Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 8 [POLL]

We’re back to five votes again this week on Big Brother 18 after last week’s Double Eviction dropped us quickly down to only eight Housguests left in the race. But unlike last week I don’t see any surprising vote flips this time around.

Paulie & Corey struggling on Big Brother 18

It is time to count those votes again with the final nominees set following Monday’s Veto Ceremony. So who is going home this week on Big Brother? We’ve got the answers.

It is going to be hard to top the flip that turned Paulie’s game on its head last week and he’ll likely need something just as extreme to save him from heading out the door. Right now I don’t see that in the cards.

Paulie’s only allies right now are Corey and Nicole but with Corey on the Block there’s just no way Nicole would agree to vote in support of a plan to evict Corey. Even if Paulie could swing her vote he’d still be two short. Last night Nicole did hint at the offer of a sympathy vote which I think she might be willing to do if it didn’t put Corey at risk, but I don’t think Paulie took her up on the offer.

Paulie has definitely not rolled over and given up this week as he spent several days working on Victor and the opposition to see if he could sway them. Paulie had hoped to get Corey down to ease his campaigning efforts and put him just one vote away from safety but it didn’t work.

At this point James, Natalie, and Paul are 110% voting Paulie out and with just five votes in the mix that’s all Victor needs to get his targeted nominee out the door. I am also fully confident in Michelle being with them on the vote even though hers isn’t required to lock down the eviction. There had been some emotional play efforts by Paulie that were working on Michelle to make her feel for him, but it wasn’t going to be enough to sway her voting plans.

If the vote were held today then I’d expect Paulie to be evicted 5-0. He’ll need to start throwing some Hail Mary’s if he wants to change his Big Brother fate this week, but even Paulie is seeing this if a pointless exercise. Last night his talks shifted to preparing Corey and Nicole with all his Big Brother knowledge before he left signaling an awareness of his chances in the game.

How do you think the votes will work out this week? Can Paulie sway three HGs to flip the vote and send Corey out the door instead?


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  1. I think the plan that Paul came up with to give Paulie false hope about staying is uncalled for. Paulie has been unstable for almost a week. Why in the world would you want to push him totally over the edge? I think it is a bad game move. Sad thing is Paul had just said that Paulie was mentally unstable about 5 minutes before he came up with this plan. Paulie had resigned he was leaving. He was calming down. Yes they want to put fear in Corey and Nicole..but to do this to Paulie more is not called for. JMHO I’m disgusted that Paul, Nat, James, Michelle and Vic would want to see someone go thru this.

    • Everything Paulie was doing is just an act. That is part of his manipulative skills. This only works on the gullible and thank goodness Zakhya is not in the house any more.
      Mean a..hole and when things don’t work his way then tears or victim like behavior that makes the abusive person feel guilty and give him his way. Is not working with this group, but Michelle seems to be somewhat falling for it, because she is gullible.

      • I agree with you SamsarJello – 1000%%% After everything that Paulie put Michelle thru, I hope she isn’t gullible enough to feel sorry for him. The old shoe is now on the other foot & it doesn’t fit!

    • I’ve always been amazed at the mentally disturbed houseguests that Big Brother producers put into the game, that are called into the Diary Room daily for medications to keep their disorders in check. If Paulie is not on medications, then he certainly should be. The confinement of this game is definitely a mental stability test. Look how strongly relationships develop, in such a short time, between people, who did not know each other,
      prior to entering the BB House, and who would have otherwise never become friends, and who’s strong emotional relationship will not sustain, once they leave the house.

      • I am always amazed at the Horn Dog Guys and the Horny Girls that the BB picks as HG’s, oh wait that is one of it’s calling cards. Poor ZAK will be known forever as Paulie the Bitch’s Bitch.

      • Paulie did not care to make sure the previous evictees were made miserable when he could do so…I have no sympathy for Paulie…Hes getting back some of what he dished out..

    • Pauli thought Vic was putting up the two girls and he had practiced a nasty speech for Michelle and Natalie. He told the guys he was going to jump up and verbally insult them right after Vic nominated them. Not only is this unnecessary cruelty but it’s also his unmitigated egotistical gall to take Vic’s HOH moment away from him. This is the guy you feel sorry for?

    • JMO….but I think some of what Paulie is doing is for sympathy. I agree, he may have some mental issues, but I think a lot of it is fake.

    • He never had a problem doing this to those that left before him. He was even planning a nasty speech to Meech and Nat when he thought Vic was going to nominate them. He didn’t have any mental health issues before control was taken from him. No pity.

    • They really need to rattle Paulie before eviction just in case he has the round trip ticket. At least he will be mentally drained and might not compete as well during the next HOH comp.

    • Paulie is a Bitch and he deserves to rot in hell because he is a New Jersey Boi Tool along with being a sexist pig.

  2. If irony were made of strawberries, I’d have a delicious smoothie right now, because it just got crushed. I like Victor coming back, evading eviction X2, and taking out the guy who sent him packing. I am eager to see a housefilp against him and Paul, however, as Corey and Nicole won’t roll over and die.

  3. This is exactly what I was hoping for, but I thought that Nicole and Corey should have gone up and then if he doesn’t win Veto remove Nic and backdoor him. He was put up and it worked out great. There is no way NIcole is going to vote for her boy toy to leave so that is an extra vote for Paulie. I’m still not convinced this idiot will be completely out of the house this week. Even if he comes back, it will be another fun and interesting week to find out who will win HOH and Veto.

  4. Please please please do not let Paulie have the RT ticket and for the love of God do not let there be a returning juror!!!

      • No Da’vonne I can’t stand Da’vonne. I would not mind if Zakiyah returns but sorry not Da’vonne. I find her annoying.

      • Zakhya is one of the worst and dumbest players in BB history and I barely remember the season before last.

      • OMG! She is an embarrassment, she actually did nothing, type thing! This girl had zero game! She would come back and do what?? Julie didn’t hardly have any interview questions for her. I seen the disappointment in Julie’s face! She made her family just Proud type thing!

      • Julie was trying to make her admit her stupidity over Paulie, but she wasn’t really listening to the questions just thinking about him.

      • Agree!! Also, it would be kinda funny if Z beats Paulie to come back into the house. But I just don’t want any jury member coming back into the game at this point! Vic returning was enough-IMO anyway!

      • My order of preference if a juror HAS to return is Bridgette, Zak, Paulie, then Day. I can’t handle her absurd lies that she makes up in her head for fun, they’re childish and don’t benefit her game whatsoever. She can’t even win competitions, smh.

      • Other than Paulie, I don’t think any of the others will win comps. Da was my favorite because she is the only one everyone was intimidated by and walked around in egg shells when she was around. She is also not easily manipulated as the weaker girls in the house or degraded herself for any of the boys.

      • Agreed! We’ve had enough and Frank isn’t even an option at this point so NOOOO more battle backs please.

    • If anyone I would hope it’s Bridgette. Bridgette is the main one that got the ball running on flipping the house and stood up to Paulie. If she wouldn’t have done this we would’ve had the same snooze fest.

      • I agree, I adored Bridgette, she would be tolerable to return but realistically she’d probably just get sent packing in a week or two, they really just need to let the show go on from here.

  5. Has anyone seen or read anything about Nicole cleaning at all? I keep reading she sits and watches someone else clean?

    • Lol. I don’t watch feeds, but on BBAD all I see is Nicole sitting or laying down next to Corey whispering. Corey was making her some slop, so I don’t know if she even cooks. She does love junk.

    • Not that I’m aware of. She mostly follows Corey around and whines about how unfair everyone else is.

    • I’ve never seen her cleaning but does anyone, unless they are ordered to?? What a pig stye with piles of clothes everywhere &
      they just walk over, around or on them? How about picking them up and actually folding them & putting them up, or washing them? Ugh!
      I’ve never seen Nic cooking either but neither do most of them. I’ve seen her doing dishes at times though(unlike a lot of them).

      • And I’m sorry, but what is with these pimple-popping freaks! Is that a class that’s offered these days?

      • Read and have seen pics of for sure Nicole and Bridgette popping pimples on a guy’s back (can’t remember which guy/s)… not sure if more girls have “performed this task”, but so disgusting. I don’t get it. They are so primate sometimes – weird.

      • You would never see me pimping a popple on a HG if I was in that house. NEVER! Akin to wiping their butt, imo. Yuck, double yuck!

    • No come to think of it, I have not seen her cook anything. I could easily have missed it because I can’t watch all the time, but mostly she just sits around and whines

    • Why clean? Her girlfriend Corey .. oops boyfirend…will take care of the cleaning and cooking for her

    • she made nachos once.!!!!!! Nicole acts so inmature with Corey.. “are you Maddddddd at me?” ” Corey, do you want to cuddle?”
      Corey will not date her out of the house.. He may go on trip to Hawaii with her ( who wouldn’t…) I really don’t think he exhibits true romantic behavior toward her ..

  6. I wonder how Paulie treats his mother and sisters. If a man treats his mother well, then he’ll do the same to his girl/wife. Maybe this is an incorrect saying because I doubt Paulie speaks to his mother the way he does to the women in this house.

    • I suspect she gets a lot of respect for taking such good care of her boys (including Big Daddy) and for cleaning up all of their messes. What’s not to like? Only opposition makes Paulie a bad guy .. not his fault! lol for sure.

      • I don’t see what you see, but I was not referring for his game play and who is on his side. I meant his attitude and behavior towards women has nothing to do with Big Brother or his game play. He is a manipulative and abusive narcissist and it shows to be his real personality not just for the game.

      • She was sarcastically saying Paulie has enablers, which he obviously does from family to friends and coaches to teaches, who knows. But there are always enablers with people like Paulie. :)

      • I hope those enablers watched every part of the show including feeds. It is the only way they would open their eyes and stop. He is a grown man.

      • Sometimes the enabler and the narcissist are one of a kind. But I do hope many eyes are opened by this.

    • I think it’s very telling that in the very first episode when they were introducing the houseguests and their friends or families with little mini-documentaries, the mother and sister were nowhere to be found.

  7. My bet is that he’s a mommy boy. There will probably be a wife sometime along the way who will dutifully bear his children and assume 2nd place to mommy and to any male child. Every other woman will be a receptacle to be used and thrown away.

  8. I hope it’s no jury buy back or Paulie have the RT. Production stay out of it and let Paulie go to the jury house please and Thank you!! We had enough of Paulie it’s very tiring and overbearing!

  9. 1:20 pm monday, Paulie says he will crack one of the guys in the face and they are not safe just because there are cameras around
    Why is this guy still in the house Matt?

    • He said a lot of things and did not follow through. I assume he just think one of those guys in there are going to let him hit them, well he better get ready to rumble bcz Vic, and Paul is not having it!! Most likey he will try lil James.

      • Pretty sure that James could take him. Paulie’s all mouth, he’d back down in a minute if James challenged him, Clay did last year

      • I think James can take him too, didnt they say he worked in a prison? Paulie is just too out of his mind IMO to be kept around right now. I dont think anyone in the house deserves to be attacked when they only signed up to play a game. We all know the DR is trying to help him do the right thing but this guy…

      • James did argue, but when Clay got up in his face, James was the one that backed down and walked away. I can say James will stand up to you at a certain point.

      • James stood up to Clay and then walked away. That’s called defusing the situation and is the smart thing to do. James has been in the military and worked in the correctional system, he could handle punks like Paulie easily.

      • James knows that he will get kicked out and although a little man, I think men who talk too much sh.. tend to be physically weaker. All talk and no action type. I honestly don’t see Paulie as a fighter. If he would hit someone, it would probably be the weaker sex and not a man who has been to war and works in a prison. They are close to the same height anyway, but James probably will beat Corey as well.

    • Paulie’s not the only one who’s said it. Paul, Michelle, and Zakiyah are also guilty of threatening physical violence. Production does not act unless something actually happens.

  10. I wonder if Z would still be interested in Paulie in the Jury house since he will no longer be eligible to win $500k?

  11. So Mr Boyer are you there? If Paulie follows thru with Cracking someone in the face, and this person defends themselves will that cost them a half million dollars (if they would have won). These are young people they have it in them to attack back. What is going on with this guy? Please tell!

    • I’m not Mr. Boyer, but I don’t see Paulie as the fighter or physical aggressive type. His skills is using mind games.

      • I’d say without some “bros” to back him up, he’s all mouth. But I can definitely see him starting something publicly and throwing a punch then stepping back to let his cousins and his cousins cousins cousins take the heat.

    • Anyone who physically attacks a HG, no matter what the circumstances, will be expelled from the game immediately. A producer will come over the feeds, demand the HG report immediately to the DR, and escort them out the back door.

  12. If Paulie is going to campaign, using his dying aunt is not the strategy to use. A much better strategy would be to point out that he is alone now and Corey is part of a couple. It makes sense to split up a couple. Not that I want him to stay, just saying that would be his key strategy to try and stay.

    • Paul and Victor already plan to get rid of the weaker game players which are the remaining couples. Nicole should go next and Corey should stay and play with the guys to get rid of the girls, but really he would go right after his fake showmance.

      • His out of the house and knows it. When a manipulative person feels defeated, they tend not to think very well. It worked for a bit, but all he has now is that golden ticket or Jury.

      • He’s lying about all of it. The claustrophobia and lying on his BB app, the therapist saying he’s playing with fire if he does BB.
        But if he had any good chance at surviving this he’d stop with the “poor me sympathy strategy” and start talking about how threatening Corey is to everyone else’s games because he has Nicole. I’m glad he’s not. Because I can’t wait to see him gone. But I was just saying “type thing”. Lol

  13. I think the special episode on Friday is a twist that makes the houseguests vote to eliminate a jury member. That would be interesting! Haha (Just like Survivor)

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