Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night?

Capping off a wild Double Eviction night of Big Brother 17 the spoilers of who won HoH last night were revealed following a competition that crowned the next power player in the house in a divided house.

Julie Chen hosts HoH competition
Julie Chen hosts HoH competition – Source: CBS

We had just watched Shelli and Jackie walk out the door with the latter at the hand of Steve who had to sit this one out and watch to discover who would be making the next nominations on Friday.

Big Brother 17 – Week 8 Head of Household:

Liz Nolan won Head of Household!

When Feeds returned she was jumping around with Julia. Austin came back to them and gave Liz a big hug. He says they can keep going after their targets. Watch out, JMac.

The Goblins were reeling from Jackie’s eviction as they realized they had been duped by Vanessa and Austin before the HGs headed in to this competition. This won’t help their situation any.

Nominations will be back on the regular schedule now that the Double Eviction is over. Noms on Friday afternoon followed by the Power of Veto on Saturday. We’ve got another wild ride ahead of us in what’s continued to be a surprisingly strong season. So much fun!

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  1. The Goblins are getting exactly what they deserve. I just hope it’s James who bites the bullet this week and not Becky or John.

      • yep they were very stupid so they all deserve to go home now James, Meg and Steve for playing so stupid. I just hope it is not Johnny mac he has helped the twins a lot I sure hope they remember that.

      • They don’t remember a thing. They will target 1. Who Vanessa tells them too and 2. What is best for their game. Keeping Vanessa will be their down fall just like she is for James and Meg. Mark these words down.

      • Johny has played a great game so far I like him and steve the most and liz has the numbers to take out a big threat so she needs to go for becky who is strong at comps. Or if she wants an easy target for for meg meg has not really done any thing in the house other then float.The problem with trying for meg is that Meg for sure has James vote but steve just put her on the block showing he might vote her out.

    • How does Vanessa leaving have them worse off? If Shelli had stayed, Jackie would still have gone to jury, and James would be following her.

      They are no better or worse off with Vanessa than they were with shelli.

      • Except Vanessa was the one who got Steve to put up Jackie and Meg. Shelli wouldn’t have done that. I highly believe Jmac would’ve convinced Steve to put up Austwins had Vanessa been evicted.

      • Shelli would’ve told Steve to put up James and probably Jackie or Meg, but I highly doubt he’d put up the twins since he thinks he’s got a chance with Julia. Heh. So ultimately the same outcome–1 goblin out of the house and Liz in power for 1 more week for a mean girl fest.

      • Even if the outcome for this week ultimately resulted the same either, the real affect would’ve been down the road. By keeping Vanessa they kept someone that would go after them 100% and pick them off before the rest of them. Had they kept Shelli instead, yes this week probably would’ve stayed the same (although for some reason I’m more inclined to believe that Shelli might’ve done better at that HOH than Vanessa and possibly won it over Steve, something in my gut believes this) but anyway, Shelli would’ve been working with JMac and Steve moving forward, who wanted to target Vanessa and Austwins, which might’ve given the remaining Goblins a bit more time in the house, and by then they could’ve cultivated a better relationship with Shelli or JMac to avoid going before Austwins. Even if they still didn’t stand a chance at actually winning, they’d probably have gone further in jury which probably has a better payout than going into jury right now.

      • Good point but we can’t be sure it would have benefited James or Meg. Shelli could have easily flipped and worked with the twins just as easy.

      • Steve will get farther than John,Becky,James or Meg. With the returning Juror comp coming up, more than likely it will be an endurance comp and we all know that both Shelli and James kill at those comps. My guess is one of them will be the new HOH that week and another 6th sense will be going to jury that week as well but which one is up in the air.

      • I can’t believe the gobs didn’t see the threat of the 3 headed monster the Austwins along with Van

      • They were warned by both Shelli and Becky. They can’t blame no one but their selves right now. I bet Jackie is regretting trusting James though.

      • I can’t believe these idiots are letting the twins and Austin cruise right through the game without so much as a scare!!! They’ve got to break them up soon!

      • Of course they can see the threat, but they can only get one threat at a time. If they had gone after Austwins, you’d be here saying “I can’t believe the gobs didn’t see the threat of Clelli.”

      • They had their chance… But I guess it makes more sense to eliminate the entire threat rather than just weakening it and moving on to the next threat…

      • Wrong, Shelly was not the threat that Austwins and Van are…they should of been broken up because it’s now thier game to win

      • I am not so sure she did. She had already told him she wanted Becky out and I don’t think she had anytime to get in his ear right after the comp to tell him who to put up. She might have said that way before the DE comp because she knew there wasn’t anytime to be able to do it after the comp.

      • Hard to say on that one. It would have all depended on the mood the HG’s would have been in going into the DE and the HOH afterwards. Would the noms have been the same?, Who would have been sent home? Would they still be in this boat they are in now? These are questions that really can’t be answered because they did not unfold they way they thought it would. Nor can we sit say it would have been the same because clearly it wouldn’t be the same.

      • Unpredictability has played a bigger role than ever before this season and Luck has been a huge detriment as well.

    • I totally agree with you Vanessa is to much of a social game player to be left in there she puts on the sad face and plays victim.James or meg needs to go home next there blinded by past events they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

    • I agree! I was so sick of the cocky arrogant attitude of Jackie, James Meg and especially Becky, who thought that being HoH meant everyone had to listen to her babling stories. Wow. I’ve seen power go to house guests heads before, but James and Becky really got it bad. Now they’re getting what they deserve.

  2. Liz? I wonder what the comp was. Unfortunately, I don’t think this week will change my opinion of the season to be similar to yours, Matthew. James or Becky is likely leaving and I think the final outcome is becoming more set in stone. Hope the Goblins/Becky/John have some deals in them!

  3. Literally sighing every ounce of life out of me. Why are all these people all of a sudden winning HOH’s? I’m assuming they’re going to try to get after James, Becky and JMac (shocker, there’s hardly anyone else) when they really should do is go for their game is go after Vanessa, but whatever. As much as I love my little goblins, they really did ruin it with this one. Hopefully James can make it through since it’s obvious that Meg is going to be saved.

    • All of a sudden? Liz has won HOH before, Steve is the only one “all of a sudden” winning HOH…and anyways you can’t expect the same people to win HOH each and everytime

    • Surprised she’s smart enough to realize it at all lol. They knew Venessa was a liar, but Jackie had them convinced, with her flawed logic, that Vanessa wasn’t working with the Austwins or Steve. So using that information they were screwed.

      • Jackie didn’t have to do much convincing though. All 3 were so dead set on getting revenge for Jason leaving, even though it was all Vanessa’s plan. But for their stupid idiotic reasoning they blamed Shelli & Clay. Now karma has been dealt and they finally realized its always been Vanessa but its too little too late. If they would’ve used logic and not emotions to play then they wouldn’t be where they are now.

  4. Ugh. So basically another week of Vanessa ruling the roost. Seem like it’s probably Becky and Jmac who should be most nervous. Of course, all this no thanks to Steve. He could’ve shifted the power, but now we have 1 week of this-yah.

  5. I think it’s fine if they go after Becky, after all she doesn’t want to hear the word deal, or alliance or anything like that ever again so it seems like the jury house would be a good place to avoid such horrible words…

    • But she was only saying that to Vanessa because she was backdooring her. Vanessa got pissed because she later heard about a deal Becky made with someone else (Liz?)

      • Ya, I am probably just being salty because she was so hateful. She reminded me of someone who was doing something that was kinda personal

  6. I thought Vanessa was supposed to go in the DE after Shelli. Haha what a bunch of idiots. You’re getting exactly what you deserve. If Shelli stayed she may have won the HOH and she was going after the twins and Austin. Regardless you now have Vanessa already telling Liz who to put up. Whoever Vanessa wants gone will go. So where are all those people that think Austin and the twins are with James? See how fast he dumped James. Hate to say I told you so. Lol

    • Exactly!!! I was really hoping Becky would’ve thrown out the I told you so but she stops herself right before she gets there lol

    • You really think Shelli would have gone after Austin and the twins over the group that evicted her boyfriend?

      • Yes she would have. As much as she wanted revenge she knew she wouldn’t last long if she went after the Goblins. She also knows that if the Austwins aren’t broken up then they could end up at the end together. She’s not stupid like everyone claims she is.

      • She’d have gone after Austin, using J/J/M as pawns. Then Liz would have then turned on Shelli for that move now that she’s had more time with Austin and gotten closer with him because of it and Shelli would have gone out the door soon after.

    • If Shelli stayed and won HOH, I doubt she would have went after Austin and the twins. She might have had people think that, but you know that part of the game is lying…who is to say she probably wasn’t?

    • Yeah… I called that one. That deal was only guaranteed until the next competition. Ooops.

  7. Depending on how badly they want to get rid of Becky or Vampire Dentist.
    I think they will nom Becky/Vampire Dentist with James with a possible renom of Becky or Vampire Dentist. Others should be safe at the moment.
    Do or die again Vampire Dentist, do or die.

    • Johnny mac will just win POV he always does when he needs to. He won that that thing every time he played.

      • He won 3 lost 1. Apparently he was second again in the latest HoH that Liz won? He’s good.

    • I think I read it’s the worst season ever, every season. I think this season is fine. If V leaves it will likely become boring.

      • This is the worst season ever. Moma Day was suppose to win. This show is rigged against black people. It became boring after Moma Day, and Audrey left. The feeds became boring after Jeff and Jason left. A lot of people cancelled their feeds after Jason left. Now it’s just downright unwatchable with Steve still in the house. He is feeds poison.

  8. Even though Becky did a ballsie move last week, I don’t believe she played a very social game of HOH. For her to say I am not making any deals or alliances, that wasn’t a smart move. You can’t have a Holier than thou attitude and think people are not going to forget. Especially girls.

  9. Nope not me. Season 15 to me was the worse. And the icing on the cake is having Andy being crowned winner

  10. I have absolutely no idea why people say Steve made a bad move other than bitterness that the person THEY wanted to go isn’t gone. Evicting Vanessa does nothing for Steve. He can still use her as much as she is using him. (think Janelle using/being used by Will on All-Stars). He just broke up a tight trio, and because of his reputation, James and Meg assume Austin and Vanessa put him up to it. Now he can spend the next week letting everything blow over.

    Also, he’s now won four comps. Steve’s doesn’t have the killer instinct to be a mastermind, but considering the volatile climate this season has been played in since day one (Audrey’s legacy), he’s been playing the game quite well, and he gave us a double eviction that was truly thrilling and unpredictable.

    • Because Steve is an idiot. He had a chance to really solidify a new power in this house and he blew it.

      • If he had evicted Vanessa, Liz would be gunning for him right now and could easily be the victim of a vote swing or a Becky veto. There is no such thing as solid power this season. We have now seen two alliances go from looking pretty to being in major trouble because of a single competition changing power. Better for Steve to hit and split.

      • Simple, Steve puts up Vanessa and Liz, John wins veto doesn’t save anybody Van goes out 4-2. Liz wins HOH, it doesn’t matter because if she puts up Steve and a Goblin, Goblin goes home 3-2 because John and Becky want Steve in a trio. And the Goblin can be swayed because they are inept at thinking.

      • You forget that Austwins were getting set to go into business with the Goblins for the next couple of weeks had Vanessa been evicted, and that they were batting around the idea of putting up Steve and John last night. It’s not a sure thing that Liz would have put up a Goblin if Vanessa had left.

      • If Vanessa had left I have no doubt he would’ve gone after the Austwins. He would’ve had everyone on board with no problem. HoH would more than likely be someone other than Liz.

      • I agree with everything you’re saying, Producer’s Box. People are getting very emotional on this site over Steve’s decision. I don’t think it was a terrible decision at all for Steve based on who his allegiances are to.

    • Please….steve isn’t playing Vanessa one bit. He is being played. Vanessa will drop him like a bad habit at any moments notice. She already threatened him that if he didn’t vote for her, she was going to put him on the block in so many words.

      His move was bad because he had the opportunity to take one of those twins out and he did not. For a genius super fan he is sure bad with numbers. Why would someone like him leave TWINS in the house? He could have had Vanessa all to himself with them gone.

      Double eviction is not the time to get rid of useless players like Meg and Jackie. That can be done anytime.

      • Meg and Jackie are not useless as long as they are together. They are just as loyal to each other and to James as the twins are to each other, and they had the power to swing the vote this week. The twins aren’t the only firm alliance in this house.

      • The twins came into this world as an alliance lol You don’t get any firmer of an alliance than that.

        I really believe Meg would have flipped on Jackie if push came to shove. She was already telling James about trust issues with her.

        Ok I sort of take back Jakie being useless. But yes Meg is useless in every way possible.

      • If Meg had ever turned on Jackie before F4, she would have been even more stupid than I thought.

      • Meg is dumb…..really dumb. Even SHE knows it. About the only thing she is good at is making sure everyone else knows it as well.

        I guess you could argue that that’s why she didn’t go home tonight. So perhaps she does have some master plan, but she isn’t winning 5000,000 like that.

      • She’s playing for $50K. Unless she miraculously wins HOH and ends up being the one to evict Vanessa, she has no case for victory.

      • mmmm you’re right. Meg probably doesn’t have her eye on the top prize. She just wants something lol

      • Her master plan involves people slamming their heads against the wall at how stupid she is, giving them severe concussions preventing them from playing the up coming weeks.

    • Actually steves best move would have been to put up liz with Austin because that would have took out not only the power of the twins but the power of the second showmance…….That would have been the best power move ever and in case one of them won POV use Vanessa as the replacement nom.

      • Thank You! I swear Steve must not have been on his meds. If he’s so desperate to work with Vanessa (for whatever reason) he could have cut those twins out and had her for himself. You know Nessa would side with him over that big loath Austin

      • Yeah and it would have been a blowout vote because the twin would obviously save her sister leaving Austin with no votes.

      • That would have been a good move, but I still see some big risk in that. It would all come down to how well Steve could talk Vanessa into convincing Austin and Julia to go after Becky or the Goblins instead of him. Worst case scenario, he only has Jmac as a strong ally and gets caught between the remnants of 6S who have him high on their hit list and the Goblins who see him as expendable, which is a much worse place than where he currently is.

  11. The Goblins suck, they are so stupid that my blood boils, Vanessa had to much power and she should have been voted off. Meg is an idiot and I hope she gets evicted for being so stupid. JMac and Becky are the only smart players in the house. Steve is a lil b**** of Van and he eliminated Jackie all because he trusted a bully and a idiot who he never should have trusted. I mean Van GOT CAUGHT SO BAD AND THESE HOUSEGUESTS JUST DON’T Care! This season sucks, JMac and Becky are the only good players, everyone else is a lil punk. John has to win HOH next week because he is the only person who has the brains to kick Van out besides Becky. Just an awful season, does BB even screen these people or IQ test them?

    • Well, he and Becky need to survive this coming eviction tho. It would be definitely one of the two, unless Vampire Dentist wins the PoV again. He seems to be able to win when it matters.
      Never underestimate him.

    • They really don’t, from what I’ve read a lot of the HGs were “recruited” and never actually applied for the show. :(

      I think Steve could’ve been a great player if he had more confidence to go make deals and form alliances instead of cam-talking and hanging out by himself. I am 100% team JMac, and I think it would be great if he and Steve and Becky (even though she’s not trustworthy) could form a secret alliance.

  12. It’s painful to watch HG’s play themselves out of $500’000 and this season is no exception……………..I still can’t believe they went through with getting the “Queen B” (Shelli) out and keeping the “Queen of Darkness”, Vanessa. Nobody 4 NOW!!!

    • They might as well give Vanessa the 500,000 themselves this another season of some stupid players.

      • Indeed. The fact that Vanessa wasn’t voted off shows the combined IQ of the houseguests are as many fingers on my hands.

      • Vanessa is like a cat she has nine lives. How many times has she been put up on the block? She has quite a few left.

  13. After thinking about it, I still stand by the Goblin’s decision to get rid of Shelli. If she would’ve stayed, she would have gone after them anyway. And James would have went. As much as I love Jackie, I’d rather her go than James. Austin and the twins want to go after Becky and Johnny Mac for some reason. Maybe its Vanessa in their ear? But she is sticking to her deal with the rest of the Goblins for now. She is protecting them for saving her. Vanessa will be running Liz’s HOH.

    • I’m glad Shelli is gone, but I really hope you’re not right about Vanessa controlling Liz’s HOH. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened, I’m just tired of her running the game.

      • Austin and Julia will call the shots for her. Austin found his way to be alone with her you know he’s so happy. He told her he will be with her and he will deal with the other players for her he said you never have to be alone. I think she does like him. She’s so scared of everyone does she know she’s playing a game and it’s not a party. She’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. Johnny Mac is going to start playing the game. I wish he would get James and Steve on his side and make a big move. Soon someone is going to split up the twins and Austin and I think it’s going to be van she will use them and then say they’ve lied about something. She’s playing every side again. I hate to say they are dumb or maybe there memories are just short. Austin is a wimpy for such a big man. Next time he wrestles they need to change his name to hanging off the twins coattails he has no game in him

    • If Shelli stayed she wouldn’t have gone after the Goblins. She wanted to go after the Austwins because no one else was going to and she knew they needed to be broken up. She’s not stupid. She knows this game is played best with logic and not emotion. As much as she wanted revenge she knew that would not work in her favor at this point in the game.

      • I don’t think Shelli is stupid, but I can’t see her breaking her deal with one of the twins. Maybe Austin and James?

  14. I knew that goober Steve didn’t have the B___S, to go after a big target, the dude is a total dork!

  15. Austin just told Vanessa to form a three some with JohnnyMac and Steve. She failed to tell him, she already hsd. They are so slow. Then she has the nerve to call the new group, Austin’ s Angels. Barf

    • And right after that Austin wanted her gone haha.
      Who’s eviler actually? Judas or Evil Van?
      Anyway they are sitting strong at the moment and I am really xxxxx about it.

  16. Meg is a waste of a big brother contestant. Never have I seen a contestant so oblivious.

    • At least we agree on that. Watching Meg grin and giggle for two weeks over the power she did nothing to earn made me sick. I’ve been enjoying watching her squirm tonight.

    • Well I was rooting for her but now I really want her gone. Jackie is way better than her.

      • Yeah if I were James and John I would have voted to keep Jackie because she actually wins comps. Or at least comes close.

    • She also seems to think that BB is a game where everyone talks game to everyone else lol Did you hear her saying that when she was venting to James?

      • Victoria won more comps than Meg (can you believe that?!) and actually had the good sense of “alligning” with the right person, aka Derrick.
        Meg, however, was on a sinking ship and when Becky came in to save the day, Meg and her friends decided to make even more holes in that ship so it can sink faster, taking down Becky with them.

    • Meg is a lot worse than Victoria, at least Victoria had brains when it came to choosing who to trust with her game. Meg has just made stupid decision, after stupid decision and doesn’t win anything.

  17. I think James for sure will go up. Liz hates him. Then again, besides Austin, Julia and Vanessa, I’m.not sure who she *doesn’t* hate.

    • Maybe James and Becky? I know she hates James but I don’t think she’s a fan of Becky either.

    • So far Austwins and Vanessa want to work with James and meg for a final 6 deal. So her targets are looking like John and Becky.

  18. I think that Meg is Veronica 2.0, and that she and JMac should team up. John obviously needs to step up his game, and I don’t think he’s a Derek level player, but if he aligns with her as a pawn and makes a F2 deal with someone like James, he could make it to the end. Just as long as Vanessa gets evicted soon, or the HGs finally realize she’s the master manipulator in the game.

  19. They screwed the pooch on this by not getting rid of Vanessa when they had the chance.

  20. Two of the dumbest decisions made all season, what a cluster last night was. Bad news for the Goblins…that’s what you get when you let Vanessa tell you what to do. I hope nobody actually thinks Liz is going to think for herself, just more of the Vanessa show.

  21. Well, that’s it folks. Liz and Austin will make a run for “Aren’t We Cute Showmance” (like Clelli) while Vanessa exacts revenge on her targets through them, whispering in their ears. And it’ll happen, too. Apparently, everyone in that house except Becky listens to Vanessa. And maybe JMac. Oh well. If that’s how Van can win, more power to her. Being an emotional trainwreck who backstabs isn’t the most obvious game-winning strategy, but for this season, that seems to be the case.

    Ugh, I used to like Liz. Figured her for a sweet, goofy blonde. Now anytime I see her with Austin I feel ill. That one shot they put on TV of Julia sitting alone in the pool while Austin and Liz were nearby, snuggling and all lovey dovey…just ugh. Poor Julia. I honestly thought her entrance into the house would suck Liz away from Austin, but apparently the opposite has happened.

    And I’m leaning toward Steve being totally in over his head. I’ve wondered if he’s just playing some master-minded game and even going so far as to act like he’s in over his head…but I think the cracks are obvious. In another season, Steve might have just signed his ticket out of the house, but lucky for him what’s left of the Sixth Sense will re-group and they (or, really, just Vanessa, as she’ll tell them what to do) will go for James, Becky or JMac.

    • Do you think Vanessa might get “the other side” to pick off Liz so THEY can break up the sister and the showmance with one rock? Otherwise Vanessa goes into F4 3 against 1. I think Vanessa would like to maybe take Steve to F4 against Austin & Julia???

      • It’s so hard to tell what anyone’s going to do, as everyone keeps changing their mind. Austin was going out, then Jason was sent instead. For what, two weeks Audrey was the plan but she kept getting pushed to the backburner for someone else. I guess to a degree that’s to be expected. Things happen.

        If I were to bet in any direction, I’d say with the HoH win for the next week in place, Van will skedaddle over to the Austwins for protection and regrouping. She’ll want to target Becky for sure with someone else as a pawn/warm body. I doubt at the current time she’s thinking much further than this week and exacting revenge/getting herself safe again.

        I won’t be at all surprised if the Austwins make it to the F4. All of them. I was listening to a BB podcast with Ian Terry and it was discussed how surprising it was that NO ONE is targeting the Austwins. No one. I guess part of that is simply the fact that everyone else is tied up duking it out with each other (Shelli v. James, Becky v. Vanessa). Part of it also is I think this season’s HGs just aren’t good players. Vanessa has been operating most of them like marionettes.

      • Well, Jmac was (after Vanessa) targeting them but now he has to fight for his life. That was when the world was new and fresh.

      • Yes, they are sitting pretty. But I have to wonder about Vanessa. Won’t she at some point target Liz/a twin to make room for Steve in the F4? IDK.
        True – “no one” is targeting the twins. They have V to worry about. IF they win another HoH I’m sure a twin will go up beside V.

  22. I have a song for this moment:

    Goodbye England’s rose
    May you ever grow in our hearts
    You were the grace that placed itself
    Where lives were torn apart
    It seems to me you lived your life
    like a candle in the wind
    …Not really playing the game
    but just napping and guessing

  23. I see Vanessa (Liz) targeting James/Becky next. I see Julia telling her sis maybe they should go after V but they ultimately won’t. Then next week V will go after Jmac or Becky.

  24. This season had been a weird one. Houseguests winning HoHs and I’m like “who’s that?” So many players have become background noise. The players getting the focus are all terrible bar Jmac of course. I think the show has had terrible players since s15. Bar a select few. They should bring back the coaches twist without the re-entry to the game part coz these strategy-less morons need someone who knows the T to just tell them what to do. Hope Vanessa goes soon, cannot STAND all the crying and being an emotional player while accusing others of being emotional players when they actually make decent moves! But I don’t see it unfortunately I think she’s final 4/3!

    • Yes, it is truly painful to watch. Just when you tell yourself that they can’t really be this stupid, they do something even more dumb.

      • I know last year and the year before it was never-ending, interchangeable alliances. But this year is even worse they can’t decide on a target and stick to it! So frustrating! I’m going to apply for a visa (UK here) and show them how it’s done next year! Hahaha

    • I know what you mean about the last couple seasons. Especially when they show their pre season interviews in the first episode…when I see them commenting on whether or not they will have a showmance I always cringe inside. Romance is not what BB is about! It should not be a dating show! I mean sure, it is cute when it happens…but when someone goes into the house looking for love I want to smack them.
      I have found myself liking less and less of the players over time. I used to like the majority of the house, and of course I would love one or two. Now it is just hate the majority and like one or two.
      BB needs to find some new meat, or some old meat, to bring the show back to what it used to be. I mean I hated Rachel, but she could game circles around all these newbies.
      Even imagine Dan…it would be a bloodbath!!!!

      Sorry, I will end my rant here before it gets too too long haha

      • I’m with you on the showmances. I agreed with Da week one when she told Audrey they had to watch Shelli because she might get too cozy with Clay. I was for that alliance that week but I, too, was worried the way Shelli was mooning over him in the DR. Like you – if it happens, fine. But in that case, shoulda been sisters before misters! Lol.

  25. VOMIT!!!! Not only is John being nominated but the twins aren’t, they’re awful people and players!

    • He intended to get Jackie out from what I read on Twitter last night. He told Jmac not to use POV and Jmac complied because he told Becky he was afraid if he did that either Becky or James would go up. Steve asked Jmac if he did the right thing and Jmac said No. But yeah Steve intended for Jackie to go.

      • Why would he change his mind after weeks of saying he wanted Becky out? Could this have been the work of Vanessa before the first live eviction?

      • IDK, Willie. That’s what was online after the show last night (MortysTV). I can only surmise it was Vanessa or he was afraid to strike at Austin and Jackie seemed easier to get. Why not Becky? IDK. Maybe to stay with Jmac for a minute? (throws hands up) Speechless.

      • I agree, that boy needs some alone time with his Mommy, maybe she can talk sense into him. How Steve’s brain works is like a midget using mouth wash, who would even know.

      • I am thinking that if Steve really did want Jackie out then he has just made a good move…sort of. If he asked JMac not to use the veto…idk I have an idea though.
        Everyone in the house “wanted” Vanessa out right? Well Steve didn’t, but he didn’t want people mad at him…so he put two “pawns” on the block, and made JMac look like the dick because he didn’t use the veto so Steve could put “Vanessa” on the block.
        Idk it makes some crazy sort of sense.

      • After the show on the feeds he kept saying that this was not what he wanted to happened. Not clear if he meant not winning HoH or if he wanted Meg out.

      • Captain, I direct tweeted you. Steve said he did not want this HoH. He was happy with his decision though.
        Not sure I believe he wanted to throw it. The stupid Clay question knocked out more than it should have. Think he could thrown it if he wanted. Maybe he meant this wasn’t the week he wanted to win but felt he had to. Idk.
        He told Austwins he feels empty inside.

  26. What about Becky being the only one to vote Meg? Meg should be questioning about who it is and, once she finds out, have most of the house be turned against Becky and then she gets to go home.

    • I think Meg knows who it is since Becky and Jackie were really close friends in the house.

  27. So out of left field Steve thinks Jackie wanted him out, which was
    apparently wrong, while the viewers have been beaten down with him
    telling us Becky wants him out. It still makes no sense as to what he
    did. The smarter play would have been to put Becky and Jackie up, and
    send Becky packin. The house flip on Becky was still fresh on the
    Goblins mind, so clearly there was an opportunity there, despite Van
    being the bigger threat. But no, instead he’s simply made enemies in the
    Goblins, while Becky still wants him out. Fool.

  28. Liz pissed me off when they were voting Jackie out…. not that I like Jackie… it was just the smug look on her face…. had the urge to smack it off. as for not getting Vanessa out especially after her little speech…. stupidest thing they did.

  29. Worst season we have quit watching we can not listen to the whinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning twin voices anymore !!

  30. Please please twins put Liz put Vanessa up against johnny mac and we can see how stupid Steve was not putting up the twins during the double eviction and get rid of someone from the power 3 trio ,.. Vanassa plays a paranoid game just like Audry she should have been back doored…

  31. I wish that Big Brother would allow me as an 19 year old on I dont drink so even if I was 21 I wouldn’t drink and I dont smoke so that isn’t the problem. I have watched every season since the very first one with my mom. I love this game. Side not I hope they bring Pandora’s box back this year.

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