‘Big Brother 18’: Final Chance At Round Trip Ticket This Week

This week on Big Brother 18 marks the final chance for one of the Houseguests to reveal their Big Brother Airlines ticket in the hopes of a Round Trip back in to the game after a would be eviction is cut-short. Will we see it come in to play this week?

Paulie tries to sniff out his ticket

Despite some fans’ concerns of a rigged system there’s really no reasonable expectation of that going on in the game. Everyone has a card with the same chances at returning to the game. With four cards revealed so far we’ve dropped down to a one in eight shot at the magic turn and return trip.

Every week so far we’ve heard claims this whole thing is rigged. Frank was supposedly going to have the Round Trip card because it was rigged. Then Da’Vonne was supposed to have it because it was rigged. Zakiyah would have it to protect Paulie because it was… you get the point.

Now we’re preparing for Paulie to head out the door as top target for eviction this week. Eight cards left and his could be the one as the other seven cards are just as likely. There’s no real way for us to know beforehand if Paulie has the magic ticket, but production definitely knows since the cards are all numbered.

The mystery Friday episode seemed suspiciously flexible as it was scheduled for the day after the end of the RT twist but no actual details were given regarding what it would feature. This seemed as though CBS could have been reserving that decision until they knew what to expect.

Now we know Friday’s show will feature a concert by Ziggy Marley and the return of Jessie Godderz to host a carnival themed competition event. It was taped on Monday night which means both Paulie and Corey are included in the footage despite our expectations that one of them will be voted out and off to Jury.

Part of the carnival comp included the chance to win powers in the game which allegedly included an advantage in the upcoming HoH competition. So what if Paulie won it and then was voted out with that extra power in his hands? That’d be a waste. But really either of the noms could have won the power but only one could have the RT so I’m going to guess production was okay with that comp advantage potentially walking out the door with the evictee.

Maybe this special comp episode is hinting at production knowing Paulie has the RT and is coming back. Everyone out here knew Paulie’s game was over when he lost that Veto comp and locking down the noms on Monday made that even more of a certainty.

We can speculate and guess, but really there’s no way for us to know for sure and we’re going to just have to wait for Thursday night to see whether or not Paulie has that ticket and will head back inside after being voted out.

Do you hope Paulie has the ticket? It’d be dramatic for sure. Or are you ready for his time to be over and shuffle on off to the Jury house for a few weeks until finale night? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. It is most likely not rigged. If it were, it would have been rigged for one of the returning HGs, not Paulie.

    But please Matthew, stop insulting our intelligence by implying that there is no way that it could be rigged. The house is regularly placed on lockdown and the feeds cut when places are locked. So how do you rig it? Simple, no one gets the return ticket originally, and then if your player is in danger, then on an outdoor or HoH lockdown, someone comes in and switches out their envelope. Its not like these are being held by HGs at all times.

    Of course, rigging the envelopes would be a step farther than they have ever gone. They persistently rigged BB13 for the returning players, but even then, the fix was never 100% in, just a strong set of advantages making the path easier.

    The biggest fixes are usually the america votes, and the america vote this year (care package) has not been strong enough to bail out a doomed player.

    • I am sure all of the twists and turns are all planned well in advance. As for the rigging like someone else said it could put CBS at risk with the FCC and god knows who else. I don’t think they would chance it. BB may give a nudge in DR by the question they ask. JMO

      • I don’t think CBS would take the chance of switching cards. Either he has it, or he doesn’t. Do they have some comps tailored for a favorite to win? Yes, but it turns out to be luck. Look at that dunderhead Corey. He won HOH and Veto. I think the others threw it

    • i dont think matt is insulting anyone’s intelligence. i did not read anything about there not being a possibility it could be done. i think he stands against conspiracy theorists that believe it actually happens. for me, im not a trusting person so much, but i can see the possibility being there of the show rigging things but believe they dont.

      • He followed up dismissively here, after having posted something the week of the envelopes that suggested it was impossible because everyone got one.

      • I agree bc I comment the possibility was there when I read that. so I was carefully reading this one. he does dismiss the theory as he always has. he just left out the “it’s not possible” on this one, I thought

    • They go on lockdown for numerous things. This year so far they had to fix a leak in the kitchen, water was dripping from the ceiling in the bathroom which was leaking from the HOH shower that they had to fix, things fell off the wall. So there are a lot of reasons they go on lockdown.

      • And setting up comps and sets and switching up tables. They have an HoH lockdown every eviction day. That is the whole point. If lockdowns were rare switching the envelopes would be hard.

        And again, not saying they would do this. Paulie has been so mopey this week they may be more likely to switch it AWAY from him. Just pointing out how ridiculously simple it would be.

    • I had already thought that about switching envelopes before I read this. At this point it would be important for ratings and drama in the house to keep Paulie in there and always the possibility he had the ticket all along. If he does have the round trip ticket, which I will be very surprised if he doesn’t considering the Friday show would most likely have been a jury competition and now it’s going to be a concert.

  2. I certainly hope he does not have the round trip ticket and would be disappointed if he did. The guys has proven to be a world class cad and it would be best if he went home before he embarrasses himself and his family any further.

  3. wow. paulie aint gettin no love. that will be a shock to him and a few others in the house. i gotta say, the ones i am rooting for are not the ones i originally wanted to win. i can’t remember exactly what was said or if he did something(more than trying to shmooze nicole in her HOH week), but he went from being on the bottom of my list to being top dog, and i am not reading or seeing anything about him being too cocky. good for him. i love michelle. really liked reading she called paulie out on his “phobia”. what a laugh. im all for drama and entertainment, and we would get it if paulie does get back in, but in this case i would prefer paulie free entertainment/drama. i think nic/corey realizing one of them are going home next(assuming corey doesnt get pkg), will be entertainment/drama enough. im bracing for all the nicole whinning she will do.

    • Yeah on BBAD last night, Nicole said they could be in trouble next week. It made me laugh. I hope she’s out next

    • Well their 3 ways corey/nicole could be safe, The way you mentioned and if corey wins hoh or if nicole wins hoh

  4. I am guessing that Paulie has the round trip ticket and production knows it. That is why they had no issues filming the Friday show early as they know everyone in the hose today will be there on Friday. As to if it is rigged. I have always said production interferes way to much and sometimes very blatantly. I think that the reason Paulie had a change of heart about the pie baking and other I from earlier in the week is they sat him down and told him.

    • I thought (and still do a little bit), that the Friday episode was a battle back because Julie didn’t say anything about it. But because it was a concert, that had to be planned out some time in advance (getting the act booked, especially). It makes it a bit less suspicious to me, I guess.

  5. Am I the only one who doubts the game is rigged? I mean sure they give people unnecessary edits, but rigged is a bit of stretch.

    Let’s take 13 for example. If the game was rigged for Rachel, riddle me this.
    – Why did Lawon volunteer to be a pawn?
    – Why did Daniele backdoor Brendon and not Rachel
    – Why did Shelli evict Jeff and not Rachel in DE?
    – Why didn’t Kalia break the tie and sent Rachel packing?
    – Why didn’t Porche evict Rachel but instead Jordan who can’t win a comp to save her life?
    – Why did Shelli (someone who hates Rachel’s guts) voted for Rachel to win?

    Can anyone answer these please, because I have my doubts

    • Well those are generally decisions influenced by what’s gone on in the house that week, or builds up over time. Lawon was an idiot, certain he would be safe. How are any of these proof of rigging? I’ve watched since Season 1, but I don’t think DR tells them who to nominate. I do think they may have them talk about what’s gone on between HOH and certain HG’s. However, the decision is up to HOH. So you think all those were rigged.

      I do want to say I would delete Kalia – she played a really bad game, and not likable

    • Happy to jump in.

      First, you need to define “rigged”. You are interpreting it as “the outcome is predetermined and only one player can win. And that didn’t happen.

      Second, it is not a matter that it was rigged solely for Rachel.

      BB13 featured heavy production interference to protect the returning players and keep them in the game as long as possible. That does not mean it is set up for Rachel alone. It could as well have favoured Jeff if he could just find a clown shoe.

      To whit:

      BB13 started with the pairs twist and the golden ticket. This guaranteed that 3 veteran players would survive the first weeks. Add to that an america’s vote for a pre jury buyback, and returning players always scoring highest, and any one returner evicted is going to get to compete to come back.

      And this suffered a blow the first week when Dick had to leave. Suddenly, two fewer vets to play and the risk of early exits.
      So what was the week 2 HoH comp? It was near identical to just about the only comp Jordan had ever managed to win.

      But more than that, they did something truly unprecedented. They let the departing HoH (Rachel) choose the order that houseguests played. That was a massive advantage in two ways. First, playing later lets you know what score you need to beat. Second, by having Jordan compete before the guys, it let them throw it if she was in position to win, which is what happened. Now, that is not a 100% fix, but it is a strong bias.

      Then we get to crazy Lawon week. Brendan is about to be voted back into a comp by fans, but there is a strong chance that Rachel should go home. Julie takes the unprecedented step of telling the houseguests that whoever is evicted next might not be gone for good (no mention of other possible returners, just the next eviction BEFORE they do it). This of course, made everyone paranoid about evicting Rachel. They didn’t know they would face a returning player of the two anyway, only that she might be back. Further, if you saw Kalia or Lawon AFTER their DRs that week, you could see how much their paranoia was fed behind the scenes. Lawon still was massively dumb (unless you believe that production offered him money, which I don’t), but that week was coordinated to increase the chances of Brandon coming back without a vet leaving.

      After that, they could let things play out for awhile. They had 5 returning HGs at that point, and a big rivalry, so they let it play out. But in the two weeks that followed, they lost 3 vets as the two sides played it out.

      And they had invested so much edit on this war between Danielle and the couples that you were left with Rachel (who at that point had been moping for two weeks and useless) and Jordan (who couldnt win her way out of a paper bag), and a bunch of newbies the audience hated and really barely knew.

      So when Porsche took down the next HoH, they had a problem. They were a lock to lose returner #4. Both ladies go up, one goes home, no way to save them both. Which is why Rachel was openly crying for a twist to save her.

      Enter Productions’ box, and a twist which suddenly makes it possible for Rachel to save both her AND Jordan. And what is the comp they use? Oh, look, it is basically the same comp Rachel won week 1 and in her season.

      So none of that was “rigged” with the express purpose of making Rachel the winner. It was simply heavily manipulated to keep the players people tuned in for in the house as long as possible.

      BB doesn’t care who wins. They just don’t want all the high wattage players gone and bored viewers tuning out.

      So running down your questions:

      • Love your points there Mark. And I mainly used Rachel as an example as people still thinks BB13 was rigged.

  6. funny how much hatred towards paulie but no hate on other like paul!yet dan ian drek all won!

  7. If Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket, I hope CBS has a consolation prize for whoever does hold it. I’m hoping that come Friday, more filming for Friday night’s show will be done, and whoever holds the winning ticket will be rewarded with a prize or special advantage. (Can’t go on the block, wins a real trip somewhere, etc.)

  8. No paulie go away get back to your little girlfriend in the jury house America hates u

  9. people say the game rigged well look at the memory wall drek-ian both won the same postition now paul have 3peat in the same postition

  10. To SHARONA, I watched the What happened last night movie on youtube. Next video will be the Califore or whatever their name is video. Hope you find it

  11. I don’t believe in outright rigging as much as tailoring competitions, america’s votes, surprise twists and special powers (like one someone could win in a game at a “country fair” perhaps?), etc. so that the odds will favor the outcome being as close as possible to production’s liking for whichever houseguest they want to stick around for whatever reason (drama, ratings, favoritism, contractual obligations, etc.).

    I used to be a non-believer, but it was during the seasons with Rachel’s sister (sorry, I’m blanking on her name) and Frankie Grande when I became convinced that production, while not necessarily outright fixing or rigging the game, was certainky tweaking things as the season went along to try and help both of them as much as possible (for just one example, I seem to recall, during Frankie’s season, Frankie being doomed if he didn’t win the veto, and then the veto comp was suddenly delayed, followed by a massive reconstruction effort in the yard, after Caleb or whoever said they wouldn’t play to help Frankie win the veto, and then it turned out that the competition was actually easier for a single person to do by themselves than for a team to do).

    Likewise, am I the only one who remembers Rachel’s sister (wish I could remember her name lol) being caught on the feeds telling one of the other players that she had been contractually guaranteed a minimum number of weeks in the house by production? Which brings up another point – whenever people try to say “oh no, the game can’t be rigged because of the FCC and regulations on game shows…” and such, wouldn’t there be something inherently unfair about giving some players (like this season’s returnees) contracts that give them a lump sum regardless of how long they stay in the game, while the newbies are only getting paid a stipend for however long they stay in the game? Something tells me that BB, as a “reality” show, is not governed by the same strict rules as a traditional game show, or they wouldn’t be able to do things like that…

    Of course, neither of them (Frankie or Rachel’s sister) won their overall season. And of course, that’s why I’m not arguing the game is outright rigged, just that it is tweaked and adjusted to be tipped as much as possible to be in some players’ favor as production deems necessary. Likewise, this doesn’t mean I think production is necessarily rigging the game for Paulie to come back – I would think, given his behavior, they wouldn’t want him to – I’m just trying to argue that I don’t think production occasionally tipping the scales in favor of a particular houseguest is out of the realm of possibility, and that it also seems to have possibly happened on more than one occasion in the past…

    • Yeah, people tend to misunderstand the notion of things being “rigged”. It doesn’t mean it is predetermined for one player to win the whole thing.

      It means that production will try to influence the game to keep players that people will tune in to follow in the game longer.

    • You are spot on. I’ve watch BB from the very first season and it is pretty clear to me that production manipulates things in the way you indicate. I think anyone who believes otherwise is pretty naive.

  12. OK as for if it is rigged. I truly believe production interferes all the time for the sake of ratings. Any of the contest can be fixed even the endurance comps. The order of the comps can be interchanged to allow certain guest a better shot at winning. Clues can be provided in the DR. Do I think it happens all the time no but There has been some coincidences in past season that make you think wow. Prime example was Danielle talking to the production team through he mirror in the back yard the entire second season she was in the house. I even think James getting the scond packet this year was a bit suspicious as he was the only person in the house that could have flipped the vote if he used it. If not James it would have been a waste (IMO).

  13. I was just watching BBAD recording from last nite, and one part they show is when Victor and Paul are in the Safari room talking about watching a “65” inch screen TV while imulating smoking a Joint, and BBAD had the nerve to try and block that part out by flashing the neon owl when they put their fingers up to their lips as if taking a pull from a joint. Are you kidding me, first of all they didn’t flash it fast enough, second dam near everybody and their momma is smoking weed these days, and third, isn’t marijuana legal in California anyway?

    • No, it’s not legal. There is an initiative trying to get on ballot for this Nov., but as of right now, a Dr.’s Rx is required.

    • Here’s what I found: Under California law, possessing up to an ounce or less of marijuana is a civil infraction similar to a speeding ticket.

  14. I hope beyond all things this season that Paulie comes back! To read everyone crying on here that he is back will be too funny!

  15. Something interesting to me, don’t know if anyone else will find it so. The last time Cody tweeted was about Paulie having the RT 4 days ago. He has been suspiciously quiet since then. Derrick hasn’t tweeted about Paulie since he gave the interview about him. Then there’s Evel Dick still ragging on “Pauline”.

      • Or could be that what can they possibly say right now. I’m sure they are embarrassed by his behavior

      • Sure, could be the case for Cody, absolutely. But I honestly think Derrick’s probably just too busy, between work (provided he’s not on paternity leave or something) and his girls (especially considering that baby is only 6 months). He said his peace and that was that.

  16. I am no fan of Paulie’s at all..can’t stand the guy..but this punishment with him having to bake the pies is just ridiculous…he bakes the pies and then they go right into the garbage…what a waste of fruit that could feed some kids somewhere..maybe at a school somewhere in the area. Dumb and stupid punishment!

    • sure way better ruining microphones and getting the boot like some people have!

      • I could care less whether he bakes them or not..;to me. it is a ridiculous punishment. A big waste. I work in a school system and I see kids everyday that are hungry…I don’t like seeing food go to waste like this.

      • i rather see food ruined over microphone at leastr with microphones you get the boot!

      • May u never be hungry nor anyone in ur family! One day that pie made with nasty hands might be ur first bite of food in a week. U really need to think before u speak. Kids are starving here in this country. Out of 10 kids, half miss one or more meals while some only get the luxury of eating at school cause they have nothing at home. U can’t eat a microphone last time I checked.

      • You’re the one making this an issue. I simply made a comment to 2 other comments. But, you have definitely opened my eyes. I just hope that I can change now and become a person of such class as yourself. I’ll try my best each and everyday to get up with the goal of striving to be like Kim! I’m just thinking how the hell I’ve survived 52 years without ur help! Please keep posting cause I need ur insights to help me through my days and nights!

      • I don’t give a damn if u replace 15 million microf’ING phones. I really don’t give a damn about the f’ING pies. Argue about it till hell freezes over! I made 2 comments and the world coming to an end. At the end of the day I can sit peaceful in my home and not deal with u nor Kim. So, yall get together and discuss the f’ING hell out of it. Got better things to do.

      • When u have never worried about ur next meal or the next meal someone else may not be getting, I guess u don’t have a clue of what life could really deal u in a heartbeat. Sometimes people are just a check away from nothing to eat, no power, no water, no roof over ur head. So many people take things of this nature with a grain of salt not realizing how many are fighting daily to just keep the bare necessities much less any type of luxury items. I’m with ya on this one. No food should be wasted and grown adults should know to wash their hands!

      • Removing L-Ann’s soap box.
        We all now know you are a wonderful person can we get back to the discussion at hand?
        (rolling my eye-balls)

      • My, my Kim. I’m sooo impressed. (Rolling my eye-balls, raising my eyebrows, hands on my hips, and gasping for breath)! Glad u picked out my comment to make ur little remarks. I said no worse than anyone else about this or anything else talked about on here. But, hey, if it gets ur rocks off, tickles ur fancy, or just gets u to rolling ur eye-balls…..I’m glad I could help u out.

      • I agree Lynn. I was thinking that last night watching AD when they were throwing all that food away.. Such a waste.

      • yet how masny time have other throwing out food but no ome want talk bout that!

      • The pie baking has settled him down a bit. Before he started doing the punishment he was acting like a ticking time bomb.

      • That’s worth the waste in pies (the task helping Paulie to settle down) …I actually mean that .. his mental state was scaring me … also, Paulie doesn’t use or waste his “quota” of clothes, so that should count for something, too. :)

    • To be honest I would not eat them. He hardly ever washes his hands. I have worked in food service for years. He could get someone sick. Now if he did wash his hands before hand that would be a different story.

      • He just said on the feeds..”No one eats these damn pies.” And they don’t because when he takes it out of the oven..he lets it cool for a bit and then goes to the trash and scrapes the whole pie out of the pan into the trashcan.

      • It’s worse this year because production is condoning it. If they put a bit of effort into having him do those pies right, they could donate them to local shelters.

    • lol way more food gets wasted than that on a daily basis. Most stores and restaurants throw away thousands of pounds of food everyday, because they can’t sell it anymore, and donating the food is such a hassle. So the pies are really nothing compared to big picture.

      • Not only becsuse donating food is a hassel, its also because there are food and health regulations about what type of food can be donated. The food bank won’t even take day old donuts. I remember 15 years ago when i was a kid my mom use to buy day old donuts for breakfast and now they can’t sell day old donuts.

      • I worked at a restaurant and I asked about donating the food at the end of the night. I was told the cost was to high. To many state laws and regulations to follow. And you still had all the lability connected to the food.

  17. I don’t want Paulie to come back into the game. He’s already a defeated man, and if he did have the RT ticket I want production to rig it so he can’t come back. He’s boring and uninspired and on borrowed time now. I actually wanted Corey to be voted out and Paulie to win the PoV so he could stay for this week, but with how depressed he is now, let’s not waste our or his time with any more game. Let’s give another jury member a chance to come in fresh and try it out.

    My dream would have been Paulie to stay, Bridgette to come back, and both of them fight it out a bit. No way that can happen now. Unless somehow they can be convinced to evict Corey. It’s just that nobody will listen to Paulie and they are more concerned with him mentally to even give him one more week.

  18. If Paulie has the round ticket and either Paulie, Corey or Nicole won an advantage in the next HOH then its rigged. The next care package is obviously going to Michelle or Victor because every poll on every website has them at the top for who will get the next care package.

    • Don’t forget the TV only audience. We have no clue how they’re voting. I know a couple personally who are voting for Corey because they can’t vote to give it to James again and they can’t stand seeing anyone else get it.

  19. I’m not saying that production does not run interference on this show, but seriously, if it were totally rigged, Frank and Davonne would both still be there instead of some of these super boring players.

    • I do think production influences, and maybe sometimes too much. But there have been various times I thought it might be rigged, and it did not turn out the way I thought. I think it’s more putting things in HG’s heads and possibly tailoring comps and powers than outright rigging.

      • Absolutely! I have no doubt that they try to influence the action by getting in players’ heads, but outright rigging? I’m with you on that one.

      • Mickey, I love you, Brother—but that wasn’t rigged.
        And Derrick DEFINITELY won his season fair and square because he was a PERFECT puppet master.

      • Hey, Sharona I finally caught up with you. If you type in what happened last night movie, then to what happened last night official trailor on youtube you will see the up next califiore family

      • Steve won dispite it being rigged. Production wanted Vanessa to win or at least say in the house a very long time.

      • I think people love the idea of conspiracies (I don’t mean you!) but I don’t think it’s very practical. If producers “influenced” HGs by leading them one way in the DR and it resulted in keeping one player over another don’t you think it would have gotten out by now, 18 Seasons in? It’s impossible to not have at least one sore loser who’d come out and say: “They rigged it! They got us all to keep Paulie because they told me A and her B and they completely changed the way we were going to vote!” That’s never happened that I’m aware of. 18 seasons with 15 people (average let’s say) means 270 HGs give or take. Kind of hard to keep a lid on trickery with that many people.

      • I don’t think any sort of influence from production would be terrible overt. I think it would be quite subtle. You are absolutely correct that over that many seasons and players, it would have come out if there was major intervention by production. But leading players to certain conclusions in subtle manners is to be expected. It’s just the nature of producing reality TV. Certainly, they can’t control the outcome, but they can subtly try to sway players.

      • I disagree. (Not in a bad “in your face!” way. Just for discussion’s sake!) Even if it was subtle don’t you think that with almost 250+ people having played there’d be at least ONE who’d obsess over things and come to some crazy conclusions that they could very easily justify and spread? Especially if they were guests who made themselves look pretty bad through things done and said? 30 years ago I’d agree with you no problem. But in today’s day and age where the internet is right in the palm of your hand I think someone could very easily make an accusation like that. Look at last year. As much as some people felt the BB Prods/CBS had it rigged so that Vanessa would win Johnny Mac came out afterward and said: “She busted her butt studying!” I just think it’d spread like wildfire and be all over the place in the blink of an eye if someone had that opinion to share. I’m not arguing with you. Just making a point! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • I guess it depends on what kind of nondisclosure they have to sign. But more importantly, on whether they felt they had been manipulated. As I said, I don’t think it is overt at all. I think that any sort of influence is very subtle, such that people don’t even feel they are being influenced. I absolutely do not think there is rigging. The Vanessa example is way beyond anything I think would be going on. What I am saying is that it is reasonable to suggest that production would question game moves, for instance, and perhaps make leading inquiries. I am not saying they are getting people into the DR and telling them what to do at all.

      • I never said you were saying that. Not in any way, shape or form. We just see things differently. Nondisclosure agreements don’t mean much if you’re angry and have a bad attitude and feel slighted or manipulated. It’s very easy in the culture we live in to play the “victim” and blame someone else. That’s all I’m saying. I hear what you’re saying 100%! I just find it hard to believe that it hasn’t happened even once yet that I know of (a former HG making an accusation like that!) God knows we’ve had some sour grape contestants. The best example I’d give is Aaryn a few years back. She came out being accused of being a racist (that season had 3 or 4 or more people like that) and not one single one of them said: “Production asked me questions kind of looking to generate racist comments!” Something as bad as racism seems like people would defend themselves by using that as an excuse to shove the blame off of themselves. But not one single one of them said that. And that was a HOT issue that season that had people talking on boards and all over the internet so if CBS/BB wanted to increase drama that would have been a VERY simple way to do it. Okay…Sorry. We’ll call it a draw. Thanks for being civil during the discussion!

      • Hey, no issues! With someone like Aaryn as an example, I don’t think they would ever encourage racist comments. It looks as bad for them as for her. That was a huge PR nightmare! But I do think they might ask a player, why are you targeting that other guy? Why do you think his/her game might jeopardize yours? and so on …. kind of leading them to see a situation in a certain light. That’s what I mean by subtle manipulation.

      • In fairness, I think you’re right. That was a REALLY bad example for me to choose to illustrate my point. (The racism angle.) You might be right! Thanks for the discussion!

      • They are not allowed to talk about production even after the show. They could forfeit any money given to them if they do.

      • Jeff would complain to Jordan that production kept asking him about something, then they would tell to them stop talking about production.

    • If Frank would have left later than the first week it was put into effect they would have. It would have been way way way too obvious to give it to him when he only had a 1 in 12 chance.

    • Also if it were totally rigged, at least one person from the past would have come forward with either an accusation or evidence and as far as I know it’s never happened.

  20. If the RT doesn’t pop up this week, then the entire twist was a complete waste of time.

  21. matt,please banMICKEY MOUSARONI he is a troll and is pissing people off on here,please for the sake of this site PLEASE BAN HIM

      • He’s not a Troll. He’s an enthusiastic guy who loves the game. English isn’t his first language. I saw what you wrote in your other post, that he should, ‘..stay in Canada and stfu.’ THAT is a Troll-worthy statement. He hasn’t said ANYTHING rude to ANYONE. If you don’t want to read his comments, block him. It’s as simple as that.

      • He writes like someone with a brain injury…and I mean no offense to anyone with an actual brain injury…it wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t post so much…quantity does not equal quality…

    • He’s not a troll the profile has existed since 2014. Also people should be free to have a different opinion. As far as I can see they haven’t been mean to anyone or said anything inapproiate. You shouldn’t be banned for having a differet opinion.

    • I agree that everyone has a right to their own opinion, and unless you are some kind of a racist scum-bag, you have a right to express it.
      Personally, I am guessing English is not his first language.

    • The frequency and “top to bottom to center” of the page undecipherable comments one right after another were just very annoying and distracting for me and so I took someone’s good advice and I blocked this person and it truly solved the problem. Blocked comments do not alert me to a “new comment” above or below, so I am not chasing them around for naught. A note just appears on the left hand side of page which says something like “This commenter was blocked.” HOW TO BLOCK: Go to the same line on which the commenter name appears and travel to the right until a minus and a vertical line and an arrow appears. Click on the arrow and then click on: BLOCK USER. It works and it’s easy.

  22. Hoping he doesn’t but seems to me they reserved the Friday special episode spot incase they needed to do a jury buy back and decided to fill it with other things knowing Paulie has the ticket…

  23. So are the other house guests not aloud to open their tickets? I suspected the people safe for the week would all open theirs at some point.

  24. Paulie’s an arrogant punk who does not deserve any assistance from production. Once out he should be kept out.

  25. I think he may have the RT ticket. They would probably bring him back for ratings since he causes drama in the house or maybe they will bring back somebody from Jury. I feel this week someone could return.

    • If the RT is fixed, I would think it would be the other way around. Paulie is a loose cannon & it would be a good idea to get rid of him before he goes off.

      • I do not agree. Paulie caused so much commotion and created a big shift in the house. I think they would bring him back for ratings. These shows would do anything for higher ratings. The RT ticket may not be fixed. But, I have heard if he does not have RT ticket a juror might be brought back.

  26. Poor Paulie, so sad seeing him baking his first pie waving the flag and then starting to cry almost made me wanna cry for him….But I didn’t. Thanks for giving Paulie a hug for me Nat….smile

  27. It is confirmed that Corey/Nicole will target Paul/Vic. Corey said so. Corey and Nicole are not universally hated like Paulie, and they have an alliance of each other, which Paulie wouldn’t have if Corey was evicted tomorrow. Paulie MAY go after Paul/Vic if he stays, but there is the CHANCE he won’t, because may have loyalty at being saved, and he really has NOWHERE to turn. So, why is it better for Vic to get Paulie out this week? It isn’t. PLUS, there is the chance THIS WEEK that Paulie as the return ticket, but if you vote him out in the next few weeks, he has NO chance at return. The smart play is to cut Corey this week, but Vic is really low IQ at this game.

  28. As much as I don’t like him it would stir things up. Especially if he won HOH. Otherwise it’s going to be a boring predictable finish to the season. And on my TV guide Friday’s episode has been there for over 2wks and the description says power of veto episode. So now I’m confused. Unless my cable just added that description because that’s the episode that is normally after Thursday’s episode on a Sunday.

  29. It would be so easy to rig the round trip ticket. Put HG on outdoor lockdown, cut the feeds, and go replace the tickets that need to either become one way or round trip. So yes…rigging is definitely a large possibility.

  30. Guilty confession: i kinda want Paulie back because this week was so entertaining watching his ego deflate and watching him complain.

  31. I love Mr. Pec-Tacular. He is so fool of himself, but fun to watch.

    One of the ways the golden ticket can be rigged is everyone having a one way ticket and Julie switching the cards when it is convenient for them.
    I hope he has and keeps the one way ticket and does not come back on Friday either.
    This coming back bs is so stupid and unnecessary. Big Brother doesn’t need to last an extra month.

  32. It sure seems like Paulie has the RT. Wouldn’t it be something if he wins HOH? How does everyone feel about him putting James on the block?

    Would be worried for Vic and Paul tho.

  33. I think that the fact that they’re airing the Ziggy Marley footage which includes both Paulie and Corey on Friday really points to the possibility that Paulie (or whoever gets voted out tonight) has the RT ticket. Production knows which numbered envelope contains the RT, so they must already know that whoever is evicted is coming right back into the BB house. I know it could make for good drama if Paulie came right back in, but it would also really SUCK. He’s been insufferable all week, and I don’t think I could handle any more of him, especially if he were to win something and revert to his old “I call all the shots/I will destroy you/I was bred for this” act, after sniveling about butterflies, cancer, and claustrophobia all week. There are some reality TV villains you love to hate, and then there are the ones you hate to hate; the ones it’s no fun hating. Paulie crossed over that line for me a few weeks ago, and now I just want him off my TV completely. If he’s not gone after tonight, it’ll be my last episode of BB18.

  34. Ugh pleasssee no more Jessie! Write letters, start a campaign. He is comical for sure but the stuff he says because he thinks he’s the best guy around, bugs me.After watching all the bromances this season I just can’t do this anymore.

  35. Since it’s the last day where the RT is available, why wouldn’t everyone but Corey & Paulie open their cards? It voids them, but what does that matter if they’re useless after this. Then they would know if Paulie or Corey potentially has the RT ticket…

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