Big Brother 18: Tiffany Vote Flip Makes A Comeback – Update: Day & James Find Out

After days of flipping and flopping we might be settling on the flip side of things as Tiffany Rousso appears to have found Big Brother salvation in the arms of five votes for tonight’s BB18 live eviction show.

Houseguests plotting a Vote Flip for Tiffany

Once Day sent Tiffany’s game down the rabbit hole to force a feud between her and Frank, Da’Vonne made a brief effort to right that wrong and save the Rousso sister. It didn’t work. Now after two days of efforts by other Houseguests the tide has turned.

Flashback to 9:59 PM BBT 7/13 to find Corey, Michelle, Nicole, and Paulie on your Live Feeds.

Yes, even Paulie. He has come around and is now saying that if they keep Tiffany she’ll go after Frank, as he had admitted before, but he’s no longer worried about what to do with her after that task is complete. His big objection was “long term” aspects of her revival in the house. No word on that anymore. Paulie does like though how “frazzled” Frank will be going in to the HoH competition.

Overnight the HGs were given a series of images to study presumably as part of the upcoming HoH competition. Tiffany has said she has a photographic memory. Michelle notes during this conversation how getting advance knowledge of the comp helped make this decision to keep Tiffany.

Corey isn’t worried about keeping Tiffany because she isn’t good at competitions (wait, isn’t that part of why she’s staying?) and “her social game is the worst.” They all laugh. Well her social game certainly hasn’t been very good and she has had poor performance in comps so far, but it is still early.

So what about the rest of the Houseguests? Paulie doesn’t want to tell any of them. Of course six hours later he’s busy trying to suggest to James that this could happen, but so far neither James nor Da’Vonne have been explicitly told Tiffany will be staying.

The votes are looking to breakdown as possibly 5-4 or 6-3 with Bronte being evicted instead of Tiffany or Paul. The latter could happen if Day does her planned pity vote against Bronte for Tiffany. But they don’t need a sixth vote so she may not be told.

It’s worth noting this is the second day we’ve seen this group huddle and debate keeping Tiffany with little to no involvement from Da’Vonne. It’ll be interesting to see who gets credit for it.

Tiffany has been alerted to the change and knows she should be staying now. Of course that also means she now knows she wasn’t likely staying before this happened. Nicole went to her just minutes after the group confirmed their decision. Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT to see the reveal as Nicole promises Tiffany “I have five solid votes for you to stay.”

So there we go. This looks pretty reliable even as a last minute switch of plans. Tiffany should stay tonight, Paul should be completely safe, and Bronte will be walking out the door. Can’t say I’ll miss her, but she will have a shot at getting back in thanks to the Battle Back twist scheduled to play out next week.

What do you think of this latest vote flip? Is it a good move or a messy decision? However it turns out I think it’ll be a win for Team Feeds! Make sure you have your Free Trial signed up and ready to go for tonight’s post-eviction fallout as Frank and company should be well riled up. Of course if his team wins again then expect even more panicky drama from both sides. It’s a win-win for us at home!

Update: Nicole & Michelle told James & Da’Vonne about the plan to flip. Flashback to 1:06PM BBT. Actually they presented it as just an idea they were having. James is NOT happy about this but eventually relents. He says this will put him down to just 2 members (him and Natalie) and he doesn’t like that.

Zakiyah comes in and asks if they want to vote out Bronte. Day says she’s in on the plan. James is still not happy. He says Frank will be going hard for the win.

Paulie joins and oddly acts like this is semi new news to him. He then starts talking about why this is a bad idea because Tiffany is a threat and they’ll have to look for another opportunity. It’s like a whole different person or he’s just trying to lie to hide that he was in on agreeing to it last night.

Final vote count was 5-4 as originally hoped to have so they can deny it to Frank. Voting against Bronte will be Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne. Voting against Tiffany will be Paulie, James, Natalie, and Frank.


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