Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Double Eviction Show Results

Last night on Big Brother 17 the Houseguests faced a Double Eviction challenge where two more Houseguests were eliminated as we watched what was another exciting and surprising live show.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show – Source: @JulieChen

Heading in to last night’s events the House had nearly unified to vote out Shelli, who started out as a pawn for Becky, but soon became the real target when Vanessa found surprising support in the Goblins alliance. But what will happen in Round Two? It’s time to find out.

Julie announced to the Houseguests at the start of the show that they’re about to hit a Double Eviction and the race will be off. A quick eviction vote followed by a new Head of Household comp, nominations, Veto comp and Ceremony, and finally a second eviction.

We recapped the whole show live here so read on through all the fun then be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for even more post-show updates from the Feeds.

Julie reminds the HGs the evictees may have a chance to get back in the game as they prepare to vote.

Big Brother 17 Week 7 Votes:

  • Austin votes to evict: Shelli
  • Steve votes to evict: Shelli
  • James votes to evict: Shelli
  • Meg votes to evict: Shelli
  • Jackie votes to evict: Shelli
  • That’s enough votes. It’s official.
  • Julia votes to evict: Shelli
  • John votes to evict: Shelli
  • Liz votes to evict: Shelli

By a vote of 8-0, Shelli Poole has been evicted.

The remaining nine HGs, not counting Becky as the outgoing HoH, will head in to the backyard to compete for the next HoH. HGs were shown a series of video clips and we expect that will be the Q&A source tonight.

Big Brother 17 Week 7.5 HoH comp – “Getting Loopy”:

  • Round 1: False – all are right
  • Round 2: False – James, Meg, Jackie, & Liz are out
  • Round 3: False – all are right
  • Round 4: False – Julia & Vanessa are out
  • Round 5: True – all are right
  • Round 6: True – Steve wins, Austin & John are out

Steve is the new HoH!

Our new HoH will have just a few mins in the commercial break to decide the nominees before the official announcement.

Big Brother 17 Week 7.5 Nominations:

  • Steve nominates: Jackie & Meg

These nominees and the HoH will be joined by three other people for a rapid paced Power of Veto competition in the backyard.



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  1. I hope that JMac wins the second HoH comp and put on the block Vanessa and James or Vanessa and Liz.

  2. Does anyone know where I can live stream online? I am in Canada and the website I normally use is blocked by NFL! Pls help me out!

  3. Little do you guys know that Vanessa flipped the house on Tuesday. They CAN change their minds, though. I hope they keep Vanessa!

  4. I wanna see the evil Steve from last night win HoH. ..”Steve’s Revenge”. lol that would be the most interesting week.

      • Even Derrick said he’s smart, and we know he can win Comp when he wants to. I agree.. Imagine him talking to the camera for every move he’s like watching 1 week of psycho movie”

      • He is a bit on the weird side, but there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he is a very smart guys. Genius are always a bit weird.

      • Good one, but last night Steven reminded me of the doctor from “Re – Animator”! If Vanessa stays it’s the “end of days” for the rest of the HG starting with…………………………James. Nobody 4 EVER!!!

  5. Can’t wait to see who wins HOH for the DE. Hoping its JMac. Maybe then I’ll get a better idea of who is going to stick with who.

  6. Woohoo thanks for the updates! I have to head into work so I cannot watch it live, but I will be checking back here constantly :)

      • I got kicked out of class in 10th grade for ‘instigating sarcasm’…can you believe that?

      • Ha, ha… you’re getting better at this, you lied but then you ruined it TELLING US you lied.

        But the night turned out WORSE… w/Steve (the dud) winning HOH, noms Meg/Jackie, JMac wins Veto & keeps noms same (apparently Steve had him to that, just guessing) and Jackie’s out. HO HUM had to rewind 3 times to see the whole thing, kept falling asleep.

        Wish now I hadn’t recorded it. LOL!!! There was nothing exciting and I was expecting a great DE.

  7. James is right about a “rat” in the group, “smiles on que manipulator” Meg! Mark my words. Nobody 4 LATER!!!

  8. If Vanessa wins the HoH……………’s over for everone! All this over a T – shirt, James (dummy). Nobody 4 LESS!!!

  9. So what happened to Steve going after Becky? Backdoor? What are the chances that either Meg or Jackie can win POV?

  10. The only way my beautiful goblins can stay is if one of them win, and Becky is the re-nom. Ahhh, let’s hope. If not, Jackie is most likely to go, since they’ll want to keep Meg till the end for an easy win.

  11. If Steve really wants to go after Vanessa, that’s putting a lot of faith in someone winning the veto who will pull one of these two off. What a waste.

  12. It sucks that the one time Steve wins HOH, it had to be during a DE. I’m doneeeeeee right now.

    • I want Vanessa gone. They should of voted her out when the had the chance.i was so mad that they flipped.

  13. I think James is the target. When they came back from commercial, Steve was walking back and Vanessa was not in the room. He told Mac he was going after that crew earlier.m

  14. Steve tries to play the loveable loser, but you can tell he’s an absolute scumbag. he is the least likeable person in the house.

  15. I don’t think John will use it, especially since Steve pulled him aside to talk to him.

  16. These two outcasts/jerks finally get a bit of power and they go after people who are not coming for them. Pathetic.

    But hey whoever leaves tonight has a chance to return so I hope John and Steve will be held accountable tonight.

    Cbs I’m sure helped Steve and John study and gave John some kind of advantage in Veto.

  17. This season has been a bust ever since Day and Jason got evicted. The feeds are so boring. No wonder this has been dubbed the worst season ever.

  18. Huh… Steve being mean to them noms? I don’t get it… John looking really angry? Becky crying? I’m really confused on the ”behind the scenes” stuff right now….

  19. Way to waste a HOH, Steve. You get out a power play, super fan. Yeesh. . Did the orange tell you to?

    • Hi Sharona! You are absolutely right!

      This is ridiculous, isn’t it? Steve is a big jerk! And John is a Wimp

      • Why because he got rid of Jackie? Steve wasn’t in that alliance. Smart move for Steve. And he’s got the head mistress protecting him.

      • Not really. Steve hates Becky, as we all know. And also, as we all know, Becky is John’s closest friend and ally. Considering how perceptive John’s been over the last week, I’m sure he realized that if he used the Veto, there was a strong chance that Becky would be the replacement, and then she would be screwed. And by extension, HE would be screwed.

        I put this all on Steve. Whatever the heck was going through his mind when he put up Meg and Jackie, it certainly wasn’t something smart.

      • I’m just curious why you think it wasn’t a good move? Steve wasn’t in their alliance so why make an enemy out of John when they’ve been working together by putting Becky up. I think he made a smart move.

      • Because if Becky was clearly his target (which, let’s face it, she was), why not just throw her right on the block? DE is not the time to backdoor someone, it’s when you hit your target with everything you’ve got. Not to put up two weak players and then hope that the POV King doesn’t get chosen to protect his main ally.

        Steve didn’t make any friends with this move. He angered what was left of the Goblins, and the rest of the house is just as alienated from him as before, if not more so, considering how universal the confusion around his nominations was. All Steve did was make himself a target.

      • What are you talking about? Steve has more than half the house on his side. He’s been working with Vanessa, Austin and the twins since week two. He’s also been working with JMac. They were talking last night and JMac said if either won go after the gremlins. Maybe he changed his mind and didn’t want to backdoor Becky. Didn’t you see JMac and Steve talking right before the POV ceremony tonight? They decided together.

  20. The comments are coming fast and furious! :) Did anyone catch why Steve walked off? Bye Jackie!

    • He has to compose himself. Think he’s checking with production to see if he can pull both off block and put up Vanessa

  21. I think both JohnnyMac and Steve just sealed their fates with Becky and James. Maybe even with Austin as well.

      • I forgot to mention that Becky would have hoped the same thing that James was hoping for. A bigger target but with JohnnyMac not using the VETO, there would be no bigger target and now Becky will have to see who wins the next HOH and see if she then goes up on the block.

      • James would have expected JohnnyMac to remove one of the girls in hopes that a bigger target would go up and make his choice in evicting someone that much easier.

      • Kind of threw you for a loop did it? OK, Austin was looking forward to working with James,Meg and Jackie. This threw a wrinkle in his plan as well. I hope this helps you out a little.

      • Austin wasn’t looking forward to working with James, Meg and Jackie. Austwins were secretly planning their demise. Steve did Austwins’ dirty work for them.

      • I think if given the chance, Austin would have put them on the block. However, he was wanting to work with them long enough to get Vanessa out the door. This is what I was referring too.

  22. Does Steve and Johnny Mac realize that there will be a new HOH by the time tonight is over and it won’t be them.

  23. They are going to regret not evicting Vanessa when they had the chance. Steve wasted his nominations as Jackie and Meg are not a threat at all. For someone who claims to be a huge fan of BB, he is a moron.

    • Eh Steve thinks he and Vanessa are tight so this makes sense . Why get rid of an ally when you can get rid of a non ally

      • That’s fine if you just want $50K. Maybe he thinks he’ll win against her because she’s disliked?
        Or maybe he wants her to protect him for a few more weeks to eliminate Becky, James & Meg?
        He may be hoping she and Jmac come together. Idk what he’s thinking.

      • I thought Steve asked JohnnyMac to wait until jury house to get with becky??? Which I didn’t understand at the time

      • Has she promised him that? It’s probably her plan. No one will vote for him over her.

      • But she is dead weight . Evicting Shelli wasn’t stupid but not keeping Jackie sure was

      • I don’t understand James or Jmacs vote tonight. Jmac votes to evict one of his only allies and James votes to keep a useless person lol
        Well I said I wanted drama…..

      • If you want drama wednesday nights on A&E 9:30/8:30 CST watch wahlburgers johnny drama usually makes an appearance lol sorry couldn’t resist plenty of drama in the last 2 weeks alone on BB

      • Evicting Shelli was stupid when he could of gotten rid of Vanessa. She’s going to win now because they’ll never be able to get rid of her.

      • I agree with you. Jackie was a way better player than Meg will ever be. With that said, he was thinking with his heart and emotions more than game play go figure.

  24. These are the stupidest house guests ever, honestly Van is the only one who deserves to win

  25. These idiots had THREE chances to either evict or nominate Vanessa and went 0-for-3. They deserve what they get and now we get to listen to her whiny, non-stop babble for another week.

    • I dig it though because at this point, after you’ve had the chance to evict Freddie Krueger but don’t, it’s kind of fun to watch what happens next.

    • Lol at this point I wouldn’t even be mad if Vanessa wins. If you are able to manipulate people this well, you deserve to win.

  26. I can’t believe James voted out Jackie. You get rid of the weaker player in your alliance James!!!

  27. Did anyone notice Becky with her head in her hands when JMac said he wasn’t using the veto?

  28. Well….I called it and I hate that I did. The double elimination seems to always get someone out of left field evicted. Meg has to be a pawn and Steve will now commence to say he made a HUGE move in Big Brother because in his delusional world he is THE Big Brother player to beat…

    • Steve has no thought process, If the guy only had a brain not strategic in anyway. This was not even personal it was nothing and Johnny what are u thinking nothing.

      • In a way I can forgive John. He had to make a decision without a lot of time to think about the consequences. No action at all leaves him in a good spot, again, considering how quick this went tonight

  29. I think it’s despicable that people have been saying they hate James who has served in the military and was a police officer, yet they love a doofus, Beavis/Butthead jerk dentist like JohnnyWack.

      • I don’t think it’s right for anyone to say they hate someone who has been in the military. But it sounds like you don’t have any morals. So whatever

      • This might be the least intelligent sentence I’ve read in months. There are Pah-LENTY of terrible people who deserve our contempt who were or are in the military.

      • Considering you can’t spell plenty I say it’s your post that is the least intelligent post I’ve read.

      • It’s how she’s feeling tonight. She has a right to her opinion, and obviously it’s a strong one. We ALL have strong opinions in this game.

      • I’m all for that. We all like and dislike certain house guests. But opinions about the game are a whole different thing than casting negative aspersions about other members of this forum.

      • I understand where you’re coming from. But I have to defend RhondaK. AllNewSophie, I’ve had really Sh*tty days, and I’ve allowed those to color how I speak on these forums. I don’t take what anyone says (other than trolls) personally…just as I would hope that no one would take mine personally. Just sayin’…RhondaK, I get where you’re coming from, honey.

      • I agree that we all have bad days. Absolutely! I would just hope we can all be respectful and not be personal in our responses to other people’s legitimate questions.

      • Ha, I’m proud of you Sharona – yes it is important to defend those (even if they’re wrong in their approach towards others). If we don’t defend the right to speak freely we are indeed lost as a society… In this case however Rhonda really did come out swinging hard with some pretty strong language (and a misspelled word she later edited and claimed it was spelled correctly from the beginning).. Now do we burn her alive for this? Of course not. But when I tried to extend to her the courtesy of saying the military is an understandably sensitive topic she came at me hard also… Again, she has the right to spit in my face when I was trying to give her a way out from all the arrows coming at her, but at the same time, it won’t really make her a likeable person either… As Dr.Phil famously says: ”When you choose the behaviour, you also choose the consequence”

      • Matthew, you did NOT just quote Dr. Phil!!! A TV psychologist?! All kidding aside; I realize RhondaK was shooting hard tonight. But, I’ve been in her place. It HURTS. I don’t know why the subject is so sensitive to her—none of my business—but there is a reason. I HAVE to give people the benefit of the doubt—particularly as many have noted, this is not typical behavior from her. We don’t know what happened in her life today. Even if it’s NOTHING that we can understand, RhondaK has her reasons. I honestly don’t think she meant to hurt the folks in our forum…and even if she did, I’ve seen a heck of a lot worse things said. So, I stand by my defense of her….even if it make ME a less likeable person. “Empathy goes a long way.” (Dr. Sharona)

      • I definitely hear you, but I would never say the attacker should receive more nurturing than the attacked…so while I agree with you that Rhonda deserves grace, I think we should also never lose sight that it was Sophie who was attacked. Gosh you’ve seen me come to people’s defense all the time when they are misunderstood on here, but at the same time when somebody is verbally attacked, they need to know they will be defended.

      • Matt, I came back to re-read the comments. They’ve been deleted, so I can’t comment on what was said to Sophie. I apologize to you, Sophie and all the other folks on the forum if it seemed as if I was attacking and defending someone who actually did attack your integrity.

      • lol – no no you’re fine (no need to apologize to me)… And like I said, I actually agree with you that she deserved to be given grace (it actually made me think ever more highly of you!) ;) I just hope that neither of them walked away feeling as if anything said was so hurtful that they wouldn’t come back.

      • Sophie, I came back here to re-read all the comments, but I see the that those I was looking for have been deleted. If you were personally attacked, I apologize for standing against you.

      • Rhonda, are you out there? It’s Friday…just want to check in on you. Let me know if you’re OK.

      • WTF RhondaK. I think you are letting your emotions about tonight’s show get you a little too worked up. You don’t know a frickin thing about my morals (that’s the correct spelling, btw), so please don’t launch that kind of personal attack.

      • No, you spelled it with an E after the L. That is incorrect. Morale is like the morale of the officers. But more importantly, I was not angry. I simply asked if we are supposed to like or dislike people based on their professions. How is that angry?

      • Um, to quote you verbatim: “I don’t think it’s right for anyone to say they hate someone who has
        been in the military. But it sounds like you don’t have any morales. So

        But whatever. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and maybe take a bubble bath. And for the record, I am actually a James fan (although I don’t think he made a smart move in flipping). I am not, however, a RhondaK fan.

      • Hey Rhonda, it does sound like somebody has maybe touched a sensitive topic on the whole military thing – but you seem to be acting out of character tonight… Hopefully you’re ok (or of course there’s the chance somebody has hacked your account)… Either way, I hope you’re ok. :)

      • Some of you guys are truly nuts. And need help.

        But that’s ok it’s a waste of time trying to impart some critical thinking on this board.

        Sharona and red roses, Ksl, Andy, and a few others actually have some sense!

      • RhondaK is “Yo”
        That much is clear. Nonsensical, hateful statements with no logic that look like they were written by a petulant 6th grader.

      • I’ve seen a few “different” posters who all happen to be saying the same thing with the same immature language. It’s possible there are multiple immature people who think alike, but I’m guessing they’re all the same person.

      • I’m pretty suspicious of this myself. And of course, I should know better than to jump down that rabbit hole.

      • To me, a part of critical thinking is choosing to like or dislike people based on their personalities and actions, not whether or not they’ve served in the military.

      • I’m sorry you feel that way. I think some of the people on here (incl you) are some of the most awesome people with great perspectives… My hope however is that people learn to express themselves in a respectful manner

      • For the record, MattS, I have no opinion whatsoever on the liking or hating people based on their military service. I simply asked if we are to like or dislike people based on their professions. No comment on said professions, whether military, dentists, or otherwise.

      • Oh my you too Sophie? What’s going on tonight? I didn’t say anything about anything you said – I simply wanted Rhonda to know that if the military is a sensitive topic (which it is for a lot of people one way or the other) I can respect it and understand why it would upset people… If you knew me and followed my comments on here over the years you’d see that I’m usually the one leading with questions on why people feel the need to ”hate” anyone (military, dentists, poor people…etc) I try to remind people that this is just a game show (keyword ”show”) and shouldn’t ever become so important as to turn people against each otehr (like you & Rhnda)… I think you’re both awesome people from what I’ve read previously and would hate to see either of you leave our community…

      • Oh no no, Matt. I just didn’t want you to think that I provoked RhondaK in some way. So I was just intending to set the record straight on the comment I posted that seemed to incite this weirdness. I am not at all familiar with this person in this forum, so I don’t know if the questioning of my morals is a typical response from her, but I did feel it was not justified given my post. And yes, I have noticed that you foster a positive attitude on these threads, which is great!

    • Military, Police? Officer, Likes killing things?
      Yeah, lets keep him for that. It doesn’t matter that he sucks at the game, but he has a gun, so we should keep him …

  30. The gremlins were too cocky. They were getting Vanessa out on DE. Yep that worked real well for them didn’t it.

    • They may have just woken up Meg in this game now. Or James will come back and take the next HOH and then we will see who really has balls. Although, I didn’t see Van and the Austwins jumping for joy either at the end of the show.

  31. Hate, hate Liz. . Did you see the way she smugly gave her vote? They will be sorry not getting Vanessa or Liz out.