‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 27 — Zingbot Delivers Some Zings And Punishments

Zingbot made his Big Brother 18 appearance and brought along some zings and some punishment costumes. Meanwhile, a defeated Paulie got a poor edit that might have pulled on the heartstrings of non-Live Feed viewers, but Feed watchers into a social media frenzy.


The episode picks up right after Victor dropped the bombshell on Corey and Paulie by nominating them for eviction. And we get what might be the most douchey DR session by anyone in Big Brother history from Paulie, of course. I don’t even want to write what he said.

Let’s cut back to the immediate fallout of the nominations. Paulie is confused why the five guys couldn’t ride it out and Victor is reminding Paulie that he put him up and voted him out in week 2.

Nicole runs away and lets the boys talk, which has been her gameplay all season, and plays dumb to the other two girls by telling them she thinks the guys must have had a deal. Durr.

It doesn’t take Paulie long to learn that he’s alone in the hose and will have to play for himself in the veto and fight hard to stay. It’s a good thing he was “born and bred” to play this game. And even though he promises to give it his all, he goes to Corey in tears and says if he wins the veto, he’ll just it on him. Sure you will, Paulie.


It’s already time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining Victor, Corey and Paulie will be Paul (drawn by Victor), Nicole (picked by Paulie via HG’s choice after Michelle said no, she wouldn’t save him) and James (drawn by Corey).

Paul, Michelle, James and Natalie decide they’ll try to rattle Paulie before the veto competition. And when Paulie asks Paul why he’s eating sunflower seeds with such an angry face, Paul goes into it. He tells Paulie that he’s mad because Paulie never had his back. And then Michelle jumps in and throws out a “You’re never going to be Cody and Derrick.” And now it’s James’ turn to jump in on Paulie about his lack of respect. And just when you think that’s enough, Natalie comes in to let Paulie know she’s not happy with the comments he made about her.

Paulie lets us know in the Diary Room that he knows what they’re doing and that it’s a page right out of his playbook. So I’m guessing he wasn’t shaken up and will do just fine in the veto competition then.


It’s time for our seasonal visit from Zingbot. So let the zings begin. Corey’s zing is about Hayden. Victor’s zing is douchebag in Spanish. James’ zing was about scaring Natalie’s parents. Paulie’s zing is that he’s a poor man’s Cody. Michelle’s is about her crying and throwing up all day. Natalie’s zing was about her armpit hair. Nicole’s zing was about her time on BB16 is just like her time on BB18. And Paul gets a new catchphrase “STFU.” These were boring. Well, except for Nicole’s. Because it’s totally true.

Zingbot gets the Veto competition started and it’s a presidential campaign theme. Yeah, Zingbot is running for President. But let’s stick with reality here and get to the competition results. This is the big white elephant game where you win something but someone else can take it from you. Paul claims the 6th place prize and it’s the Power of Veto.

Nicole is the next out so she gets a secret service punishment but trades it for the Veto. Corey is out next and picks a trip for two but trades Nicole for the Veto. Paulie is the next person out and he picks up a patriotic costume but trades it to Corey for the Veto. James is the next person out and chooses $5,000. James keeps it. So that means Victor is the last person to pick his prize. It’s an apple pie prize but of course he doesn’t keep it. He trades it to Paulie for the Veto. So Victor hs won the Power of Veto.


Now it’s time to get a ridiculous Paulie edit where production makes it look like the guy just got misguided and he’s the star they hoped he’d be. What they didn’t show you is that Paulie refused to make the apple pies so many times the feeds cut and he was called to the Diary Room by an actual producer and told he had to do it. You also missed the several times he told the HGs that he would be leaving the jury house if he’s sent there. Oh, and then there were the parts where he laughed and bragged about having sex with Zakiyah without a condom.

At the veto ceremony, Victor pulls off his plan and does not use it. Paulie and Corey remain on the block with Paulie as the house’s target.


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  1. Was it just me…or did Zingbot have way too many scandals during his candidacy? An affair with an intern, a Hillary-like email scandal, a Melania-like plagarism scandal, embezzlement, sex in a public bathroom….Zingbot can’t be talking crap about ANY body any more! lol

  2. I have never been as angry in 18 seasons of watching BB as I am after watching tonight’s episode. They gave Paulie such a false edit, that it went beyond being merely sympathetic and crossed the line into outright lying to the TV audience, much further than they’ve ever gone before.

    As a fan, I feel insulted by production after tonight’s episode. If Paulie somehow returns to the game tomorrow or Friday, I will seriously consider boycotting the rest of the season in protest. Livid. I’m absolutely livid.

    • Dude, no offense, but weren’t you the guy who said he was tired of people telling him the “just because the season isn’t going your way…” speech?

      Because I hate to break it to you, but saying things like “If _______, I will seriously consider boycotting the rest of the season” is the reason people keep giving that speech to you. And you wonder why?

      It’s taking your ball and going home. If you want to whine about the season, whine away. But these constant empty threats are just getting old.

      We all hate Paulie. But throwing a hissy fit about Paulie throwing a hissy fit isn’t productive.

      • I’m not throwing a hissy fit about Paulie. I’m throwing a hissy fit about the producers’ dishonesty. There’s a difference.

        My problem is with Paulie’s edit. So, if he returns to the game, I have to assume that production will continue to give him a false, sympathetic edit, and that is why I may stop watching, not simply because he returned to the game, but rather because I do not want to continue to reward the producers for portraying an egregiously false version of what is going on in the house to their television audience if he does.

      • Totally get where you’re coming from, Rick. Totally get it. I’ve had a couple hours to cool down…but, I’m telling you, I’ve had my fill of that pos spoil sport. That edit was not fair to the viewers who vote. I wrote this on another thread…at least WE get the straight scoop from Matthew and Branden; some get the feeds–I don’t, but those who do share with us. BBAD shows stuff–but ONLY if you get the channel. So, it SUCKS that the viewers who only see the Sun., Wed. and live Thurs. shows, got such a lily white edit of our pal Paulie. And those folks are going to think, “Aw, he played so hard! They were MEAN!” We know that couldn’t be further from the truth.
        That punk is a misogynist. A bully. A baby who wouldn’t make his pies…and when he did, he wouldn’t even wave his stupid flag after, what?—the second or third one? So now he doesn’t have to do THAT anymore! He whined about not wanting to go to jury house…he said he lied on his application–that his psychiatrist said he SHOULDN’T have gone in the BB House. All this BS AFTER he stopped being the Alpha male.
        So, I feel ya, brother. I’m livid too. But don’t give that punk or CBS the satisfaction of stopping us from watching. OK? I totally get you. But don’t give up.

      • Why didn’t he get a penalty nom. They didn’t show Paulie refusing to make pies, for 2 days. Didn’t he start on Monday? Nonetheless, the edit was pathetic attempt by CBS to portray him in a positive way. Shame on you CBS

      • I didn’t think it was a hissy fit at all, Rick, and I agree with you and appreciate your comments.

      • The only thing they didn’t show was Paulie in the backyard running and when they told him to make a pie he said no I’m working out. They told him a few more times and when he said not now then they called him in the DR. The entire thing lasted about 10 minutes. So it wasn’t like he was refusing everytime they told him. And as far as him talking about not going to jury he’s talking to people one on one about how he can’t go to jury. He didn’t tell production and hasn’t refused to go. It’s just talk. I think it’s for sympathy. Branden writes biased articles a lot. Just like the article yesterday he said during the HOH comp Nicole was out and whining about it which couldn’t of been further from the truth. All she said was James shouldn’t of picked her because friends don’t do that. But what he failed to write in his article was when Natalie got picked she WAS whining why are you picking me that’s so unfairrrrrr. Then when she got out she went over to the bench and whined some more. But he wrote Natalie was out next. That’s all.

      • Well, since Branden’s articles aren’t my only source for Paulie’s behavior (my own eyes and ears being some of the others), we’re going to have to agree to disagree about the extent of Paulie’s bad behavior that wasn’t shown. I know what I saw and heard, and your characterization of his behavior seems as biased and whitewashed as production’s, sorry. Also, I doubt the entire twitterverse that erupted in rage last night at all of the things kept out of Paulie’s edit were getting their information solely from Branden’s “biased” articles either…

      • Rick, don’t waste your time trying to explain. Some people….like Lavendargirl, see and hear only what they want to see and hear when it comes to their favorite houseguests, Paulie (by way of Nicole).

      • Look like I said a dozen times before they can’t possibly show everything that everyone does wrong in the week in an hour show. What the hell do you think the feeds are for? They dedicated almost an entire show to his bad behavior. Maybe they should start showing some of the others bad behavior that keep getting a good edit. Natalie and Michelle are the mean girls. But do they ever show that? NO

      • He refused to bake pies for at least 24 hours and slept or just completely ignored multiple calls to the DR.

      • No he didn’t. They didn’t have everything the first day. He said no and 10 minutes later went into the DR then came out and started making them. Watch the feeds.

      • He ignored multiple calls to the diary room and it took him about a couple of hours to suck it up and finally start making pies when he was told. They even had to cut to fish multiple times to talk to him about it. He shouldn’t have been given that many chances. I don’t have to watch the feeds to know what is going on. I know by reading about it.

      • Well guess what I do watch the feeds and it was NOT 4 hours. Yes they told him multiple times and yes they went to fish but it was all resolved in less than a 1/2 hr. Maybe you should watch the feeds because everything you read is a summary with a lot of facts left out.

      • Not everyone is as fortunate as you to have time to watch the feeds, but luckily I do can the information from various recapping websites that have no reason to lie or exaggerate. This information in particular was from Big Brother Daily. It took more than enough time for him to start his punishment. Even though he made the first one he once again refused to go to the DR when they called him to make the second. The fact that they had to go to fish to call him to the DR is ridiculous. He was being an baby (to put it lightly), and the edit they gave him last night was BS.

      • Well I earned my retirement after working for a long 40 plus years. And where in my comment did I say the articles lying? I said they summarize and a lot gets left out. If they wrote every single thing they did and said they would have to write a book.

      • Congratulations, sincerely. But just because I don’t get the feeds doesn’t mean I dont know what is going on. I might miss some of the smaller details (like saying four hours, which I did read somewhere), but I get enough. I thought you said something about biases.

      • I get it. Before I had the feeds I used to read all the updates. But sometimes not everything is written. That’s all I meant. And Branden who writes some of the articles on Matts site (this site) instead of staying neutral and writing what is going on he gives an opinion. And he is biased against some houseguests. So it gives people a different view of things. Just report the facts. An example is an article he wrote about the HOH comp he said when Nicole was eliminated she was whining which was a lie. She wasn’t whining. See he doesn’t like Nicole. But when Natalie got picked she whined don’t pick meeeeee that’s not fairrrrr. But does he write that? No. He said next Natalie went out. Clearly Natalie is one of his favorites. So it’s giving the readers the wrong impression. That’s what I don’t like. Just report the facts. Hope you understand now what I was trying to say.

      • When you’re asked to do something at that moment and you say”NO”! That’s refusing… You shouldn’t have to be asked multiple times by production to do anything in that house. That’s what you signed up for so get it done!!!

      • Then that goes for Michelle and Natalie when they’re called to the DR and refuse to go until they put 5#’s of makeup on which takes 45 minutes. And the DR has to call someone else. At least Paulie only took about 10 minutes. If he would of flat out refused and didn’t do it at all that would of been different. How many times you hear a houseguest on all of the seasons say no to something? A LOT.

      • Also, another commenter made an excellent point about how such a deceptive edit actually misleads the viewers and possibly alters the game’s outcome: voting is still open on this week’s care package. TV-only viewers, possibly seeing Paulie in an undeservedly sympathetic light after tonight’s blatant lie of an episode might then vote for him to receive it. And since he might have the return ticket and/or might be able to win some type of battle back and then possibly be able to win the care package upon returning to the house, it potentially corrupts the rest of the season’s outcome in what, to me, is an unforgiveable way.

        There’s a difference between “the game not going how you want it to” and production deliberately, deceptively distorting the truth of what’s happening in a seemingly blatant attempt to manipulate the TV audience into giving advantages in the game to a player seemingly favored by production based upon their actions.

      • Agree on all points. They portrayed a falsehood, a lie. They did not show any of his actions that would have shown him in the negative light he deserved.
        All of it done in a way that could sway the regular tv viewers and their votes.

      • Oh I completely agree about the editing thing. You don’t need to convince me.

        My issue is the constant “I will stop watching if ____” posts. It’s not just you doing it.

      • Believe me the viewers saw exactly the kind of person he is. They got a big dose of it on the previous episodes. Editing was not kind to him then.

      • Really? Where was him trying to use an aunt who (allegedly) has cancer as a bargaining pitch? Where was him constantly talking about Zakiyah in a demeaning, disgusting fashion? His ludicrous claims of claustrophobia that make no sense? His full twenty-four hour period of refusing to bake pies? His repeated threats to other players that he was going to quit and not go to jury and just go home? Just because he may have said these things to individual players and not to production doesn’t mean he didn’t say them at all. Everything he does in the house is fair game, and part of his game. The TV audience should be aware of what a poor sport and terrible person he has shown himself to be this week.

      • If people want to see every single word that comes out of his mouth then get the feeds. They cannot possibly show every single thing he does all week long in one episode. He got that edit in the previous episode. And I’m done discussing this.

      • Yeah, I guess I came off a little strong. Just like watching contestants threatening to leave the game, listening to commenters threatening to stop watching the show over and over again just starts to get really old.

        Rick and I have talked previously about similar subjects though, so there’s a bit more to the story than just this page. He openly asked why so many people give him the same response and I pointed it out to him that this was an example.

        Rick seems like he has a great head on his shoulders. We’re good.

      • Ah, that’s cool! I’m lighthearted most of the time, too. It’s sometimes hard to show that in these forums. I enjoy reading all the opinions, then get bored when I’m voicing too many of my own! Sometimes, I just have to let out the frustrations, though! :) Nice to “meet” you Joe!

        *Lighthearted. Thus, the silly lil poem. :)

      • Nice to meet you too! I always like to say we may bicker a lot in these forums but we’re all Big Brother fans at heart so we have more in common than we think.

        It’d be boring if we all agreed on everything anyway. :)

      • Absolutely! Little bit of Friendship. Little bit of P1$$ed. Mix & bake @350* 30 min or until lightly toasted. :)

    • I was in the car with my sister on the way to a meeting this week, and we started talking about BB. She only watches the show, and was amazed when I told her about P-lie Pie’s actions following his nomination. She only got the part when he went off on Natalie.
      No doubt she is not alone.

      • I got the same feedback from a co-worker after I told him all the things Paulie has done that were not aired on last night’s episode. So, Rich is right…there are viewers who only watch the episodes and don’t know the full story on Paulie.

    • Oh. no. I’m going to be mad, too, then. Back in 45…

      WoW!! Oh yeh, that was a total snow job!!! I watched the show, then read all of your points & they are excellent! That edit is so horribly unfair – I dare say FRAUDULENT – to the other houseguests who have survived The Dictator & finally put him in his place!

    • I think people have lost their marbles about Paulie. Such blog hatred from the basements of America over him probably has CBS saying, “Enough already, Trolls.”

    • It was shocking. It was poor Paulie crying, and he’ll use veto on Corey. I think Corey even raised his eyebrows hearing that lie

    • They have to be careful what they show because many children also watch the show. It does not come on cable TV. If you do not like edits watch BBAD.

    • Production did the exact same thing to Frankie. He did/said horrible things and they gave him a pity edit. Did you stop watching that season?

      I don’t agree with production cherry-picking their edits, instead of giving the viewers an overview of what’s really happening. But, it is their show and they can do what they want. Ever see “Unreal”? It’s a show about the behind the scenes in a fictional reality show. Pretty revealing, even if it is just fiction.

      • I didn’t get the feeds but I thought it was obvious that Frankie was a douche hole from just watching the show. In Frankie’s own mind, he thought he was America’s favorite player. The only time I felt sorry for him was when his grandfather died as I would for anyone who lost a family member.

  3. Ganging up on Paulie was funny, how each had their own lines to say. Natalie coming out of wherever she was made me laugh. Paulie said that when he wants to get in people’s head, it’s usually one on one, but they are scared of him so they joined together. I do agree with him. They are all cowards and Victor is the one taking all the blame this week.

    • I don’t enjoy a bunch of bullies ganging up on someone no matter who it is. But hey that’s just me.

      • Bullies. I think the only bully in the house is Paulie and he is getting exactly what he deserves. Don’t let those fake manipulative tears fool you. He had no problem smirking when doing it to the other HGs and not feeling any type of empathy for anyone.

      • I don’t like Paulie and I’m not fooled by him. But his tears were real. Now you want to see fake tears watch when Michelle cries. But even though I don’t like him nobody deserves to be ganged up on. You want to yell at him do it one on one. But they don’t have the balls or mentality. They’re a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

      • They may have ganged up at the kitchen counter during one big exchange, but make no mistake: Paulie has been THE Bully this whole season and really really needed a monster dose of his own medicine. He’s right back to scheming. (By the way, he was never scared. He was right up in their faces being even more verbally forceful than they were. Do you know what bullying is? Because he was not intimidated. Ever.)

      • Five people ganging up on you is bullying. And it was a lot more then what they showed. It went on and on and on. Believe me I watched it all. And if he goes after someone it’s one on one. I do know what bullying is and they showed a perfect example of it. I’ll be glad when he’s gone but nobody deserves that not even the racist Paul or fake hypocrite Natalie.

      • It was a ploy to rattle him before the veto comp. it’s been done in previous seasons. I have a pet peeve about people calling HG’s bullies when they’re there voluntarily and it’s a game. Play or get played. Paulie has run this house, arrogant, misogynist, a**hat, and overall big baby

      • That doesn’t change anything… They weren’t insulting him, they were confronting him. Confrontation is not bullying.

      • Nope I don’t joke about things like that. I don’t find it funny when 5 people go after one person. They don’t have the balls to do it one on one.

  4. The edit of Paulie tonight has me convinced that he has (was given) the RT. I am totally pi**ed off!

    • Concerned about it, too. He does not deserve to be given $1 after the way he’s treated people. I keep thinking, however, WHY didn’t these kids stop his nonsense sooner?! I couldn’t believe how long it went on. Cult of Personality on full display. Guess I’m too old – they needed an older (but cool) sage in there for some wisdom!

      *He would’ve gotten rid of the elder, though, to isolate all those dummies. :)

      • I have a feeling he’s got the RT ticket as well. There is a reason why the HGs weren’t allowed to look at them privately, and that’s because production wasn’t sure yet who they wanted to keep. Maybe his little temper tantrum about baking pies changed their mind. We’ll see.

  5. Shame on production for giving Paulie such a good edit in tonight’s episode. Those who don’t have the feeds probably would feel bad for Paulie. Feeders know better. He refused several times to bake the pies, had to be called out by a producer to get his rear to the DR..feeds were cut for that many times..I guess they thought Sunday’s episode showed enough of Paulie’s temper..but it didn’t. I am sure their excuse would be there wasn’t enough time..but they could have edited out two or three of Paulies’ crying jags in the DR..and there would have been plenty of time. Production dropped the ball tonight.

    • I don’t think his edit was that good. Don’t forget that viewers have watched him make demands and manipulate people all season long so, in this episode, when Vic handed everything back to him, he threw a tantrum, and acted like the poor sport he is. Of course there’s a lot worse things they could have showed (things we know about that the regular TV audience doesn’t know), but for those viewers, the point was made.

      • I see your pov, Grace. But Paulie on the feeds was so bad – it was bizarre. As in, he is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. What besides “claustrophobia” was Paulie seeing a psychiatrist for is what I want to know! He was exhibiting behavior of a narcissist/misogynist w/Delusions of Grandeur and a Napoleonic Complex. THEN, when the tables turned a/g him, he really went bonkers. In real life, I would feel very bad for him & try to help. Of course, one must beware of manipulation. But something’s truly unbalanced there. It’s scary and sad and unfortunate for everyone involved. CBS might’ve decided to tread lightly, as they are responsible for doing background checks on these people. Even if the applicants lie, which Paulie flat-out admits to doing to the producers.

  6. There is word that Paulie’s call to the DR for refusing to bake the pies resulted in a penalty against his stipend. AKA – BB fined Paulie. I guess they decided to up their game when he was ready to accept a penalty vote. If you are keeping score…. BB – 1, Paulie – 0.

    • There are some advantages to knowing people in the industry. And, to no one’s surprise, there is a lot that happens off-camera and behind-the-scenes that never makes it to the live feeds or TV.

      What was surprising to me is the amount of financial power BB has over the house guests. Basically it boils down to a house guest receives their stipend as long as they abide by the rules of the game and instructions from the producers. But producers can and have (not just this season) docked stipends for violations of the games rules and/or do not follow instructions. BB holds all the power.

  7. This is BS. CBS edited this show so Paulie looks like an angel. Not one clip of the havoc he has wreaked in the house. If you don’t visit this site or read Jokers you would sit at home and cry with him. I am livid. This is foul. Production is always being accused of rigging the game and I usually don’t get involved in those theories, but this was ridiculous. He looked like he is Poor Paulie and willingly just made damn pies. They manipulated the TV viewers. I bet Paulie got thousands of votes for ACP. He better not have that RT ticket because I can almost believe production messed with those envelopes during lock out. It makes me disgusted as a fan to see the BS they decided to show tonight. I’m sure when I go to EW or regular sites that review the show, sympathy for Paulie is going to be very high. Foul CBS.

    • Here is what I picture for tomorrow..Paulie has the RT..comes back in..wins HOH..Michelle will get the Co-HOH this week and will be totally swayed by Paulie..because she is a weak player…he will then nominate Victor and he will talk her into nominating Paul with James as the renom. The edit they gave Paulie tonight was pathetic and as a BB superfan..I, too, am disgusted with production.

      • If that happens, I think there is no way Paulie is not going straight out against James. He seems to be the most angry with him. Nicole was too, but we know from Jokers Corey was trying to convince her it was not James, but Paulie’s mouth that got them in this predictament. I think Paulie would go for James and Nat outright.

    • I don’t think Paulie will get the care package..but we have to make sure Michelle doesn’t either…I am splitting my votes between Victor and Paul.

      • Totally know what you mean. I didn’t like Paul at all initially for running all over the house from conversation to conversation, but IMO he has been changing for the better and now his running all over the house as Mr. Secret Service Man has been quite hilarious, refreshing in time of need and redeeming in my eyes. More importantly, Paul is the reason Vic put up Paulie and Corey and I think Paul is not going to change his mind or be driven by any Pauiie antics.

      • Paul and Victor were similar the first few days. I heard them both make sexist comments and laugh together about foolishness. But I think Paul tries to be a good person, has a big heart, is intelligent & a deep thinker. But for such a strong personality, he’s easily influenced by those around him – ie, he’s still young and shows out for his “boys!” As much as I’m liking Victor right now, though, I think his true colors and attitudes are the ones we saw early on. Corey is just as bad but more quiet about it. Paulie is the King of this Women Haters Club – one of the most misogynist groups I have ever witnessed anywhere, and I’m in the deep South! But, who really knows? Just my silly little ole girl’s misguided opinions. I should keep my mouth shut! ;)

        *Didn’t mean to ramble so. Looks like I’m crushing on your boy Paul! ;)

      • I am afraid to split my votes because it might not add up for either one of them to get it, so I am going with Paul just because he is the one who convinced Vic that they needed to put Paulie (and Corey) up while they had the numbers to get Paulie out. (Vic was going to put up two girls.)

      • I’ve been giving all my votes to Corey. Hoping Nicole wins HOH. I don’t want to see another Paul/Victor HOH. Too predictable and boring. At least with Corey and Nicole you don’t know what they’ll do. And to have the five of the bullies turning on each other and spilling their guts to stay off the block will be fun to watch. Otherwise I can predict the rest of the season. Corey will go then Nicole then Michelle then Natalie. Boring.

      • Oh, I know. Nic & Cory bore me to tears. Poor girl gonna get her heart torn out when this is over.

      • While I should feel more sympathy for Z & N, I find it hard … they walked into the house knowing they were on view 24/7 & that all the players are going to do whatever they can to win. If they were looking for “Twu Wuv” they are on the wrong show.

      • Oh, I know!! I want to say, “Big Dummies!” Then I remember how gullible or vulnerable many 20-somethings still are & it’s sad. Fairy Tales aren’t real.

      • Paulie’s one of those guys whose personality is sooo bad it makes him physically ugly to me. (Corey, too!!) Whereas, James and Paul are handsome, indeed! The frogs in the tales – if the stories were true. :)

      • Boring is being able to predict the rest of the season. Yawn. If that’s the case I’ll be glad when Survivor starts. And I think after ZingBot we know who the dumb one is. And her name begins with Natalie.

      • You don’t think Paul is entertaining? I think he’s so funny & will go down as a memorable, well-liked HG.

      • He was funny for awhile just like James pranks were funny for awhile. But they get old. Him wearing that duck around his waist all the time is so immature. His loud mouth just gets on my nerves.

      • Do you watch Celebrity BB from the UK? This season, the loudest person I’ve ever witnessed was just voted off (Heavy D, he’s called & he yells “BOOM!” all the time). Anyway, so annoying, I’d have to FF through his scenes.

      • No but someone told me I can watch it through UTube. When this season is done I think I’m going to try to watch it. A lot of people say it’s good. But I do watch BB Canada thanks to a friends help that sends me the episodes to my computer.

      • Be careful with splitting votes … consider the fact that you reduce each one’s total considerably and they could be beaten by someone else entirely … and that won’t be your choice at all.

      • I know…I started out splitting them between Paul and Vic..but, I am giving all of my votes today to Paul..I have given the majority to Paul. I don’t want Michelle to get his CP because she is too easily swayed by people. If Paulie comes back in..he will be in her ear and she may do what he wants.

      • Agree .. mine to Paul, too and yes, concerned about Michelle being easily swayed even though annoying Nicole with a Michelle win would be satisfying, it is not worth the risk! Nicole will be mortified sufficiently if her Corey doesn’t get it! Too bad, so sad.

    • I don’t think Paulie’s edit made him look like an angel at all. He looked like a petulant child who was PO’d because he didn’t get his way. All season viewers have been watching him (both in and out of the DR) demanding that things be done his way, so when Victor handed him some of his own medicine he threw a tantrum. Several of them, actually, then played the victim role, complete with the obligatory tears. His edit made him look like an absolute idiot – an immature brat. I understand I know more (than the TV viewer) from being on this site, but there’s no way his edit made him look sympathetic at all.

      • The edit showed Paulie like he was cooperating in making those pies – he was anything but – and then the edit made it look like everyone was sad for him – they were anything but. And it wouldn’t bother me really, except that edits which really sway that much from what really happened can actually change the outcome of the upcoming vote and can hardly be perceived as anything else. Shame on the producers – not fair to the HGs or fair gameplay.

      • But you’re speaking from the benefit of knowing all those behind-the-scenes activities that the TV viewers don’t know. Paulie did say there was no way he was going to make pies. The fact that he was shown making one – not a big deal, I don’t think. And Michelle and Natalie did feel bad for Paulie at some point, so that’s not a total lie. I’m not defending CBS – don’t get me wrong – I’m just saying that in one hour there’s not time to air ALL the dirty laundry we all know. It would have been nice to see some of Paulie’s antics re: his dying aunt, his claustrophobia and some other preposterous things he was saying, but that’s a lot to cram into an hour. I think they showed enough.

      • It also left out his degrading trash talking about Zakiyah, his repeated threats to leave the game, his lies about claustrophobia (he could survive sequester in a hotel and two months in the bb house, and lying inside a bed with Natalie but now he’s suddenly too claustrophobic to lounge around the jury house?), his talking about lying repeatedly during the pre-game vetting process, and his attempting to use an aunt who (allegedly) has cancer to gain sympathy from the other houseguests…so I’d have to argue compared to his actual behavior, they practically made him look like an angel…

      • Grace, he did look like a cry baby tonight, but the show didn’t portray his anger/yelling/finger pointing and demanding over and over and over from Paul, James, and Victor what happened & why. Accusing them of doing exactly what he has done to everyone all season long. He barked at them all, but don’t dare bark back. Tonight didn’t show 5% of how horrible he acted. So unfair to us and ESPECIALLY to the players who finally stepped up to challenge him. Classic “can dish it out, can’t take it” person. Bet he’s had his way his entire life. (He was exhausting! Kinda like this post! lol!) :D

    • Exactly how I felt watching last night’s episode. Galling. People are getting a totally false view of what is going on and that is such BS.

  8. It is confirmed that Corey/Nicole will target Paul/Vic. Corey said so. Corey and Nicole are not universally hated like Paulie, and they have an alliance of each other, which Paulie wouldn’t have if Corey was evicted tomorrow. Paulie MAY go after Paul/Vic if he stays, but there is the CHANCE he won’t, because may have loyalty at being saved, and he really has NOWHERE to turn. So, why is it better for Vic to get Paulie out this week? It isn’t. PLUS, there is the chance THIS WEEK that Paulie as the return ticket, but if you vote him out in the next few weeks, he has NO chance at return. The smart play is to cut Corey this week, but Vic is really low IQ at this game. Paulie is truly alone if Corey leaves.

    • Corey may have the return ticket. 1 in 8 chance for either one. Paulie is also better at comps than Corey.

      • Yes, but Paulie is hated — read these posts! Walmart probably sold out of pitchforks and noose rope last night! And youre worried about him winning?! He’ll be strung up he moment he leaves the jury house.

      • Nicole isnt well liked either. Without Corey she has no one to win comps for her tho. They would be crazy to not get Paulie this week and Corey next week (with the help of ACP4 co-hoh going to Victor).

  9. Ok maybe I understand the hating on Paulie, I thought he was arrogant & self righteous myself. BUT, what about Paul ?? What makes it ironic how everyone in that house was kissing his feet from the start & now the complete turn around !?! Everyone of the remaining HG’s have done exactly what they all r calling him out of now, every single one. Michelle being the worst at first & now Paul lies straight in his (at one time PP buddy) eyes denying not knowing anything while this creep is controlling everyone & everything going on cause Victor is a moran, Nicole/Corey annoying, Meech mean girl lucky to still even be there. Atleast Frank was down to earth. Don’t give a rat’s a** who wins ?

  10. Could anyone tell me what Corey’s zing was? I didn’t quite hear what Zingbot said. I got the gist of the others.

    Also, I don’t get the feeds, but from what I’ve read on this site, I really like Victor. It sounds Paulie got pretty aggressive after being nominated and that Victor kept his cool when responding to him. I think if CBS didn’t want to show the extent of Paulie’s childish behavior, they could have at least shown how none of the houseguests were putting up with his crap.

  11. Watching the POV it occurred to me, that it’s too bad Nicole didn’t win a 2nd uni-tard. I would have like to see her wearing 2, or having to wear one 2-weeks in a row.

  12. Paulie’s ‘woah is me’ edit confirms he has the RT. His next edit will be the vengeance DR followed by an intense HOH comp.

    With the next ACP, if Paulie wants to stay he better start targeting Nicorey.

  13. CBS’ creative edits that do not tell the truth about what actually happened in the house is tantamount to lying. It’s lame.

    • Very disappointing. They are showing Paulie as “hurt” instead of a jackass raging luntic. It makes me wonder why I still watch.

  14. Corey is lucky he is not a have-not this week, it would be hard for him and Paulie to snuggle in a bumper car.


  15. I vote next season that the next time a contestant threatens to quit the competition/not fulfill jury obligations that Big Brother goes out of its way to accommodate their request and throw their ass onto the CBS lot and let them find their own way home.

  16. Very favorable edit “type thing” for ole Paulie boy. Not even a peep about his dying Grandma, oops he means Aunt, or his awful case of claustrophobia that is going to plague him if he goes to jury. ?? Poor poor Paulie. PPP

    • Right – none of the threats Paulie spewed were even insinuated, nor the refusal initially to go to the DR to get punishment costume and threats not to do the punishment at all and then how uncooperative he was in making the pies – it just goes on and on and yet no sign of it in the TV rendition.

    • This should serve as a good lesson to all as to how deceptive and misleading everything presented in television media can be – from news to celebrity gossip to warfare.
      It all comes down to the editing room…

  17. Once again, just jumping down here to the chat – for the sake of my sanity. I know what happened, anyway – don’t need the recap.

    I’m honestly surprised people expected an honest edit of Paulie here. It’s not like they haven’t sugarcoated things like this in the past. If he’d been expelled from the game or was still putting up a fuss about the punishment, then yeah, I’d expect the edit would have been different, because then they’d need to explain why things are the way they are (Paulie leaving the game, meaning that the week was forced to reset, or why Paulie suddenly has a penalty vote). This was pretty much the edit I expected, especially as they had to go through Zingbot’s entire sequence, as well as all three punishments.

  18. If Paulie wants to be a Big Brother legend, he needs to stick his dick in one of his pies.

  19. *So excited!!* ~~ About to watch tonight’s episode & see if Paulie stops crying long enough for ZingBot.

  20. Did Paul actually call Paulie a ‘fat Italian’ when he was chasing him thru the yard doing his ‘Secret Service’ bit?! Hahaha

  21. So I’m watching the episode now…and I have to say I am glad everyone here is in the same boat as me.
    I don’t have the live feeds, so a lot of the info I get is from the TV show and BBN. Was CBS even watching the feeds themselves? Paulie looks like such a good guy still…maybe it’s proof that he does have the round trip ticket? If he was coming back into the house CBS would want him to look like a good guy still since they are helping him so much.

    But let’s be real, they should have at least showed him using his sick Aunt as leverage. I really hope they show his more dispicable side during tomorrow’s episode. Like honestly, they didn’t even show his hissy fit over his pies.

  22. Hard to tell if James really is open to working with Nicorey or not. He could be serious or he could be playing them. Haven’t heard him talk about it with Natalie yet, and I think he’d be honest with her.

    • I know that James is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he should be able to see that he doesn’t have a chance against Paul & V. And, with the help of Mean-eech they could get rid of Nicorey.

    • Is that whats going on in the feeds right now? They are trying to pull James over to their side?

      • Yes, they did talk about the three of them working together. However, I couldn’t gauge James’ real reaction to their talk. He could just as easily be telling them what they want to hear.

      • I think it is hysterical! I love the way he turns Pablo Ducks head to look around the corner during security checkpoint on BBAD. I would want someome that makes the best of every situaltion as a friend vs a whiney chld that pouts when they arent indulged.

  23. Dear CBS: That face-saving edit you gave your boy Paulie was NOT Friendship!!! …Pi$$ed!!!

  24. Well, I just realized something – CBS had at least one logical, albeit evil, reason to skew that episode so sideways:
    To get more people signed up/paying for the live feeds.

  25. Watching the 5 bullies go after Paulie was so edited down. On the feeds they wouldn’t stop. After Paul, Victor, Bronte and Jozeas racist behavior the first couple of weeks this just shows how Paul really is. Paul is yelling at Paulie (which by the way I DONT like) that you didn’t trust and believe me. No duh you racist idiot. You’re the one that told Vic to put him up. And you’re attacking him. What a friggin hypocrite.

      • Because I don’t like 5 people ganging up on one person suddenly I’m not watching the same show? Come back with something we can discuss otherwise don’t bother to comment.

      • What do you call the 5 guy alliance laughing and joking about “FT” in front of Natalie?
        I didn’t hear you voicing any outrage about that situation.
        Personally, I think P-lie deserves whatever he got/gets, and he can “FT – Fake Tear” all the way to the Jury house.

      • Well, I blocked Lavendargirl bc they take comments they dont agree with as “personal” vs different points of view. Social media boards are not for everyone. Agree to disagree and move on.

      • When did they attack her? Did they talk crap about her? Yes just like everyone in the house talks crap. She new nothing about it until she was told about it. There’s a difference between 5 people attacking you or 5 people talking crap about you behind your back. And if you don’t see that then we’ll never agree.

      • I’m sorry but since when is calling someone out on their crap and lies considered bullying? And no we’ll never agree if that’s considered bullying to you.

      • It’s not bullying if it’s one on one. What’s so hard to understand. 5 on 1 to me is bullying.

      • Let me put down a list of people who were called out by the house:

        – Ronnie
        – Matt
        – Devin

        Try defending them

      • And Paulie was in innocent angel when he attacked Natalie on her physical appearance and compared her to the Jersey girls he knew back at home.

      • And I never said I liked Paulie’s behavior. I said for weeks now he’s disgusting. Never said he was innocent. But NEITHER is she. In fact she started that entire blow up then plays innocent. Did you even listen what she said in the HOH? She confronted him about his flirting then when he tells her you do the same thing to all the guys what’s her reply? Well everyone knows I’m a flirt. WTF talk about double standards. She’s the biggest hypocrite in the house.

      • There’s a huge difference. With Natalie it’s part of her personality and she owns up to the fact. Even Paul and Victor can acknowledge that and they often flirt back. Not saying it’s right, but she has her reasons. With James they have a good bond (if not a good relationship)

        Paulie on the other hand tries to flirt with women just to gains something out of them. With Z he tries to control her and manipulate her to get what he wants, and once she’s no longer useful he abuses her.

      • Come on. So you believe in double standards? Okay for her but not for him. Okay I get you now. We are never going to agree so I’ll just leave it at have a nice day.

      • No my point that I have been trying to make to you going back and forth you just don’t get. So I believe it’s just the opposite.

      • What double standard. Nat will admit that she likes to flirt. From what i have seen she has been honest with James. Paulie, on the other hand treated Z like crap. When they showed the jury house tonight even DaVonne wasn’t happy with what she was seeing on the tape.

      • Maybe you need to read all the comments first before replying. Natalie called Paulie out for flirting but when he called her out for doing the same thing she’s not okay with it. That’s what you call “double standards”. Get It? She can flirt but he can’t. Once again she’s a fake hypocrite.

    • What show are you watching?? It’s obviously not the same one everyone else is watching! And yes it was definitely edited down but it was in Paulie’s favor.

      • I’m watching a show called Big Brother. What are you watching? By the way it’s on CBS. You should check it out.

      • I’m watching right now but it’s not the watered down version on CBS where they show Paulie as the victim instead of the aggressor.

      • Then you missed the previous episode where they showed everything. And believe me he didn’t get a favorable edit. By the way why does Natalie always get the miss innocent edit? She’s the fakest hypocrite in the house but wow they show none of her nasty behavior.

      • I didn’t see them showing him bragging about boning Z five times in different rooms. I didn’t see them show him refusing to do his punishment and refusing to go to jury. I didn’t see them show him looking for sympathy for himself talking about his dying aunt and then saying his dying grandmother. I didn’t see them show him pissing in the hot tub. So yes I’d say he got a real good edit.

      • OMG they are not going to show inappropriate things on TV. That’s what the feeds are for. They aren’t edited. And like I said he refused the first time when he was working out. They asked him a few times and he said no then they told him to go to the DR. When he came out he made a pie. I watched the entire thing on the feeds. And he never told production that he refused to go to jury. He was talking with the other houseguests and I think it was for sympathy. He will go to jury. You can bet on it. And by the way they cannot show every single conversation a person has during the week. You want to see that watch the feeds. At least they’ve shown some of his ignorant behavior. More than I can say about Natalie.

      • I do, that’s how I know about it and America should too! Now you have a great night. :-)

      • Just goes to show that not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea. I’m probably Buford’s type of friend, but Lavendargirl would probably hate me. I love Natalie! She and I would have a blast. Big Meech, too! And Paul is awesome!!! I don’t demand that my friends be perfect.
        Perfect = BORING!!!!!!!!!!! snore.
        Good Ny-Tol!

      • Hope0297 – im right there with you 100% on your assessments of everyone . You,Buford, and I can have a virtual toast during tonight’s show.

      • Join the club Hope…Lavendargirl doesn’t like me either. I wear her dislike as a badge of honor. LOL…

      • Did you watch Natalie on the feeds tonight? Ugh, so annoying. The fact that she keeps trying to tell us that she’s so innocent? Doesn’t seem to get that we’re watching her every second of the day, meaning we’ve seen how hypocritical that is.

      • Do you notice how she always makes sure a cameras on her. There’s not an hour that goes by that she doesn’t talk to the camera. America. And they played/taped the veto Saturday and she was still crying to James tonight about America thinks she’s dumb and has hairy armpits from her Zing.

      • That doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s using a dying aunt/grandma just for sympathy. He doesn’t sound like he even cares about the game anymore since he’s pretty much out of touch with power

      • I know, Buford! It was pathetic! I wanted to punch him over Z and his Aunt. Low, low, low. Makes me so upset that violence is bubbling up! lol — seriously, though. He’s the worst HG EVER.

      • Didn’t see them showing Paulie naked wearing only his apple pie apron … nasty creep …as usual no boundaries for special Paulie … and earlier same night he told everyone that he usually cooks naked with only an apron because “something interesting happens”. Just not acceptable.

      • Uh yes he did, he was more vile on the live feeds to Zakiyah and pretty much talked down to women as if they were garbage. Watch the live feeds

      • Oh gosh! Just realized we said same thing. Didn’t mean to be a mean copycat bully, Buford! …Friendship?!

      • Even Paulie said the house was using a page out of his (Paulie’s) book referring to their bullying tactics, so what goes around comes around, just desserts!

    • Paulie wasn’t “bullied”. He was just called out for all his lies and deception. Paul found out that Paulie threw his name under the bus when Paulie was talking to Michelle. Also Paulie wasn’t thinking of helping Paul in this game when he wanted Z to stay in the game (who was after Paul and Vic). And yet Paul has done everything to protect him. Plus Paul and Victor later matured after Jozea left and they changed for the better. Paulie isn’t an angel as he said a lot of sexist comments about girls (even more than Frank)

      If anything it’s karma coming back to Paulie

      • Did I say anywhere in any of my comments he was an angel? NO. Do I like him? NO. I’m stating how I feel about 5 people ganging up on one person. I don’t care who it is. How would you like it if 5 people came after you?

      • Depends on the situation. If they are criticizing me I’d take it into consideration. If it was really bullying they’d say stuff that’s more personal like my family, or my race or something like that.

        The five are just calling Paulie out for his BS and if it was bullying they’d say on the lines of, “Nobody likes you. Please die.” More on like Aaryn’s level.

        Also you may not have said Paulie is an angel, but your comments make you sound like you’re coming off that way. Just saying mate.

      • Why because I don’t believe in people ganging up on someone? Because I have a different opinion then yours? Can’t stand it when people assume.

      • Especially when it’s done deliberately to make him lose the VETO comp.
        Enough gloating I think.

  26. Natalie’s strategy mirrors her career choice, cheer while players try to win games!


  27. Is anyone else worried America’s Care Package voters are splitting their votes between Paul and Victor and they end up canceling each other out? I guess it wouldn’t be terrible if Michelle got it but it’d be pretty lame if Corey got it because of a split vote like that.

    • Michelle getting it worries me because she is easily persuaded. I really don’t think Corey has a chance of getting it but who knows I didn’t really think Nicole would either. Vic’s getting all of my votes, I think he’s earned it since he is the only one on that side that can’t play in the HOH comp.

      • I’m hoping that he will get ACP4. The original poll started at Michelle around 50% then Paul in second. Recent poll showing Michelle in the 30s % and Paul/Victor virtually tied indicates early poll voters have shifted their opinion. Guess we will see with actual vote results. I wish Julie would announce the percentages of the Top 3 bc that would get into the player’s head too.

      • Paulie talking about getting evicted and then getting back in and winning HOH and making plans for his two noms and replacement (Vic, Paul, James) – makes it really important if that actually happens as to who shares the HOH with him … funny when/if he finds that out, but my hope is he just stays in jury or even better leaves the game and goes home. Good riddance.

    • Yes .. people have talked about that and good to bring it up again. IMO it’s risky business to split because neither one might have enough votes to win it. Best to go for it with all for your choice. By the way, Paulie/Corey working on Michelle to join Nicorey.

      • But that’s the thing. Since I’m sure Paul and Viktor share a fan base, even if you stick all of your votes to one, the next person might put all of their votes in the other, effectively canceling everything out when they could potentially have twice the votes instead. I’m not saying it will happen, but it could.

      • I am not counting on Paul and Vic’s fan base to be even, and even more so I would not even try to speculate total numbers of people voting for someone else, so what I consider is that bottom line it matters only how each one’s total compares to the totals of the other vote receivers.

  28. Am I the only one that thought they mocked Paulie the entire episode?

    And they couldn’t put everything in. They had like 20 minutes of zingbot.

    • BB might tell America tonight that Paulie got a penalty vote due to not making pies…… It will be very subtle but I’m going to be watching for that announcement (or not)

  29. What did everyone think of the Eagle PuppetShow Roast last night on BBAD (about half way through the broadcast)

      • You can Google Victor and Paul’s puppet show and you can probably find it. I know by doing it you will find the one of Victor from the night before. It’s pretty good just a lot of cursing. Paul did a roast of all 16 hg.

    • I think it was a good way to keep people from talking game and/or Paulie campaigning. I saw it on BBAD.

    • I watched on BBAD and really enjoyed it. I missed Victors the night before and found it on utube and really enjoyed it.

    • It was hilarious! I was laughing so much..I woke up my husband! Had to retreat to the couch to finish watching.

  30. I don’t have feeds, so I don’t see all, so someone let me know if I am incorrect, but it seems to me that production has let up on Paulie making pies and they are also letting Corey go without eagle and arm thing and he’s been lowering the top half of the costume, too. Paul gets to continue with his full punishment it seems. ???

    • I was wondering the same thing about the punishments. Corey seems to be wearing the outfit with just his undies on??? Weird!

    • Considering they’ve let Paul and Victor take the eagle for a puppet show 2 nights in a row…

      • IMO means nothing as far as it being an inconvenience or punishment for Paulie when he is otherwise active … that just means he got another free hour without it or whatever it took for them to have a puppet show and Paulie being able to put his hand in Nicole’s or up his butt or wherever he so desired. I guess, tho, it does show he thinks he deserves special treatment like his bro Paulie.

  31. I shouldn’t be surprised by the Paulie edit last night, but I was totally creeped out by all the crying. He has issues. For all the true fans who keep up with the feeds, we all know the true Paulie and last night’s show ain’t it! Unbelievable!

    • Unless you’re a Paulie fan and they’ll tell you everyone else got a good edit because they were bullying him. LOL

      • Which is utter crap because Paulie isn’t the first person to get called out by the house

  32. Just want to throw another caution out there about splitting votes … IMO it reduces each one’s total considerably and makes it easier for someone else entirely to beat the two you split between and that won’t be your choice at all.

  33. Utterly disgusted with the edit of last night’s show. Presenting Paulie in a sympathetic light while omitting all of his trash is unfairly skewing the game. If I were a tv only viewer, I would feel sorry for him as things were presented last nigh and would be voting for him to get ACP. Just utter baloney.

  34. This year’s zings beat last year’s by a country mile. I was so disappointed in last year’s but this year’s zings had some (grunt) to them. :)

    Also, thank you for not bringing Kathy Griffin in this year with Zingbot. It was fine with ZB alone.

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