Big Brother 18: Michelle Outs Frank’s Evict-Da’Vonne Plans & Nicole’s Involvement

Scheming lasted well in to the early hours of this morning for these Big Brother 18 Houseguests after I wasn’t sure we’d be able to top the Vote Flip flop for Tuesday. While this week appears settled what happened overnight with Michelle’s help could set us up even better for more clashing next week.

Frank talks game with his teammates

Backing up a bit to the drama with flipping the vote from Tiffany last night we saw things end with Nicole telling Corey she was ready to target Da’Vonne. Later that night Nicole went back to Frank and reaffirmed her interest in his plan. She was also interested in him not telling others of her involvement, but so much for that.

Flashback to 2:01 AM BBT 7/13 on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now to watch.

Michelle joins Frank and Bridgette outside on the couches. Frank is telling Michelle she needs to win HoH after she thought she needed to throw it. Michelle asks why Frank doesn’t win it himself. He explains he needs to be free to win when it’s clutch. Heh. A few minutes later he mentions that possibly tossing the win to Nicole or Corey. This is important for setting up his later discussion.

Move ahead to 2:13 AM BBT as Frank brings up Da’Vonne and suggests she may be the bigger target for next week. Michelle says she’d be fine with that “as long as it isn’t me.” Frank doesn’t think Day is coming after him next week but she might be going for Paulie and Corey.

Jump to 2:27 AM BBT as Bridgette leaves. Frank asks Michelle if she’s sure she’s okay with targeting Da’Vonne. Michelle says she is. Here’s where Frank screws up. Frank tells Michelle that Nicole didn’t think she’d be on board. Oops.

Michelle immediately catches that slip and asks if Nicole knows about this plan to target Da’Vonne. Frank smirks and says he wasn’t supposed to tell her that. Michelle wants to know who all is on board to VTE Day. He says the three of them (Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette) plus the two of them (implying Nicole & Corey).

At 3:15 AM BBT we find Michelle back in the London bedroom talking with Da’Vonne. She’s relaying everything Frank told her about his plan to get Day out next week. Nicole shows up and this prompts Michelle to add that Frank was claiming Nicole and Corey were in on it. Nicole doesn’t hesitate to deny, deny, deny. Problem is she won’t stop denying it or getting heated about the claim.


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  1. I like that Michelle is blabbing and the way she goes about it. It’ll probably come back to haunt her eventually, but it is causing the HGs some angst, which results in stirring things up. Goody, goody gumdrop!

    • As much as she lets the other HG’s in her alliance know thing’s, she is throwing other’s in her alliance under the bus. Not a time to do that just yet but I think it will come back to bite her when Nicole or Corey get’s HOH over her.

      • It’s great that Michelle decided to start playing hardball in the BB house but this might not have been the best way to start. smh

    • I’m loving it!!!! Never seen a really flustered Nicole til she got her proverbial hand caught in the cookie jar! So who’s spilling the beans about possibly targeting Frank for eviction next week while he’s targeting Day?

      • The first one who gets a notion that it will benefit them more than hurt them. That would definitely reveal the identity of the biggest nitwit of the whole bunch.

      • Well that’s not 100% accurate. There really are no teams or groups. Everyone is after everyone. Take Paul for example. The only reason he’s chillin with paulie is cause he owes him for taking him off the block. Other than that. Paul wants paulie & corey gone.

      • And they all appear to have big mouths this year!
        My goodness they sure talk about what the other players said…. Etc etc!

      • These players(Vets) were given a 2nd chance.They make desperate moves, because they have the will to win, this time around.

      • Help me out here. Who ousted Frank? DAY ousted Tiff to Frank but it was a lie. Nicole ousted Day (in a round about way) to Frank. Who ousted who to Tiff? the only other one I can think of is Michelle. She ousted Natalie to James, she even suggested something in the works about Tiff to Tiff (not 100% sure on this one), she ousted Nicole to DAY. I think in time, Michelle will oust everyone in the house to other’s in the house and that will be the end of her game. Just my opinion.

      • Michelle outted Frank to Day and Nic is about to evict one of her team players. Michelle is just like another Becky and in a round about way will get her further than some of the overconfident ones in the house.

      • No, michelle has a problem. She doesn’t win. Frank has a track record of winning & like he said. He’s saving himself fir when he has to win. That’s bad news for everyone cause in Frank’s season the entire house wanted him out with only mike ti back him up. What did frank do??? Win 4 straight comps. I don’t think there is anyone in that house that is intense as frank. Dont let that laid back southern drawl fool you.

      • It doesn’t. But he’s playing too hard too fast, unlike in his own season…he was another Paul then. Why he and Paulie are making Paul do what was done to him in his season is beyond me. But then, Paul is taking it much better than I expected too. I just hope Frank is able to win the comps he needs to this season as well; otherwise, he’s a goner.

    • Tiff is done this week, just go ahead and put a fork in Tiff because she is done.

      • It’s time for Tiff to go. She adds nothing, much like some of the others in the house. This season is not one of BB’s good ones

      • The week isn’t over yet, they still may flip the scrpit and keep Tiffany but I sure hope not.

      • Why would you prefer for Tiff to go over Bronte? Just wondering? If they take out Bronte that’s another number for the 8 pack….. The alliance that is hanging on by a thread.

        Not that I think that’s such a good alliance tho. I like Paulie & James & yes maybe still Nicole but certainly not as much as the beginning of the game.

      • Paulie wasn’t part of the 8 pack. He is only there now because first, they wanted Tiff out. Now they want Frank out so Paulie naturally their next choice but all of that is moot since the 8 pack has already splintered. It comes down now to a five person alliance between Paulie, Z, DAY, Nicole and Corey. This new group was kind of Paulie’s idea or he had a big hand in it. Now you have DAY who started her own alliance with a couple of the girls but unbeknownst to them, Tiff was trying to start an all girls alliance. DAY, started some lies to Frank about how Tiffany wanted him out (maybe she did or maybe she didn’t want him out) and that set Frank on a roll to evict Tiffany. You know what this season thinking about has given me a headache. I think they are screwing up by not sending Tiff out the door this week but only time will tell.

      • I hear ya! Hopefully it gets juicy now that lines have been drawn… Except for Nicole who jumps back

        & forth on that line! Her 2nd chance & it seems to me her play or ‘strategy’ (if she has one) is a rerun of her season. Ugh ugh ugh!

    • She’d like to but there’s not enough support. I keep hoping it will flip again before eviction.. you never know… but I really don’t think it will happen. It should… Tiffany is actually loyal to her alliance other than Frank and she wins nothing… she’d be better for them to keep instead of Bronte, who is a question mark to many of them. I love Tiffany, but at the same time she is very awkward in this game and I almost think I’d enjoy it better without worrying about her every two seconds!

    • not happening. It would end the 8 pack and backfire…although she might be going home anyway

  2. This game still has a long way to go, why push the limits of your alliance at this time? I think Michelle may have hurt her chances but she definately hurt Nicole’s. All that needs to happen is for Frank to team up with Nicole and a few other’s and then we will have a truly divided house.

    • If this happens James will be the deciding factor; and I see him going with Paulie. Natalie does like Nicole though so she might be able to convince James to realign with Frank. Frank and Corey (I hope) could be very formidable in the challenges even if they don’t have the numbers at first then they’ll be able to slowly decimate Paulie’s side.
      I’m looking forward to this split if it happens – been awhile.

  3. There you go..The splinters are getting bigger and bigger. Chaos is coming..exactly what I ordered..Ha!

  4. Why do people take michelle seriously? She can’t win anything, she’s not smart, she’s just useless. Shes playing the Christine card (minus the cheating on her husband thing.) Michelle is just a fan who is happy to be there. Shes like a make-a-wish kid.

  5. I find it exhilarating Michelle told Day. Been waiting for sneaky Nicole to get caught. We should all remember that Michelle also found out through Tiffany about the no-name alliance of Z/Paulie/Nicole/Corey/Day. Maybe, we’re not giving Michelle enough credit of trying to put a wedge between Nicole, Corey and Day to split up their alliance.

    • Michelle knew exactly what she was doing! That’s what I love about her! She’s also trying to figure out who she can trust…I think the only one left is Day! She already told Tiffany she hates everyone in the house! LOL

      • She might be playing a little too late now. Still worth watching her to see what she does next. Will she be a Hero or a Zero this season?

      • Didn’t see that season…but they didn’t play on teams that season, that much I know! LOL

      • Actually, they did. BB11 started in 4 teams much like this season. Jordan was on the “Popular” team.

      • Ain’t that the truth. She didn’t so much ride his coattails as get drug along behind him.

      • What the hell is with LOL at the end of everything you write??? You sound ridiculous. Like a child.

      • Wow! And you’re an ass! Why would you even say that? She’s put plenty of great conversation & I don’t even notice the lololololololololololololololololololololololol
        Anymore…. but SO WHAT? At least she’s happy…. What about you? How’s it going?
        JoniGab happy girl…. I got your back & if we were in that house we’d rip it! Lololololololololololololololololololololololol

      • Yep, I think she’s trying to step up her game since the talk with Tiffany. Now that she knows that several people are talking and she’s been left out important discussions.

      • I like Michelle now. Last week I was like who’s Michelle, oh yeah that girl in 8-Pack, right?

      • Please don’t mention that name. I remember that season & as a 39 y.o. black man that racist season was the worst. Cbs issued more press release apologies than episodes. It seemed like everyday there was something new to apologize for. Andy also took part in a lot of the racist talk which is why cbs doesn’t want anything to do with him or any of the others. It’s as if that season didn’t exist.

      • How can michelle trust???? Well the real question is who can trust michelle. Trust is a 2 way street. You must be related to michelle or know her personally cause she is the 2nd most annoying person in that house.

      • Welcome to Biiiig Bruther! LOL It’s just my opinion! You really can’t trust anyone in that house. But come on you have to admit if it weren’t for the drama, it would be a very long and boring season! I’m not a big fan of Michelle, but I give her credit in her delivery of this supposed “secret” of Frank’s to Day, Nic and Corey! It was quite the funniest night on the feeds!

  6. Now the true test begins for Nicole because she has to pick a side now. I like that Michelle is becoming relevant more

  7. So is evicting Tiff a done deal? I think there’ll be still much flip-flop going on. Especially now Day, Michelle and James know they can’t really trust Nicole and Corey, they surely need a vote in their side.
    Zakiyah doesn’t like Bronte especially now Paulie starts to flirt with the Spy Girls so she’ll be down to vote her out.
    But that’s only 4 votes against 5.
    The only way they can pull it off if they ask Natalie to join them and vote to evict Paul instead. I think Natalie would gladly to do that since she really wants to vote out all guys.

  8. Michelle is the biggest loud mouth floater to “play”. I understand talking smack of you have something, anything, to back it up with. She’s just a number for the girls, it won’t be long until they don’t need her.

  9. Nat just asked Michelle if she was in a sorority in college. Funny imagining Michelle being in a sorority with a bunch of gigglegangers.

  10. Wait till Paulie hear about it. Curious how he’s going to react. Nicole and Corey join with Frank to evict Day?

  11. Out of the 3 peeps on the block. I want tiffany gone the most. But i would still rather see paulie gone most. Then Borey.

  12. I can’t keep track of the flip-flops. No matter — I don’t give a flip or a flop which of the three leaves on Thursday as long as Frank the Franking Franked Frank is targeted next week.

  13. I feel like spanking all HGs to life now … come on go talk … lies … flip frikkin’ flop … being sketchy … come on now!

  14. I don’t think there is a single persons to route for this season. Everyone is all over the map. Why does Paulie want Tiffany and Frank out? Once they’re gone he is the next biggest threat. When Tiffany is evicted, Nicole and Corey are by themselves as a blatant showmance on the same team, and the Tiffany drama can’t shield them from any heat.

    • I really liked Paulie but this week he’s confusing me so much. I don’t understand his obsession with getting Tiff out

      • I don’t understand paulie either after watching him this week.
        He treated Zak in a very callous manner on BBAD telling her more or less that they were no longer ‘going steady’ since that would cause him problems.

      • Cuz it seems that he thinks Tiff is playing Vanessa’s game & he knows she went far on her crazy strategy!

      • There’s so many times I’ve wanted to correct grammar & spelling….. Ahahahahahaha!
        Thanks for giving so&so a lesson…… But all in good fun!

  15. How come I only get camera 1 when watching archives?
    only have had live feeds for 4 days, and I’m about ready to __ can them!

    • i do not know specifically why the camera 1 thing is happening, but i had issues w flashback when i had it and it was bc i was on my tablet or phone. it worked fine on pc/laptop. CAPT might know. he helped me and others. he will be on tonight.

  16. just about all the HGs are telling info back and forth, flip flopping. isn’t it grand how time in the house gets things changing. i usually complain when its boring and everyone is on the same page. at least this season we are seeing different things. whether its stupid moves in my opinion or not, at least different strategies are being thought out.

  17. The title of this article is certainly a surprise – wasn’t expecting this so soon. Frank is an idiot and Nicorey probably need to distance themselves from Frank now, even though they’re in a weakened position in their original alliance.
    OR…Nicole could tell Tiffany all the lies and trouble Day has been guilty of and try to get Tiff on board with the get rid of Day fan. I don’t think Tiff will appreciate any of Day’s shenanigans either once she becomes aware of them.
    If there is a Paulie/Frank split in the house I think Paulie has the numbers.
    Too bad the vets are playing too hard too fast already.

      • haha. Not really. I’m actually pretty buff myself, but I wouldn’t go around flaunting it like a rent boy in a house full of people where everyone is in eachother’s space all the time.

      • Have you ever watched BB before? If so, do you always complain about the guys with no shirts? Ummm….. Victor always went topless too. As did Jozea! So???? Why do you only mention Paulie? Plus many before him went topless…..Caleb the beast mode cowboy comes to mind….. Don’t know why…..heh heh!
        Maybe green is your favourite color?

      • WTF is your problem?! Are you related to Paulie?! Or maybe you’re a withered old hag like Grodner that likes to perv out over these guys?!
        I just call ’em as I see ’em – and Paulie’s workin’ it like a bachelorette party stripper who’s game for ‘overtime’.

      • So green is your favourite colour then!!!
        and how would you know what a bachelorette party stripper looks like anyway, Mr Buffman?
        Hahahaha! You’re getting wayyyyy too worked up over this!!! Lo lolol wow!

      • Haha. You’re the one that won’t leave it alone.
        And you probably look like the last minute stripper Monica and Rachel got Phoebe.
        Good luck with whole pervy troll thing.

      • Wow you really are obsessed with the shirtless guys.
        All I did was make an honest observation.
        You need to learn to let things go.

      • I don’t take this site seriously. It’s a game & these ppl are being manipulated by production anyway.
        But to even comment about Paulie or anyone else going shirtless is so petty.
        Can’t you think of more constructive things to comment about.
        Tootle-loo! ?

      • Now you’re resorting to name calling…?? What are you in grade school?
        There’s no need to be so nasty!! It’s a game….. Geese! Relax!!

  18. Michelle needs to keep her mouth closed for a little while longer. Nicole needs to calm down and go talk to Day and get things settled. They all need to work together to get Frank out next week and that can only happen if he feels safe! They are all acting paranoid right now and they just need to chill! Corey or Paul would be perfect for HOH because Frank would think he’s safe. If Paul wins, he puts Natalie and Paulie up. He could justify it because Paulie put him up and Natalie would probably pick James to play in the Veto comp. If Corey wins, he puts up Natalie and Bronte, simply because they were on the other side, and maybe giving the impression he wants to backdoor Paul, when really they are all wanting to backdoor Frank. Either way, if they play it cool, it could work like a charm, but if Frank gets wind of anything the slightest bit hinky, Frank will be playing extra hard for HOH! I’m hoping Corey wins HOH so he and Nic will be safe!! Your thoughts?

  19. Frank can go to far, but he’s got a sarcastic sense of humor, these house guests need to get a backbone!

  20. I just watched the flashback. Frank revealing all his game moves to Michelle, while Michelle is just agreeing..aha..right..aha..never thought of that..gotcha… She just lets Frank talk. I thought it was hilarious. Like Paulie, Frank likes to talk game all the time. Michelle may have a big mouth, but I think I know who look stupid here… and Bridgette…is a Bridge of Nowhere

  21. I kinda thought Frank matured after BB14…. I was wrong. He’s 10 times worse.

    Not only is he a douche to people but he also runs his mouth and rubs his ego. And he wonders why people target him.

    Everything he said about Dan, Willie, etc. is kinda the same thing he’s doing.

  22. This season is a total snooze fest. Have absolutely no interest in getting the live feeds. The only thing that would amp things up is if the house truly flipped votes this week and kept Tiff but I don’t see that happening. Yawn.

    • Nobody’s forcing you to watch.

      Why don’t you just jump to the end and make the intentionally false claim that if this or that does or doesn’t happen that you’re done with BB and will never watch again?


      • Haha. Hey everybody!! Grodner has her EA trolling the boards now!

        If you think this season is up to par you’re entitled to your opinion just as I can honestly say I find this season – and this week in particular – really lame. As many others here have noted, none of the players are stand-outs from either a gameplay or likeability perspective.


      • Nope, I don’t agree at all. I think there is a decent amount of game play going on and as for likability, there are a lot of house guests I really like. I’m just hoping the group of 8, actually I think it’s more like 6 if you don’t include Tif or Frank, will back up and regroup so they can get the rest of the house guests out before anyone can pick them off! My final 3 hopefuls are Nicole, Natalie (since I don’t think anyone would give a floater a 1/2 million, and maybe Corey. Guess I’m hoping Nic can take the whole thing! Looking forward to tomorrow night and a new HOH!

      • I’m having a great time watching BB this year. Once all my favorites leave I’ll probably feel differently though :D

      • Oh well everyone’s entitled to their opinion…I’m just not feeling this season…yet…hopefully things will turn around in a big way after this week..

      • Exactly—everyone IS entitled to their opinion. And I don’t think you should be shamed for sharing YOUR opinion, nomoredoublespeak. That’s uncalled for–and not what this site is about. Dog the HG’s all you want; but let’s be civil to the posters. Be the bigger person and end it.

      • Typical rear-hat response. Get called out, get defensive and cry “troll”.

        Life you must get young padawan.

      • There’s only one rear-hat posting here and it’s not from this keyboard…I was just expressing a valid opinion..

      • Well done; word your post to imply that my opinion is NOT valid.

        Now all you need is to use a passive-aggressive attack to get the hat trick of rear-hat posting.

        (i can keep this up all day… i’ll stop when you stop)

      • You’re the one who’s acting passive aggressive. All I did was express my opinion and you decided to be disrespectful.

      • I responded to your “snooze fest” post and you accused me of being Grodner’s lackey and called me a troll because your feelings got hurt.

        Feel free to apologize at any time.

      • Oiks you have some major issues going on obviously to keep hacking away at this

        …and if your idea of wit is this ‘no I’m not but you are!’ Kindegarten-level repartee, then you’re not only witless but a complete BORE…

      • Seriously? You’re the one getting personal — everything I’ve posted is about your words. I’ve not once attacked you on a personal level.

    • The live feeds are great for seasons like Derrick’s where you saw a mastermind at work. But not so great for annoying people like Vanessa who just cry all the time to get their way. Or those awful Austin’s, and their annoying man voices.

    • Starting out kind of slowly, but things have the potential to get more intense after this week. I love the big fights and drama and hope they are still ahead. It seems there are more non-descript people than usual and Frank and Nicole aren’t as likeable as in their first seasons. That is the problem so far.

  23. I was watching the Save Tiffany effort last night on BBAD which kept my head spinning.
    One side would speak and I’d agree with them and then the other side would speak and I’d think they brought up excellent points and then back and forth I kept changing my mind each time the arguments were presented.
    Probably each HG just needs to do what’s best for their own game when it comes to the elimination I’ve decided.

      • You have to realize that we as viewers know everything that is going on in the house. These people have no idea what is being done and said in secret rooms when they are not around. A person can become very paranoid because of it and it is best to keep quiet and listen a lot of the time. Like in most of these reality shows, there is always a person who stands out and becomes the leader. Thankfully the house wants him out now before it is too late for them.

  24. I’m glad she told! At least she is playing her own game! Frank don’t care that he goes around and makes multiple alliances and get to say and tell everything anyway, so why not Michelle can do it to.

  25. Frank is the one really keeping this game alive! I do hope someone puts Paulie (want to be Derrick) on the block! I also would love to see Nicole and Corey up on the block or going out the houz! Bridgette should have stuck to her own plan and not Frank’s!

  26. I know Tiffany gets emotional, but I really hate how they treat her! Everyone in that houz is wrong and needs to grow up!

  27. I know Tiffany can be emotional, but I hate how they treat her! Everyone in that houz is wrong and needs to grow the h*** up!

    • She should have come to the show as herself, rather than a pathetic version of her mentally ill sister. She is getting what she deserves and hopefully we won’t need to see her until the season finale.

      • What an unkind & untrue remark!
        I don’t see T as anymore emotional than Day.
        She shares facial & vocal characteristics with her sister, but her game play is completely different.
        She is NOT the one I find pathetic in this thread.

      • You are a Tiffany fan, but to each is own is what I say. Tiff and Vanessa both have emotional problems and may even be somewhat anti social and that is why they are always covering their eyes when they speak to people. They socialize because they need to, but with fear someone may eat them.

      • Actually, I am not a big T fan, even if she was not related to V, I don’t think she would be long for the house. I just feel she is getting a bad rap. But, even if I was Anti-T, I would still be offended by your statement.
        Where did your get your psychology degree, and when did you have the opportunity to actually interact with V & T to form your diagnosis?

      • I actually do have a Psychology degree, but this is speculation from observation. It is a reality show and we come here to gossip about who we like and we don’t. I like BB and come here to do just that. I don’t like Tiffany at all and it has everything to do with her copying her sister as much as she is able to which I find to be ridiculous. The whole house sees it as well and that is why they want her out.

      • I never said she was. I said that Tiffany is imitating her sister Vanessa and doing a poor job at it. I used antisocial loosely meaning she has a lot of anxiety and needs to cover her face because of shyness. This is a website to share our opinion and judge those according to their behavior in the house. Neither you, nor I know exactly what kind of mental illness if any those sisters have, and Vanessa sure does have it.

      • Well, you’re an idiot for thinking these things. People should not come to you for psychological therapy. You’re so blinded by hate that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

      • It is a reality show and it seems some people take things a little bit too seriously. Big Brother does not add any meaning to your life, it is just entertainment.

      • antisocial personality disorder = sociopath
        I will repeat my original assertion: pretty careless diagnosis.

      • What part of ‘speculation from OBSERVATION,’ do you not understand? Observing & forming their own OPINION.
        So leave it alone!
        That’s all every comment on here pretty much is…. An opinion.
        Except when someone says ‘they know’ then they are just acting like an ass….
        Not saying you said that you knew or know or right now even care, right? Lol

      • It was an opinion. What part of ‘MAY even be somewhat anti-social……?’
        And yes, both Vanessa & Tiff have emotional issues with all that crying over a game.
        Sometimes I think we all read things as attacks on players, characters or ourselves!
        But whatever!! I just don’t really care what everyone thinks they KNOW! I’m sick of people thinking these players are their best friends & defending them to the end….. A game people…. A game.
        And yes, I’ve been guilty too! First to admit it ok?! Cool!

      • Yes, and just as you and others are entitled to your opinions, I too am entitled to mine. My opinion is that calling her sociopathic was a careless diagnosis.

      • It wasn’t a diagnosis……do you even know what the word ‘opinion’ means? Seriously. ??

      • I love how you feel that the person I was responding to is entitled to his/her opinion, but I am not entitled to my own opinion.
        That’s rich.

      • You’re stating that they had a diagnosis. That is not an opinion.
        Or what? Now you’re changing your tune?
        And we are ALL entitled to an opinion. It’s healthy to share opinions. But to think someone is stating diagnosis when they clearly stated that the sisters ‘MAY….’

      • God bless this new function on Disqus that allows you to block annoying people.
        And…. done!

      • You are correct. It was a diagnosis & after reading it a few times I have to apologize. I went off when I shouldn’t have.
        Please accept my apology!

      • You are right Day is just as emotional as Tif! Da even throws fits w/hers at times! I can also say Nicole walks around constantly, “You not going to put me on the block are you?” No one deserves to be treated how they are treating Tif! A bunch of high school misfits and anyone thinks a person needs to be treated wrongly for no reason shows how sick they are in the head!

      • She does not act at all like her sister game wise! They both are different! Paulie is that you?????

      • Ok calling someone mentally ill when you have no idea isn’t cool.
        .. I don’t care where your degree is from. It just isn’t cool.
        If you stated you ‘thought’ Blah blah blah…. I’d be cool with it but unless you’re her dr which I assume you’re not then just keep those comments down & from calling someone something you shouldn’t even to begin with please.

      • I get your point, but this is a reality show that we judge and gossip about. I am not stating anything because of any degree. I stating opinions like everyone else on this site and mine is that Tiffany and her sister Vanessa behave like they are mentally ill. I will continue to state that, since it is my opinion. Those who don’t like it also have the right to theirs. Spending 3 months in a house constantly crying over nothing and acting paranoid, even when there is no need. Constantly lying and crying if one is not believed is in my opinion, mentally ill. No one wants to be around her because of her insane behavior and this is the HG on the show doing this, not just my opinion.

      • You at first stated it as a diagnosis.
        If you were a professional you wouldn’t be making a flippent diagnosis on a reality TV show anyway.

        “. Constantly lying and crying if one is not believed is in my opinion, mentally ill. No one wants to be around her because of her insane behavior and this is the HG on the show doing this, not just my opinion.”

        Everyone is constantly lying & crying or rethinking their strategy all the time. Tiff just got caught & can’t get out of it & now she is stewing in her own mess. I doubt she’s crying cuz no one believes her or if she is, like I said, she’s done it to herself.
        You stating its others opinion as well….well, who are these people? Follow that up with concrete evidence or don’t hide behind ‘others opinion too!’ You can’t count the houseguests as an opinion cuz they change all the time plus you do not 100% know this is truly their opinion.

        I backed you up to begin with but I think you’re someone that may need help yourself, if in fact you have a degree in phycology. You’re diagnosing a player in a reality show without knowing the person on the outside? You’re speaking for ‘others’ that feel the same way too, apparently.

        If other people agree with me I would expect them to join in themselves. I’m not hiding behind ‘others’ that have no input. If others choose to they can give their input. They have that chance. I will not speak for others opinion.

        I work with people with special needs & im appalled that you are trying to diagnos Vanessa & Tiff from what you’ve seen on reality TV!!!

        I’m only stating this as someone needs to advocate for the ones that can’t. And even tho I’m not a fan of either sista I feel you diagnosing anyone from watching them on a TV is so inappropriate.

        I see you now say ‘ your opinion’ but you started the conversation with ‘your diagnosis.’
        Shame on you if in fact you are a professional as you’ve stated. I pity the ones that go to you for support. Perhaps you need to take the summer off & enjoy the show. After when you’re back to real life take a breath then go back to your ‘professional life!’

        No one should make a comment about the mentally ill or any challenged person when they do not know them or have had a by time with them to back that diagnosis up with correct information.

        Everyone has a right to be heard & for those that can’t I will always advocate for their rights. Someone has to…….

  28. I had to read this a few times LOL but it makes sense finally ha ha
    Sooooo my question is, is it not smarter to keep Tiffany for michelle and Da’Vonne? Even Nicole and Corey? It’s a number on their side! Brontë is not with them at all! So if she wins HOH Michelle day Corey and nicole could all be Brontës target where as Tiffany would be targeting Frank and would be aligned with Day michelle and nicole plus plus for saving her!
    strictly numbers I think it’s smarter to get rid of Brontë or even Paul for michelle, Day etc….
    Yes??? No???? Maybe So????
    I truly do not understand why it is smarter for them to keep Brontë over Tiffany! Especially because of what Frank is up to you! And mama day knowing Frank is after her now!

  29. Tiffs biggest problem is Day. I don’t think Tiff was counting days letters in that pov comp. when day sees Tiff she sees Van’s face on tiff’s body. In the dr. Day is sentences like the poker players sister. It’s not right

  30. Can somebody put the snake day out of house. Can’t stand her fake cry and loud ghetto mouth

  31. I am so sick and tired of watching the Spy Girls! I love Big Brother, but I don’t like watching 5th graders giggle and squeal all the time. I will be so happy when they are all evicted from the BB House!

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