys she was flirting with ALL of them.
        Not sure what Nat might do.

      • I think maybe Michelle voting for Nicole may be what Dr Will is refering to. That would be a bigger surprise.

    • Nicole’s social game is bad because she didn’t invest time in getting to know all the HG.

    • Paul was talking with James yesterday giving him wrong memory information. As James walked off, Paul was throwing his hands in the air ” like scat you useless piece of sh*t”, and stuck his finger in his throat..Pauls done with James, and Nicole told Paul she seeing James differently since Natalie was evicted and she doesn’t like what she sees. Nicole is disgusted over James cockiness. We shall see Wednesday

      • I wasn’t sure about who paul would take to the final 2, but after reading this I believe he is being truthful to Nicole.
        If he doubts Nicole he can always crawl in bed and cuddle with her :D

  4. I have the same exact thought as the writer of this article. I’ve been watching almost all the feeds and it surely seemed that Nicole was for sure taking James. She mentioned it to Corey, she’s said it to herself, she’s said it to James. However, she didn’t tell Corey everything about her and Paul’s plan. Not even hinted that Paul and her were working to get her to round 3. She also genuinely seems annoyed with James. His little games and picking on people here is not helping him, it is literally annoying them.

    As an outsider, that can literally watch everything, it’s hard to ever argue to take anybody but James to f2, because it would be an easy win. However, when you’re in that house, you do tend to form actual bonds with people and also have different opinions on how the jury might vote.

    The reason Nicole might take Paul is because Paul could definitely look like he’d lose. Nicole is probably thinking she for sure has Corey, James, Paulie, Z, and Natalie. Which is 5 v 4. However, she is probably also thinking that Paul called Big Meech the C word, and so that is 6 v 3. It is not totally crazy to think the votes would line up this way for her.

    On the flipside, if she was against James it might be: Corey, Paulie, Paul, Victor… and nobody else. In her head James would get Nat, Da, Bridge, Meech, Z,

    Again, as outsiders, and just fans in general, we know that Dr. Will is going to get the jury thinking about game moves in general and giving the best player the 500k. So, to me… Nicole vs Paul is the closest vote (and could literally go either way) where as anybody vs. James is an easy win.

    • I don’t see Bridgette or Z voting for James. Bridgette may still hold resentment for him getting Frank out and as for Z, it was James that sent her packing with the vote flip.

      • Me neither. James loses against Paul or Nicole but I can understand the rational for thinking she might not have the votes over James.

  5. Nicole hasn’t been honest to anyone in the game but Corey. But agree with Julie Chen that Paul should win it all.

    Paul has played the best game and has kept this season alive. Unlike Nicole who has been selfish to the game and has spent the 2/3 of the time in bed with Corey.

      • Agreed. Hilarious how deceptive gameplay is awesome and “totally what BB is about” when it’s a HG people like. When it’s a HG people don’t like, they’re a “snake” and “weasel” and their gameplay is “disgraceful”.

        BB fans hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me

    • Paul has only been loyal to Vic, James has only been loyal to Natalie, but that’s ok? Why is it wrong that Nic has only been loyal to Corey. Sometimes there is only one person you can trust.

      • Paul has been loyal to his alliances for the most part. He has turned on people after they turned on him like Paulie, Mich and Nat. The exception I can think of is Da and he still handled that way better than Nic did.

    • “Unlike Nicole who has been selfish to the game and has spent the 2/3 of the time in bed with Corey.”

      Do you see the contradiction? Selfish? With Corey?

      • She’s been selfish to the game because she’s spent her entire time with Corey in bed rather than playing with all the other HG.

        But see what you mean and how it can be misconstrued. ?

      • Laying low is a game strategy. Apparently one that works. She was never nominated until F4 and is more than likely going to be in F2.

      • Feeling very indifferent now because what’s done is done. Looking forward to the finale.

  6. No way Nichole will win over Paul, I think she has a chance against James. On the other hand it doesn’t matter who Paul takes to F2, he will win hands down. I don’t like Paul or Nichole to win. I like James but I’m disappointed in the way he has played the game. James is a good guy who if he had won a comp or two and didn’t appear so distracted he would have stood a chance. I think it’s over for him now and I’m not sure if it’s by his own hand or if production had a hand in the way he played.

  7. This game is actually rigged for Nicole to win. It’s been rigged for a veteran to win since the beginning. Most likely Nicole is going to break her deal with Paul and take James to final 2. Production is doing this to break the cycle of the past five male winners and to keep ratings up.

    • I will not say its rigged but I will say there is an advantage to having a female win this year. Production can coach and direct the players to direction they want but it is up to the players to decide for themselves what is best for them to win this game. Yes, maybe Nicole will win this year but the big money is on Paul and frankly it is his game to lose. whichever one wins R3 has a big decision to make.

      • Agree with Lorenzo 100%. I have watched BB since the first season. This is the first season that I am convinced the show is rigged. It is so blatant, wrong, and an insult to our intelligence!

    • Stop the rig crap; its not rigged. Every year I see same post. Nicole rightfully earned her F3, and hopefully F2.

      • It definitely has been rigged this season there is no denying that.

        Nevertheless, here’s to hoping that Paul and Victor win!

      • Oh Ok. I will vote for who I think deserves it the most. Victor is not the only one who deserves it and neither is James.

      • He’s definitely a winner who won comps to earn himself back into the game. He’s the best player this season if not the best in a very long time.

      • There is no denying that. I am denying. See, is is being denied. It is no more rigged than past seasons.

      • Says the person who started the conversation of BB rigging game for Frank and Paulie. BB would be rigging the game for Paul if they want views, you guys wouldn’t be here

      • Every year. Remember last year? It was rigged for Vanessa to win because she was going to have a poker show on CBS. Did she win. Nope. Did she have a show on CBS? Nope. Remember Amanda’s year? It was rigged for her because she was a friend of Alison Grodners. Did she win? Nope. Was she a friend of AG? Nope. It would be hilarious at this point if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

      • Yeah it’s pretty astounding the logical leaps people will go through and the evidence they will ignore when confronted with new evidence that contradicts their preexisting beliefs.

        Player you don’t like starts doing well and reaping the success of their smart gameplay? It’s easier to make up some story about the game being rigged than it is to adjust your opinions based on evidence. I thought Nicole was a waste of a player slot within the house but when she turned up her game and proved that she knew what she was doing, that’s the point when I became a Nicole fan, but that’s also the point at which other players really turned up the volume with the rigged! accusations. Bums me out too because based on the conversations I’ve had with a lot of the rigged! commenters, they’re very intelligent and have a deeper understanding of the game than I expected.

        I know I’m being annoying about this by trying to fight everyone on it, but I really love the game of Big Brother, and I genuinely enjoy getting into good arguments about the relative merits of different HG’s gameplay, but when people stop judging the houseguests on their actions within the house and resort to ill-supported allegations of rigging, it sours the whole discussion.

        As for me, when a past houseguest says the game is rigged, or we see actual conclusive proof of a comp being rigged, then I’ll believe it’s rigged, but as long as they consistently vouch for its integrity, I will believe them.

        Rant over. Pelican out.

      • You know I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I heard THREE former HG (Evel Dick (BB 8&13), Mike Boogie (BB 2,7&14) and James Rhine (BB 6&7) say that pregame alliances exist and they even speculated that James and Nicole have one…NOW, is that BB cray-cray speculation, or former HG stating facts that they know to be true?? I know this is a totally unpopular topic and trust me, I have already had a few go all balistic about it, but I am asking this seriously…if these players…all of which have major BB cred are saying this exists… WHY are we continuing to insist it does not?? It is a possibility is how I look at it…

      • First of all, we know pregame alliances exist; Chilltown is the obvious example from S7. But that doesn’t mean this particular alliance between James and Nicole does. In order to believe that this is anything more than three fans speculating about the game, we would have to establish that they have insider knowledge that gives them particular authority to answer this issue conclusively. I haven’t listened to the podcast, so I don’t know if they claimed any inside scoop. But if they didn’t, then their speculation is no more definitive than ours.

        The other issue here is that Derrick (a person who DOES have additional insider information by the fact that he keeps in touch with both James and Nicole) has told us that Nicole denied it when he asked if she was on the show. That doesn’t necessarily prove that she stuck to her contract, but it does suggest it. Also their behavior in the house hasn’t really suggested a pregame alliance.

        All in all, I’ll say it’s possible, but I don’t consider it likely. The reason the rumor came up in the first place was that James and Natalie flipped on Paul and Vic, and people didn’t want to give Nicole the credit. Because if you ask why Nat and James flipped, the answer is either “because Nicole convinced them Paul was targeting James” or “Because Nicole and James had a preseason alliance, and this was the plan all along.” This was right after Paulie’s eviction, when everyone was (rightfully) very supportive of Nat and very upset at Paulie and his allies, but that made it hard for fans to accept that Nicole might have gotten the better of Natalie, so they invented a different story that made it easier for them to avoid giving Nicole the credit for her move.

      • This year is rigged for Nicole for many reasons.
        September 21. Did Nicole win? NO. All of you conspiracy theorist could stop typing the word rigged now.
        Hope, hope, and hope that my prediction comes true.

      • I have nothing against Nicole winning and agree that she earned her spot, but I can’t ignore the fact that production does have some hand in how the game goes. At the end of the day it’s still just a show, so production is going to do what’s best for the shows ratings.

      • It’s called Big Brother for a reaosn. They will try to manipulate the HGs as much as possible but it isn’t ‘rigged’ in the classical sense. Do people udnerstand where the phrase ‘big brother’ comes from?

      • Totally … but until you referred to “1984” in this context, I was only thinking of the 24/7 surveillance concept and completely disregarding the group of elitists who controlled everyone and everything. I have not considered that production is, indeed, playing the role, in some fashion, of the “controlling” group. Regardless, I totally agree it isn’t “rigged” in the classical sense.

      • Everyone always says that like the time they said it was rigged when Brendan came back then found out people were in sequester the whole time before he went out. Sick of people using this as an excuse when the show isn’t going the way they want it to.

  8. I have never commented on a blog before. As a 68 year old female, I wanted to give my perspective. I watch a lot of tv, mostly reality, and BB is my favorite. I have been watching from the very first season. I loved the one time they had two seasons in one year, how I wish they would do that every year. I have also watched BBAD since it became available. I have to say BB18 has evoked more emotions for me than any other season. If people aren’t able to watch BBAD, they have no idea of the “real” personalities, and what is truly going on in the house. James – I liked him in BB17, but cannot abide him now. He is a nice person, but this is a contest. He has not played the game. The only thing James did all season was let fake Natalie, split-personality, mentally abuse him. He continuously enabled her. Natalie is one of the most abusive people ever on BB, but she tries to cover it with her looks and flirtations. Nicole – she spent the entire season in bed. Meech, Natalie, Nicole – they have the most deplorable eating habits I have ever seen. Paul and Victor – I couldn’t stand them in the beginning, but I am one of their biggest fans now. They have played the game well, been true to themselves and each other, and are a hilarious duo. I would love to see them on TAR as a team. My vote is for Paul as the winner of BB18, and Victor as America’s Favorite. They are the only two people that deserve anything.

    • Welcome! I remember my very first ever comment and it was on this site 3 seasons ago. You’re already a pro, with a great opinion I might add. :D

      • I enjoy Paul and Vic so much. So entertaining. I can’t believe I didn’t care for either of them in the beginning. Haha

    • If you haven’t already (you didn’t say if you have been reading and just not commenting here), take some time to read over some of the comments over this season and then you will “get your wings” and your “hard hat” – some (including me, of course) don’t always sound so nicey, nicey sometimes and I don’t want you to get hurt or take things too seriously if you don’t know that – let’s just call it “passion” .. I really do think in the end mostly very well-intentioned, heartfelt people. Wish you the best and have fun!!

      • Thanks so much, Linda. I have been reading the comments, and enjoy them so much. I just didn’t have the nerve to post. I have my hard hat on now. Haha

    • Welcome LInda, I’m a newbie this year too. Looks like you know what you are doing based on this post alone, you should have no problem at all. Enjoy! :)

    • There is so much more things to watch on the feeds. I don’t have it, but some people here share the information. I agree with the majority of the things you said and I’m rooting for the same players that you are.
      I do disagree with the Natalie comment and think that James became obsessed with her and she was sick of it. Yes, she used him and that was the way she chose to play her game, but he did the same to her and became a leech while at it.

      • Natalie reeled Little James in with her hooks when Natalie revealed she was an NFL Cheerleader…Poor little Jimmy took the bait making a useless chump out of him. Seriously, what are the chances of the average short guy sharing a bed with a NFL Cheerleader? Men & their egos “F” them up everytime

    • Totally agree – this season began quite flat and then became the Paulie show at which point I was thisclose to giving up. However, things took a dramatic turn for the better around the time Of Vic’s firstvre-entry. From there, the season developed into the most dynamic and enjoyable bb I’ve yet seen.

      • I’m with you on the Paulie fiasco. I was ready to throw in the towel. I’m so glad he left earlier in the game. I have really enjoy the Vic and Paul show. And to think I didn’t care for them in the beginning of the season. Haha

  9. Paul deserves to win this game. He played top-notch throughout the entire season. Nicole and James honestly floated 90% of the time. Nicole didn’t really DO anything until her Week 10 HOH win and James gave her that one. And James….Oh James. ONE comp win this season? That’s just pathetic

  10. Think we all can agree that James has overstayed his welcome on BB and that it would be great to see Paul and Vic on TAR

    • James has a big fan base with this show. I like the guy but felt he didn’t play the game this year.

    • I second that. Vic and Paul are made for TAR. They would be the greatest pair ever, and so entertaining.

      • Why don’t you like the Friday night spot, Philly? There is nothing on on Friday nights hardly all year worth watching. I guess that’s why I kind of like it. Of course, I guess that is some people’s family night or socializing time.

    • No more James on BB, no James on Survivor, no James on TAR. Let James go out, get a job to earn a living and support a child. Hopefully along the way he meets someone he can have an actual romance with and settle down. He needs to stop looking for a quick, big payout.

  11. All Summer there have been on numerous occasions fans saying this year is rigged for Nicole or Nicole and James and any other combo of them two. What i want to know is a real simple answer to a real simple question. If Paul wins this year, do you still believe the game was rigged? If so, then Why?

    • To be fair, IMO and to the best of my recollection, many (me included) with the “rigged” theory weren’t committed to a rigged outcome – that would be quite a feat in this setting IMO, but definitely to some rigged comps and some perhaps highly persuasive DRs – consequently it is quite easy to maintain the theory regardless of who finally wins.

      • Very well put. Production might have to swallow their pride and admit that it just isn’t going to work out the way they wanted it to. If so, they might “allow” Paul to win if they think that will benefit the show more in the future.

  12. I’m not saying it’s rigged, but I have to say I feel like Nicole is shoe-horned as the one to cheer for. By that I mean she gets a lot of screen time and is usually the one centered. Not that its her fault, but I feel production WANTS people to cheer for her. Which is utter crap because we can like whoever we want.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Nicole. In fact she isn’t my least favorite houseguest (*cough* Frankie *cough*). But I feel like she’s supposed to be the audience surrogate when she hasn’t really done much to earn their attention. I’m not talking about gameplay I’m talking as far as entertainment.

    Atleast with 14 we had Frank (though I didn’t like him) and Dan, 15 we had Elissa (underdog), 16 we had Donny and 17 we had Johnny Mac. And they did a lot to make people like them or cheer for them. Nicole rarely did much for an appeal for entertainment. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate her, I’m just saying she’s overhyped.

  13. Hmm. James being the prankster and competition beast; everyone loves him. James being strategically and more serious for the game; he’s universally hated. I know it’s just my opinion, but I’m baffled that everyone hates James, just because he’s playing the game. Yes, he did make some stupid decisions, what with not talking game when Michelle was up on the block, and trying to throw his game to Natalie, but at the very least, he’s playing the second best strategic game of the season. Paul, I’ll agree, has this in the bag, if he wins Round 3. He really does deserve it, but, if Nicole beats him, I’m sorry, but James will win, since the majority of the Jury hate her. But, that’s only if she can. Again, it’s my opinion, so please no hate. :)

    • It’s fine.
      And it’s not that he plays the game which people are panning him. It’s that people think his gameplay sucks and he panders too much to Natalie. Yeah he took more of a strategical route, but he sucked at it.

    • James isn’t playing any game except the eating and sleeping game. Oh and obsessing for Nat, other than that James has been a total waste of a HG this year. No hate, just opinion. :)

    • Thanks, Mr. Andrew — no hate at all, but I can understand your concern! By the way, I do agree with you that James has said his strategy is to lay low and not win comps and no one can say he hasn’t done that!! Ha-ha and pretty clever of him if he is truly a sucky player because even better that he says that! Regardless .. he is at F3 and if people want to call him a Victoria, that’s fine I guess, but you cannot say that he has had a Derrick all the while. Me, too – please no hate :)

    • Unless it is true that James and Nicole had a secret final 2 deal, then I would say he did nothing but float his way to the end. Every year this show has floaters and the best players like to take them to the end and this year James was chosen.

    • James the prankster? Absolutely. James the competition beast? Hard to know, since all he does is throw them, and he’s very good at that. I don’t hate James, what I hate is Paul’s obnoxious filthy mouth, and it’s unfortunate all he’s going to learn, is that attitude and that mouth just won him $500K.

  14. Just based on the gameplay I’m rooting for Paul, he’s not my favorite player of the season but the guy has been playing a really good game, I respect that. If he don’t reach the F2 I guess I’m rooting for Nicole, once again, not my favorite, I think that she was really boring this season, but she made more thinks than James (although not a great achievement, but…)

      • That would be such an upset for some while it would make others cheer.

        Really think Paul has played the best game of those in the F3. Would be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • And I agree with you, I think that is not fair, because despite Nicole is not the best option for the title she made more things than James. I want to see Nicole winning the season? Nope, but of both returnees I think that she deserves more than James just for her gameplay. But I really really hope that Paul win the season, he deserves the victory.

      • Tbh all the season I wasn’t rooting for someone, since the beginning I wasn’t excited about the cast, Victor -in my opinion- is the most salvageable houseguest of the season, the first weeks I don’t like him, even when he came back I stop to see the show, but later when I started to see the season again I said: hey this guy is not bad at all; also I don’t dislike Tiffany at all, I agree that her biggest issue was playing like her sister, but I found a couple of interesting things on her gameplay; and Bridgette sometimes, not at all. Out of them Paul for his gameplay -not a big fan of his personality, just my opinion- and that’s all. The other returnees and newbies meh, some interesting moments but nothing special.

      • I agree that Paul can be grating. I was rooting for Tiffany just because I’m a huge Vanessa fan, but after she left, I wasn’t really strongly rooting for anyone either. But that actually made the season a lot of fun for me because it made it easier to base my decisions purely on gameplay week by week rather than my personal favorite HGs.

  15. The great thing about BB this season is that we all can agree that we all have our favorites!

    And that’s a good thing! We are all able to come here and share and post. ???

    • Exactly and we should be able to respect one another’s opinions, this is a game “at the end of the day” as the HG’s like to say ad nauseum. No need to get our panties in a bunch….snarking and sharing our thoughts and opinions makes BB a much richer experience for me.

      • I have no problem with everyone sharing their opinions and having friendly disagreements.
        Some obsessive people don’t understand that concept.

      • Yow – I wonder if us obsessive people will pick up on that? hahahahahahahahahahah! Geez, SamsaraJello, we were getting along so well until you said that! Hey – settle down, I’m just trying to be funny .. are you laughing?? I hope so. And I am also going to take your advice and try to evaluate my obsessiveness. Honest. Thank you.

      • lol. I’m not sure if you’re joking because I have blocked the ones I’m referring to. It was impossible for me to have a decent disagreement with them.

      • LOL – for sure just having fun with you! However, I do also try to use what people say and look at myself, so thank you for that and yes – I have blocked a couple who did seem obsessive and unable to have a decent disagreement – understand completely.

      • I do look at myself and continue to make the same comments because I’m just sharing an opinion. The judging of HGs to me is harmless since they are not reading my comments and chose to be on TV 24/7.

      • I’ve had to block a couple of people too that constantly made disgusting, negative comments about a HG.

      • So true! We all can agree to disagree and most times, even agree. This is a game and we should all enjoy it and feel free to share our opinions.

      • Right! I didn’t mean argument as a negative thing, but argument in the sense of people sharing their opinions and backing them up with evidence. And if a little sass slips in every once in a while, it’s all in good fun. ;)

      • I can attest to your sass Pelican! Haha! ;) Seriously though, can you imagine how boring this site would be if we ALL agreed??


  16. I think Nicole will take James, and I’m hoping that Paul takes James.
    James winning over Nicole will make my day. She will still get second place which is too bad.

    • “Why then would Nicole take that risk? If she does take Paul then obviously she thinks she could beat him as there’s no way she’s going to the end to lose by choice.”

      Nicole could very well take Paul if she has the “Cody syndrome” – he knew full well by taking Derrick instead of Victoria it would cost him $450K, but he did it anyway. If she takes Paul (instead of James and against Corey’s advice), she’ll know it could cost her the win.

      • I don’t think the HGs are aware of what the jurors will do if Paul is at the end. They make the same assumptions we do. I think Nicole will win against Paul, but that is just me guessing. I don’t see why anyone thinks James played a good game. He is just more likable between the 3. Julie said that Paul may win by 1 vote, but I think Nicole could beat James by 1 and Paul by many.

      • The same women who supposedly “hate” Nicole in the jury house are the ones who want a woman to win this year – especially if her competition is a man – and they could give her the win in a big way.

      • I agree. It is because of the girls vote that I think she will win. Michelle may even change her mind and vote for her.

  17. They are both taking James if they win , neither is risking a half million dollars to a close jury vote . James is a lock for second place this week

  18. I don’t want James anywhere near being able to win this game..don’t mean that in a nasty way..but, he has done nothing to deserve a chance at winning this game.and who knows with this jury? This is a jury that is very hard to read, I think. I really hope this F2 with Paul and Nicole is real..although..Nicole wants to win this game soooooo bad, that I think she would take Corey’s advice and take James. James needs to go out in 3rd place..and then I want him to be stunned when he does not win AFP with that prize going to Victor! Vic for AFP and Paul for the win!

  19. James is the most undeserving of the three with Nicole and Paul but, both will take him to Final 2. I do not see Nicole or Paul taking each to Final 2 over James. You want to win that $500,000 and James being beside you will give you the best chance. If it was Nicole and Paul, Paul probably has a slight edge although, Nicole probably still has a chance to win it! Smart play is take James and get the win outright! Ironic that James does not deserve that $50,000 2nd prize but, you may have to take him to win it!

  20. the fight is corey and victor.he tells victor paul is only there because victor kept coming back.the fireworks start.

    • And Corey was only there because he laid around like a slug all season and then had Nicole help him along.

      • Corey was able to stay in the house and not get evicted because no one but Nic ever realized he was there. Corey, who Corey, lol

  21. BB should increase the 1st and runner up prizes. $500k and $50k is too low. CBS can afford it.

    Survivor pays $1 million as do other reality shows.

    • I disagree because this game show is not in the same quality as the others. There is no suffering like survivor or super hard comps like in TAR.

      • LOL The Feedsters have been the ones that have suffered this season. It was full to the brim with Jeffish. I hope we don’t have to suffer through it with the new online season.

      • There is a lot of emotional turmoil and physicality on BB.

        $1 million 1st prize and $150k runner up would be more fair. It would definitely make it more competitive.

      • There is emotional turmoil in all of them. In survivor the players are starving, stung and bitten by bugs. They have no problem insulting each other and calling out the ones that slack off.

      • Do you think that maybe they should raise the grand prize to $2 million on Survivor or $1.5 million at the very least?

        Sounds brutal ?

      • Also, the jury house in and of itself is too much of a reward. Some of them play only ‘get to jury’ and hang out by the pool. They should consider sequestering them or setting them up in more average digs.

    • What would actually make it more fair metgala is instead of having only the F2 on BB…have the F3 like Survivor does, then the BEST player won’t be evicted 3rd and that would make the other Hg play harder. Just my opinion…

      • Another good suggestion. They need to do something to change things up in the season ahead.

  22. Nicole is trying her best with jury management here, she will need either Paul or James vote if she makes it to the end so no doubt she’s speaking with a forked tongue to both guys.
    What really surprised me about Friday’s episode is that James wants to go to the finale with Paul.

    • It’s hard to watch them lie to each other. Their anxiety must be at an all time high right now with the $500k being so close.

      • I don’t have the feeds but it must be agonizing to watch every little thing you do or say in order to not ruin your game.
        Does Paul intend to take Nicole or James to the end?

      • Both are swearing up and down to each other that they are taking each other – Paul/Nicole

        But Nicole spoke to the cams a few minutes ago saying how James doesn’t even deserve the $50k and she hopes that Vic and Paul don’t vote bitter.

        So she may very well be taking James to F2 if she wins part 3 of HOH.

        It’s just hard not to see Paul win because he really played the game and tried so much.

      • I think Nicole will take James, I’m unsure of what Paul will do. He’s said a few things that made me think he would really take Nicole.
        James and Paul seem to have a past history but I can’t recall what exactly happened between those 2.

      • Not sure either re: James/Nicole history.

        But she seems very frustrated with his lousy game this season and doesn’t believe he threw the comps. She said he tried really hard but failed.

      • I just read on Jokers that James wants Nicole out because of Natalie. I suppose he thinks she’ll marry him if he has a hand in Nicole’s demise.
        One thing about James, he can certainly hold a grudge.

      • Wondering how James will react when he finishes the season and realizes how many people thought Natalie and him wasn’t even remotely close to what he was imagining.

      • From what I heard, in James’s previous season with Meg he turned up on her NY doorstep after the game. He probably asked for her address so he could write her or something but he shows up unannounced and uninvited.
        Meg had a new boyfriend by then and this made James mad. I heard that he blew up Meg’s relationship on social media when she had been trying to keep this a secret.
        Now he says Meg did him wrong.
        this is so wrong…
        Anyway, it looks to me like James will not take a hint from Natalie that she doesn’t want a ‘relationship’ with him. He will never believe her and will never accept the fact that Nat used him.

      • Found this online

        “James is the kid in first grade who that likes picks his nose and smears it on the face of the girl he likes. So I don’t know if there’s fireworks for me and James.”

        I have never seen a guy beg a girl like he does, for kisses, love etc…
        Get over it dude, she isn’t into you
        — EvelDick (@EvelDick) August 23, 2016
        Welcome to the real world, idiot
        — EvelDick (@EvelDick) August 24, 2016

      • Meg was a beautiful person, inside and out so I don’t understand why James thought he had a chance with her to begin with.
        The same way with Nat. Someone once said about James that he can’t make somebody like him or even love him; but he never gives up.

      • It’s true. Previous HG from his season aren’t too fond of him. In fact, they down right bash him. Lol smh

        Google this video with Jason talking about James

        “Jason drags and exposes famewhore James Huling”

      • Thanks for finding that video, it says a lot about James.
        I didn’t know Meg was dating Mike Holloway from Survivor – hope they’re still together.
        James behavior was so childish.

      • LMAO!! I freaking LOVE Evel Dick! #Hilarious! You know, I hated him on season 8 almost as much as I love him now…but, like Paul ED won me over by the end of the season. Now…LOVE him! :)

      • Being straight forward and direct is the way to go and not being disillusioned.

        His tweets were funny. But by the looks of it, James needs to wake up and start living in reality and not the fantasy he has of being a life long reality star. Smh

      • I heard it from reliable sources TGJ, maybe some one here can tell you where to find more info since I can’t remember :D

      • The more Paul talks about James not being deserving could be having the reverse effect. Nicole might be hearing….I will vote for you over James.

      • Nicole is probably unable to tell if Paul really means it when he says he’ll take her. I’m not sure either at this point but I’m beginning to think he really will.
        Nicole has said countless times that all the girls dislike her and wouldn’t vote for her so maybe Paul believes this and that’s why he’s taking Nicole.

      • Don’t worry will keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

        They are playing cards now; all three of them.

        Actually Nicole and Paul were using the cards as a guise to talk but James came in a sat with them in the yard.

        Before that, Paul and Nicole realized that half the deck was missing and so Nicole asked James where they were.

        He gave her clues as to where he hid them. Smh

      • Thanks for keeping us updated. I can imagine that James will horn in on any and all Paul and Nicole conversations from here on out..

  23. If this show is rigged then these houseguests are the best actors ever. Hollywood would do themselves proud to hire each and every one of them.

    • The reason why people assume that it’s rigged is because the HGs are the worst actors ever seen on TV and it seems to obvious.

      • Then I pose this thought. If it’s too obvious then we’d all be in total agreement, case closed, but this isn’t the case. These HGs have everyone debating.

      • Some people would still deny it even if there was conclusive evidence the show was rigged, but I agree with you that there has not been any really definitive proof. The arguments follow pretty much the same pattern as major conspiracy theories, which tend to focus on a few very specific details that fit the theory and then propose an increasingly elaborate story to make the theory work.

        On the other hand, Diary Room sessions are scripted to various degrees depending on the HG (we’ve heard Natalie say they feed her lines and she repeats them while we’ve heard Paul say that he sort of just goes for it) It’s probably fair to say that production exerts some control over any public vote twist because they control how the casual audience views the HG’s.

        Casting is also an obvious production influence. They definitely don’t cast everyone thinking that they could be a potential winner, and I think they try to put people in the house to get in showmances, or call people out, or things like that, but they can’t predict how things will work out. (I’ve said before that I think Paul was cast as the loudmouth that gets himself sent out in the first couple of weeks, and production is likely very surprised to see him as the front runner to win)

        So production influences the show to a certain degree, and it can be game affecting, but as you said, most of us are still waiting for any sort of conclusive evidence that it’s rigged.

  24. I think it is too bad that the Jurors never saw Nicole lollipopping. That would have influenced their votes.

  25. Nicole is talking to the live feeders and is complaining how James did nothing but sleep and chase Nat all summer.

    Agree with Nicole!

    But she is saying that Paul better not vote bitter which means she may take James. Omg SMH

  26. This was posted on the web

    Thought it was funny…

    If Nicole wins final hoh and evicts Paul, she loses.

    Loud mouth Paul will make it his job in the few minutes he has on stage to turn everyone against Nicole the snake and give James the money. Laugh

    If the darkest timeline happens in which Nicole wins, evicts Paul, and then loses to James, it should at least be fun watching her meltdown at losing Big Brother to James Joseph Huling.

  27. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like production played a big part in the MacGyver veto comp, baseball themed veto comp, and the comic book veto comp. 1. MacGyver comp: Corey knew exactly what to do as soon as he opened the door. 2. Baseball-themed comp: Corey was definitely going faster than Paul and could have won but he randomly stops on 38 and blames it on the fact that he “wasn’t paying attention” which is hard to believe because it is the last veto comp. 3. Comic veto comp: when the houseguests were looking at the comics everyone was going at the same pace, but Nicole was going significantly slower allowing her more time to memorize the comics.

    • As for the Baseball one, chalk it up to panic. As for BB Comics, sometimes being tiny is an advantage. If she were heavier, Nicole probably would have moved faster. Being tiny is also what helpe her win the wall comp. As for the MacGyver one, I don’t have a clear answer, though I do remember reading that all the HG’s were given some degree of a walkthrough (specifically they were told where the key was in the second room, I think? I can’t find the article now) If you want to believe the game is rigged, that one’s your best piece of evidence, I’d say, though I personally still doubt it.

  28. Nicole alienated jury women by reporting them to Paulie and his male squad during Paulie’s reign. The women talked about it often, knowing that Nicole could hardly wait to run off from conversations with the women and suck up to Paulie, Corey, etc. by tattling and actively making herself a part of the females’ evictions. Bridgette, Zakiyah, Michelle and Da’Vonne especially talked about Nicole as a backstabbing snake, even while sometimes trying to curry her favor. Natalie was never treated well by Nicole either, except briefly, during Michelle and Natalie’s co-HoH, when it became politically expedient.

    Wanting a woman to win is one thing, but voting for a woman who behaved like a hypocritical “anti-feminist” is another thing. Nicole did the very opposite of being supportive to the other women who played. She wasn’t even smart enough to be subtle about it. Opinions could have softened with time or changed when Nicole began gaining power. We’ll see, if she isn’t evicted before the jury can decide how it would vote.

    • Didn’t she even say at one point that she has very few/none strong female friendships? I guess Nicole just doesn’t get along well with other women. That’s her prerogative, but she didn’t really help the “Girl power” in the house.

      I still think it would be nice to see Nicole win because it would prove that a Big Brother jury can respect a woman who played a solid game, even when there’s a man sitting next to her.

    • This is all so true. It would be different if Nicole had been an ‘equal opportunity’ backstabber, but this was not the case. Much like Paulie, she targeted other women specifically because of their gender. Her distain of women is remarkable, and the thing she seems to take the most pride in. Now, if these same women don’t choose to hand over $500,000 to her, they’re ‘bitter’?? What a joke. If Karma makes an appearance on Wednesday, it will be Paul for the win, James for #2, (because after taxes and child support, most of his winnings will evaporate), and this little twit goes home with no prize $$ and no Coreeee.

  29. This article is written in many parts as though Round 3 is already over and Nicole won. Was very confusing especially having been out of the loop for a day or 2. Might want to fix some of the wording – including the poll itself. “Who would Nicole Take to the F2” sure is less misleading.

  30. Nicole loses either way. Paul is liked, funny, a talker custom made for an F2 speech, won comps, survived the block many times, and was a great strategist. James ran his showmance and is liked ESPECIALLY compared to Nicole, who was sheltered in a showmance, who has horrible relations with females (she seems so uncomfy around girls and seeks out guys), and is generally disliked. She will get Corey and Paulie, and MAYBE Day. She’s done.

  31. I think that Nicole could have won against Victor. Nicole had 4 votes locked already. (James, Corey, Zakiyah, Paulie) all she needed is 1 more vote and that’s where Da’Vonne comes in. I think both Paul and Nicole could have won against Victor. I don’t find Victor to be that much of a jury threat that everyone makes him out to be. The jury may like him, but I never heard them once say “I was voting for Victor”.

    Also Nicole should take James. I think against Paul, it’s way too close to decide who will win. Against James, it’s a little bit easier.

    • James does not deserve to win anything. He did not play the game. I liked him in BB17, but he is a different person this time around. He wasted his game on trying to win the heart of Natalie. He definitely does not know how to take a hint.

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