Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Live Eviction Show Results

Last night things were set to get busy as we found out who went home on Big Brother 17 while one Juror prepared to return to the game and a new Head of Household.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 live eviction
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 live eviction – Source: CBS

We were settling in for a packed episode with a lot going on after everything that went on Thursday as John continued to campaign and we nearly had an exciting upset in the Diary Room. Gotta love how this season refuses to be constantly predictable as what usually happens in past seasons.

Ready to find out who goes to Jury and who takes control next? Stick with us for our live recap right now for the latest BB17 results. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates.

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Votes:

  • Meg votes to evict Johnny Mac
  • James votes to evict Johnny Mac
  • Vanessa votes to evict Johnny Mac
  • That’s enough. It’s official.
  • Julia votes to evict Johnny Mac
  • Liz votes to evict Johnny Mac

By a vote of 5-0, John McGuire has been evicted from Big Brother.

We’re waiting to find out how the returning HG will be decided and if it’ll be a standalone competition or integrated with the rest of the HGs as we’ve seen both options in the past two seasons.

Big Brother 17 Week 10 Returning Juror:

Endurance competition! Yes, the HGs & Jurors will be competing in an endurance battle together to be the next HoH and we’re covering the whole thing live from the online Feeds. Want to watch with us? Jump on your Live Feeds or get the Free Trial now to join us and see it happen live.

Big Brother 17 Week 10 HoH Competition – “Dizzyland”:

  • Last Juror standing wins his/her way back in. Last HG standing wins HoH.
  • HGs spinning on swings going around in a circle. They’ll get dizzy and fall off.
  • Follow our live blog recap to find out who won HoH tonight!

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch tonight’s HoH endurance comp! Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.

The new Head of Household will have to make nominations on Friday followed by the Power of Veto competition on Saturday. We’ve got a lot of fun events ahead on the Live Feeds so don’t miss your chance to watch along with us.

Remember that Julie Chen announced next Thursday is another Double Eviction! It’s gonna be a fun few weeks of Big Brother 17.


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  1. Well if John goes home and doesn’t come back I wanna keep voting for him as America’s favorite just to troll the Austwins.

  2. I don’t think Vanessa was serious about keeping JMac. She was just snowing him in case he comes back and wins HOH.

  3. I can’t wait until Vanessa gets rid of Steve. She treats him like crap, and all he can say is “good job,Vanessa.”

  4. I hope u all c and hear now. Vanessa doesn’t want to work with Jameg. I wonder if they are still dumb for not trusting her or try to work with her.

    • I seriously doubt they trust her. But there’s only two of them and one is especially useless. They have no choice but to try and work with her.

      • Vanessa will if they win HOH, even if only temporarily. Plus someone like Vanessa obviously knows she can’t crack a group of three without reinforcements.

  5. How many times are they going to show James and his stupid 2yr old pranks? Boring.

  6. I have watched most season of BB have missed a few over the years for whatever reason, but even the ones I missed where better than this cast.

  7. What they need to do is increase the the AFP prize to $250K. Then there wont be so many toxic people in the house.

  8. If Johnny Mac doesn’t come back he will definitely be Fan Favorite For Sure. Maybe Becky or James would be considered to be Fan Favorite. But they are all amazing.(Except Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, Twins, Audrey) Everyone else that got voted off are amazing. I hope next season is All Star Season with Fan Favorites. Like that season with Rachel&Brendon, Jeff&Jordan, Dani&Evil.

  9. WTH is going on this season? The “Trio” is still intact, Steve the most “radical player” is staying, and Vanessa the “best player” is in full control of the house………………”Floater Nation” has just about killed this season! Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  10. Jason was the smartest player. He said from from the begining to evict the twins, bc Austin and them would control the game. They didn’t listen. Jason is the best.

  11. I hope John doesn’t come back. He is an idiot. Adorable, but doesn’t know how to play this game. Becky or Jackie please.
    The goodbye messages was just kissin behind just in case yo come back or to get their votes at the end.

  12. I don’t think a returning guest should not play for HOH. It’s like a waste of a eviction.

      • Oh great
        Not the “opinion” card.
        I really hate it whenever someone disagrees they say “It’s just my opinion.”

      • Look >>> go find another poster to harass I know u are more than capable as u are known for ur harassment on this site…U start crap and then blame the other person. Are u a relative of Vanessa???

  13. You know it’s funny, a lot of people were crying after JMac left. And the moment he said he wanted to target Meg people hate him now?

    • LOL Jmac going after Meg is absolutely hilarious. The Austwins would still want him out, and he’d create an enemy in James. By targeting Meg, the worst player left, he’d have everyone in the house coming after him the following week. Who woulda thunk it.

      • If he’s that idiotic then it’s obvious people’s like for him was based on reasons completely unrelated to game play. Therefore if they change their minds and want to give it to a player who actually plays decently, what of it?

      • I became very disenchanted with him a couple of weeks ago. I hope a lot of people change their minds. I hope James wins AFP. He has my vote.

    • We thought he would be smart enough to go after Austin, the twins or Vanessa. But Meg, how useless. I don’t want him back if he is going to be that stupid.

      • Well who knows, expect the unexpected.
        John could change his mind at the last moment

    • I don’t hate him, I will still vote him AFP. I just think it’s crazy to go after Meg.

      • This I agree with.
        I’m just saying as soon as John said Meg people just stop wanting him to win AFP

      • I don’t think many said that. I will still vote AFP, but hope he doesn’t win his way back in.

    • No one hates him……I just think he’s idiotic. How do you talk about not having anyone to work with other than Vanessa to go after the main alliance and then in the same sentence say that you wouldn’t go after the main alliance, but a useless player?lol

  14. I want Becky to “kick – @ss and win all”, but how cool would be if Jackie returned with a “vengence”! Nobody 4 NOW!!!

  15. Meg??????? JMAC wants to break up the “superpower couple” of James and Meg???? Please Jackie get back in the house!

    • I just realized that it is possible that John wants to be the only floater in the house and he knows Meg will stay until the end.

      • He very well may think that. But he’s already been marked, if they got rid of you one time, it was for a reason.

  16. If Shelli wins she will just join her old alliance and all will stay the same. Becky is the smarter and stronger player to come back, but Jackie will be good as well.

  17. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I took JMac’s eviction a lot harder than I thought I would. Let’s get someone back in who will do some damage to the Austwins please!

  18. I don’t care who comes back, as long as they WIN the HOH. That would seriously shake up the house.

  19. I keep asking myself if I can even watch the finale, if it looks like
    Austin, Liz or Julia are the F3. Maybe I’ll just depend on these threads
    to find out what happened. Seeing one of them grinning up there might
    be more than any BB fan can bear. I haven’t heard any of the HG’s say that they were stupid not to break up The Austwins from the very beginning. How could they not target them long ago? I guess they thought they had bigger targets, and now it’s too late, barring a miracle with the results of the HOH.

    • Cut her some slack. She’s got a disease. Uselessetes (We should feel bad for her.)

  20. This competition looks legit. I for one would last about two minutes. I can’t stand being dizzy. The Tea Cups at Disneyland make me want to throw up.

    • That’s all you can do. I wouldn’t open my eyes once unless it stopped rotating. It’s a matter of who wants it more.

  21. Vaness, JMAC, Meg and James have the numbers and need to work together to break up the Austwins. Now is the time.

      • Agreed. JMAC needs to forget the thought of getting rid of Meg. Meg is needed for the votes to break up the Austwins.

      • Jason was the only one using his brain but he pushed too hard to soon. THe other house guest are blind idiots and if they don’t act this week it will be really hard to get the numbers.

  22. So basically this whole week was undone. I really hope Vanessa targets the twins and Austin.

  23. Vanessa needs to get the prize and the show should be over. Let’s stop continuing with this boring game. She will put up Steve and John again.

      • Even if she doesn’t the twins or Austin are not going up so it is just a boring week for me since I am not their fan. I’m sure those who like Vanessa and the twins will enjoy this week.

    • Well, she is not going to do that. She is already making a case to put up James and Meg and telling the rest of the house they must win veto.

      The only question is whether Austwins realize what is about to happen and that Vanessa is preparing to take them out next. Vanessa does not want to take them out herself but she will surely get Steve and JMac to do it. Vanessa’s only mistake is she is willing to wait two more weeks to get it done – he wants Meg and James out first.

      If the Austwins realize this they will try to save James and Meg so they can go after Vanessa first..

      • It will be great is Meg goes, but not James so I hope he wins veto. Meg thinks is funny and cute that she is a horrible player. It could also be a dumb strategy to get to the end. She si not helping her two person alliance at all. James at least tries. I predict that Austin and Vanessa will be the last two standing since neither want to put each other up on the block.

  24. Well that was a waste lol. Unless a veto is won. I’m sure we will be watching Austwits vs Van/Steve/Jmac from here on out.

    • Yo, not that I am a fan of vanessa, but this is her personal life which has no business on thread. We don’t know what kind of husband he was, moreover, I read from another poster that he was diagnosed after the divorce
      Unless you were there throughout the marriage, I would refrain from talking her personal life on these threads

      • Leaving your husband while he’s dying of cancer, after you promised to take of care of him is not a mostake.

      • Yo, everything is not cut and dry.

        We are all human. When my sister was dying from cancer, she wasted away to nothing. I could no longer bear to see her in this condition. Moreover, they are given drugs to make dying or transitioning easier. Some do not realize that they are in this world.

        Please stop harping on this. Unless you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, give them the benefit of the doubt.

        As much as I am not fond of vanessa, I understand.

        Be compassionate.

      • You are just a total jerk. You must look at yourself in the mirror all the time.

        You are hopeless and a jerk.

  25. Life has been good for the Austwins the past 2 weeks. Liz is already getting snarky. They need a taste of their own medicine…a seat on the block.

      • He was the last of the returning jurors still in the comp. JMAC and Vanessa were the last 2 and apparently JMAC threw it to Vanessa after she promised him that he would be safe.

      • Omg are you serious? What are these people thinking? They need to win that head of household and put the twins up if there ever going to have a chance at all in this game

  26. You know what I find truly amazing. Most people hated Davonne because she called people out, but have praised Vanessa ‘ s aggression. I believe if Vanessa were black, she would have been long gone. IMHO

    Just an observation.

  27. You know, when you thrash someone so bad but pretend to be so nice to him on national tv, that’s as fake as your boobs. At least Van Van was genuine, she said what she needed to say to Becky in that goodbye message.

    • If you are referring to the twins, I agree they are fake and spoiled b*tches. Julia is far worse than Liz. The way they hugged Jackie tonight after all the nasty things they said about her just proves how fake and phony they are.

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