Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 8

What a difference a week makes on Big Brother 18. When I sat down to write last week’s column, it did not look like anyone was willing to flip on Paulie – but in the hours leading up to the Double Eviction – all hell broke loose! For us as fans, this was amazing to see.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

Let’s face it – unless we are related to anyone in the Big Brother house – whoever wins does not really matter – as long as the season provides entertainment! This past week was one of the best in recent seasons. House flips, fights, double eviction, scorching eviction speeches, power shifts, tears of agony & joy – this week had it all.

With just over a month left in the BB18 season, there is still plenty of game still to be played – BUT FIRST – let’s see who gets bacon & who gets Tofu… and (teaser) a first for my Bacon/Tofu rankings!! Last week I was so frustrated with the way things were going, I barely handed out any bacon – this week, it’s raining bacon!!!

Victor Arroyo – 5 strips of Bacon – I should actually give him an entire Pork Belly for the week he had. First off, Victor won his 2nd straight HoH that he could compete in. Then he did what we all hoped he would do last week and nominate Paulie (as the target). THEN he won the Veto & kept the nominations the same. He did all of this while keeping his cool despite the many MANY attempts to go of course by Paulie. Some of the best feeds this week were right after the nomination ceremony when Paulie was trying to figure out the “logic” behind his decision. “What if there is no logic?” he asked. Then last night on the Live Feeds, his Eagle Puppet Show “Where is my *&^%$ MONEY?” had me hysterical! Gold, pure gold!!!

Paul Abrahamian – 4 strips of Bacon – yes, Victor did win HoH – but it was Paul who pushed for the nominations to be Corey & Paulie. Menawhile – he played semi-dumb when it came out – and he has been doing some serious jury management with his former PP partner. The one thing Paul needs to worry about is now that Paulie is (most likely) leaving – will the house pick up that he is now the strongest threat to win it all? His social game is on point, and he has allies to protect him. Also some great feeds this week from him with the Secret Service routine. That is how you take a “punishment” and mke it fun!

Natalie Negrotti – 3 strips of Bacon – the seeds she planted in Zakiyah last week really was the game changer we hoped it would be. Sure Zakiyah still went back to Paulie and ignored the signs that were confirmed by Natalie – but standing up for herself and putting all of the shadiness out there deserves bacon! Last week Nat got the top spot because – and this week she is near the top again. Unintentionally she is using James to help her get further – as he is still the bigger target in that showmance. Everyone can put the Victoria comparisons to rest now.

Big Meech – 3 strips of Bacon – with one foot out the door, she was instrumental in getting Bridgette & Natalie on board to use James’ advantage last week to stay. Then she blew up Paulie & Nicole’s games on live TV. She was convinced that she would be leaving in the 2nd eviction so she had nothing to lose. For some unknown reason they kept her over Bridgette. Now she is in a semi good spot – teaming up with Victor & Paul, still an ally of James & Natalie, and seems to have mended fences with Nicole. She will need to start winning some comps to guarantee her safety as the numbers dwindle down – but until then, she is a vote for whoever needs her.

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  1. Thank you Adam I always love reading your ratings. I agree with your ratings. Love that Michelle blew up Paulie’s and Nicole’s game. Made for some good viewing.

  2. As always Adam, very well said!! Cant wait for the day we get to see you walk back into that house! Also, sorry to hear about your losses. I agree with you in that perspective as well, that’s not for the house, especially used as a manipulation tool. I lost a really great friend to cancer about 2 yrs ago, and hurts like a knife. I sure do hope if anything good comes out of this for Paulie is that hell back up what he says and actually donate for the cause.

    FYI, I think the reason they had for voting for Bridgette instead of Michelle to go was that she had more comp wins.

    love ya Adam! \m//

    • Bridgette – 2 wins, Michelle – 1 win. Only reason they vted her out was because of her association with Frank & she spoke bad to Paulie on a personal level. DUMB MOVE when Michelle outlasts them!

      • and again, Adam frkn replied to me! lmao sorry but u know how u got when u met Tori well thats me whenever BB Royalty is involved. CUZ I FRKN LOVE THIS SHOW! and players like you!

      • Yeah…but you have to know, it means a lot when you actually interact with fans! Makes us feel special and ‘part’ of it. Totally cool.

      • Well, you can interact with Dan – if you pay to watch him play video games! Hahahah. I appreciate the fans – without fans, there is no show – and if there is no show – I am just some weird guy screaming about BACON!

      • Agree. The only reason Bridgette went was because Paulie had a personal grudge against her in the moment. And all his little minions followed his wishes so he wouldn’t be suspicious of the upcoming events (he and Cory going on the block).

  3. What would it take for Victor to win? Since this is the first season we’ve had someone come back from the dead and dominate, it’s somewhat unprecedented, If Vic gets to the F2, how will he convince the jury to pick him since he wasn’t even in the house the entire time?

    • The evicted HGs do take a DVD with them to the jury house. Hopefully the one Paulie takes will explain some of the reasons he was evicted, as well as Paulie’s comments to Victor complimenting him on nominating him for eviction. (Paulie said “smart move, Victor. If I was you I would have done the same thing.”)

    • If the votes for the winner are based on merit, Victor would be hard to beat.
      He is smart & physically dominate …. no one comes close (Except for maybe Pie-lie the psychopath.)

    • I wondered the same thing. I don’t think I would be able to vote for someone who was evicted to win over someone who wasn’t.

  4. Great summary, Adam! I completely agree w/ your ratings!

    And I’m sure we’re not the only ones who wouldn’t mind seeing Paulie with the RT ticket only because of the chaos that would ensue haha!

  5. I’ve also been very impressed with Victor – not only is he a comp beast, but he listened to reason and put up Paulie and Corey. My only concern is that as the numbers dwindle, he may have to win just about every PoV and HoH for which he’s eligible to stay in the game because apart from Paul he doesn’t really have an alliance. If Paulie doesn’t have the RT, Victor is at risk of becoming the immediate next target given his recent string of comp wins. Hopefully, Vic will get the Co-HoH ACP.

  6. Adam, you’re always so spot on. But Man, you never, EVER have to get off your soapbox when you talk about that piss ant, sore-loser-pos-cry-baby-if-I-can’t-be-Alpha-male-and-rule-the-house-and-the-women-I’m-taking-my-ball(s)-{ahem, lack thereof}-and-going-home-eff-you-viewers, Paulie!
    I’m sorry to hear about your losses; and yeah, for that trash talker to use that excuse is sickening. Total diss for people who have suffered real loss. Again, so sorry.
    If I have to pick between Nat or Michele winning it all? I think (as much as I don’t like her—she’s icky–lol) I’d say…gulp…Michelle.
    Great job, Adam!

    • You are right about michelle over nat you have to give her kudos over not riding anybody else in the game to get as far as she did. How she got this far is a mystery to me, but she did it. Dont want to see her win, at all, but she got herself this far.

      • You’re absolutely right…I mean, the only way I can think of (for her still being here) is that TOTALLY unexpected eviction of Bridge. Otherwise, yep–no one there helped her get where she is. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t really seem to have any real friends in the house. Or is it just me?

      • I don’t remember anyone working with Michell. Day after she was put on the block but that was only to help herself. Back stabbing yes.

      • I vaguely recall Michelle and Tiffany being friends at the beginning and spending a lot of time together until Michelle was freaked out by Tiff’s emotional outbursts. She then distanced herself from Tiff and starting hanging out with Day,Zak and Nicole. Then Day started all her high jinks and turned the girls against Nicole for some reason. I don’t remember what Day found threatening about Nicole – but probably something to do with Day wanting to get rid of showmances.
        Last night Nicole told Corey she didn’t like Michelle at all. I don’t know what’s so unlikable about Michelle since I don’t have the feeds but Nicole is apparently not the only one who didn’t want to work with Michelle.
        I’m been impressed by Michelle here lately though and she is the last person left for Nicole to turn to should she outlast P/C.

      • Michelle bothers me because she was mean…and I guess I can’t get over that. I’m seeing her in a more human light, though, and am understanding her a little better; but when she was surrounded by Da’ and Z, she turned into that mean girl. I had the same problem with Nat at the beginning, too…but I see Nat in a totally different way. I actually really like Nat. I still can’t trust Michelle, though.

      • It’s difficult for me to warm up to Meech as well for the reasons you stated above. In real life I avoid the Michelle type when possible. Horrible type to have to work with too, there’s always trouble when they’re around.
        Since I’m still a Nicole fan, although a very disappointed Nicole fan, I can’t warm up to Natalie because she is gung ho about getting rid of Nic for reasons unknown. Once Nic leaves I’ll probably start rooting for Nat though.

      • I’m thinking it would be smart for Michelle/Nicole to make a secret F2 alliance if Nicole survives next week. Both would appear weak and helpless while the guys were being picked off instead.

      • Once the guys turn on each other Michelle and Nicole just might stay out of trouble and make it to the end. Just a thought and it doesn’t seem very likely to happen, especially since Nicole refuses to play the game while Corey is around.

  7. Nice analysis by Adam. Do agree the pivotal point in the game is when Zakiyah was booted out instead, of Michelle. That should have raised a red flag that James and Natalie flipped to the other side. You do not have to be a genius not to see that because it was so obvious! Targeting Michelle and Bridgette was a huge waste! Had Corey nominated Paul and Victor with James as the replacement nominee, it would have been Paul and James on the hot seats and one of them headed for eviction! Corey’s huge blunder cost his alliance plenty and now, they are fighting for their lives in the game!

    • I’m not sure why Corey would have put up Paul & Victor at the time. Because neither of them voted in the Zak v Michelle thing, he had every reason to believe they were still on his side.
      I could have seen a smarter player putting up James and Nat, since they were the obvious turncoats in the whole situation.

      • Or James more specifically…. I don’t think it was any secret that Natalie preferred to keep Michelle.

      • IMO, we are at the point in the game that any Alliance with more than 2 people in it are just a front. Ultimately it is each person for himself. It is now the time to get your strongest competitors out, friendly or not.

    • imo Corey has not idea how to play this game. Not anymore than Paul and Vic did. But…. P and Vic learned along the way and are thinking more or less for themselves, whereas Corey has learned nothing and pretty much thinks and does what Nic and Paulie tell him. Because it was such a fast DE, he had no clue as to what would benefit his game

  8. Spot on this week, Adam. And you get a side of bacon for calling out Paulie on trying to use his sick aunt (if he even has one) as a guilt-trip on people.

  9. As much as I really don’t want Paulie to have the Round Trip Ticket, I have to agree, it would be entertaining as hell if he did. I just can’t stand such insecure negative people who inflate their ego to make up for what they lack.

    • If P-Lee Pie Man does have the RT he better hope we wins HoH, otherwise he will undoubtedly be voted right back out, and wouldn’t that be fun … BaWhaaaaaaaa

  10. Paul, and Victor talking about doing meet & greets when the show is over, who would ever pay these guy’s to show up at their business? What a joke!

    • They are like many house guests who think they will receive fame from the show, but like past house guests can tell them your life changes for a few weeks and then people forget you were on. Many of the house guests think Big Brother is an extremely popular show, but as Steve explained to the house guests last season Big Brother is not that popular and they will receive no fame.

      • Jason Roy said he’s still bagging groceries and living in his mom’s basement. Some can/will parlay it into a career (eg Adam) but others (most???) will return to real life….maybe participate in BB events from time to time???

      • Jason’s a good example. Participating in BB events is about all there is or some writing like Adam does (although I wouldn’t call it a career as BB is not Adam’s main job and I doubt, no matter how much I enjoy his piece each week, that he makes much from it).

  11. Sorry about your family, Adam. Must’ve been a kick to the gut when Paulie played that card. I agree using a sick relative for sympathy is complete exploitation and is really scummy.

    • When Matt said his wife was sick on BB12 – I “hated” him – now we are BFFs. The game makes you do strange things – but I hold out total judgement until AFTER they are on. I actually know Paulie from when Cody was on – and we got along well. I will shake my fist at him – and hope he realizes the error of his ways!

      • Thank you for that. I thought of Matt playing a similar card about his wife and as “despicable” as people said it was, doesn’t seem to be a long term thing. Poor taste – sure. But I don’t think anyone is destroying him over it now.

        I don’t like that. I’m glad it’s rare but wish it wasn’t used at all. Maybe his aunt does have it but – not to downplay it – but I have to think if I was in that house (after seeing what I’ve seen lo this many seasons) that it would not sway me. I would give the side eye if someone said that. To me, it’d be like #DevinHasaDaughter (lol) – I just would not care. Don’t care if Da is there for her daughter or James is there for his daughter – I’m there for me! Ha ha ha ha.

    • Agreed. It’s beyond sick and it’s a line that you cannot uncross. You can’t even call it game because that is way beyond the scope of even a game of betrayal like big brother.

  12. I know James will listened to his heart (Natalie) instead of his logic. But if he wants a chance at winning then he has to go with Nicorey!! If Natalie already realizes she can’t win then she needs to start thinking about the best way to get her man to win! That means getting rid of the sitting ducks while they could possibly have the # next week. Plus I’m sure James would use some of his winnings on Nat!!!

    • That makes a lot of sense; but for some reason Natalie has despised Nicole and wants her out before Nat is evicted. I don’t know what’s going on between them because for a long time I felt those 2 would do well as a team or alliance.

      • Agreed!!!! Thought they would become BF’s! Nicole’s game is different this time, and why wouldn’t it be after what happened the last time she played. She’s not a snake and had tried staying loyal, but its hard when your alliances keep blowing up each other’s games!
        I’m guessing Nicole didn’t want to be in a team with someone else who couldn’t win comps!
        Nicorey has to win something now and James needs their support!!!
        Care package to Corey!!!

      • I think it might have something to do with Michelle reminds her of Christine. And according to Christine’s twitter page they are cousins.

      • Yea, Michelle could have her hand in causing the dislike.
        These remaining players have to be thinking about the strength of the sitting ducks right now!
        I don’t want them as the F2! Kind of blows my mind that no one has called Paul out on his lies? Is it not obvious to these players that he had to have been spying on both sides and lying to both sides in order to be where he is now in the game? I know that’s part of the game but geeze HG its BB18, this has been going on every season!!!

      • But can we trust Christine not to lie about this? She’s not the most trustworthy past house guest after all.

      • I had forgotten all about Christine but that’s probably the reason Nicole is reluctant to work with the women so far; especially after Day decided to have Nic evicted and the other girls believe everything Day said about her.
        James needs to figure out he’s still at the bottom of his new alliance and it would be easier to beat Nicorey in the challenges than it would be to beat Victor and Paul.
        Nothing wrong with riding the coattail of Corey to the win but once she’s on her own she needs a new strategy.

      • Nicole and Meech are incapable of working with other women. Meech seems a little more street smart, but she still jumps at the slightest bit of attention from an alpha male.

      • I get the impression that Nicole isn’t able to pretend to like someone if she really doesn’t so that is hampering her social game with the women. Michelle is probably a witchy, mean girl in real life who always talks about other women behind their back while being nice to them to their face.

      • I agree with you about Nicole. She basically does not like other women, so yes, this does hamper her social game. Meech is more up front when she doesn’t like someone, male or female, but I don’t think she is so rigidly in one camp or another. They would both be EXTREMELY annoying to be around in person though.

  13. At this point, neither Michelle or Natalie are going to win. Paul or Victor will if these HGs don’t wise up to the fact that they’ve just set the two of them up to control the rest of the season by taking out Paulie this soon. James would be in the best position to do this, if he’d just switch over to side with Nicorey, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen because James’ head is just not in this game.

    As for your rankings of Natalie, I agree with most of it, but not all of it. She was never Victoria in my opinion as she actually had a decent social game. However, this week has not been good for her in the eyes of many feedsters. She’s gone from seemingly sweet girl to downright annoying and childish and, yes, has shown her insecurities in multiple ways. We’re back to questioning if she’s being sincere with James or if she’s just playing him. She’s not the darling we all thought she was, that’s for sure.

    I completely agree with Adam here that it would be great for Paulie to have the RT. People can cry fix all they want, but you can’t deny that the chance for drama on the feeds would be totally worth it!

  14. I just re-watched the Sunday show. I noted Corey’s response to the rude comments of Paulie to Natalie. He was clapping and smiling. He has to go over Nicole.

  15. Nice list, you’re wrong about James though. He will be AFP. A quick look at the popularity polls should tell you that.

  16. I agree with everything this week. I find James being in the tofu section is exactly where he belongs. He helped in the game, but is still playing for others and not himself.

    • I was considering giving him bacon for doing what the fans wanted – but, his game is not strong!

    • I think he knows he can’t win so he’s playing for a bigger stipend as a returning vet. It doesn’t make him bad, but the game would be better if they lined up the incentives. More grand prize $$, not as much $$ guarantee for non winners. Competing for more luxury prizes during the game. Jury should be comfortable, but not seen as an ultimate goal.

  17. 1. I wish the conspiracy theorists would just stop. This happens every year. It was the same way when Frank was in trouble, when Da was in trouble – didn’t pan out. At this point, Paulie has a 1:8 chance of having it – SOMEONE has to have it – it MIGHT be him. Does not mean it was rigged. Good grief. Bad things happen to good people & vice versa. Who should have it then – James? Natalie? Meech? Paul? Victor? Why? Because they’re your faves? THAT wouldn’t be rigged??? Why or why not? Come on. It’s a game. Who cares? Nothing we can do about it if it is so c’est la vie. :D

    I’m with you on this, Adam – It WOULD be an exciting week. He would still be an underdog (along with Corey & Nicole) but it might make for great feeds.
    Though part of me would like to just move on (no round trip) and get on with the show, da-da-daaahhhh. :)

  18. Tofu is way better than beacon. Why do you want to characterize a particular food that has way better health benefits as bad? Beacon is not good for you.

    Putting food aside, I agree with the ranking.

  19. 2. I usually agree with your rankings. This week, I disagree SLIGHTLY on a thing or two:

    I think I would only give Nat 2 strips of bacon because, to me, although she was a part of it, Michelle & Bridgette are the ones who really made the flip happen to get Z evicted (at least in the early stages). Yes, Big Meech got herself on the block twice but she got herself off one of those times (team effort). The second vote, I can’t credit Michelle with; I think the boys thought she was such a mess, she was less threatening than banged up Bridgette. Plus I think Paul wanted to have a girl, from back when “everyone else” had a girl. So I really don’t want to credit her for that indirect “action”.

    I disagree that Natalie is “unintentionally” using James. Girl ain’t dumb. But she also plays emotionally. She went on and on about Vic, even after he left (done her wrong), on and on about Z, about Nic, etc. I think she’s a smart cookie but she needs to let that crap go and game. I think she could be very good if she could get over herself…and win some comps. I just don’t think her heart is in it or ever has been. I get the feeling – with her cam talking to “America” – that she wants to win AFP or is using this as a launching pad for a career. That’s fine. I just don’t see her going to the end because she isn’t there for that (I don’t think).

    Agree that James needs to start thinking end game. I just as well whistle down a well so I’ll leave it at that. The way he and Nicole have played this season – I don’t want to see them return again. And I was a fan of both of them before. I don’t enjoy watching this laissez-faire attitude.

    I’d like to see a new season of all new players who have watched the show before. They don’t have to all be superfans like Ian but folks who are familiar with it. Even if they are new fans of the show – fine. But go in to win! I’d like to automatically evict anyone saying they just want to make jury. STHU if that’s true. Lol. But seriously, i believe they can find a couple of bikini bods in the applications and I think I would really enjoy seeing a houseful of gamers! :)

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