Big Brother 18: Tiffany Vote Flip Makes A Comeback – Update: Day & James Find Out

After days of flipping and flopping we might be settling on the flip side of things as Tiffany Rousso appears to have found Big Brother salvation in the arms of five votes for tonight’s BB18 live eviction show.

Houseguests plotting a Vote Flip for Tiffany

Once Day sent Tiffany’s game down the rabbit hole to force a feud between her and Frank, Da’Vonne made a brief effort to right that wrong and save the Rousso sister. It didn’t work. Now after two days of efforts by other Houseguests the tide has turned.

Flashback to 9:59 PM BBT 7/13 to find Corey, Michelle, Nicole, and Paulie on your Live Feeds.

Yes, even Paulie. He has come around and is now saying that if they keep Tiffany she’ll go after Frank, as he had admitted before, but he’s no longer worried about what to do with her after that task is complete. His big objection was “long term” aspects of her revival in the house. No word on that anymore. Paulie does like though how “frazzled” Frank will be going in to the HoH competition.

Overnight the HGs were given a series of images to study presumably as part of the upcoming HoH competition. Tiffany has said she has a photographic memory. Michelle notes during this conversation how getting advance knowledge of the comp helped make this decision to keep Tiffany.

Corey isn’t worried about keeping Tiffany because she isn’t good at competitions (wait, isn’t that part of why she’s staying?) and “her social game is the worst.” They all laugh. Well her social game certainly hasn’t been very good and she has had poor performance in comps so far, but it is still early.

So what about the rest of the Houseguests? Paulie doesn’t want to tell any of them. Of course six hours later he’s busy trying to suggest to James that this could happen, but so far neither James nor Da’Vonne have been explicitly told Tiffany will be staying.

The votes are looking to breakdown as possibly 5-4 or 6-3 with Bronte being evicted instead of Tiffany or Paul. The latter could happen if Day does her planned pity vote against Bronte for Tiffany. But they don’t need a sixth vote so she may not be told.

It’s worth noting this is the second day we’ve seen this group huddle and debate keeping Tiffany with little to no involvement from Da’Vonne. It’ll be interesting to see who gets credit for it.

Tiffany has been alerted to the change and knows she should be staying now. Of course that also means she now knows she wasn’t likely staying before this happened. Nicole went to her just minutes after the group confirmed their decision. Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT to see the reveal as Nicole promises Tiffany “I have five solid votes for you to stay.”

So there we go. This looks pretty reliable even as a last minute switch of plans. Tiffany should stay tonight, Paul should be completely safe, and Bronte will be walking out the door. Can’t say I’ll miss her, but she will have a shot at getting back in thanks to the Battle Back twist scheduled to play out next week.

What do you think of this latest vote flip? Is it a good move or a messy decision? However it turns out I think it’ll be a win for Team Feeds! Make sure you have your Free Trial signed up and ready to go for tonight’s post-eviction fallout as Frank and company should be well riled up. Of course if his team wins again then expect even more panicky drama from both sides. It’s a win-win for us at home!

Update: Nicole & Michelle told James & Da’Vonne about the plan to flip. Flashback to 1:06PM BBT. Actually they presented it as just an idea they were having. James is NOT happy about this but eventually relents. He says this will put him down to just 2 members (him and Natalie) and he doesn’t like that.

Zakiyah comes in and asks if they want to vote out Bronte. Day says she’s in on the plan. James is still not happy. He says Frank will be going hard for the win.

Paulie joins and oddly acts like this is semi new news to him. He then starts talking about why this is a bad idea because Tiffany is a threat and they’ll have to look for another opportunity. It’s like a whole different person or he’s just trying to lie to hide that he was in on agreeing to it last night.

Final vote count was 5-4 as originally hoped to have so they can deny it to Frank. Voting against Bronte will be Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne. Voting against Tiffany will be Paulie, James, Natalie, and Frank.


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  1. I’m not sure why the 5 wouldn’t tell Day. She’d certainly be down with the plan to keep Tiffany. James might be more of a hard sell, but he’d come around, too.

    • I wish they had made the decision without Paulie. Until he found out he was a target, Paulie wasn’t willing to go with the others.

      • Agree..and he has a big mouth..I don’t understand why they won’t tell Day…I think she will be furious….even though she says she is voting for Tiff to stay..she still will not be happy that she wasn’t told about the flip! If this happens, I can’t wait to see the expressions on Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte’s faces!! Let the fun finally begin!

      • Paulie takes liberties that makes it seem he feels entitled to do so without any approval from the others. He’s under the impression, for some reason, that he is above reproach from the others for his actions. He needs to be brought down a button hole or two. I hope the cameras will be ready to hone in on those shocked faces. haha

      • I heard on the feeds that Paulie talked to Derrick before coming into the house…he is playing like a “Derrick wanna-be!” I think that if Frank does leave next week…Paulie will try to assume the position of leader of the house.

      • I hope the HGs nip that in the bud. Derrick was a masterful manipulator. Paulie is not and could never be a Derrick.

      • BTW..I don’t really take the James and Paulie alliance “Strength and Honor,” too seriously..I just don’t see it staying intact.

      • LOL! I am going to get on the feeds and flashback to watch all of this unfold! Have a good day, Karen..can’t wait for tonight!!

      • Right, Derrick was a detective he did this for a living. Paulie is not ready, he talks too much! Paulie tells a person to not say something and then he the main run that runs his mouth in circles!

      • Yeah somebody has to be. In order to win that person has to be slightly ahead of others. Hopefully Paulie can learn from Frank’s mistakes. The key word is “hopefully” in that sentence hehe.
        Once Frank’s gone I don’t see anybody else capable of winning the whole enchilada except Paulie.

      • day and james have already noticed his actions. i think he will get taken out shortly after frank

      • Homemade salsa with a little too many habanero peppers in it might produce that, but not tomatoes alone. :D
        Ready for a big night of BB? Hope it doesn’t disappoint!

      • yum. yes i am. im just holding on to the hope that THIS time we get our great shocked faces followed by gaming trash talk, chaos, and lots of drama.

      • Hi, CC! You feel any older today?:D
        I love popcorn. My husband loves his Irish butter, and (shhh!), sometimes I melt a bit of it to pour over my popcorn.
        See ya later, I hope?

      • Haha I honestly feel the same as all the other days! No worries your secret’s safe with me ;). And you’ll definitely be seeing me tonight! I wouldn’t miss what could the greatest blindside of the season thus far :D

      • Not to mention it will be extra sweet that Bronte goes home on Bridgette’s hoh which will upset Bridgette even more and the fact that frank winning roadkill and putting Bronte on the block. It will be interesting to see if Bridgette blames frank at all for Bronte leaving, or if she will once again just thank him lol

      • idk, her reaction when frank told her shocked me. and whats that girl doing laying on him like that when both have boy/girl friend. my hope she was just trying trick him like she isn’t bothered by that news, but im beginning to worry she is just snowed by frank. idk but it would be cool to have that extra drama in there as well

      • They’re afraid Day would get mad at Frank and let it slip! Plus they really don’t need her vote to keep Tiffany. Day was going to vote to keep Tiffany anyway.

      • I don’t see James telling Bronte. Then again, if she did then Frank will have advanced notice of the decision so he can try his best to win HOH then the Fireworks will begin.

      • Too many in that house has a bad habit of talking too much. They can’t keep a secret to save their own game.

      • They have to sleep some time. Most have been up all night and taking short naps. Mostly because one by one are still being called into DR. Loved when Nic said she was called into there and they asked why she wasn’t dressed. She said they never told her she needed to be! hahaha

      • She has been through this before, she knew what was happening. My guess is that they are afraid someone will spill the beans to Frank but this could hurt their game for the HOH.

      • Does James even know? I stopped watching BBAD and the feeds after they decided to evict Bronte instead of Tiffany.

      • Not yet. Paulie felt him out on it last night/early morn but James wasn’t buying into it. Paulie, for once, kept his trap shut.

      • I’m watching the feeds and wondering if any of them even slept last night! I just heard Michelle shout out, “The Power Puff girls suck a$$!” hahaha

      • Amazing! Didn’t think Paulie could do that! Good for him! I think they’re afraid James would tell Natalie and Natalie would give Bronte a heads up, so it makes sense they wouldn’t let James in on this.

      • I realize that James has told Gnat some things, but I don’t think he would if the HGs insisted he did not. I would hope not anyway when it is that important.

      • He only told her to be more aware of Frank. Nat warned Bridgette, but Bridgette wasn’t having it. Plus James said he hates having to lie, so that’s probably why they aren’t telling him.

      • James is starting to remind me of Beastmode
        “Gotta protect my baby!”
        But think goodness he isn’t..

      • If James does not tell her and she finds out…she will be sad! (In my Natalie voice)

      • She told James once not to tell her anything else because she found it difficult to keep secrets from Gigglette and especially Bronte.

      • I have seen Paulie getting too comfortable in the house with the people he trust. He even stated that DAY may target the two showmance’s and that they need to evict DAY soon.

      • Maybe but I was thinking this was something that him, Corey and Nicole all had come together on. I noticed Z wasn’t around and he even stated to not tell Z or DAY much of anything because they tell each other everything.

      • He was, but not anymore. He’s seeing he now needs to keep his distance from Frank and is now listening more to the majority of the house.

      • Frank is a smart player regardless of his, well for a lack of term GRUFFNESS. The other’s should know this but aren’t thinking of that by putting him up against Bridgette because he will let Bridgette go without blinking an eye. They should be concerned.

    • They supposedly want to keep the vote 5-4 because they want Frank to be confused as to who it was. If they informed Day and James, it would be 7-2 and pretty obvious. Although i still think they should alert day and james

    • I think the want it to be a 5-4 vote so they can place the blame on Day and James. At least that is what Nicole and Zak were saying.

  2. If this goes through..Frank AND Day will not be happy. Day is the one who basically ruined Tiffany’s game by lying to Frank about her being after him earlier in the game…however, as a feeder…I can’t wait!!!

    • Why Day wouldn’t be happy? She keeps saying she wants to keep Tiff, even in DR. She might be slightly upset that she’s kept in the dark but she will be very happy with the outcome.

      • Oh..she will be happy with the outcome..but, she will not be happy that she wasn’t told about the flip.

      • Day doesn’t get over things. It’s the reason she went home in her first season. It’s also one of the many reasons I dislike her.

      • i would say from hist, you are probably right about not getting over it, but she is doing better this yr. she could get so distracted w other priorities above that tho. i didnt like her last time and this time its a love/hate thing especially when she gets too much attitude for my liking. i think she is BB smart but also makes some dumb BB choices.

  3. I kept saying that I didn’t believe Tiff’s gone till she actually walked thru the door.
    But still a few hours to go, finger-crossed noone starts to flop again (lookin’ atcha, Nicole!)

  4. I’m hoping this happens because I am hoping that this game will finally be played by this so far extremely boring group of house guests.

    We need a good blindside to kick things off. I’m hoping that this is it.

    This game is supposed to be social warfare not a bunch of lounging around giggling.

  5. Bridgette is definitely the worst of the gigglegangers, but if Bronte is evicted, I think the gaggle of giggles will be gurgled.

  6. I think Frank is trying to play Derrick’s game…. he’s going to try to drag his Victoria (Bridgett)to the end. I’m glad Nic flipped the house, but worried if they don’t bring Day in, there could be hell to pay. What if she gets so upset that her & Frank team up? I love this game.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking! But, Frank has made way too many enemies in the house to have a chance of staying too much longer.

      • Not to mention that DAY has a bad habit of talking and going MMM MMM everytime someone she is pissed at is talking to her. Yeah I could see DAY and Frank team up this next week if she is pissed she was kept out of the loop.

      • I think Day is going to explode any day now. That’s why she keeps her head down and mmm hhmmm when she’s talking to someone that she know is full of BS. See it a lot with Frank.

    • Sorry but Big Meech was the one who started the whole flipping first (this time), not Nicole the flippy flopper.

    • Frank thinking he’s playing like Derrick is like Charlie Brown thinking he pitches like Cy Young.

      Derrick ruled the house by using the lightest touch on strings. Frank pulls on strings like he’s playing tug-of-war.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Frank and Day will both be so pissed, they may just team up. And I don’t understand how they think blindsiding Frank is a good idea. Weren’t they counting on him to throw HOH so they could put him up? One thing Frank is good at is coming through with a win when his back is against the wall, and this will *definitely* push his back up to the wall. He’s going to be *pissed* going into the HOH comp, and despite what Paulie believes, I think that works to Frank’s benefit.

      • No they began to think the betrayal would frazzle him so he’d fail at the HOH. Apparently he’s known to have temper fits.

      • i think they are still thinking that paulie and michelle can throw it so it would be harder for frank to pull off a team win

      • Really liking Michelle and how she keeps it real. Flat out told Paulie, we don’t need your vote to keep Tiffany. Loved her at that moment!!!

      • Writing this in this section so a**hole doesn’t see it. But I wrote in the current section that I hope Michelle takes us to the end and watch his reaction now. I don’t see Michelle winning this season, but stranger things have happened! You just never know. But I’m sure it will hit a nerve with THE a/k/a The

  7. Omg I really hope this flip works and I hope the cameras are zoomed in on frank and Bridgette’s faces. Will Bridgette be pissed at frank for putting Bronte up as rk nom? Or will she once again thank him lmao…this is gonna be great and I will be so happy if tiff stays. Hopefully this will squash some of the horrendous giggling.

  8. Sort of sad because I really do like the spy girls despite their messy gameplay. My first pick for eviction would’ve been Paul but even he is starting to grow on me.
    Well, I guess it’s just one of those weeks where I truly like all 3 nominees.
    Let’s not forget that this was originally supposed to be Frank’s week, and hopefully, after this move, we will see him walk out the door soon.

    • I’m really looking forward to the shock and surprise of this vote flip IF they go through with it, BUT I can’t say I’m thrilled to see Tiff staying. Her snivelling and general demeanour really get on my nerves. However, the complete change in the dynamics of the household will create some great viewing for us.

    • Yeah the spy girls had great potential, but messy gameplay. Heck even Paul is being smart

    • Bluck on the Spy Girls. This giggling trio needs to go, just so we don’t have to listen to their squeals!

    • i dont truly like all 3, but paul has not irritated me since week one and i give him props for not getting off radar. i dont watch feeds so im not irritated w the giggling girls and they make me smile and chuckle at times.

  9. Anyone think its strange how the HGs got a hint about the HOH comp and now the vote has changed; Is this a case of production meddling again?
    Day will be next power player after Frank; I don’t see Paulie ever being one

  10. By the way, can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that Frank thought he did a great move by puppetmastering Bridgette’s HOH but ultimately it meant nothing?

    • They’re wanting Tiffany to win HoH so that Frank can be put on the block! Can’t wait to see how she does now!

    • If T wins HoH she will be in power for just that week.
      She has no alliance, no base. After that week she will go back to perpetual pawn.

  11. “Corey isn’t worried about keeping Tiffany because she isn’t good at competitions”, yes Corey because so far you’ve been killing it in the competitions. He really does think highly of himself with the help of fake Nicole.

    • I tend to not put much weight on what Corey says because of just that…he’s not killing it in comps any more than Tiffany. :-)

  12. I had a feeling they would all finally come to their senses and see why it would be better to keep Tiffany to help them get Frank out next. I soo cannot wait to see the look on Frank’s, Bronte’s, Natalie’s and yes, Bridgette’s face when Bronte is the one being sent home instead of Tiffany. Without Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie will be weaker too. And when Frank goes, Bridgette will be extra weak! Now this is how I like seeing Big Brother! A true flipping blindside!

    • Yeah but they still have a few more hours and with Nicole flipping and flopping, you never know.

      • I think Nic will stick to the plan this time, unless Frank gets in her head again. I don’t think Frank will. He’s too confident that she won’t want to make waves! Ahahaha

      • He already is suspecting something is in the air. Have you noticed he is talking a lot now about who he will target to certain people anymore.

      • Your girl Nicole already asking is it a good idea to keep Tiffany. Gawd!!! She’s such a wuss and weakling…worrying about Frank torturing her all week. Come on play the game!!Ugh!!

      • I still see Nicole flipping and possibly bringing Corey with her to make it more interesting. Without those two, lets look at how the votes should go tonight. To evict Bronte: DAY, Z, Paulie and Michelle. To evict Tiffany: James, Natalie and Frank. Nicole and Corey will be the two most crucial votes in the house this week. It won’t be a tie unless Paul get’s one vote and forcing a tie at the worst case scenario. Paul more than likely won’t get a vote so it comes down to either a 5 to 4 vote or a 6 to 3 vote.

    • Exactly! I don’t want Bridgette or Natalie in Jury.
      Nat will close in with James, fearful they’re coming after their side still. Bridgette will do same (cling) to Frank. And will drive Nat crazy lamenting that Bronte went home on her HoH. As much as I’m ok with that, I do not want to see half a show devoted to that next week.

      Nat may try to pull James over to Frank’s side.
      Nat may give up girl power and follow James to the alliance side – just to make jury.

      • I want to see her get mad at Frank for putting her up, since he told her he won the RK! Nat won’t do that. James told her to watch out for Frank and Bridgette.

  13. It was funny watching them help Tiff construct her eviction speech. I expect Tiff to put Frank’s s**t on blast. Epic eviction ceremony, new HoH comp. and the aftermath…..Fun!

    • The aftermath is what I’m waiting on. How will the rest of the 8-pack members + Paulie spin their flipping to Frank. Will this draw a line in the sand or will new real alliances form.

    • Seldom does it turn out to be as entertaining as we thought it would be. Tiffy has the chance to make one of “the moments” of BB history. Come on, girl, give it to him good. Bring him to his knees and us to our feet.

      • Why did my daughter have to break her collar bone now? She said she doesn’t need us to come to her home to help, but we know how that goes when her husband isn’t able to step up to the plate.

      • True! She sees the orthopedist this afternoon as to whether she’ll need surgery or not. If she does, she’ll definitely need both hubby’s and my help.

      • My sister fell last year & broke all three big bones in her ankle. After 4 hours of surgery she has enough plates, rods & screws to light up most metal detectors.
        Thank God for my Mom coming home to say with her for months! I love my sister, but if I were at her beck & call for the long term … one of us would be dead. LOL
        Best of Luck to your daughter, sorry for her injury.

      • No surgery for now, but she severed the ligaments that attach the clavicle to the shoulder and will never be able to heal completely. She’ll have a lump on her shoulder the rest of her life. They aren’t ruling out surgery later, though if it’s necessary because she didn’t break any bones or have bone fragments scattered. So she’ll only need our help on weekends since her baby girl will be in daycare during the week. So this is my early Happy Birthday thus far! Ha

  14. If I was in Tiffany’s situation I would say (after making sure everyone else is good with it)

    Frank this is for you. You probably think you won with week but you lost. I have 5 people voting to evict Bronte. Yes sweet little HOH this is what happens when you forget how to use your brain and let someone else use it for you. PEACE OUT!

  15. I think this is a bad move if they go forward with this without letting James and Day in on it. Yeah, James will tell Natalie and she’ll tell Bronte, but who cares? Doesn’t change the votes. Instead of just having Frank and Bridgette after your group, you’ll add in James, Day and Natalie.

    • i’d like for them to know but might wait til closer to show time before telling them. That way, no time for overthinking or freaking out.
      I would HOPE that James would keep this to himself and not share with Natalie. She tells Bronte or even hints to Bronte and that goes right to Frank who scares the life out of them and they back down.

      • Overall, I just don’t get the move. They’re acting like Tiffany is the only one who can get Frank out of the house. Instead of keeping him happy (and keeping him from wanting to win HOH – he keeps saying he wants other people, like Michelle, to win this week), they’re going to show their cards and he’s going to be competing hard to stay in the house. Maybe if I didn’t want Tiffany out of the house so bad, I would think otherwise, but I just think they’re overthinking this vote.

  16. Sorry folks, but all this talk about Paulie and Frank playing “Derrick”…give me a break! Neither are even close. Paulie’s big mouth will get him in trouble sooner or later, and Frank is a bully.

    • Plus Frank is playing more like Willie Hantz- overdoing things, not listening to his alliance, and causing trouble.

      • How is Frank like Willie Hantz?! Because the slap on the bottom thing? Holy-moly.
        Hantz was a TRUE bully. BULLY. Frank is far from that. He may be over-playing, but to compare him to Willie Hanzt, is tantamount to comparing Nicole to Gina Marie Zimmerman from BB15.
        Besides, Hantz only stayed 5 episodes during his season on BB before he was ousted for being a BULLY and starting a physical altercation.
        Sorry Dan..I’ll get off my soapbox now! Lol… you’re TOTALLY entitled to your opinion!

      • I’m talking as far as gameplay. Not as a person.

        Willie played too aggressively and this case, so is Frank

      • Thank you for allowing me to rant. I think my blood sugar must have been low. In all sincerity, I truly do value your opinion, and enjoy your posts! Please don’t take my raving seriously. Thanks, Dan.

  17. Those last few minutes before the live show is crucial. We need a vote flip so bad for the sake of a good ol’ blindside. :D

  18. Loving the live feeds! Michelle is talking to Frank and Bridge right now…she’s soooo good!

  19. I see Frank has just one kidney like I do! And Natalie saying last night there’s no way he could eat like he does having just one kidney! What she don’t know won’t hurt her I say! LOL

  20. As annoying as Bronte can be, I was hoping she was going to make it a long way. She’s at least somewhat of a player and I could see her becoming a better player as the game goes along.

    I hope they change their minds and vote out Vanessa, I mean Tiffany. She reminds me so much of Vanessa. Not only her voice and mannerisms, but the bad parts of Vanessa’s game play as well. She cries too much and comes of like a spoiled brat.

    • From a gameplay perspective, keeping Tiff will help them go after Frank. And considering Frank can’t be trusted, they might as well risk Vanessa Jr to go after Sid Jr.

      • I still don’t see how Tiff will be that helpful in getting out Frank. As soon as Bronte finds out that Frank’s RK vote got her on the block I’m sure she will be on board for going after him.

  21. This season, they cut to the fish a lot more than ever during the live feeds! I just don’t get that. They weren’t even talking about production either. They’re only showing two rooms with two different angles too instead of four rooms…so we miss out on some of the conversations going on elsewhere.

  22. Love that Michelle is keeping Frank and Bridgette occupied and their possibly walking into more convo on evicting Bronte! :-)

  23. From Suicide Squad but appropriate:

    Harley Quinn: Are you the devil?
    Amanda Waller: All you need to know is you work for me.

  24. Michelle just said on live feeds that Bridgette sounds like Pickachoo…they have no idea what people are doing playing Pokemon Go! I just about died when I heard this, seeing as my daughter just broke her collarbone last night and may need surgery now.

    • Lol…not funny AT ALL about your daughter (so sorry…sending healing prayers), but what an idiotic game. Sorry to those who enjoy it…but, it’s goofy. ;)

      • It’s downright dangerous it seems and it’s been killing people. Hate it. It’s also an inconvenience that could be prevented too. I just hope for my daughter’s sake that she’s learned a grave lesson from playing virtual reality games that bring physical harm to everyone who’s not paying attention to their surroundings as well. A lot of chiropractors are probably the only ones loving it.

      • It’s downright dangerous it seems and it’s been killing people. Hate it. It’s also an inconvenience that could be prevented too. I just hope for my daughter’s sake that she’s learned a grave lesson from playing virtual reality games that bring physical harm to everyone who’s not paying attention to their surroundings as well. A lot of chiropractors are probably the only ones loving it.

    • I didn’t realize those games were so dangerous :D
      You have a lot on your table this summer Joni.

  25. This is going to be a HUGE blindside! I’m lowkey hoping for Tiffany to stay and win HOH just to see the looks on Frank and Bridgette’s faces

      • MIchelle has suddenly started playing and I’m loving it right now! She’s a dark horse to me, except I don’t think she can win the season

      • I don’t see her winning, no, but she sure knows how the game needs to be played and will go further by just being the perfect spy than those supposed “spy girls” ever could! LOLOL

      • She COULD potentially win… the way she flipped Paulie + others to vote out Bronte instead of Tiffany was impressive. If she starts winning some competitions and keeps working on her social game, she could probably take the whole thing home

      • Yeah, she may not win, but I really like what she brings to the game. They say she’s big mouth lol, but that big mouth was instrumental for this flipped to happen….this is memorable.

      • Remember, her big mouth started to talk about the flip while she was in the same room as Frank and Bridgette sleeping … at least we hope they were sleeping. Guess we would have heard from them by now if they had actually heard Michelle. I forget who it was who stopped her.

    • I don’t know if it will be much of a surprise now that James will no doubt tell Natalie…who, I think, will tell Bronte…or maybe not…Nicole is so wishy washy I would not be surprised if she flips last second in the DR.

  26. I think it’s funny how Michelle and forget who else are taking turns now keeping Frank and Bridgette occupied! LOL

  27. Will Tiff be able to perform well during the HOH comp under so much pressure to win? Her reign as HOH would be a lot of fun to watch if she does win.

  28. I’m hoping this comes true tonight. For the next HOH I’d love to see a couple of members of Category 4 on the block. Paulie is the only one in that bunch I’d like to see stay in the house. Any or all of the other three are ripe for the picking in my book! lol

  29. Come on Day….win HOH!!! I want to see Frank and Bridgette on the block next Thursday night!! I want to see Nicole for Roadkill for good measure!!

  30. I know many weren’t happy with returning players, but I gotta say, they’re definitely keeping things interesting—and it’s only the 3rd week (I was fully expecting a lull, but don’t think that’s happening any time soon)! If Tiffany does end up staying, I’m hoping Frank wins HOH, because the house will explode, with everyone throwing everyone else under the bus—kaboom!

  31. A liittle off-topic: Have you guys seen the photoshoot the entire cast did where they are all in the nude, covered in pillows, chairs and sheets? :D

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