Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

Tonight on Big Brother 18 nine votes will be cast and a fourth Houseguest will be evicted this season as we continue to fill the upcoming Battle Back twist’s roster. Who will be joining Glenn, Jozea, and Victor next? We’ve got the answer.

Big Brother 18 Week 3 nominees - CBS

The bad luck streak continues for Revolution as after days of wavering things have locked in for another one of Jozea’s allies to follow in his footsteps right on out the front door.

Our three final noms for the week are Tiffany, Paul, and Bronte with the latter as Frank’s Roadkill nominee. The Veto was not used this week so nothing has changed in the lineup since Friday night. With those three on the Block and the HoH on the sidelines that leaves just nine votes to make this week’s decision.

After the back and forth that teased a rescue for Tiffany it looks like that is finally a near done deal. Overnight we saw as Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah, and Michelle came together to agree as a group of five votes to keep Frank’s target in the game. They’re all after Frank next, well Nicole and Corey waver on that, and the group realizes it makes more sense to evict a potential ally for Frank than his target.

The other four votes belong to Da’Vonne, James, Natalie, and Frank. Day had said she would do a pity vote for Tiffany against Bronte so that may shift things to 6-3, but as of now neither Day nor James know of this overnight vote flip. Frank definitely doesn’t know so he’ll be voting against Tiffany. Natalie is just bubbling her merry way along this week and wouldn’t possibly vote out Bronte so she’s another vote against Tiffany.

If the group of five decides to tell Day and James then that’ll be interesting to watch. Nothing should change for Day, but James will be in a bad spot. He won’t want to vote against Bronte and upset Natalie, but then he’s also got the rest of his allies to consider. They don’t need his vote but it could concern them if he declines to join them. If he doesn’t find out in advance then it won’t matter and he can avoid this dilemma.

We’re just a few hours away from this week’s live vote and it’s sure to generate a lot of heat no matter which way things go. I’m now firmly expecting Bronte to go, Tiffany to stay, and the rest of the Houseguests to freak out over what happens next. It’ll be a fun night!

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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    • Things change in there from minute to the next. I will agree it will be a legitimate blindside regardless of who goes home this week. Tiffany goes home, DAY, Paulie will be blindsided if DAY already knows. Frank will be blindsided if Bronte goes home. It is going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • I agree. You never know, but between that and their fear of how Frank will react I don’t see this working out. I know they are relishing the idea of Frank freaking out but I see some people changing their minds.

      • She has earned a ticket through the double doors but when will the ticket be used is the question. I still can’t believe the guys have not caught on too the girls out numbering them yet.

      • Kinda true actually. Even two of the girls in the Spy Girls aliance are really close to a guy. Reminds me of the Brigade when Lane couldn’t let Brit go.

      • I can’t believe the girls have not caught on to the fact that they outnumber the guys!!!!

      • the hamsters always talk like they are gonna flip the house but when it come down to the votes, its usually in lock step with what the HOH’s wants or in this case Frank’s…

      • No I want Tiff gone today. Shes awful and boring, and related to vanessa. She needs to go. She is feeds poison.

      • So someone should go because they’re related to someone else? Im not a big Tiffany fan, but that is just asinine

      • She already went against the group last week when she played the word game rather than throwing it. Don’t see her as a team player for the long haul.

      • Isn’t that the point?
        T is not a threat, but keeping her is another # against Frank, plus it weakens the PP’s.

      • But Tiff is very annoying and a wildcard. Think Bronte is less of a threat at this point and I’m sure she would eventually find out that Frank put her up after winning RK.

      • Tiff may not be a threat now but neither was Van in the beginning. I also thought the plan was an extra vote to get Frank out this week. Since Paulie won HOH, Frank is now safe for another week.

      • I would rather have Tiffany go tonight. I don’t see how she helps getting Frank out.

  1. Da’Vonne has been such a disappointment this year. I really thought she would be less emotional than last year when her outburst at clay got her evicted very early. But here she is doing it again with Frank – her own alliance member. Frank was never going to go against her, James and Nicole. But a slap on the butt and some name-calling in jest which she started and Da loses her mind and her game.

    After Frank is evicted, either he comes back or someone else like Victor or Jozea comes back and then Da and her game will be in serious trouble.

    The winner is Paul because if Jozea or Victor comes back – or even Frank – Paul will have a strong ally to go against the rest of the house.

    • I’m sorry, well not really, Frank is lucky he didn’t get slap in the face. If any man, other than her man, slaps a woman on the ass (joking or not), it’s completely unacceptable.

    • Can’t wait for Tiffany to find out that Day told Frank Tiff wanted him gone. I’m hoping Nicole will alert Tiff to this soon so she won’t continue to trust Day.

      • I can’t wait until Day find out Nicole been throwing her under the bus trying to get her BD. See how everyone in the house have stories to tell about everyone.

      • Good thing it’s not up to Nicole who stays and who goes. And Nicole can’t leave soon enough for me along with her boy toy Corey.

      • My biggest issue with Nicole is the fakeness. She has the sweet and innocent role down good for those who are fooled.

      • I forget, was that a lie or did Tiffany actually say she was targetting Frank. Was this when Their fatal 5 talked about getting Frank out? So basically Day took their group idea and pinned that whole convo on Tiffany right?

      • Yep that’s what happened Neil. All 5 girls wanted Frank out then Day went and spilled the beans to Frank when Tiffany first started showing her paranoid tendencies. So, even if Nicole does tell Tiffany about what Day told Frank. All Day has to do is deny deny and deny since there were 4 other possible snitches.

      • I don’t remember all the particulars but as I recall Day got really mad at Tiff for some reason and then goes to tell Frank that Tiff is stirring up trouble wanting to get Frank evicted. Day wanted Tiff and Frank to go after each other and she succeeded. But when telling her lie she also claimed that Nicole and someone else ? heard the lie too – which was blatantly untrue. I think this is what led to Nicole becoming disenchanted with her former good buddy Day – not that I blame her.

      • Well, technically Day didn’t lie…Tiffany WAS talking about getting out Frank, Day just failed to mention she was also involved in the discussion.

      • Day purposely led Tiff into making self-incriminating comments so she could use them against Tiff to Frank.
        Day also announced there were other witnesses to said conversation (Nicole being one of them) without asking permission before including them in her lie.
        I don’t think Day can be trusted due to lies and lack of loyalty.
        If you’re a Day fan that’s fine with me though but I think she is playing a short game and will soon be gone.

      • Come one India! If we jotted down the lies, deceptions, half-truths, disloyalties, and snitches EVERYONE (including your favorite Nicole) has told about everyone, we would run out of space. One thing I will agree with you on…I’m a staunch Day fan!!

      • I know that TX, but we are discussing Day in particular – not everyone else. Since Day’s continued lies have made her untrustworthy and probably ruined her game this particular incident deserves to be discussed on its own merit.

      • Only Nicole finds Day untrustworthy and now she’s going around throwing Day under the bus doing pretty much the same thing you’re accusing Day of doing. Nicole almost ruined her game when Michelle told Day about Frank’s plan to BD her and Nicole/Corey were onboard. So, it’s not fair to always point the finger at Day when everyone is doing the same things in the house.

      • Yes, but Day made herself untrustworthy to Nicole and that is why Nicole doesn’t want to continue playing with her; Day’s also too dangerous to keep around due to her lies and lack of loyalty.
        Day was the first to turn on the 8 pack alliance by wanting Tiff then Frank out – way too soon imo. She’s playing a emotional game and it’s not working for her.
        Last I heard Nicole also had Corey, Paulie, Frank and maybe others wanting Day to leave soon too. I don’t think they have the votes at this time to do that. Which way will Zak swing; with Paulie or Day?
        So no one is being unfair when they mention that Day’s lies have gotten her into big trouble and Day has no one to blame but herself.

      • Not sure, but I think Zak will outlast Da and then she can swing all she wants with Paulie.

      • That would be the smart move for Zak to go with Paulie instead of Day although I think it will be very difficult for her to betray Day.

      • You just proved my point in saying Nicole has so far gotten others on her side to get Day out by telling lies about Day. Let’s wait and see how things play out. It’s not over! It’s just beginning. For the record, Nicole doesn’t care about Day telling Frank that Tiffany is coming after him. Nicole one reason for going after Day is because she knows how Day feel about the showmances and feeling like a fifth wheel. Let’s be clear, Nicole is doing exactly what she did last time…letting a boy dictate her game!

      • What lies has Nicole told about Day to get others on her side.??
        Nicole really doesn’t need to make up lies about Day since Day has ruined her own game all by herself, she didn’t need Nicole to do that for her.
        At the beginning of the season I thought Day, Zak and Nicole were looking good and would go far. Day was doing her best to stay in the background and play with the 8 pack alliance.
        Then Day decides Tiff has to go and set about destroying the strong alliance all by herself by targeting Tiff.
        I’m very disappointed with Day too.

      • One lie I know Nicole has told, was telling Corey that she heard Day was coming after them. Day never mentioned to anyone about putting up Nicole and Corey. She did tell James they need to be broken up so Nicole can come back to Day and James. I wanted them to work together too, but I strongly believe Nicole once Corey came in the picture, Nicole lost focused.

      • I remember when the new alliance was formed with the 2 couples and Day that Day was distraught that she was the odd person out and no longer had Zak as her ally but was sharing her with Paulie now. She talked to Tiff I believe telling her the couples had to be broken up.
        So yes, Day began the aggression towards Nicole by wanting to get rid of Nic’s partner Corey.
        Now the 2 couples have no choice but to get rid of Day first.

      • She never said anything about putting up Nicole and Corey together. Corey name was only name mentioned.

      • And being a fifth wheel in a couple of showmances hurts Day game too. We can round and round all day, but let’s not. You like Nicole and want Day out. I like Day and want Nicole out.

      • I just wanted you to see Nicole’s side of the story and that she’s not responsible for all of Day’s mistakes.
        Day has to do what’s best for her game and Nicole has to do what’s best for her game is all I’m saying.

      • Actually Nicole started getting disenchanted with Da when she said she was nervous about the showmances. Nic thinks Da will target her and Corey so she wants to get her out first.

    • She hasn’t disappointed me at all. I knew she would react the same this time as she did last time. She allows her paranoia to take over and out the window goes all rhyme and reason. I’ve only seen one previous HG come in there and play a different game than the first time they were there. She’s just a little too predictable IMO.

      • But you have to consider that the first comp she won was no skill involved and pretty much luck of the toss and the second one with the color/glitter explosion, if you look at the winning move, she had no idea which one of two it was – she guessed. She didn’t have to present any kind of talent to happen to win either of her comps. It will be interesting to see how she does in harder future comps.

      • Good point, I’m also factoring in that Bridgette is a nurse and it definitely takes intelligence to become a nurse. But, as far as BB intelligence…my vote is on Bridgette.

      • A nursing degree is absolutely a sign of intelligence, however, I think Bridgette is teachable and capable of book smarts, but I don’t think her emotional IQ got over about age 10 thus making her appear really dumb sometimes. hehehehehehehehehehe.

      • Didn’t Bridgette say she had a bad case of acne in HS and that she was picked on? This might explain her childish behavior a little bit.

      • We pretty much all did, didn’t we? I was lucky not to have the acne problem, so they called me “bird legs” (still have ’em) and I feel quite mature regardless. :) I just can’t give her an excuse cause she is so far out there.

      • I’m not blaming the acne, I was suggesting that Bridgette’s bizarre social skills might have resulted from a lonely childhood and HS experience if she was picked on as bad as she claims. Or else she has a case of arrested development :D

      • I think arrested development … but she’s young, she can grow (whichever the cause) and I hope she does.

      • Good point Linda, remember how much Steve grew emotionally and socially last summer? I loved seeing this happen for him.
        Bridgette is young and smart and I think she’ll learn and improve this summer – if she lasts much longer.

      • There wasn’t any real growth with Steve. That was just his strategy. And it’s how he ended up winning. That and Vanessa had a terrible social game.

      • I wouldn’t say he was lucky. I think Liz was truly the lucky one. She ended up baking $50k all bc of Vanessa. Liz should’ve been gone as soon as the house discovered the twins twist. But Vanessa stupidly decided to keep her. And the ironic part is that Liz ended up making it to the final 2 over Vanessa.

      • I would’ve have to disagree with you. Having a degree doesn’t show a sign of intelligence. I know lawyers who sat the bar exams 6 times!! I also know people who went to college full time and took seven years to graduate. Some even redoing subjects 2 or 3 times.

    • I think Victoria was more naïve than limited and seemed to maintain her personal integrity and loyalty. Gigglette on the other hand I truly think is emotionally stunted and has certainly done nothing to maintain any kind of integrity or loyalty concerning her boyfriend at home. Had I been her significant other I would have been mortified the way she crawled all over and nuzzled Frank in bed. That was not part of her game, at least not this BB game.

      • I totally agree! That was so uncomfortable to watch. She will be mortified when she goes back and watches that hot mess!!!

    • Neither of them are particularly bad. I don’t understand why you would use those as examples. And Victoria was never hoh.

  2. Seems like a bad decision to me. If they vote Tiffany, nobody loses any sleep and they can try to backdoor Frank first change they get.

    If you blindside Frank and friends this week they are instantly going to be targeting the conspirators and that might not be Tiffany. She is Franks main concern right now because he thinks he’s sitting pretty but if he finds out Paulie, Nicole and Corey are all after him too that would likely change.

    Tiffany is a lose cannon. I’d play it safe, by voting her out. See who wins HOH and play accordingly with a backdoor in the cards if possible.

      • I just think she’s a threat if you are relying on her and you will spend all your time babysitting her emotions, just like her sister.

    • I was one of the people that prejudged her as a lose cannon because of her sister, but there’s no evidence supporting that.

      • I, too, thought loose cannon, but still do … the crying, the paranoia, the constant “checking in”, and in the math challenge she got totally frantic performing alone and “in front of” the camera .. so much so that even being a math teacher she could not count up to 18 in order to get a much needed win … she seems entirely too emotional to me to be a good ally.

      • No evidence? In my opinion she is the primary reason the 8 pack started cracking. Her paranoia and distrust when Victor put her on the block directly lead to her being on the outs of her solid 8pack and Fatal 5 alliance. It devolved into Day pitting Frank & Tiffany against each other and the rest is history

      • Tiffany has been laying low, but she still goes off alone and has a long cry. I don’t think that she is a lose canon but was trying hard to play similar to her sister. Her emotional problems are not allowing her to focus.

      • Maybe loose cannon was the wrong word. I guess what I meant is that most people in the house see her as a liability because of her paranoia and won’t hold any grudges if she leaves. She’s a safe vote this week to keep Frank feeling comfortable.

      • I think they should go safe and not vote Bronte out before Brigitte or NIcole. She only has Natalie on her side and it is not a threat at all.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it. These people don’t know how to make up their minds about anything. Hopefully Tiffany goes, but Bronte is equally as annoying.

  4. I hope they don’t chicken out and go with the blindside. I would love it if more HG would do this. It’s become a broken record where the same dynamics seem to happen time and time again. Take a chance and shake up the game! If they do evict Bronte I’m pretty sure the live feeds will be a must watch tonight!!

  5. I REALLY hope it’s Bronte leaving tonight! Sorry, Spice Girls, but i wanna see some fireworks!!!

    • I think the poll has been up for a few days, so all the Tiffany votes were from then. That being said, it seems a little silly to write an article explaining that Bronte is going home, and then poll people at the end of who they think will go.

      • It’s ridiculous! I don’t know what in the heck is up with Paulie…he can’t play this game for anything..he’s terrible! I think they are going to flip again. Between him and the paranoid Nicole, I am ready to pull my hair out watching these feeds right now!

      • Thought Paulie was making good decisions in the beginning but lately I’m beginning to wonder.

      • Weren’t their votes locked in last night in the DR? That’s what I always thought anyway – please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Your vote can change even the very second you’re walking in to speak to Julie. It’s not locked in.

      • Thanks nicky, something happened during Willie Hantz’s season that made me think they had to announce their decision in the DR on Wed. night. Glad to know we just might have a real blindside tonight for once in a long time.

      • That was beautiful to see Steve finally get to stick up for himself and play his own game. I would have to think that Vanessa somehow had prepared herself for that possibility just in case. Austin on the other hand was in total shock. He didn’t even bother to pack or put in his shoes. Lol.

      • Watching Steve was about the only highlight of that season for me. One of the worst ever – next to Andy’s year.

      • I was hoping this year they were not going to give the vote count to the house guests so that people were free to be sneaky without worrying about making Frank mad. It’s boring to watch everyone gang up on people one by one.

        I missed Andy’s year.

      • You didn’t miss anything I promise you :D
        On the feeds James is now demanding that he be able to tell Nat that Bronte is going to be evicted. I wish they hadn’t even told him now.

      • James, James, James I never thought you had much of a chance (AGAIN), but tying yourself to this dip-shit is going to be your downfall.

      • Telling James was one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t situations. I still haven’t forgotten that his vote switch kept Vanessa in the game a lot longer while ruining Becky’s game.

  6. Well…forget the surprise of the blindside tonight..if there is even going to be one…Nicole and Michelle just told Day and James about the vote flip…James will go straight to Natalie with the info..why can’t anyone in that house keep their darn mouth shut…don’t be surprised if they get talked out of it again…by James. Grrrrr!

    • Actually, so far, Natalie is the only one who has kept a secret .. she kept the secret James shared and didn’t tell Bridgette that Frankfurt was RK and put up Bronte …. and she can high-kick! Weird that she keeps doing that. Altho, she did say herself that she “wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed” … thus proving it.

  7. Don’t players ever learn siblings usually play like the other sibling it will come back to bit nicole,corey,michelle,z,paulie in the ass because Tiffany will backstabbber them

    • So then tiffany will lose? Why would anyone want to play like Vanessa? She lost in the worst way possible. By javing a horrible social game. To be fair tiffany Jason a bad social game, but not bad in the same way Vanessa’s was bad. Tiffany has a bad enough social game that someone might actually want to bring her to the final 2, lol.

  8. I really hope that Tiffany stays just to stick it to Frank but Nicole and Corey better stop siding with Frank or they’ll be on the block next week

  9. Please win Day!! I want Frank going home. I want to see Nicole for Roadkill for good measure!!

  10. Just once I would like to see as player that can keep their own council, and their mouth shut! Yes, play the game. Yes, build alliances. Yes, talk to everyone, and tell them what they want to hear. BUT, keep your real game totally to yourself.
    Be the vote that goes against the house, and then wonder & complain along with the rest of them about where the wild card vote came from. The RK comp would be perfect for this … Win & then put up the player who thinks they are totally safe, and then keep the win to yourself. Can you imagine if this happened to Nicole or Day? (Talk about emotional)

    • What they should’ve done for three rk comp is keep the results completely anonymous. Even from the hg’s themselves. Then have all the hg’s come in the dairy room one by one and say who they want to nominate for the block. Then put whoever the winner’s choice as the 3rd nominee. That way nobody will truly ever be sure.

  11. No, they really don’t need Tiff to get out Frank, they want to use her to get out Frank. It is best to get out Bronte to break up the spy girls. Bridgette will be mad at Frank now for nominating Bronte and he has another against him. But Tiffessa has to go she adds nothing and it’s almost painful to watch, she is a social cripple. Wearing the sunglasses all the time just makes her appear shady.

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