Big Brother 17: Which Juror Returned To The Game Last Night?

One member of the Big Brother 17 Jury was set to return to the game last to compete again for the half-million dollar prize. Who would it be?

Julie Chen hosts Juror Revival on BB17
Julie Chen hosts Juror Revival on BB17 – Source: CBS

So far we had seen Shelli Poole, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess ride off in to the sunset but last night all three return to battle it out for a chance to return along with the latest evictee, who looked most likely to be John McGuire.

Over the past two seasons we’ve seen a jumbo endurance comp where all of the active Houseguests plus the first four evictees competed side by side to return. The last surviving Juror was guaranteed a chance to come back along with a continued shot at the overall HoH. Then there were two separate comps last season where first the returnee was decided then the HoH was held later overnight.

Before the show it looked like there would be an athletic comp and that meant the chance for an endurance challenge. If they were ready all compete during the live show then that would suggest to me it could be the “all together now” approach instead. I like that one better so maybe my expectations were biased.

I soon received confirmation from CBS that yes, yes Thursday’s show would have an endurance competition so we could expect all of the Houseguests to compete in unison! From that we should think the longest lasting Juror will re-enter the game and the overall surviving player will obviously become the new Head of Household.

Wow, these Jurors are all fantastic competitors, but that didn’t guarantee us an excellent endurance comp. Get our full run down of this “epic” HoH challenge that lasted about 12 minutes.

Big Brother 17 Week 10 Returning Juror:

  • John McGuire has won his way BACK!

John outlasted, in order of drop out, Jackie, Becky, and Shelli to get right back in to the house just minutes after his eviction. Liz and Julia are freaking out!

John nearly won the HoH and came in second losing to Vanessa, the new HoH. All four Jurors outlasted everyone but Vanessa so just as we expected the returning Juror nearly went from evicted to HoH.


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    • she is the worst human being ever to go into that house! such a liar, she’s just a shitty person, IMHO!

  1. as long as the returnee is against Austin, twins, and Vanessa, I don’t care who it is. u gotta give it to Vanessa on game play but she gets so mean and surly, and for that she remains on my “hope u go soon” list. the twins-I find it funny Julia fussed Liz “mom and dad will see” r/t Austin , but neither seems to worry their vile character attacks of HG would embarrass parents. Austin-just ugh.

      • Becky told Julie in her interview that she’d go after Liz before Vanessa. If my boy JMac can’t stay or come back, I definitely want her back in the game! Although I could see Jackie making big moves too. Basically anyone but shelli and I’m happy. Lol

      • You think so? I don’t think he’s 100% on board with her. If he does stay I see him hooking up with whoever returns from jury and going from there.

      • Nah…he will be evicted, if he comes back …he will go to Steve and Steve won’t want to work with the Goblins and Steve would want to target them and he’ll go with the flow…

      • Your right from what he said when he talked to Julie. I doubt Van is gonna put up the twins or Austin….poor Meg and James..

    • OMGosh, we think alike. Got to say I love you’re restaurants too.

      Everyone (well, not everyone) want Jackie b/c she’ll probably target Vanessa and I’d like Becky, she’ll probably go for Liz then Vanessa.

      Vanessa a bully, in my book.

  2. Come on it’s got to be Becky… look at her initials BB… enuf said!!!

    She’ll have a good shot a HoH and she’ll target Liz then hopefully have a hand in getting Vanessa out… how could you ask for more?

  3. I hope it’s sheli. With that being said, I will add, I hate for people being brought back. They have a unfair advantage because they have been together exchanging notes without BB eyes. They must do it to allow productions favorites to have a second chance.

  4. Shelli was not as good at comps as people think she was the first one out then becky ,then jackie ,so john is back in the game

  5. This season is turning out to be a bust. I can’t believe Van won HOH. I was hoping JMac would win. At this point the only people I see going to final four are the twins, austin and vanessa. I might as well quit watching now. Disappointed…

    • Totally agree…however, JMac talking as though he would try to get Meg out??!?!?!? Has he lost his mind? Don’t be surprised if Vanessa puts up JMac and Steve. Why not? However, she might just go after James and Steve. That would be funny.

  6. Omg glad jmac is back and damn van winning hoh. Hopefully van learning her alliance tried to get her out this week she is smart enough to ditch the austwitz and work with jmac James and meg and go after austwits.

    • She just told the Austwins that they will never get on the block. She is putting JMac and Steve. Déjà vu all over again.

    • True words. Vanessa has been trying to work with Jmac all week.
      What ever Vanessa wants to do (look out Austin,Liz vinditive
      people never forget) he will play along. Final two…No one will vote
      for Vanessa. This actually might be worth watching JohnnyMac
      play Vanessa

      • you honestly believe jurors wouldn’t gstand behind Vanessa?!
        the past 4 seasons, none of the winners were particularly popular withz people in jury – nevertheless, they judge the candidates by how they played the game and by that metric, nobody comes even close to Vanessa!
        hate her as much as you want, but the fact remains, she played the best game so far!
        only thing I really dislike about her is, she still holds up that alliance with Austin and the twins – and I can’t see why. Austin is just a naive caveman and the twins are the devil… only Shelli had been a bigger phony than those two cumbuckets. hate all of them!

        GO VANESSA! ;)

      • Wow. I stand by what I believe and Austin being naive is a very polite way of
        saying stupid.As much as I dislike the twins your language is too much to send
        to someone you do not know. You could be the twins brother.

      • Sorry killer I disagree. Look at three jurors Jackie is a no.Becky no. Shelli has already expressed her
        faith and hope in JMac. If James goes there is another no. I would guess Meg’s vote is as James.
        Lurch and the idiots only vote in the moment and
        they won’t have all week to change their minds a
        thousand times. Vanessa is the best of a pathetic
        season but paranoia is her achilles heel. I don’t
        believe this makes her a shoo in for a win.
        Besides if in fact they are reviewing the tape does

        it matter?

      • Ahaha I’m sorry but that’s what I truly believe. She has played the house and she has played each and every person, and she will garner every single vote, imho.

      • You are correct. Your opinion is yours and I respect that. Thank you for being polite
        Everyone has their opinion and Lord knows what will happen!

      • Your opinion is yours and I truly respect that. I would like to commend you for
        being polite and upholding the guidelines of this site. Many things can happen in
        the days to come

  7. Thank God I’m not watching anymore, last week eas a waste now J Mac back is a waste, this week is going to be another waste, what a horrible season

  8. John is back he will have no impact on the game wasted comp by big brother and also a wasted hoh by austin

    • I like JMac, but I agree. I wish Becky would have come back. Even Shelli. They would have made the game more interesting again. But nooooooo….. -.-

  9. Hold on the press. Now there is talk BB is reviewing tape and Vanessa could be disqualified. Seems she sat on her disk. The 3 girls jurors were DQ for the same reason.

  10. I rewatched the comp and looked for vanessa cheating. Tough to tell since they cut out to highlights for most of it. From
    what I saw there was Jackie who at one point was completely sitting on the board and was confused if she was able to do that and the other house
    guests didn’t know, so at the very least the rules were explained
    poorly. They then cut to the highlights and returned when it was JMac
    and Vanessa. JMac had his butt touching the board, but was not having
    any weight on it so he wasn’t sitting on it just squatting. Vanessa had
    her feet on the front half of the board and was sitting on the back
    half so about half her butt was on it, but enough to put weight on. I
    would consider that sitting on it. Vanessa has done things like this
    before where she will try to gain a competitive edge by doing something
    that is not allowed , but having it be questionable like this. Is she
    sitting on it is she not it is really a judgement call. I say she is
    CBS apparently disagrees.

  11. Call me crazy, but I can’t root for Vanessa who has won 4.5
    million playing poker, and drive a Lamborghi. She has life by the balls, yet
    she’s a mean spirited bitch when things don’t go her way. She the definition of unlikeable, and with 4.5 million in her bank account and a Lamborghini
    (remember she said to the twins that JMac doesn’t need to win because he’s a dentist and makes good money!), she already has enough in life. She makes Frankie look “sweet.”

    • Wow, this site garbles my text for some reason! Oh well, you get the gyst of my comment, garbled or not!

  12. Wow Johnny Mac ! He wasn’t even gone for that long and now he back. Its nice to see the twins squirm ! But….Vanessa won HOH….
    Maybe she will put Austin and Liz up or she will go the safe route and either put up Meg/James John/Steve but im hoping she isn’t going to let them slide by another week !

  13. Without know details, I guess Shelli, Jackie & Becky went soft in the Jury House plus Becky has a case of the BIG TOE.

    • I been looking into it and though it created waves yesterday, it seems to be steady waters this morning. the argument is she was sitting on her feet, not the disk. I honestly feel the producer may want her to win, for whatever reason. it just feels so designed, if she does in fact end up winning. it proves many right about it being scripted and predetermined, if I wanted scripted drama I’d just watch a lame soap opera with better production values. ;)

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